Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 19, 1895 · Page 3
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 3

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1895
Page 3
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very Wash your hair and head with Pearline, and see how refreshing and comforting it is. A Pearline shampoo, even if you don't take it very often, will keep the scalp beautifully clean and healthy. Don't use'too much. Not that there's any harm in it but it'll take too long to wash the suds off, and you mio'ht Crumble about that. * Use your Pearline in the bath. You'll _feel invigorated after it. . It's mu'ch like a Turkish or a Russian bath—except that it ' .. .1 . T . ! 4. A »• It n i-V^ J-Ti It.'I^H/^nt" very muc costs almost nothing, and that you take it at home, without any trouble, or fuss. Bewan you an imitation, be lionest- Pcddlers and some unscrupulous grocers will tell yon •X "this U as "ooil as" or "the samu as Pearline. ITS 2 KALSI^rliae is never pcddle^f $ -said ii tack. * 1J I presume we have used ovor one hundred bottles of Piso's 1 Cure for Consumption in. my family, and I am continually advising others to get it. Undoubtedly it is the I ever mod.—TV. C. MILTENBEEGER, Clarion, Pa., Dec. 29, 1894. 1 sell Piso's Cure for Consumption, and never have any com-, plaints.—E. SIIOIIEY, Postmaster, Shorcy, Kansas, Dec. 21st, 1894. P. W 51.'i:BKO.imVAY. V WISALKtt IX Fish, Oysters, Fresh Butter, Eggs and Game, •STWfl dress our owa Poultry an-3 therefore Imv0>verythin. WANTED! REAL ESTATE. Wiiututl, Clinup Cott'itJc.-* t'or oiilo. Wanted Lots ini'l Acre* k"or S:ite. Wanted Smiill Farnisi ForSnlo. Wan»U mumps* fllocK* For Sal?. WwiWil to Kxclimwi Kiirms foe oily Ptopcrtj. Wanted Miiruhiiiulls* to Tc.ule Cor Farms. II. E. TROAX, M. D. attention Rtvon to Nose, Lune, Liver amlCticonlcDIsfi'ises. Offlc« and Residence over State Mitlonal Bank. Hours 10 to 12 u. m., 2 to \ p. m.. and 7 to S p. m. All Kills promptly attended. DR F. M. BOZSR'S DENTAL PARLORS. State National Bank, Logansport, Ind. JOSEPH GILLOTT'S STEEL PENS THE MOST PERFECT OP PENS. KROEGER & STRAIN, Undertakers and Embalmers O13 Broadway. DAILY JOURNAL TUESDAY MORNING, FEB. 19. Wanted—To purchase, a small piece ot land, with or without buildings, within ten miles o( Logansport. Leave word witti S. M. Closson, No. 819 Pe»rl street. The l»3t reports showed that orer two-thirds of tho amount called for h»d already been subscribed (or the proposed St. Vincent paroohial school building that Is to be erected In the •prlng. The exposure to all sorts and • fresh. A llolliinil Ciiso. The people of New Holland, Ohio, have been groatly surprised recently by iho almost wonderful cure of a young daughter of Mr. John Orahood, who for a long time had been atllioted wlih fits or epileptic convulsions. The allllctlon seemed more dreadful be. cause of tho natural brightness of the child. Doctors acd oltxer medicines failed to effect any lasting, benefit and cure seemed hopeless until a sample bottle of Dr. Wheeler's' Nervo Vital- izer was providentially handed Mr. Orahood and from the use of it and ooly two full bottles of the remedy, the young girl has been completely cured of the alUictlon which threatened to blight her life. Fortunately there are but few cases of epileptic Qts, but ivo venture to say that half the people who read this would fool like new beings after a thoro-Jgh use of Dr. Wheeler's Nerve Vitall/.er; it Is a nerve food, restoring nerve force on the same principle that food restores physical vigor and muscle. K youra is a case of shattered nerves, frpquont headache, perhaps nervously crOis, troubled with sleeplessness, a tired fooling in the morning, debilitated, all worn-out feeling, promptly use this great remedy, for it will euro you, and also ward off the more serious sickness or breaking down which your symptoms indloate. It Is warranted sure to relieve and mro notvo troubles as represented. For «ale by Bon Fisher, Druggist.' Ul«r.n»Mlou by Teacher*. The public schools will be closed Friday, Feb. 22d, Washington's birth. day, Teachers will receive their salary Thursday afternoon at i o'clock at high school building, after whlchin general meeting, there will be a discussion of the subjact, "Thinking an object by means of it's attributes," as explained in Tompkln's Philosophy of dltlons of weather that a lumberman is called upon to endure in the camps often produces severe Cjplds which, if not promptly chocked, result in congestion or pneumonia. Mr. J. 0. Davenport, ex manager of the Fort Braffg Redwood Co., an Immense institution at Fort Bragg. Cal., say* they sell large quantities of Chamberlain's Cough Remedy at the company's itore and that he himself uibd this Mined T for a severe cold and obtained immediate relief. This medicine prevent* any tendency o( a cold toward pneumonia and insures a prompt recovery. For sale by B. F. Keesllng. Dcuf f 1st Teaching, pected. full attendance ia ex- A. H. DOUGLASS, Supt. The Suit Discussed." The suit for $1,000 of Oscar Seln- rlch vs. Edward Burgman. was die- miaaed'yesteraay io tho circuit- court at plaintlS's cost. STATI OF Omo. Crrr OP.TOLKix), J^ . LUCAS COCSTT. 5 FKAXK J. CaixBt makes oath that be Is the senior partner of the firm ot F. J. CHESWT * Co.. doing bwtness In ttweltj or Toledo, Countj and State aforesaid, and tbat said arm will pay tho aumotOXE HUNDRED DOLLARS for each and ererr case o! Catarrh that cannot be cored by thwise ol HAU-'S CATARRH CUM. FRANK J. CHKNT3Y. Sworn to before me' and jnbscr'bed In my presence, this 6th day of December. AD. ISM. — _A^S A. W. wwJCiAsSV^'* ACCIDENT AT THE SHOPS. W F. Higgles, a young man tm- ployed at the Pan Handle tin shop, was badly scalded in the round house yesterday' morning by leaning over a steam pipe of a locomotive on which h9 was working. Tbe pit of his Stomach Is a solid mass of blisters and at last accounts be was .suffering Intense pala- He lives on Fourteenth street. J. W-. FisRins, storekeeper In the Pan Handle shops at Columbus, waa In tha city yesterday. Pat Dolan of tbe P*n Handle rouod house force has been sick and off duty for several days past. Ex Pin- Handle engineer Dan Me- Coy spent Sunday in tbe city. He is DOW farming In Howard county. James Berry, Qremdn at tna ^ Pan Handle blacksmith shop got a cinder in his eye yesterday acd war compelled to lay off, Joseph Koon, who until about two months ago was employed in tbe Pan Hand'e car ehops la now engaged In farming in Arkansas. • ,^ GdOrge Hartooin"" a Pan Handle tjlHCiwmlib, had his foot mashod on Sunday while doing some erner<*eney work a large hammer falling on it, Tho accident disabled him from work. One of the children of Pan Handle engineer LinoGlpe is sick with scarlet faver. Mrs. G-ipa who was visiting in Indianapolis wus telegraphed for and arrived home Sunday. Henry Rudkey and Chas. Spl'.zuagle, two -employes of the Pan Handle blacksmith shop reported for duty yesterday after having been absent for sometime on account of sickness. Chris Paul, a former employe of the Pan Haadle" machine shop, is now working at his trade in Fort Wayne. For several years past ho ha§ been employed in tho L. E. & W. shops at Peru, A bulletin was posted yesterday at tbe Pan Handle car shops tbat the employes Of the freight car shops and repair track men would, commencing today, be required to work nine hours a day. For some'time past the work- Ing time was but eight hours a day. The building of locomotives is to be resumed at the Pittsburg shops at Fort Wayne. Tho various foremen have been requested to make acquisitions for material to construct seven class K-onglnes the largest freight engine in use oh the Pennsylvania lines west Of PHtsburg. Pan Handle brakeman George W. Murpby is preparing to break up housekeeping and board for a while Mrs. Murphy, on whom a dangerous operation was - performed several weeks ago Is getting along nicely, much to the gratification of her friends and will leave the hospital In a few days. La Touralne, the French line steamer- on which Mastar Mchanlc Pennock sailed from New York on the 6th lost, arrived at Gibraltar on the 15th. Telegraphic reports say that she bad a rough voyage but that all on board were well. Mr. Pennock'e trip embraces Palestine, Egypt, and many other points of Interest. Recommendation From Los Angeles. 632 Castelar St., Los Angeles, Cal. 4ft er having suffered for a long time from acute rheumatism, without obtaining relief, I used Chamberlain's Pain Balm and was almost Immediately relieved. I highly recommend this as the best medicine^known—D. M. Hamilton. For sale by B. F. Keesllng Druggist. A Slander Snli mopped. William Stanley alleged that George Appleton had circulated reports about him, and sued Appleton for $5,000 for alleged slander. Ihe case was brought hero from Carroll county on a, change of venue, and had been set for yesterday. The matter went by de. fault and was dismissed, plaintiff to pay the costs. Twenty-flve witnesses had been subpoenaed. In a recent editorial the Salem, Oregon, Independentaays: V'Time and again have we seen Chamberlain's Cough Remedy tried and .never without using the most satisfactory results, Whenever we see a person afflicted with hoarseness, with a cough or cold, we Invariably advise them t3 get Chamberlain's Cough Remedy; »nd when they do, they never; regret it. A PHYSICIAH'S CHARGE Dr, 3. U-Bm-nfleldlAllese* Thai Allen JiooreTreated Children Cruelly. Dr. J. H. Birnfisld has filed an affidavit at the office of 'Squire David Laing, charging Allen Monre wi-.ti cruelty to children. A warrant was i-sued on the strength of the doctors accusation. Moore is a resident of Washington township and it is alleged that he has abandoned bis little ones, who have In consequence suffered from hunger and cold. Knlfflitu Of tlif Jluccibces. The State Commander writes us f om Lincoln, Neb., as follows: "After trying other medicines for what aeemed to be a very obstinate cough 'in our two children we tried Dr. King's New Discovery and at the end of two days the cough entirely left them. We will not ba without it hereafter,, as our experience proves tbat it cures where all other remedies fail."— Slgoed F. W. Stevens, State Com.— Woy not give this great medicine a trial, as it is guaranteed and trial bottles are free at B. I?. Koesliog's drugstore. R-'.jfular size 50c. and §1. Aim jut :i Century. Mrs. Elizibith ilorohart Saauay celebrated her ninetieth birthiay an. niversary. Her surviving children and grandchildren joined with ber at the horns of a daughter, Mr=. B. W- Booth, No. 1107 Broadway in the enjoyment of a birthday diaaer. Mrs. Morehart, in spite of her burden of yeat-s, wa* able to *alk ucaided to the basement, where the dinner was served. She is a most excellent lady and numbers all who have met her during her long and evectful life, among her friends. Mrs. Morehart is tbe only. person living today, who was at tbe head of a family in Clinton township in 1S37. The estimable lady wag born February 17th, 1805. It M»y Do u« Much for You. Mr. Fred Miller, of Irving, 111., writes that he had a severe kidney trouble lor many years, with severe pains in hla back and also that bib bladder was affected. He tried many so called kidney cures but without any- good result. About a year ago bo begun use of Electric Bitters and found relief at once. Electric Bitters is especially adapted to cure of all kidney and liver troubles and often gives slmost instant relief. One trial will prove our statement. P-'lce only 50j. for lar^e bottle at B. F. Kees- llcg's drug store. PLEASANT SOCIAL EVEST- Members of Ch«rltr.l"><l*a Division 4. Auxiliary to the B.«f i. K. Sp?n<H an KDJoy»ble Evening. A pleasant social event occurred at the residence of John Kennedy corner of Nice'-eenih and George streets Saturday evening Feb. 16th. Tho member* of Charity Lodga Div. -1 Auxiliary to the B. of L. E. having learned that this dale was the thirty-fourth anniversary of the birth of their sister, MM. Kennedy, combined to make it an eveut loog 10 be remembered by those who were for. tunnte enough to be ab'.e to participate in the affair. Tho ladies of thesoaioty held a regular meeting on thht day and ad- juurned with the unspoken intention of meeting agaia in a short tiaae having previously arranged for this purpose. Mu:h to tba surp.-Ue of the sister most interested she bad scarcely ar~ rived at her hone before the sisters began to drop in, coming by two's and three's nod dozons until the house was completely filled. Some brought baskets and some bundles acd all with smiles and plea-ant sree'ings. A bountiful repast -VKS served f'oai the contuots o! fies-3 tn\sienous look- la,-* piroels i" waica o\'er sixty' par- r.s did umplo j-.irtioo. Af.er topper vfiis over a ft:*' tokens ' raoro substantial worth die- played which rendered the surprise complete. I'he remainder of the evening wfts s t ieiu in pleasant conveiv-Q and a few games for tbe enjoyment of the younger people present after whicb n.11 retired to ib«n' Homes fooling tbat tbe evening ban been well npent- and Uli:if r-ui'prl t H until ilium t^UOCO-ld. l)n:!<konut»$ bar uo comparison^ In evil i-iTe-ct to tho opium or morphine Qsbit. when (irmly fixed on tbo bap K'.'.s victim. • Mothers should bo ciireful in use of as simple »t ibiog us H cough cure wiih thbir jinicrcn. Muny 60 called COUgh . ures depend upon the stupefying flTuoiof ihe opluco tht-y contain to buib tbecougb. B rani's Balsam Isono which youV.an give your children with perfect confidence tbat it is entirely free Iron) oplnves. AS well a. a reliable euro, not only to stop tbe JOugh, but n.1,.0 perfectly heal the diseased parts. Largo 2,0 cent bottles at Ben Fisher's drugstore. Churi;: <l With Sellliitf Olncsxcd ? John Barr. a Harrison township farmer was bound over yesterday to the circuit court by 'Squire Fender on a charge of selling diseased meat. David W. Powlen, keeper of a grocery and meat market on Sycamore street, was the complainant Chamberlain's Eye and Sfein Ointment Is unequalled for Eczema, Tetter, Salt Rheum, Scald Head, Sore Kipples, Chapped Hands/Itching Piles, Burns, Frost Bites, Chronic Sore Eyes and Granulated Jive Lids. For sale by druggists at 25 cents per box. TO HOBSlTbwNEKS. For putting a horse in a fine healthy condition try l)r. Cady's Condition Powders. They tone up Lhe system, aid _cligestion, cure * p . _j.:._ t.<*1 :-ir-.-i «/\-Mr+ J'lotiriTi f*m~rPP.t Notice. Tipton Lodge No. 33, F.'& A. M , will meet in special aeeslon this (foes- day) evening, February I9tb, to confer the Enter ipprentico degree on several candidates. ELI GiiEENSKELDKii, Sec'y. Hairi Catarrh Core is taken Internally ana sets directly on the Wood anl mucous surface* 01 the system . St nd for testimonials tree. F.J.cmCJfEYA;CO..Tol«do.:0. 75c. No. 5 engine house purchased a new htatt last week. it It always does the work, and doea well. For sale by B. F. Keenling, Druggist. • m ' .. * Bueltlen'9 Arnica Salve. . The best salve In the world for cuts, brulaes sores, ulcers, salt rheum lever sores, tetter, chapped hands, chilblains, corns, and -all skin erup. tiona, and oosltlvelj cures pile*, or no pay required. It in guaranteed to give perfect satlBfaotlon^or money refunded. Price 25.cenji per bor. For •ale by B. F loss of appetite, relieve constipation, correct kidney disorders and destroy worms, giving new life to an old or over-worked horse. to cents per package. For sale by druggists. Taken to ihe Prison North. Samuel and David Kennedy and Harry Worden were taken to^tho prison north yesterday. Sam Ken nedy is said to have acknowledged yesterday for the first time tbat he had committed the robbery for which ha was given four years. A card of Thank*. Through the columns of- Ihe city press we wish to extend our heartfelt thanks for the kindness and sympathy shown by the many friends at the funeral of our dear daughter and wife, Mrs. H. J. Parks.- H. J- PARKS, MR. AND MBS. GEO. H. SSTDER Given Away Dally. Commencing today and continuing all week there will be a free lunch to demonstrate the wonderful quick work done on the Majestic Range at Flanegin & Crlsmond's etore. To the Public. Having completed the Inventory and purchase of Snider & Alber's queens ware stock at 414 Market street, we lake formal possession today and iftl customers of prompt, cour- ^ ocl honorable treatment. We shall keep a full stock of every thing In the china, glass and queen»- wareline, and make every effort to please our patron*. The old force of clerki will be retained for the present Trusting that we «hall be favored with a share of your custom, we are Kaipectfully yours, FOX & DCSXLEBEBO. Fox and Dunklebery took formal charge of the queeniware store yes* terdaj. The lame clerks will b« retained. Have You Kidney Trouble? Have You Throat Trouble? Have You Rheumatism? Have You Bladder or Urinal Trouble? . • TRY "SAN-JAK." Sold by 1IKX FI*H6K. Druggist. Cnicvso, March 7, IS3). . is City with acute nephritis and is y cystitis (In- ii m«Uon 01 mo bladder and kldnejsjL Arter D'escrlblni; tbouaUAl remedlos wltliout avail b Stimis "uRK'Sted. and Llmlmproveiixent was so m:u-keJatter the ilrst dose, and acompletB care Iu lowed so speedily, tbat t at once commenced an in ve"itei.tlo;i ot iw merlus and have sines pre- «rmea tin ilmostfivery known form of kldiiey bladder uretliwl, v:«lnal and caiairbal troubles, followed IB e«ch IIISWDC* by tbe Happiest results. A case or enur«.LMinvolnniaw How of urine) In myo^ family ms very mueU Improved by a few dos.is, und radically cured In less tba ° an i^A- nom practlral experience In a number ot bad oi°es of leiicorrboea I am free losay tbjit I Jiava found no remedy taat Is wmil to SAVJAK. And while Ibitve never belore gl\en «• V™&- slonal indorsement to * proprlelary renwjdy, I jay unbesltatlnclj and without reserve that i con slder SAX- 1 AK a veritable boon to humanity and aftor an jlrtoK it to the sure.-t profasslonal test.', can «aywi- li confidence, it Is better than it Is re- ^Stmaetoprescnbeltln all eases ol troubles, In prefer opon entlKly. The delicious taste of the B is also In its lavor. In P^crlblnK It for children. 1 am at present uslns faA>-JAi. as ai alterative in skin disease, and in several eases o nleeewma have yielded so readily to iw ln- w that I shall continue to use It In similar tVelinsconliaent that It will meet all the (3isn ed) Interlined "Cclluloid"Collars and Cuffs turn water like n (luck's hack and show neither spot nor soil. They arc not ciiecied by perspiration, and always look as if r:\;bi. out of the box. \\ hen they s;ct soiled von can clean them i-i a liiimitc by sir.sply w^in;.: off with :i WCl Clvfl.h. TllCSC :"•-- ' ' « .'CwofOlC 'dvunaucs of \vc:iv!. '•.. 'xelluloid "\,lhirs % ciid Cuffs. 'There are_ ninny .11 hers that you will readily discover '.'.}? fust lime" you ««»' one, Thcv j-.rc tlio only wiilerproof inter- •i'lCd collars mill CU/ISIH.'lde. JiOSurC 10 c-t the genuine -with this trade mark rfect all si..i-srt::d all S° l liloln : ' 1 l . b , C ssillipio ] .) : ,ij>:;Kl, : Coiiai-s, 15 cenis :.-.. .. ..:;ispair- Slal^suc, idwIiL-Uivr yoi: want, a i'.c:jd-up or iniiediiliJU" collar. THE CELLULOID COMPANY. 27-CO Kro.-ulWLy, NEW YOJIK. ,,., ,. CCL .i|,, c-;-!'.. Ci: ' BEFORE MATCHES CAME. THo rilnt and Stool ami K«*» LijrhU ••>* ,- ,, Till low 1>1|» « r " ur Aiice«i.or». To ihe present generation it may •• seem next door to inerediblc that in the ' •.- h-st years of tlKM-eign of William IV. •, (hcro'worc no lucifer matches. In lieu N thereof there were only long: matches , or splints of wood tipped at each end with melted sulphur, und, before tho . , complicated system of dipping the sul- .;.• phurctted match in conecTitratcd SU!T , Jjhui-icsicidcaniointousc.thcscmatches . : . were kindled by lirsl striking a light •.. with !'.::it and steel and then causing ,' the spark to ifjniio a small quantity of ^v. .•r— an infhinnnnbk- subslaneo, usu- ." ally composed of partially burned linen. . .• This simple adjunct to Uic process of ••..; btiiiniii"' a light bud been in use all '. over the^vorlcTfrom Lime immemorial, . says the London Daily Tolejrroph. Ilia .' French tinder wus called ":im:idou," a' word the etymology of which has, been . ,; fiercely contested, some philologevs de-. •-, riv.ing'it. from tin; old French adjective "amadou," equivolont lO'.iniorous, and ,;,' conveying the moral idea of the sweetly -; affreei'iblc sensation of the hand .,.-. coining- in contact with a very soft. ,< snbstanoe, while others trace it to, , the Latin "ad mannm dulce." Tho • French tinder was often made of tho spongy portions of mushrooms and other'fungi, and prior to the introduc- .•, tion of lucifer matches the manufac- . turc of sroadou was one of consider.^ • blc importance. The cryptog-amia .< .-. substance was beaten on a block some- : what after the manner of felt until it became homogeneous, and it was then .' .: impregnated with a solution of salts of. .. niter or simply pulverized gunpowder. •••• The Germans still fabricate a debcato •'.' kind of amadou which is used m sur: . gci-j' for stanching hemorrhage. As tor - -j flint and steel they have as completely •.. faded out from our domestic economy „••' QS they have from fijearms.. and tho ••••.' tinder-box is so rarely .seen that it might well be included in :m exhibition of old ..; social curios. ' .".-'. \Vith tinder and tinder boxes has also . vanished the rushliffht which, when ' ' •\ViUiaui Cobbett was n. boy, English .; cottagers used to make for tbemaclvca , by gathering rushes and dipping them successively in melted uliow until suf- . ficicnt thiclmcss of adipose matter waa :: obtained. In houses where refinement was supposed to prevail the rushlight ; ; .; was placed in a japanned tin shade perforated witli circular orifices, and tho ,,;; insomnolcnt invalid had the pleasure . , of contemplating a large number •.. oi round spots of light on the - •- ceHing-, reilected from the rush-.;, ; , light screen. "Dips," another form ,'< oi tallow candle, much given to sputter- •' ing. which smelt abominably, have alao ,? died the death; and "mold candles,"': .;; which strove to emulate wax ones in .: their form, but hardly succeeded hi do- ; , ing so, have been superseded by cheap-'. -.-I er candles, almost as shapely and at VJ light-giving as the old and costly sp«r«. ;• maccti. Seventy years ago gas was lit--. ••;, tic-used; there were no railroads, few ; steamboats and no lucifer matches; yet, .;,.,.• as Walter Uesant might put it, the;world went very well then. BEN FISHER DRUGGIST Cfjstal Pancake Flom! Makes Delicious Pan Cakes. « Crystal Wheat Flakes, 1 Delicious Breakfast Tood. , 'Ask Your Grocer For It.

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