The Evening Mail from London, Greater London, England on November 8, 1793 · Page 4
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The Evening Mail from London, Greater London, England · Page 4

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Friday, November 8, 1793
Page 4
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ess* DJBHSRV parne , .-wi,tlf fhe.&rcemvof W to feparat^ tiUtlx* Affably had proWiinc- ; ^h|^fi^ti^, Qf;t% Crows,. Preftdent >Vrg-- **y3§£|!}»l- *hg ~3j {pJauTes from the galleries "^Jfiero* thM-they violatsed thelaws by ^J^j&£te&8!tiM&->- of opinion 5, and he ^^^^^^^^^^A^pmbi^ wa$' going to ; ^ft*h-||^)^^ necef- , 4it^.^ A ^^|l|ryli^ v |^ieue^ftenee of the King. ' ^ ; ; K2k^A r iH^I^SnSed the-rnotion. Geradet pro- C, , jfcdft-d' to^lifeate Af«»^/, who was arretted, for paving given orders ta fire bathe people; or in ^the event that commander was no more, to "fend a deputation of Twelve Girondifl Members, asthorifed tochoofe his fucceflbr, in order by this means to keep the Public force at the difpofition of that mifchievous faction. In that memorable Sitting of the 10th of Auguft, the Gironrfift Chiefs, Vergniaxd, Guadet, And Genfcnne, took by turns the Chair, and went to the galleries to ilacken the energy of the people, and to fave Royalty, under the fhield. of the pretended Conftitution. They fpoke'of nothing but obedience to the Confti- ofa*. J^on^lJuaws, to thofe citizens that came to the iar to fvvear to protedt their newly acquired Liberty. ; Wljen the Municipality came to invite the Affi m 1 ; iy to print the proe'es-verbal of-the great' operations of the 10th of Augufl, in order to prevent the calumnies of the enemies of Liberty, Guadet interrupted the Members who TOadfethat demand, by making amotion to re. feornrnend anew to the Magistrates, the execu- > tinn of the laws. He blamed the Council of the Commune for having confined Petiou in his own houfe : "though they did it in order to render it impoiilblefoi' that importer to make even infurrection fubfervient againfl Liberty. When a deputation from the fuburb St. Antoine came to announce the civic affliction, of the widows and children of • the citizens maiTaered on that day, the perfidious Guadet coolly answered them, That the Aflembly hoped to re- it ore public tranquillity, and the reign of the kw." Vergniaud, in the name of the Extraordinary Commiflion, directed by that faftion, propofed the fufpenfion of the King, who had been dethroned by the people, as a fimple confervatory act of Royalty j and feemed greatly afFecled at the events which had faved the country, av.d operated the ruin of the tyrants. He oppofed ChonJieu's motion, tending to excrude from the Convention the Members of both the Legislative and Coriftituent Alfemblies ; and with the fame cunning he prevented the regiflers of the Civil Lift from being depofited on the table. Guadet wifhed to have a Governor named to ; the fon of the late King, whom he called the prince Royal. BriJJot and his accomplices always afrecled to invoke the liter-f.l execution of the' Conflitution, while the people, in the name of *tbe msrtvrs who fell before the Caftle of the Thuilleries, demanded the complete overthrow of the tyrant. Vergniaud oppofed this demand, faying, that the people of Paris were but a Section of the empire, h? and affected to oppofe it in this manner to the departments.^ He like wife refilled the petition made by the Commons, to put the tyrant under arreft.*~* He nfed alljiis efforts with Brijbt, Pei'wn, and Manuel to get Louis XVI. confined in the Luxembourg, from whence it would have been eafier for him to efcape, than out of the Tower of the Temple* Genfcnne and Guaaei had the fervility to pub- js&ured confident of "a cbntemp >as ient by the t&eft-J^i^^^'n';^ m/trier* te^a^learthar^§e&bn "which fave 'pe ^irriott niined^army^* the Eruffian del pot/- E>umourier 'cafne fod^enlp to Paris tJ 1 tbricert wfrh £rljjbt, Pefun., GWifef*-: G &?fifte t \ and \Carra-ythe perfidious'expedition into ?the Auttrian Netherlands + which fe^uride 1 t^pk- when the PrufTian army, wafting away by can- r tagions • diforderS)' was peaceably rejtjring; while* theFren«:h army was burning wirh^ludig- nation at the inaclion in which they we're kef>rV It was riot the fault of this faction, if the motion often made by Can-a to receive BRUNTS- w 1 ex at Paris, was not realifed. He meditated in the beginning of September 1792 to deliver up this city, without means of defence, by flying beyond the river Loire, with the Legiflative Aifembly, with the Executive Council, and : with the captive King. Ke was fupported in it by Roland\ Clavier'c, and \Le iBriin, the creatures and inftruments of BriJ/ot K anil his accpmplices. But thefe perfidious Minifters, having be.en threatened, by one of their, colleagues- to be denounced to the People, it was then that Cm-ra and Sillery were fent to Dumourier, to autho- rife. this General to negociate with FREDERICK! EXECUTION ,of BRI -SSOT, . ' ~i AND \ ' - TWENTY OTHER DEPUTIES, . Gp the jirtof Oftober, BRissoT ,and 20other Deputies, fuffered under the axe of the guillotine. The following is the ofHciai repcu't publifhed by order of the REVOLUTIONARY TRIBUNAL on tbis head: "The I 'ribunal, on the declaration of the jury, ftating «* that BRISSOT, VEJJGNIAUD, GENSONKE, DUPRAT, VALAZE, LEHARDI, I>UCOS, BOYER Fo N F REDE, BoiLE AU, GAR- DI EN 3 DlJCH ASTEL, SlLLERY, FAUCHET, DUPERRET, LA SOURCE,CARRA, BEAUVAU, MAINVELI;E, ANTIBOUL, VIGET, and LA 1 -, CAZE, are the authors or accomplices ia a con- fpiracy which has exifted againft the unity and indivifibility of the Reptiblick—againft the li- hwmeaftd^r The Amelia, .Pa John's, is taken an WILLIAM, to enable this Prince to get out of , . r 1 V 1 , the kingdom, oncondition that he iholild leave berty and fafety of the French people : the Netherlands without a Tufficient means of "Condemns the abovementioned perfoji defence, and deliver them up to the numerous and triumphant armies of France. ( To be continues'. ) Pojifcript. TRIAL of the QUEEN of FRANCE. This Day is jaihliiher?, The. TRIAL at LENGTH of MARIE "ANTOINETTE, late QUEEN of FRANCE; containing the whole of the Charges mj'.inft her, v/ith the Body of Evidence brought to them; tf'gelher with the Speech *A the PRESIDENT irs fumming up, the JSEST ENCE, and fome Pat ticulars o{ her Confinerr.rnt and Execution, iv.-t r'encrr.Hy known. The Whole re i!c d and ccr: cdlcd, from a Manufcript, and the French Journals of rhe I'.'OMITEUR, JJv the CONDUCTOR of the TIMES. To which "ill be added, The Subftance of the Interrogatories that puffed on a private Elimination, previous to the Trial; and Come Oblervati'.ns on the V> hole of the Proceeding. Printed at the Lo?ngraphic Prefs, Printing Houfe Souare, Blackfriais; and folJ by j. Ov.'tx T. Longman, Paternofter-Row ; and N T o. 16^, Ficcadit-_ all other Book'eile:s. LONDON. PRICE OF STOCKS THIS DAY AT ONE O'CLOCK 7, per "Cent. Cc-ni '/is 73 7-Bths India Stock ?.o6 i-half perfons to deaths declares their effecls confi(bated for the ufd of the Republick, and orders that the fen- tence be executed in the Place de la Rrvvtmtvny and that it be printed and dillributed throughout the Republick." VALAZE, one of the condemned, (tabbed himfelf-after he had heard his fentence. The Tribunal has ordered, that the carcafe 'of the fuicide be brought to the Place de. la Re-volution, that it may be buried with the other condemned Deputies in the fame place. The execution took place between eleven and twelve-o'clock on Friday noon laft. Thefe confpirators, even while under the axe, cried otit Vive la Republique! Dacbatel, .Ducos, Boysr Fo>;frede and Le Hardi were particularly diilinguifhed "by their firm and intrepid behaviour. Brijfot was filent, but he appeared [ as if he-wimed- to meditate fome new plot. .5/7- lery did not forget his part of a courtier; he bowed low to the people, and had a confeiTor. The prelate FAUCHET died like a Bifliop; he difcourfed very ferioufly with his confelfor. Carra, the Duke of YORK'S good friend, died as he would have died at Macon, where he was formerly convicted of theft; but was pardoned on account "of his youth. La Source, a Miniiler of the Protectant Church, died ljke a grey penitent. In fhort, the whole time required to cut off the heads of thefe criminals, and to Major-General DUN DAS is returned to town, in order to embark with... Sir CHARLES GREY for the Weft Indies. According to-letters from GENEVA, written, by a gentleman who has the bell poflible. means of information, it appears, that the corps of ROYALISTS who attempted to efcape from LYONS at the moment the Republicans entered it, amounted to about 5000 men. They were immediately purfued, and mofl of them, put to the fword. Some few were referved for'an ex- j excavate the tomb of federalifm, was THIRTY- hibition on the fcajfold. The. guiilciine is every I" end to t h c; i r that lifh, at different times, that Louis XVI. had Commanded the Swifs not to iire upon the people. From that time, the leaders of the Giro?i/;'/?/ (department ©f Bourdeaux) compelled to praife the events of the ictti of Auguft, conrinued notwirhHanding, to undermiije the HeDubiic. • .Tl^^JitJ.-ed "the r ,at'Ms r^jctio«f s ^f humx- |^wit|i : *pkckf!ts cf ;ll-ari^n-' ei^go^ day employed in putting an wretched career. It is poiitively aiuiiTed, not-lefs than 1400 perfons are deitined to fuifer' in that unhappy city. The yellow fever, which rages with fuch violence at Philadelphia, has appeared alia in St. Kitt's. The 9th regiment on duty in that ifland, have loll by it; Major RITCHIE, Lieutenant DOUGLAS, Enfign DOUGLAS, Eniign VERCHILD, Adjutant KEIGH.TLY, and above 80 privates. Lieutenant MUDGE,' of the Royal Regiment of Artillery, has alfo fallen a facri- iice to the fever. We are forry to learn that the yellow fever has made' its appearance at Barbadoes; and that fonne of the Officers' of the 33d Regiment had fallen viclims to it. Our Government has taken the mofl vigilant meafures to prevent the contagious infection which now ravages fome parts of America, from leaching this country. All (hips coming from the States of New Jerfey and Penfylvania, are to perform a quarantine of 14 days. Marquis CORNWALL-IS will have heard of the war with France before he purpofed failing from Calcutta' for Englandi There, is fome doubt whether his Lordhhip will return this fesifon. By the wife and falutary means taken by the Committee of Infpeftion of New York, to prevent the introduction of the yello-xv fever into that city, the inhabitants have been • hitherto prefe-rved from the-cruel ravages of this- malignant complaint, which has been fo fatal in Phi- •ladelphia, and:the Friday the 20th of September, was appointed day of^humiliation* fading, and prayer to |jfi i^lfBtgtfty <3©d, ^for the pixfervation of that ^tity from this difeale. , fe3f On'Sunday, the 28th ult. the French, to tht * : *™rimberof 40, landed at Alde'rney, a fmall ifland ing between Guernfey and jerfey, near the ench coaft, an ifland much frequented J by lugglers; .The French landed from two lugs^by which they.deceived the inhabitants', ff^i> thought them Englifti. • They took twelve Jates, one corporal, and one ferjemt of the ial Independent Invalids, prifoners,and car- Hlof feveral oxen arid (heep. - T every department contiguous to the Fron- I of Switzerland and of Savoy, all the corn ffcibly carried away.;- andthere-isfcarceleft lent for the maintenance of the farmer," r fowing. ^ .. : . .. ( e SPANISH troops in tlxe French Province^ iiffillon amount to about 25,000 men, beV o fick or wounded. " . :erday were interred in a vault, in St. : s burial ground, in the Harripilead-road,, ainsr of Jjord G EbB G B ,G#OON^ SUV EN" T.ilKUTES The illultrious villain, Philip Egalite, arrived in Paris yefterday, and was immediately'con-" dueled to the Conciergerie. The Revolutionary Tribunal has guillotined the Prieff Satmier x convicled of emigration,; and the Lady Roger, ci-devant Superior of the Nuns of the HotelDieu of Blois, has been tied to a flake daring fix hours, and afterwards confined, for having concealed the faid Samiier. Among a great number of perfons conducted to the Abbaye, is KELLERMAN, by order of the Minifler of War. From RouffMon we learn, that Don RICARDOS is makingdifpofltions at St. Jeande Pages, which announced that his intention is to gd into winter quarters on the territory of the Republic. PRIVATE CORRESPONDENCE. ' DUKE OF YORK'S HEAD- QUARTERS at \ CAMPHIN,Nov. 5 v ; ' • " Yefterday and ~fhis morning,we heard a very heavy cannonade on the other 1 lide of'Ci- foing, but as yet we dp not know whaTnas beexr its object and refult*. ' Eve^tjiiiig'ls 'qitiet Bruges. . NEWS. ieer*," Captain Dolbell, has rfey, a veil el loaded with 13a Bourdeaux to Brell. - ,er, from Barbadoes to Sr. nfomed. The St. John, Dryflale, of New Brunfwick; brig FriendJhip, of St. John's, New Brunf­ wick ; and (loop Thre« Friends, of Barbadoes*are taken and carried into Port Royal, Martinique. The——v Capt. "Powers, and ^ Capl, M f Clanahan, both Gf Philadelphia, are oif $iore in the Milliflippij with feveral other veil els. The Golden Age, ^, from Jamaica to Liverpool, taken by a French frigate, is ar* rived at Philadelphia. The Qapelin, Slocombe, from Briftol, is ilranded lr\ear St. Lucar; the cargo is expefted to be faved. The Maria, Rodm^re, from Dartmcuth to Liverpool,.foundered near.Bardfcy. The Medina, AHardice, from Oilend to London, is loft on, the Goodwin Sands; another (hip is loft near the fame place. rThe-Baltimore^frpm Maryland to Bourdeaux, js taken by the Rcu>yay, 'of .-Liverpool, and fent for Montfercat; -t^e Nabby, Kennedy, from Leith to-Virginia, i%loft on the Ne.:i> of Ireland. PORTSMOUTH, NOV. S. \^ This day arrived thj6 ,..Quebec and Pomona ingat'-s, arra'^aw^Hfeoi^ -wir^ tne n :tnf r oxis and troops that left thisSlace under con/<y, from Oftend, where their fervices are not now wanted. • , \ Arrived the St. Albans, of\p guns, from the Downs, and the Adamant, afo of 50 guns, is come into harbour.. \ This day the Queen's*Launch\ with 15 or 1^ feamen, and fome officers on b%d, iivaheavy gale, was run down by a frigate, \id it is feared every perfon perillied. ' ;\ . This evening arrived at the Ifotherbank, three fail of. Dutch men war, but;|t blowing fo exceedingly hard, we have not bjen abl? to learn their names, or from whence fiey came. NOVEMBER IO. \ Arrived, the Ceres, Dunilar, from\le£ina a and was immediately put under.quaranfi^e. Sailed, thjee Dutch men of war, for C>wes. .OSTEND,N6v.^ : -'"^ - ' .•M+f Idfa: Garitoi4r #i^ i J^msiik^ : Hoi-fe which arnyJd'.^eft^ay I 1n- ; pdE. rjtBrt r frb*n Ireland, >vere-.m'(emDafk^ %feto fe-,^^O^^^ ' -' , ct The 19th, 27II1,4'2d/and'5yth' Regiments of Foot; and a Brigade" of Irifli Affillety were embarked yefterday' /arid^ this 'mdtmtfg, in the fame trahfports'.. which* brpu*gRt* |H,em "hither 5. and they are fo* fail to-'mdjrow; for fe'Downs. I have the pleafure r6 Inform ydii, that by a letter from Meiiih, dated ye'n^d^)*;*'*we .learn, that the Carttiagnols, hav'e 1 ^^Qf^^'^m polls at J ^arnerton^ Cbtytwnisl 'ttnctllSl^. Rdrtck, &G..&C and have retired intp.X^.""''. PLYMOUTH, NOV. 7. Y Came in the Eagle Exeife cutter, WARD, a cruize, with a fmuggling boat, laden vith 100 cafks of fpirits, which fns took^it in Cawfand Bay. Came in the Ranger att^ Bufy cutters, from a cruize. Lad evening a two-decked (hip paiTed this port to the Weftward, with a fleet under can-*; voy, fuppofed the Irrefiftable, of 74 guns, Capt. HENRY, with the trade to Ireland. Sailed his Majeily's (hip Hebe, of 38 g::ns, Capt. HOOD, and the Venus, of 32 guns, Captain FALKNOR, to join the fleet in Torbay ; the Flora armed (hip, of 12 guns, Lieucen %nt WRAY, with a fleet under convoy, to the Well- ward. • " ' NOVEMBER 9. Arri/ed,- the Olive Branch, Trench, front- Barcelona ; Viper cutter, with a convoy, frcni.;i Mil-ford;. Melampiis frigate, from Cork; and^ Kingfiflier (loop of war ; from the fleet. Put back, the Flora armed (hip, with the con«/Vj voy for Milford. Wind, S. S. E. £m •m Exprefs, No. 26, Cornhill.)[ HORNS BY and Co. refpe&fully acquaint the^ friends and the public, that the Iriih Lotted begins drawing on Tuefday next, when an thenticated account of each day's drawing wi! arrive regularly at their Office, for the imme*£i a diate infpeclion of thefe who honour thedSpl with thejr commands. • Tickets, Halves/ QuaR-if*! ters, Eighths, and Sixteenths in the Irifli ajidt* I Englifh State-Lotteries, are now felling, ini>^i^ great variety of numbers, and at • the lowef^ prices. t /:% At Swaffham fair, on Monday lad, there wiigV' a great fliew of. all kinds of flock; (hee ^aH (T^| larnbs fetched good prices, but horfes and nea££ v flock went very low.—'The (harpers were ve bufy; three of whom were particularly noticedSBjJ —A Mr. Killinorworth; a farmer from FeltweHpp was. (landing near the Crown inn, when one 'Mm the three came up, and after a tarn: ^ ydu-clb,:'' 'invlt€.d.. the-fer*»crr €0 the Inn, wblc^ was'accepted .—-They had'been there but a.^fe| minutes, when the other two -came-into^ifeSif room, and converfation 'flagging, they ir^S^* mg IO H N. a: (killing, t!| jjuinea, and while they were propofihg the]j 'Ket for eight-guineas 'a man, the couht« & I made tPi^ards the door, and wifhing th"^ Eobdmpfhing '•dej^t^,---ndf-'^ ; jitBe-/ : dH ;i ' . V.; ' '' DItD - ..' '. , Wednetdax-Maft, ia great dift ^efs, at. the Parifh ^1 o£ Deal,' Kent, the Rev. James Atkihs^ forate years Tof the 'Chipel in that-town, f '. 'JJH' * * 1 * 1 fi oaihradj ''being a Holiday^'there <vias '.>«£' done at. the «S to ciKt 'E^cCM A N SHIP NEWS. D,5A ( L, Kov. 10, Wind S...W*- Blows fcara ^HkiiT* Bfniiant, ^drnffat Peyton y: 'Ttit&n> • -Adtaical Ma ; Sheern6fs, -,S ?nita MafgaVett^Vand ^iirydi^e^.Ujitt^l vlhip SsYpear. «ndi.FA!ty ;ft»;»w* w„kh tjie foUowihg \ti$ j• Hch," wiih^he rgtb Reiim<iit*j Thomas frit ^M &fll "j' Ocean> and^Jokn; 'with tRe^td^Rejirrieaf^: FraWi||| ; ritt.JJeftry, Myrtle^ and,^4vjett6"ufe;«rith*the 27th $Lim a duel tour-. yeaj5? ^ajrQ ^^nd^hen^aflecloy^r .; London, aid i| a rdys i :.vriuli ^Ko ^Wi^r^:.J& to the Cantinent,,was -laft ee^.jui j^ndej? «ref| u -ta ^i^,^he ^,^tKfl^pBfe y??? byGener,a-i BUNDAS> at J^eupc^iyh",con.fe- ] - ^, - * : 'i 'j^5iklti»,':•• ^ quinceof his^haying- ch9lIet^ed /<£fiC .-wnen''^a-*" ' - •VT- >__^-, the "difcharge oi* Ms-dxxifr w£$.tient.tQ Oftend undera -gipard, ^tiij0 >^0^^i 'io :Eiis' i Hbllana r^dcr* ..'W->.v -J

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