The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 9, 1948 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1948
Page 5
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JUNE 9, 1948 ProbeoHIega Lobbyists to End Federal Grand Jury To Complete Inquiry Of Farm Lobbying *T Jimes r. Donovin WA*Hm£v?' aff c <"-«»P™dcnt A V.'i? I NGTON ' J » ne 9- -(UP)— iL Ih I™'" 1 JUry her< '» " e "e ° f an all - ollt '"vestlga- BLYTHEVILLE (ARg.y COURIER NEWS to j» week h » gra ' ld jury ls «Pected S ° 0n< Perhaps next h a «M e , y i, G , Cneral Tom c ' c!ark has sa d the Investigation Is tied in with the Justice Department's at- temp last fall to crack down on speculators In the grain market. He told * news conference »eeks ago that On the Lone Proir-e-e—In Palestine p.* •-•7-- r -r—-—T•——• ——,™,,~._.~^, r , —^yiiy^ i— two the department *« unable to bring action against tnese speculators under anti-trust i a ^?'. And ne confirmed that the lobbying inquiry was an attempt to Prosecute some of these Individuals under different statues. The grand jury reportedly revolves around the efforts of some individuals to Influence Congress illegally against certain aclion on I3rm fflEWt K^r f«" c ' s H^r Education, Under the law, all persons who i System races KeVtmjpJnq I attempt to Influence legislation! must register as lobbyists with the} LITTLE HOCK, Ark., June 9. vfo'latora arp 6 niihi U ^ a " d Sellato - • (UP)-Gov. Ben Lancy sairl today 1 nioie 10 a maximum . hewould name a committee about fine and i year in I j u |y ' This Jewish cowboy is riding herd in Northern Palestine, near the Lebanese border, although it could be Texns or Montana. H« carries a rifle across his saddle, to protect himself against Arab attackers. (Photo by NEA-Acme stall correspondent David S. Boycr.) penaltv of peimlcj of i to consider revamping he =' assistant. He is mend that the individuals. " " ""' i — News of the inquiry leaked out re- 'bring with them copies O f their cently when agriculture officials of i correspondence with several Wash- two farm states—North Dakota and | ington grain brokers, 'a—were subnenaed to an. i who the pear before the grand jury. 1 mained They reportedly were ordered tp ' secret brokers ai ' e has re- Sure Money From Cards '49 Models Differ From Traditional Ford Appearance DETROIT, June 9. — (UP)-The 1949 Pord cars, costing more than »37,400,000 to develop and looking nothing like Uielr predecessors In styling, were announced today by the- Pord Motor Company. The new cars ars lighter completely and re-cnKliiccred and without tlie traditional an, pcarance of Fords. Introduction of the radically dlf. fercnt models climaxes two years of work and research to overhaul a product that even Die company admitted was behind the times. But now, Ford Sales Director John R, Davis contends that, tile "new standards or oeauly comfort, economy >nd performance" put tile new cars "tar ahead of others In the low-priced field." Tlie first public showing will be tomorrow when the company staees a lavish world premiere at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel In New York. Thousands of the new cars will go on display In dealer show rooms June 18. In body styling, tile new Fords have backswept front fenders, flush sides, more Interior space, bigger windshields and windows and a lower silhouette. Tea Prlvll»i« In certain barracks of tlie British army, one of the privileges granted to soldiers Is permission to entertain their relatives at tea In the canteen. Tuna! # BREAKFAST at the PIG STAND! W« Now Serve Breakfast Daily From 7 to 11 The Rustic Inn Tlie otner players asked what it was he had. "Wait and we," chortled the By Robert Mu«J baby wearman. United Press Stiff Correspondent Ch»nrw Colora NEW YORK lUP) _ When it I "And a couple or years later" came to card games Walter Artzt he said, "they found out what 'i was strictly a kibitzer. , meant. I pattented & deck of cards which has four colors instead of | the traditional two. I kept the j spades black and the hearts still j red, but i switched from blnck lo| ffrcen for the clubs and from red to orange for the diamonds. "Simple, eh? But I have a patent on it and it has sold over 500,000 decks already. Not only that, but there's even a new game out called 'four-color gin. 1 " At 43, Artzt's fertile mind already has produced 11 profitable As his lookout shouts "Tuna! 1 nnd points in tho direction of the fish olT Cnt Cay, Kl:i., Dim Topping jjels ;i line ronrly. The president of the New York Yankees is a member of the American tcnin in (lie International Fishing Tournament So poker nnd bridge and pinochle ' and gin rummy players will regard it as bitter iorny when they learn ^e has just made more money out Two Motorists Draw Fines in City a closely-guarded judicial of cards than a lucky player rldine a lucky streak on his luckiest day. I Why, said Artzt to himself, while _ j he watched his friends sweat over i a hot poker table, are all the cards cither red or black. A monotonous color scheme, he thought. "Cards," said a learned friend when asked, "have been two colors W. H. Spencc was lined $25 nnd costs In Municipal Court (his morn- Ing on a charge of driving while under the Influence of liquor. S|rtmce was arrested yesterday by Deputy Sheriff Holland Aiken. In other action William Lambert wns fined $10 and costs when he entered a plea of guilty to speeding, and Charlie Einnictt was fin- fill spades and clubs. Then he resumed trying to an inside straight flush. Back to Kibltzinr Artzt went back to kibitzing, because as one of the largest infants' wear manufacturers In the country (Lisle Mills, Allentown, Pa.) he Is in the upper income brackets and ! not interested in winning a few 1 dollars from .the boys on Friday j nights. Thus his mind pondered Idly a I method of making some real money . out of cards- At that moment, so he declares, one of the players raistook i the red nine of diamonds for the I nine of hearts, also red. . "I have it," Artzt announced ,_„. ..„. LU..U h"0.>tja grined because they didn't or the idea first there la a . think 5rna.ll assessed Enime motor vehicle t for operating a vlthout a driver': CITY COUNCIL (Continued from Fac« 1) the amounts to be refunded the operators. Ho directed the city to refund $-100 lo Lawrence Hassell nnd Howard Hell and $250 (o other operators involved in the original suit. A liitcr city ordinance set the privilege license fee at a flat $150 per taxi per year. Decision to table the refund issiio ciime after It was pointed out by several aldermen thnt other Blytheville taxi operators who were not nmotiB those filing suit would have to enter Into a "friendly suit" to lie eligible for refunds, since (he only the complaining operators piild the fees under protest. The Council said H will check on this aspect before taking final action on the refunds. Funds Oka.ved for Memorial P»rk The Council last night also voted to continue th« practice of deposit- lug city funds In both banks here and adopted n resolution declaring llw First National Bank nnd the Farmers Bunk nnd Trust Oo. depositories of equal rank. H nlso accepted dedication of * street on the old SternberR Oln property. H is an extension of West Kentucky street and will be grav- elled by the city. The street was dedicated by the Blylheville Cot- Ion Oil Mill, present owners or the property. A petition signed by residents of Coleridge Street between Second nnd Rnilrond Streets asked for extension of a wnler mnln there. The Council voted to notify the Blytheville Water Co, of the request. The Council also voted to pay up to foOO for improvements on ttie old cemetery site on Ohickasawba Avenue. The cemetery site Improvements are being handled by u Park Commission appointed by the mayor after the Lions Club launched a move to construct a memorial nnrk there. Revenue Report* Submitted Tlie Diidget report for May. released at lust night's council session, showed (hat receipts last month totaled R055.M while rtU- bursmuntx amounted to $11.466.47. Revenues for May Included pol- ic* tints. $3040.50; auto and vehicle license sales, $W2; sanitation fees $18050; and building permit fees. month Included upenditurt of ,for Installation of traffic UghUs, »l,891.1o for > new Pontl»c police car. $2,600 for the tori chw- ^ . . Is of A new fire truck on order »nxi ; von r^™! e< ll.380.31 for street Improvement*. • mount * d *« Funds on hand May 31 totaled $57.599.24 In the street fund. Sinking funds Included the following- city hospital $3.421.86. city hill 18 805.97 and city park »1,58«.12. Accounts payable u of M»y 31 amounted to $5,600.67. Municipal AIIPOM; receipts but month strtiimcd form rental of air buildings and property month stemmed from rental of amounted to $2,082.33 with ul*r- les and wages accounting for th* tr*.t*r portion «3,M«.« . Airport fundi on hand M <rf i^» 11 tt*t*\**i *Wt I*M •_ 1*. ' . *_ .^^^ (including Istrative' } Capital 188.50; >1re $91! fire bill), street er.eral and idtnin- ivetnents made last HOSPITALITY THE WAY ^.^^ — • B^WIIIW vQSQ ^"srs^ *1 plu« dtpotrt-at your d*altr «0ril[t> UNDt« AUTMOHTV OF tHE COCA-COIA. COMrAHY IV COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO. of BLYTHEVILLB e i? ROGERS AA SILVER PLATE by One/da, Ltd. 61-piece Set for Eight in Chest Regularly $28.95 - Now IN OW on display !n our Catalog Sales Department. Gleaming silver plale ... guaranteed by both Wards and Oncida! Compare \yilh other brands priced up to S40. Each piece plated with pure silver, heavier than full standard plate, plus overlay at points of wear. Two lovely patterns (1) Silver Rose, (2) Coun. toss, in regular or grille styles. Hollow-handle knives have mirror-finish stainless steel blades. Handsome wood anti-tarnish chest. Pay only i./O . . start using your silver now. 40-pc. sttforsit in chest. Reg.$2t.95~Novi$19,9S( Additional pieces available in our Catalog. P1««« «otolofl Md«n today Delivery in 72 hour* NtniMnors MAM ADDRESS HUM mtmttnt 1* M*" ) BENJAMIN CU«*r 544 Steriek BU(. Meaphk, TUB. • FOWLSION SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers SPECIAL SUMMER CLASSES In PIANO-ORGAN-VOICE Mrs. Dallon C. Fowlslon, B.A. and M.S.M. Dnlton C. Fowlston, M.S.M. Certificate A Special Price for the 12-Week Term la Offered For Information Call BLYTHEVILLE 2049 MAKE MORE MONEY THIS SUMMER! CUSTOMERS come oftener, .uy longer, spend more in shops th»t tr« air Condi- tionvd! Don't loje bu>ine» thii Summer — buy "cujtomer injunnce" now! You'll He amazed at how Jiitle Cbryfler Airtcmp Air conditioning costsl PROFITS stij up regirdleii of bet weather! Employee! nay on the job; nock st»yj fr«her—when txcat heat lad humidity are eliminated. W« wiil gi»i yon » "custom survey" of your »ir conditioning need] without cost or obligation! GET THE FACTS ON CHRYSLER AIRTEMP PACKAGED AIR CONDITIONING r— Blan Heath Co.. •117 West Main, B'ytheville, Arkansas, 1 wool th« facts on ChryiUr Airtemp Air Conditioning. Ham* . Kind of busln«w_ You will find this Seal of Welcome on the door of the following places of business in Blytheville, proof that the owners thereof have been consid- erkte of your shopping comfort and desirous of providing for you the best in Air Conditioning. Floyd White Shoe Store Woods Drug Store Hudson Cleaners Red Ball Barber Shop. Office of The Blytheville Courier-Kew» Nichols Drug Store Office of Marcus Evrard, Attorney Western Auto Store The Edythe Shop Mississippi County REA Office Offices of Arkansas-Missouri Power Comptnj BLAN HEATH CO. 417 West Main

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