Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on August 28, 1893 · 4
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 4

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Monday, August 28, 1893
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AUSTIN DAILY STATESMAN, MONDAY, AUGUST 28. i . - ' " r 51 3 STL - 11 n 5 a J n t 11 J I' M V . 1 '- Uu The only Pure O vm f '' M;n'o:i? of i: HOTEL EUROPEAN PLAN. WM. SALGE, PR AUSTIN, TEXAS. Ralinad Ttsse Table, t. sd . aaiiaoaD. ;iae forth tmjM rth ; v:"'.v".".v: '.'.".it'Wp- ; th ::.::::.p 5 u... Wonston L 4 9. N. R- & oP? .A .," ..7. iru. m Mumr Alice Ba!i u.utr,r Vg noin arrival of ir n. Return M Vieoo at 7: W ooanectln vita train (JOiQUSDi et P' m- ... aiLnrl ' J- . ..wl.Mnn leave ri m S.V,'r'7.n-. rr1v. 1"" . ,rri. 7 00 a. 10. jXre for HoneVm tmn 2 tTz.Z 4. .... 'p. m An roin Hmiewn Imnm X,ri. m Hnaeton aiO o. B) .tire. iun mull and eiprcn line to Drip- r.rint John.m Citr, frel'rif:kb'irir. .' ' m. .;m la now U'Ana run ri t'J .'L.Jt ion o.r fm-illtT for D'i D(1 V-Trt J, .timmr tonrUU, fihln n l biintiiiil rtifi t rwduwl rUK. Kij.J"" forwaMi CITY NEWS. Died. vitur,1uv ififirnintr at her ttoiii in South AsHtin, at 4,15, Mrn. John K t,.4.! The funeral will take ulace this tuoniing at iJ residence. o'clock from her lat Fresh nutterine shipped beef, at W. East Sixth streist. on ice. AIho 15. Waker'd. 110 You can get gasoline, upian or water white oil delirered on short notice by ringing up telephone No. iKI or call on Frank (). Hancock. An Unintceiiful Attempt. 2fewr.-. Corner Hrotheri, the well known avenue (itationer?, reiorted to tee police officers yesterday that some time Saturday night an attempt was iade to fire their Htore. Evidences of a fire were noted under the rear portion of the building, and which, fortunately, burnt lt,elf out before any damage had been done. This Is thfc first attempt, they say, that has been made, and would be well for the ofll-ceri to keep their eyen skinned to nee that it is not repeated. Tt tkt Head ef tka Laka. The I5en 11 ur had a good crowd aboard yesterday morning when tdie pulled out for her last trip to head waters. Mont of the eicursioniHts took their baskets aud when the boat Btopped between Lake City and Highland they had a picnic dinner. The breeze wa on the steamer's nose com ing home anil the extreme hot weather suffered by those in the city, was not felt on the lake. All ecetned to agree that the day had been well fpent. Captain MiepaM looked lie had aright to, when lie landed at the wharf and his nassenger had to climb tip a steep incline to reach it. The wmter i going down so rapily that the Vat will have to leave the wharf in a day or two. Kouet. My academy will be in the Central Methodiat church building, on the corner northwest of the capitol. Jacob Bickler I05DAT I AUSTIN. Biw iht Blistering Hot Sabbath Wi Spent y the Pople Ytiterdiy. Sunday is said to be a day of rest i day on which the needs of the spirit ual man are to be ministered to and the physical man strengthened aud made better ame to stand Use worries and troubles of the com ng week in the busy marts of trade. Yesterday was, however, no day for rest. The one object 6f nearly every tuan, woman and child was to keep cool, which wm found to be the very hardest kind of work. The atmosphere was ladened wnn condensed caloric, every breeze that blew seemed to come direct from the mouth of the blazing furnace, while the streets shot upward their rays of reflt.,1 heat, making the lot ol man indeed a h:ir l one. There were no cool places. General r-tierUiaa j reported to have onco said that "If I owned h 1 and Texas 1 would rent oat Texas aud go to h1 to live." That was put tin ' things very strongly, but there wa" many a man yerday who would have been thanifti! for a rhsu r, no : any kind. It was absolutely i hlvctaMj j et gently, to do anything except drink ice water !ent drink UVat.., and fan. loo not toeat;t x hot to sleep. The ministers of the gspei poke to numerous rows of vaiant eats. while their audiences piously Jooged for a snow ttorm or . er Jirej; foa "3rejulnTg i; - pi sawn i Amnion l Standard l.uf rifit Via ImliaM coral utrari'i. wore oq relief cam, ror tne wni ravi (frew hotter ati hotter nul ha- ddriiiy coiiuuu'-.j v, - i-i... r,n r,i..ii.enre in rifllrik' ior th.-ri aMwl to th heat. wa the dust. thHi.kstotheraiiiH wtnwi u. u not, has Income ft - the powder with a .levelopwl faulty of finlifi if way everywhere. Uie lake boats did a v.imii uiw jile it was cliKhT.iy wjim " wiw than on the tw uwin- fr.rtM ericountered in reaching the boats vrre cucli an to Mer people iroiu u main.- the trip. Alto-ether yesterday a day for spiritual uiiuuikuuk " phv.tica! ret. not wnaiono wuu u cai. a "howling huc-e-." orOTar Fifty Yari ,V. ,. .al. tt. b"U remf.'Sr for diarrhoea,,.n.(k. atimi fctl IjHIIJ, ;!Jr: wiu-i r.ttl'). soil ''J aruifii """"i""" the STABBED I!f THE STOMACH. Itrioui Catting Affair at tha Dam Teeter- day Aioat Kaon. Yesterday shortly before noon what may prove to be a fatal cutting affray occurred at the dam. The parties en- in the difflcultv were trank McLean, a man aoout j yeam and Liss Turner, quite a young man who has been selling popcorn iroiu a wmi'oii bv the side 'r.f tl, iliimmv track, Unite a good many Morten were being circulated mi the streets esfer lay afternoon ti. tlin causes, which led up to the tut ting, and it is extremely hard at pres ent tn ret. at the exact, tacts m rne case. Tiie following story of the affair was told THK HTATK.--.tAN- reporter by a gentleman w ho reaclieit the scene a few minutes after the cutting and whose information was gained from the conversation of hystanders. According to them quite a crowd of young men and boys among whom was McLean, was standing around the pop corn atnriil I'llVIIil.' ail' 1 codding Turner about au "article which appeared in the Sunday Sun ot last weea in regard to certain alleged act ions 01 his. Turner became considerably nettled at the continued tauuta oi ins tormentors and tiuaiiy me umcussion became quite warm. One word led on to another until, it is said, McLeati made the remark "I'll slap your (Turner's! mouth off." and raised his liHiid as if to carry out his threat. At that moment Turner who had been whittling on a oiece of wood made a lunge at Mcl-au's stomach with his knife, a common pocieiaune. ja wjwu ... t . L. .. t I ..,1 an He strnca tne mow iih mrueu uu ran oil going iu the direction or tne zoo. After he was cut McLean walked to McDonald's boat house where he at once began vomitiug profusely. The officers were notified, as was Dr. Lewright. The latter made an examination and found that the blade had entered below the last rib and to the right of the navel, nenetratiiiL' the stomach. He consid ered it quite a serious wound, could not say lat night just but how serious it would prove to be. No trace of Turner could be found and, although the officers were on the search for him all the afternoon, they were unable to locate him. Later At midnight last nik'ht no trace of Turner had been found, lie seemed to hava dropped completely out of sight. As above stated the tuft seen of him was immediately after he had cut McLean when he broke aud ran into the thicket. The officers were hard on the hunt for him but their efforts proved unavailing. At this writing no change had occurred in the condition of the wounded man. Teeterdty'e Ball Game. The game of base ball yesterday af-teruoou at Hyde Park between the Austin Athletics and tti steam laundry boys resulted iu an overwhelming victory for the former by a score of 19 to a. Rundel, the Athletic' pitcher, pitched a splendid game, allowing his opponents only four hits and striking out 11 men. Following is thescore : LaiindryMea 0 0 t 0 0 0 2 0 0- 3 Athletic 18 10 12 3 1 x-la EatUrlei-B. B. B. Team. L. timber and C. ?mita. Athletics, Sites Rundel aii't J, Kelly, struck out Bv OruberS. by Rundel 11. Tnree base hit AL Jack 1, Led better 1, Keesee l. Double t:avt-Ledbetter 2. and dimming tj Led better, a co"T KempeD. ?1 Harder an Bed BivrV Jf special to the Sutetau. Hosham, Tex., Aug. 26. Accounts of a brutal murder ou Red river last night about, dark have just been given by a party who came after a coffin. Stewart shot and Instantly killed D. A. Martin. Martin had fotbid his crossing his laud, and had fenced it up. Stewart came aiong aud cut the wire. Martin was remonstrating with him when, without further word-, S;?wart rai.-ed a snorgun and tired both barrels intoAli!iu, killing uitu. Stewart escaped. Officers are in pursuit. Te Cietaietbe Syitsra when ostive billlOUi Or W tieU IQ8 toe blwt 1 im pure or sluggish, to permanently cure habitual cous'ipain, t . awikea voe kidneys and liver lo a healthy a-'tion without irritating or weakening theui, to dispel headaches, colds or fevers, use syrup of Figs. r. a ;,'o Aium. LOOK AT THE sl.K of th or-ri i i n r y pill. Tr-'r.k of all th? t:-vr:Mi ar.d distal iKinrn that it ctmn you. V7; t you w.:!"irae something wimer vt aya, if at tr.e t: J it a,! y. rtitj time you rrif r1? rodr Tht w the fw w;tr vt. tierc I'biiwant I'elleM. Tiiev ro t.w iialit in iize, ti mthlt in a-tion, but the mt thooii-b ami Ivr p:; in ruifs. Tbey foUo nature' mew K and u.ey pve hel;. that laty ConsMrt.o-i. Ir-.l.aon, EihotH AttacM, Sick and Uiiw hea.lacbea. aiHl a.i deranzeraenUof the liver. ton.aeh and bowels are promptly rliewl and permanently rorwi. " If we ran't wr your Catarrh, no matter how bad your ca or of bow liy Htandir. h pro ni'Vd by the proprietor,, of i. Hair Catarrh I'j-mUv. WMnt it prove, tetter ' C'jst wll W cent. tiat cars catarrn i IIDXWALK KOIll. Item i Gathered by The Statetmaa Eeparttr Yesterday. The Civil F.ngirieers' association and surveyors will hoida meeting today at F. Kpaeth'f otlice. a permanent i organization is to be effected. j W. N. IJeHueur,dentistl404Cong. ave A number of friends of Colonel A'1 -Williams are urging him to make tie race for alderman from the First war I. Pr. 8hackleford.Pentlet, 618 Con, ave.; tel.! guite a large crowd of people went over to San Antonio yesterday. Dr. Baxter, dentist, 818 Cong. ave. N. V. Dittlinger expects to get into his new building by Sept. 15. New stock of stationery, blank and memorandum books, type writer rib bons and papers printing ana bookbinding. F.ngene von KeockmaDn, Uli Congrsss avenue. Applicants for the office of interna! revenue collector for this district are on the anxious seat. I'.uy yourself a dozen undershirts, three for $1, at the Capitol Clothing House. They are positively the finest value for the money you ever saw. The civil engineering experts appointed by the railroad commission laat week will commence their labor-this morning. (Jo and examine those suits at the Capitol Clothing House. I hey are unemialed in value. Positively toe finest ever offered" for the price. The Picked 'iie wmt; ovei to ;-',.n Antonio yesterday to cont-st for no:, ors with "the ball piayers of that city. W. PL Booth represents only good, strong, reliable old Ine fire Insurance companies. Insure wtih him and you will be well protected. Offices in rooms 1 and 2, First National bank building. Telephone 207. Considerable cotton was brought into Austin and sold on Saturday. Dr.M L.Whlte.deiitlst, 8th L,under Ave.hoti. The main objection of the excursionists from Austin to San Antonio have to making the trip is the early hour they are compelled to leave this city. The city council will meet and de liberate again one week from tonight. With fair, square and gentlemanly playing baseball in Austin can be made extremely popular. Judging from the reports of the excursionists to San Antonio yesterday it was about as hot over there as it was in Austin. It seems as though the Austin boys were out-played all points in San An tonio yesterday. rKKSO.IAL POINTS. Mr. ILr.-y Bras well, the well known traveling man, came in yesterday morning from Waco. Herenty-flve cents will buy you a One white dress shirt, plain or pleated bosom, at the Capitol Clothing House-Mr. Mann Trice of the attorney-Keueral's office, went up to Dallas Saturday night on busines. Dr. O. M. Turner, office aud resilience 10S 1 th , over State National bank. Telephone 213. Mr. VV. W. Wilcox went over to San Antonio yesterday for the day. Dr. Loving, dentist Over Baiin's Jeweirv store Mr- H. H. Hazzard returned yester day morning from a buines trip through North Texas. All clothing and gents' furnishing goods wih be sold for ea-m, regardless of cost or value, at the Capitol Cloth ing House for lo days only. Dr. C. J Smith has returned from Chicago. Dr. Smith, dentist, 506 Congress ave Mr. Wilbur Crawford, formerly of Austin, but now of Cameron, is in the city, having come in yesterday afternoon W. N. LeSueur,deutlst,4u4 Cong, ave Mr. Joe Barbisch and son spent yes terday in San Antonio. Wilson Bros, best puff bosom shirts are now going for 1 at the Capitol Clothing House. Among those who exeurted to San Antonio yesterday was Mr. Zick Me- lasky. Do you need negligee shirts? They are delightful for summer wear. You cn buy three for 1 at the Capitol C l ittuug House. Dr. ptoddard, dentist, Au;t'c. Twenty Tear Experience. C. D Fr-dricks. the well known photographer, 770 Broad wav, New York, sav: - "I have been using Alleoek's Porous Plasters for '20 years and found them one of the be it family medicines Briefly summing up my experince, . say th it when placed on the small ef the back Aleock's Plasters fill the body with nervous energy, am thus icure fatigue, brain exhausMou, de- j bility a d kidney difficulties. For women aud children I have found them invaluable. They never irritate the skin or ciuse the slightest pain, cure sore 'nroar, coughs, colds, pains in side, hick or chest, indigestion and bowel coin ilaiuts. Antin'e Team Done Vp Special to ' Statesman. aai'UMu, Aug. z.. ine -ame b-tween the Sin Antonio and Austin ba-e'Mil clubs this eveniug resulted in the Austin's being de'eated by a score of 11 to i. Oue thousand people wit- ueea iue game. TOK a ALE chkip asd o risr ir.Km ranch iaad la rwinty k a re rane.h ind ou the line of Baaco lfaj toonUra ' fi erea paar latid 10 taile east ot B.iio city. w;re tatare 1an4 in Blanco coanty. 11 lot xl.'A OTlt!ot No 27, fllTiniOB A. i ,f,t V.xA. oa'.iot Vt. division B. lotufciLA BeUviif) Farkt; S.Oth A'Utln. ,( lou. bloc 4, oatlol ft. divUioa O. 1 lota bl'ica 3, omiot 5; divinloo O. 3 low 4Cxi;si, omiot , di vilon A. Kraaie residetK'e. omhomie, hydra-iU, etc. 1 ;it;Sil.V. oatlott: diviiion A. ! lot, outlot ; ainlon A. : r,ji omiot 1; dlvUiors A. iiTT Pick b'liidin? 2?,irO feet. i Uto'iitlA, ootlot 1: divUioa A, gv.ry frame t ijlUlin? Z'.ffs feet. with two-with two , with one- -.,ry frame boildina; 20x'j feet L.i'ji S. , 7 and H. b!ix;i X7: ach lot C9xl2, with 5 fmtne buildsnent. 1.0! 5. block i (JtlJX feet; frame dwelling. v.ilAfeet in blnck ?A hrick llverv Uble. Lot i and i block e. two brick buiiaingi iix v) feet. I.oi7, block Ur. tirick bnlMing 23x80. Block to. Two brick balldinni, each 25l Blwkt.j. Three frame buildinrt. r ,t fi r.lork 61: orm fnme hniidinz. Krm lands, imoroved and nnimtiroved. in Travis and other countlea, alo a "largo amount of pasture lands. G. M Bi. Real Eute Deier. 1J9 Drishili Billdi, Eatt 6th it WANTED, FOR SALE, ETC, Adve'UscmertU inverted In thle column at the foitowlmf. raw each Insertion; Wanted Help, Situation, ror Kent, sale, etc,, roar wie f.!it, and 5 cents for each additional line; bnsl-t,es or commercial advertUini? in this column w;il be chanted, for at, two line or le cente, r.ree line and upwards 10 cent per Una Sevuu word constitute a line in thin column. All notice appeariiiK in these column mani invariably be paid for in advance. No exotp rloti will be made to ttii rule. rtTANTEL. A younir man for the book and utatiouary bunine-n; none but experience'! men need nwer. Addr Corner Bru. WANTED "Jen to sell bakin powder. Steady employment, experience wmecea-ary 7i salary or WJinrnicBiori V. 3. Cheaieal Work, 810 Van Buren t, Chicago. WANTED A white servant girL once. Mr. I. Muevinkr. m W Apply at . 5th at FOB SALS. TTtOR 8AI.I f)n hore, harneu and tprini IJ Vip watron. Kuqulre at 'Hi Cong. ave. isOR SALE A French drip coSTie urn, with 1 water and coffee attachment. Hxtel Salge. TO BEST. ,10R RENT The comer dwelling In the Butler row by M. Butler.' MISCELLAN0UE8. (y NLY a few short weeks and wa will ba in our new buiidiaif on Congn-s avenue. I r, U mi'ina that vim have only a short time in wiil-h to avail jour.sdve of tie imnie..e bar , ;,ins we are offtr.r.g at our old taud. Others a.-- taking advitnu e of this sacrifice aie. W by will you let this golden ipportunity to provide vo ir hou-e wi'h anything from kitchen to parlor at half the regular price Blip through jour fingers:' We are getting the cash and the good are going- if you ftil to Ret artv of our bar-suing it will be your own fault Biing tie the cash and we will give you bargain suck a have never been offered before in Austin We will not move these goods onr prices will startle our competitors, but will please you. N. V. Mttllnjer. the House Furnisher, 302 and 80 Kast Sixth st roUSG MAX If you want to learn telegra-t hyand secure situation address Dailas Telegraph Co.lege, iMlla. Tex. TAPANKSE toothpicks, rew evaporated ap- fl oles. dried peaches, French pea and sour kraut M. A. McClure. O T PRESCRIPTION and Lone Star , IV. Injection, only for a at Raymond's drug store, Easteth street; each to cents bottle. o NE car bran on tra'k. Feed of all kinds F. W. Warren, 11 Lavaca st very ciieap. Rw arren, 1 .0 Lavaca street. Telephone 57 MADAM ROBINSONo curlene keeps banes curled, hottest or damnest weather. Madam tiobin-on s face bieach aud skin tonic re-ii.oves wrinkles, pimple, freckles, sunburn, Racket Store. Cong. ave. CITY DIRECTORY. ADSTIN WHITE LIME CO.. A. f. Martin, Proprietor. Haunactur'.'r of Austin White Llmaand dealoi in cement piaster, hair and building materia, Telephone M. Office 202 W. Sixth street Ansdr WOOD AND COAL, CHARCOAL AND COKE W. A. Glass, J00 W. Fourlh street Telephone No. D. A. McFALL, Attorney at Law. Cor. Congress ave. and 8th t Austin, Tex. Beal Estate Transfers Following are the real estate transfers for the week ending Saturday, Aug. 26, as reported by Bergrn, Daniel & "--racy, Austin, Tex.: Louis Cook and wife. Nannie, to J F Dean, i acres, part of outlot 1, division X warranty deed J F Dean aad Wife, L A, te Mrs Nannie lin k, 1 acre out of the Wtn Uornsby survey, part R Hornsby ltagu ; warranty deed Mrs S A (rol leu et al to C R Beaty, one tenth iuterest in a tract of land, part o the Del Vaile g-ant; war- Branty deed Howard D Terrell to Waklemar Wiuk-let, lots 7 and S, block 19, division D; warranty deed ColoraJa l.akn Cbautauuua Associa tswo CO 20 0 00 2.W 00 9j0 00 tion to J W Brady, lot 16 to 26, block li division , Colorado Lake Chautauqua grounds: warranty deed 5,000 00 W BCorwin te Lucille Oorwin, Sinter-eat in lu0 acre of J D McAliater snrvevt specia warranty deed 730 00 W B Co'win and ba H Shaw to Geo Maleri and wife 75 acre of the lei Val'e grant; warranty deed Geo Mederis and wife to Horace O d-ham, 140 acres of the Del Vaile grant; pd:al warranty deed Horace Oldham to George Medearis. 150 acres of the Del V.lle grant; warranty deed James E Bouldin to Fred F Petmecky, lot 12, blcsk E, Bouldin' addition to Austin: warrnty deed NDnie Cook and husband, Louis, to J F Dean, 1 acre of the Reuben Hornsby league warranty deed 1,000 03 1 CO "1 00 125 00 Geo W Braekenridge to Andrew Rag-gio. lot l, bioca L division A, base addition to Austin: warranty deed . l.OOQ CO James Braly and wife, Agnes, to John W Brady, ii feet off nor'h side lot .i block 22. division D; warranty deed. . 1,000 00 JF Dean and wife to rs. Nannie Coo. 4 acres, partoi ouuot 1, division Z; warrants deed Frank T Re -he to Ueo B Lucas, 1.5x13 feet of ontlot 20. division O; warrai-t deed J L and Geo T Hume to Frenk T Roche 125x13s. feet of outlot 20, division O: warranty deed .. .- ) CO i"0 CO TV 00 827. 927 Total "And other cons: ieratior.s. Engineers, Attention! There will be a meeting of the Civil Engineers association and Surveyors at '.e- dee of F. Spaeth, over Mad-dox ioo. & Anderson, Monday afternoon at 4 o'clock p. m., August 8. All are re-peetfully urged to be present. W. G, Hneed, Temp., Secty. Wa have received our new California can goods. When you are in need of anything 'n that line give ns a cali or telephone .o. 23. Frank O. j Babcock. Your next week's washing UJ1 Jj i yrill look whiter, will be done with) less Iibor if Clairette Soap is used, will last pure, it fabric. The. clothes will smell sweeter arid longer. CLAIRETTE SOAP is cleans but does not injure t-he-It does Tzt roughen or chap the- hands. Millions U53 N.K. FAIRBAt4K &CC0., MJis. ST. LOUIS. Indoitml Matters in th Soitk. A review of industrial matters in the Southern states during the week ending Aug. 25 is very gratifying Indeed to the friends of this favored section. While the unsettled condition of money matters continues to annoy the country generally and capital is wary of new investments, yet a considerable number of new industrial companies have been formed in the South. Some important established concerns have also decided on enlargement. Some plants have found it necessary to shut down, but the number is very small. A considerable numberof new saw and nlaninz mills are reported, and some factories that were destroyed by fire are to be rebuilt at once. The Baltimore Manufacturer's Record in its Construction Department publishes a list of new companies of which the following are a list of the more important: The John L. O'Connel company of Pine Bluff, Ark., which is to transact a mercantile business; capital stook 415.0O0. The Key West ft la ! 1'tire ice com pany, has commenced worn, on a new factory. The Diamond Blue Granite company of Augusta, Ga., to open quarries; capital VJO.OOO. The American Economic fioiier company of Savannah, Ga., to manu facture certain inventions ior Doners; capital $120,000. Th) Newburger Cotton company oi Grenada, Miss., to deal in cotton; capital $50,000. The Meridian (Miss.) Stock company, to manufacture vehicles. The St. Charles (Mo.) Light and Fuel company, to operate plants; capital $20,000. The Desuoyers Shoe company of St. Louis, Mo dealers; capital $65,000. The Wheatley-McNichol Tailoring company of St. Louis; capital $10,000. The Merchants Manufacturing company of Elizabethtown, Tenn. Price, Nash & Co. will erect rice mill at Beaumont. Tex. The Citv Loan and Improvement company of Fort Worth, Tex.; capital $20,000. The Temple, Tex., Cold Storage and Ice Factory, to erect plant at once; capital stock $30,000. The Cooperative Investment company of Fort Worth, Tex. ; capital $20,000. The Cowp.ns, South Carolina, Manufacturing company will put additional looms in its cotton mill. The Friedenwald Company of Baltimore, to conduct printing works; capital $G5.000. The Union Furniture company of Little Rock, to manufacture; capital S.50.000. The New Boston, Tex., Lumber company to operate mills; capital $30, 000. The Virginia Lumber and Manufacturing company of Wiehle, Va., to operate mills; capital $10,000. The Parsons Building and Improve ment company of Parsons, W. a. capital stock $50,000. The Tubular Vehicle company of Durham. N. C, to manufacture wheels; capital $25,000. The Atwood Electric Headlight com pany of St. Louis; capital $125,000. Missouri Stone aud Hardvare com pany of Kansas City; capital $10,000. Alfalfa Seed, Fresh. New crop to arrive in a few days. Arthur J. Mats. Only a Few Saort tYeeks And we will be in our new build ing on Congress avenue. This means that you have only a short time in which to avail yourselves of the immense bargains we are offering at our old stand. Others are taking advantage of this sacrifice sale. Why will you let this golden opportunity to lurnish vour house with anything from kitchen to parlor at one-half the regu lar nrice sliD throuzh your fingerB? We are getting the cash and the a-nods are goiDg. If you tail to get any ot our bargains it will ha vour own fault. BrlDg us the cash and we will give you bargains such as have never been offered before in Austin. We will not move these goods. Our prices will startle our competitors, but will please you. N V. DlTTLISGER, The House Furnisher, 302 and 304 East Sixth street. Cat Prices oa Cooking Stove. . In order to make room for our fall stock of stoves we will sell stoves during the remainder of this month at greatly reduced prices. You can buy I $30 stove tor $2-5, a $20 stove for $15, a $15 stove for $12. Everyone guaranteed. I. Stein & Co. Eaye.ton a Plaioor Orgatl Have you growing up children? Do yon wish a happy home circle:' If so. buy a piano or organ,. Ve will sell you a reliable instrument on easy payments without demanding notes. Thos. GoggaQ Bro" Congress j avenue. fce cleaner and 1 it. Do YOLL ? Dr. C. A. GRAVES, DENTIST. ffo 604 Brazos Street, Driskill Hetel Building H. B. wrCatt'e, Horses, Plantation and Ranche supplies taken in exchange for dental services. GEO. S. CRISER. CEO. W. MASSIE CRISER & MASSIE, Dealer3 In Stan I e and Fancy Groceries 807 CONGRESS AVE. H, P, II GAMMEL & CO, REAL ES ATE, EXCHANGE AND MERCHANDISE BROKERS. ROOM NO. 2, OVER CAMVIEL'S BOOK STORE AUSTIN, TEX. ARTHUR J. MAYS THE LEADING SE 413 CONGRESS AVE. JSO. BREMOSD JNO. H. KOBIN80S JOHN BREMQND CO Wholesale Dealers In , DRY COODS. NOTIONS, HATS, BOOTS, SHIM - -AND GROCERIES NoGooda at Retail, EVERY LADY USES SANIOSTZ' PURE FACE POWDER Now Called PALMA ABSORBENT POWDER Samostz' Quinine Hair Tonic, now called PAL. MA TONIQUE Cures dandruff and makes the hair grow. MEXICAN PALMA CREAM Makes thecomplexlon white and velvet-like. MEXICAN PALMA SALVE la superior to all healing salves in the world. For sale by 3RUGCISTS 03 LA PALMA PERFCMERYOTPANY CHICAGO. STILES & RIFE, WHOLESALE FRUITS AND PRODUCE Agents Mallory Line steamers and all European lines. Cabm aud steerage tickets at liwest rates. Daily advices and sailing lists received and filed ?or ready reference. Correspondence solicited. Eiiaiish or German. Cape Jasmines Every day at Mays', 100 for $150, 50 for $1, les3 than 50 2 1-? cents each. and WMskey Habits cured at home without pain. Book of particulars sent I'BfcE. fi. M. WOOLI.EY, M.D. uicc, lirt; -j f uiuiua at, Atlanta. U $95 fir $60. We have a lot of Windser folding-beds which must be sold before we move, regular price $05, now only $60. Now is your time. N. V. DlTTLINGER, The House Furnisher. When in need of anything in the grocery line, staple or fancy, ring up telephone No. 23, or call on Frank O. Babcock. Satisfaction guaranteed. Priee no Object. Windsor foldingbeds, regular prices $35, now only $50, before we move. N. V. Dittlixoer, The House Furnisher. will

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