London Mercury from London, Greater London, England on November 14, 1891 · Page 14
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London Mercury from London, Greater London, England · Page 14

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Saturday, November 14, 1891
Page 14
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Palace Miss Maointyre and Mdlle. Janotha' constituted between them the chief attraction of the afternoon, but the artistic treat of the concert was a fine rendering of Berlioz's fantastic symphony " Episode in the Life of an Artist." The long-promised representation of "Les Hugueuots" in Frenohjfetook place at Covent Garden on Monday night, in the presence of a fairly numerous audience. The event thus, appropriately enough, occurred at the same time as the centenary performance of Meyerbeer's masterpiece at the Paris Grand Opera. M. Cossira as Baoul, Mile. Martini as Valentine, and M.' Oastelmary as Maroel carried off the chief honours, the two first- named artists shining to far greater advantage than in any other parts they have played this season. The grand duets were capitally sung. Mr. Irving delivered an address on "The Art of Acting " to the Edinburgh Philosophical Institution on Monday. Of all the arts, none, he said, required greater attention than the actor's craft. He dismissed as unworthy of consideration those who asserted that acting was not an art at all. Poetry, painting, sculpture, music, architecture— all had a bearing on their time, and beyond it; and the actor, though his knowledge might be, and must be, limited by the knowledge of his age, so long as he sounded the notes of human passion had something which was common to all the ages. If he could bring or restore in ever so slight degree the sunshine of hope, of pleasure, of gaiety, surely he n ould not have worked in vain. Mr. James Monro, O.B., who succeeded Sir Charles Warren as Commissioner of Metropolitan Police, and resigned because in his opinion the Home Office was not sufficiently liberal on the subject of superannuation, has left England in the Chusan for Calcutta. He is accompanied by his daughter, and, according to the Becord, goes out to start, independently, and at his own charges, a mission in Bengal. ^ Mr. Monro proposes to work as a simple evangelist in the same part of India in which he formerly held high office. Some of Mr. Monro's old colleagues in the police force, at a farewell meeting, presented the ex-Commissioner and Miss Monro with Bibles. A large number of friends took farewell at Liverpool Street Station, and wished him every success in his new work. THE P. & 0. COMPANY'S STEAMERS. OHUBAN. London, Nov. 12; Naples, Nov, 21. To Calcutta.—Mr and Mrs Buller and child. Mr and Miss Momo, Mr Howaid Fox, Mr W Davidson, Mr S M low, Miss Low. Mr» Oopewell, Mrs Stonier, Mis and Misce< Pngh, Mr Fugh, jun, UrFEH Power, Mr Goidard, Mrs Barron, Mr Kenway, Mr Clark, Miss Kiraber, Mr end Mrs Butler. Miss Devenell, Mrs Bandilands, Miss Birch, Mr W P Young, Mrs Gordon Gumming, Mies Pender, Mr G SHar. Mr HE Bamber. Mr A D Wordd, Mr F Holford. Mr H Channev. From Naples.—Mr T B Anderson, Mr A F Simeon. From IsmaiUa.—Mrs Howard Fox, To Shanghai.—Mr G- 8 Woodward, Mr A Menziea, Mr Frank Bhindler, Mr Burnett, Miss Wells, Mrs Shaw, Mies CUmeron. . From Naples.—Mr and Mrs G Brown, child and nurse. To Hong Kong.—Bev E B and Mrs fleauchamp, Mr K H Keat°. To Singapore.—Mr,"Mrs, and Misses Bhelford, Mr and Mrs Welman. infant, and maid, Mr and Mrs Tripp, two children, and nurse, Mr and Mrs Maxwell, Mr and Mrs Gerard Oaliaghan and maid, Mr and Mrs Maxwell, Mr and Mrs Bymons Fry. To Yokohama.—Mr and Mrs J Banks. Miss Binks. Mr Banks, jun. To Colombo.—Mr Ni'col, Mrs Rout ledge, Misses Rout'edge (two), Mr T 0 Bury, Miss Young. From Naples.—Mr T 0 Owen, Mr and Mrs S Edwards and maid, Mr H Evans. From Ismallia.—Mr G M Cookson. To Ismailia.—Hon C and Mrs Berkeley, Mrs Bailey, Bir T Farrar, Bev W Statham, Mrs Lawes. From Naples.—Mr G Sherwood, Lady Farrar. To Madras.—Miss Tilt, Mr and Mrs Anders Larsen, Mrs Eagan. To Penang.—Mrs Hood Treaoher, ohild and maid, Miss Amphlet. To Naples.—Mr E Hennerde. To Gibraltar.—Mrs and Miss Oongreve. To Rangoon.—Mrs Tyndall, Oapt and Mrs Angel 8oott> To Aden.——From Gibraltar.—Mr Harris. To Bombay,——From Naples.—Mr Frestwick. THE BRITISH INDIA COMPANY'S STEAMERS REWA. Londvn, Nov. 19. To Aden,—Mr and Mrs 0 G Nune. To Naples.—Mrs Jackson and two daughters, Mr J Kibby. To Madras.—Bev J8W Shrewsbury. To Cochin.—Mr Geoffrey Raneome. x To Calcutta.—Mr L 0 Larking, Sister Sophie, Mr Connell, Mrs Packer and ohild, Mr. Mason, Mr J Plant, Mr J Yates. To Colombo.—Mrs Thomson and infant. ETHIOPIA. London, Nov. 23. To Mombasa.—Mr and Mrs M F Gordon, Miss Clowes, Mrs Gardner, Mr Bumess. Mr Gunther, Mr Pratley, Mr Crabtree, Mr Redman, Bishop Tucker. To Zanzibar.—Mr J Chambers. J DORTJNDA. London, Nw. 24, To Bowen.—Miss Florence Torn our. To Biisbane.—Mr Stewart, Mrs Stewart, Mr J Menziea. MOMBA8SA. London, Dec. 3. To Caloutta.—Mr H Walker, Mr and Mrs Wynn Griffith and maid, Mr H Oollinson, Mr 0 L Sidey, Bev O Cooper, Mrs W Currie and family. To Colombo.—Rev and Mrs E A Bell and infant, Mr W L Murray Menzies, Dr J Murdoch, Mr J Cook, Mr W B Miller, Mr T Miller, Miss Everett, INDIA, London, Dec. 8 To Aden.—Mr and Mrs WH Still. * To Batavia.—Mr W H Coleman. To Normanton.—Mr B & Till. To Brisbane.—Mrs Hill and family. GOLCONDA. London, Dec. 31. 2 To Calcutta.—Mr and Mrs W E Creaton, Mrs Hayes an daughters. To Madras.—Mr and Mrs Craig and infant. NOBDDETJTSGHER LLOYD. KAISER WILHELM II. From Southampton, Nov. 2, To Port Said.—Consul Holleboke, Misa Holleboke, DrHerzbruch* Mrs Herzbruoh, child and servants, Miss B Vilieaia. To Suez.—Miss Williams. To Colombo.—Mr H 0 Berwick, Mr JOaldicott, MrSewarand wife, Mr FM Hawley, Mr Wm Henkel, Miss Sophie Jiirgens, Mr Thomas McLean Lookhead, Mr J A Martin, Mr J 0 Murray- Aynsley, Miss J 0 Murray-Aynesley, Mr Louis Nordheim, Miss Oatha Petersen, Mr Phil Erdtis. C. A. GOODRICKE, INDIAN TEA ESTATE AGENT, 110, CANNON STREET, LONDON, E.C. LONDON AGENCIES ECONOMICALLY CONDUCTED. TEAS SOLD. Garden Stores shipped at Makers'gnet Prices. Estate Accounts regularly kept, audited, &c,, for Proprietors and Partnerships. Secretary to the Lungla Tea Co., Ld, Ac, &o. (Vide "H. & C. Mail" Supplement, April 24th, 1891 p. iii., Tea Co.'s Keports.) NEW GREAT FODDER PLANT. WAGHER'S LATHYRUS SIEVESTRIS, or FLAT PEA. Unrivalled natural foddei for horses and cattle; nutritive value of green fodder and hay equal to oats; yields, perennially, about six tons of hay an acre; baled pressed hay keeps sweet for years; every land and horse owner in India should grow it. (lbs, ef seed sow 1 acre; Seed, £2 2s. a lb. Full information and guaranteed genuine Seed obtainable only from T. B. OIiOTTMN, 258, High Holbom, LONDON, Wagner's Sole Authorised Agent throughout Asia. FOREIGN STAMP. An advanced collector, who is anxious to purchase a collection of stamps, would give a large sum for good one containing old issues, or would purchase rare stamps in bulk. Address, Collector, HOME AND COLONIAL MAIL, 188, Strand, W.C. A HOME and Pleasant Society are offered in the family of a^nedical man at Lough ton. The house is charmingly situated, on gravel soil, 12 miles from London, five minutes' walk from station, and half-an- hour's rail from City. Suitable for two or three friends, a married couple, or for children whose parents are in India; especially desirable for children requiring skilful education and medical care.—Address. K.. Post Office, Loughton, Essex. TO BE HAD AT ALL THE BOOKSTALLS THE MAGAZINE OF SHORT ST OKIES. Anecdotes, Adventures, Readings, Recitations, Every Number complete in itself. No continued stories. THE MAGAZINE OF SHORT STORIES is pnblishedmonthly, and each issue contains TWELVE T« FIFTEEN OOMPLET1 TALES, four or five Recitations, Familiar Quotations, Veritei Answers to Correspondents, _j NOTE .—TBJB MAGAZINE OF SHORT STORIES ULpublirtea regularly every month. B. 4 H. BENN1TT, Bedford House,MaidenJ*ne, Stmnd.Lendon NOW READY, THE SEVENTH QUARTERLY DIVISION OF THE MAGAZINE OF SHORT STORIES Containing 208 quarto pages of interesting reading- Forty-five well-written, deeply interesting Stories by popular authors. Divisions I. to VI. tan also be had to order at the Railway Bookstalls. E. & H. BENNETT,Bedford House, Maiden Lane, Strand,London. JUST PUBLISHED. Oomplete in one handsome demy 8vo. volume, 605 pages, 82 foil-page illustrations, and a frontispiece in colours, the world-renownei story THE POOR GIRL, By PIERCE EGAN, Author of The Wonder of Kingswood Chace,' " The Flower of the 'Hook,'* Imogen, or the Marble Heart, Ac, &e. E. & H. BENNETT, Bedford House, Maa n Lane, Strand, London NOW READY, . Complete in one volume, fancy covers, with 13 original wood engravings, the fascinating story entitled— THE MARQUIS OF DALEW00D The History of a Family Secret. E. & H. BENNETT, Bedford House, Maiden Lan Strand, London From all the most Interesting Sources. This old-established Periodical is now under New Editorial Management, and in addition to the usual contents, comprizes the following additional features:—A full page Cartoon, by John Proctor; Dramatic and Musical Gossip; by a First Nighter; an original' Serial Story, written specially for RARE BITS; and appearing in no other paper; oomplete Tales of Love, Mystery, Imagination and Adventure, written by popular authors; Court and Society Jottings, Items of Interest; Answers to Correspondents. Legal Medi cal, and General Questions are answered free of charge. RARE BITS published every Wednesday morning, by E. and H. BENNETT, at the Office, Bedford House, Maiden Lane, Strand London, W.C. NORDDEUTSCHER LLOYD. Under Mail Contract with the Imperial German Government. REGULAR SERVICE (every 28 days) from BREMEN, ANTWERP, and SOUTHAMPTON, via GENOA, to PORT SAID, SUEZ, ADEN. COLOMBO. SINGAPORE, HONG KONG, SHANGHAI, and Japan Ports. Fastest Steamers in the China Trade. BAYEBNY4,580 tons 3.500 h.p Dec. 12. Passengers embarking at Genoa leave seven days later. To AUSTRALIA every 28 days, via Suez Canal, calling at Colombo. HOHENSTATJFJQN, 3,090 tons, 2,300 h.p., Deo. 26. Cuisine and accommodation unsurpassed. For through Fares from London, apply to the General Agents KELLER, WALLIS, & ©O., 65. 66 & 67, GrRACECHUROH ST., BS.O I T n « nnn 32, GOCKSPUR STREET, S.W. f JjUWUOW And at MANCHESTER and SOUTHAMPTON, or to PHEDLIPPB AND GRAVES, Botolph House, EaBtohea WHITELAW'S TELEGRAPH CYPHERS. The Largest Collection Published Arranged both in Alphabetical and Terminational Order. 338,200 WORDS in all, including N EW ENGLISH Work of 58,000. Seieoted on the principle that there shall be least two letters difference between each word, and that none of the words shall be telegraphically convertible WHITELAW'S TELEGRAPH CYPHER OFFICE, 24. Throgmorton Street, E.C; SPOTTISWOODB & Co., 54, Gracechuroh St., B.C. PALMEB& HOWE, Manchester. JAMKS MIOLBHOSB & SONS, Glasgow IP YOU HAVE A "HEADACHE" TAKE BISHOP'S EFFERVESCENT CITRATE OF CAFFEINE. It will cure you. All Doctors prescribe it as the best aid safest remedy for Headache. Read the Circular with eaoh bottle. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. Of all Chemistt, and of ths Inventors, ALFRED BISHOP & SONS, H, BPELHAH STREET, LONDON, EN0. NONE GENUINE WITHOUT THI8 TRADE MARK.

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