The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 6, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, April 6, 1956
Page 5
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FR1DAT, APRIL 6, 19M BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE FWE Middle East Policy Putting Strain On Big Three Alliance By WARRKN ROGERS JR. WASHINGTON (AP) — American, British and French officials who have joined in seeking a peaceful solution to the Middle East problem are finding the task a strain on their countries' traditional alliance. President Elsenhower was asked | But American and French dlffer- questlons bearing on that strain at; ences over Middle East policy his news conference yesterday, asj have been apparent for some time, was Secretary of State Dulles the I The French, with their hands day before. Earlier in the week the magazine U. S. News and World Report published a copyrighted interview in which French Prime Minister Guy Mollet said at Paris: "The Socialist-led French gov- erment has no intention of breaking its alliance with the British and the Americans, but it has the intention to say to both: 'If we continue like this we will lose the game." Declined Comment Mollet was talking about the cold war in general, but made particular mention of the Middle East. Dulles declined 'to comment specifically on Mollet's criticisms. Building Permits and Real Estate Transfers Building permits for the following construction were Issued during March by the city engineer: ' 1217 Denny, $165, alternation, M. Sylvester. 909 Holly St., $1,000, garage and atore room, J. V. Oates. 1210 N. 6th, $2,500, addition, E. B. David. 2113 W. Rose, $1,500, construction, M. R, Doyle. E. Moultrie, $500, one room and porch, Alvin Hazelwood. 912 S. 15th, $1,000, porch, Elenore Howard. 2018 W. Main, $1,666. shed, E. R. I Jackson. 1708 Stewart, $1,000, one room, Lena Taylor. 2340 Carolyn, $160, car port, Odean Watson. 324 S. Division, $3,800, addition, D. W. Crawford. 721 Pecan, $,200, two rooms, E. M Johnson. 1400 W. Ash rear, $1,000, room S. C. Alexander. 406 E. Davis, $100,' porches, L, L. Anderson. 835 Keith, $500, porch, Joe Caradine. 400 Ruddle Road, $5,000, house, Harold Wright. 617 Illinois, $7,000, house, Harold "Wright. 128 E. Kentucky, rear, $6,000, duplex. Dr. J. A. Saliba. 1124 N, Broadway, $12,000, house, full in North Africa, have had a small role to play. But they recently lost a diplomatic attempt to spread responsibility for supplying Israel with 12 French jet fighter planes. The French reasoned that if they sent arms to Israel, they would incur the wrath of the »Arabs in North Africa. But the United States agreed only that the 12 jets could be taken out of the North Atlantic Treay allotment, leaving to the French sole responsibility for sending them to Israel. As of today, Paris still is delaying- delivery, • . The British ran into trouble with Greek union elements Cyprus. Then British leaders n bounced out of'the-Arab Leg-ion by Jordan. * Amid these reverses, the British have reportedly been urging the United States to take a stronger line. Eisenhower, however, told newsmen yesterday that "if they have, they haven't pressed me." "If I were just told to take a firmer line," he . said. . "I would have to say, 'Firmer line with respect to what, where, when,' and all the rest of it." He commented too 1 that the Middle East situation "is like a stack of jackstraws: every time you touch one you are very apt to move the whole crowd and equilibrium is, to a certain extent, destroyed." Arms to Israel Britain and France are now reported disturbed because the United States, while withholding a decision on Israel's November request to buy 63 million dollars in U.S. arms, has said it has no objection to Israel's buying arms j from Britain or France. Diplomats said this looked to the British and French as if the United States was maintaining an air of "friendly impartiality" while perhaps allowing Britain and France to take the rap from the Arabs for any arms shipment to ,the Israelis. American officials emphasized U. S. policy looks to the United Nations in the Middle East sltua- Dulles did N. created Israel and imposed the, Palestine truce, and therefore has prime responsibility. A U.S. resolution to send U. N. Secretary General Dag Hammar- skjold on a peace mission tb the troubled sren was passed unanimously yesterday by the Security Nervous Bride Had a Reason OTJNBLE, England tfl — Pretty Margaret Collins hit a new high in nervousness for brides, and small wonder. All through the ceremony at St, Wilfred's church, a bee buzzed beneath her bridal bolero. Just at the end of the nuptial mass the bee sank its stinger. The smarting bride and her husband, Patrick Cunningham, dashed out of the church and into nearby drugstore — where a pharmacist applied a soothing lotion. GUIDED MISSILE GETS WHEELS—Navy's guided missile "Regulus" has been outfitted with a wheeled cart so it can be used on a ship's catapult. The cart replaces the old combination of portable launching platform and jet-assist take-off bottles. How, it works is shown in this sequence of pictures taken by the Navy aboard the carrier Hancock somewhere off the California coast Regulus is placed on 'tr 2 cart, top photo. Center photo shows it being launched by ti.j ship's steam catapult. Regulus leaves ship in bottom photo. Cart is jettisoned when the missile is aloft PENGUIN PLACES Penguins do not all live in regions of ice and snow. Besides the Antarctic species, many in- labit the lower east and west coasts of South America and South Af rica, areas of Australia, New Zea land, and some Pacific islands but none are native to regions north of the equator. YOUR FRIENDLY THEAtftE • toin. They argue, as Tuesday, that the U. Johnny Marr. 1040 Hearn. $25,000, house. Holly Development Corp. 117 S. Crescent, $12,000, house R. C. Parr. 128 N. Crescent, $12,000, house, R. C. Parr. 136 S. Crescent, $12,000, house, R. C. Farr. Country Club addition, $11,000, house. Delta Lumber Co. 408 Pittman, SlOOG, house. E. G. Hazelwood of East End Development Co. Similar houses by the same firm at 404 Pittman, 400 Pittman,' 308 Pittman, 213 Sterna c, 217 Stemac, 505 Stemac. 301 Pittman. 305 Pittman, 309 Pittman, 401 Pittman, 405 Pittman. 409 Pittman, 300 Pittman, 304 Pittman. 1200 Julia, 1204 Julia, 1112 Julia, 1108 Julia, 1104 Julia. 1209 E. Cherry, 1205 E. Cherry. 1201 E, Cherry, 504 Stemac and 2IG Stemac. 813 S. UUie, $4,000. house, H. E. Thompson. 12] S. Crescent. S12.0CO, house, R. C. Parr. 1105 N. Broadway, $6,000, house, Builders Supply Co. 1109 N. Broadway, $8.000, house. Builders Supply Co. | Council. San Francisco Tops List For Alcoholism WASHINGTON" (.4 1 !— San Francisco had "by far" the highest rate of alcoholism among the nation's big cities in 1950, two Yale University researchers reported yesterday. . Nfiw York, Detroit and St. Louis weren't even in the first 25, according to a survey by alcoholism researchers Mark Keller and Vera Efron. They reported their findings in the Quarterly Journal of Studies on Alcohol. They said San Francisco showed a rate of 4.190 "alcoholics with complications" for each 100,000 adult population. Next closest, were Sacramento, Calif., with a rate of 2,780, and Louisville, Ky., 2,380. ! They defined "alcoholics with complications" as those "who have developed recognizable physical or mental symptoms due to excessive drinking." The researchers said estimates are that for every such "Northeast Arkansas' Most Popular Theatre" Saturday Night 10:30 p.m. SUNDAY & MONDAY FROM BEHIND THE SINFUL SHADOWS OF A CORRUPT CITY Wilson addition alteration, si,COJ, | a icolio!ic there are three' other G;orge Bynum, 12CO N. Broadway, $14.000, house, Johnny Mnrr. •Ben" street, $1,OCO. -small house, Dick Burns. chronic, excessive drinkers without such complications. 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AVAILABLE AT THE FOLLOWING DRUG STORES: WOODS DRUG STORE, Blytheville HIWAY DRUG STORE, Blytheville MASSENGILL'S DRUG STORE, Osceola SHIRLEY'S DRUG STORE, Hayti COLLINS DRUG STORE, Caruthersville Bandleader Sued For 'Beating' LOS ANGELES Ul ^- The ex-wife of bandleader Benny Carter has filed suit for $50,000 damages claiming Carter gave her a severe beating last March 33. In the superior court assault and battery suit, Mrs. Laverne Carter, a singer, said she suffered severe hftad and spine Injuries. Carter has been acting as his former wife's business manager since their divorce a year ago. She was visiting his home on a business matter when the dispute took place, the suit stated. Lost Dining Rooms EAST LANSING, Mich..W» — A five year study by a Michigan State .University researcher indicates dining rooms are on the way out in modern living. Mrs. Alice Thorpe, a home management researcher, says her studies show most families do much of their eating in the kitchen, although many homemakers feel dining rooms are necessary if they re to tench their children good table manners and how to entertain guests. KANGAROO STYLE— Little Lou Ana Jacobs has no trouble getting into the circus in Chicago, 111. Her father, Lou, is a clown, and between acts he totes his 21-month-old daughter around kangaroo style, as shown above. Delayed Wages Finally Come PORTLAND. Ore, «J — It took 58 years, but the railroad has finally paid the Rev. S, E. Gregg the $5,30 it owed him. The company wasn't holding out, He Just never asked for the money before. In 1898 before becoming u minister he got a job ns a brakcman. After making one run of 265 miles he became ill and never went back. When the Rev. Mr. Gregg, a Bap- tist minister, told Harvey Hartsell, u retired railroad man, about his one-day railroading career. Hartsell suggested he write the company and ask for his pay. It amounted to $5,30. figured at the brakeman's scale in those days of two cents a mile. Ho wrote and the company dug up a voucher which had lain In the files more than a half century and wrote a check. Blue was specified as the national color ( for U.S. Army uniforms on March 27. 1821. THEATRE On W. Main Si In Blytheville Phone 3-4621 Weekday Show Starts 7:00 p.m.—Sat. & Sun. 1 p.m FRIDAY and SATURDAY Double Feature >j ! An ALLIED ARTISTS Picture M .MSSS[y-t,SNmCEl-i,ii,,,HUNIE8 HnHOIEOABTISIS picture ALSO CARTOON SUNDAY and MONDAY Double Feature •n w i Tn 1 nirplefflask _ J. -,.3aa ,X CINEMASCOPE "GENE MIIIIY-DAN D'HERM-ANGELA UNSBURY' * GEORGE OOLENZ • JOHN HOVT • MfRNA HANSEN • A UNIVERSAL -IIITESMTIOM PltttM _AN D — 1010! UN! VIOLENT! Tlti City's Sin-World Ripped Open! 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