The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 7, 1948 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 7, 1948
Page 7
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MONDAY, JUNE T, 1948 BT.YTHKVILLE (ARK.) 1 COURIER NEWS Communism No Friend of Union Labor, New Zealand Prime Minister Peter Fraser Soys By Frank H. Bartholomew (United Pr«e Staff CorrMpondrnt) BAN FRANCISCO, Cal.. June 7. (DP)—Communism li ix> friend o! union labor, the United Press was told in Wellington by one of labor's best-known contributions to world statesmanship. Prime Minister p*l«r American Kidnaped by Russians Is Returned After Girl-Spy Mixup Fr»5«r of New Zealand. Said the greying, soft-spoken Scot who came up from laborer and waterside worker in Auckland »nd Wellington to lead tils union and eventually the nation: "New Zealand labor does not depend for its policy on dogmatical J.\eachmgs and is utterly opposed to "•Jlie Communist doctrine of dictatorship and use of forte. " Million-Dollar Fire Razes 16 Duluth Stores DUI.UTH, Minn.. June 7. (UP> — A fire Saturday destroyed 16 bulld- VIENNA, June 7. (UP)—British officials reported Saturday Hint a mysterious American civilian who was seized by an armed uaiiri of Russians after he thwarted a Soviet attempt to snatch a double-dcalinfi of Vicuna, The formal British statement said only one Russian ngciil. was involved, lie and the American, U, Over 1(1 ix Tbuu(li <irrrti If left on the tree nfter once becoming ripe, or orange-colored, the Valencm orange often turns bark to its original green color; thus, some green oranges are- overripe. PAGE REVZJf Im» only recently been canned with success, desuite H long-stuml- IUK need (or such • product. said, were picked tip by a military iblc--dcaling police patrol. The Soviets tiled to girl spy was safely back In the U. S. seine the «lrl spy, who was nci-om- K>tor. panieil by the American, and lie The British Issued a formal state-! [existed. ment saying that the American wns! for years all kinds of food« and many beveraKes have been preserved incuns. SlrnnKely enough the prime necessary of ll(«, watet Dr. W. F. BREWER DKNTIST ornoi 20914 w. MAIN ST. PHONE am Blyth«vllle, Ark. handed British over by the Soviets to thcl clay after he WHS kid- "Labor's humanitarian policy ot social reconstruction under parliamentary democracy Is the very an-1 ings In downtown IXiluth. causing tithes-is of th,e Conmnmlst policy damage estimated at »1,000,000, of revolution based on hatred, in-1 Tll e blare broke out in the four- hnmanlty ami intolerance." | story Rudolph Furniture store. It Asked if he felt ihe Communist spread rapidly to (he Board or Trade Influence was responsible tor slow-1 Buildiiix across the street, downs at the world's ports, to ham- The !6 buildings destroyed Inclucl- poi- International " J " " ' ~ non-Communistic "While KltemplInK to effect the arrest," the British statement suld, ":i number of civilians Joined In. nailed, and since had been turned. As a result the woman escaped, mid b»ck to U. 6. authorities. |another clvlllun was detained by the The U. S. Army Duel no comment. j police." The curtain of official secrecy hid ; — the details of the rjlvmrrf case, some of the skimpy rciwrt.s that did suep through the curtain wen' m conflict. None o[ the parties were identified. American sources said the girl In the case ostensibly was spying on , trade between pd lhc Rudolph Building .the Co nations, Piimel lumbla Office Building, next door the Americans for the Russians, but had donble-crosspd the Soviets and actually wns working for U/ S : officials while feeding the Husslnns doctored information. The best composite of the fragmentary reports was that M Kussian soldiers sel/.ed I lie American at gunpoint while freeing a Soviet secret police agent, or perhaps two. . Minister Frazer branded the 'c'onTi' 0 " le fllrili t«re store, and 14 small I The American and Russian or Htis- munlst influence as "detrimental slorM - Tlle six-story Board of Trade sia »s were arrested by British sol- to speedy shipping" and added B "" ll! "" R "d several other struc- dlers policing the International Zone "they opposed the war, you know." l ""' s v/cre damaged. | New Zealand's ce-year-old chief Tllt ' Bcl ' Telephone Co. building.' executive who heads a country 1!cxt dnot ' to the Columbia building, with the highest per capita pro- 1 was threatened for a time but fire- duction for export in the world me " from Dulnlh, Superior, and all is no admirer of the "slowdown" ' outlyln B towns brought the flames and has just emerged victorious ! l " lcler contlo l after three hours. from a lively fight with commit- ! , >l>h ^ c P ers ° n s wore burned slight- nist elements in New ' Zealand's Unions. Sergeant Helps Out But Gets Mildly Stuck COI.UMIHJS. O., (Ul>>—Police SKI. Edgar N. Duller gels people [,j and out of Jail. IJntlcr arrested Norman Winters, 52, of Uonver, Colo., for peddlinp, lend pencils without allccnsv, When Winters discovered he had only S9C5 io pay the $.10 bond, Bntler lent him the necessary H5 cents. Winters failed to appear in court and the bond, Including Hutler's 35 cents, wns forfeited. Head Courier .News Want Ads. Use Default Tactics The battle started months ly. They were Coast Guardsman! Calvin Robinson, Segrid Beck. 34,1 and fireman George Ledingham, j 52. Ledingham was able to continue i when, according to the admlnistra- '-ll hting tlle fire nfter receivin"g"iVr7t wiicn, according to the administra-| tion, the Communists attempted to eain dominance of union delegat-l aid. ion. gat and made a somewhat effect- start with the carpenter's un- National Air Academy At Randolph Field .in Texas Sought in House Tactics Included prolonged meetings most of the rnemuership had drifted out, then committing the I .„.,,.. , union to courses of action by votel WASHINGTON. June 1. (UP) — of the well-organized Communistic I A uro l>° s( -' d $65,000,000 national air minority which remained in sess- I academ J r at Randolph Field, Tex., ion until It became a majority bv I lemml Browing support from air default. forto leaders Saturday. "They didn't think the govern-L A Ab !" '° set >'P a w «t Point-ol- ment would accept the challenge."] ,! r at Ran dolph Field has been the United Press was told by R. S. Odell of the prime minister's secre- their plan backfired the Chechoslovakian tariat, "but and after catastrophe we really blitzed them here in New Zealand. Prime Minister Fra'zer, who appears effectively to have terminated the Communist bid for domination of his trade union movement will lead the labor party to the uells next year in the countryside lections against the opposition National Party. A lively contest is indicated, since the Labor Party and the National Party each have thirty eight members of European descent in parliament with four native Maori' members holding the balance of power. The Maori vote is solidly -labor. A shift of two "European" votes would produce a deadlock; A shift of three would swing the election. Attention!! Cotton Graham Service Station Ark-Mo State Line Is Now Open for Business Cities Service Products Gasoline — Oil — Greases We Invite You to Trade with Us Garrett L. Abbott & H. E. (Cotton) Graham Jr. introduced in the House by Rep. Paul J. Kilday, D., Tex. Both air Secretary w. Stuart Symington anrl Gen. Hoyt S. Vanrlenberg. air force chief of .staff, have endorsed the plan. Symington gave his endorsement \ at R dosed hearing of a House Appropriations Subcommittee. Vandenberg told a Housed Armed Services committee, the Air Force has tentative plans for such an air academy. At present, the Air force gets one-third of its officers from each service academy and the remaining third from the National Guard, college flying ranks and enlisted men. Private Utilities Protest More SPA Appropriations WASHINGTON, June 7. (UP) — A spokesman for private utility companies of five states Saturday protested any further Interior Department appropriations for the Southwestern Power Administration. ~R. K. Lane, president of the Public Service Co. of Oklahoma, Tulsa, made the protest to a Senate Appropriations Subcommittee. . He spoke for utilities from his own state, Arkansas, Kansas, Louisiana ^kd Texas. ^"Every dollar asked lor by it (Southwestern Power Administration) is another dollar for raiding private business," Lane said. Cooperatives from the same five states last night asked the Senate to restore the full amount of »3,180,000 recommended by the budget bureau for the administration. The House approved only £260,000, a u , o be used only lor administrative purposes. "Our plan and our offers relieve taxpayers, carry out the intent ot Congress In the flood control act of 19+4 and save our private investment and business," Lane said. He reaffirmed a number of "fundamental principles'' advocated by Americans for alcoholic spent S8,770,000,000 beverages in 194fi. the utilities in negotiations with the government for the distribution of Hood-control power. FOWLSTON SCHOOL OF MUSIC Offers Gatewood Grocery State Line Phone 975 GAS GAS Reg., Gal. Ethyl, Gal. 20k 22k Whiskies 1-2 Pt. 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HUBBARD & HOKE APPLIANCE COMPANY STEEL BUILDINGS ADAPTABLE To Many Industrial, Commercial and Farm Uses TRUSS-CLEAR ... HO WASTED SPACE A fredttit »f 1U1LII MfO. COMPANY • Low Cod p»i IQ tt • Cost Liu to buy ind main- tun • Convenient Suet — 40* widlh, Jenalh in inulltpln ol 20'. Also 32' ind ?0' widths, Eenglhi HI mulliplei ol 12'. • Sliong Irusiless consliuc^ lion. Full utejbl« ip*ci • Erected in diyi Instead ol weeks. C. A. TANT CONST. CO. Authorized Dealer for Butler Ste*l Buildings General Contracting P. O. Box 83 Phone 896 Blytheville, Ark. REFRESHING REDUCING INVIGORATING Kid yourself of llml ugly fal, both men and women. Fee] youiiK mid ho youtit; nxiiin Ijy sulphur bath and oil nuissiiKcs. Course of 10 for $^0. For Appointment (,'itll 2!>,V.) E - C. Davis Masseur . K,[{) Ash Street Violetta Morgan Masseuse SPECIAL Beer Per Case Ited Tap Alp $2.00 nrlescilk-rk I'll (Ml Illue lillilitm S.1.75 HuiUi-isi-r 53.1S Russell Marr Liquor Store 111 So. 2ml SI. 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