The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1948
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, JUNK 9, 19-18 Atomic Workers Ready lor Strike Negotiations Resumed As Union Members Vote 24-Hour Alert OAK R1DGK, Tenir. June 9. iU!') B1.VTHKVI1.LK (AUK.) COURIER NEWg Butchers Sell Horse Meat as Beef in Houston Blonde's Search for a Wcll-Heeled Husband Runs into Complications . month slate laboratory test revealed yesterday. -Atomic woikcisserVedTi'diice Morel , Tlu ', H ;',' T ' 5 Cmml V Orand j.|,-y I m ' MI ' R!lt!llR ""' Mf ^ >">* <" limuan consuinptlou BEACH, Fla.. Junes. 'UP'—Rlonde Dorothy Lawior's 1 search for a husband with $10.000 Iran Into two complications loilav. HOUSTON, Tex.. .June 9. -..njpi \ '• Dn " Wicker, the —Horse meat was sold as beef in at least 32 places In Houston spa"led on Ihe deck of » borrowed boat, clad ill while sliorls, ti folcli. IIIR yellow sweater and Kolrtcn today that tlicy are ready for a strike on 24 hours notice as negotiations in uagc dispute at the national laboratories resumed under places were. The The m>l so huppy couple was prepiihiiK to lake n short, run up Virginia Town fltcti All-Woman State CUNTWOOM. V«, June <U1 J| —ThU Ultl« lovra Uxiny wnote slate of women of chosen in »n election In every qualified voler went polls. Unofficial returns showed Mrs. Minnie Miller beat l\f r h "« which to the Mutt . down the source of this lllepal meat -. — man of h.. choice, said he was "Ireany wed. 2. Apparently didn't have any- ;. • — , " - •"" "i' ""•• — where S10.000 cash ; II e coasi In a -li>-foot boat loaned ! opponent, J, A, Colltiu, -014 mt tn „ JJlcker for the occasion by mi! ' to 99. And live female candliliUes culinary lo Dorothy's Ideas "»»'»<'•.. wlm operates a locnl boat ' works. Howard and his wile were uoliiK along ns i-hapcroncs ftn ,| crew. \Vtcker and Dorothy said neither of them cot any sleep last In fact, it mane Wicker was Kcttliii; ml The caslf benefiis. His bar business was boom- IIIK lhanks lo the publicity he KOI of tracing i by answering Doroihyj ' »d (n well-heeled hubby. And his friends were fooling Ihe dining llielr ' gel-ncqnnlined" lour n new cloud. ,, t . Members of ih" Ainmif Triri.'i ^ begin. _ ,.. .,„— n itji _ .- - . and Labor Council" . Avi" s-,iri fi 'i- , .«inii)les, taken by ii.spec- bills for him to show her tlie town. "' »«ytona's saloon clrniil. Th would coiiiu-lie ill, wii r"»l A 'I"* vmrk!n K "»<'<''• J- '•'• Lakey of Wicker was most reticent about » n » ll V 'H»«''l "Her nildniiOH al long as ".biii"° a e I a u"wav Avo'r" I M " Hea " h 1 "'P Brtl ' 1 ™<. 32 llls P«vious marrlase. He said he '»« Troradeio. Wicker said, after Rblc for a coTlr.,,,™,. •• * I*'™* fou " ri '" '"''oratory tests lo, didn't want to dra B his wife Into l"«ln K up Ihe fancy Seabreeze . * Iconlaln horse meat. The samples it but earlier he was nlloted asi 0 ™" 1 '? Club as "too expensive." saying he could wind up his dl- I Riii .,,„.. ,;.,,,„ Iconlaln horse meat. The samples ,,?„,' '? W ' Cd ^" "° kl u ' emsclvrs j were secured during the undercover ready for a walkout on 21 hours | ,,ha*e of the invc'stisallon of the call in case a strike is necessary to I horse meat racket cnloive ihc-ir demands for wajjc in- | These samples were in addiiion ,, i lo ihe one lakcji from a public i their Union members also, for the ] school cafeteria by school officials. - -,- ..- , "I didn't have any money," ha vorcc in a couple of days. I said. 'I only spent $1,20 the entire He and his wife seperaleri about ' nlRliI; 1 didn't know who 10 months apo. He has custody nf , ie . scoo caeera y scioo officials time, issued a slinging denuncia- i This sample tested "positive" for tion of Atomic Energy Commission Chairman David E. Lllientlial for what they called his "open sup-, port of a vicious contractor in our lenslhy labor disput horse meat. .... , . _ the " to re 1 °rT n rromietora I emulove, of the ,-Pt»n Snn » rt S " C emplosts of the ,c tail shops and small daughter. He to disclose Mrs. Wicker's whereabouts. Wicker said that Dorothy knew Jury receives, he had an nndivorccd wife when siandiiiR l lie drinks and food, i refuses of my friends 1 guess." Mud for city council posls boat as males by similar majorliips Mrs. Miller is. n widow mother of u-o children. be callable for payment prior lo 1'iaturiiy In inverse numerical or- unqualified approving opinion ol Towns-end and Townsrnri, ultorneyx of Utlle Rock, Arkftmmi. »nd Die dlstrlcl will pay for I Ills opinion and Hie cast o( printing mid lius- ie*lnR the bonds. The sal* will !>(• held U)XH> *ui> lion bids si the hour of a o'clock P. M. oil the 1st dny ol July, l»|« „,,, , ,,.. f* i ' f ,H '.mP of IHK mil of l!lnl ls DISTRICT NO. 5 Or MISSISSIPPI OOUNTY ARKANSAS 1 j , i ? ?, 1,"" ... driuvn on a '""nibcr of Hie FIJIC w M 1, n J der. in nil cases will] accrued inler- cst. us follows: if railed r,,,. p»y- ineni from surplus money denvid from the levy mid i-ollenlon of tlv! annual building (umt tax. at pur on January i <,[ any y flu .. u CHII,,,! for payment from any other .source, only the 3 1-4 per cent bond slnvil lie oillnblf, an,l Mu'j- slutil be callable at u prli-e of 102 criil.i on |]ii> value on January I ,>f whero horse meat lovmo ,J...|'UV^. I t-.llo HIILIIT II,M.M' nll'IV >ViiS lOtlOO They said Lilienthal's statement will be called lo tell where they got that he would order Carbide nnri It and vvha sold It. to ihera. Car'non Chemicals Corp. to operate | Diirine the previous three Grand l 'e laboraU/.es even if a suiku is j Jury sessions testimony from more called "shows clearly that, lie is no | than 100 witnesses centered about longer the workers' friend." | parting; houses, slaughter houses The union is curemlv negotiating j and wholesalers. for pay hikes with Carbide and i Carbon, which operaic.s the labora- | father of Six Faces tory for the government. J -,, , ,, . Oppose Reaiipoinimeni i Charge of Murder The 875 workers asked all AFL unions and ihe public to oppose ..;;, ~P E i 0HIA> . ,' k " • Jvme 9 - Liliemhal and the other commis- l . UPI rT ie 38-yeaV-oltJ father of sioners for reappoinlment chare- slx ctnltil ' c " fnc ccl a first degree IB that, thev are "too <mi.ll in I m "'' d(>r charge here today, after pl allfgedly confessing that lie killed Oscar Wheeler on Amity's main street Monday night The 59-year-old Wheeler died pwn yacht and a fine ear, as well ns plenty of sreen stuff. So fur, his Invilatlon to fly it appears, his friends are prnvld- fiown nore alul lo , rt „,„, ., nl I , ,„„ n , L „„.,,,,. ,,, lt „, ,„,, ,. lt| , ,, that situation in your hands." tavern trade Is hemming since Do- arrived he should soon be Dorothy herself was not menllng about that loday com she rothy : able lo pay off the nmrlgnce. Ask Russia To Vacate Berlin Radio Building Large Planes Collide COPENIIAOEN. June ff. (UPi — A Scandinavian Airlines Skymas- ler collided with a U. S. Army Air Force 15-17 during a landing on Ihe Mediterranean island of Cyprus yesterday, operations officials at Kastrup Airport said todny. j w-as hurt, the officials! In answering Dorothy's ad. Wlc-iihr years I95« to IDS8. iwih im-lii- ker had claimed ownership of his slvc, al a price of 101 mil, on tin- dollar (are value on January 1 of '.(IP years l%0 to IMS. both inclusive, and I hereafter al a price ol par on January 1 of any vear. The buyer may have the ilRht' lo ttnme the Irusiee and place O r payment (or llii.i issue and shall have th« rislil to convert Ihe lx>nds to lionds benrlr.t! a lower rale of Interest. liRineo' nmirrilng lo the llnlvers".! Hond Values 'Cables and subject «.ri the approva; of ihe Ktal« coinmls- sloner of Kdueallon. The bonds will be sold upon the &> ing that, they are "too small in stature" for the responsibilities o their job. 1 Kuinei.h Scott, representing the union, said the vote tor * 21->ionr strike alert was unanimous. The workers offered to establish maintenance crews and made plans for an "orderly" shutdown of operations "in case a strike is necessary," Meanwhile, the union awaited formal dissolution of an SO-day no- striko injunction which expired Monday. The government obtained the court order under emergency provisions of the Taft-Harllev law to avert a strike in March. The government yesterday sent ! the necessary papers to llie U.S. District Attorney in Chattanooga asking that the injunction be dissolved. The dissolution would per- mi:. a legal strike. The company's "linal" offer last | No one BERLIN', June 9. (UP)—The Brit- | reported. h have asketi the Russians lo j>et I — out of the his fiundlnnkhaus or ra- ! Bcncs' Nephew Resigns his Amity hotel after bcinc. riddled with eight bullets from an automatic .22 caliber rifle. The murder charge was filed against Dossie Cox by Deputy Prosecutor G. W. Lookadoo after Cox was captured at his home yesterday morning. He offered no resistance. Cox reportedly told officers that the shooting grew out of alleged relations between Wheeler and Mrs. Cox while he, Cox was in tile service. week was a 10-cent hourly wa^e increase. The workers. \vno originally had asked a 21-ceni raise, turned down the company proposal and upped their demands to 26 INTHROP SHOES "•^•••••.^••••p^—a Mens Moc LOAFER $8 9 5 Mens Strap Shoe Store 312 W. Main ni.vlhcvillt r dio building where the Soviets op erale the Berlin Radio inside :.( British sector it was dist-loscd to day. The Soviet News Bureau, In reporting the evacuation request, said retaliation measures wer probable. Il noted Dial common! PARIS. June ft. i UP (--Vaclav Benes, secretary of the C/.echos- lovfikimi einb.-iss.v and nephew of former President Kilnard Hene.v resigned. Chechoslovakian circles here said today. friends said the secretary would .,. ., , , - — - ' not return to C/.eclmslovnk'ia cation lines between Berlin nnd the! - . -Minakin. western zones pass tinough llie 1 NOTIOK OF SAI.K OP S Russian-occupied urea. j BONDS British Riilhoritlcs said & letler I Blythcville School District No 5 containins llie request was sent ; <>f Mississippi County, Arkansas, June 5, and no reply had been ic- . hereby gives noll^-c that it will sell ceived. MaJ. Gen. V. J. P.. Weslropp at a public sale to the highest birl- sisned il for the British Military : der. subject lo Hie conditions hcre- lie said Ihe Russian* , insider set out, an issue nf (;;••>«"•• had been given ample time to va- in combined refuniiinc and new cate Die building since the -subject , construction bonds, 'rim bonds will had been under discussion al Pom- i be dated April 1. \MX, ami will ma- Power Committee meetings for somt lure si-riajlv on January i of ea.'ii '"0" l! is. i jear ns follows: The British move thrca'.cn^l to ! *a.O(JO in 1Q50 anil 1951 touch off a new round .11 frid ion i 9.030 ill li)Sa in ISiSS. inclusive and reprisals between the East ami West in the long feud between the two sides here. Paraplegic Veteran Dies When Car Leaves Road MEMPHIS, Tenn., June I IUP) —Marquis Smith, veteran paraplegic succumbed to Injuries today several hours after his wife Hazel was killed when their automobile careened off the highway into ami p.-ijab'.e to III* district, lo be held HA liquidated duitiauM In the evenl tin' sicccisful bidder iloen nol complete tile purchase. Checks of misui-cesslul bidders will be returned promptly, The district rrser\VK the rlKhl lo reject any and all For further information address Mr. William R. Nicholson, Superintendent of S.-hools Arkansas. 01VKN Ibis e day ol Jnu«, lil.YTHKVll.I.E SCHOOL (.:<.Y: ""-^v 'U old , able a LANDLORDS CUNNINGHAM ent Director . 10,000 in I3SG lo 19G2, inclusive 10.500 in 1'jfc! and 1064 11. (KK> in IOCS 11.500 and 19C6 and I»ST 12.1X10 in 12.500 ill 13.000 in 1070 13.500 in 1971 and 1072 14.000 in 1D13 H.5CO in 1974 15.000 in 1975 and 1K7S 10.5CO In 1077 Bonds Nos. l lo 92, both Inclusive, , , will bear 2 1-2 per cent interest. an-| Boiltis NIK Kl rn 322. bolli inrlusive -^« r -! -Miccial election held In the Distrir. to handle Ihe con- I dlstrlcl is «,,O.S The bonds of the new Issue will' HANDVBREfZE 12-INCH OSCILLATING FAN WITH 2 SPEfDI Htl»K In cool comfort even on ih* lioilCJI days with i n*w llindyhrff*« F»n. The H » nd vl>'rcc7t it i^ualjtr- mitlc for lonv life «;id eflicienl f»r- vice. Mi^ll anil low if mil .nd up la 90* uu'UUiinn ni»k« ihil powerful llaiiilybrcexc l : an idcll for vtnlililing <ny room in iht house. Chromium carrying-Inutile makeiit toy to moTt from room ti> room. Uicj ICM currtoc (Inn >vrr<K* lij|h( hulb, no r»di* inlcrftrtiu-e^ Approved by Und«r- writers' l\lu>niit)riei. Oilier ll»nd)-nreez« Fmni from i5.V>- (xmi* jn ant) rhoair your n«w t d«pcnii»hlt rliodybrce/* Electric H^n lodir . . , when ihi heii'i 9*4 you'll l>c cool «ntl at ecscl Blytheville Sales Co. Felix Cornty, Mgr. 138 East Main Phon« 3616 ditch. Smith. 33, FOR A PLEASANT VACATION • ™"rt nSJ.""^,"'^'^ " <l "V*'<*"™?T '£l ~'~^~& SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. 301 W. Wolnut Blyth«y«ll. Phone 578-579 YOU BUY IN QUANTITY Save . . . Imy fruit* «nd vegrlaH« hy the huslirl; » monlh'.i »i;pplj- of meal; ice, cream lij the gallon! SHOP USS OFTHN Say* money nn IraiisporlaiEnnt Sh"p when r.onvenienl and on nice daj-B . . . less than onc« > wcctl famous Jffeffneig home freezer Pays for Itself... fn these six money-saving ways! AVOID FOOD SrOltAW YOU CAN SHOP AHIAD M<*t familir. losn much food Rnj food, whttn the y «re plentiful Ihrniifih KfKiilagr. OKKPFRKK/E ... whr.n prices «re lowest! Bu; ov, ncrs report food savings lo 60%t during [wrioils of p<-ak qiialitvl ELIMINATE FOOD WASTI Sav-ft eookrd Irflore.r* or nnii^r foods for Uior mrdln. Knjoj Tarif l in your meals without waste! fREEZI INSTEAD OF CAH It's r|uii-krr, cleaner and mor<! e nornirfll to prr?e,rvr foods by free* ins! There is nu sj>oilng«l Aid Abmit Vtard* C»nv*n!«nf MerrtMy P«ym*n« Pfen

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