The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 8, 1955 · Page 19
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 19

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 8, 1955
Page 19
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THURSDAY, DECEMBER 8, 1985 BLTTHEY1LL1 (ARK.) COUIinSI IfEWI PAGE NINETEEN BOARDING HOUSE — with Mo|ot HoepU OUT OUR WAY •y J. R. Wllliami THAT LAW «JM/ HEAP UKE HIM vvrmouT twoRKM 1 AT IT/ HE JI& 1W6r4 ^ YOUR <»RL- PRAM ITANPIC'S MISTAKE MY RALUM6 fOK TrIW ACROSAT—I RCALIZ6D TOO LATE THAT ROSEB /ttORRlSSEV WAS /MAM FOR ME/-—60T AS .PROUD AS A DERBY WHEhi H6 DISAPPEARED THOUGHT trie WA5 ACKMSICCFERA MAP WITHOUT LIVINS &YTH poeswr MUCH- AW, SEE, MOTVJEK-- MAVS 16 WATCH Trie TIME A«AIM? .IT CRIMPS MY FUN.' AMDSET HOME BY ELEVEM TONIGHT, JUNE/ Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel 5 9:30 Storyland . 7:30 Life of rriday, December, 9 Bridges and causeways linfc the six main Bermuda islands together to form ft continuous road 24 miles • long. I "Hey! You ought to try that with ice skates on 1 . "Dad, what really helped you most to becom* a good salesman—this stuff, or golf?" Thursday Msht, Dec. I [O . M Home 8:30 stories of tne Cen- 9 . 00 fK, m p e r Room 6 00 Junnle Jim l l ;00 Tennessee Ernie tury Kj-OO ^hls Is Hollywood 630 Dtoih Shore Ford 9:00 cavalcade of Sport. .1 :33 stu imin •6 '5 Newt Caravan 11:30 Feather Your Nest 9:45 confederates 1!;00 Hew» * 7 00 You Bet Your Life 12:00 News 10:00 Your Esio Reporter 12:OS Luncbtlme Theatre 7 30 Ganebuitcrs 12:15 Farm News 10:15 Loretta Young , 2 ., 5 Elrly Bnow ,'a 00 Dragnet 12:30 TV Movie Matinee 10 :« Weather 2:1S Mis. Amertci M.t- ' 8 30 Theatre 1 :30 Momeraalcerfl Pro- 10:50 Touchdown l nee t 0 00 Video Theatre 8« m }' : j; I, 0 " 15 ", 5:<» Torelgn Intrigue rlO 00 Your Esso Reporter 1:45 Date with Life 12:00 Sign Off 3:30 Bozo and His Friends 30 15 Playhouse of Stars ' :0 ° Matinee Theatre — „,..„„ _.. .,'., 4:00 Autry— Rogers 10 45 Weather m or WHBQ Channel U 4:55 Mr Blngle 10 50 Mystery Theatre 3:00 Channel Flv« ' 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club •11 15 Tonight Theatre Thundiy Nilht, Dec. 1 8:ro L , ttle Rasca i, . ; 12'00 Sign Off 3:30 World of Mr- 6:00 Little Rasca S 6:25 Do You Know Why Sweeney 6:25 Do You Know Why fl:30 Annie OaKley : Friday, December, 1 3;45 Modern Romances 6:30 The Lone Ranger 7:00 Ozzle & Harriet » ,.,„ Mpdlmtlon 4:00 Pinky Lee 7:00 Ramar of the JungU 7:30 Crossroads "? 00 Today 4 :3 ° Howdy Doody - color 7:30 Stop ttit Mu«ic 8:00 Dollar A Second 't •)•; wpivrher — Memohla 5:00 Afternoon Movie 8:00 Star Tonight 8:30 camera "4" nrra 5:30 Interesting Person 8:30 Down You Go 9:50 Confidential F!l« ' ..,„ T' .i.v 5:40 Cartoons 9:00 Mayor of the Town »:30 Damon Hunyon ,''". „ ., J:55 Weather 9:30 Bishop aheen Theatre Hl™?°2av " 6-00 Wild Bill HlckoK 10:00 News 10:00 Mm SSS IZSZSXZ* BiS^-So SM and Mar, IS^'^SSSS- '™"° rC " - SIS.^^. ,0: M SeShow EXPERT f. 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I still am not sure that fBlaise is that kind of man and (maybe I won't be until he makes fiome actual move." s "He will," Dan shrugged re- Ijjretfully. ! ; "Not until the blizzard's over," |Phil grunted. "Alter that, what jwill happen?" Dan had no an- liwer. » After two steady days of how!.frig winds and blinding snow, •Jack Bruhn wondered the same thing. He walked to the window (if the stage station and tried to peer through the thick, blowing Ihists to- get some glimpse of the Squaw Creek bridge a Jew yavds Sway. The world was nothing 'Hut white, white that swirled and fenced through the air, that piled igainst .the building, nothing but Wind that shrieked and howled ground the cornices and shook the window. * There were six men here, &ught during the night by the blizzard and unable to leave Si".:e. Hiatt and Egan, over at - $ie livery stable, would be •quail? marooned. Here, they Had enough food, and wood for $ie stove. But the': la»t of the wl.:..^ 'bad dkappeired' jrejttt- ie Outlaw • W«rlb wi DiifriWM Ir NU Stnfct, Inc. day and already some of the men were irritable because of it Jack returned to his blankets and sat down. He glanced at the windows, seeing only the blinding white of snow beyond, sighed and stretched out. His thoughts moved ponderously and at last he drifted into a half sleep. Something awakened him. His eyes snapped open and he felt a tension in the room, a tingle of alarm along his nerves. He slow- iy turned his head to And that Darrow had irritably paced to the window and frowned out on the white world. The man's voice was harsh. "When will thig thing end? I'm tired of sitting her« with nothing to do." "fell the blizzard, Tex," Denver said with a chuckle and then his smile vanished when ^ ftx whirled around,' face tight. "Now that's funny, ain't it?" Tex demanded. Denver eyed him cautiously. Pace turned hi« head to watch Tex, and Jack wished he could read the man's expression. Darrow paced to the stove, fiddled there a moment. His eyes cut about the room, rested on the saddlebags. , •There's nothing else to do. We might m well divide the loot." • • * JACK did not allow Ms turbulent thoughts to show on his face or in his voice. He asked, lazily, "Now?" Tex strode to him and halted a foot or so away. "Any objections? Any reason why we can't have the dincro today as well as tomorrow or next week?" Juarez iwung about. Denver and Ggan watched, tense and silent. They were afraid of this and yet Jack could see that they would also like their than of toe money. Pace slowly sat up, pulling in his lejs and drooping his armt ev«r them. U 1 could only 1 Kirby Drug Store $730 For Your Old 1 ELECTRIC RAZOR on a new Remington, Schlek. Sunbeam, Ron son or Norelco BEST BUYS Christmas Cards Personallied with Name •)r HSO LJ t"' 1 "P Samuel F. Norris Aerots From City Hill read their minds, Jack thought desperately. Tex and Juarez want trouble, but what about the others? "No objections, I guess," he said evenly. He sat up and looked around at the rest, questioning their will, his gray eyes sharp and probing. Stall, he thought, watch 'em and you'll know whether to call this bluff or not. "Some of us ain't here, though." "They'll get their share," Tex snapped. Jack sighed and pulled the saddlebags to his blanket. "First thing, we got to agree on a split." Tex made an impatient gesture. "Even-steven all around. That's fine with me." * *. • DENVER had arisen. Jack read the bearded face, the suspicioui way Jfe watched Tex, and he thought, one for me. Bruhn swiftly judged the' situation. Denver could handle Jaurez. he could match Tex.. It 'would be over before Vause could make up his mind, but there wai itill Pace, of course. "Even all around," Jack said evelly. "That means nine ways." "Eight," Tex snapped. "Shorty's n a bad way. Even if he don't die, he won't be ready to ride by the time we leave town. Eight wayi. Jack." Ai Bruhn had expected, the excuse for the play would be Shorty. He watched Darrow's can face, aware that Juarez had now edged to one «ide, but Denser had also half turned with the areed. Vause looked from Tex to Tack and back to Tex again, obviously surprised at the quick ievelopmenU and very much worried. Pace had not moved. Tack shrugged, his jaw harden- nn. "We count Shorty in, Tex. We lon't leave this town until Shorty is either dead or riding 3Ut with us. Nine ways . . . take t or leave it." Darrow's black eye« slowly narrowed and his nostrils pinched. He gathered himself for he showdown. Jack's right hand ilowly opened ao that the blf nngen spread and taloned juat selow h' J - (">' '."red i;un. U't M Ca«k*tM4 New! Used! HOUSING PROBLEM? Right Now, HERE in BLYTHEVILLE You Can See Mobile Homes • Low Down Payment • Low Monthly Payments • Lowest Interest Rates rnAct/ MOBILC UKAjl\ HOMK Of Blytheville, Ark. Highway 61 Sooth Franchised dealer for over 50 NAME BRAND MOBILE HOMES NEW! 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HAMMER A SECOND BEFORE YA LEAVES T y/VEWY WELL, BUT HUWWY! I DO PER VA, I THE TOOLS VOU SOWJOWEO FWOM ME 51V MONTHS VOU WABBIT ! I if NOW IN THERE! OPEN UP, WASCAL VOU'PE vt SORE tOOLO BE (\ *— r\V>TO- TOCX WJ «O\.UU' ROVKJtf- SHE DOES^ 1 \OEV\-...1 HOPE BOOTS XWOV1S SHOPPW WT5H VOOR HEV, DORS', VJHtRC'5 EUUE?

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