Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on March 23, 2002 · 49
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 49

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 23, 2002
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I ' D4 Saturday, March 23, 2002 Life & Arts Austin American-Statesman Grieving up about Q: We have passed through Vidor a number of times over the years and seen these billboards olT Interstate 10 about a murder. I'm very curious about them. Can you help? Sandy Murtagh Al The billboards were erected by the family of Kathy Fulton Page, who was murdered in May 19!) 1. No one has been convicted of the rape and death of the mother of two; however, in 1999 an Orange County jury ordered the victim's husband, Steve Page, to pay $200,000 to the Fulton famiiy. The signs remain along the interstate, according to reporters at the Beaumont Enterprise. The victim's father vows to leave them up until a conviction. The signs are provocative, for example: "This is Orange County, City of Vidor. Here you get by with brutally murdering a woman.." Q: I saw the space shuttle coming recently. How do they set this big craft to land in Florida without any power? It seems that if they make a mistake and miss the runway, they are out of luck since they have no power to return. It's amazing that this craft can arrive at the end of the runway at the correct speed after traveling at such a high rate of speed from such a long distance. Floyd Ermis Arts Honor Roll By Michael Barnes American-Statesman Arts Writer Arts Honor Roll recognizes significant achievements by Central Texas artists. Stephanie Joiner Texas Commission on the Arts Young Master Stephanie Joiner of Austin is one of 14 Texas artists to win the TCA's young master scholarship of $2,500 a year to Stephanie Joiner ; - . .111,1 I tfci.., 1 ssSa GOSFORD PARK J.lV '" TA AT FOUR NOW PLAYING CHICK THIATHI DIRECTORY On CALL FOR r" " " " " " " " " vp " " (NOT THAT CLOSE) Y i fx pf " - fi ICHSIIPinURESfwrn Oifilllflll-SIEililS-niBllliimriwi "SOlUlilfiflflJ" BHIIfifllSOfl . 1 I i s 11111 1IISSI1II1 Iflfllll 111111 - 1 wmm BHiiBii WBi?iyB8i 11111 "'aiiiin 1 ; .... . RlijgJl!KlEM a - : '--0' " PfPllff rTl nxwi 7 t bartoncreek highlandm . CFNFPAl flNFMA 1 u Cat b J ti mrn'm 17 2401 REGAl CINEMAS LAKELINt MALL REGAL CINEMAS GATEWAY QpiMl ol Thai 183 416-500 X3808 181 1 60 416- 500 M3B09 CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORY OR CALL FOR family put signs slain daughter u Jane ( 1 cvjl Greig " A A: The shuttle is amazing. Traveling at close to 18,000 mph in orbit, the shuttle faces unique landing challenges. Slowing down as it approaches the Earth's atmosphere by firing rockets, the shuttle also goes through a series of S turns to slow down. In addition, the rudder and wings are manipulated (much like a jet) to continue the slowdown. Finally a speed brake is used while the vertical tail opens and a parachute is deployed. The speed brake and the parachute produce a drag on the shuttle. It is estimated that the shuttle touches the runway at about 215 mph and comes to a halt about three-quarters down the runway. Q) My New Year's resolution is to recycle more. I've noticed that most plastic is marked for recycling, but the cap has no markings. Are caps to plastic containers recyclable? G. Colbert A: Not in Texas, at least not at present, says Patrick Jones, oper pursue further arts education. She is an 1 1 th grader at Lake Travis High School and has been studying the performing arts for most of her 16 years, with more than 13 years devoted to dance training and 12 years to acting training. She is a member of the Texas Music Educators Association All-State Choir and the Austin Musical Theater's Junior Performance Troupe. She plans to continue her study with her private voice instructor and performance coach, Sylvia Gallo. Melissa McChristian Texas Commission on the Arts Young Master ' Melissa McChristian of Pfluger- DINNER AT EIGHT MURDER AT MIDNIGHT CINrMARK TINSELTOWN 17 5501 IH-3S N. 326-3800 CINFMARK BARTON CREEK CINEMA Hwy. 360 & Walsh lailton 306-1688 SHOWTIMES AND BOUND INFORMATION. ( v101 ol Tcx iS Miildlf Fkvi11' M FFW I B I K I 1 Af I A R. I TINSFI TOWN USA I CINEMARK CINEMARK TINSELTOWN TINSELTOWN 17 1-35. N. w FM 1625 5S01 IH 35 N. 989 8540 3J6-3800 SHOWTIMES AND SOUND INFORMATION. ations coordination of Ecology Action of Texas. The plastic bottles have been blow molded; however, the caps were made by injection molding. The plastic used in these two processes is different. The first is recyclable; the latter is not. Great resolution, by the way! Q: This will seem like an unusual question, but can you tell me how to put tarnish back onto an object quickly? I recently purchased an old copper plaque. I decided to polish it. Now I've decided I like it better tarnished. Kris Rergeson A: It may be difficult to re-create that original tarnish look. Try a product such as Brass Antiquing Solution ($8.25 at Breed & Co., 3663 Bee Cave Road). Professionals like Darren Wicker at Austin Brass, 5451 Burnet Road, use vats of chemical oxidizers to tarnish copper, brass or silver by submersion. The trick, says Wicker, is to do it evenly without pitting the metal. Average price? $75. You could wait (months or years) for nature to do the job for you. Contact Jane Greig at P.O. Box 670, Austin 78767; (512) 445-3697; e-mail or fax (512) 445-3968. For more Jane Greig, visit www.statesman.comlifegreig. ville also won a yCA young master scholarship. She is an 11th grader at Pflugerville High School. Melissa has studied various techniques and media: point-illism, char Melissa McChristian 1 ' i fFft ACADEMY AWARD NOMINATIONS X INCLUDING - ,. NOW PLAYING RFGAL WESTGATE MALL In Weslgale Mall 416-5700x3807 REGAL GATEWAY 16 9700 Stone Lake Blvd. 416-5700x3808 RFRA1 LAKELINE 11200 Lakeline Mall Dr. 416-5700x3803 CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES I IMUW rLAT IIMIJl REGAL RFGAl REGAL " REGAL CINEMARK LAKELINE GATEWAY 16 METROPOLITAN WESTGATE CINEMA 11 MOVIES 8 ROUNDROCK 112001 Mat Dr. 9700 Slone Lake Blvd. 1-35 Slassney Lane Snth lamv I Ben WrM HHfEttSAWCBHW 416-5700 x 3809 416 5700 x3808 447-0101 512 899 2717 388 2848 CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES OR CALL FOR SHOWTIMES. SORRY, NO PASSES OR DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED. O'Donnell feels betrayed by documentary makers By Christy Lemire Associated Press NEW YORK Rosie O'Donnell is asking to have her name and voice removed from an Oscar-nominated documentary after learning that the filmmakers are involved in a group that has been described as a homophobic cult. The talk show host, who recently came out as a lesbian, narrated "Artists and Orphans; A True Drama," about a New York theater group that travels to the former Soviet republic of Georgia to help orphaned and abandoned children. The film is competing against two other documentary shorts for an Academy Award on Sunday. O'Donnell, who has three adopted children and has been a vocal proponent of gays adopting children, volunteered to narrate the short. But her spokeswoman said Wednesday that O'Donnell found out this week that the filmmakers including director Lianne Klapper McNally are involved with the Fourth Way School. The group emphasizes personal development, and, according to various newspaper reports, bans homosexuals and believes gays shouldn't be parents. "If Rosie had known the truth about this organization, she never would have consented to lend her name and voice," said O'Donnell's publicist, Cindi Berger. She added that "Rosie is angry coal, pastellos, pens and prisma with mixed media. She plans to' attend the summer program at the Art Institute of Chicago and study visual arts at Austin-area museums. Send notice of significant achievements in the arts, along with a non-returnable photograph of the artist, to Michael Barnes or Box 670, Austin, TX 78767. CINfcMARK TINSELTOWN USA 1-35 NorlhStassney Ln. (512) 326-3800 CINEMARK TINSELTOWN USA ALAMO DRAFT HOUSE lNFM 1825 Pflugemlle 270OW ANDERSON LN. (512)989-8529 476-1320 OR CALL FOR SHOWTIMES. 1 that the background wasn't disclosed to her." Klapper McNally has an unlisted phone number and did not immediately respond to an e-mail request for comment. The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences also did not immediately return a call for comment; voting for the awards concluded Tuesday. David Goldstein, a lawyer representing the film, told New York's Daily News that suggesting that "Artists and Orphans" is "the work of some kind of nefarious cult is completely baseless." "Furthermore, the inflammatory accusation that certain people affiliated with the film are involved in an organization that endangers the welfare of children or discriminates against . . . gays and lesbians or families is without foundation," Goldstein said. Rick Ross, a New Jersey-based cult expert and lecturer who helped deprogram Branch Da-vidians in the mid-'90s, said the Fourth Way is a cult and excludes gays. "They must renounce their sexual preference and work toward becoming heterosexual," said Ross, who said he has spent hours talking with former members. Articles from 1996 in the Los Angeles Times and from 1995 in the San Diego Union-Tribune about a branch of the Fourth Way School, in Oregon House, Calif., said the group bans gays. m SHUWHMt1. VALID f OR SAI MAK 23 ONLY ALAMO MAFTHOVSE DOWNTOWN 409 COLORADO MR. SINUS IntAItR JOWJ mHNIl IUI OUN :W MR. SINUS THEATER 1000 PRESENTS MAC t ME 9: RfKI-OH - THE STORY OF RICKY - MIDNITt ALAMO DMFTH0UH NORTH - 2700 W AHDEISON Si motin before b, iludenl, jeniw 4 Digital Sonovnd BLADE 2 1304 15 705 945 I 4 BEAUTIFUL MIND 1245 400 700 VI WE WEBE SOLDIERS 110 420 740 1035 4 DONNE 0ARK0 1015 4 ROYAL TENEN6AUMS 210 950 ? DEVOLUTION OS 500 730 ti rat W f n I r iS - i j NOW PLAYING REGAL GATEWAY 16 9700 Slone Lake Blvd. 416-5700x3808 REGAL LAKELINE 11200 Lakeline Mall Dr. 416-5700 x 3809 CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES OR CALL FOR SHOWTIMES. A 1 mm w (mm 6 , VILLAGE BOAQSHGW PICKS IlllSICllllllflll umiiiiiiiiiiiii HPUW! alffl JAISIASSIHR ERIC KsLEOD BOyCE BEBMAN s,r JOHGE SARALEGU1 XEIIH SHAROM ... HIRED &0OOH It I'M MILLAR """I! JORGE SARAlEGill JAHE ROSENTHAL PG -1 3 MRttTS mma caudohcd c VUACZ HCWBHCrW ftClWEI Action Vlownc, Languag And Soma Drug Content wnw.slnwliiiicgioile.CM America NOW PLAYING RFQAI RFOAL LAKELINE 1 l?OG k akslina Mull Or 416-5700 x 3B09 RFGAt METROPOLITAN l-3t dj 81nsflniiy Lant 447-0101 GATEWAY 1 9700 Stons Lak Blvd. 416-6700 X3808 CHECK THEATRE DIRECTORIES OR CALL FOR SHOWTIMES. Watch the Academy BLADE 11(H) - ID REQUIRED 11200 12 30 2 30 ?55 5201 7 20 7W9 501020oa SORORITY BOYS (Rl ID REQUIRED (12 20 2 45 5 00)7 15 9.30 oio E.T.(PG) (12I0240515I7.501025OIO ICE AGE (Pa) 12 00 12 30 2 IS 2 45 4 30 5 001 7LJ0 7.30 9fl0 93) do SHOWTIME (PG-13) (12 30 2 45 5 15) 7 30 9.45 oio HARRISON'S FLOWERS (R)- ID REQUIRED (1200 2 36510)7451020 dio RESIDENT EVILIR - ID REQUIRED 1245 3:10 5 301 800 10:20 oio THE TIME MACHINE (PQ-13) (12 30 3 00 5 301 7 45 10 15 oio ALL ABOUT THE BENJAMINS HI- IU heuuiheu (12.004.451 9.45 Did BIG FAT LIAR (PG) (5 00) oio WE WERE SOLDIERS(R)- ID REQUIRED (1 00 4 00) 7:00 10.00 oio 40 DAYS ft 40 NIGHT 5 H) - IU HtUUIHCU M n 3.15 5 30)7:40 9.45 JOHNQ(PG-13) (2:l5)7:15oio BLACK HAWK OOWN(R)- ID REQUIRED (4 10) 10:00 oio A BEAUTIFUL MIND (PG-13) (1.004:00) 7 00 10:00 oio LORD OF THE RINGS (PG-13) (12.15 4 00) BOO oio COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO (PG-13) II 00) 7:10 oio NOW HIRING ASST. MGRS NOW HIRING - APPLY AT THEATRE BLADE II (R)- ID REQUIRED (1 1:50 12 15 W0 2-15 245 3 30 4 50 5 201 7 00 7 30 8 00 9 40 10:15 10 45 oio SORORITY BOYS (R- ID REQUIRED (12 00 12 40 2 25 3 15 4 40 545! MO 815 9:bb IU A) OIO SHOWTIME (PG-13) (12 00 1245 2:20 3:00 4 35 5 30) 7:15 7:50 9 30 10:25 oio HARRISON'S FLOWERS (R) - ID REQUIRED (1 IS 4 JU) I J3 lu noB WE WERE SOLDIERS(R)- ID REQUIRED (12 30 1:15 3.40 4 JO) MU f JO 111 U3 1U:JD DIG 40 DAYS i 40 NIGHTS (R) - ID REQUIRED (12 .05 3.uud:iu) r:iuiu.uuoiG DRAGONFLY (PG-13) (2:50) 7.45 oio MONSTER'S BALL (R) - ID REQUIRED (12:30 3:05 &:4U)B.UDlU.4UOIG COLLATERAL DAMAGE (R)- ID REQUIRED (12 20 3:05) 6:00 dig COUNT OF MONTE CRISTO(PH-13) 112055:10) 10UU oio BROTHERHOOO OF THE WOLF(R)- ID REQUIRED 8 30 dio a in m, iH,iiT77,v.-i.nnTni SORORITY BOYS(R)- ID REQUIRED (12 05 12 35 2 25 2 50 4 35 5 US) la a: JU iu:3 DIG RESIDENT EVIL(R)- ID REQUIRED (1200 1 00 2 20 3 25 4 4UI 10 45 S.J5 IU JU DIG MONSOON WEDDING (R)- ID REQUIRED (1240 3 13 :J3 1UAJOIG 40 DAYS 4 40 NIGHTS (R)- ID REQUIRED (12 10 2J54 55):Ua5UDIG JOHN Q (PG-13) (12:50 3 35) 7:25 10.00 dig BIG FAT LIAR (PG) (12 25 2 40 4:50) dig BLACK HAWK DOWN (R)- ID REQUIRED 705 10.10 dig A BEAUTIFUL MIND(PG-13) (12 153 101650720945 10 15dig HARRY POTTER (PG) (12.45 3 50) 7:00 10 05 oio MONSTERS. INC:(G) (12 20 2 30 4 45) dig NOW HIRING - APPLY AT THEATRE E.T.(PG) (100 4:20)7:10 1 0:00oiG BLADE ll(R)- ID REQUIRED (12002405:10) 7:50 10:15 oio SORORITY BOYS(R)- ID REQUIRED (12:503:10 5 30) 8:00 10:10 dig ICE AGE (PG) (12 40 3:00 5:20) 7:40 9:46 dig SHOWTIME (PG-13) (12:152:304:50) 7:30 9.40 dig RESIDENT EVIL(R)- ID REQUIRED (12:10 2 20 4:40) 7559:40 dig THE TIME MACHINE (PG-13) 11052 154,30) 7:20 9:30 oio WE WERE SOLDIERS(R)- ID REQUIRED (1220) 700 9:55 dig RETURN TO NEVER LAND (G) (12.30 2 50 5:00) oio A BEAUTIFUL MIND (PG-13) 7.059:50dig Theatre Closed Thank You For Your Patronage S L IME - F'm mm m CINEMARK TINSELTOWN USA 1-35 N FM 1825 Pflugerville (512) 989-8529 CINEMARK CINEMARK EFW BARTON CREEK TINSELTOWN USA HIGHLAND 10 Hwy 360 Walsh Tarlton I-35 NorthSlassney Ln. I-35 8 Mrtf Fiskville Rd. 306-1688 (512)326-3800 512-467-7305 SORRY, NO PASSES OR DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED. fw. w. r.r.w r - lots of LAUGHS along with some heart-stopping action: .Jmm WbH, JUNNf WW'S HOUliWOOD "THE LAUGHS NEVER STOP in this insanely funny and Incredibly entertaining movie." Skow.dWrfifM.lV "A truly HILARIOUS mix of gags, guns, giggles and clever character comedy. Eddie Hurphy and Robert DeNiro make the year's most DYNAMIC COMEDY DUO." M4SMikKB.1V . KPT 1E1I1NI . IIRIAI ,,., is risen on inn Rimisso llSllJtIilERJIUillSISIRI - limiill I) IUIH WAHNKR BHlVS PKTl'RKS wff iMMncl Wm h Online leyworl: Strcwlint lit cavil CINt- MAHK TINSELTOWN USA .35N)FM Pflugwvillt (512) 989-8529 CINFMARK EFW BARTON CREEK HIGHLAND 10 Hwy 960 (9) WRtsn Taillan l-JS It MiddIA Flflkville Rd. 306-1688 512-467-7305 SORRY, NO PASSES OR DISCOUNT TICKETS ACCEPTED. Awards March 24

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