The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1948 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1948
Page 9
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WEDNKSDAY, JUNK 9, 1.048 Dewey, Stassen To Visit Virginia Both to Converge On Richmond Seeking State's 21 Delegates By William A. Shirts (United Prr,, s Stall C'orr*si,oiidf,il) RICHMOND. Vn., June 9. I UP) — Thomas E. Dewey and Harold E. Stassen were scheduled to whip Into the South today for a brief! snatch at Virginia's 21-mnn dote-' Ration to the Republican National Convention. And Dewey. speeding lo com. plete his rounds before the con- 6.1 vetillon. barely two weeks away planned lo continue on lo North Carolina for a swift lour tomorrow. _ Speed was |] lf > W ord as Hie two OOP presidential hopefuls converged on Richmond, where they were to meet the iniinslrncteci, mi- comnmtee delegates and state leaders before rushing on lo new battlegrounds. Dewey's sdicdule culled for nr- rivsl at 11:10 a.m. (ESTi. He was No Preference Given Princess Elizabeth in Food Rationing (AUK.) COURIKK NB\VS to lunch with the delegates and I ! V |th offer briefly with stale Renubll-1 ^ a y can officials before racing South-! ward lo Raleigh, N. c., for a similar visit. Stasseu mis lo arrive b* plane at 4:55 p.m. in lime for dinner with tlie delegates. Host lo the Virginia Rcplblicans will be Sen. Joe McCarthy of Wisconsin, who piloted the Minnesota ex-governor to victory in the Wisconsin primary. Meets Maryland Delejallon Dewey arrived Jrom Baltimore, Md., where he met last night with the Maryland Convention Dcle- Ballon. Stassen was headed for V Baltimore tonight after his visit v ~ to Richmond. "In North Carolina, an even dizzl- whirl of appearances awaited LONDON, June ». (UP)—In com- • men with all other expectant mothers in Britain, Princess Elizabeth now Is receiving a special food ration which considerably augments her diet. On Ihe special ration book Issued to her because ol her pregnancy, she is entitled to seven pints, ol milk a week, as compared lo the normal ration of three ano one- half pints. i She gets 30 cents worth of meat i each week—about a pound of beef,| for example—instead of the 20 cents | worth of the standard ration. She gets an extra pound of bread a week, or its equivalent in flour or cake. The average e^g ration 15 one ,ier week per person. Elizabeth and other expectant mothers get twice as many. And when, as happns infrequently, a shipment o[ banaiuix reaches Britain, she gets an allotment of this (mil, so rare that many British children never have seen it. As of April this year, the standard ration lor Brnons was placed al 2,075 calories a day. This com- with 2,870 a day i;i 1046, and Writer of Mystery, Stories Murdered; Husband Is Held PHILADELPHIA. June 9. — lUl'l — A 43-year-old woiimn invslery story wilier yesterday was the victim ot a murder as gory as any of her magazine detective thrillers. The brutally battered, nude body of Mrs. Kalherlne Mellor. mother of an 18-year-old son now In (he Navy, wus found last night sprawled across her blood-spallercd bed. Her husband, Charles, 47, « former newspaper feature writer, told police he discovered Ihe body oil reluming to their fourth 'floor apartment from work al a rtalrv plain. Police immediately look hiiii inlo custody for questioning. Mrs. Mellor wore only a pair of silk stockings, rolled down nearly House Committee Seeks Safeguard Fort, 4-D Killer WASHINGTON, June I. Tht House yesleiday formally 10- inestrd the Agriculture DcpiuimriU to find safeguards (or ucnc-e'.ime (arm uses of a powerful new chemical developed as a wartime weapon against Ihe Japanese. The chemical—known RS 7.4-11— , Is now sold as a weedkiller. The i House Agriculture Committee believes It has been harmful lo broud- leaf plants such as coiton, soybeans and tomatoes. The committee reported that it wns discovered during Ihe war by J scleniisls seeking methods of rte-1 slroying the Japanese rice crop. The i chemical was lo be sprayed from I airplanes. \ The house yesterday approve », resolution requesting tlie ABricul- ' Hire Department to find out JuM how the chemical can be used in ' peacetime. The resolution does not ; have Ihe force of law and requites ; nun aiucMiigs. roiled down nearly "° aclton by either Ihe Senate or ' lo her ankles, police said. Around tlle president. j her neck was a gold chain and i The House Agriculture Coinmll.- ,,.„• ,1-,,, ., . i lec snld that the new chemical :>!- ' Investigator* said both eyes were ' . . . blackened and severe b'r n I s t s marked her entire body. One police 9,700 Recruits Needed In State National Guard UTLK KOCK, Al-k., Jllllp 8 — <UP>—AiiuroxliniUcly 3.700 reci-utu Kit needed lo bring (he Arkansas National Cluarrt lo Its autlioi'Uc-d .stienj-ili O f 7,400 officers mid men I Col. Jolin H Webb, assistant .late ailjn(iuit._ snld ye.stcritny. Wcbll Itsloil H KllOlitlHO Of liwlorii ' nnil 01 her jnedlciil ncrsoimrl In tlie ni-Kiml/ntlon. us well a.s cinenliiRs foi- ! eiilislcct men niul officers (» nil btiuicln's of (lie service. The iji'uund forces now n>inibers i 306 officers nnd 3.087 enltsleil men. ; white the nlr nrni of (he tuiiird hits ; 4ti officers nnd wa enllsled men : Webb sutd. 1 Heart Courier News Want Adi. | PAGE NINg NOW! at FOUNTAINS Everywhere! the growth of bioad-lcnl Rations Increased But Spring has brought increases in some categories, such as more milk, a little more butler, an extra allowance of sugar and preserves, it one-ounce increase in the weekly candy ration, and removal of potatoes from the list of rationed Dewey. h« was scheduled to spend tonight In Raleigh. Tomorrow he wnnld: Breakfast in Raleigh with the 2« uninstructed North Carolina delegates ,,,' ,,,„,„ u > s probable that the calorie level lln * rLw " 50 tO P ellla l« 'Co a day. he r ° yal '"'»''*• '™« »ic mo'" t '" t ,, wa , r brai JSlii. rationing, has carefull >' llvfd wlthin the standards sel !or Brilain ' s P C °P^ K '"8 Gco-ge se an exam P le f01 ' his subjects in observance of all regulations, and insis , tefd t - ! ? al al1 '"embers of the my * [ amr ">'., d o "kewue Fre5h f ™".-'. vegetables, noultry. • spokesman said her assistant apparently battered her savagely with his lists and some heavy Mellor, employed as a clerk since Ihe suspension of ihc Philadelphia Record in February. 1947. said he brought home a pint ot ice cream from the dairy plant Calling to his wife us he enU-red the apartment, he received no answer. Mellor said he walked Into the bedroom and found Ihe body Her head rested on the blood- soaked pillow and both legs dangled over the side of the bed. the feet barely touching the floor, police said. Part of her blood-covered underclothing was found under the pillow while her other clothes were scattered about the room lect.s plants "in a manner not yd thoroughly undcrMood." It did not indicate whether '2.4-D actually wus user! as a weapon during the war. of track and spilled cars over the countryside In "ihe worst train wreck III lhl s section of Kansas In years." game and fLsh are not rationed, however. Prices of all these foods, except fish which is abundant and fairly cheap, are high. Non-Rationed Foods Cmstlv Speed~more than 200 miles thro-! ' nio ?f vlw nave en °ugh money »gh the state with visits scheduled a " ab ' e '<> supplement their diets A Ml in 11 cities. ,*'".' these foods, and the Princess W reck in which" 47 obviously occupies t preferred po-| from n,ir,Jt? sltion in this connection. ! tracks Bul as regards staple, rationed foods, she receives no preference over any other expectant mother. And her child will be entitled to nothing more lhan the special rations—including plenty of milk and orange Juice—which are allotted to all British infants. Lunch with slale GOP leaders In Lexington, the Republican state headqarlers. Dine in Morganton tomorrow night before racing to Charlotte tn catch a midnight Iratn back to New York. The New York governor follows Stassen »nd Sen. Robert A. Taft to the Tarheel Slate. Stassen dropped in to Winslo;i-Salem last monlh for conferences with (he delegates, and Taft took off from Washington lasl weekend with the same purpose. Freight Train Wreck Fatal to Elderly Man ADMIRE. Kan.. June «.—(UP) — A Missouri Pacific freight train cars tumbled It was revealed yesterday when the body of an elderly nun was found pinned between two freight cars several hours after the wreck. Stal^ Trooper Ray Simecka said the center section of a long freight tore oilt more than t quarter mile Memphis Mayor Dubs Race Track 'Ben Laney Downs' William A. White to Be ., | Commemorated on Stamp \ WASHINGTON, June 9. —(UP) —The House yesterday passed and sent to the Senate' » bill to authorize the Po5t-:omce to. Issue > special three-cent stamp commemorating the late Wifllam Alien | NOW!" 1 White, famed editor of the Emporla, Kan., Gazette. I an report urging approval of MEMPHIS. Tenn., June 9— iUP) ! "^ btl1 - tne Holl! >e Post Office —Mayor James J. pieasants 7r i c °nuu!Ue« said White's "life his- yesterday labeled the proposed $2 - I tory ls one of an outstanding 000,000 "Dljcte Downs" race tr?-'k America n. typical of an era now ji«ar w... »,.—i.,. . . - past." it praised his contributions to American literature. \Vhite's comments on national affairs marie, him one of the country's best known editori. He , died in 1944. Ark., a s the for i!>e Ar- near West Memphis' "Ben Laney Downs kansas governor. Pleanantj in a controversy tvei: ")*. P r °P<»*<l racing plant with DO\. Ben Laney said that Memphis official, "will f| ghtlo the , ast ^ to k«p lt( the track) out of our Jront yard." "We know too well the evil influence that a race track In West Memphis would have upon this entire area." pleasant said, "and we » n ° W - i!, 00 ' What a terri ' ic "ram It would be upon the pocketbooks of the people of Memphis, West Tennessee, and Eastern Arkansas" Pieasants nnd political leader E H. Crump have consistently at- lacked the proposed track for which sealed bids for construction will be made on June as, u le date when L»ney considers the permit for the project. Pleasant said thai Cramp "would not have worked 12 long years" looking toward construction of Ihe new four-lane free bridge spanning the Mississippi River into Arkansas. "I am very certain that Mr. E H. Cnnnp would not have worked on that bridge had he though It would be used as the main entrance lo a gambling hell." Work has started on the bridge, with the completion date scheduled for late 1949. jat FOUNTAINS: Everywhere! Read Courier News Want Ads. wwt: FIX A FLAT.. This young lady would like to have her brakes checked, lights fixed, horn repaired- and head examined! We don't examine heads. . . .bul we do give your car » complele examination from headlight (o tail-light, service and repair it expertly and inexpensively. Drive in. SHELTON MOTOR WWcsfAsnSt. COMPANY Phone 4438 iooJUnd* r "TIRE REPAIRING" in //>• Yellow Pages* KILL A RAT... iooic W aV"PEST CONTROL' in fh* Yellow Page** BUY A BAT... look uru/er "SPORTING GOODS" in rfw Yellow *Tb« YELLOW »UY5, SEU5, RENTS, REPAIRS Gatewood Grocery State Line Phone 975 GAS GAS Reg., Gal. Ethyl, Gal. 20k 22k Whiskies Segrom Colvcrt Bonds '7" l-2Pt. 1.35 1.35 2.25 Pt. 2.65 2.65 4.35 5th 4.15 4.15 6.90 Cagarcts Ctn.—1.55 STUDEBAKERS T T U D E B A K E R 1!M7 (JMC1 Ton Slake ' IftlB Ford I'/, Ton Stake !!M8 Studebaker </, Ton Pickup Mill Chevrolet 2 l)«or And Many Mor«. Complete Service Dep't Paint & Body Ports & Accessories Chamblin Sales Co. "Vmir Friendly Studeliaker Dealer" H. K. * Ash |.h one 2195 U D E A K E R S T U D E B A K E RS STEEL BUILDINGS uttumtutm &v&ied ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR ... NO WASTED SPACE • tow Coil p«l H. ft. • Coil Liu iu buy jqd mam- tun « Coiivtnunl Sun — <0' width. Itnilh in mnlUpl.i ol 20'. Also 32' ind 20' widllu. Itnglhs rfi mulliplBi ol 1?'. • SUong truulm contlruc- tion. Full uiubli ipict. • EitclEd IB diyi iniltid ol weeks. C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Dealer for Butler Steel Building* General Contracting P. O. Box 83 Phone 896 Blytheville, Ark. REFRESHING REDUCING INVIGORATING Rid voiii-sclf of timt i, K |y f,,i, both men nml women I'ccl younu niul bn young !i K mn by sulphur balh »nd oil niitssaKcs. Course of 10 for $20. For Appointment Call 2f>.'(9 1510 Ash Street E C. Davit , Violerta Morgan Masseur -- * FOR SALE Gel our prices on (csled 12 inch to 48 inch concrete culverts. Also concrete iMiildinj; blocks. CALL ON US DIAL 691 We Deliver and Sell for Less Osceola Tile and CULVERT CO. We Deliver Phone 691 PRESCRIPTIONS Fresh Slock Guaranteed Besl I'rices Kirby Drug StoreS Concrete Tile Sewer Tile Si/n I, 8 >nd I Inch Culvert Tile Stzen 1». I'J, I. 1 ., 18, 21, 2«, M *nd 34 Tnch A. H. WEBB Fwj 81 A! SUtl Lln« Phon. 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