The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1931 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1931
Page 5
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SATURDAY, APRIL 18, 1031 BLYTHEVILLB. (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS PAGE-FIVE; These Women Rule Arkansas Town Yes, it's true. In (lie little village of Mt. Id.i, Ark., just west of Hot Springs National Park, tl: men arc bossed by the women. It's what they wunlvd—they pill the women's names on Hie ball' and hclpcil elect them. Ill the front row, left to right, are Mrs. Harold Watkins, recorder; Mrs. E\ McLane, mayor, and -Mrs. E:l Benson, ahierman. Hack row: Mrs. Morris Elder, left, Mrs. J, II. Fre' man, Mrs. Jerry Witt anil -Mrs. 11. C. Herndon, alilt-rmni. 'Ihe town of Yellville, Ark., also has women's administration. Only These Twelve Monarchs Still Hold Their Thrones Cabinet Holds "Diamond Jubilee" as Hoover Hurls First Ball [HyNKA Service I cluccd 111 si/.c nnd i»wcr from the Abdle'iilion of King Alfonso XIII pie-wur days nf Kniperor Francis cf Spain leaves but 12 sovorclijn JcEeph of the lliiphbnrg dynasty. H rulers In the major p.roup ol ! i,; now a republic, countries. And, if the list of moll-1 Kxecullon of C?.:ir Nlcho'iu II of archies eontlni'.:s (o dwindle at the I Ku;-.-l:i anil his family In 19111 lol- nme rale as t hns since the World | IDWC<| hy u Ills abdication nnd War. nil ot these great, dynasties th.: cJliibitshn'.i'nt of n nrovsluml will come to nn end by Ihc close of i t;overn::icnt which ended the Hn- niunofls nnd the empire. Today 13 years lour] the Soviets uiv In control, s were uver- : The crushing defeat of Germany tho 2Cth century. , During tl-e lust powerful kingdoms thrown. These were CScrmany, | by tlw allies in November, 1'jlD, Austila, llussia and Spain. ! brouph', Ihe abdication of Austria today Is a mere remnant I William II and the establishment. of the former empire, vastly re- i of tl'.c republic, which bllll exists. Victor Emmanuel III of Italy- Klnij Hiukon VII nf Norway. Emperor Ilus '1'nffarl of Abyslnla. C/.iir llorls U of liulgiirln. KI UK Prajadhlpok ol Slnm, who wll moil visit the United Slates. Queen Wllhclnilim of I lie Ncth- crhuul 1 HKC mo ( WI>J ORlvTl-WCfJ, W) 'KINS GEORGE (EHCLAHO)' The \'i inonarchs who iiro still In .xnvcr are: 'King Onrol il ol Rumania, who recently won back his throne after thrown nwny Ills rights after n family quarrel. Kins George V of England. Albert of Belgium. Emperor* Hlrohlto of Japan. King Guslaf V ot Sweden. King Christian X o! Denmark. PARIS. (UP)—Scverln, the stately old church which has charmed many visitors to the St. Michel and ,;.| Sorbonnc section, Is to be'restored " r to Us indent glory. The feature ot".';'-. Salnt-Scverin Is Its charnel-house, '.;.;" where the bones of the dead were v kept when thrown up out of the graves by Hiccl ' nnd jrs. U Is of an historical ,1'dpolnt. A A LAURA LOU BROOKMAN <t&\ Author of IT 'LOOKS MORE LIKE A CABINET . MEETING than a major league' baseball season opener when President Hoover hurled the first Imll in the game at Washington between the Senators ami the Philadelphia Athletics. Practically every member of the president's cabinet attended. Mrs. Hoover is standing just in front ol the president, who has his aim raised to throw, and Walter Johnson, pilot of Ihc Senators, Is behind the chief executive. Among the others in the picture are: (1) Allan Hoover; ' (2) Secretary of Treasury Andrew W. Mellon; (3) Secretary of Commerce Robert P. Lnrr.oni.: (4) Secretary of Interior Ray Lyman Wilbur; (5) Secretary of Agriculture Arthur M. Hyde; (C) Secretary of War Patrick J. Hurley, and 17) Secretary of Labor William--!*. .Doak. II! CIN l!i:i<K • M'l'SY UrmilllK. ISI.yrar-nhl .Vnr lurk lj|il<t, marrlr. Jl« '.VAI.LACE-: Hit- Hay nllrr »hR iiii'i-l* lilt" nt Ihv ttiuiif- nf lii-r >.<•*! (hr rinulli. ANN TIIIIW- IIIIIDCI-:. <:>p<ir *"* I'tt" jllift liy AI.AX imosllY. Jim rclurnrd Trnni n jr:ir nnj u luill hi T'iirU nnxlj Inp UTI. Wnllncr'ii Ihmcre tina liT-uke-n lliclr cni;:is:«-lui-iit lu ninrry u rlrtier rnnn. Jlui nn«l t'JptiT ixn 1i> Fnrrat C1E7 %ThL>ri>JEni kn« n llirlvTn^ I^IT prrLrtlrr. I||H rrlnllvrii Hiiuli <»Mi:iy. Abu CrimTij nrllCK In hrr bill *b« miirnit tTrc Icllrr miopcuril. 11AII- CIA I.UtllMi. .llmV .nrttirr nnnrrc-. m:irrl,'. tlltDCK I'llll. l.ll'S, mll- llnnnlrr'i Ann. , Slcmlhft v^"« nnA llrnrk rlillllpH U klllrJ In Q fNll frurti H hurMr, Shr run«lilu Jim .i arrnlrji null lalrr ninrrlncc to rhlllhi ink?. Stic ttrrlnri'ji fur htm. Jim Irlr. li 1ii Cjpaj lull iff . <; } |.-7 l» i* nvd i^n u xrr hrt a Jim. 4>ypi Mi lninl Ihinnrltil rlla blni lifr M %in« n nila- he i-nrr» 011)7 > rrt.inli, In) nl ^I:ir(ln Irr•>»"»•• "' "I" rlo*. Mnrrla «l u*k« hrr (o f rctuir». Illness More Frequent in Lower Economic Group ST. LOUIS, Missouri. (UP) — Illness is decidedly more frequent in the lower economic groups,-according to Frank J. Bruno, profes- scr of Sociology at Washington University here. In a study of tiie casual relation between illness and dependency he found 83.1 per cent of St. Louis families receiving charity were also in need ol mcilicnl care and that 2.37 per cent were physically disabled. A study of 22,000 deaths reported by 12 insurance companies reveals a higher death rate among the poorer classes, Bruno reiwrted The infant mortality rate increases definitely as the income^ of the parent declines, he ulso reported. foung Megapod Must Literally Scratch to Live WASHINGTON. (UP)—The first few minutes are the hardest for young Megapod, a bird widely distributed In the South Sea islands, The Smilhsonian Institution's report on a recent expedition to Nlu- afcou Island in the South Seas relates the early difficulties of the young Megapod. Mother birds hiiry IhHr r-ps.-; in volcanic asTi where (lie temperature is 98.1 degrees Fahrenheit. The burial concludes the duties of the mother. When Ihc young bird Is hatched he scratches his way to the surtacc the distance ho must- scratch varies from three to six feet. MOTHER NATURE'S CURIO SHOP NOW GO OX VY1TII Till: S'fOllY CHAPl'lilt XL rT happciicil In tlio casual way ol so many licnrlbrcafcs. Gypsy wna in Martin's, tbo town's largest il»- partmcnl Elore, on Thursday Jftcr- noon. The nlr outside was sultry but there ivas no sunshine. AIcu anil women, mopping tliclr brov;s mi! paiislnR to echo each other's complaints about tlio heat, won- tiered If (he cloutls would bring rain • and concluded It was unlikely. Tberc secmcil to be no end to tills scourge of hot weather. Gypsy hail hated to coma dov,-n town. Slu ranilo tlio trip bcca;isc j[ a special sale of electric fans. They were cheap autl n fan In each of the bedrooms would tnaXc the nights less intolerable. Site ruailo Ibc purchase and was i\y. EAUI-Y AURIVAL AT GH1FFITH STADIUM was Secretary ot Treasury Andrew W. Melio:!. who is S!;C-A:I here enjoying a smoke and rending a sccrccard while wailin;: fcr the Hcuver party to arrive for the oneiiii'.; Earn: of t!:e 1031 baseball season between the Scinlors and Atiilctici. Scliooi Boys' Bank i a'.'iii his :o:is Ony ana f.iui, I ire-ncrs ol Iho tr.LCk here. Solvent Wiih $O? j Five of the W:,Egcn,"r entries -.-ill ; i ;c iir,.:jcs c,' distinclien. They has broken Saialoga Springs: 0.000 DECATUR. III. HJ!>.-Wil:i nn'.y Me: Ho-.«ly cfc rrcoixfe SUSI in deposits en tU-.hoota. .!, ? ^ct rrcoixs ^™^™ \Ynslnnslcn Havings Bank is -s;!- Ltoub.? ."•"•':.*••" W V-,..lh^SlS.OM vent and is ready at any time lo I™;'" "' •; 1 '.'"-,. 0 ', ,?,'„"',^..i-.iVnr. ^^'Ue rSir 5 - tt -" "• ««var z^^r 1 ^ % ealed hue r.cintij. ^^ of iaan .. t;>ccs Tl'.c hank ua.': crieinatod i:y b:y. | nf the Washington school here, am! ( is oi«-raled entirely by th: pup'.:-- ' under Ihc .supervision of a teacher. Necessary b.inking m:i' t ?nal i> lu. 1 - ni>!ic'i by a Ir.cil hAii^ancl an im- jirovissl caMiier's cage has tio.i limll 'by members of liic cl, Eighteen Texas Horses Enter Xcniucky Cla Red WriiOtt. nr.inrcl for the Fcrl V.'crtli. Tex.. Fhcriff, will be a Derby cai!dii!?.t:. Other hor::s.'i to make the trip are Texas Kninh;, PaiiECj Walker.'.a. QiKtrchras II. Hoyal ran. I,:uiy Tclilv. Sir Millon, Lih- r;tv Limited. I'Llro. Iri;U Lady .".;id Wictn'.a. Tl-.!i Churchill Downs I niLu; bc'.ir.s -V.'-y ?• and the Derby [is tc!icri::>ri May '>'>• 3 ' i-uor. MAKES HOU:-;N-ONB j NAK11V1L-L-E. Tinn. lUI'J—With ARIINOTON DOWNS. T c x a .- '. pccUscjical acnnary, I'rof. S. i. iTji.i'.. Fijh'.ren h",v.^s \\i!l lw ! Thoin]»-i:. r,f the Vanclcrb'.lt Uni-, font, from Texas In K.ti!".icky for j vcrsi'.y f.-,e:i:ty. ur. 1 -: a I'.ole in on? | the'Churchill Downs projrav.i ;u;,! 'en the 133-y..rd i-ith a'. Ii.i;le'.v<x;. 4 . . Ihe Kentui-ky nrrby hv W. T Wa^-r.-.m-jo lur,\ ONLY TOSS O.M Bt£U Hir-iiJ FOOT THE BACK 70£ AS 5KOWM OP A KKSHT «FAR. FOOT. giving Ilie clerk the nOilrcja ivbcn she sa\v Alible Manlcy at tl;e neil "What are you doing out on such a day as this?" she askod. "Gypsy! 1 haven't seen you tor (lays—not you anil Jim wcro out al Hie ho-jsa that evening. My dear, I'm willc-0. Look al nic! Did you ever ECC such a. sight?" "I'm exactly the tarae. I wished after 1 t-ot 0:1 tlie car that I Im.M't Iried locin::c in today, but I wanleil pYPSY ngrced. They took Hit elevator to tho first floor nnd i.isseil liinumcrablo counltra until hey readied a largo room with Ercen and silver walls nnd shining black tables. Tlic-ro was u soda, foun- ain crossing ono Blilo of the room jchlud which hoys In while caua and coata were working. Waitresses lu short green nnd white dresses moved among tlio tables. "Ob, It la cool!" Gypsy exclaimed "Blessedly cooll" Alible led the way to a lahlo lu Iho corner. Women uud gi fow of them with young men. sat at the neighboring tables, Somo nrll llcinl, uiisceu device supplied u cool iwulle- bicczo. Tlio waitress «• turr.e 1 ! and set their oide-rB bafore Gyjisy took a sip from the lal frosted glass anil sighed. "Our garden aud lawn have been alinosi J by Uio beat. Do you think It can Inst mucb longer?" "It's hard to tolll" Abbio said philosophically. She look it spaon- fill ot ico cream and pineapple, "lly tlio way, 1 said 1 hadn't seen you since you and Jim wcro cut at Ibe house but 1 illd. I saw you al Uio Pine Urovo Inn Insl Monday. 1 was with old Mrs. rieynolds end sho was lu a Hurry so I couldn't como over and bay hello." "Hut I wasn't at Iho Pino Grovo Inn — !" Gypsy began. "Of course, you were. Didn't 1 ECO you? VOM fiat] on n bSuo dress nut! your back was toward mo, so ol course you didn't see me. but . recognized Jlui. It was about two n.'.s f\io it a thought. Sho did not nolico the direction Bbo took nut Blurted walking. i Tliu I'lno Cirovo In'n \Ki Manila?. A bluo dress. "If It were anyone but Alible," Gypsy thought, "I wouliln'l believe It. I'd think Ihc-y wanlcil to mako trouble. Abhle couldn't do Hint. She wouldn't! Oh. but even Alible should know I never wear blue!" Marcla Phillips' faco danced bo- loro her. Marcla wore bluo divinely. Gypsy bad Been her go past Iho honso In bluo frocks a dozen times, tia Jim had lunched at tljo Fin/ Grave Inn with Marcla Phillips. "And 1 thought 1 Unc-w him GO well!" Gypsy told herself bitterly "1 so suro of bin honesty. So niiro bo'd conio and tell mo hliuse-l If—If Marcla was right when eho said that he loved her! Oil, Jliii— JSiu, bow could you!" • • • 'pr.AIIS wcro blinding her. She paused to brush them aside. Vbat If people did nolico that sho md been weeping? Jim already bail xcuBo m« memory, Mt< enlly dreartfril.'*: '''•M'i.i' i 2| Not at all. Be«l<tM i I'ca¥inia'«r- stand. You would hav* imn nor* ot me, I assure jou, only I'Ti Juit omo back from a trip to th« wot coast. Isn't It my luck, though, to leave Oregon and g«t b«ek Just wbcn the heat ware 1* dolot ll'i worst! ^ • • • 1YFSY remcmbertd Ituk Qlb- son very well now. H* wu U)f young man with Jim ka4 accused her ct flirting. Then bat been somo'th'lug'alxmt Gibson txlni co-respondent In a dlrorc* ea>& Oh, yes, »ho remembered ten welt "Oil, I'd love lo s« |h* weat o'clock.*' Gypsy's lasl^s were lowered, remember now," she said quietly "I —I'd forgoiicM alx>ut Monday." "When 13 JlRi going on bis vaca tlonT' Alible asUcd. "It's net finite decided. Nex with Jlarclii Phillips al Uio TIuo jrovo Inn! Sho would go away, of course. People could bellevo It was a vacation trip It they wished. Sho would ;u away uud mako It as easy for Jim to divorce her as possiblo. Or sho would divorce him. Tlio whole thing was Eolllcd. Sho would tell him tonight. It was a relief lo como to a decision. (JraOuslly Gypsy became awaro lhat Gho had been walking in tho wrong direction. Sho was on the cast sido ot towu In a neighborhood sho did not know. She turned to retrace bcr steps. Tho buildings wcro old hero. The shops looked run-down and cbcap. llarefcol children In soiled clothes played In llm strecl. Sho passed en eallng place nnd was almost nauseated by tho odors. Onco more sbe coast," Gypsy told him. *^Weii in In California too?" Gibson nodded. "I I1V« Waahlnf. tou and Oregon better mjHlt, Mik« Iho trip out tlicro.-uaually t»lc» a : year. Selling hardware li my bo»l- aesa." lie paused and grinned. "Na< wltli a pack on my back, you understand. Mjr firm Bells to retail era." Gypsy, smiled. "I didn't thick you carried a pack." sbo said. "Speaking of thi heat waro loot at thlsl" Gibson held out one band. Italndrocs as big as five-cent pieces bad begun to fall. "Well, I guess Iho elcga Is broken at last You'd bolter coma up on thcM itess! You'll get wcU" "It doesn't matter," Gjpjy aald "I'm going to naTO to run to c»tch my car — " Gibson took bcr by tho arm; «n4 led her under tbo shelter of thg •&• trance (o tlio drug store. "You'd bo drowned 1( you trlci to catcb a car now, Eren a tail. Besides, Iherc's no need. My;car Is lust around 'be corner and if you'l let me get It I'll drive you home." -Would you realjyr "Glad to. Will you wait here? '« ™?-*^,"L*??£. la !X& realized how terribly hot Iho alr nway earlier—lo tt'.c lakes. 1 Ihlu perhaps | vlll." "Wi.ib 1 could go with you," Abbie Mid enviously. "diaries la Slid; a Ho s:iys If he can endure the beat noun KIWII t ought lo nt aliie. lo Etaml It al home. Won't lot me go without liim. We're golns Iwo ot lliosc dccliic fnus. Uiil yc.u ! C atl in Kcnlcniber. l-m't it di«:;''st fee Ilicni?" I Ins ID have :i> iv.-it r" lati-'J Why— 'Gyp-.'. v,l,~.;'s tho matter with Atililc. even in hot woalhcr, Two blocks farther and tr.o street became more rcspcclablo. Now a breeze was stirring. U was Ilka an oven blast. Gypsy saw that tho sky had darkened. "It's going lo rain," sbo thought. as the wind blew her sklrla. "It ,i I >•«•"•• "I'm ell encrgc-lic. Hhc- nodded her head] vigorously, "liougbl Ilirce of them."! (,-| nt . she announced. "!,'«::. t!o you llnnV I "liiil you're vliitc \ may bo n bad slorm. I'd better Jntt a little j hurry :o gel lo Uio car." ; a sheet! this cnar.'.cl will chip on? Tbo price '• Store- anything 1 ran set lor you?" Is sn low I'nr. wonilcrlrs. I've nl ready sabl I'd buy it." She was holOiiis up a large srtcn roiling liowl. Gypsy lusi:cc!cd 11 carefully. "It looks perfectly all right I:-' me," she agreed. "T-'ic It. H'3 R bargain." They chnltcd until Ibe transsc T!.e £'*-! ihtn^ tier t:'j:id. "I'm (icrfcctiy all rl r 'hl." sbe I'.i • isicd. "If you ili.n'l mind. lbuut:!i 1 believe I'll'.' 1 'Of conrjc. I li KO nilli you!" "1'lcaso— " 1'iMsy btnii-C'l IIT. 'I'lcase don't l-i.tlirr. AlilMp. I'd much rather you (liOn't. Ite-illy. 1 SuiHenly bha heard her name. 11 was a n:au who was speaking. Gypsy lurncd. 'l"l:o yoiiii;; man was coming from a ilniR store, lie was tall, slomlcr and drcs'-icd In while linen. A small black muslncho perched above his lirj. Ills face seemed fa- nnlir.r arid yet Gypsy did nol reoofc- nizc liim. lie lilted hid Panama lial as ho fro!ie. swear It won't lake mo more than a minute!" Gypsy's V Tt pounded - as sht waited. If It were anyone eicepc Frank Gibson It would haro beer' a n.crfcct3? natural procedure. Jin bad practically declared sho should never speak to ULbson. Well—Jinj Wallace was cot a person to glvt her orders. When Iba Irlrn'browo. coupe drew up lo the curt hofori the drug store the girl ran out K It. Gibson swung the door open and she stepped iLb!.' "Golnr- ".s--t t!:o c'lowcr can't I.n>t l lion was- completed ami than wan >'°» K" alone likj tli:s. dered away from „:= household rie \ ,£™«» «^™ Vartmciit. Abble pnnscd lo ni-jly; ..[ t raesr It. I'll bo all rlolit us sooa as "How do you iio, Mrs. Walbce! I'm alrau! you're forgoltea me." (!. 1 c.".n't let "How do you da?" Gypsy said. She raked her brain but for tho lite to, won't !of her sbo could not recall a name for this friendly, attractive person a handkerchief !s her I'.ushcd cliccks. "Lei's go down to Ir.o fountain in rl^'it—" Ab'jlo who evidently knew her. liesan. but s!ic did not rise lo follow as Gyr^y lurr.ed a\\ay. The lint clr struck the- Kill's faco I almosi like a blow as tl-.e sic;:r.ed room." she- f «s;csiol. "It's actually . ' r ^ on t ,. 0 f '. ra . u \ va , ,| ie cool there ar.d i iod»." l too need ot ij intense heat from which sho ha,1 jso'Jsht ref-jjo, aacl yet Gyps? d!0 ".My name Is Gibson— Frank Gibson. Don't you remember your husband Introduced us Uio first night juu arrived In Forest City? It was on the train just before ice reached her "OIi, of coun-> I do. Ton rau»t drive, Iso'l : hlg dropt IL§. 'i'oo bad bceauss the ground needs th» mol* lure—lo say nothing ot we suffer Ing humans." Tho glass at each side of tho c»i was drawn down. Gypsy took « deep breath. "Oh, the air la so much fresher! 1 sho exclaimed. "I loTo'ralrrstorms." "Do you? Like them myMlf. At vrays have likcC to drive In UH rain." Tb«re was a pauso ana then Gib son cpoko again. "It's «llll carly.'i he said wilh sudden enthusiism "Supposa Instead of UUcg you dl rcctly home we swing out CD tj>« Somerset road? We can get a real breath of fresh air out therft. What do you s.- - Shall we do ".VV^ ~.--.. (To Cs Cjattenr 4)] J

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