The Colonies and India from London, Greater London, England on February 15, 1896 · Page 36
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The Colonies and India from London, Greater London, England · Page 36

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1896
Page 36
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1 IV THE COLONIES AND INDIA FEB. 15, 189(5 The SUBSCRIPTION LIST will CLOSE on MONDAY, February 17th, 1896, for both Town and Country. The West Australian Gold Output for the year ending December last amounted to no less than 231,512 ozs., valued at £880,000. In the FINANCIAL NEWS of the 6th September last, the following appears :—It is, " Mr. Schmeisser's public statement at Kalgoorlie that he is 'satisfied as to the continuiiy in depth of the Reefs in the Hannan's District.' " THE TIMES of January 6th, 1896, states as follows :—" It is impossible for anyone who has visited and traversed the Coolgardie Gold Field, and lias used his eyes, to doubt the groat future of this vast auriferous area." The necessary Working Capital having been guaranteed, the Directors will proceed to Allotment on the 17th day of February, 1896. HANNAN'S CONSOLIDATED BOLD MINES, HANNAN'S FIND, KALGOORLIE DISTRICT. 48 ACRES. Begistered under the Companies Acts, 1862 to 1890. In Shares of each, of which 50,000 Shares PAYABLE * is. per Share on Application, 4s. on Allotment, 5s. on 151)1 d are now offered for Subscription AT PAR. ay of March, 5s. on 15th day of April, and 5s. on 15th day of May, 1896. DIRECTORS. 1). W. WALES, Esq. (Director of Cassidy Hill Coolgardie Gold Mines, Limited), I'almerston Buildings, Old Broad Street, E.C. K. TERROT, Esq. (Director African Pioneers, Limited), Woodstone Manor, Peterborough. Major-General BATES (Director of Finance Corporation of Western Australia, Limited), Goldsmith Avenue, Acton, Middlesex. CHARLES B. PRUST, Esq., J.P. (Director of Hannan's Excelsior Gold Mines, Limited), 167 Holland Road, Kensington, London, W. CHARLES BRADLEY, Esq. (Director of The Cassidy Hill Coolgardie Gold Mines, Limited), " Leighwoods," Richmond, Surrey. BANKERS. London-Messrs. BROWN, JANSON, & CO., 32 Abchurch Lane, London, E.C. West Australia—WEST AUTRALIAN BANK, Perth, and Branches. (London Agents—11 Leadenhall Street, London, E.C.) SOLICITOR W. A. THOMSON, Esq., 3 West Street, Finsbury, London, E.C, BROKER. EDMUND BELLAIRS, Esq., 35 Bucklersbury, London, E.C , and Stock Exchange. CONSULTING ENGINEER. THOMAS COLLINGWOOD KITTO, Esq., M.E., Cedar Lodge, Islewortli, Middlesex. AUDITORS. Messrs. GORDON & CO., Chartered Accountants, 4 King Street, Cheapside, London, E.C. SECRETARY AND OFFICES. W. A. LACK, Portland House, Basinghall Street, London, E.C ABEIDO-BU ZPIROSIPIEaTTjrS- T HIS Company is formed to acquire gold-mining properties in the Hannan's District, Western Australia, comprising 48 acres. The properties are situated within the proved auriferous belt, about 2 miles from the Hannan's Township on the Broad Arrow Road, and have three distinct reefs running through them. They have been most carefully reported upon by the best known mining experts on the field, all of whom confirm their great value and excellent situation. Under date 16th November, Mr. T. E. HARDY, M.E., Managing Director of "Tindal's Extended Gold Mining Company,'' and late Manager of "The Empress" of Coolgardie Gold Mines, in his report on this property inter alia says :— *'I herewith beg to tender my report, with plan attached, on the Caledonian Mine, situated at Kalgoorlie." " SITUATION.—The properly is situated two (2) miles north of Hannan's Township, within the limits of the gold-bearing belt of that highly auriferous district." . " AREA.—The property consists of two 24-acre blocks, numbered 1482E and 144915 respectively, and comprises an area of 48 acres." "LODES.—There is a strong vein of ironstone and quartz running in a north-westerly direction through the leases, the outcrop can be traced for several chains on the surface, and in some places very wide ; on Block No. 1449E a shaft has been sunk to a depth of 65 ft. on this lode, which shows strong and well defined at this level; average samples taken from this shaft assayed from -2.\ to 3 oz. per ton. On Block 1482E there are several veins of gold-bearing quartz and ironstone which have been opened up by costeens and trenches in various places, and in all instances show payable GOLD." "OUTCROP.—There is a large ironstone outcrop in the centre of the property which shows traces of gold, and should open up well." "TIMBER.—Timber suitable for mining purposes is plentiful within a reasonable distance from the mine." "There is a good battery site on the property, and water could be obtained by sinking. A good supply has been struck on other claims in the same locality." "The lode formation is similar to other well-known mines on the Hannan field, being in the line of the various lodes that have been opened up through the ' Brown Hill,' ' Hannan's Hill,' and other mines on the same auriferous belt. The 1 Caledonian' should prove a valuable investment, and rank among the best mines at Hannan's." In addition to the above Report, before the terms of purchase were concluded, the independent opinions of three of the best known mining experts on the field were obtained, viz. :—Mr. LESLIE NORMAN, Mr. FEARBY, and Mr. H. M. DEAKIN. Mr. LESLIE NORMAN cables as follows : — " Two well-defined and strong veins of Ironstone run through Lease 1449E. The outcrop runs East and West. It has been well prospected by a Shaft of 65 ft. depth, cut at right angles, following the course of vein in each case, consisting mostly of Ironstone and quartz. Having made the most careful examination, I conclude from this that Ore-bodies in large quantities exist therein." " In 1482E Lease, two veins of gold-bearing quartz run N.W. which are working with good prospects of success in the centre of Lease. It has an outcrop of considerable width of Ironstone." "Another vein bearing about W. by N. gives evidence of Ironstone. The Ore is highly auriferous. I picked up samples of Ore showing traces of gold, consisting of schistose, quartz, and Ironstone." This has subsequently been confirmed by Mr. LESLIE NORMAN'S Report, dated 17th October, 1895, wherein he states: " There are also a couple of east and west quartz veins, apparently running into the northerly ore-bodies." "The surface indications are of an extremely favourable character, and establish the existence of three parallel ore-bodies, corresponding in every respect to the 'Hannan's Mullocky' formations. In my judgment, the development of the property will be attended with gratifying results.' Mr. FEARBY reports by cable: — " LEASE 1449E. Two strong well-defined veins of Ironstone traverse the property running N.W. and S.E. On the Cap of the main, two Costeens, 17 ft. wide, have been dug at right angles on the full breadth of the lode. Another well-defined lode extends S.W., andjoins the above in the centre of the Lease, which appears to come down the Hill." " On the other side of the Hill exists another outcrop of the lode." " In conclusion of my Report I say that, owing to the favourable situation and formation of ground, which is very similar to the richest mines in the neighbourhood, the mine will be very remunerative." Timber is plentiful for fuel and for mining." The above has been confirmed by a subsequent Report, dated October 18th, 1895, wherein Mr. FEARHY says :— " The mines are situated about 2i miles north of the Hannan's Township, on the Broad Arrow Road, and are part of the belt of country extending north from ' Hannan's,' and I am of opinion that it will be traced to the lakes between ' Hannan's ' and the ' Arrow.' " " About the centre of the outcrop there is another large formation, bearing S.S.W. and N.N.E. This has the appearance of coming from the large ironstone capped hill that stands in the centre of the two blocks, and up to the present all of these ironstone hills are the capping of the lode formation in this part of the field, the gold and the ironstone being associated in every instance. In some instances they carry very rich gold at the junction with the large lodes traversing this rich belt of country." Mr. HENRY M. DEAKIN says : " I can only confirm the foregoing statements. I have dollied an average sample, the result has been 3 oz. of gold per ton." " I strongly recommend the Mines. The titles are in perfect order, transfer deeds are registered according to instructions, and lodged with the Bank of Western Australia." It can safely be said that nothing in the whole history of gold-quartz mining can compare with the great value of mines in the " Hannan's" District; and the richness of the lodes is. conclusively proved by crushings obtained from the different properties. The " Great Boulder " Company during its short existence has produced something like 28,000 ounces of gold from 4,550 tons of quartz, an average of over 6 ounces per ton. Many_ equally phenomenal instances of the great richness of properties being worked in this district could be given, and the following is a list of a few Companies situated in the vicinity of the " Hannan's Consolidated Gold Mines, Limited," with the Premiums at which the Shares stand, and will give intending Investors some idea of the great value and unique situation of this Company's property. Whose £1 Shares are quoted at Cassidy Hill . ..... i| if Associated Gold Mines .. if 2 Kalgurlie Gold Mines .. if 2 Hannan's True Blue .... t& 2& Lake View 2^ 2.% Hannan's Reward 3! 4 Great Boulder 5! 6 Hannan's Brownhill 6\ 6f Or a Premium of about 50 per cent. 87^ per cent. 75 per cent. 90 per cent. 150 per cent. 275 per cent. 475 per cent. 550 per cent. The price to be paid for the property has been fixed at ,£120,000, payable : as to .£20,000 in cash, and as to the balance, one moiety in fully paid-up shares, and the other moiety in fully paid-up shares or cash, at the option of the Directors, leaving ;£30,000 available for subscription for Working Capital, which has been guaranteed. The Vendors will pay all the expenses of and incident to the formation and promotion of the Company up to and including the first allotment of Shares. Application for Shares should be made on, or in accordance with, the form enclosed in the Prospectus, and sent with the required deposit to the Bankers of the Company. If the Shares allotted be less than the number applied for, the surplus of the amount paid on deposit will be appropriated towards the amount due on allotment, and where no allotment is made the deposit will be returned in full. Prospectuses and Application Forms may be obtained at the Offices of the Company, and also of the Bankers and Brokers. Fruited by SPOTT1SW00DE & CO., Loudou.for; The European Mail (Limited), nud Published at the Offices, Imperial Buildings, Ludgate Circus, KG.—Feb. IS, 1896. 1

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