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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Tuesday, June 8, 1948
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BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS - THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKART A^IWL- "^ " ""^ - ** ^-^ VOL. XUV—NO. 64 - — — HouseCommittee Cuts $48 Million From AEG Budget Reduction Is Made £j Despite Lilienthal's *' Warning on Results *f Grant Dlllnun ,ff^ Jt ress Staff Correspondent WASHINGTON, June 8. (U.P.l — The House Appropriations Committee cut the Atomic Energy Commission's new budget 148,500,000 today despite a warning by Commission Chairman David E. Lilienlhal that any reduction might be "catastrophic." In an angry report accusing the agency ot "general extravagance."' o*nr£S m tee rec °nimenried $501,- B3U.UOO lo run Ihe commission ajid finance its work Oll the ato ~ lc bomb and other nuclear weapons in the 12 months beginning July l the committee ordered th e agency not, to cut back its military research as a result of the reductions. The slack, it said, should be (aken up in the "non-weapon, non- biological and non-medical" phases oi its work. It granted In full the commis- . •*° n s request for authority to write V'00,000,000 in contracts to expand its research work ana its output of fissionable materials. Atomic Manager Carroll L. Wilson said the contracts are part of a five-year expansion program aimed at Increasing this country's production of atomic bombs and other fissionable materials "far bevond that existing today.' ' Other Agencies Hit The cut In the commission's funds was part of an overall slash of I5M, 570,000 in the new funds of the Veterans Administration, Maritime Commission, Office of Defense Transportation, war Assets Administration and Housing Expediter. The committee also ordered the Office of Defense Transp-ortation and war assets administration liquidated when their legislative authority runs out next year. ODT's work will be absorbed by the Intcr- • state Commerce Commission. Sev- ^eral agencies will Inherit the activities of the War Assets Administration. President Truman had requestrtf $6,299,819,000 to operate the si:; Blythevtlle Courier BlytheviHe Daily Newi Mississippi Valley leader Blythevllle Herald NEWSPAPER or NORTHEAST ARKANSAS Am, SOUTHEAST MrsSOUHI Parking Meters For Blytheyille Arrive; To Be Installed Soon Mayor E, R. Jackson announced tooay that the 300 parking meters ordered for Blythevllle have arrived and installation work li expected to begin within the next few days. Tile Dual Parking Meier Company of Canton, o., from whom the meters were purchased has been notified of the arrival of the meters. Mayor Jackson stated, and will dispatch a crew ot workmen to begin Installation. The workmen are expected to arrive in Blytheville late this week or enrly next week. Mayor Jackson said. Final Draft Vote i Sought in Senate Republicans Win Fight to Add Anti- Poll Tax Amendment WASHINGTON, June 8. (UP)—' The Senate voted today to let ihe armed services enlist 25,000 aliens By a roll call vote of 43 lo 33, the Senators adopted an amendment by Sen. Henry Caboi LoiJfe, H., Mass., to (he pending 19-thrnuBhI 25 draft bill. WASHINGTON, June 8. (UP>— Senate Republican leaders today pushed for a filial vote on the 19- througli-25 draft bill after winning their fight to tack on an antt- poll tax amendment. Southern Democrats, joined by some Northerners at a spirited session last night, accused Republicans of playing politics In pushing through But the civil rights amendment, spokei-maii Indicated the Southerners would not try to block the draft because of It. Senate Republican Whip Kenneth S. Wherry said another nlght'sess- lon would be held In an effort to pass the draft bill tonight. Action on other amendments may delay the vote until tomorrow, however The Senate moved a long \vay toward passing the bill yesterday in a session that began at- 11 s.m. and ran on until 10:19 p.m. In succession, it killed six amendments sponsored by Sen. William Langcr, R.. N- D.. to outlaw racial discrimination and segregation in the armed forces. But on the seventh, most. of.-the Republicans rallied behind Langcr fa approve an amendment by;a.'37 Operators Ask For More Time To Answer Lewis UMW Leader Demands Owners Take Burden Of Benefit Fund WASHINGTON, Jime 8 (UP) — Soft coal operators today asked more time to answer John L Lewis' new welfare nnd pension demands An industry source said Lewis has agreed to postpone today's negotiation session between his United Mine Workers and the operators until 2 p.m. EOT tomorrow. The UMw announced it had agreed to the 24-ho; mcnt. The BlgTHKVILLR. ARKANSAS, TUESDAY. JUNE 8, 1948 ' '- - — ' ' Beauty Holds the Spotlight Tonight, Tomorrow in Missco SIXTEEN PAGES Beauty will hold the spotlight in Ml.sta.lppi county tonight »nd morrow nl B ht when girl. from Blythevill. .„„ o«eol. pld. 'h vine.- Both W |][ represent their conlest In Newport June 30 and July 1. In Ovceol* Twenty-four girls, representing five towns In South Mississippi County, will vie for the title of T^tonS.*" ^ Ha " KCW » l postpone- requcst apparently averted .Following the decision of out of stflte Judges, Miss Osccoln will be honored at a coronation dance at the Community House, with music by Elmo Donze and his orchestra The event is sponsored by the Oa- ceola Junior Chamber of Commerce. Girls who will compete for the title are: Wanda Pope, Sally Travis Dorothy Moore, Mnry Louise Ashmore, uetly nodgcrs. Wynetle Stan- an immediate breakdown of"'('he i " elt1 ' 1>nt Richardson, Ann lioney new contract talks which began 1 11<ll ' f iel Parker, Marcla Cole, Joaii yesterday. The present contract expires June 30. Want Owner to Pay The operators reportedly rioiighn. Beverly Johnson, Dorothy Hozclle, Frances Rozelle, Jean Owens, Eloulse Richardson, Poscy are " nv ", Joan Gray, Alice Fuy Young. worklngr'on proposals t 0 g ct «rcund I Sftrnl1 ^"Esion, Until Simmons the situation created by Lewis' de- Jenn Olemi, Jennie McAfee, and maud that they agree to assume M 5S lha L " cns responsibility for' $14.COOOOO In "c- lc> ' vM "Present Luxora, Os- lief, disability and death bcnel'ils c ' Keiscr ' ^tUner. and Wilson. , . . already promised by the trusteed of ,, ycco committees »» charge of doe.'; not have money to meet them. Lewis asked that his "suggestions" be met before actual discussions began for a new contract. There was nrj immediate indication whether the operators would confine their counter-proposal to a method of procedure for avoiding a new deadlock, or whether it also would contain proposed clauses for a new contract. In addition. Lewis reportedly said his union had no intention of talking nbout a new contract unless or until the mine oweri; agree to pay J100 a month pensions to all miners 62 and over who retired after May 27, 1940. Violates Labor Act These payments would be made from the multi-million dollar IM7 Welfare and Retirement Fund un- publicity chairmen In BlythrvlM. More than hulf a hundred girls seek two tides in th« animal will ------ • --- «•• •» n*iiiitm Jascee-siXHisored Beauty Pageant at H«lfy Field In Btythovllle tomorrow night, Sixteen girls between the ages of J !I;VJ 28 ?'" com P el « 'or the tllle of "Miss Blythevllle" while 40 young /rM ' thnt t0 " ve >•«»« at 6:30. Dining the contest tomorrow night, the "Miss lllythevllle" entrants will model bathing suili and formnls. The younger entrants will wear bathing suits and sun General Chairman Ilalph Patton said last night that talent, as It TV us erroneously Mated earlier will not be used us a basis for selection of the "Miss niythevllle" title winner Following the Heauty Pageant a dance will be held at the Armory. Colle Stoltz and his orchestra will der a plan approved by Lewis and ' Truman's refusal Sen. S'.yles Bridges, R., N.H., "neu- | Democratic leauei tral" trustee of the fund. 1 to rs to permit local , .-o ride through their state on his special train, a Ezra Van Horn, coa! operators' tratl 'tlonal procedure with presi- rcprtscntative of the, fund, con- llel >tlal candidates. The president's tends the Bridges-L-jivis pension \ stand already hns alienated the formula violates the Tart Hartley 1 cha| rmnu of the Nebraska delega- Act. He voted against it and. has I tion " "" " " asked the Federal District Court to i ? nd Truman Heads for Montana Where Criticism of His Tour May Mar Visit By Menlmwi Smith United Prnu White HUU-M Krpnrter ABOARD PRESIDENTIAL SPECIAL. June 8. (U.P.)_Prcsl,Ient n-uman. assure,! of the "100 per cent" support of Idaho's 12 delegate, to the Democratic National Convention, headed into Montana today w h crc party.criticism of his tour threatened to tonight. ^ The president left Sun Valley, Ma., at 8 a.m. (MST today for a four-hour trip by automobile to Idaho Falls, Ida. There he will re- board his special train for the trip to Hutte. The criticism stemmed from Mr. appearance at Butte . a cut of ODT J340.000, a cut of SlOSOOfr •War Assets $50,000,000 a cut of $55 912,000; and Housing Expediter $15,172,000, a cut Of $5,327,900. Although the reduction in veterans funds was the largest-doliar- wise, It averaged only a little over six per cent. The other cuts ranged from 8.75 per cent tar the Atomic Energy Commission to more than SO per cent for the Housing F\-- pcditcr. Cuts Vets' Training In another action, the committee ordered so-called veterans "leisure time" training courses discontinued. It pointed out there had been considerable criticism that veterans were learning to dance, fly and even tend bar at federal expense. Liltcnthal's statement on the danger o; budget, cuts was prompted by efforts of Republican commit*| v ee members to get a breakdown on ~vhat atomic projects could be safely discarded in the Interest of economy. He said Atomic energy still is so Permit racial segregation new that no one knows what, avenue of research will lead to njw development which will change the nation's entire military and civilian future. "Cutting out. one section of research and development might prove to be a. very tragic and catastrophic mistake." he said. The committee said it is "fully aware" of the importance of the commission's work. But it said there was a feeling It is using its strategic role to "avoid facing the practical realities" where its less important work is concerned. "The Impression .left with the committee," it said, "is one of general extravagance." the proposed selective service law. Democrats Surprised Republican support for the anti- poll tax amendment caught the Democrats by surprise. Senate Democratic Whip Scott W. Lucas of Illinois charged the move was a political maneuver. He snid the Republicans were trying to "tell the American people they did puss an> anti-poll tax bill for the soldiers if not for everybody." On the vote, 34 Republicans an three Democrats supported the amendment. Five Republicans and 30 Democrats opposed it. Southern Democratic Senators made a token fight to block it, although there was nothing resembling .a filibuster. Sen. Richard B. Russell, D., Gn.. told reporters the Southerners con-'! sidered the amendment; unconstit- i utioiinl but said they would not try to block the bill because of it. Russell was planning to offer an amendment of his own today to in the Stassen Opposes ERP Fund Slash Candidate for GOP Nomination Scores Cuts Mad* by House : Br John I. Steele Unite* Pr«, S Uff Corrwpondenl WASHINGTON. June (. (U.P.)_ A second .Republican presidential hopeful lined up today 'vlth' Senate President Arthur H. Vamtenber B In his fight to restore House cuts In the nation's foreign spending pro- Democrats on occasion of President | Hnr,,lrl E. Stassen denounced the Truman's visit is the same as we arc cuis as "a breach of moral obllga-' receiving, we arc given no part in tton, and i narrowlv selfish pennv- nrrangcmenls and have been arl-1 wise approach to a crucial to the national convention, _..,„..„,,„>,„,„,.„, yesterday, Lester H. Loble, rule on its legality. Hearings on " Io '«i«ia state Democratic chair- Van Horn's court suit tentatively .' ni!m ' J°' nc<1 ' n the criticism of Mr. been set for .Innu 15. •' j Truman's conduct on hij Western Coal industry negotiators refused I""'.. . , " even to consider Lewis' new con- ',, Loblc telegraphed Chairman Wll- Iract "position." And they mndc it I , , RHclllc °f Nebraska: clear that while same operators! "" eilt >nenl accorded your corn- fear the TJMW representatives might j £A± c ,.J i . I _ 1( L T ?™ _, and walk out of the conferences, the Lewis "suggestions" will no^ be accepted. There was soms speculation Last-Ditch Fight To Repeal Taxes On Oleo Looms Senate Republican Policy Leaders to Decide Bill's Priority By John A. GnMsmllli United I'r.-ss Staff Onrmirxmucilt WASHINGTON, June. 8. (UP) _. Plans for a last-ditch baltlo lo rc- ;wal federal taxes on oleomargarine- today .awaited a final signal from Senate Republican policy lenders. Sen. J. wiUlum Fulbrjgia, D.. Ark., lender of (ho repeal loiccs said he still hoiies priority will tio granted to tho rcneiil bill by GO!' loaders who are driving to com- pletn "must" legislation before lire scheduled June 19 adjournment Supporters of tho repealer iiavi! thic-nlcned to lie Ihu bill lo older ICKlslallon as a rider if no priority Is granted. Fulbrlglit siiid Sen. Robert, A. Tail. H., O., vhnlrniun uf the Senate Republican Policy Coimnltti-e, has agreed to consider the oleo 1)111 «t a meeting of Ihe policy coimnit- tlie tee (oday. Mci'llliR Will Decide "Wo will know more after meeting." Fulbrlght added, Meanwhile Sen. Henry o. Dworshak. 11., Ida., called thu repeal bill 'a killing blow at Ilio nation's oil resource.'!." Ho mild Us pn.wace would "reduce! the sl-w of dilry herds' 'and "stimulate the growth of soil depleting crops." Dworshnlt said hearings on the House-approved repeal bill hnvo shown that dairy herds will bo reduced by 2,500.000 head "If oleo Is allowed to compete unfairly with butter." 'Ilic bill would repeal both (ha 10-cents-ft-pound tux on colored Oleo and the 1-4 ccnl-a-pomnl tax on uncolored margarine. License ices—which a a much as $000 a fcnr— foi mamt'fnctuiers, wholc- sulers and retailers would also bo abolished. Other things being cnunl, housewives could buy colored oleo for about what tlicy now pay for tin- colored—anil they could throw away their cumbersome mixing bowls. Plan Services For Dedication Auditorium Ooldsborough week issued an. injunction instructing Lewis to meet and bargain in g^oc! faith with the Southern Coal Producers Association, a group which Lewi tried to ignore in the current talks. May Still Get Support Lobie made it clear, however, that his cision leading Republican White House possibility still on the fence In the stand did not change the de- i forel 8" aid showdown. Tart is re- Democratic servl "S Judgment until he sees | what the basis for House cut Is." Vandcnbcrg goes before the Sen- of Montana's s j Delegation to the convention. The .' j delegation, which votes as a unit, Final '48 Distribution Of Teachers Aid Made LITTLE ROCK. ArK.. June 8 (UP)—The final distribution of the stale teachers salary aid fund for the current fiscal year was announced by the State Education Department today. Education Commissioner Ralph B. Jones said that warrants totaling $205,891 would be mailed late this week. The amount brings lo S10407- •S76 the total allocated by the slate Curing the year. 1y Pulaskl County ivill receive the lion's share of the money, a toial of $5,186. Arkansas County will receive $2,014, Columbia County S3- 166, Garland $4.935, Miller S3 647 Mississippi 47,725, Nevada $2974' Ouachlta $3.373, Phillips 52.882' Hempstead 54,476, and Union 56,407 Circuit Court Recesses For Five-Day Period The civil division of the Chlcici- sav,ba District of Mississippi County Circut Court l n session here Yas to rcc« s today to allow attorneys to attend the Arkansas Bar As=o- cialion meeting in Hot Springs Tlie court will re-convene Monday, Jnr.e iVo cases wer« disposed of in today's session of court. . The court yesterday reduced damages in a suit by Mr. and Mr- Lacy Bryeans against Roy Hon bus driver, and the Gosnell School District No. 6 to »!<», _ -•» ned forces at the request of the selectees. It faced certain defeat. The Senate was scheduled to vote first, however, on an amendment offered by Sen. Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr., R, Mass., to authorize the enlistment of aliens for occupation service in the Army. Another amendment awaiting R Senate vote would be the draft pn « "standby" basis, to be ordered into effect 75 days after passage if the president deemed it necessary It was sponsored by Sen. Homer Capehart, R., Ind. New Features Planned for Cotton Contest I trip was boomed as i "non-political" tour. New entertainment features to be shlce tne trt P began, however staged in front of the Walker Par)J. tlle President has received a num- promlscd several weeks ago to support Mr. Truman. Despite the growing revolt over treatment of party leaders, Mr Truman made It plain he was un- - .-.. 0 » willing to permit them aboard his projects. The reductions amount- train. This rule was laid down In I c<i to ahout 28 per cent. Washington before he left on the . Sl»»en Retrull* Support tour. At that time the Western nte Appropriations Committee tomorrow to appeal for restoration of the $2,100,000,000 which the House knocked out of Jhe European Recovery Program and other foreign In New York, Stassen said he ts asking his friends In tile Semite to heip Vonden'ierg restore "complete Marshall plan." If this cut is made." said grandstand during the 1948 Nat- I ber of applications from Democratic ' (orni " Minnesota governor. ---^, ..,..„ imv- I —,.,.-. ~.....v..».j 11WJ1I iJl_UHJVI UllV , , . lonal Cotton picking Contest Oct lead "s to ride on the presidential i *° I are being planned, W. E. '" " " the vlct nry for the superfi- , W. E. Young i l nid last nipht'' nitio down 7500 Missco Homes Treated By DDT Crews Some 7500 homes County have been UDT by nine in Mississippi sprayed wiih crews working for the Malaria Control niviyon of the Staie Board o! Health, W. O. Stinnett, supervisor said today. for this county Mr. Stinnett said it was believed that the spraying woull be complel- ed by the l.«t of this month, and added that by that time more than 10,000 homes sprayed. should have been Tlie purpose of his program Is lo hcrji; the spread of insejc born diseases. Mr. Slimiett cxures-ied satisfaction with the pro3.-iss of the pro- giam. and stated '.hat 35 a general rule tlie people had been contest chairman Work on plans for the annual event, the ninth to be held here is under way and requests for commercial exhibit space already have been received, Mr. Young told members of the Junior Chamber of Commerce at their meeting last night in the Jaycees club rooms at' Fifth and Main. The cotton picking contest is sponsored by the Junior Chamber. Hut they have been turned consistently. All party lenders have been assured they would ' be welcome to visit the president I at way-station stops, but none could board his train. ' Mr. Trumnn and his party spei| last night at Sun Valley, Ida., , ""'• '' where he conferred with about 20 " nulr ' political leaders. After the con- efrcnce, State Democratic Chairman Dan J. Cavanah said the delegation "100 was behind cent." the president In • other action last night it was announced that Stewart Rei- _ man has been elected State Di- ' . , . ~. ~ - ^ rector and Will represent the Ely- ' MacArthur Okays Cotton to " UCCCCdS Ma « h »" _ TOKYO. June 8-(UP)-Oe.,cr«l Commerce. Blackard. Jimmie Edwards, immediate past! president of in PI H i in Philad ?' C . CCS convci>tt °'> last week, report- •"UK""! MacArthur formally ap- ] proved a SliO.000,000 cotlon loan '"- Japan today. Allied oficlats said ed to the members on convention it would trade. activities. Cliarlej Bailey, Jaycees-sponsored represent- | port revolving expand Japanese foreign The loan was the first lo be ne- Sp ' gotlated under the so-called "gold- s McD.nnel and Howard, pot"—occupied Japan's export-lm- ativcs at the annual American Leg- Ion Boys State, told of the activities at the week-long encampment at Camp Robinson. T. J. Bailey, Extension Committee chairman, announced that Ihe Lepanto Junior Chamber, founded Officials fund. said it "will clear tho way for agreements tor funds for the financing of shipments of other . raw materials from other countries and In currencies other than the U. S. dollar." cccs will represent Blytheville. Rudolph Vrska and Raymond is around Osceola, ne said. One Driver Fined; Bond forfeited by Another Louis Ingram was fined 550 and :osts in Municipal Court lids morn- ng on a charge of driving while under the influence of liquor. He was arrested Sunday by Demitv Sheriff Holland Aiken. John W. Ensley forfeited a 530.25 cash bond when he failed to appear in court to answer B charge of speeding. Easley wae arreslcd ycs- crday by cily police. Russia" Apparently the reference was to recent soviet "peace talk" bids. Secretary of state George c Marslnll referred to the House cuts,' nUliou«h obliquely, in an address at the University of North Carolina last night. He said "the emotional of the American people makes It difficult "to carry on a long-range foreign policy." Americans, he said, fluctuate between "vigorous I; "vigorous partisanship and complete indifference" on a particular foreign pnlicy Issue. Meanwhile, three young Senate KepiiDlicaiis condemned the House ccit on grounds that "they don't maitc sense." The trio included Sens Henry Cabot Lodge, Mass.. Joseph H. D "" ....... and William P. Know- 'all. Minn., land, Cal. told a reporter the United Slates would do better to "Invest In recovery instead of spend for relief- Weather Merlon were Inducted as ; bers last night- New York Cotton NEW YORK, June 8. (UP)-Close steady: Mar. May July Oct. Dec. Open High' Low Close . 3253 3260 32+0 3252 . 3223 3227 3208 3211 . 3701 3701 3675 3639 3340 3340 33ia 3333 3285 3285 3259 3273 . forced Spots close 3869, down 10. Arkansas-Tennessee Bridge Workers Sought MEMPHIS, Tenn., June 8. (UPi_ Workmen were recruited today to start building the superstructure of the new four-lane Mississippi River bridge. Robert Smith, of Rarrisbnrg, Pa., project superintendent, said that nine carloads of building equipment are en route here. The new bridge Is expected to be completed In a I little over a year. ' Work already has starter! on the Arkansas side of the river on con- strucllon of R section of the rein-' Arkansas forecast: Generally fair today, t on ig h t ana wedinsday Not much change In femperture. Minimum this morning—«7 Maximum yesterday—94. Sunset today—7:11. Sunrise tomorrow—4.47 Precipitation, 24 hours 'to 7 a m today none. Total since Jan. 1—23.14. Mean tcmperaturednldway between high and low—flO.5. Normal means for May 70.2. This Date Last Ye»r Minimum this morning—73. Maximum yesterday—95, Precipitation, Jan. 1 to this dste 11.56. Pinna for the Dedication of Ihe Memorial Auditorium, located neni the Legion Hut on North Become Street, got underway at noon yesterday when a committee or Legionnaires, headed by T. p. "Doc" Dean, met with members of the Blytlieville MinLiterlrtl Alliance at the Rustic Inn. The 100-by 100 foot auditorium, n brick uml steel construction, will be completed by July l mid ready for occupancy by July .], the date set for the dedication. It will be dedicated to all Mississippi County men who lost their lives in World Wnra I and n. Mr. Dcnn hns requested that all Gold star parents In Mississippi County contact O.scar Funilk-r of lilytheville, as soon ax possible, In- illcatlng whether or not they plan to attend the Dedication at the Auditorium. Mr. Dean slated that special scats would be reserved for these Go!d Star parents, and added that transportation would be furnished lor any wishing lo attend who did 8INGLB CQPIE8 FIVE CENTS Egyptians Bomb Tel Aviv; Arabs Plan Truce Reply Of were killed To Annapolis Jack W. Cook, Mrs. Orlrudn Conk, ion ixnigun street', has revived an appointment to the United Stales Nuval Academy at Annapolis, Md., It was learned today. Mr. Cook, who 1ms been attending a naval school in DrulnbridBu, Md., for Ihe past nix months, Is one of 100 students appointed nimniiUy mini the rniik.H of tlw Navy's enlisted men, with no |»lllica| bark- Ing, lo nttciul Annapolb. These, iniin must puss a rigid «n- Irnnco examination, and are nut admitted on the ,,f „„ acceptable school ceiliricnlo as those who or wounded. * After a long rcsplfe since th» early days of the lull dreis hot- tllitles touched off by the Brftbih evacuation, the raiders darted ta over Oi« capital of Israel and caught the defenders by surprise Bombs, were dropped In vanouj parts of the city. The attack wu known generally late yesterday but dispatch** mentioning It, were delayed. Arab planes ulruck several times at Tel Aviv iii the tlrst days alter the proclamation of the new Slat* of Iirael wltli headquarters here A week ago a Jewish plane bombed Amman, capital of Trans-Jordan, In the first Israeli air strike at any Arab capital. Bojne of the heaviest fighting aground was going on in the Jcnlii aren. The town anchoring tho .Arab triangle Northeast of Tel Aviv was a no man's land. Jewish and Arab troops were, flglitlnf on the hilly ground both East and West of It. True* Answer Drifted OAIHO, June 8. tUP)~Aruli lenders dfsai.ssed Count Folkc Berna- dotlc'.'i plnn for a Iruce In Palestine (or two hours today and prepared to draft their answer to- nlglit. After tlw meeting of the delegates of all seven Arab Leai-u« slates, they forwarded an up-io- receive outright nominations. Congressional Mr. Cook will begin till work »t Annapolis Thursday. Mr. Cook enlisted In tlic N»vy In July, 19W, afler graduating tram the Dlytlicrlllo High Sclioul in May. General Hies To Flood Area In Northwest POflTI,AND, Ore., Jim, —Sixth Army Commander 8. (UP) Gen. Murk Clark files to Portland today fnr a personal air and water tour or tho flooded Columbia River Meantime. Army and Navy men dug In with volunteer civilians for n drug-out battle lo hold dikes a OMB a :wo mile front. Weather 1-nrecastcr Elmer pjshcr predicted the flood would hold near ils crest for Severn] weeks joined patrol and labo to protect workers on crews In a fight . - remaining riverfront towns and farmlands from the relentless pressure of flood water. The Ii«l Cross announced a list nl 715 persons and families that it had h;en unable to trace In the Vanport City disaster, it issued an urgent appeal for unregistered rofu- the-mluutB report to their governments. Abilul Rahman Azzam Pasha, secretary general of the Arab League, said the league's Political Committee would meet tonight to draft the answer to Berimdotle United Nations mediator. He said Iho drafting might b« completed at thu single meeting. Egyptian Premier Mahnioud P.ih- my Nokrashy Pasha said the AViib answer will be delivered tomorrow morning. It was presumed the Jewish answer would be Qellvered to BornadoUe. at the same time. Alter tho Arab meeting at tha Ftorelgn Office here, Foreign Minister Pawzl El Moikl tq.l(i newsmen' ho tell thnt neither side should profit from tho proposed truce. Up Arabs and Jews should said both hold Uiclr present positions. 'Bernadotte 1 has not made his pro-V posal* public, but It was under-' stood ,lw, lioj, demanded a slrni loriard ye.i'or no aitBroS-T^Qri promlso lie had worked out on the major Issues of Jewish Immigration and 5Upp]yln ff the ICO.OOO^Jews in Jerusalem. May'Bar Soviet Observer* LAKE SUCCESS, N.Y., June 8. IUP)—Tho Unlled Slalcs will O p- liose Russia's sudden demand for an on-tlic-spot role in tho UN negotiations in Palestine, it was-learned today. Tho American delegation to the United Nations will attempt to restrict to the United States, 'France nnd Belgium the membership of & team of military observers being formed In the Holy I*nd by Count Folko Bernadotte, UN mediator. Soviet officials served notice however, they would press to their utmost for the inclusion of Soviet military observers anrt Soviet Delegate Andrei Gromyko said flally that Moscow "will not acmiiesce" to an arrangement which bars Rns- sla. not have other transportation. i 1!ccs to report at once" to'portla'nd Completed plans for the Dedlca- ' tllsnstl 'r headquarters. tlon will be announced later. The auditorium, constructed at an estimated cost of S3WM, raise;! by bonds issued last December by the Legion, will seat approximately 25CO. An additional $15.000 will be needed to completely equip i.hc auditorium. Four Missco Members To Attend Farm Bureau Meeting in Little Rock Vour Bureau Mississippi County Farm members will attend the , (Prices f-o.b. Chicago) concrete epproach to the July «18 +25 1-3 m main superstructure. | N ov .. . aagR 33*1-3 JM 422A 340B kick-off meeting of the P.MDI rea« Services Month in Little Rock tomorrow. L. O. Nnsh. president of the North Mississippi County Farm liureau Association, and Keith Hiibrcy County agent, -.vlll go from Bl>thc- vilte and Godfrey White an-.l Dan Kelt! will go from O.<,-eol.l. The kick-off meeting will be licli i the Marlon Hotel ball room, be- Jinning at 10 a.m., \vi(n bureau nt- fJccrs and workers from every comity in state ejected to attend. The mectln.; will inaujuralc the Farm Bureau Services'i. to be observed in Aikansm frem June 15 to_v'nly.l5. TMs month will be set is;ile to fnm.liarize mnmb_v.i of the bui'inu with special f.<!rvic-.>.5 avnil- iblc to the members, with pmticu- tar emphasis <n orr;.T!ilzuicii's jn- luriinre programs, wirc'i has been let up by Soni;<rn Ririn Uurcatis. Girls' State Chooses Highest Officers Today LITTLE ROCK. Ark. June 8 — (UP)—A new slate of state officials was scheduled to be selected today as the teen-age girls of Arkansas continued their governmental study program In I he rtnd Cross said It did not consider the number of unlocatcd V rm- Porl City residents "alarming." More than 68,000 Blood Tests for Syphilis Made In Eastern Arkansas LITTLE HOCK, Ark., June 8 ivi >— .yore than B3,ooo blood te.sls 'or syphillis were made clunni; the urst 11 moiitiis of the state's ven- nrer.l dtscase control Eastern Arkansas. During (lie year Z,5!)8 blood tcsU wen: macte for syphillls In Mississippi County alone, and in 643 instances the patients were sent to the U. S. Public Health Center in Ho: Springs for treatment. ' T-,, D , r ', El J ; Ea - sie i'- Director of the Division of Venereal Disease Control of !he Slate Ifeallh Department. sa id thnt. 8|500 cnsw were ilwcovcred ami G.203 patients were treated at the U. S. Public Health service Medical Center ui Hot Springs. Easley said the program would be continued through the next fiscal year. n y that time, he said, surveys prob.ibly will have been made In all counties South and East of a line from Blytheville to Texarkana. Seventy per cent .of all venereal disease casos nru located in the Eastern ntul Soutliern part of the state, he said. GOP Leaders Hold Doubts of Meeting Adjournment Date WASHINGTON, June 8. CUP)— Sen. Robert A. Taft, R., O., said today the Republican leadership now "seriously riiubts" that Congress can quit for the year on June 19. Taft told reporters that after «. Senate Policy Committee meeting that about a dozen major items still nre pending on the Senate calendar. And he added that he will discuss with the House leadership the question of Congress coming back after • the Republican convention which will meet In Philadelphia tile week of June 21. Taft sakl that Republican Policy Committee members "rather favored" returning to Washington In the two-week Interval bettwcen the Republican and Democratic • conventions, but that some differing opinions also were heard. The policy leaders decided that alter (lie Senate passes the rtraft bill, it should take up the Vandenberg resolution to strengthen the United Nations nnd to promise eventual U. S. support for mutual defense pacts. New York Stocks here. Speakers on today's girls' state program were Eu, ene Baker, secretary to GOV. lien Laney. Yeslerday, the girls elected officers of two mythical counties. Explosion In Clubhouse Blows Players Off Course LOS ANGELES. June 8. (UP) — A $500,000 explosion nnd three alarm lire blew the roof off the Hlllcre-st C/>untry Clubhouse today and .foiled players on the goll course nearby. One body was pulled from the debris. Firemen said it was so badly burned Identification was imn-is- siblc. It wa 5 founrt two and a half hours after the blast. Six employes and one club member were hurt, none seriously. Half j the building was demolished. I Amer Tobacco , Anaconda Copper . Bctli Steel Chrysler Coca Cola Gen Electric Gen Motors j Montgomery Ward . N Y Centra! Int Harvester North Am Aviation Republic Steel .... Radio Socony Vncnuni . ,. SUidel'aker Standard of N J .... Texas Corp. . Packard U S Steel . , 58 1-4 , 39 1-2 . 36 5-8 54 7-8 171 41 3-1 63 1-4 64 16 1-8 33 12 5-8 30 13 5-8 20 1-4. 27 1-2 85 62 7-8

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