The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 8, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 8, 1948
Page 10
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?AGE TEH BLYTHKVILLB (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, JUNE 8, 1948 Summer Home Comfort Goes Hand in Hand wit/i Protection Against Another Fuel Shortage American householders have two Important jobs ahead oC them this summer if they «re to attain maximum comfort in their homes. The first is to prepare for another fuel slioi-tage next winter, which government officials say will be fully us severe as last winter's, the second V) make the house as cool «s possible during Uw coming summer Daylight for Safely ' ' months Fuel Savint Shown Application oi four inches of Ihe waits of Hie house are. insulated. the Burpjui of Standards re- mineral wool b*t«'ten I lie lop Moor, reillng and Hie ronf will reduce in- ' . Icrior ipmpci-aUire.s this summer c>y quired is llinl In smmnfr. The rna.vm such protection is re- NOW AVAILABLE! Care Is Advised In Installation of Pine Wall Panels Once Installed the upkeep is inpto. but lastingly attractive and durable paneled pine walls are the result of careful construction, says Practical Builder, Chicago 3. From the selection of wood to Its final finish, keep in mind these Important suggestions and your walls will require minimum upkeep anl repairs. Select carefully dried woods of one silk-lex and avoid boards with separated knots that may drofi out later. Keep boards dry and clean before actual work begins, removing smudges with cleaning fluid. If paneling Is to be installed over concrete or masonry walls, protect It from condensation and moisture penetration by completely watcr- proffiiiK walls and coating the hack of paneling with a good primer paint or sealer. New plaster walls should be thoroughly dried before panels are added. Before nailing, sand paneling in direction of grain by hand or by a bell sander which-gives an even, smooth, surface. Stain or apply first coat of finish to panels after sanding and before they are errect- ed, giving extra protection against soiling and to assure uniform application on all edges. Watch the; grain direction and coloring when nailing boards to rigid framing so that the finished wall will not be spotty with dark panels close to very light ones. Blind nail wherever possible especially at eye level, and fill holes with pure yellow beeswax, tinted non-shrinking crack filler or matching plasjlc wood. ^ A variety of stains for knotty | pine can achieve almost any eflect i desired. Acid, water and alchol, j oil, thinned undercoat paints, tint- j ] ed lacquers, resins, varnish, pig-1 i mented wax, raw or burnt sienna j I can be sprayed, brushed or ragged ; onto the surface. Waxing, clear; lacquering or varnish alter stain- '• iiig protects the colors, give the lustre so well liked on this type of wall. For a satin-like glow, buff last coat of hard varnish with fine steel wool. The emu U the national bird at Australia. Read Courier Newa Want Adj. Telephone 2 For New Homes! For Replacements In Present Homes! Premier Aluminum Windows On sljiifi'iiscs, imur lijjlit ami painful ucciilonls are frequently synonymous. Tin- i-uning stills of (his modern house are tl'reiiciu-il with daylight hum two |i 1111K "f It lass hltick which endow the .stairwell and fiilnim'c hull with cheerful brightness; r'nrlher, the filuss Murk panels create an illusion of spaciousness In (tie tmilpanilivcly restricted area and. through the archwayj bring the uenelil of'extra lUiyliBlit to Hit living room. f > Fire In Hollow Walls Is Major Peril, Standards Bureau Finds if RMT lEStSTDM Tbtt* Pr«*ni*r WtnelftWK retain i4wr ten wilful strRJim- kin*4 mtm fttaminum finish! if LICIT WM*T Give* fingertip mction. ftui yo* mvoid exasperating tug- clow and flullint fco open and WHF Nft mor« sticking: «ven in the w«tt»st weather. Wind-tun- ned tents also prove Premier i weather-tight! M th««« H#sirabl« qqalUie* — *t IkkR ordinnry windows! a modern vimloir th»t ha «if»rUbla iiyinc! &ec them if MAXIMUM LIMIT Trim narrow cross bar* jvrn- ride brighter more cheerful vonina for yo\ir enjoyment! if LWf MAINTENANCE No V l| tl-yi"if. ^*° pain Ling, *xtremdy enay lo lerviee M CMI* it p»n« i< broken! * LIFETIME BUMIILITY No putly Vo dry out. ihnm you thankfully Rvoii! ttrum- r «, t tl i n K windows. New "rip: type sash Ability of (lames lo spread rapid-* ly through walls, floor.s and (ither, concealed spa cos Is a major cause ' of tlie steadily mounting loss of : life nnd properly by fire, il- i^ as-' sericd In Hit; IJrsi report issued by the President's Conference on Kite To prevent, this, "all concealed .spaces should be effectively fire- i stopped with .suitable mil term I. tlio report declares. Hecuuse it is naturally fireproof nnd needs no chemical treatment. mineral wool insulation has lieeti used tor many years as a lire-bar-' rlcr in concealed spaces. The Na- i : ilonal Bureau ot Standards reports that a wood-lath wall filled with this substance, which Is miule of rock, smelter slafc, or plnss. will withstand I he 1 passage of firft tor one hour and the studs nnd other ; f mining members will still carry [ their load after sunh expo.sme to fire. The time lennhtens to an I hour and a half if the piaster 'is backed by metal lath. Modern Cotlcs Sfm?M The Conference, act tip by President Truman a year ORO, is »piing: • linnna tord »«J Man^ nior* — at nn grtater Specify PRBM1RK WINIK)WS nil ih* Hesirnbl* fealurei inr }« «»r HispUr room*. DEAL'S PAINT & WALLPAPER STORE Exclusive Represen(aliv» f»i Kasiern Arki WHOLESALE - RETA1L See Samples On Display 109 East Main Street IMnm« .MR!) 'Premier Aluminum Wind«>ws Are Sin«s» «f Modern Monies' en reach tcmimi-nture.s of 150 rle- gi-ce.s. Thiy. .sii|)fiheaied air rnui''-t- ' y penetrates tlirough Ihe thin rooting, boards ami plaster and i makes the interior mui:h luitler Omn the ont.side air. The millions oi rtead air cells in c;ich cu\)ic inf!i of mineial wtxil. hovvever. .slo^s clown thi.s heat im.^a^e enormously. In winter, lln: insulation WOI'KS it) 1 , preventini; the escape o[ ciwtly heitt. Fuel IYI< rs lllse 11 will be tnore Important than ever to conserve fuel next winter. lioth from the economic ami comfort standpoint, government ex- NOTICE OF NKW ESTATES ON WHICH ADMINISTRATION ilAS 11EEN COMMENCED Notice is hereby given that , Hit, following is a list of e-state.s of dfi- t.'ea.sed persons noon which Letters Tr.sumi ciliary or of Administratioi were s>vatiled during the mouth o May. 7018 with the dale of th gruulitiK of .such letters and th i lam e a rid H d d ress of the exec u to or administrator. No. 1841. Estate of Joseph ThrelkdJd. Jr., deceased. Lettei tustpmenlary i.vsund to Joseph E ThvclktfUl. Sr.. of Rt. 1, Manila o May 11. HHH. No. 1B52. Rsiate of W. H. Holde; det-cissed. Lotter.s oi Admiuistratio is-sued to Lottie Holden, BlytheviH Arkansas on "May 4, 1948. No. 1853. Estate of Tom Alexai dcr, deceased. Leuers tc-statnentar issued to II. C. Alexander, Rt. HlytheviUe, Arkansas on May 1W8. i No. 1R54. F.stale of Deli R. Scot 1 rtrt-'cnserl. Lnttcrs of Adminislration issued lo K. M. Holt. Blytheville, 1 Arkansas on May 6. irHK j No, lBc6. Estate of Orange (O.M.t I Johnson, deceased. letters testa- i inenlaiy iwiued to Willie I^ee Logan, Sr.. Illytheville, Arkansas on May ! '2-\. 19-18. ''• No. 1857. Estate of A. M. Brewer, v.rcen.M'd. Letter.*; of Adminisiration j ".sued lo ATigelirie Hrewer. Ixiach- villp. Ark;ir.?a.s ou May 28, 1948. Witness my hand as such Clerk and I he seal of said Court, this the ' 2nd dny of June. 1G48. | " ELIZABETH BLYTHE SEAL' County and Probate Clerk By Stella" Cain, Deputy Cleric 9 Vane Calvert Makes Quality Paint lor every purpose. We curry Viine Calverls complete line. Call o»1 when you need good paint. Bargain Prices On Quality Wallpaper E. C ROBINSON LUMBER COMPANY "Friendly Building Service" 319 West Ash St. Phone 551 9 3 For COMPLETE Electrical Service CHARLEY'S ELECTRIC SHOP "Service Is Not Our Motto—It's Our Business" 112 So. 5th St. "Since tne cosi of kiiMjliUtnn >-•> usually paid for wilhin three year.s." Construct ion Rcfii*ari.:h bureau en- (tii;*.'(• i.s say, "it Is lUi^idcdly ptxir eeuiuiniy lor a home to ^o without this pi oteet ion so i m port n ti L to comfort both Mirmnt'v and winter." CINDER BLOCKS CONCRETE BLOCKS SAND AND GRAVEL rotnposert of mayor,';, miinicipal building nfficials, fire prevention pens say. The demand for fuel of j nxpcr t s . Insurance company rep- all kinds is far ahead of prortuc- j resentntives nnd other Interested lion and oil shortages "for several \ erm ,p s Rm j individuals, years to conir. 1 ' are predicted by [n ftn C ff ort ( O provide greater J. A. KriiK.'Secretary of the Inter- fire-safely from a structural staid- lor j point, the Conference is now scek- Furthermore. thr prirp of all fuels itlp , 0 csttiblish modern, uniform has risrn; in some cn^-s us much | bm!cl i n g co dos throughout, the na- 3« 50 per cent .sinre the war. and j tif>n -rhr-rc cnn be no dovibt that this, in turn ( means that house- | RC , lera n y adopted and enforced holders face enormously inrren.'.ed i W0 nid brluR a significant rednctlm fuel bills uiile.vs all [xis.sible slops | m mir nn;(onn i f| re losses," the re- arc taken to conserve luel. i p 0r ^ states. j Such erode. 1 ; would require fire 1 stopping of hollow spaces, the us I of more fire-resi.Uive material I throuKhout a structure and cnclo I sure of stairways and other vertical upenuiRs to restrict, the spread of tl.umis, 1' to Save Kxn*nse Of 3,3'22 luunicipalittes surveyed by the Con Terence, 1,342 had no building code whatever Rt\0 612 of the codes In effect were over 20 years old. Finding Uiat ex pens* of drafting and publishing building codes has often prevented their adoption, the f Conference is seeking legislation ! in each state lo eliminate this ex- I pensc by adopllon of codes "by ref', erence." Under this plan, a com- i rmmHy \vrviiid select an elffctivr: 1 code already In use. and by an ln-> i rxpensivr public notica nnnoiinct its adoption, v < HOT WATER ELECTRICALLY No- Dirt.. .No Work... No Worry with an Automatic Electric Wattr Hfaler We Deliver Johnson Block Works $. Highway 61 Phont 2380 BOB MALOHE Plaster and Stucco Phone 2029 Install an »utomatic water h«it<T —»nd forget it. No fusi or muss. no worry, no work, no dirr—>nd tht heat stayi inside th« Unk. doesn't warm up your kitchen to make hot mmmer dayi mor» unpleasant. It's safe. too. has no flam*, give* off no dangerous ftime» or imokf. Dishes dry thcmselvet sparkling clean when rimed with good hot water. And with an automatic electric water heater yom will »lwiy* have plenty of hot water; right when you want it— (or laundering, clean- ing, bathing, shaving and many other usei. A mper-accutate thermostat prevent* OTer-heating. No wick* or coils to replace— Electric heat it ju»t as clean and dependable ai electric lights. These at* just a few of the advantage* of an automatic electric water heater; there ate many others. Why not dtop in at your friendly electtU ipplianc* dealer today *nd let him explain thw many idyantage* to ye«. Ark-Mo Power Co. IK..

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