The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1931 · Page 8
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 8

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1931
Page 8
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KK'JHT Successor Lo lli(» "Groat Shires" ill Paripoul'l, 'foncshoi'o ant! Plv'viltf" ADPC?I- Slrnn-T- J. T. Craig Looks Good. Ark. iKiiPc!;" 11 — / close three-way lace tor <xv~"^ stake honors In the anm:->l Fi>">'District track e.ivl fiiW mrri tV afternnen wns anlirimlr;! yv:',''i i • "Bia Three." Pnri^:-ir.rt. Jiii.-On-- and Blythevllle. nil conrerl'Vl * •-": > chance lo sviu ll'e swcir'.shs eir. swept to victory last vir Ihrrpi the brilliant effort* of B. !•'. »,-••don. are minus !hp s"rvl.-i-= rf t :•' onrt are not rthd C"'it" IK hl->V,us 'the rMnuniiH Bulldn-rs i>irl :h JonesbDro Hun-lean". Tin lln'.HT"- defeated the Hurricane i-i :> dm' ni22t and the Jonrsboro lM'i"l» p l turned a;o:i!!<I and baicK 1 h"il H:r CMcks hy one point. Tsk" yov choice! J. T. Cn!*, niyllnvlll". l^iu••:! as a candidate lor !n:!iv:ihn'. scoring honors when he qualified in the 100-yard <!a5h. 520-yard dash and 220-yard low hurdles this unm-. in?. The Chick sprinter turned in j the best thno for t'.ie his'ii hurdle-1 preliminaries at 27 .'fr.ouds. I Laptdcs Sets Pare ! Preliminaries \vere r,ta<;cd In mi-! ly a few of Ihe running races till" j morning, officials dccidiiii; that: elimination scries would not be ne- = cessary In other laces nm! the field ; events. . Lapidcs of Osceoli turned in the | best time for the 103-yaril dash. preliminaries r.t 10.2 second 1 ;, llr: outraced Crali; of Blyihcvlll-' lo Hi.' i tape. Ho-.vcvcr. Crain, by vltiHi: o'i his second place position will cuter • the finals. He defeated I.aplde:. i.'. Dlythevillc several weeks a^o. Spencer, Para';ould ace. ^ho'.ie-i' excellent Iorm ln H'f rimnini r.ic j es and hurdles this mourn;!. Hlv- j ihcvllle failed to phice a man I: : the high hurdles. Jon?sbovo p'.oreS one man in the 100-yard dash fin-! als, one man In the 220-yard diih 1 two in the low hurdles ar.rl two in j the high hurdles. Paracould pla'jrrt two men In (he low hurdles, t-.v; men In tin IW-yard and the 221- yard dashes. ! Short Slay He Out j Tom Shoit. one c( th" bd-rhtis' I Chick stars, was a doubtful starter! th's afternoon. A kn r ee hiiury 311=- tnlned in practice several days a 1 !" continued to worry Shcrl and h- failed to place In the hlcli hiir.lli's this mnrnine. Caach Hem-v Hu:l£on of the Blvthcvllle snuad slrit.-'j that he hoped to use Short In the javelin throw mid broad Jump despite his Injury. The niythevillc mentor abo hinl- ed that a last minute <=linkr-np (p the ix?rsojuiel of his re'ay !eim c would probably fcc niatle. The Cii'.c!:- nraws who have lonar psssswed ex- cpllent relay talent, hove !j?-"-ii w>il: this year »nd with Shcrl's iniiirv the members of the ftaninj rciay teams are doubt till. •&0 . •rf-^".j.',&A-.' ,;-*•**£:•••• n '^•:.i.s;..;:iii ill III' SPOUTS _,^_____^SATUr:DA2r,_AP];jL 13, KWT. Din vo;: KNMW THAT— Mo? Hers, the kcslvir catcher, :-m to Cleveland by Ihe White Sb*. is one of baseball's most erudite rr.rn . . . in.'! only do.'.i he £V'ak • seven l:tn^'.tac:o.'., but tie ran ri:;n:il in five, of Ihem . . . »'>'! |! i.i a lrs,'i:d thai IVd Lynn-, and Tommy Thomas iv?v- -r V<TC known lo "shake him :ifi" . . . that h:'in-.; the teim to I'.-viibe n pitchfi'r, objection '.(i i'.;e kind of ball the ditcher cal's for ... he i:; n j}rariiliite r>: P:iiicplr;n . . . nnd post- : ,l;:dir.lL' of the HprrjullUi.' hi i'.iris . . . not i-nly can ho '! e:.k I-'.rni-h, Spanl.'h, English, '.ii.-t'im:i. i:t:-.. I/.: I he Is flivnl In th-. 1 kiiul ot Ifv.y-Ainericiin used in tcnvcri-ution wilh umimvs . . . If C't-vt'land discovers b:-- ff.n- Juno it wants to keep Mcr, (.icu-. 1 : .il Manager Billy K' will !';;ul Mr. C'o:uisKy u I'li.rk for 15 i:raiul. !i\1cin|jliis and Mobile Final! ly i nuinpli Over Pcbs : ;uic! Pelicans. I The Mrmph;.; Chicks and Mobile Mai hv.'.s !in-.iKy hailed th? forward man 1 !: ol Ih; 1 l.illlo IliK-k Ttavclers ami N< v ,y Oiluuis Pelicans respec-! lively ye'.'.crdiiy but the Pels and IVb 1 ; Mill V.u! (lie Dixie loop by virtue ot tiiLir three sfialrjh 1 . victories. • The Chirks fton a Kindest, from Little line'; by oufj.rorini; tlie Travelers, al;l:<>"-'h I.ilile Uock onthl: Memphis, 'jjl-Vi.i. 'Hie scares count, howcvei. anil the lesull was 14 t.i 10 in Memphis' favor. j The Pelicans and Marines :ihj j staurcl a baitiu; haul? with Hie Ma- I lines wal!o;i:iu: cut 20 biivjles la ; win, If. ID v>. Pclvy-il's homer in . Ihe elEhlh with (lie bases crowded ! turned the trick for the Marines. ; The C.:.v.tan:ra;a Lookouts scck- ' ctl the o:ii'rin4s et l:\ti Atlanti ! Inirk-rs to triumph over the Ci'ax : 10 (o2. W APT , 'Play li- l»y La . RWER IN DSSMr-frEofaEK WJ «eP.cV>:i>A PERFECT Boo SAME. (he arc the tumluinciit ils tifil wrists? A cocked wrist gives a player tlir fecllm; of punch and power. U the wrists are not cocked you are put- tins the control of the swill" into (he body. Tli;; power behind tt:e carpenter's lifimmer co:ncs from tilt 1 cocking ol ' Two Ori'iil Al Siurilni!!. of coa:v frrnt?. r t 1--M1 pH\'>'r in t!]. 1 v\-nrld j Hut on nnother t.-:;m m PiiH-i:!. 1 !pi:!a is ti yciim:,' \ v :hy is very j nearly as q.ind us Al and his mine Is Churk Klein. • Vet the tiifiiMvn^e in earnings be- iv.ct'ii ti-.ese two is ainn-/ir/r. For ills r.ulllrlit :r.ui shl^Tir>T ^rvir^s with Ihe Pl'.ilf. Klein v.-lll be palcl GAMES TODAY Clwltiinoogn at Atbiilu. Mill: Kcrk til Mcni]!l:is. -Mcbilu at Nc'.v Orleans. Nashville p.t nirminshinn. Tlie following Blvlheviile C'li-i"-! " lrcc years. In the .Mine ihr will participate in the meet: J T : 1V!US A1 S-m'iv^s is eN;>;cti:i5 Oral!;, Pets Craig. Flsl-er. Ja>!7er= .receive SICO.OfJO. Secoy. Alexander. Westlinr-k. ).h!i ' Brosdon, Burns, Broohs. Nelson arJ Tate. The meet Is slated to bo^in at 1:30 o'clock this afternoon. i~ Scnaih, Hovnersville . Kennell Sliine in 1m Countv Moot. And. if I'.e hadn't h^'i ••":! i: 1 the la?! mlnr'.e vrieln v.-:i!>!r.'i niakint; even as much ;>s he : sinie:! for now. . Klein it; not only a meat h!u?r. I but Is rapltlly devclDiv.:!^ i:i!o a I snlentlld on!fle!der. His V-'n c! riih: I !ielt!in<T ill tl'.e tiny hrnie Dirk (•' i'.he P;-:KS v.a^ rcm.-uk^bb h^: year, land he played l.nuur^ 1 ; r.:f ;ho ^"'- ; er wall in an uncanny way. This year. Burt Shotton shifted Chuck to j center field and Klein wa.-.u't the:-: ilonj before the team b-rsan cash- ;incr in on his speed niv.l iu:!5inr:i! •He has shoiui clearly -th:ii he :s :• and fellow who learns somctliliv; m-;:o NATIONAL I.nAGHE Brooklyn nt Ho.ston. St. Lmils at Chic.ico. New York at Philadelphia. Pitlsb.irsh al Cincinnati. AJ1KHICAX I.EAPVK nclroit al St. Loyis. ' Chicago at Clcvolairl. rhiladelphla nt Washings;:. Bcslon at Kcw York. COCKED VJRISTS OWE THE FEELIMG CF PUUCH AUD POU/ER. THIS SKETCH SHoyJS Hoi^ -f&fAMV- ARf.'.OOR COCKS HIS WRISTS STANDINGS D . tlllk- j ab3iit. the Little Rack 3 New Orleans ..' ;.. 3 Na-.hvill: 2 Atlanta 2 2 I 1 1 every Chattanooga j Birmingham | Memphis I Mobile .750 .750 .GG-j .500 .SCW the wrist anci not the muscle of th? !>cdy. Tvy swinging a hammer with an uncocked wrist and you will r.ote t'ne luck of power, i Remember the wrists are the hinges of your coif swim; ccnnx-t- | inj the hands with the body, if tl\ey are still an:! not ' workiuc freely they act the same nr, a rusty hlnije on a rtonr. A corJted wrist gives you [hat needed distance. I know cf inatiy nolfers who can outdrive player? twice thefi- sbe and strength tr.rough ihfir ability to use '.he wrists properly. not be surprlsini; if !he e:'.il of the J1D31 sr.-ison saw Chuck ci-ubiWie:! j as a great outfielder. Horn-,-Tut Rate" Tne fates of ba.=e'oa;l ma:!e NATIONAL St. Louis ' Ch:ca"o New York I.KAr.l'K . \V. L. KENNETT. Mo.-Emath. C'-svills and Kennett divided hon- ' crs hfre Pritlav in the. Dunklin; Klein a star ou a tali-i-nd tfm : Phlladelplila p"''lS y »r ! ! " ^ Ch00 ' lrack '"V™ 1 " 't Is true tint tl-.e Phil, have Pittsburgh . Field Meet. While Ihe Kennelt! be^in lo build, thev ,:i!l hiv- j • P.rooklvn - taking the bovs "'cuts.: lens v.ay in to. !t« wi'l i: - a "ci:t • ri::eimuti ralc" outfielder for th- i-.-xt thrr- I years at leas!. When the tun? cn:ur, j '•-' Hornfrsville rir!s no=ed ou! It: Senath coiitintent by a raarsin one-half a point. ' TT.e Se^th'for him to sipi a \^\~^i representatives, however, pmhrred .^--n b-> 2!> vcars enouph points to clinch the sweep-' ' stakes of the entire nret." The Senath cirls were headcu by r.oiv. ar.d b^:t!e , v ,,, d Jnrlf , ,^ somelh::,.; that !^ -• " AMrjllCAN I >. ni'M i _, u; '.(ui. ;;.- j old, B::r.:i:^:is is 23 ^'cw Vcrk siiirv lu-, Ft. Louis s in pro?ii'"t. • Washington I Cleveland Pet. 1.000 l.flCO Fish to "Swim" Tliroufi'li Drinks At Walton TCar | .333 CHICAGO. 111.—scciiiR a bi? black ba^ swim Ihrough drink mi?ht I OPT w ' ;rn n ralnbaw trout fans hiiri- I .000 picrrssion of brook trcul. fnl: t m. ^ , by schools of beautiful bhieji!K. on? might be amazed and sweir n-r L- ra-Sueh Illusions wll, 1 .CM flushing Rookie's linlhusi- esm Injecfs PC;': Into National Champs. HV U'll.MAM Hlt.-,i!(,'llKK NF.VV YOItK.-The St. l.-juisfjiir- , ( are practically in. You I'svi 1 1 11 on Hi cauthoilly of J::ro:r.e Heri man ly-nn. Mr. Usan kuo-.v.s tlwv jarc In because he is yoin^ to pilch . them in himself. He admits that, ; too. He came lo the Cardinal bs'. ! yiar. a (•an-jlins; kid of U fron. : Houston, Tex. He reported with- 0111 baggage 0' "")' kind, it being his custom then to buy nsw shirts ami underwear as he went along. leaving the old cues liarijliig on hooks In the hotel cluscl-i. Ho walked up In Gabby Street, stuck out Iiis hand for the Old Sai'(jL- to fia.sp and said, "My nnm?'s Dean. You can j;:st call me Dixxy. cr 111-//. I'm the new pitcher from' Houston." Gabby t-ave him the once over He was 6 feet a 3-4 inches tall, and he had a good fast, ball an:l n lo- of curves. Gabby decided to giv" him a taste of the Pirates. Dean gave the Pirates three hits. Alter the game he went to his managed In the showers. "Those guys." lie said, "shouldn't have got a hit often me." This ytnr, at Bradeutcn. h2 wa'i the nrst to arrive at camp. He told ,i!ie tlerk at the Cards' hole! that, i he was "the famous Dizzy nsan." I When Ihc (cam arrived ami slartc.l working out. Dean went out to practice only when the mooj sei?.e;l him. When he did come out. he showed an amazing ability, but he frequently disobeyed the Old Sarge's orders for workouts. Family, after Uean had decided he would be unable to t'el to the park one day because he wanted lo ye fishing. Street made up his miii.l 'ie had taken enciigh. "I don't want him on this ball :lub," he (old Sam Brejdou. "Send him anywhere—to Alaska if you want to." An hour after his conference with iBl'lllHS Breadon. Street bumped into Dizzy i w/' L [ I " i • n" r»Y Di'an himself, playing miniature' Wilh rlOV!!.' 1 "'S; Uth- jnlf In the hotel lobby. Street called hi maside. "Listen. Dean." he spoke In the I low. husky voice that tits in per-1 ---- = . fectly with the h.ird-builed look Culjs vvr " ""' c:ll V samj ployed: ir that Ciobby knows EO well how to " lp m1 J° r leagues yesterday fron wear, "you don't need to come UM Inc '''"sbureh Pirates, 5 to 4 Uie ball park tomorrow. And you I Tllc Aiiioiicnn league had an ol don't have lo conic the dr.,- after ' cltt - v : .lint, cither. Or the duy after tha.t. i I?;ls " s t r;lmc schsduled. St. L-mi You can shoot golf or go fishing or, do anything yoi: like from now on. I ^"a'^er Hornsby's potent ba' Just stay aiv.iy from the park. And keep nwr.y from my ball players.' The. '.situation finally was saved !>y Frankie Frisch. Alter Dean had finished his game, Frisch took him aside. ' "You're foolish, my friend," said I the Fcrdham Flash. "Gabby is in: j trying to make a monkey out of you. He's trying to help you. Come ', on out to the park tomorrow and apologize to Street. Get down to work and uc'il help you." Frisch's words found response. Dean wetil lo Gabby with words c! contrition. Gabby told him to report, for practice. Since then lie- has been working like a wire H-MIS reporter at n boat race. Uean is not a braggart of the Art Shires typo. He does not talk, like Shires, for cflcct. When he spout? ! his Slf-confident assertions, he docs ! it with the serious air of a man I merely letting yon in on the facts, i He has the self-assurance of a Tunney. Shires' boasts often were empty air, but speech ot the Dasn stamp carries something with It. Frisch, by the way. Iras great faith in his pitching prowess. "I wouldn't be surprised if he die win 20 games for us. at that." said I-'rar.kie. "He not only ha.s the stuff but a fine baseball instinct—and he refuses to gc: rattled." S*'^P)!,«W* ^•: -v/ i FORM •• ''i^MM /% i £S"c> l'<\i:f WWEU. t ''!?» \i ittsbiirch cr Majors Idle. CHICAGO. I!l.—Tr.e Chicagc c:ily gam? i^ues ycster i Pirates, 5 in league h an:l the only other Natioua' 3j ] 'at Chieinnati, was rained ou!. | Sf.iiin-,'er Hornsby's potent „.. re.illy turn.xl '.he trick for the Bru ins nr the feron:! time in Hie s; ries with the Cnbs. Charlie Wood young Pittsburgh pi'.chnr. held t'a Cubs lo trhce hils in (lie first, fivi innings while his mites hit Gir Bush hiird. Bissli left t'.:e mcund i- the ninth and tho Bruins got. t: Woaci suddenly in the seventh in Cag.T Letters Awarded Eight Junior High Boy? Baskelball letters were awarded •o seven players and Iheir mamtei a an assei::b!y program Friday morning. The junior basketecrs finished their season with an impressive rcc- ;rd cf II won and lhre r Concli S!ean .Stuart was in e of [lie junior lest. :-har McmSiori of the Ernm<f who re- j ;eiveJ ieuers were: .J. W. I'uvtle,! CliarV.s Brogclon, Earl f!ob:rts,l Diek Tipton, Clyde Wilson. Hcr- schel Moslcy, Jack burns and James Guard, manager. Bro^don, Roberts nnd \Vil?on \vill not b? eligible for the junior team next season. Dyers'tntrg Team Plays Osceola Indians Sunday OSCEOLA, Ark.—The O-eola Indians will face slrou 1 ,- cuposifiou v/hen ihev nicrt the fnst nve: 1 "burg. Tenn.. team here Sunday. Ihe Dyerslr.'rg club bca'ts nn? j of the best records of any clt:l> in this section, finishiin last sr?.- FOII with 21 victories air] oiyht defeats. The Indians have won two games j this seiifon. and/ ara out lo annexed nr.cther independent title. Courier News Want A'js Pnv. Klei cv-v- .333 .333 .000 meet was the fact that Hcrr.rrs- Olhrn, Before Him viUe took nrst place arr.or.j the: Klein's n-«»r. «. „, , v , .,. r , prb events with-.t. sccrim more'ma™, fo- a Phil bal' i,^'v- if V har, » lone first place In afc-iHan W ^ M -^ "?- n ^. t ".? t ?., 10 me relay. corrv f-- Hubbard of Eenath was l-.:sh!= 3m ^ point man of the meet. j " O f ijj s • Fcrd, Taylor. Sen-ennv. nn1 Uoyd u-cre respon^ib!" for '.!-." Kennett rtcic'ry as they eil.lbUshed I Driver cf Oxen Town's First Hit and Runner dy about the he in!-:-; he i.inie Ltt's there ne«- records in the pole vault. yard run, ruunin? high jump the 220 yard low hurdks. Orcver iihrir b^il-;iia>in? life '•<;| b; r,-sar:!ed sm.i'.l nafllcr Champinri'ihip Claim-d HAYHEN. Am. (UP)—Roy. C'r.r,- and Allen Bishop an-1 Cliren-:' Morrison of Hayden chim th» -,-n'. tlesnake hunting championship of /.rizona as the result cf a recent fi"curslrn during which t':e- l'P.> J 7M diamond-hick rattlers, in addition to trapn'.ng ekht alive whirr •!; they gave to the University of ^rl- J zona. In ti-.? Ii7ht ef ,-,,., MEDFORD. WIs. (Ui'i —Med- ' lord's first "hit and ru:i" driver, who escaped apprehcr.5b:i here -15 . years ago. was the driver of a yj's? i cf oxen, newspaper reccrti-, reveal "A yoke of oxen km\-kc:i ri>,v:i! a little pirl on Uie crossuu in i i vear= o! • front of Brodowsky's stxe ' f'T w'r.T. : Wednesday and the brule r'iri>:e on : driving them did t."".: :o:i-.\v 'see If the little oiv !i.'.v:.-)ii« fsr flared the palmer. be crcatc.1 !or the visitors to the "Nature" In ihn N'ational Sportsmen'? S'-.iv, April 22-25. which is held in nii- iui'.ction with the annual nnU-iu- convention of the I?e.ak W.ii-en Le.igue of America. Tne bar \\\'\ *,* an elonsjatrd aquarium. l)-.:::'-::r.7 classes will rest on tho plate-i i-;-,^^ top and. shades of fislirrmrii ;.-,••. Ins snake bite, only sott drin'ss •>•••! .milk will be served! j Wise lookln? owls will !r>^k -^.-, n | on the visitors: deer will r<::;.:iV j them ot th? shady D;C:I« ;:• • - v- forest primeval; hawks will .-,::- •>,"-. sinister note of threat as th->v-,> ;.'.-, | about the room: skin? o! v: : ;; ' ;! I animals will drape the wi/T ^ i the thirsty polish insteps c::',;'.!' fence rails imported from t're s, r'i Ccnsldc-ab:c Ingenuity M.I.: "•',,'. •quired to create the l!iuv- : . and yet this fimest iimsit «• grille who was | fish swimmins (hroii-rh oi-f* '.-'•• •.•'. n... iv,-n ::o ; > to i nnd th- ntmosphcre cf ihc :, '• ."]! sr:nvi:n TKP.U W:KOKI. TRIAL Courier Newt Want Art* Pnv. MFAMI rr\cii. t- <: W rta-.s '.:-. NV"!-::-. «:-, :an iiifi:r;rr.c::t frir xcii ; la frc? Iho jenni-v ( Knl.irj- Oavr! ".MI-.\iijri W MIAMI. Ariz. (VPi-An '"Al!. Ari.-ona" pave! vill h? ;hr. r-ntjlr:^ of authority at the Iiiteimt^i-.i: — At- ccnvtiitlon of Uctaiy, lo l:o held at Vfra:i.i. Au='.ria, next 'summer, as ;, gavtl w:th a cactus hra.-l. a me- i- l:-';-r r.irl quile handle and a copper band lias | con The "Nature liar" will be 'I is said, and the ii:us:a:i» hv the suinirninc ti-h t'i'-o- htttoms do^n, te^ts s'-ry.v ,: ftitlliiiR than the wnb'.i':-!? of any city. This i= i > h- niiny enter!linden's n--.,. tile hundreds of c,n-s--. ar.d sportsmen who w:i: ,n . senl the eonv.-ulio:i cjimuit-1 liy l)i» Mlnnil club. Courier NC.-.IS Want r.iy. Play Qualifying Rounds for Annual Handicap Tourney i * * i Qualifying rounds for the annual men's handicap golf tournament at the Blythcville couiiirv club must IK completed by April 25th. according to ah announcement by Everett B. Gee. head of the elub. Each member of the club Is nrs- ed to turn in seores for t«'0 rounds of the nine hole course in order, that proper handicaps may bo reg- i istercd for the tournament. Before playing qualifying rounds inombev; arc requested to report their intention of starting the qualilyhir rounds at the caddy house, sa that proper record of Ihe ro-.incls may bs kept, according to Mr. Gee. J. L. Guard won the handicap tournament last year, defeating Roscoe Cralton in the finals. Both finalists were rated with 15 stroko handicaps. A number of tourneys with teary^ from other Eolf clubs In this sec- ! jlion have been planned for the [ spring and .<i:mm«r. The fir^t one • 'will b:> sta^'d h-re April Wth when > the Sikeston. Mo., golfers invade '. Blytheville. The local golfers Im-- ; yet to be defeated on their ho'n- j course but r.nve never fared so we:; ! away from home. Trips to .Jours- ' barn. Sikeston. Charleston. Pop'a-'l .Bluff, Capo Gltardcan. Cairo, nv ! :crfcurg and Jackson arc planned.! .this year with teams from thos?! Irlties nlayine here nl.«o, a Tiicre is no longer a Iiigh price har- rier to owning a car powered by tho patented double slccvc-valvc engine ... This snuvoth, «ji,ict motor readies iu mopt advanced devplop, llc , lt in tlm now •-•-" TliniFTV-lll'V Q.!ALJT¥ Till)'S-Klli^|lt - j, c:lr 1;,,.,,^ an<{ f.^^ \ U!(, SIX. nrlcrtlllUcn rout- tlflll l-i -t ,-r,-,S I 1 A ».<MveKi<i-i. K»;tiT . . . tllan Ill3t >°' lr -" "'"del, yet pm-ed $700 .t ,.lUt.M.l.\T U.NiKilT ... less . . . There arc no valves to ; 'ud. 1 -NEW WILLYS TUITKS . . • Willyi Six ... SW.> to ISofl 7/illyi Ei 6 bt . . 993 to 1093 7?illy« J^-ton thusis ... 395 }5-tnncli«Mp. . . 595 l^m 1 -/" IM *'•'• *'M"iws *r s,.,ni iT rxTRA COST MORGAN MOTOR CO. ilulhcuillc, Ark.

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