The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1955 · Page 17
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 17

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1958 BLYTHEVILLI (ARK.y COURIER KIWI PAGE SEVENTEEN By J. R. Williams OUT OUR WAY OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoople I'M LETTIM LET -HOUR MINE FEET SINK IN POLLTM6M OOT' NOW; BOV, WHAT A ZUPPAN 1 PLOP/ CUT THAT <XTT7 YOU'VE (3OTW A* NERVOUS AS A or NOW--IT MAKES HIM THIWK. THAT OLD ROTTEN RAIL BROKE, OR HE'S DUMPEP THE CAR OVER, OR BCOKENSOM6 THIN<3/ MY WOED/1WI66S/— HEH- M6H/I SUPPOSE ME*T YOU'LL TELL A<6 Y<3UN6 ALOMS A OF ARROWS SY HE£E'6 A CHALK-TALK ort THIS gM KL)tJ,«A30R/-«~MOf?RISSEy HAS TOLD ME PE'S 5TILL DAFFY ApoOT/i HIS WlFEiEVSNi IF 5HS DID PALL fOK ArJ .ACROBAT/ eoew TMIBTV VEAES TOO sec** C.m",«':L"™» T. M. Rt|. U. S. P»t OH. Ccpf. IMS bj Nt* S*r»M. Inc. GOOD.' VERT 6ROUP TO WHOM 1 WISH TO SPEAK/ THERE is NO TWELFTH CHAPTER / "I waited so long for you I spent all my dough on sand wiche* and sodas—anything good on TV tonight?" TbPAV WERE SOIM6TJ3 SPfAK ON HONESTY AND IMTESRITf— HOW MANT OF TOU MAVe RfAO THE TWELFTH CHAPTteP "Let's go on a treasure hunt for hidden Christmas presents!" TOUTAKINS SOCIAL. SCIEMCE TOO, BAZOO! MAN. IS THAT - TMATS, ALL.— SO MUCH PMooer r if-fco . ASK ME/ OH, THANK VOtn WEEDED THE EXERCISE IDOIT THN< wN NAME'S CUNT MACSHALL-EASTMiW so MUCH! WHY / BUT RIGHT KJOW m TW YOU GOT W NSTD CHASE YOUR HERPS THE POCKTF 9OOl<] KATIT, FACENMYMEMOPY.WE 8ETOBE,. ENTTVi l?EAaY UPAS/kNST rr. The largest unit of length is the megaparsec, used by astronomers in connection with distances of remote galaxies. WHBQ Channel 13 Television — Tonight, Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WMCT Channel § Wednesday-NUht, Dec. T 0:00 Superman 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Eddie Cantor 8:00 Televisoon Theatre 9:00 This Is Your Lire fl:30 Mr. District Attorney 10:00 Your Esso Reporter 10:15 Screen Director's Playhouse 10:45 Weather 10:50 Mystery Theatre 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off Thursday, l>*c. * 5:50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7:25 Weather—Memphli area 7:30 Today 7:55 Today In MemphH 8:00 Today 8:25 News 8:30 Today 8:55 News and Weather 9:00 Ding Dong School 9:30 Storyland 9:45 The Cathy Show 10:00 Home Show 11:00 Tennessee Ernie Ford 11:30 Feather Tour Neet 12:00 News 12:15 Farm News 12:30 TV Movie Matinee 1:30 Homemakers Program 1:45 Dsvte With Ule 2:00 Matinee Theatre —color 3:00 Channel Five Theatre 3:30 World of Mr, Sweeney 3:45 Modern Romances 4;WJ Plnhy L*« . 4:30 Howdy Doody— color 5:00 Afternoon Movie 5:30 Interesting Person 3:40 Cartoons 5:35 Weather 6:00 Jungle Jim 6:30 Dinah Shorn 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 You Bet Your Life 7:30 Gangbusters 8:00 Dragnet 8:30 Theatre 9:00 Video Theatre 10:00 Your Esso Reporter 10:15 Playhouse of Stare 10:45 Weather 10:50 Mystery Theatre 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off WHBQ Channel 13 Wednesday Night, Dec. ? 6:00 Little Rascals 8:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Disneyland 7:30 MOM Parade 8:00 Masquerade Party g:30 Break the Bank 9:00 Wednesday Night Fights 9:45 Sports Plcturn 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Les Paul apd Mary Ford 10:20 Late Show 11:50 Weather Thursday December S 8;45 News & Weather 9:00 Romper Room 10:00 This Is Hollywood 11:30 Stu Erwin 12:00 News 12:05 Lunchtlme Theatre 12:45 Early Show 2:15 Miss America Matinee 3:00 Foreign Intrigue 3:30 Bozo and His Friends 4:00 Autry — Rogers 4:55 Mr. Blngle 5:00 Mickey Mouse Club 6:00 Little Rascals 8:25 Da You" Know Wriy 6:30 The Lone Ranger 7:00 Ramar of the Jungle 7:30 Stop the Music 8:00 Star Tonight 8:30 Down You Go 8:00 Mayor of the Town 9:30 Bishop Sheen 10:00 News 10:10 Weather 10:15 Pattl Page 10:30 Late Show 12:00 Weather EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 2-2*15 Paint Closeout w4 CMton 1 Price Hardware Kirby Drug Store $750 For Your Old I ELECTRIC RAZOR on » hew Remington, Schlck, Sunbeam, ROHMD or Norelco DCKIT • FLASH CAMERAS KLIl I . MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Pk 3-3447 BEST BUYS Christmas Cards Personalized with Name Samuel F. Norris Across From City Hall Day of th« Outlaw DAS itand it to* gun m&t* kit aH hope leave Mm in a nub. Vivian continued to rock and lot epoke in a dipped, harab tone. "Someone told them, Dan. They knew I had *• They lore the bouse apart and found it" Dan swallowed and h» voice •minded heavy. "It's aB right, •Vivian. ConHnt be helped, I reckon." "But It caa be helped. Someone to *M town coM in oat Who? jwhyr Darnw «tw»«d «b* gnu ta Mi taustbaod. "MaytM youl find cut ... K yo« happen to Hv*. I ought to gun you both down*" Don't flngeti denched. Vtvteo never stopped rocking M she looked cooteroptuoufliy up at the {outlaw. "Thart al yon ever kn«w, Ten L .. gunning down. It'H oafch up (with you someday." Dan eased op on the balfe of fcis feet, throwing a quick glance M Denver, wondering K he could Ibeat that outlaw's slug and reach ftex. Then Darrow took a deep breath. "Wei M It *>, BeJk . . . *te Itirae." He looked at Dan, anger iettU riding him. "Jack Bruhn ' rwants to see you and hel decide Tfhatll be done." Dan turned to tfaa door. Tex stepped aside as Dan approached and Denver pushed himself from the far wall. They walked silently to the street and turned to the main road. It was one of those deep moments of despair, when a man ' knows he has no way to turn and that all effort is useless. For the lime he doesn't ever care what l;:inpens to him, for that sccnis ni,important. He can only won- n-r \vhat has caused the disaster. So Dan's thoughts worried at . t! - problem. It had to bc'someone at the store, (or only they had knqwn about it. The Frazins might have talked to someone else, sajr •*• Md Bmhn. Theo Dso saw Ermort troubled faoa again a* they bad discussed tliear plane to overthrow the outlaws. Perhaps she bad been the oo«. He recalled how Gen* Hiatt had looked at bar. He remembered Hiatt's talk about her at th« bar, and began to wonder V Ernine's worry bad not only been for the safety of her father and brother but. Just tor Htatt's safe*!-, too. BRUHN UK at a Mfesa, «» Mat lined fee bar. Ten dropped the weapon on the table. He jerked his thumb at Dan. "He came for it. We was told the truth, Jack." There was a slight alar at the bar. Dan saw Pace Odtam lean negligently against the nil, shot glasa in his left hand. Hiatt stood at the far end, head down. "I suppose I ought to kH you," Bruhn said evenly. Darrow shifted his weight ta- patierflly. "Why wait, Jack?" Bruhn's massive head turned. "You're eager, Tex. Shoot 'em and be done with 'em. That's not always the answer. You'H find out . . . someday." M sounded strange to hear this big outlaw almost repeat Vivian. Dan glanced hastily at Tex, who stood biting his lip and scowling. Finally the man shrugged. "I'd know what I'd do." "But you're not me, Tex. 1 Bruhn said softly. "You ain't likely to be, either." He looked at Dan again and his granite iaw set. His voice lifted. "I'll give you credit for guts, Murdock, even though you have been a fool. Like I said, I should shoot you, but you've done us a favor." Tex exploded. "Favorl They'd have killed us or jailed us!" "That's right," Bruhn nodded. "We only did hall a job and this jasper woke us up. We're going aver every bouse in U)« town. We won't miss a one. We'll tear em apart, and when we're ihrough there won't be a chance of a hidden gun turning up again. Murdock woke us up ... I say that's a favor." Bruhn turned to Dan again. "1 return favors, Murdock, though I know you didnt mean any. But this will be the last... for you or anyone else in the town. The next time we'H snoot and you can depend on it." Bruhn stood up and his voict became even again. "Get out of my sight, Murdock. Tell your friends how things stand, and tell 'em that the whole town can be wiped out if I say the word. Ten 'em not to take the chance." • * • AS Brubo had prbmtoed, the outlaw's search wa* thorough. Phil and Dan arrived at the Preston home to find Paula alone. But they saw Vaus* and Egan unceremoniously enter George Gorton's shack while Tex Darrow came along the street and entered the Hike's nous* without m much u * knock. Phfl briefly told Paula what had happened. "I'm lorry the plan feB through, but I'm glad you'r* safe." Her eyes rested on Dan for a long moment and than on her father as she added, softly. "Glad for both of you." Within an hour Vause and Egan came, and they grinned crookedly at Phil as he opened the door. They saw Dan and chuckled. "Now there's the gent we got to watch. We'd better look real good here. "Do you have to tear the place apart?" "Sure," Vause answered, "plump apart. You ought to see the shack we just left. When the man wakes up from his drunk, he'll swear a tornado hit the place." "G o r t o n's drunk?" Dave asked. "Limber-jawed," Vause nodded. "No need to watch him .. . and he's got another full bottle of whisky to work on when he sleeps this one off. Too bad all of you gcnte ain't the same way. There'd be no trouble." (To fe C*oUau«4) New! Used! HOUSING PROBLEM? Right Now, HERE in BLYTHEVILLE You Con See Mobile Homes • Low Down Payment • Low Monthly Payments • Lowest Interest Rates GRASK MOBILE HOMES Of Blytheville, Ark. Highwav 61 South Franchifled dealer for over 50 NAME BRAND MOBILE HOMES NEW! USED! FUDIATOR WORK • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK GUARANTEED GROVER'S RADIATOR WORKS 5*8 CI. Lake ATC. Ph. 3-6981 Best Grade Illinois Coal and Kindling Nut Coal ^ 2 or mare toni $10 p«r ton plus tax B&CCoalCo. 8. Rlwa; Fhone 3-8612 Watch Cleaning $3.50 3 day Service Mr. A. B. Ford, registered chron- ftrripher technician with 22 rears watchmaking experience, U n*w associated with our firm. We are now ftflerini 3-day witch repair Krrlee. O'STEENS 111 W. Main WEL1—MAVBE LITTLE RICH.' NONSENSE, DEAR.' MONEV ISN'T SO IMPORTANT.' EWTER& SN"CKSHOP OMTHE OUTSKIRTS OP THE CITY WHICH VIC FLIMT Lives... LOOK,EASY... ISN'T THAT A PUWt NEAR THE LAWE HOU56 TO OUR LEFT ? THERE'S A DEEP SHAFT OF AW f>LP ASANPONEP WINE gEHIUP TITHMEHWi, I THlffLL BEKT CM5RW KJVCE THEIZg LATER.', A SIS MOUSE, WITH 5TKIR.. THE V0U we MIGHT SPOT THE HACIENW. FROU THE AIR EASY HEN SOUTH OF TOWN, WEAR A 6PKINS-FEP CVPREJ5 SWMR UNIQUE IN THIS ARID REGION... IN MAXIM EM TOD- I SOT A FEW IPEAS ON TH 1 SUBJECT. BUFFORD SHOE SHOP Expert Shoe Repairing, Cleaning, Dyeing GOOD USED SHOES FOR SALE HZ g. Broadway v MA. CHrVRGt SOO WVH G... NViO •\WE"W VNWfl-V MPiRSORJMG V6R >MBU-\ \ WKRESW THE Of THE CWVO ft-JVJCMO

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