The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1955 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 11
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER T, 1955 BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEW! PAGE ELEVEN James Dean, Jenifer Jones Top Winners In Audience Awards By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD (AP) — The late James Dean, emotion- torn hero of "East of Eden," and Jennifer Jones, Eurasian doctor of "Love Is a Many Spleridored Thing," have been named the top movie performers of the year by the first Audience Awards poll. SPRY GUY-Frank (Judge) Wheeler, almost 104, is a medical rarity. The Muscoda, Wis., oldster's recent recovery from an operation has been written up in a medical publication, for successful major operations on such aged patients are rare. He's shown taking a few steps to prove he's okay after the operation to mend a broken hip. An estimated IS million fans also voted "Mister Roberts" the best picture and Peggy Lee ("Pete Kelly's Blues") and Tab Hunter ("Battle Cry" and "Track of the Cat") the outstanding new personalities. The first mass polling of moviegoers produced results that could have important bearings on the award of Oscars next March. Certainly Dean, and perhaps Miss Jones, loom as top contenders for Hollywood's premier honor, the Academy Award. Touching Moment It was a toucnlng moment when Grace Kelly announced the award for Dean to the glamorous crowd at the Beverly Hilton last night. There was stunned silence, then applause. The brilliant actor, was killed at 24 in a highway crash two »months ago. After his costar, young Natalia Wood, accepted the award, emcee George Murphy asked the crow to Join in a tribute. The great names and lesser lights of Hollywood stood for a moment of silence and there were many wet cheeks among them. Jennifer Jones, who won an Oscar for "Song of Bernadette" In 1942. made one of her rare public appearances to accept her award. "I think it's wonderful." she said as she clutrhed her golden status, nicknamed "Audy." Movegoers voted for their favorites between Nov. 17-27 in theater lobbies. Theater managers made the nominations. Sing in (M Choruses Three Blytheville University of Arkansas students will participate in a choral Christmas Fayetteville concert next Sunday at 4 p.m. They are Billy Lutes, with the Collegiate Singers: and Bobbye Kil- Lian and Jerry Nail, of the University Chorus. J.W.Weils Services Held Services for John Wesley Wells, 64, who died at his home m Leachville Sunday morning, were to be conducted at 2:30 p.m. today at Leachville Baptist Church by the Rev. Ray Wright. Burial was to be in Leachville Cemetery with Howard Funeral Service in charge. Mr. Wells had resided in Leachville 55 years. Survivors include his wife, Mrs. Sarah.L. McCIure Wells; five sons, Carl Wells of Leachville, Charles Wells of Leachville, James, Johnny and Ralph Wells of Flint, Mich.; three daughters, Mrs. Dallas Smith of Leachville, Mrs. Velma Patterson of Warren, Mich., Mrs. Mary Wells of Leachville, and 16 grandchildren. Pallbearers were Bert Taylor, Ted Smith, Robert Reeves, Melvln Mc- Glawen, R. D. Jack§on and Floyd Reeves. Livestock NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, HI. Wl— (USDA)— Hogs 13.500; moderately activ3, uneven; barrows and gilts 180-240 Ibs 25-50 lower; under 180 Ibs and over 240 Ibs 50-15 lower; sows 25-50 lower; most mixed U. S. No; 1, 2 and 3 180230 Ibs 11.00-65; several 100 head uniform under 210 Ibs and Nos 1 and 2 grade 190-220 Ibs 11.15; few lots mostly No 1 11.85-12.00; mixed grade 230-270 Ibs 10.00-11.25; few No 1 and 2 grade around 230 Ibs up to 11.50 and some mostly No 3 around 210 Ibs down to 9.15: 210-300 Ibs 9.50-10.00; 140-110 Ibs 10.50-11.00; sows 450 Ibs down 8.2515; heavier sows 7.75-8.00; boars over • 250 Ibs 6.00-7.50; lighter weights to 8.50. Cattle 3,500, calves 900; demand good for choice yearlings and few of these steady to strong; one lot 13 head including one heifer average 995-lbs 22.50, these prime; small lots high choice to prime mied 21.00-22.00; utility and commercial cows slow to weak; canners and cutters opening steady, 6.50-9.50; commercial cows 11.0050; bulls steady; utility and commercial 12.00-14.00: vealers and calves unchanged; good and choice vealers 19.00-24.00; few high choice and prime 25.00-28.00: commercial and good vealers 16.00-19.00. BUT IT'S WARM - Here's something for the woman who wants to be warm—all over— and glitter like the stars. It's a mink coat with a mink mask decorated with diamonds. Shown recently in Paris, it was created by Jacques Helm. And it sells for only 580,000. Target Backfired WILMINGTON, Calif. W)—Donald Troncosta. 15, found an unexploded .22-caliber cartridge, poked it into a tree trunk, backed away and started shooting at it with his air rifle. Ho hit it, but the bullet nicked him aetween the eyes. Doctors who closed the wound with two stitches observed that if it had been a fraction of an inch either way he might have been blinded in one eye. Good Will Meters DETROIT OP)—AH parking tickets in suburban Dearborn were paid by the Optimist Club for a week. Said a club spokesman: "It's a means of focusing attention to the service group's activities. Violators j will be given an opportunity to reimburse the club if they wish." REDS (Continued from PU* » Europe to fall Into the grip of anther totalitarian regime' from the East." Churchill already had laid his respects to -ie Khrushchev-Bul- ganln anti-Western speeches. Addressing a political rally Monday, he snid Britain should "seriously consider" canceling a projected visit in April by the two Russians. In India, the Russian leaders will find ready listeners for more anti- Western outbursts as a result of the joint communique in Washington last week by Secretary of State Dulles and visiting Portuguese Foreign Minister Paulo Cur'-.a. Dulles and Cunha "deplore all efforts to foment hatred between the East and West" and took special note of the Russians' "allegations concerning the Portuguese provinces in the Par East." Khrushchev and Bulganin had expressed forthright support for India's claim to the three small Portuguese colonies in India. Indian officials already had been resentful of the Russians' anti- Western blasts as a violation of their hosts' neutrality. But many viewed Dulles' joining Cunha in a statement and the reference to th "Portuguese provinces" as U. S support for Portugal in the bitte dispute with India. "Dulles couldn't have done an: thing more effective if he ha wanted to push the Indians furthe away from the West," one infiuen tial American businessman said i Calcutta, India's largest city, has certainly put us all on a spo out here." The American secretary tol newsmen in Washington the state ment in no way took sides betwee India and Portugal. He insistei the statement only restated th< traditional American opposition t the use of force in settling con flicting claims. Sources close to the governmen said India's ambassador to Wash ington, G. L. Mehta, had bee directed to make a formal protes regarding the secretary's remark at the news conference A Safe Safe IRVING, Tex. Wl — Yeggs could n't crack the safe at an automobile firm's office. So they stole one of the company'; new trucks to haul it away. The truck and safe were recov ered — but not the $5,000 in casl and checks the safe contained. This Chevrolet keeps a secret...beautifully! The "One-Fifty" 2-door sedan—one of 4 models In Chevrolet's smart and sprightly "One-Fifty" series. It's one of Chevrolet's New series ... the lowest priced of all the high-priced-looking Chevrolet series for '56. But you'd never know it to look at that speedline chrome treatment or to feel that new power There's so much fresh new styling in the "One- Fifty" it's hard to believe the car costs so little. It has new chrome—including both windshield and back window reveals—and its own distinctive two-toning. It stretches long and clean from grille to taillights (the left one hides the gas cap). It offers new power, V8 or 6, steering and handling ease few can can match, plus all ranging up to 205 H.P. of Chevrolet's great performance and safety features. Directional signals and safety door locks are standard equipment. Seat belts, with or without shoulder harnesses, and instrument panel padding are available at extra cost. Truly, the "One-Fifty" represents more quality than before. Come in soon and let us tell you its big secret—its low price tag! SULLIVAN-NELSON CHEVROLET CO. Whit* House Yult Tree Goes Up WASHINGTON (ft - The White House Christmas tree — a Black Hills spruce 65 feet tall with a trunk two feet thick at the base — goes up today in President's Park. A gift from the people of South Dakota, the 65-year-old evergreen is scheduled to arrive by rail. A steel scaffolding 70 feet tall will be erected around the tree. From this, it will take about a half dozen workers three days to decorate the tree. They will use 8,000 lights and ornaments. On Dec. 18, at precisely 5 p.m., President Eisenhower will light the tree by throwing a switch at his Gettysburg home. Simultaneously, throughout the world. Christmas trees on government installations — at ships at sea, U. S, embassies and lonely Army bases — will suddenly blaze with light. 301 Wtst Walnut 3-4578 Test Date Set TOKYO (ffi> — The Soviet Union presumably exploded its hydrogen bomb at 1 a.m., Eastern Standard Time, Nov. 22 near Lake Baikal, Siberia, the Central Meteorological Observatory announced today. Japanese government weather experts based their presumption on "abnormal pressure waves" observed Nov. 22 at 30 observatories throughout Japan. GAVE AWAY FORTUNE Andrew Carnegie distributed nine tenths of his fortune in gifts, among which were ^000 church organs, 3000 libraries and 500 universities and colleges. SCHOOL (Continued from Page 1) created primarily as a unit for former CfO unions. Under Meany's apparent guidance, the powerful Teamsters Union,, which announced it now has grown to 1,489,000 members, modified ft demand for entry Into the IUD. Figure Scaled Dave Beck, teamsters president, said he would have preferred entering the entire Teamsters Union membership in the TUD, but bused on a ruling by Meany would claim IUD affiliation for only ,700,000 members. Beck later scaled down even that figure to 400,000. Large chunks of the membership of the machinists, bakery, laundry, bollermakers and other lormej AFL unions also made plans to enter the IUD. It appeared that this would diffuse the former CIO's strength as a bloc within the new APL-CIO. Beck, planning to attend the lUD's founding session after the AFL-CIO convention sessions leave off this afternoon, declined to say in advance whether he would support Walter Reuther and James Carey, top officers of the former CIO, for the main jobs in the IUD. Beck said he wanted to see whether there would be any other candidates. Eternal Problem CONWAY, N. C. Wl — When a factory closed down here. Its officials announced climatic conditions were unfavorable to the manufacture of its product. The product? Women's hats. Pensioner Wonts To Pay Taxes OKLAHOMA CITY (/P) — W. L. Stanton, a 73-year-old retired construction worker, surprised Oklahoma County Treasurer W. T. Bill Hale yesterday by demanding Ui« right to pay taxes. Hale said he had mailed ft nollca to Stanton telling the Oklahoma city pensioner his homestead exemption claim wiped out any tax assessment against his home. Stanton and hit wife receive $108 a month in pensions. Stanton insisted on paying the tax. His homstead exemption finally was reduced by $50 and Stantoa paid $3.38. He explained he and Mrs. Stanton have grandchildren and "I be- live it is right to pay taxes so thajr can go to school." Belgium Readies Liquor Low BRUSSELS, Belgium I* — Belgium is preparing a cautious and tentative legalization of sale of hard liquor in bars, night clubs and cafes. The measure expected to be approved by Parliament next year would allow liquor to be sold by the drink only during certain hours of the day. If this legislation passes, Belgium will be able to buy Whisky, or brandy drinks without breaking or evading the law for the first time since 1919. Enforcement has not been stringent. Many restaurants and cafei openly sell whisky and brandy by the drink and serve cocktails now. the original voting shares of GENERAL Lrf6 INSURANCE CO of Arfcarww have been purchased by wise investors . « only once in a lifetime do YOU have an opportunity to invest on th« ground floor of an Old Line Legal Reserve Stock Insurance Company Investigate N OFFICERS AN.D DIRECTORS C. C. To*, tMt Rod<-Do*o» Dr. Harvey Shipp, Little Rock WiWwn P. DOY«, >., linto »<x*-DaH« lours L. Ramsay, Jr., Pine Bluff Edvrord L. Wright, littte Rock Joe M. Stecle, Springdale Marvin W. Mehon, Jorwsboro Hugh E. Prather, Jr., Dallas Proposed Capital and SwrpNi $1,700,000.00 MAKtNC THK COUfON MAY M THC MOST MOF1TAM.E ACT Of YOUR LIFE ... Mail it TODAY THf GENERAL. LIFE INS. CO. OF ARKANSAS 806 WEST SECOND STREET LITTLE ROCK. ARKANSAS PLEASE SEND M£ MORE INFORMATION CONCERNING PURCHASE Of YOUR STOCK. I UNDERSTAND I AM UNO6R NO OBLIGATION. ADDRESS C4TY. PHOr* ItWs Mwurcww* M Mil** *» offer to •*« flor • ttMcitrtkw* e>4 M •fter to buy thcw> wcurttitj. Th« offer rt nucfo only by If* Pn»* pcclu* to bonj Ixfe rciidcnti of Ark*o*«. BUDGET INVESTMENT PLAN AVAILABLE * ONE OR TWO YEAR PROGRAM * SMALL DOWN PAYMENT •*• NO INTEREST OR CARRYING CHARGES * EVERY BUDGET INVESTMENT PLAN FULLY INSURED GENERAL LIFE IS A */.* STAR INVESTMENT

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