Manitowoc Herald-Times from Manitowoc, Wisconsin on March 11, 1930 · Page 2
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March 11, 1930

Manitowoc Herald-Times from Manitowoc, Wisconsin · Page 2

Manitowoc, Wisconsin
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 11, 1930
Page 2
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Page 2 article text (OCR)

Si iiiil a "vpiUiiig buyer and a willing leel- '"c:<iit;a.=' or .'H' ''-tT &.id jhn citv,' ervira Think Aboftt -••'af..,'jnu»c vriU '"-'JeLraie the Hb o Jdir UH*. rc^^r G '.j DraR-s Po &t. od as two sepalatsJfistUtitio ^B <^nd swMB ~t8tifii -du|)l}tatl9a 'In fejoV S «8nsafr, Mr. ^Zander saifl. Itoalmgs of &e city and'tae utiUty aoram mif-nt are cnndudleti iinder different svfetfiosis with each paying- sums ta ihe -other Jis they -would »ay to crat- side creditors. LUlHTies, fie explained, are 'conducted by a eojnmissioH of stirveii niMnberS. elected for ma yrar tffjn-* by th? eity cotmcSl yrlth he fioainiibSlonei 'B serving -nathoul Haws EnterteJntwsnt . , addition fo thv ajcircb^ if Vr Zander aohd the , biiBlnes^ wsijion. t1ie \we (!ttng «nHvened bj a ' - frail of masit^-wihich 'jncludfid a ihem Matures added muOx to the - -—:— ' 1 , 1^ .^4'\^-^SS^^^Btil« oreran 'yot o'l a^d methods of coi ductinr ?)ia}i '=i •of thp rjrv eo\^rn- T mcnt and gav« the ^'eteraos an In^ ' side on th" jCs'rtPTKHiifir and fippjidipg* 'of wo-milUoti donate jaaauaiJy'by If 'the peo^e -waatsd a minion -ollars expended, .for,.' imApliilsJK' B (>tio!sls or for acy oHier pjutioss •asjd •^erejBststent eaoaglj. in tlteir 4enjaads for It. the city eotsaciJ •woaid ^ppropria -te the moisey. , 'wiiom are «iectea irora eacn v(a.m «n alternate years so Shat each ycju- Gtte 'aldeman from mcb, ot djp'seyen wards, of the city is Bsraed by the filectors of his -^ard. 'Hie mayor is head of the city and th« denjacds of> the 'governiag body ara carried oat by Oi© city elerfc, nemed by the council, the dty at- ioraey, esjriaeer aud health offi- c«r aanied by tbe imayor, city •treasurer chosen by the i>aopJe, ftuildisig inspector elected by the eouQcH and other officlaJs," he said. He defiBed'tlie dnttea of the city clerk as dolag the booldteep- iasr of the city, prepaxixig the tax pi ''Vi^iL /iHrom^i/tbst i'^t tbto,ugli 'jlmvntoxn^sti:^«ts. ot 'm'Mt^. M&m%}f^i'' .%^?ji |i »gi with- mov.x .'It (Streets s Sips bv r> dfVgaUon ot fo .a the o'- panizatjioit.m'estliif? ot th^,, Lake^ Michigan t-horp IMir Assn. 'which Jms JjpcEL'cailcxi by A, J.. Btaatia-66 Milwaiikee'. .to he. a «id pa^^Frldajl; evening* Uarch 14,' at, the' PfisteT| J}of.-I ja MJ»."ikee. Th«y will be. . m&m 0--D.Gnaeljr'fepi;esepting;i tlie'botbls •and. busicess Taeici,''A. 'J|i ^*ien5b «F,, 'jffepftohttsiij;: thjaN' .-clM; fouTic 'l, Gilberl H ThoTnp &o7i. tho Chamber..orGoinjaerc0;ana Charlesj Drunm, the county of TsTanliowoc • t ,.jo piek WJna'-D!recfor« In a letter to ilr. Thompson to dav Mr PiinMn anrow d ihat tho in plJiin on Filaay ui^ht would hf> 'itio'stiJirif)artant,.as.,pta;ii9 •wtstsld be' closed for incc ^noTa ,ting .this asso- ci « * ta&eo to „ , . ^., • ©ST> amI|iatV)n n-evi»aled thgt sbe was luihurL. ~ . ... J. v,i'r' - WliPTi pollcp nfrioer'. vont lo ^ * Washington i'treet boar{}iOg^,'staWe late. X'ppterday, afbernopa tojlowing «o«plain,t f^f the healtii officer that the' yard was in filthy .condition. thftT found the proprietor had etv- ga^ed men to clean up the prenyl* ses. , Other reports w*re of mtaor hap-' - - - aiTsst being made b^. plans perfected to carry through, Oas Post, Vetora-ns ot Fore' mttT* ig^tlt T>iftlrfnp' **TT' f-^j^ The engineer 1 B in charge flf the sti'ests, bridges, etc., and prepares PsUmatfis Of contemplated work, The uutj <?s of the assessor and %hB fiity atiorney are wbat this aatne "^fouid imply. Makeup of Tax Rats 000,000 corporation •wbioli expends appfoxfmately ?2,flOO,OO0 per year. Frmclpaf sourftss ot income are Fpal Chtats and'personal property Saxes, share of incomis taxes, sums received from licences, occupsi-tion- Ihp clprk said. (•"•..ii-i«.WJis>isJtJiia.wi6 Wc wisb^'to ifxprss."? cms:'sincere tlianks to oar relatives ana friehdis for thiS sympathy sJiosra aa durmg our recent'berp&vement, the death of Mrs. M^ry Rock, Special thenfcs ix> Rev. Sturmiis Haertl, panbear<?rs, donors of cars, flow^ ers atid spiritual bouijaets. > Peter Rock and Relatives* movement >for a commnnity t»u3M- Jng" for Manitowoc. A general meet-ins feas been set for March 19 and tJje ball sent tout asks ihat organi' '.ons -of-the- citT-namB -a-repye-^ sentatlve to attend and assist in m. The O^! 'oBt committee which la lannchliiir the plan includes John Franz, chairman, Normal Berkedal. Kdward Schmidt, George Fox and A. A. Brandt. Societies are aaJcefi to report to the committee <'names of delegat?i3 selected for thg meeting March IS. legion Sit JRee^isviaia will obsem St Patric&'a day .Marcli IT-t&sre, with a foas&etliall gsmia maie stp oS a toain cvf PM timom io6 by jRsaes Sheahsa and Jliai Haha saS anoth- »- tc 'am. tne -toro to ^en" caf talnod by Ccmaftmifr C. .^. B&rs^ jaao. 'iTberi^firsS -pmsstleS' of the two fivPB Ttill begin tonlsfbt. In na«^^>insr VTP want toy/t^te th:it th') Lesion bui In its jneii }boi6liip man who mr>«So bit.toi-y i& basketball Sa lbs rcPt aad cn^t'sa tbe!r •wlad fails litem oa jfeha 11th, thtsre •will be plonty o£ scrap. Both sides ^jtf eBl«f trio s-?«niag '8 'mt^'is.' mnt Vfim plenty o« Us fcees th9 gmne going. Now if 7on jnmt to forget all your ttottWes and sea what time has done to the HaS Beens bo on band Monday afeM. Efforts are baing ssada to mi & neutral roferoe If om can bs foand. Stora closed Thursday m^ralag on account of funerai. Maijitowoe n« Grocery, Have yoa painted your 'Kneeling Pads of, rubber .1 49c ^mishing Cloths (for f urBiture). , 50c 4 »'» t * • »f» V • • -0 » !• • * "*-"Js5||','« 'Colored Bish. Cloths ... ^ Scrubbing Cloths 5 yd, bolt CbeesB Cloth,.. Fart linen'Towdiair, yard . ^ All linen Hoveling, yard .. a9c to 45c FIRST FLOOR .. w SSc 10c and 19c •!•> J JSC Relish g*'!o<i>ya The rentalcb^rgefor ^ day is very low. The machine waxes and polishes. Johnson's liquid floor wax pint 75c; auart fl.40 SECOND FLOOR special assessments wijiJch the city at large pays. In Manitowoc it las been felt that alj pRrsons derS^'e beasfits from »aved fclreeiE iu that beauty tss en* hiffiiieed, cost of maintaining city ntveets fs reducf-d and property Kpfi^raily ig increased in value and .for tliat yeason the council, ahont lti_Q_r_J3 yeai 'B _aKO,_derided_to_paz? 'feasi^. had 'o jiave new ^treptg on a , sr-7!> baste with the city baarigg thf fosrs of all inter.sections. TBe citj-v f aar<> JTii!F .t come oct of tho KeriRKil tax sud in some years amotjnta to a fairly larpe Gom. "The city has adopted a settled policy of chargina 75c par foot for malaa the diffarencs htiweeft that sum and the actnal co?t mast bp. tiifeen np by tho city'jj general fund and at times the amount is t'onsJderable as cost of m.iias have run as high as $T, and $9 per foot," ha said. Prepare Sudg«t' "Although the city of Manitcsroc operate? muler -sv-hat is known a hadgp.t, it ri»sliy does not do so as t'iifi biid^srot 'Vfbinh la prepared is BLly an e-iimati?, prepared by th<" fjs.iuce rommittee oi tho contsci) and adorted is October of each ^fv.r. Ki !imul<'ui cos^t of jjavirij? tad Uhfr iwi0Tm't.mmis, cost of main' txilnSnf riiy r^i-iernmunt and imperial outlays fis plsnned by ibe dc- par<-mw,t heads and comicil are i£alhe?td to^c-ther and that togf-th- ev Ti -iih lis&d fiums ior interest and K'tSrempnt of bonda makefi up the feirfKiSl." the city e!«^rt: declared. ^Jbr. tbm present tim« tho boadms MtBit of th& «'lty of 7»fanltowoc iP R !>out 12.000,000 and wlib our pre.s- f-iit bonded indfjbiedBeso of |],232,' COO vsft ^hvv a Ifteway of about fSOOoM, 'i'he Ktato pro \IdP3 R ii)«iUjoU Of payta^ hond (rHU'iB in 8 2 (Vyj -jir ijpnod iind each ynur th«' t'Ai'tU \H H^niiirtU to pJaj"e oftS' iwicti'lh of thi? iinuiunt In th*" buciu-o*, iQ^,iXhvr with Inleffj?!, take rate 6t tbss loods.* R«d Tape frt riovernmertt iln (w<!'ts JMH b-i' ?« cnUiii \n fiiapii' jrrafit tit tryi'H-tU'nrv, a ;j <ii4f 4t»nS "i«it Jf.j'S.'' i^ *jfj4 p K <4 1 A'yi- i*. *», Hi* »<*•'* fi-iblfc ffcM ft.H'H^*** i8*»,U »<->>i,i! fc<r'vw* »Jv*,* »-. *•+-(( j .,w>»4-» *6* SEE THE' DRESSES AND PAJAMAS THAT HAVE BEEN.MADE OF ' " 'ON DISPLAY IN THE DEPARTMENT IN THE WINDOW Fairy Spun" Dimity Dumarl Printed B&tistes Dumari Dumarette Prints Duraari i Fairy Spun ^phyr Dumarl Printed Broadclotlia Dum^ Chiffon Voile Duraari , Handkerchief Lawn Duraari i(y!L39sS^^,l' Rayon Crepenese Dumari,.. 13QBemble0 J8 ($ket Suits Blouseg SeaoirPaJwaas Used Beffica Coats Shirt? Shorts -^.ltdren'{3 Tb!ff »*3- and many Tstherg. in the Anderson Electric Co. Building 821 WASHINGTON STREET It ls_wif:h & g?eafc sense of pleasaire thai w@ are able I© amiouKce tiae Grand dpenasg «f ©ur new ftiiinitwrp store Today the ptiblic i$ demanding more awd better thing£ for liteir homes at prices that ^rt; in yeacfe of everyone's pockelbook, Wtih ihis opining imnouacemenfc we offer wnparal- kd values and extend a warm invitation to ip^ecS: this modem liirnitare slore. Yoo'i! find everyUiiag for the home st prices you want fco pay. We invite you to come m» yo\s may gain a lew new ideas for your home. A hearly welcome awaits you. We want to meet everyone! Brmg your famiJIet^ and friends. Qaaiity and Up-to-date Style? at Moderate Prices! You win find Am«rlcft '8 tlni'ht furnimre rfpf<'tf<nl- fd la our 8tor« We nftvur rcdu<'ft thft (iu&ljty ta mett low prlcfe» instead w* lu- {ichr., (iui piirrUauf-w tiotit f ,i4 (nili-(s \^hi! U U«rf:f tiU-tits f!OCt—«»3, ate uhlb Ui Fiiertdly^ Courteous jmd Effleienl Service I The people iti our organ> igatlon iiare hfrd a wide exporienco In furBlshlng hoaiM and they ar* hero to Kervtt and help you b*- l«j5rt th« kind of turnitih- ln.g» you Wrtjjt for hww Friendly, courteoun had at- ti'Abiit perfic.» awiUt you iiwrij «t ftll tlm*e. Alfred Miiehiti & Sons FURHITUHE COIiPAKY ft lAlI Dumaris are color fast, stalwart, dependablep fashionable. McCall, Butterick and Simplicity Patterns will aid you in their making. ' ' • FIEST FLOOK ..-ONE-DAY SALE- New Si)ring Millinery .95 i$ even now Mnu un- And VmMiUi .i »e*t. •yw;^' in*,.. ff>mbinations, wcid dWm httt4K, Tiis oQior« lift * miiijm. dumm Mm, i»wr» JwijifH iMt W "«»ll IMI Ul«

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