The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana on July 9, 1959 · Page 11
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The Independent-Record from Helena, Montana · Page 11

Helena, Montana
Issue Date:
Thursday, July 9, 1959
Page 11
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Proor will be Tence of the. day OB wh NOTICE TO SUBSCRIBERS If you fail to receive your copy of the Independent Record from your carrier DIAL HI 2-7190 Weekdays before 6:30 p.m. Sundays before 11 a.m. Wanted— Male Help Wanted bom bTtEker to break 3D head ol colt* by contract. Ph. HI 2-7M0. Salesmen Wanted 2A KNAPP SHOE SALESMAN PART OR FULL-TIME Previous experlsnc* not necea&ary to ♦.am up tft *2D0 weekly selling lamous Hatlonalli ndTertiied tCnapp Alr-Cush laced rShoea. EsUblliUti Irtute Com plete lint 6port, Work, Dress Bhaea for Men and Women. Hlfr daily miKloDB plus liberal proMt-uhariiig plan liberal IlisUraucw BtatfJt Plan. Finest factory -Jit ting- service In America. Here's your opportunity U enjuy fli.anclal Independencr in f sound profitable business of your oxa Complete selling erjijlp merit furnished. frrt. Wrltn Mr. W. J. ThciSSon. Knupp Bitjs. Shoe KIg. Corp-. <M01 E. Flotlllt Street, Leg Angeles 22. CulMarn: Wanted— Female Help ExpurleaCLd bllby Wan l ed— Work funds A. G-Tlflin. builder, housef, gt-r^fjes. furm Work, ill klmJs. ReinoJi?]-Int. estimates given fre«. Ph. HI 3911 John Ffuch Wlndnw Wash Serrite daws, Btorio windows and i washed Qenera) bous^clP-aiilnr paper cl*anlDe pain lint gen^r house cleaning. IU 2-5436 1 d.oi in p.m fto.ii PattRrtorj Knm M. ar.d carpenter wort kinds. Wohlberr Construcllon Co. HI 2-22DB. Call Marsriall Wells Boy 1-"> wants stniMly work. Phone 111 2- tnlerlor ind exterior patntlnjc 131 2-4101 r;nrp-:r.^r and repair wOTk HI I ballitiK. Phone AC 7-rJfiIB. Uoning-ShlrtF. fh. HI 2-3632. Wanted— To Rent 6 3-bedroom house, uiifurn., for cnuple with 3 children, CflH J. c. Penney Co. 2- or 3-brdrooTn home, gnod referencfii /anted— To Buy Record. Bo* 1721. Summer cabin, reasonable, phone HI 2-2410, no *z*wei tM\ HI 2-fi]5fl Tjnbrokg hot»»?. Phur.p HT Wauled — To Borrow II.MOii JO', llnierest, B ip«rs, conflden Frown on Assessment San Francisco — t/P) — Behind closed doors, the 13-.sta(e Wcslern Conference of Teamsters was reported to be frowning on any hike in strike fund assessments. Caucuses of delegates were rejecting a suggestion that mem bers now paying 25 cents a month inlo a strike fund double it tn 50 eciiU. Wanted— To Burrow borrow it B pur cent Interest, abort or Ions tersoa. Board and Room Oeotlemen. room and gerafe- Phone HI room. 601 6th hit. HI 2-7807. ■ men. day or week TMCA. ;le room. (enlleniaB. HI 3-»Ml. For Rent— Apartments 13 3-bedioom or 2-bedroom lad den upstairs »pt. Choice location, wllhin walking distance tchools. churches, downtown. Adults preferred. Water »i.d halting ol water included. t»S. 527 N. Rodney. HI 5-4(81 Kaptny. new 1-bedroom apt., tlod. One blocJc North ol civic Center, available Aug. J, Ph. HI 2-aiOl. front and rear entrances. t iatge rooms and garage, adults. 641 Dearborn, HI 2-22«. Desirable, clean 4-room apt. Adults only. Call HI 2.1005. close In. HI 3-7M1. For Rent— Furn. Apts. 13A 3 room apartment for rent, close in, newly decorated, adults only. Furnished or unfurnished. HI 2-1833. Twn-bi'dTiwm. irtnnd-flrKir ipBrtmi blocks tram school, 1 MdcIc from stores. Completely luralshcd, tTO.flO per month For rent In Kraivood- cuHi|jietc]y run itles. Only til. 2-fifiW niter 6 p.m. Partially furnished, 6 2 iconis with snowcr par montli. Ph. HI morrtrd folks. wajliJng facilities. "J-If,'.,! rooms, hill *■*>■ brtvvtt-n dowjitii W| and, Capitol. Lriundrv facilitl^f-. il Utilities furnlsbed. Phrjpe HI 2-5721. rooms ind bath, washing fxcllltlCF. uLllilica furnisher], private entr*ncr. on 8tlj »v(nue. Call HI 2-U1S. "L. Ph. HI 2-0113. ient, clem, privnt bulh. Adults. 201 5th Ave, •. Apt hr WDitlng girl, utilities. Ri- 3 icril-rurntshed rocms. private bath. bath Hr-rg Clinic 1-TOrjm furnished apt with bath <Sr*TJ- 2-rcom apt., furnished. 102 So. Rodnei 3 rooms and bath, adult:. Call HI 2 1222. bedroom, Depot district. Fh. bath, close in HI 2-2135 3 rooms, adult. HI 2-\ ■■■r'A-V-n mti HlT0322. " H'or Rent — Houses For rent — UnluraLshr/rt 3-bedroom house. Hequlrf! leisc for one year, s&O.OC mo. WUl accept two cliildrer.. 1011 5th Are. Phone HI 2-3370 or HI 2-5066. For lent— Unfurnished Louse. with baih. No children, or ; BanderE Bt. E5D.00. Phone : HI 2-2370 or HI or rtfiit— Unfu'niliVied Court. Suitable lor working xornnD. only. 327 Clark St.. s+O.OD. Phone HI 2-3310 or HI 2-5006. 1-room unfjrnisted basement lieusr fenced yard, garage. Inquire H23 liutie avenue. For Kent — Duplex all utilities fur 4 rooms unlurnlEtud. Ill s. Howie. omA inc. siraRr. Inqiiii Fort Kent— Stores,Offices 17 FOR RENT e with full basement, avall-lst 111 2.13S1 r.der. ,nht Walker Paint Kor Sale— Real Eslale Assume my Of loan: low Interest, tcrw monthly payments. J-ljedroom home. 1.150 sq. ft., basement, garage, fenced-in back yard, near capltol. See it »U Filth Avenue or Phone HI2-r.S23. l-yenr-nlr? J-berfroom home In Helena Valley, 2 nerrs lr.nd. nalural gas. huiil-In oven nnd ranse, new well and pump Ph HI 2-0»<(l Acreage Inr stlb-dlvtalnn. artjaceitt 1o 81 For Sale— Real Estate HOUSE FOR SALE! . THE PRICE IS DOWN! Location Right! Call HI 2-5498 663 N. Warren St. HAL WHEAT ReaJ Estate Listings Worth Checking. See Sunday and Wednesday papers Call HI 2-5740 tor the home yuu wanf; to du.v! CjVt'rungs call III 2 6522 or HJ 2-7B4&. Must Bell! This Is the best buy in years! Los Cabin on I acre of htqh only lb minutes pleasure drive from Helena, uompieieiy lurnisuen, inciuc-Inn a nicely screen^d-ic slpepiiiij porch fireplace, running water, electricity, re-fiigFrator, stove, rfl-dlo-phonoitraph dishes and >oLs of beds. Everything iy owner: Ne* 3-room home. 1,340 aq. ft, full basemt-nt. attached garage. FHA approved; plenty of cupboard and closet Epuce, Iwt-waLer heat, built-in clMtrle range fTuppan 4,Mi; In Capitol district rwar nr:w school. inspect between a:3fl a.m. snd 1 p.m. at nii Ooldcn or call HI 2-8213 after 0 p.m. Foe sale by contractor: New 3-bcdio Irom iiv« West Side ei-houl. Bulit kitchen, baseboard hot-water heat, full baifincnt. Immediate possesilon a-iaao. iy owner-^Close to Courthouse. ThJf home Iibe to-fl bedrooms, living room. kitchen, and until with h lull basement that has twn complete bedrooms, bath and sarayK ir] basement. J.2 B. t.wing. Legal Advertising of «vll No. 7fln IV Trie UNITED STATES DISTRICT CCL'KT FOK THE DISTRICT OF MONTANA. HELENA DIVIBION, UhTTED STATES OF AMERICA, Plain- till, v. B.43 acres of land, more or less, In the County of Lewis and Clark, Slatt of Mcnisni,. HEHMAN JANOTT. et al. and UNKNOWN OWNEltS, Defendants TO: The unkQDivn hclic, legatees *nr devisees Df Winnie M. CordcII, Deceased; and. Unknown Owners: Yriu are hereby nnUflrd that a Com plaint in condtmnallac. has hertLofore been filed In the office of the Cleric of the above-named court In an action v enndemn certain property described ii 9cliedule A hereto attached and mad? ; part hereof fur a pubUi: urc In caunec tlnn with the Helena Valley OnlL. Mln sourl Rivrr HQaln Project. The authority fnr the lartinr 1* flee Hon 2 of Reorganisation Plan No. 3 ol mtj (15 r.R, 2174]; Section 23 Ol Or-der No. MOfl, bs am*D(led til 67641 Section 1 of the Act nf Februnry 2B 1S31 148 9tat. 1421, ^0 rJ.S.O.. lflF.2 ed. sfC. 25Eai: Act of June IT. JAM End all acta amendatory thereof or sup plementarv thnrfttn (32 6Ut. 363. A. TJ.B.C, 19&a ed . sec. ]71, et Ac ol August 1. 188B !25 SLut. 357. +0 U3.C. 1D52 cd„ set. 2571, as amended: Act o PehMiarj 26. 1E31 i46 Stot. 1421. 41 U.S.C . 1B&2 ed.. icr..?. 2F>Ba-25HC>; Sec Hon & of the Act ol December 22. 1A4-(&3 utat 391i- Puhllc Works Ap proprialion Act ol 1H&B \li Stut. 416 4lSi; and, Declaration ci TaKlng dated July II I". ;HW, and l)lHd Jicrcln. The estnte heruby tnken ui the Hlure' sftlr? laml tor said public Use lfl the rl^ht, privilege and eaReraenl. to cnnstrlict uperaLf, and maintain irrl^r.tion cannli laterals, ditches and other pertinent fn elllttrs, topctner with all the rights and prii iieye* iriLiocn^ m inc use nnn tn-joymenl thereto. inciudinB- bul noL lim ttcd to the right of Ingress and egress -:J>-r ]i i-, n urn; irhvi- ..hi.' survey, construct, maintain, operate. tro! and ust- said in lautkm facilities, subject to eslstlna; roads, railroads, pipe lines, electric IransmisKlcn [turn and Telegraph of the herein described land. Vdu are turlher notified that If yon have any objection UklnK of this piopcily. you are required to serve upon plaintiffs u-un iy «i Hit aodrr?«x herein dc^lgnoicd within twent; «2Gi days after .Inly 16. IH.7H *n atiswci idem.if>inir; the property in -which ym claim to have an interest. .stHtluy the nature and exLcnt ol the inlereu claimea and statin? nil your nhjeetions nnd de lenses to the taking Df tliia proiicrLy FnJluTi to to serve an answer shall con. atitule cnc.ieni trt the taking and to tht authority o( the Court to proceed tc bear the action aid to tlx tht ]ust com-pensiHlon, and shall constitute h waivci of all defenses and objections not so You are farther notified have no objection or defense to the taking, you ma? serve upon plaintiff's attorney a notice o[ appenrance dcalg iikIIiik the property tn which you claim to be Interested, and thereafter .ou shall receive notice of all proceedings effecting the vHri property. Trial by jury of the Issue of Just com pen&ytlut! Is demanded by plaintiff. You are further nolllicd that at the trial the iFRur ol Just contprnsntlon, whether or not you lime answered or served a nutlcp of appenruncne. you mrty prerent evidence as to the ariiouiu nf the compensation to bo pnid for the properly in uhleh you have any Interest, and you moy share In the distribution ol the award r,f eompensntlon. nATED tint 3lrrl d.iv ol -lupr. iBnl. KREST CYR, Onller; states Attorney for [tie District ol Alcnlnnn. WALDO N. SPANdELO. I 11:, ] 1 1 * I Vi-Mu y for the District of Moir.inu. ATrOBNEYS FOR PLAINTIFF: Address: Federal Bulldlnc. Billings. Monlsna. Land Slloated In Lewis and Clark re-urity. Mnnlana rtr.srrlpilon Parcel No. W A strip ol land over and airo.s ihc Blue Bell Mining ClBim situated In Section One 111. Township Ten .101 North, Range Four 'A) West, Principal Meridian, aa shown on oonerai Land Oillcc Plat of nttrvey Number 2291. more particularly described as follows A strip of land Ninety U01 feel *ldr, brine: Thirty "301 fret wide on llie led side "ml Slsty ,601 feet side nr. A-l location for office, small: ""Vi*511 V,"1 XI dress shop, beauty parlor, etc Ground floor, attractive front, 1,^50 Sq. feet area, ample ronvenient parking. 1078 Helena Ave Ph. HI 2-1833. I July J. I, l«, »it. e: rteglnnlnK at i point on the southern boundary - o II, h Blue Rr-ll Mlninr: rinlin. One Hon dred Nineteen and One (111) I feel North and One Thousand One llondrcc Seven and One 'icnth feet West from the Corner of Sorllon One 'fi. Ton imlilfi Ten rlOi North. Range Four iti West, Pr:n- eipni \icnriiai Tentha >23.0i tret, the tungenl nt Iho point nl bealhiiln? hears North Thlr teen degrees Seven Minutes West (N 13'OTW.i, thenee North Fifteen De grees 1'orly-tlve Minutes Wert iN.15 aO'W.i. One Hundred Forty and No Tenths 1110.0, teel. thence North an Decrees Forty-elphi Minutes West in SSfitV.i. Pour Hundred Forty-seven and Nine Tenths "447.S! feet to a pnlni on ihe northorn boundary of the nine Hell Mining Claim. Seven Hundred Twenty-c-ne t721l feet North and One inousano iwo nunarcn n-.ree ami Eight Tenths r.203,(i feel Wrsl [mm lire Soutlirast tlorner nf said serttoti One 'li. and containing (lne nnd Tweulv-Hx llnndrrdll^ '1 In res mine o: less, ond ..Ituotcl In leve aoo i:iorir t.-oiint.y, MonlHt R--:, i! For Sale— Real Estate FOR SALE One ol Helena's nicer new homes. 1,450 &q. ft., 2 bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen, 1^ baths, 2 stall garage with breezeway beiween house and parage. Kull -base ment, baseboard hot water heaU 1 acre ut ground, nicety landscaped. The best paying motel in the city, jacaucm pertcct. uome in ana let us talk this over. bedrooms, large combination living and dining room. Large kitchen, lots of built-ins, full basement, hot-water heat, garage. Lower West side. $13,000-Had FHA loan of $9,B80, pay ments, $89 per month. unit apartment house, about half way to. the Capitol. Always rented owner leaving town. Will sacrifice for S14.5D0 Here is a real nice 2 ■ bedroom home at Broadwater. Just right for someone working at Inc Fort. One of Helena's swanky 3-bed- room mountain homes. Cathedral type, in one of the most beautiful settings in dream land. Let me show you this, Brand new. not too far from city. Here's something worth more than asked! Living room, with fireplace, dining room, large kitchen, luts of huiil ins. Half bath on main floor. 3 large bedrooms and full bath upstairs. Full basement, forced hot air heat. Large lot in Clancy. Only S8,000. Nice lol on North Ewing. New a - bedroom, living room, combination kilchen and dining. Built-in kitchen, baseboard hot water heat. Garage. Large IdI. West side. Owing to death in the family. nave a 3-oeuroom home, plus some income at only Sli.500, Low down payment. rhree-hedroom hon Ol lonn. 1003 Qui fnr appointment Unimproved &-room log house and 1 acre land. Contact M. J Streeler. tlnlnn- Legal Advertising NOTICE IS HEREBY COVEN by the undrrsUned. HAltOARfn* J. 8AMSON, Administratrli ol Ihe Kslatc of WILLIAM TURNEY decenred. lo the creditors nt and all persons having clnims aialnst the sold ilerea..,-d. Ui eshthlt Ihcoi with thr nr-cessary voucher*, within rotir months After the first pith'dcii-tlon ol thl« not Ire. 10 Ihe said Admlnls-Untili, c/o C. E. Pew. Room I, at HH Fuller Avenue, Helena. Montana, the same being the place for Ihc trnnsac- r,r 11,^ tiii. ln" . r.: '.:.t-J ^ -1 e r r n thr Cnunty ot Lewis and Clark. l intetl July i ISSfl MAUtlAKtr .1 KAMfON. 'i:-:,:r,:-lr.i:.-!> ,1 lie K^tAle n( WILLIAM -rtlKNKIi l>...u.ii, F. E'F.W. For Sale— Real Eslale 21 HELENA REAL ESTATE AGENCY SADO & BR EN NAN REALTORS 5 Pittsburgh Block HI 2-0224 "BUY A HOME FIRST" West side, nearly new, 2 BR home, spare BR and bath in basement, pavcu street, garage West side, close in, a good brick home with ineome of SB5 per 'or Sale — Autos NORTHWEST MOTORS HI 2-1270 51« Fuller Avenue Save on Choice. USED CARS During Our Red Tag Sale month, new roof, copper plumb-;1959 pQDGE ROYAL 2 Door Hardtop rage 513,500 ' 1957 STUDEBAKER Broadmore Sta. Wagon New area east side, nearly newj^7 MERCURY MONTEREY 4-Dr. Hardtop 3-bedroom home, hot water j 1957 CHEVROLET BEL AIRE 4-Dr. Sedan .... lo" w^rd^tarsc1 lobLeS:i1957 OLDSMOMLE SUPER '88' 4-Dr. Sedan garage. " 195(i CHRYSLER WINDSOR 2-Dr. Hardtop .... 75 acres 4 miles from Helena, 1 1956 CHRYSLER WINDSOR 4-Dr. Sedan with beautiful 2-berlroDm home, 1965 CHRYSLER WINDSOR 4-Dr. Sedan w\Tto^aV"Dtf well: 1954 CHRYSLER NEW YORKER 4-Dr. Sedar equipped kitchen, hot water, 19B3 MERCURY MONTEREY 4-Dr. Sedan .... heat, city water, live spring,' cnTf, VQ „ n„ „ , shady mountain pasture. For.lTOo J-'t &U10 VM d-Ui. berjan sale 'to settle estate. i 1 353 BU1CK SUPER 2-Dr. Hardtop Ultra modern 3-bedroom home in i 1953 BUICK ROADMASTER 2-Dr. Hardtop .... Helena's mast desirable newly built district. Fireplace, \ wall carpet, eve level douhle attached garage, lan scaped lot, 1 year old. : ~ East Side, close in. 3-uuit apart-!^^-ReaL mcnt house, clean and cheerful. 1 DnTTCD UlOlViAP^ huL water heal. $170 monthly ; DL I I I1^/VIL_J income, a goad investment at; $11,500. YOUR GAIN THEIR LOSS Four bedroums, □ cheap house with lots ol room, full basement, garage, price 58,700. Terms, with $2,100 cash pay- , 4 apart ! merits, three of lliem furnished.. In good condition, monthly in- j come $175. ,<nver West Side, 3 ■ bedroom home, full basement, copper- plumbing, 100x125-11. lot, paved street, S'.i,5Q0 down aind $65 per month, price $9,800. Lower West Side, 10 years old. ■i-Di-aruom norac. wan iu wju rjonn TNVRsrMRKT i,i 'Vnft Here is one of the better large I carpet, full basement, excel- bJock m m Avc Two humcs lamny nomes, outsmris o city. «=»l >-!"'«"■'>" . can ue bouKiu t0{?c,j!er or sepa Vresl side, priced to sell. A good buy al J13.J00. j ratelyi Total prjC(, sll 5|)000 Good paying business with nice Good clean two-bedroom home, 2 bedroom home. Will take a| completely redecorated. Carpet-good 2 bedroom house trailer, ed floors, paved street, all lor as part payment. ! $7,500. 150' South exposure. N.W. corner: 10l)-£oot lot, water and sewer of Lamborn and Jerome. Water available, on Stewart. Price and sewer in front. | S1.650. The best Little cash business in Beautiful four-bedroom home. Helena. Come in and let us i near Federal Building. Well talk this over. [ built and well kept. A 2 bedroom home dIus ineome, 'Nearly new ihvec bedrooms, Close in. West side, ST.liffl) Nice 1 bedroom home. East Helena. Only $5,250. Would you like to work for your self? Here is a good neighbor nood grocery and meat store a district by itself A 4 Unit spnrl.menl house. In sood deicnsc lo the | condition, ^-bedroom apartment puis qn« a niDmn income. Always rented. Havp a lonn of over $7,000 ;it 41-2% money. East Lyndale. Priced al SI 6.000. A nice warm house or sales room on Poplar- street. Price worth the money. 2 duplexes. Priced to sell. Not too 160 acres of some of the bEst farming ground in the valley. Friced worth the money. If you are looking for a good dining room, living room with stone fireplace, hardwood floors, kitchen range, automatic washer dryer, wail carpet, a fine home for $16,500. Sparkling new three bedrooms on oiled highway 3^4 miles from Helena, Clean, profitable Motel on Highway 10, for sain only because of sickness, will stand careful investigation. A good business at a reasonable price. Nearly new, two bedrooms with recreation room Kitchen completely furnished with electric range, dishwasher, garbage disposal, refrigerator, hot -water heat, wall-to-wall carpels, cathedral area. Finest of condition. Cathedral Area. 4 hedraams, spacious, modern kitchen, utility, timing room, garage. A good family home for $13,500. ^v y a lar men k rru-pp rnnmc Have a buyer for a modern du-j close in on North Ewing. Al-plex. Side hy side. 2 bedrooms! ways rented, 310.000. on each side. Preferably new' type. I West Side— Well finished 2-be.d Building lots - Just outside the .city limits. Ten minutes drive from downtown Helena. Lois 75slfi0 leet. $273 each. Terms. A nice building lol in the Knox Flower Shop District. We'll build on this lot for you. TREASURE STATE REALTY P W. (Paddy) Woods 620 NORTH MAIN Insurance for Every Need i Dial HI 2-2790 Residence. HI 2-7131 ! roujii fiome, lull basement, delightful living room, well equipped kilchen. Paving paid for. Call for appointment. East Side, two apartments, one furnished. Income S115.00 per month Price S7.750. Call us for your insurance needs. If you wish to buy or sell, call us any time Office telephc Mickey Sado Jim Brennan Jack Kussell Legal Advertising HI 2-0224 HI 2-0192 HI 2-0244 HI 21912 liolca building lots In new Lennoi addition Oave Kcmo fti a rniB Lots on East side 75H2S leet- Water sewer, gas, tit !.<2M. block Knlslit. full ill 2.<I021. Cliolie lots Coil HI 3-72M3 Soiree s»r closing of lleclslrallon Primary .Monlclpal r.lerllnn N01ICK IS 11EIIEUY GIVEN That the registration books lor tlte registration of qualified electors for the Primary Mooiclpal Elleclinu to be held tn Ihe City or Helena. Montana. August 2Sth, !0Sii. Wtl.l nn HTltlay. July 17. 1S59. 1 -.:r- a !-l )M I Tlie electors may recistcr for said tltctlnn by uppcnrlnt hel,..rc Ihc Cniintv Clerk nt her ofllre In llie Cnurlhoiisr In the City of Helena, on any Ireal day between tile hours Dl 8 o'clock A.M ard 5 r/elrv'k r.M. enee|it AaluriUy.. or by appearing berore a duiv appnlnteil deilulv rrgl^trur or helori- nny Nolory Public nr Juillre or Hie Pence in llie ItKI.KM KOVICU. Cnunty Clert and Pn-orilclo Hriiisttar Jut,i It to July 17. 1HI., Owner being transferred. Beautiful new three-bedroom home. Over 1,300 sq. ft. of floor space. L shaped iiving room and din-ing room, large kitchen with lots of built-ins, utility on main floor, oak floors, perimeter heat, one acre o( land, attached garage. $16,250.00. BEAUTIFUL BRICK HOME . . . walking distance from downtown. Includes large living room, dining room, two good si/.cd bedrooms and a large kitchen. Davlight apartment $950.00 DOWN . . . Well-kepl two-bedroom home with living room, dining room, kitchen, bath and full basement. Garage with an apartment built above. Cuod Easl Side location. FHA approved. NEW AND WELL KEPT . . . Beautiful three-bedroom home wilh full basement, hoi water heat, oak floors, carpeting, garage, etc. Close in an lower West Side. Total price $18,000. $1,500.00 DOWN . . . Like new two-bedroom home. Good sized living room with carpeting, large kitchen with very nice built-ins, utility rouin, double garage that is heated, nicely landscaped. Selling under FHA appraisal. Schroeder Bros. Co. INSURANCE — REAL ESTATE 26 W. 6th HI 2-8010 Frank Mihelish, Res. . HI 2-8305 Ed Wordat HI2 6844 For Sale— Farm Lands 22 0 ncrcs. Irrigated. Helena Valley. Falf buildings. St a.nnj Farm machinery !fi -J d v. m.„ 11 ' Helena For Salt} — Livestock Laying liens, HO a liozen HI 2-l For Sale — Furniture Legal /advertising Cerlifir.vte or FIrlitloas Name This Is to eertlly that the ur.dersltned, M I.-v. ; IVA.-MSlh iiorn are residents nf tin County mi Llnri,-. state of Montana, business in Lewis antl Clark Coimly under the name and style or inotiiNS a. rs.M lsl dav of July, 19W llUCil D. OALL-gHA. JR. S. CLARK PYF«ai nnmirc n. Thompson. 1.1ALE O. 1 JULIAN I, FORBES County of Lewis Bhd Clara. I On this 1st dnv of .hily. IJ.-.0. hrlore inc. n Nulnry Public for the Htttte of Mnii'.nriO. |>crsnnHllv r.ppeorrd livttll D. tlALUSHA. Jit.. 8. CI.AKK PYI'lil!. CED-lim N THOMPSON DALE U. FUHIIUKIt, I. FORHES and ltClRERT C JOHNSON, known lo me to bo llie pro-pie whose name, arc suhscrllied In Ihe foregoing tnstrumrnl and ackuowlpilged lo me thai they eSi-cttled the same IN WITNlSa WEIEREOP. I have here- I:''. '■' '1 Ihe day nnd fi i,i S 1 M nnd nrflxcd my ofri- r 111 tills tfr- MAHCIAltrtT THOMAS, Notary Puhltr for the St- Mnnlana. It.— Kl II .- el 11 Montana. Vy vnmmlsSIn plies 2n 1(61 July 9, It. 23, JO,, 41,695 ..$1,995! .51,795. .!R095j SPECIAL 1953 Mercury 4-Dr. Runs Caoil and Looks Good An excelfent buy at only '395 FULL PRICE S1J?nr]rcmcnl- Total'ThiS Is One of the Reasons That Capital Motors Sells More. CAPITAL MOTORS Helena's Largest Selection of Used Cars and Trucks SPECIAL 1954 FORD V-8 | Ranch Wagon One Owner, Low Mileage, Excellent Condition, This Is the Only One So Hurry. 38 PER MONTH Full Price $895 CAPITAL red Shetland mare." anmo with rnit, /\/\ I III J PC ^\ at side; J jearllns fillies: 1 excellent! / V \ VV I \ J |\_) ■ u.ipLl-d ir^istcipd sllld .li years 1 I, Shetland anil u Hunch. 16 iiillc, si highway 91. fresh froaen frying rabbits. HI 2-6318. Helena's Largest Selection of Used Cars and Trucks 1951 Bulch Super, 1-dcor hardtop, power dltlon. low mileage. Phone HI 2-T758. i Hillman than 1.00D subttrbah. ieluse 4-door sedan. less miles, and "S3 Plymouth HI !-fnryl 1E5S Fotd Thunderblrd, low mileage, lite good condition. Phon For Sale— Miscellaneous 27 Ihnelir lub!e ft (hAirs, »0. 1317 llnlllna. Kenmnre washer, tubs, (30. Ill 2.73Sj" llal.V "hiiuny, tin. Th'.^lT^rkL I'-rd "reTrtgerVlcr. Call »ilT7»], Fill dlti. T»l H. Divla. For Sale — .Miscellaneous 27 Oararice Bale: Blnnei bwiaz Michtnei. door mo<ielj nnd *IeintMi!"traU'rs. $av«[ *a»el jarel Come emly for tirat avlec tlon. Liberal tradr-jri al!o*ftnct. Za*f terms. Pamou* Slnitet Bewlng rjogn* Included Sinner BewitiK Center. KJ Main. Helena. HI 2-314U. of lumber hk.- lUtbed- truck with r^ck. ywd tondl- \i»n, Rooa tiifA, |7W: 1 13« Chrv. 4 dr., Qood tlrt-B. HO: l caniiiina Lraller, vrry nice. 1100; 1 dresser and mirror, $1 50. Phone HI almust new Mor^Hn Jonrs twin-.ilM bed rpreads. Minuet de^lKn. r>if »-hjt» 2 nail tandum horE-e trailer, eanvaB tr>p4 l^j-ton trunk. Broadwater Cieam-. Twiurnri, Montana. 9ho|i B,rnLL M:iin and Save. II you ean't find » plmt lo p-iri- Ph. HI 2-UIM. We cnll for nnn Hrllwrr StoU Typewriter. H 0. Main. Genuine ifjihcr suit buy and malchljin travel case. Dresser and fine aLeamr-r trunt. call alter 1 p.m., "BT Hmth ..$L,i J J j Kci:nHirf h»I >m:i']r -x ..^i.ijjpj- tTQarj eflud-j tions. ..31,385 595 . $ 495 ..J 695 .? 695 v™: Your Plymouth Headquarters Man From Interat^te " HI 7-1KD nfl dellTery 'h HI S-SH6 ihtr. 140 and $10. Bnth In HI 2 S109. Sinter Bn/lnt Cpnter, Cast tuTnmatlc !<vinf-tle har baler, aond condition. SJCJ0. Cnll HI 2-6652 rl.-itf.-: I-, p!,l in Appliance, HI i-IBlT. BlinmpoDlnr;. Klroy GcjiiiblnallQQ swlrtrf-car seat, tS: ^Troller. Good bltct dirt. 6-yd, lend (10. Prions Estate gas range, very reasonablt. 901 CfinaTles, white and tpothtd. Ph. For Sale or Trad* *5b Pontlac sedan, prlyata paetj will sell under book or take trade, good condition. Ph. HI 2-7836 eyenlngi. house trailer. J7C0 equity. Lost and Found Mines and Mining I patented clnims, York- Mining district. fn an estafe. Would receive reasonable otrer ror either purchase oE interest or profit sharina agreement, c/o Inrie-pendent Record. Box 1728. Money to Loan 33 NEED MONEY $10 to $500 or More Make It a Local Loan See . . . l. c. red Mcdonald LOCAL FINANCE CO. 116 E. 6th Ave. HI 2-128!) Radio Service Meat Processing Helena HI 2-1020. House Trailer Sales Painting & Decorating 79 Boats and Motors Boats for Sale 2 each, 16-ft. Hollywood Pudget Sounders, $600. 35 hp Oliver S400, 16 hp Oliver $200. Trolling motors 5 to 16 hp priced from S-lu to S150. We Trade Right 1401 Wilder Avc. Just ATrlVw-dl New sriipm^rt ol Rppravrd household MontjoTiicry Ward's. 14-lt Alutrtlcrftft. "Mj-hp. Rlnp mti- lut. oars, 3230. Car top currier, SIS. Cftll til Bre at Chii-lton HntlV.< LV Chonio a plann lo fit yoiii iiomt— m»TW jiLvK-c, Aini ririlihst-d-trik hhroit our rentn) plan Churlimi Itaflin TV. rhr-n* ill 2-ntti rr>ii-,Kei pltinoi, ♦3B. Chiriton uidio TV I

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