The Colonies and India from London, Greater London, England on March 19, 1892 · Page 19
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The Colonies and India from London, Greater London, England · Page 19

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 19, 1892
Page 19
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MAECH 19, 1892 THE COLONIES AND INDIA 17 ILITARY APPOINTMENT IN INDIA. To be Lieutenant-Colonels. Staff William Campbell Black, Major Charles Arthur Cresswell, Major William Henry Salmon. Captains to be Majors.—Colonel in Ca II the Army Norman Robert rart, Thomas Haughton Eyre, Alexander William Dennistown pbell, Charles Stuart Wheler f Brevet Major Edmund George Barrow, Allan Smith, Maurice Crosbie Cooke-Collis, Brevet Major •Claude Frederick Gambier, William Selwood Hewett, Francis George Lawrence Mainwaring, Alexander Bowes Mein, Mossom Innis Gibbs, Charles New States for tbe American Union.— The Washington correspondent of the Philadelphia Public Ledger says there is a strong possibility of the admission of two more States to the Union this session. The House of Representatives is believed to be in favour of admitting Arizona and New Mexico, and giving provisional statehood to Utah. The Senate, on the other hand, is ready to admit Arizona and Oklahoma, but objects to New Mexico on account of its ignorant population of Spanish-Americans/and to Utah as containing an overwhelming Mormon majority. The ordaunt Fitzgerald, Arthur Cautley Bunny, William Grenville Mansel, and Charles Hamilton Des Voeux. Lieutenants to be Captains.—Pulteney Malcolm, Charles Mowbray Dallas, Ernest Percival Wood, Frederick Cecil Rynd, Arthur Thomas Young, Charles Robert Keate, Augustus Blair Mayne, Stuart Hill Godfrey, Charles Merewether Ducat, Charles George Nurse, Philip James Gordon, Charles Edward Johnson, Francis Cracroft Colomb, Kobert Maximilian Rainey, Francis Vaughan Whittall, Simpson Hackett Beresford Hobbs, Herbert Arrot Browning, Alfred Lucian Phillips, Reginald Harry Dawson, Lionel Herbert, Harry Trevor, George Adam Cecil MoncriefJ Eales, Richard Henry Dugdale Thring, William Rawlins. Arthur Blount Cuthbert Willi objection of the Lower House to Oklahoma is that the population cannot yet be called permanent. It is believed that a compromise will be reached between the two House, by which the admission of Arizona and Oklahoma will be agreed to, but only on a date subsequent to the next Presidential election. The Queensland " Lung Fish"—Professor Spencer, of Melbourne University, read a paper before the Australasian Association for the Advancement of Science at Hobart recently, on the ceratodus, or lung* fish, of Queensland. It lives only in the Burnett and inter- Mary Rivers in that Colony, and belongs to a small mediate between fishes on one hand and group amphibia on the other. Cuppage, James Outram Spens Fayrer, Kellow Chesney, Charles Arnold Kemball, Westropp Joseph Peyton, C.M.G., Harry Seymour Hazelgrove, George Russell Row, Frederick Thesiger Williams, Harcourt Leicester Dodgson, Augustus Anderson Jervis Johnstone, Lesley Charles Hamilton Stainforth, Francis Outram Anderson, Gordon Nanier Caulfeild. Leslie Waterfield Shakespear, Jenkin Napier Caulfeild, Jones, Acton Alexander JSTewnham. Graves, and Arthur Tristram Herbert To be Lieutenants.—Lieut. Rupert Bohun Blunt Howe, from the Shropshire Light Infantry, dated March 29, 1890, but to rank from December 8, 1886; Lieut. William Noble Evans, from the 21st Hussars, dated April 21, 1890, but to rank from November 6, 1889 ; Lieut. Harold Ed West dated May fi, 1890, but to rank from December 2, 1889; Lieut. Alexander Limond, from the West Yorkshire Regiment, dated March 28, 1890, but to rank from December 2, 1889: Lieut, Thomas Edwin Scott, from the Royal Irish Fusiliers, dated April 17, 1890, but to rank from December 18, 1889; Second Lieut. Harry Coddington Sandford, from the Royal Artillery; Lieut. Francis Augustus Jacques, from the North Lancashire Regiment, dated September G, 1890, but to rank from March 22, 189G Lieut. Bertram -Clarke Waterfield, fromjgthe Royal Irish FusiJiers, dated October 10, 1890, but to j-ank from April 14, 189^ - Second Lieut. Ernest Frederick Hood, from the South WAIQS Borderers; Second Lieut. Edward Charles Bay ley, from the ScoU-ah Rifles. The Queen has approved of the transfer of the undermentioned In it the swimming bladder of ordinary fishes has been modified so as to perform the part of a lung—that is to say, an apparatus capable of allowing the fish to breathe air. The ceratodus does not appear to leave the water, but it rises above the surface and takes in air while making a feeble spoutiog noise. The lung is of great service to it during the wet season, when the water of the flooded rivers is thick with sand It feeds on vegetable matter—for example, the seeds of gum trees which have fallen into the water. The pro- topterus of Africa is allied to the ceratodus, but it leaves the water, and in the dry season makes for itself a covering or cocoon of mud, in which it lives, breathing the air with its lung. Gold in Mastionaltmd.—The following report has just been received by the British South Africa Company from their raining commissioner at Victoria, Mashonaland :— 41 There have been several new strikes, the best of which are now close to Victoria. One of the reefs is 3 feet wide, with good walls, carrying good gold; another adjoining, named the Golden Horseshoe, is well defined, with good walls and very rich. Another, the Zimbabwe, 3 feeb wide is going down well, and carries splendid visible gold. Another 1 Charlie's Hope, is very well defined, running through two blocks, width from 3 feet to 8 feet, is going down well, and carries very good gold. There are also new finds to eastward. The 4 St. Swithin's,' pegged by the exploring company, is 25 miles from here, and carries fair free gold. It has a very large amount of galena, and will probably turn out very refractory, but it carries a large amount of gold and silver. Gold has also been found close to the Shashi River, 30 miles to the westward, making the extent of the gold belt from east to west 45 miles. There is no sign of any of the reefs pinching out, and the quality of the gold is very good." Crofter Immigration to Canada.—The Canadian Government have now under consideration the question of their immigration officer to the Half-pay List :-Captain Robert Hutchinson Campbell P olif 7' ™°f% particularly in relation to the Tufnell, Indian Staff Corps. North-West Territories and British Columbia. The Queen has also approved of the retirement from the service . f , , •of the undermentioned officers:—Indian Staff Corps.—Lieutenant- L ^J^. J! Colonel Frederick Hardy Blanchard. Bengal Infantry.—Colonel Henry Owen Cumberlege ; Colonel Richard Octavius Vyvyan. The Queen has also approved of the resignation of the service by . . L . , , the undermentioned officer :-Lieutenanfc Ludlow Coape-Ludlow, ! muml 5 ant * w *°' ak ? " P * nd development of A the scheme has been submitted to them by Colonel Engledue and Captain Clarke, which, will introduce some important alterations into the provibions now made for the encouragement of crofter immigrants from Scotland to settle in the western interior of Canada. It is proposed that the Federal bonus which Indian Staff Corps. The following appointment to the Staff has been made by the -Government of Madras:—Major H. B. Jeffreys, R.A., to be Assistant Adjutant-General, Madras Establishment, vice Lieutenant^Colonel A. G. B. Ternan, vacated. West is now granted to all settle on lots of 1G0 acres in Manz?s % and British Columbia should be applicable to crofters who settle on a much smaller area of land, and who follow fishing as their ture. The ii Imperial Federation.—It is said that a new departure is being ade in connection with the Imperial Federation League. Although that body has active branches in more than one Colony, it has not hitherto organised any section to take special account of distinctive British interests, There is, therefore, now being established what will be known as " the Imperial Federation in the United Kingdo This body, which is subordinate to the central League, is presided over by Sir John Colomb, M.P., and its Managing Committee includes representatives of all branches in the United Kingdom. BAVARIAN LAGER daily avocation, and not agricul- particular object in view is the development of the deep-sea fisheries in British Columbia by crofter labour. The fisheries on the Pacific coast equal, if, indeed, they do not excel, those on the Atlantic seaboard, both in quantity and quality, and, as ther3 is a good market within reasonable distance for every description of: fish, it can be readily understood that a vast iudustry is capable of being built up. This would lead to the opening up of other enterprises, such as the extraction of oil from the larger fish and the manufacture of fish-glue. The British Columbian Government has introduced legislation into the local House to give effect to the offer made by the Imperial Government of a loan of 150,0002. at 3 percent, interest for the purpose of settling crofter families on the west coast of Vancouver Island. PICKLE EXCELLENCE HAMBURG-MUNICH, Sole Export Agency and Depot for the folio win g 1 HACKER BRAU 1 Munich Bavaria ANGL PICKLE Awarded Amsterdam, 1887, etc., etc. EXPORT BEER BREWERY JUSTUS HILDEBRAND In PFT7NGSTADT. 15 MEDALS KDlMBAdHER EXPORT BREWERY ACT. GES. IN KT7LMBACH, BAVABIA. special Patent Screw-capped Bottles, Expressly for the Colonies. A. combination of choicest Fruits, Vegetable?, and Condiments, prepared in Pure Malt Vinegar, and without artificial colouring 1 . Delicious with either Fish, Flesh, or Fowl, it entices tho appetite mil assists digestion. SOLE [ANUFACTUBEBS : MARGETTS & CO., KINGSLAND, LONDON, ENGLAND.

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