The Commercial Gazette from London, Greater London, England on June 15, 1892 · Page 20
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The Commercial Gazette from London, Greater London, England · Page 20

London, Greater London, England
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 15, 1892
Page 20
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572 HOBSON Bridget Caroline, Burnstones, Sheffield, widow, died Feb. 26. Claims to Burdekin, Benton, to Burdekin, Sheffield, tola., by Jnly 31. HOBSON Milton, 20 High-st., Heme Bay, Kent, spinster, deceased. Claims to Win. Carpenter and Thomas Car* penter, 5 Lawrence Pountney-lane, executors, by July 1. HOCKING John, Ship Inn, Pentewan, St. AuBtell, Cornwall, innkeeper, died Feb. 18. Claims to Carlyon to Stephens, St. Austell, sola., by June 24. HOCKLEY Joseph, Bridge-st., Wednesbury, Stafford, poulterer, died Mar. 30,1891. Claims to George Rose, Wednesbury, so)., by Jnly 10. HOULDKN Edward Robert, Crondall, Hants, surgeon, died Jan. 9. Claims to Chapman to Chaundler, Biggleswade, sola., by July 18. BUNT George Eden, Wadenhoe-bouse, Oandle, Noithamp- toD, esquire, died Feb. 19. Claima to F. J. to G. J. Braikeniidge, 16 BartltU'a-buildings, Holborn-oircus, sols., by July 4. JERVIS Wm., Broomhill, Sheffield, chemist, died May 10, 1889. Claims to Bodgera, Thomas, to Sandford, Sheffield, aols., by July 30. KRLLY Frederick, 91 Sydney-st.. Chelsea, leather seller, died Feb. 1. Claima to Stileman, Neate, to Toynbee, 16 Southampton-si., Bloomsbary-sq., aols., by July 26. KiBBBY Wm., Shipley, York, bank manager, died Apr. 17. Claima to Morgan to Morgan, Bradford and Shipley, sols., by July 5. Los GMAN Fanny, 41 Gheater-ter., Regent's-park, late Holm Leas, Liverpool-gardens, Worthing, widow, deceased. Claims to Frederick Hill, 73 Queen Victoria-si, aoL, by July 9. MACQUBIN John Potter, 1 Street-villas, Westgate-on-8ea, Kent, gentleman, died Feb. 9. Claims to Francis Fearon, 26 Parliament-st., Westminster, sol, by July 1. If 16BELL Andrew, 47 Upper Lewea-rd., Brighton, gentleman, died Jan. 25. Claims to J. C. Buckwell, Brighton, sol., by June 30. MILNBS Henry, 14 Hoxton-at., Girlington, York, lathemaker, died Apr. 21. Claims to Robinson, Scott, to Holmes, Bradford, sols., by June 8. MINNEY Henry, Great Staughton, Hunts, farmer, died NOT. 30, 1890. Claima to C. R. Wade-Gery, St. Neot's, sol., by July 1. Moony John, Parkfields Cedars, Kedleaton-rd., Derby, solicitor, died Mar. 17, 1889. Claims to Moody to Woolley, Derby, sols., by July 1. Moons Frances, Stockley Farm, Greetland, Halifax, deceased. Claima to John Marshall, Halifax, sol., by June 17. MOBBUK George, 139 Albion-row, Byker, Newcastle-npori- ^ Tyne, shopkeeper, died Apr. 21; Claims to Elsdon to Dransfield, Newcaatle-upon-Tyne, sols., by Aug. 1. MUBSSH Isabella, Botanie-rd., Lirerpool, widow, died May 9. Claims to Grace to Smith, Liverpool, sols., by July 6. NICHOLLB Charles Thomas, 37 Kentish-town-rd., plumber, died Jan. 20. Claims to Stileman, Neate, to Toynbee, 16 Southampton-st., Bloomsbury-sq., sola., by July 25. OAKLEY Tom Allen, Wareham, Dorset, corn and seed merchant, died Mar. 16. Claims to Filliter & Son, Wareham, sola., by Aug. 16. PALMER Andrew Mooro, Grosvenor-houae, High-rd., and Beechcroft-rd., Leytonstone, Essex, horse dealer, died Apr. 16,1891. Claims to W. J. R. Moore, Ilford, sol., by June 25. PATIENT Charles, formerly 83 Palmeira-manaiona, Brighton, late 13 Anglesea-rd., Ipswich, valet, died Dec. 27. Claims to W. E. Keisey, Ipswich, sol., by July 4. PERL Mary, Springfield, Prendergaat, Pembroke, widow, died Dec. 10. Claims to Eaton-Evans to Williams, Haverfordwest, sola., by July 31. PHILLIPS Lazarus, 104 Colveston-crei., Dalaton, gentleman, died Jan. 19. Claims to D. A. Romain, 60 Bishopsgate-st. Without, sol., by June 30. PICKBBING Wm., Poulton, Pulford, Chester, farmer, died Aug. 20, 1891. Claims to Barker to Rogerson, Cheater, sola., by July 1. POWNALL* Louisa, 20 Harcourt-ter., Kensington, widow, died Feb. 12. Claims to Budd, Johnson, to Jecks, 24 Austin- friars, sols., by July 19. RANDALL Ann Emma, 7 Regent's-sq., Gray's-inn-rd., spinster, died May 9. Claims to Woodbridge to Sons, 6 Serjeants'- inn, Fleet-st., and Brentford, sols., by July 25. ROYLE Margaret, 40 Hampton-rd., Southport, Lancaster, widw, died May 15. Claima to Buck, Dickaons, to Cockshott, Southport, aols., by June 24. RUST Charles Goldamith, 81 Nile-st., Hull, gentleman, died Jan. 26. Claims to J. Travis-Cook, Hull, sol., by July 12. RUST Helen Mary,' 31 Nile-st., Hull, spinster, died June 6, 1891. Claims to J. Travis-Cook, Hull, sol., by July 12. SAGAB John Wm., 5 Belmont-ter., Heaton Moor, Lancaster, fruit preserver, died July 12. Claims to Horner to Son, Manchester, sols., by July 30. SHALES George, Gowdall, Snaith, York, farmer, died Dec. 16,1890. Claims to Taylor & Newborn, Epworth, Doncaater, sols., by July 11. SMITH Wm. Henry, 15 Old-st., Sheffield-park, Sheffield, horn presser, died July 9,1891. Claims to Rodgers, Thomas, to Sandford, Sheffield, sols., by July 25. SMITHBTT Eunioe, 10 Helena-avenue, Margate, widow, died May 5. Claims to G. F. Kelcey, Margate, sol., by July 4. SUMMBBS Robert, Tanworth, Warwick, died Sept. 28, 1890. Claims to Charles Cattell, Birmingham, sol., by July 23. TABLIHO Charles, 42 Goswell-rd., and 94 Stapleton-hall-rd., Strond-green, clothier, died Oct. 6,1882. Claims to Sheffield, Son, to Powell, 23 St. 8within's-la., sola., by July 24. TAYLOR James, Jolly Gardener Inn, Lower-pl., Rochdale, innkeeper, died Jan. SO. Claims to Washington Calvert, Rochdale, sol., by July 11. TAYLOB Matthew Albert, Rotherham, York, retired victualler, died May 1. Claims to Oxley to Coward, Rotherham and Sheffield,sola., by July 11. TAYLOB Wm., Madras, late 87 Tuf nell-park-rd., Holloway, gentleman, died Jan. 10. Claims to A. A. Tilleard, 24 Lombard-at., sol., by Aug. 3. WADDINGTON Anne, Fetiscowles, near Blackburn, Bpinster, died Mar. 19. Claims to J. P. Marriott, Blackburn, sol., by July 9. WALKBB Wm., 98 Stibbington-st., Oakley-sq., died Feb. 10. Claims to Thomas Bore, 4 Ropemaker-st., Finsbury-pavement, sol., by Aug. 12. WABWICK Mary Ann., 2 St. Nicholas-st., York, spinster, died May 17,1891. Claims to George Crumbie, York, sol., by Aug. 1. WELLS Warrick Walter, 7 Berkeley-pl., Cheltenham, esiquire, died Apr. 9. Claims to Danger to Cartwright, Bristol, sols., by July 5. WHITE Laura Mary, Dunalistair, Westgate-on-3ea, Kent, spinster, died May 9. Claims to W. A. Browne, 55 Liu- coln'a-inn-fields, sol., by July 20. WILKINSON Ursula Josephine, Austhorpe-lodge, Whitkirk, York, widow, died Jan. 17. Claims to Nelson, Barr, & Nelson, Leeds, BOIS., by July 22. WILLIAMS Thomas, 4 Whitgift-st., Croydon, stonemason, died Jan. 22. Claims to J. S. Streeter, Croydon, sol., by July 13. WILLIAMSON Charles Done, Golden Nook Farm, Chudding- ton, Chester, farmer, died Apr. 6. Claims to A. & J. E.. Fletcher, Northwich, sols., by July 14. WILSON John, Barton-on-Humber and 8outh Ferriby, Lincoln, gentleman, died June 30, 1891. Claima to Nowell & Dix, Barton-on-Humber, sols., by July 1. WINDSOB Richard, Red Lion Tavern, Child's-hill, near Hendon, victualler, died Apr. 22. Claima to Rose & Johnson, 13 Delahay-st., Westminster, sols., by June 21. WINGFIBLD Sir Charles John, K.C.S.I. and C.B., 66 Portland-pl., died Jan. 27. Claima to Bennett, Dawson, to Bennett, 2 New-sq., Lincoln's-inn, sols., by July 15. WINTBB Samuel, Brentwood, Essex, builder, died Jan. 28. Claims to E., F., to H. Landon, 53 NewBroad-st., sols., by July 14. WOBMALD Eliza, Bury St. Edmund's, Suffolk, baker, died Mar. 25. Claims to Woolnough, Gross, & Son, Bury St. Edmund's, sols., by Aug. I. CHANCERY NOTICES. In the Court of Chancery of Lancaster. POWELL Mary, 17 York-at., Lower Broughton, Manchester, widow, died Oct., 1890. Claims to W. H. Norton, Man- Chester, sol., by July 14. Adjudication, Registrar's cham- hers, Manchester, July 25 at 11. IRELAND. EXTRACTS FROM THE REGISTRY OF BILLS OF SALE. A BILL O» SALB ii an assignment of personal chattels, enabling the grantee to seize and sell the same according to the terms of the document. If given by way of security for th« payment of money it comes within the Act of 1883. To be talld it must be in accordance with the statutory form •( deed; must be attested by a credible witness; must ba registered within seven clear days of its execution; and must" truly " state the consideration and contain a sohedule. Only the goods specified in the schedule can be protected as against creditors. There ean be no sale or removal of the goods assigned until five clear days after their seizure. Bills of Sale not given by way of security for the payment of money, such as absolute sales, post-nuptial settlements, and the like, still come under the Act of 1879 only. They must therefore ba attested by a solicitor. Both kinds require re-registration every five years. 1 Subscribers are particularly requested to note that the under-mentioned information from the Official Registry was received up to Tuesday last, and was up to that date registered aa giren; but that payment may have been made in some of the oases, although no notice thereof had been entered on the Register. flOPMTT. | in TRIM .. KAMI AND ADDBBSS. CORK DONEGAL.. DOWN .. DUBLIN .. L'DEBBY Hynes Edward, 12 Atlantic-avenue, Antrim- draper's assistant •• road, Belfast Moore William, Oorkermaine, Cairnoastle. • farmer , • , • (Of live farm stock, crops, churning machine, plough, dec) Halleaay Alexander, Kilmakerogue, Kilna- farmer •• •* martery, West Muskerry (Of live farm stock) Toland William, Tierhillion •• farmer (Of growing crops) Loughrey James, The Duflerin Restaurant, restaurant proprietor Ballymagee-atreet, Bangor and general dealer (Of two horses, two vans, two sets of harness, and household furniture) Coffey Eliza (widow), 18 Russell-street, lodging-house keeper Dublin McNally James Joseph, 112 Marlborough- music-hall proprietor street, Dublin and publican (Of stock-in-trade and household furniture; also property at National Theatre of Varieties, Dublin) Bacon Robert, Portstewart •• fisherman,* ) Bacon James, Porutewarft fisherman,. J (672—648) John T. Whitesmith, 46 Donegall-street, Belfast, financial agent William Hamilton, Larne, Antrim, merchant Timothy T. Lucey, The Square, Macroom, Cork, shopkeeper William J. McConnell, Ramelton, Donegal •• John T. Whitesmith, 46 Donegall-street, Belfast, financial agent John G. Barry, 80 Lower Abbey-street, DuMin, money lender James D. Eeane,28 Wellington-quay, Dublin,financial agent Sarah Crawford, trading as Crawford to Co., Coleraine, Londonderry, merchant 1892 June 4 1892 June 8 SO s. 0 d. 0 9 11 69 15 6 2 8 42 4 3 4 11 86 18 4 8 8 88 0 0 8 9 89 0 0 3 4 85 0 0 7 0 117 1 9

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