The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1948
Page 11
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TTTESt>AT. JUNK 8, 1!M8 BLTTHEVIT.LE (ARK.)' COUTUER NEWS PAGE BLEVBJT TEW Housing Bill Copies of All Criticized 'Voice r> • iii • Of America' Scripts Released Brings Warning Real Estate Board Association Reminds Congress of Cost WASHINGTON. June ft. <UP»— ; The National Association of Ron! Fstnln Boards said yesterday Coti- pre&sfonal approve] of (he Taft- Ellendcr-Wagner housing bill would , ]ead to "a different economy nnd; a different government from what l we have known." The Association's views were presented lo the House Banking committee by Calvin K, Snyder, .secretary of the Association's Washington Commit ice. The committee is nrar the-end of cxientive hearings on the bill and expects lo begin revising it tomorrow or Thursday. Snyder told the Committee that "in dealing with this bill you are looking down a long road." "You are committing this government to immeasurable financial WASHINGTON, June 8. lUP) — The Slate Department 1ms released copies of all of the ron- Iroversial "Voice of America" scripts broadcast to Latin America in the "Know Nortli America" series. All but '22 had been rolensod previously. Six of Ihe 22 we're written by Rene Borgia, ex-wriuer for NBC. The other Iti scripts were written by Ramon Picrtra and none of these has come under tonprt'ss- ional fire. Borgia and Piertra hail riifOr- I to be l»!i|itJ/od In Its waters." The Batik- of Now Orleans in the win of IHI:! i.s drumat!/ed with Andrew Jackson's vtolory di. k M.>hbo<i RS "roa- lly n heroic deed." "Todiiy, New Orleans is an industrial I'ily, H vory busy port, nnd the chief cotton innrkct o[ (tie world H.s ijihabi- tants are dp\'otor.s of the tradition of the proverbial i-mirU-sy nnd hospitality (if the cili/ens of tl^> Southern part of the United Ktiui-s" ent styles of writing and .somoume.s tlieir scripts contained contradictions. For example. Pied in it; a broadcast on "N'e"^ York c;iiy" told how the Dutch bought Mat thru tan Island irom the Indians for S24 in trinkets and heads. He wrote that the Dutch got a bargain, Severn! months huer another i broadcast of New York City was | beamed to Latin America. This time Borgia wrote ihe script, nnd told how the Dutch bought Man- j haltim Island "for ft barrel ol gin." St. AiiKuslmi.'. Flu.--"One [if Ihc I must plrliiK'sqne clUc.s of Amnii'u "Meanlown"-- scene. 1 ; from the private life of "The Average Pill- j /en" hi a lypirnl American town. The family portrayed have H sun in college, a daughter In high sHi- ool, an ntitoninbile itt the Knraut 1 find they go lo church on Stiiidn Buy- 1 ; the iinrralor: "In the aveiTu (own with It.s average poputium (here are no quarrels between ca] it;i] and labor, nor are there in racial tior religions premdides nor any other alarming snria! prob- tern ," l.ancU .NYw Oilman* me New Orleans Louf.slaim Indians w '«»™ of Seville. I'he silk huts considered the Mississippi River "A of th< " """'I"*" 1 " • *ve part of Ihe Cinii." Narrator: "Tills pagan be- p:frn! to ( ' n ' ltlc an ntinosphevr [or lief still persists thn colored wor- the t^'"***-" kers on the, plantations nnd in (lie settlement? Home Building Boom Is Seen For Arkansas 'I'hill Vl'n for 11 c M'sull Iii huge uiil I Ills J.IMI In Aikii Tlli« Mine's iirlii KP MHiUl will for lumsini; of Louisiana cmt.sider j it as n new Jordan, ;uut they came Ucnd Cimrirr News Wunt Arts. Lt'.sldeius. wilt --., $J:<.l-IMHH) Mr whose ••Kciniitu'ly Spanish buck-1 nt ' w huim-.s duhiiR |;MH .iiui \\-(U Uround is traced in unmtsittk- k ( ' nl < s ti'in't » n>tnl «.>[ nioie lh : ni able murks even tod»y in iis stn'ei.s ' 1 - ! '' r ' n dwelln^ utnt.s, iu-mriini; I" and nvenue.s. In Its houses unit o.stinuiics rcicusi'd ^ br tin' Tile monuments and In the rlmriu'trr of : (Vm "*'il i>| Amehvii. In 1!H7, 1,-lKR it.s inhahitiiins. rhe women of • tinil - s Wl ' 1 ' 1 ' l 'iiilt tu Ai kansiis CHIPS, Saint Augustine hnve the bear-! IU a ( ' ost l>f SlH.Mfl.dOO, Ciuvern- nnd ihe grHcefulnew; of the i llll ' nl reports u^rsil "Home builders crun expevl ;u\ nut only in tuniniily ol new )iouM\-i Diis ycur, but also lu j qiialKy," da-lured Mulrolm Sch- i \\eikor. clunman ol (lie Council's I residential construct inn L'nmmlttci 1 . i Ka.sing ol trie I'linsiiiii-lton sltiiii- llon hn.s rr.sLillcd ixiih hum arcel- itcconlUiK lo Mr. exuinple, ^,l)UO men »re UU- settvts «ud Ule monuctlon Is nt nvord high*. This promises enoiitih tlU- nnd llle sellers to MU- isfy Hie nuUou's muojilliik (ietniinit !oi hitlhrdoin, kiU'hen juitl other hoiin- InsL.illattons of tile, he said. •Tin' unmoor of Hinni'iitkes Is » L*\-ord for tli,. industry. With th« <ithei ihousaud.i uf tneii IniinUiK In nuisunry, nupcnlry work, pJuinblnn and Hilled Inules. they n.ssure the ron.sinicion Held a n tli xl labor supply for linn aim lUc yeiu.i ahead " Mr. Schwelker dci-lared- Ahmil SSii.oot) of thtt 950,000 du-fllitig units to be con-striuiUd In the Unltrd States this ytur will jro Into urban jircns. the 'I'll* Conn- .-Vhwrlkn. f\,e UWM)gU . J^ 011 "" 11 lu " le 1^'imil- nienl ol ConuneMu, • In* to mult and blend with th* I ulher Ingrudlenta In cooking. rll estimule.v lie* for new THE HtUWKTW WSURANCE COMPANY OF MBBU burdens and to an incalcuJable ex-! A voice asks jokingly: "Do you pansion of function." he said. "Yoiitt«Jnk the Indians made a poor j arc faking over to the centraf a'ut- I bargain? H doesn't look that way: hority that obligation which in a ! lo «»e—thai is, if it was good gin." free country rests on industry and; All of the scripts used the same on the effort and ingenuity of i formal: two travelers 10 the United i individual citizens." 1 Slates explore the present and the I The Senate-approved T-E-W bill past, with the aid of a narrator, calls for the construction of 15,00(1,- | Here's how Borgia handled some : 000 homes over a 10-year period, of his programs: j Its most controversial feature pro^vides for the construction in the J*" n t?)cL five years of 500,000 low-cost homes financed by the federal government. House Republican lenders reportedly are determined to eliminate the public housing and .slum clearance provisions of the bill, The measure is scheduled to be reported out of the committee this week probably in a drastically different form than approved by the Senate. Stassen Plans Trip To South This Week ATLANTA. June 8. (UP>—Harold StSLSsen will devote two hours and 4n minutes to his Southern campaign for the GOP presidential nomination this week. Stassen will arrive here by plane at 1 p.m. .Friday, He will go to hi = Southern , campaign headquarters for a conference and informal public reception. At 3:45 p.m., he will take off by plane for Indianapolis. Lifting of Convention Rally Ban Asked by GOP Xe\v Origins New Orleans—Voice: "F.verything here Is written in both French and English as it is at the United Nations." Narrator: "Tradition't die easly. The inhnbiiaut.s of Louisiana, in spile of the fact that- they've been part of Ihe United Slates : since 1803, still feel as French as they did in colonial times." Historically, the travelers learn Louisiana first, was a "sort, of Devil's Island" to which France sent its hardened criminals " But later came the influx of Improverished noblemen, disappointed politicians • and ladies of easy virtue. With this strange mix lure of social elements an arisiociacy was formed here as pure and proud as that of France " Hollywood—Voice: "This Is a suburb of the arrgeles <Los Angeles*. Narrator: "Or of the devils to quote [ a pioteslanl minister. Hollywood ] is "the poorest community in California" because if the movie i industry moved elsewhere it would j be a ghost town. The narrator explains the "strange arch! tec lure" in which the "houses seem like doll houses." One traveler calls attention to "a statue lo a cow." Narrator; "The only slalups in Hollywood are to cow.s they advertise dairies the moving picture stud-; ios tried co erccl a statue lo Ru- : riolph Valentino and all his ad- i be in competition with the rows." traveler spies Rita Hay worth PHILADELPHIA, June 3. -tUP) —The Republicans asked the City Council yesterday LO reconsider its decision banning a rally at historic Independence Hall Square on the opening 'day of the OOP National Convention June 31. G. Mason Owlett, Rcpubjican Na- One tional Comtniucemaa from Penn- and scoots off saying: "lam going sylvan la and official host of the' to mingle with her - but not soc- convention, wrote the council that ially," The script calls for "langh- "it will be most embarrassing"' to ter" at that point, call off the rally st this late date. Here's a thumbnail of several of NOTICE Soptnmhor Ifilh, \vo will (-)nsp nt- fi::iO on .Monday through Friday and at 5:00 P. M. on Saturdays, What a difference a little N \ \ , " / -COLOR makes! [TD With Exclusiti Radiantubi Heating Unit. Only FrigiJairt Has II! . Newl Electric I Automatic! Frigidaire WATER HEATER Plenty of clean, hot water always .. .foe baths, shaving, dishwashing, showers, laundering, and" many other daily household needs. No other convenience in your home gives you so much help and pleasure for so little cost. Here's why — • No fif«i lo ligVil — Of to faig*l, - No tual TD iKov*K * TernperoFur* !• olvvoy txoclly oiyou wont It, • Na *wnlar-heal*r Full.* * Fully aulomatk: provid*t Kal water without « thinking aboul ll. ADAMS APPLIANCE CO. J. W. ADAMS, Manager ,«„ C° m P' et e Service Department In Connection 20G-08 W. Main ,» llone 20 71 '/ PAINT VALUES! We are proud to announce a n«w paint line ir our store , .. new in our store ... but old in American tradition, with a 78-year record of faithful service . . ? Attractive volues, alwoyj ... but riw«'» more to Pee Gee values than meets the eye ... y*ar» of wear — resistance to weather...skilfully balanced formulae.. .all evolved hi the famoui Pee Ge« Paint laboratories . . . research ttoff and equipment wirfiout o p««r anywhere. SMARTLY STYLED COLORS rf it'j color you ore lntere»ted in, come in, let ui show you Pe« Ge« color chart* reflecting the "mode of the moment" in decorator's shades. HARDWARE CO.Inc " IftfMfOF FAMOUS BRANDS 126 W.MAIN ST. 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