The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1948 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 7, 1948
Page 10
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FACE TEW i (A£K.) UOUUiUK Wallace Expects To Win In 1952 S«y* '4* Campaign ft Mere Spod« Wo A Few Cammi**, Leftists By Lyta C. WU»Mi tr»M*rf PM« Staff Orrempooitent WASHINGTON, June 7. (UP) — Henry A. Wallace U tn th« Presidential campaign to si-ay, according to veil informed sources here but does not «xpect to be elected President until 1652. Wtlli.ce S< said to regard this ye*r'« Third Party campaign ax mere spade work. He looks for » political reshuffle during the next ' four years which might put him at the head of a whining President!*! ticket next time. Some of the smartest, political observers rn the business are predicting a Wallace withdrawal. There te no evldenc* of such so far. . Months before he broke Cornerstone Laid At Mew Leachville Methodist Church The oofjwrstone was put IE pltce in th« new «5,CX» M«thodlit Church in Leachville yesterday afternoon with the R«v. J, Albert Qalliii, Junesboro, district nuper- Jndendent, making th« principal dedication. • Approximately loo members and visitors witnessed th« laying of the cornerstone, and the members of trrt church who were present &lgn- *d the "Discipline," Wie Methodist ritual and rules, and it wa.s sealed within the cornerstone. The building o( the buff brick church 8*>t underway last August, and II is eM'ected to be completed in three or four weeks. The .sau- Umiy and th« Education Building are located in the site previously occupied by the old Methodist Church. The Educational building will have a Ijuge recreation room, riinint; room, kitchen and six Sunday School rooms. The building ifi items constructed by E. R. Steed of I^eachville. After the building is completed Senate Committee fail* To Decide Compromise Reciprocal Trade Bill WASHINGTON, Jun* T rUFI — The SenaU plnanct Committee today filled to decide on a compromise bill to extend th« reciprocal trade program. Chairman Eugene D. Million, R., Colo., aaid alter a PO-mlnute meeting of the committee thai fulher consideration of the legislation had been deferred until tomorrow. Before the meeting, he had ox- pressed confidence that the mom- mltte* would approve today a bill to extend the present trade agre- menu law, which expire* Saturday, for one year with revision* to curb the president's power to cut tariff* Petrillo Opens Annual Musicians Convention ASBTJRY PARK, N. J.. Jimc 7. <UP» —President James C. Pctrlllo opened th« American Federation of Musicians (APL) 51st annual coti- „ ^vention here today with the prospect, •ovum* i^iiMi; »,* uiu».c wllh present plans call lor landscaping that the union would stand pat on President Tniman over foreign po-1 Die surrounding plot of land and | llj ^'»uslcal recording ban. then conducting a special service mnrkiiig Hie commencement of iu> list. Others participating in yesler- licy In the autumn of 1946 Wallace WM warning of a break-up of the New Deal-Democratic Coalition which put the late FDR and President Truman in office. "When the Democratic Party ceases to be a People's Party." said Wallace, "it will die—and It will bt well dead." Wallace holda no* that the De- duy's ceremonies included the Rev. Tlveron McKisson, pastor at the Lake Street Methodist *'ho filled the pulpit there after the death of the Rev. H. H. Blevins, the Rev. Martin Bierbaum of Manila, and moeratlc Party has ceased to be I the Rev. E H. Hall, who has been a People'i Parly and that it is j pastor at the Leachville Methodist dead with service* to be conducted j Church 11 of the 19 years he has •hortly after the November elect- i spent in the ministry. His other ion. That in why he and the Com- 1 pasiorate.s** were in Tuckerman, munUta and L«lt Wingers asso- 1 Hoxie, and Marmaduk*. ciated with him to hopefully toward 195J while they campaign «o hopelessly in 19*8. Wollace already ia on the ballot In enough t atatas to injure Mr. Truman's de-i fe^t In the Republican-Democratic' contest ia at all close. HU confidence that he can con .f -t -"/ Council to Sources close to Petrillo Bald no action was contemplated at tile convention which would affect the recording situation. They admitted however, that some delegates might seek to force the Issue from the convention floor. More Bodies from Navy Launch Sinking Found movement and what he expecis to b« the wreckage of the democratic NORFOLK, Va., June 7.—(UP) — Fifth Naval District Headquarters said seven more bodies were found In Hampton Roads today, bringing to 10 the total' recovered from 28 sailors and Marines missing after a liberty launch disaster a week ago . The City Council will meet to- Medical orfircn «t th. v nrl , " 10rr ° W 'c^ t'T aVSS? -»'* N-> Hosp.^ w 'ere K cloa m the c.ty Hall,, to Identify the corpse, which came to the surface yesterday and today. day. ; party, however, Is not supported by! past experiences. The Democratic ,' Since (hen third parties have come The bodies were found nnr tlie spot where a 50-foot open launch swamped in the choppy, rain-swept waters with 92 men aboard. The Party was old before the civil war] and gone without taking over elt- launch was taking"men"to"ihe car- and the Republican Party born j her of the major political organl- rier US8 Kearsarge which wiled Just before that Conf II c 1.' nations. N, Tuesday for the Mediterranean. Benes Resigns Officially Today Weary And Broken In Health Czech Leader Bows To Communists PRAGUK, June 1. (Up)—President Eduard Benes resigned today, clearing the way lor the Commu- nlstji to take over the last major o/lcfe in Czechoslovakia which eluded them in their coup lait February. The resignation of Benes WHS, announced officially toward the end of lite day. Authoritative sources had repotted earlier that weary and broken in health, he had signed the document making formal his retirement from the Czech political piteure when live Communists toolt over. InformanU said he had been urfl nl>!e to carry out his plans to resign Saturday. They reported that lately he had lapsed into long periods of unconsciousness, and was unable to move about exec/it in n wheel chair. He had been ai Im summer home at Sezimove Usti soutii of Prague since the Communist coup. The new Communist Parliament, elected eight days ano In a single- ticket Communist balloting will elect his successor. Premier Kle- menl Goltwald, Communist Chief- lain n-lio engineered the February coup, wns understood to be in line lor President if he wanted the post The second most likely choice was understood to be Zdenek Nejedly, Minister of Education in Gottwalrt's Communist Cabinet. Gottwald read a statement to the cabinet meeting in extra-ordinary session which disclosed the resiKiia,- (ion of Benes, 64, a little more than three months after the Communist seizure of power. Sources close to the government Indicated in reporting the resignation that ill health would be ^iven as the official reason. Benes' who was 64 an May 28, was reported to have planned to resign Saturday, but was no: well enough to sign the papers until this morning. Obituary George Adrey, Of Osceola, Dies; Rites Tomorrow OSCEOLA, Ark., June 7.—Masonic burial services will be conducted tomorrow at 2:30 p.m. for George Adrey, «8 who died suddenly at his home In Osceola Saturday morning. Services will be conducted in the First Presbyterian Church here by the Hev. H. J. Coucliman, pastor of th« Methodist Church, assisted by the Rev. E. K. Sewell, retired Methodist minister. Burial will be In Rrman Cemetery. Mr. Adrey was born in London, Eng., In ,1860, came to America in 1882 and moved to Osceola the following year, where he had lived since that time. He WBJS a retired machinist. Mr. Adrey was a life- I long member of the Methodist Church and a member of the Masons. He Is survived by his wife, Mrs. Edith Spurrier Adrey, formerly of Bach, England: one son, Earl West I Adrey of Boston, Mass., and two grand daughters. Active pallbearers will be L,. K Harwarg, O. E. Massenglll, Deaii Hatcher, Herbert, Bryan, Steve Ralph. Louis George. Sam Hodges and Claude Lloyd. National Funeral Home of Memphis Is in charge. Father of Two Btytheyille Men Dies in Hot Springs Last rites of Roy Samuel Stitt, 73, father Of Earl N- and Jess* Stilt, of Blythevllle, will be conducted at the Gross Mortuary in Hot Springs tomorrow at 10 aau. Mr. Stitt who had lived In Hot Spring* the greater part, ol Ms lite, died at the Methodist Hospital there Saturday after a lengthy illness. Survivors other than the sons In Blythevllle Include three other sons Frank Stltt of Hot Springs, Bert Stltt of Dallas, Tex., and Clyde Stltt of New York, N. Y.; and two daughters. Mrs. Clare Clark and Mrs. William Venable, both oJ Hot Springs. Earl i N and Jess* a. Stltt left Blythevllle last week to ba with their father before his death, and will remain In Hot Springs until later this week. Flowers Infant Buried Graveside services were conducted this morning B t Dogwood Cemetery for Wilma Elnora Flowers Infant daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Melvin H. Flowers of Portageville Mo by the Rev. p. H. Jcrnigan, pastor The child died soon after birth at the Walls Hospital Sunday morn- Funeral Home Cobb was in MONDAV, JUNK ^, I94g chart*. 2,000, al! aalabl*. Steer run Uberal with about 56 londa on salt. Market slow and steady to illghtly lower on steera and heller*. Cowi virtually at a standstill, except for a f«w good kinds on bulls about tteady. Top vealers unchanged from last week. A few loads choice steers 34.50-35; good kinds. 33-34 and light weight thin grassy kinds on feeder account 1750-21; good and choice heifers ? nd j^? y" rlln « 5 >!-*; medi ia good bulbs quoUbl* from »i. cutUr grade* l«-». * Remember Rothroek'n for PRESCRIPTIONS PHONE 4451 Livestock ST. LOUIS NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., June 1. tUP)—(USDAJ —Livestock: Hogs 18,900; salable 17,500. Market 25-SOe lower than Friday with maximum decline being on ligh: hogs. Tops 21.50 sparingly. Bulk of good and choice 180-240 ibs 24-24.25- 240-27O Ibs 22.75-24; 2TO-300 Ibs 21 25-23; 300-425 Ibs 19-21.50; few heavier lots 18.50-18.75; 150-170 )bs 22.50-23.75; 130-150 Ibs 20 75-22 75100-120 Ibs 17.75-19.75. Sows 450 IBs down 17.50-18; heavier kinds 16*50- 11.2S, Cattl* 7,500; salable 6,500; calves Read Courier News Want Ads. Sf I I fMWUMMW ILICTRIC At Jimmie Edwards , Rfl ., h ,h. „ U |y po.i.wo, tang. *«, wa , Wh „ F *.~*O,M,, A™.*..^;., tl w . ' Ofk l hs : ;;:; nH-.H.r.d M | r by t ..... „„._„.„„, „„, ^ J" '"« - 1 ' ° f COO > in « h " H ' *«"'<»• «•" 'h.r nol i onol Elec)ric ^ c - - AUTHORIZED PRESTiLINE DEALER - * JOI iMt M«4n JIMMIE EDWARDS FURNITURE COMP4KY Fhon. 2487 FLYIN'SFUN by RICHARDSON YARBROUGH "Sometimes ] wonder if those automobile* are here to stay!" BLYTHEVILLE FLYING SERVICE O. I. FLIGHT TRAINING (f»o) FtOOUCU PIPER DEALER PHONE 2717 CHARTER SERVICE You Get a Break at Poole Motor Co.! HIGHEST TRADE-IN PRICES For Your Old Car on a Mew Jeep! We Guarantee to Meet or Beat All Prices for Your Old Car on A Trade-In. Come in Today and See for Yourself That Your Car Is Worth More at Poole Motor Co. We arc proud to be representatives for products of Willys-Overland Motors. During the war, when Willys-Overland was making more than 300,000 military "jeeps," owners learned how much dependability and stamina had been built into Willys-Overlancf products. These cars and trucks have set Jee the Universal % records for long life and operating economy; In the future, look to Willys-Overland for the same reliability in products that pioneer the way in advanced engineering and styling. We invite you to use our modern service facilities and pledge you courteous treatment and top-quality work. now on Display Conic in now to see the versatile Universal "Jeep." It has the power-heart of the military "Jeep"—the Willys- Over land "Jeep" Tjngine—pi us 4- wheel drive and extra features to fit it for a thousand uses. Let us explain the 'many ways you can use a "Jeep" in business, on the farm ind in industry. USID AS A TRUCK, the "Jeep" is rated as 2 : ^-ton ... can tow heavy trailer! on or ofTthe road. USED AS A TIACTO*, the "Jeep" will operate almost any type of farm equipment. USED AS A «UH*«OUT, th« "Jeep* t» handy for trips . .. goes whert ordinary car* cannot. USED AS A MOM.I rOWfl UNIT, th« "Jeep" delivers urt to 30 h.p. through the power uk«-ofi*. POOLE MOTOR COMPANY ELLIS POOLE, Owner & Operator South Highway 61 a< Steele. MO. Phone Steele 49

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