The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1954 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 7, 1954
Page 11
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER T, 1954 BLYTHKYILLK (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEY1W OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopl* OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams IT FITS YOOR DIS- P0SITIOM LlKs A/J ACROBAT^ TISHTS/ A 9(5- r* fcer4 A GOOD sx MICK, SNlMS OF wy SCIBrttlFlC AMD SCHOLARLY TALEfJTS WITHOUT; $TW TO EI^ICH Art LWSRAT6FUL WORLD/ ' SHOULD VKAK 'HERE'S AN AD, A (STORE WANTS A 5AWTA CLAOS.'-*- -TMAT 4OONOS TAILOR-MADE TO VOUR AND A RED SUIT EYgRV DAY lH THE YEAR/ 'TKIMSSTHAT AIN'T VOWS WOULD BE TOO CONFlNlt-16,TOO = LIFE'S. LOW6EST MINUTE I THIWK TOUR. FATHER WOULD LIKE T& SPEAK TO TOO, FRECKLES/ SUESS ru. WEAR. THAT HARRIS TWEED TbtW— KIND OF COLD THIS MORNING-/ Copr. l»4 bj KEA s*lvk*. Int. 7. M. *«. B. Television — Tonight Tomorrow — WMCT Channel 5, & WHBQ Channel 13 WMCT Channel S Tuesday Night, Dec. 1 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News Reporter 6:30 Dinah Shore 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Bob Hope '8:00 Fireside Theatre 8:30 Circle Theatre 0:00 Truth or Consequences 9:30 The Falcon 10:00 I Married Joan 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Clete Roberts 11:00 Tonight 12:00 Sign Off Wednesday, Dec. 8 6:50 Meditation 7:00 Today 7:25 Weather 7:30 Today 7:55 Memphis Today 8:00 Today 8:25 Memphis Today 8:30 Today 8:55 Exercises with Cathy 9:00 Ding Dong School i)::iO Storylnnd 9:45 Shopping at 4ome 10:00 Home Show 11:00 Betty White Show 11:30 Feather Your Nest 12:00 News 12:!5 Farm News 12:30 Channel Five Club 1:00 3 Steps to Heaven 1:15 Amy Vanderbllt ' 1:20 Charm with. Cathy 1:30 Homemakers Program 2:00 Greatest. Gift 2:15 Golden Windows 2:30 One Man's Family 2:45 Concerning Miss Marlowe , 3:00 Hawkins Falle 3:15 First Love 3:30 World ol Mr. Sweeney 3:45 Modern Romances 4:00 Pinky Lee Show 4:30 Howdy Doody 5:00 Captain Video • 5:10 Interesting Person 5:20 Mr. Single 5:25 Weatherman 5:30 Superman 6:00 Evening Serenade 6:15 News Reporter 6:30 Eddie Fisher 6:45 News Caravan 7:00 Cisco Kid 7:30 Favorite Story 8:00 TV Theatre 9:00 This is Your Mt 9:30 Mr. District Attorney 10;00 Dear Photbe 10:30 News 10:40 Weather 10:45 Rocky King 11:15 Tonight 12:00 Sign Otf WHBQ Channel 13 Tuesday Night, Dec. 7 6:00 Western Theatre 6:15 Weather 6:20 News 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Doug Edwards 6:45 Jo Stallord 7:00 Strike It Rich 7:30 Halls of Ivy 8:00 Meet Millie 8:30 Theatre Guild fl:30 Danny .Thomas 10:00 Weather 10:05 News 10:15 Danger 10:45 Late Show Wednesday, Dnc. 8 7:00 Morning Show 8:55 News 9:00 Garry Moore 9:30 Arthur Godfrey 10:30 Strike It Rich 11:00 Valiant Lady 11:15 Love ot Life 11:30 Search for Tomorrow 11:45 Guiding Llfht 12:00 News 12:05 Kitchen Magic 12:30 Welcome Traveler 1:00 The Personal Touch 1:15 Robert Q. Lewli 1:30 House Party 2:00 Big Payoff 2:30 Lady of the Houee 2:45 Bob Crosby 3:00 Brighter Day 3:15 Secret Storm 3:30 On Your Account 4:00 Portia Faces Llf« 4:15 Early Show 5:30 Mars Patrol 6:00 Hartoontlme B:I5 Weather 6:25 Do You Know Why 6:30 Doug Edwards 6:45 Perry Como 7:00 Godfrey & Friends 8:00 Inner Sanctum 8:30 I've Oot A Secret 9:00 Best of Broadway 10:00 Weather 10:05 Newa 10:15 Lats Show At The End of Your Rope? When Aches & Pains and winter Colds make you feel at the end of your rope . . Try Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment EXPERT WATER PUMP REPAIR Hubbard Hardware Phone 3-2015 Business and Personal CHRISTMAS CARDS Name Personalized or Plain HALLMARK CARDS 10 for 29c, up Unusual Gift Wraps— ' Party Favors. Special Low Prices. SAMUEL F. NORRIS Stationers—Office Outfitters— 1 Printers "Across From City Hail" DR. J. F. BROWNSON Announces the removal of hit offices from 1201 W. Ash Street To 111 NORTH FIRST STREET "Copyright 1954 by Hinort XXIV ('THE manager of the park shook ' his head in answer to Greg's ^question. He had not seen a tall, Ifair young woman carrying two Isuilcases. His son looked up from home-work. "I saw her cut across the jpark; she took that dirt road over there." "Where does it go?" "Nowhere but Ferguson's farm -.'and the Murgatroyd place. But jthey are quite a way up the • road." Greg nodded carelessly and i sauntered across the park, but swhen he was out of sight he hur- rried. It was growing dark and jhe wanted to find Hannah with- iout delay. She was not the kind 'of girl to do a thing like this just ! to bring him running after her If ishe had gone away, she meant itostay hidden. That was why she ihad taken the dirt road instead • of a main highway. • She was so sensible Greg was ,nol prepared for an impulsive loction from her. Greg tried to •remember what he had said to iDaggett, what she had heard and 'misinterpreted. Phrases kept ; coming back to him about Han- j'nah posing as the old man's niece iand the trouble it might cause (He had said that a woman was 'in the way on a trip like this, but ihe had never pretended other,wise to her. He had never said [that he wanted her to come Inlong. She ought to have gone 'ihome in the first place. !i Anyhow, he assured himself •angrily, he-was not to blame because she had overheard his conversation with Daggett, .was he? He recalled Kirby saying, "I 'didn't know the fellow would put ill bullet through his head." !' Greg preferred not to know IVhy she had been hurt Things iihal were not put into word! DntrifcuMd by NEA Strike, Inc. need not exist. But he did not want to think of her running down the road away from him. He did not want to think ot her unhappy. * • • TTIS flashlight caught and " pinned a figure against the dark. He stopped running then. He did not want her to think that he had been in any hurry. She stood motionless. He could see her fair hair gleaming and her eyes enormous in the white mask of her face, reflecting in their dark pupils twin shafts of light from the torch. He flashed it on his own face to reassure her and then turned it off. He heard her set down the heavy luggage and he groped for her in the dark, a hand on either arm, and shook her. "Hannah," he said harshly, "what made you run away?" His hands tightened until he hurt her but she did not speak or move. "I thought you had some sense. Going off half cocked like that. When will you grow up?" His voice sounded as though he hated her. "Where did you think you were going? Don't ever pull a stunt like that again. Do you hear? Hannah—" Under his hands he felt the warmth of her arms. He pulied her against him, cupped her chin in his hand and,brushed her mouth with his lips. He kissed her again, his lips hard and insistent. His arms held her locked against him. He released her so abruptly that she staggered, flashed on his light and led her to a fallen log set back off the rood. He pulled her down beside him and slipped his arm around her shoulders. "Look," he said, trying to steady his breathing, "you shouldn't have run away like thaL I was iust sounding oft to secaui* c£ jhu juy Kirby. That's all there was to it. I didn't mean—" By some alchemy of the night Hannah was transformed. She was ethereal, a Rossetti girl, poetry incarnate. With a last clulch at his control he said unevenly, "We'd better go back." VWHEN they reached the trailer " park Greg broke the noisj silence between them. "You had better come in with me so the old man will know you are all right. He was pretty sick about your leaving. Then I'll pick up the car .and drive you into town where you can get a room for the night." She followed him passively into the trailer, blinking in th» light Kirby and Rupert were deep in talk but Daggett put down his book and looked from one to the other. The living eyes in the dead face widened and then narrowed. "I've just come for the car to run Hannah into town," Gref said, scowling at Kirby who was to blame for everything. "I might as well pack a bag for myself it Kirby is to have my .bunk." Hannah said nothing about her letter and Daggett did not refer to it. "AH set?" Greg asked her. "Hannah," Daggett said anxiously, "you'll be back—I mean, what time will you b« back?" She did not answer. "I'll pick her up before 8," Greg promised and opened the door. She went out to the car without a word and sat beside him in silence. He stole a glance at her profile, at the small straight nose, the wide mouth whose lips wire so soft and warm. Light reflected on thA lean that ran unchecked down her checks. And ab* dtd not knew that she was crying. "She's had three proposals of marriage, but they wer« all during the office Christmas parties!" Sweetie Pie! Come bock h*r*T • SOMETIME, WHEN I'M A UITLf TlW WSUIER LESS MIXED UP, TVS GOT THINGS/ID TW IS JENNY SMJOEW.VOtfO KTTK 6BT A SW ON NOIK6H.F. -OJ*f M MHStt TO TEU.^3U...THIN6S ><3U MISHT FINP IttRDTOBEUEVe. now Xeour TOMORIWW 6VBIINS? I SAVE NDU A BAD TIME, JEWNV. I'M REALLY NOTON6 Of TOE WOLFPACX, THOU6H VOU WER6 PRETTY HARO TO RESIST WITH THAT MOON... FOR6N6 ME? I LEARNED 5OMETHINB TONK3HT TO 86 MARRIED. I'D NEVER HAVE GONE OUT WITH YOU IF ID WOWN- MOTOB AN ANSWER Let me fhow you The Beautiful New „! WON'T -\ TAKE ANV 1 MORE MASHED *^ POTATO SANDWICHES IN MY LUNCH! ...ELSE HOW COULD I'LL 6ET THEY DON'T EVEN PROVIDE ANY ENERGY! BUT, DEAR! WE'RE SAVINS TO BUY OUR OWN HOME YOU PUT UP SUCH A GOOD PIGHTF 1955 PONTIAC WON'T DO IT? The most Beautiful and Most Powerful Pontiac ever Built! Jimmie Williams ALL ftlSHT, FLINT, WHAT HAVE SOU UWCOVEK6C* WHILE I'VE BEEN PLAY- IMS PECOV I Of COURSE NOT. WOW SBJf ANN-) YOU HAP FOR- 3W6 f-XOV, POLICE << 6OTTEW SOME PAP6KS AM? SENT HIM FOR SALE AMMONIUM NITRATE We have available for Immediate delivery 33% Ammonium Nitrate at a Reduced Price through December 31st. Will load trucks from 8 to 5 except Saturday and Sunday. BUT IW56 HOPE WA \ SORRY. SLOISt, JU&T HfcD fc PMNFUL \ BUT I'VE GOT TO KCCIDENT...BURNED HER] S6S HER HAND! SHE CAN'T SEE YOU WOW! DOW'T CHMJSE \ WNT, WASH,.. I WJJ&l Th" SUBJECT! WOT I FIND SOME PRETEXT WMDA POUBLE- /TO OS IN&IP6 H ONCE TALK 1 Wfr* THAT YOU- NOBOPy! I THINK RACHEL 15&TILL MIVE! HWW...THW MST BE HOPES IT WAS PROS'LV WURDER, AW NOT 5UICIPE. THEM IP HOPE DIPN'TKIU Hwy. 61 South Phone PO. 2-2860 romp I DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 3-4507 Hours: 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. with Delivery to ^ p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE NOW TO GET rWX TO WHERE OLD KING TUNK'5 GOT ALLEY NOV IF I T PERFECT CAN JUST EASE THIS BUNDLE OF COCONUTS DOWN INTO THAT FIRE! COCONUTS COMES TO A DON'T FOPSET, BUSS,I I AIN'T YOU PROMISED TO j\ BACKIN BUILD ME A ' ^XDOWN SNOWMAN AFTER YOU FINISHED THE WALK ' S. Highway 61 Phon« HOplar 3-3186 RADIATOR WORK COMt IK VOOUVO MftRK MV W05TO , MVYZVft ,VNS 0? • Boiled Out • Repaired • Flo Tested • Re-cored ALL WORK GUARANTEED RADIATOR WORKS

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