Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on November 5, 1897 · Page 19
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 19

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, November 5, 1897
Page 19
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To go Below Us in Price, is to go Below Us in Quality. Some Surprise for You We want to show you a kind of clothing that yon won't find in -another store in Logansport. Perhaps better than some of you have -any idea is made up, ready to wear. It's the kind that yon would credit to the custom tailors. The kind you'd think would cost twice as much as it will. The kind the most particular dresser will find satisfactory. Full of fashions, whims, "full or quality, full of bestness, 'til there's no room for fault finding. We've got these up-to-date exclusive styles in Suits and Overcoats because we make them ourselves. Our work rooms are manned by the cleverest talent in the country. We have brought fit down to the •fine point of perfection. We import direct from the looms, the latest •weaves in the newest paterns. There Positively can be Nothing Better Than the Garments We Turn Out. And all this fineness is in our grades from $7.50 to §18.00. "We're not talking to your purses, but to your good judgement. We're not talking a saving in momey, but; an increase in the •quality and satisfaction that many will buy. We win patronage by deserving it. If you want the best go to^^^^, THR HUB, Marry Fraik's Old Stand. 313 Fourth Street. for 50c Underwear, and White Body Fancy Front Shirts, with extra €uffs, the best in Logansport at "THE HUB." YELLOW JACK A Logansport Boy Writes of the Presence of the PIa?ne in Memphis. nag in the Infected District Tennessee's Governor. Win TRY Al Young, THE MERCHANT TAILOR For He Makes Stylish Garments. THIS FALL ...... ©tiit o:r Overcoat All Work Guaranteed. 304 Market Street, Over Coulson's Dru£ Store. W. R. HENING & co.jC. O. Heffley, Successor, to The Equitable Produce and Stock Exchange. Capital Stook *100,000, fully paid. Members of Consolidated Produce and Stock Exchange, "Chicago. We turnish our customers daily market ro- .porw over our private wires in this cits-. We 'respectfully solicit your tatronage through •our local ojrrespGndenta W. W. Milner- «. A. R. Hnlldln*, JUocnnipurt. Ind. Bell Telephone 260, Mutual Telephone 213. Insurance, Real Estate And Loans. 308 Fourth Street. Insurance and Loans. All kinds of Insurance and Bonds written In first class companies. Money to loan 6 per cent, S. M. Closson,319 Pearl St. Kroeger & Strain. CnSTDRRTAKRRS C»Ui promptly attended to Day or Nlfht. (18 Broadway. TBLIPHONB — Office. M. Kroejrer, l« Mr»ln. M. If You Want to Borrow Money On City or Farm Property call On QRTH M. YRLiSRY, —804 Fourth Street.— He can make you a Loan of J25 and upward 'nterest on sunn over J500 8 per cent. INSUBANCE Of all Kinds Written by GEO. GQNSER. DR. F. M. BOZER'S DENTAL PARLORS. Over City National Bank Corner of Fourth and Broadwa* • Central Telephone No Office 363, residence 3-»3 QITY NEIW3. Will Painter is visiting relatives at Montlcello. Robert Patrick, of Valparaiso, Is a guest of Otto Tyner. Henry Wipperman of 222 Thirteenth street Is seriously ill. William Baker has removed his family from Lafayette to this city. Richard Twells, of the Westslde^s at Chbago attending the horse show. The elevator for the New Murdoek hotel has arrived and is being placed in position. Mr. Harry Williams, of Lafuyette, is in the city visiting his parents, on the Northslde. Mr. H. J. Benn, the contractor of the California railroad, Is in the city Tiilting friends. A case of diphtheria Is reported in the home of Mrs. Belle Shilling, of T23 Ottawa street, her twelve-year- old son being the victim. I want to buy $25 ; 000 good notes and judgments. I want to loan to good people $50,000, on mortgage or personal security—Geo. B, Forgy. A stronger company than the one which appeared here last season, presented the farce comedy, "A Baggage Check," at the opera house last night to a fair audience. While driving on the Third street MEMPHIS, Tenn., Nov. 2. Editors Pharus: If I had time I would write to each of my many friends in Logansport and give them Individually an idea of the situation here, but rerognizing the family liaracter of the wide circulation of your valuable journal and realizing hat a line published in it will rea^h all my friends In Logansport, I write this to reach them. There Is nothing here to interest my many friends except the yellow fever, and as the reports sent out from here have been of such a lurid description I think it only right to place you In possession of the real facts. Two weeks ago today, in company with Col. Mike Connolly, editor In chief of the Commercial Appeal, of tuis city, and Mr. T. C. Ashcroft, manager of the Associated Press, I met Gov. Bob Taylor as he was pass- Ing through Memphis on his way to Texas. I spent an hour or more at the depot with the governor and that same day the first case of real yellow fever was found in a boarding house just across the street from the depot and the case had been there several days, but as It was only "suspicious" It could not be officially reported as the genuine article. Since then there have been about thirty casea in the city, but all of them more or less of the sporadic kind and at no time has there been any great danger of Its spread to an epedemlc form. The lateness of the season, the cool nights and the generally good sanitary condition of the city inhibited the spread of the disease. The death rate has been small and is really less now with yellow fever than It was twelve months ago wirhout it. A great many peop'e became frightened and left the city, but as our population Is about 110,000 and the railroads only report an exodus of less than 5,000 all told, you can see that we still have a few people left in Memphis. The theaters are all closed and trie people are not going Into any places where crowds congregate, although there seems to be no danger now. The temperature Is very low and the people in town have utmost confidence that the disease germs are all dead. Had the fever obtained a strong foothold here I was well provided for, as I had plenty of friends who were Immure, among them being Frank Small, an old theatrical manager and a warm friend of mine who had been through several fever epidemics and who said that he would nurse me or any of my friends through it if they were attacked. Regards to all my friends and success to you. "Yocs" MAHONEY. ADDITIONAL LOCALS. Detective Morgan is OD the sick list. George Sharp was over from Kokomo yesterday. James Brown, of Kokomo, I* in the city visiting relatives for a few days. James and Samuel Baker, of Lafayette, are in the city visiting relatives. Natural and artificial gas bills should be paid at the company's office on Pearl street on or before November 10th. Railroad -employes running into Chicago can borrow money at lowest rates, at 911 Fort Dearborn Building, 134 Monroe street, Chicago. Miss Louisa Zanger, of this city, has accepted a position with her brother at Kewanna, who has just opened up a bakery at that place. Harry Russell, head cook at Dykeman's cafe, was awarded the gold watch offered to the person selling the largest number of tickets to the A. M. E. entertainment at the rink this week. He sold 101 tickets. Mr. William Shannahan received a telegram Wednesday afternoon announcing the sudden death of his nephew, Sefgel Banister, of Rochester, Ind. Mr. Banister, was on his way home from Tennessee, where he went about ten days ago, for the benefit of his health and on reaching the station at Rochester died. Deceased leaves a wife and three children. Mr. Sbannahan left last even- Ing In response to the sad W e Are Determined v To close one our various lines of OTEECOATS in men's boy's and children's department. We are OVER STOCKED, and to anyone needing a garment of this character, would say that we hare made prices that will move the goods. We have a large variety in Beavers, -Meltons, Kerseys, Oxfords, Black, Brown, Blues,Ulsters Reefers etc., of finest quality, and first class make. In Winter Underwear, We are simply in it, and have the largest stock ever offered before in 50c lines up.Good heavy comfortabl e garments for cold weather. In Furnishings We have a full supply. Railroad Men's Duck Coats, ; ; and Shirts, closest figures possible. Splendid wearing < • garments in this line. Do not forget our Children's Depf., which is full of wearing apparel for the little fellows. We have the best 25 and 50c Kuee pants ever of ered in this market. Mackintoshes and Rubber Coats. A full supply at lowest prices. We have arranged to supply anyone with a correct garinent.that we cannot fit from stock. Thanking you for past favors. ! J. D. Ferguson & Jenks. * 322 Market Street, Loganspcrt, Indiana. »•»»»••••••» DONATIONS To the Home for the Friendless for the Month of October. Following are the names of the persons who donated to the Horn e for the Friendless during the month Of October, 1897: Mrs. Plummer, 2 gallons apple- butter; Mrs. Keesllng, J bushel of sweet apples and flower stand; a friend, 1 pumpkin: Mrs. Howe, 1 can spiced apples; Mrs. Thomas Wilson, II; Mrs. W. W. Haney, II; Mrs. Montgomery, cleaning carpet: Mrs. McElhaney, basket tomatoes: Mrs. Frushour, of Lucerne, 3 quarts of applebutter; Mrs. Fisher, 2 bottles catsup and pickles; Mrs. E. T, Stevens, large marble top stand; Mr. James Martin, J dozen stone jars; Mr. Cornell, jem pans and griddle; unknown perjon, 2 bunches celery; Mrs. Edward fiucher, 27 quarts canned fruit and 2 quarts pickles: Mrs. W. T. Wilson,! bushel onions and 1 bushel turnips; Mrs. W. Long, of Royal Center, 9 quarts apple- butter; Mr. John Gray, 4 yards towl- Ing; J, J, Taggort, I'mankeral. HENRY WEBER, The Merchant Tailor, does flwt class work. Stylish and -well flt- tiag clothes made. Cleaning: and repairing neatly done. See him. 324 PEARL STREET. D. E. DELZELL, Dentist, 416 MARKET STREET Upstairs over Bruggeman's Millinery Store. As soon as she was a furlough, a few GEORGE W. RODKFEfi. Estate, Loans. Boufht, Sold or Bxahuured. Vonej- to Loan 4B mortgage or personal seourttj-. Call on me writ* to me at No. 81 Bel Rlrtir t«*nue,e<Mt bride*.; brldg'3 over the Wabash river, Thursday evening, Dr. Hatch's iiorse caught its foot in the loose flooring and received painful Injuries. Mrs. Robert Hightower of Marion Las been returned to the hospital for the insane here, taken home on days ago, she became unmanageable. Kev. E. A. Knight, of Royal Center, has accepted a call from the First Presbyterian church at Fort Wayne, and left Tuesday for his new duties as assistant pastor to Rev. Henson of that church. Harry Trltt has returned from a trip to Wabash, Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, where he contracted with florists for cut flowers for the flower show which Is to be held In the Masonic Temple this month. A surprise masquerade party was given at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Fish Isst evening. Those composing the party were: Len Sha'er, Lee and Earl Dykeman, Loxin Flanegin, Albert Paugh, Bertha Paiker, Lottie Behmer, Lorena Brlggs, Flossie Winter and Dottle Sturgeon. SEVENIH ASSTUL REUMON Company K Boys who Fought With the 5th Ind. Cavalry, Hare n Good Time. The annual reunion of Co. K, 5th Ind., cavalry was held at the hospitable home of Comrade Samuel Ross, In Noble township, Nov. 3d, 1897. Eight of the old soldiers of Company K, were present with tbalr wives. The morning was spent In a sociable way, interspersed with the singing of patriotic songs. The dinner prepared by Mrs. Ross was simply superb, which all sat down to and relished as only old soldiers know how to enjoy on such occasions. Dinner being over the guests were Invited into the parlor to hear music, Mr. John and Dave Brandt, and Miss Laura Brandt, played some fine selections on violin and organ. The Hoosier warblers did some very fine singing. After the singing, Mr. John Brandt photographed the group. Adopts Curfew Law. Wmamac has adopted a curfew ordinance, which forbids the young people under 16 years of age to be o.'~ the public streets after 9 o'clock p. m. and 5a.m. under the penalty of imprisonment. The town marshal will slowly walk up and down the streets ringing a dinner bell, which will Indicate the hour of 9 o'clock. Permits will be issued by the town clerk to the children who are sent on business by their parents. Exceptions are made when the children are accompanied by some person of mature age and discretion. Electric Line for Lofansport. Promoters of the Michigan, Indiana & St. Louis electric lallway, which is to be built from Goshen, Ind., to Danville, 111., held a meeting at Rochester Wednesday. A dozen towns were represented, and it is proposed to run either by Bourbon, Rochester and Logansport or Plymouth, Culver and Winamac. Committees were appointed and the next meeting will be held at Winamac, Nov. 17, to determine upon the route. NOBLE NOTES. Batch of Hews Atwot Jitble Townghlp Happenings. Mr. A. 0. Brandt is painting his house. Mrs. Mattle Watts has moved to Logansport. A colored preacher preached at the Pleasant Valley school house last Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Ell Cotner, of Pulaski, county, visited friends in this township last Sunday. The county commissioners have had a new bridge built across the Cotton Wood creek in the Brandt settlement. Mrs. W. H. Brandt and son John have returned from a two weeks' visit with relatives in Winamac and Valparaiso. Henry Bachmnn, Alpha Spencer, John Tam, Frank Powell and Ellis Dear were on a fiahing<e.xpedltion to theKankakee, in Pulaski county, last week. The funeral of Mr. Knowles was held at the Shiloh church Friday afternoon at 2 o'clock, October 2 1897. The funeral services were conducted by Rev. A. L. West, of Kokomo, Interment was made ID Shiloh cemetery. Deceased was 78 years old. The funeral of Thornton Burley was held at the home of Will Burley •iin Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock. Services were conducted by Rev. Winegardaer. Interment in Book- waiter cemetery. THR City National Bank. LOGANSPOKT, IND. CAPITAL $200.000 JOHN GRAY, President, I. N. CRAWFORD, Vice Pres. F. R. FOWLER, Cashier. -DIRECTOK8- , John Gray, I. ff Crawford, J. T. Elliott, Dr. ' S/.F-, Bel '- A - p - Jen " B > w - c - Pennook, I*a*e BhJdeler, Geo. W. Funk and John C. Ingrun Loan money security. on personal and oouatf"-*' Buy arid sell Government bonds. Will pay 2 per cent per annum on certificate* ot depoBlTg. when deposited eii month); 8 par cent per annum when left one year. Boxes in Safety Deposit Vault*, for sat* ketplag; of valuable papers, rented at from $5 to »13 per year. * * * But tha hour for parting had come, and the seventh reunion of Company K was over until next fall, when thev hope to meet again at the residence of Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Miller of Star City. Following are the names of the members present: Lieut. J. H. McMillen and wife of Logansport: James Sharp, Camden, Ind : Samuel Miller and wife, Mooresburg, Ind.; Hugh Landry and wife, Clymers, lad.: Joseph Gibson and wife, Daniel Morrison and wife, W. H. Brandt and wife, at,d Simuel Ross and wife, all of Noble township. Sons and daughters of veterans were present as follows: Bessie McMillen, Emma and Laura Brandt, John and David Brandt, Olive and Earl Ross, Charles Bott and wife, Charles KDSS and wife, Samuel Gottschall and wife, and Grandmother Ross. * Special Excursion to Marlon ria JPenn- sykania Lines. Sund ay, Nov. 7th for the Catholic church dedication a special train will leave Logansport at 8:40 a. m., central time, via Pennsylvania^lines for Marion tl.20 round trip; return- Ing, special train will leave Marion at 7 p. m. same day. The ceremony will be conducted by the Bishop of the diocese, assisted by many of the clergy. Accidental Shooting AD Italian laborer at Kenneth was accidentally shot Tuesday by some one who was out hunting. He will probably lose the sight of bis left eye. Chrysantftemnm Show Excursion to Indianapolis rla Penngjlranla Lines. Nov. 3d and 4th, low rate excursion tickets will be sold to Indianapolis from Logansport and Intermediate tiicket stations on Pennsylvania lines for the annual Chrysanthemum show; return coupons valid Sunday, NOT. 7., For rent—Vandalia hotel at Vain- dalia depot. Inquire Wm. Shanahaa. Treat Your Child Fairly. The health of your children Is a stubborn question. Some children seem to thrive under every adverse, condition, Oobers with every care are ilckly and weak and nothing seems to help them. They are frail, puny, constantly ailing. Take your child to the greatest specialist in children's diseases. Dr. Greene, of Nervum fame, has discovered the most wonderful remedy for curing children. No charge what- e rr er Is made for consultation or advice, whether you call or write, at( the office of Dr. Greene's remedies 148 State street, Chicago, 111. Th success of theae world-famous medi cines in treating children's disease is phenomenal, and your child sboult have this chance to be strong ant well. Everybody admires health children, and no one has done so much to make children healthy as these marvelous medicines. Your child IB entitled to health and this advice and treatment will build up and strengthen the weak constitution. No Pain! No Danger! Teeth extracted without pain or after effects, such as ..sore mouth, sore gums, etc. Absolutely »afe «nd patoles. The Finest and Best method of CROWN and BRIDGE Work. The most natural-looking artificial Teeth on new method COHES1VB • PLATES, guaranteed to fit. *g-No charge for extracting without pala when new teeth are to bt supplied. Dr. VV. T. Hurtt, DENTIST!, 311 . •OrerFlnher'fiDfugBton McCoy's New European Hotel COR. CLARK AND VAN BUREN .fl. CHICAGO. Hood's Pills Best to take after dinner: prevent distress, aid digestion, cure constipation. Purely vegetable: do not gripe or emus* pain. Sold by »I1 <tru»gi»i«. » eenti. only bjr C. L Hood *: Co, iawtU, JUn. An ExpenslTe l>nck Soil. After going through two justices courts and a week's trial in the circuit court at Delphi the case of John E. Timmons and wife against Wilson Sterrett, charging him with stealing thirty ducks, is bound for the supreme court of the state. The parties In the case are neighbors in Rock Creek township, Cirroll county. Timmons missed ducks and set a trap by clipping the toes of a half dozen which were found in Sterrett's possession afterward. Timmons hag won the latest round. The costs in the case are already 1500. Wanted, a good stout boy to drive delivery wagon and make himself generally useful, also young man who understands cabinet making. Good steady job. Apply at new store, Pythian block, Monday morning. Smake]tbe Oolanblk cigar^ FIRE PROOF. One block from C. R. I. A- P. and I.. S. & yt. S. Ball ros.4 depot. Improvements costing $75,000.00 have just been completed, and the house now offers every convenience to be found in »ny :otel, including hot and cold water, electric ight and steam heat In every room. Rates 75 cents per day and upwards. First class restaurant in connection. WILLIAM McCOY, Owner «ad Proprietor. THE, First National Bank, CAPITAL 1250,000 A. /. MURDOCK, PRESIDEHT, W. W. ROSS, CASHTBB, J. F. BROOKMEYER, Aser. DLK«CTO*S: A. I . Uurdock, W. H, Brintfiurtt, CT.I, B. S. Xloe, 3. F, TuDtta, I H. JUrwooe. BcnHnc in aU Iti Deputnwau promptly tad ouwfullj- done. 3«fetr 10 CuKODttn M afbt for. Stronr ItoMrTVjraad lf«lnfllM<

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