Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on March 5, 1993 · 22
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 22

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 5, 1993
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Comedy MOVIE: ", Sign Off An Evening at Boxing: Fight Up Close 2: 15 MOVIE: 'Disturbed' Q3 TBN :30 " Nightside Wrestling 'Road Iron' Runaway 'Attack of MOVIE: the Improv Night at the' College 'Dark Horse' 31 s Pay-per- j AM BetLife " MOVIE: House' ., " MO'vIE: theKUIer 'AH Heaven Cop Rock Forum Basketball: 3:15 One- vlew :30 News lip In the " 3:20 MOVIE: 'Captain Tomatoes' Allows' " " ' Florida St. Night Stand Pay-per- A AM World' 3:50 MOVIE; 'Seven Boycott Kotter MOViE " Muscle Sport Georgia Tech Wonders of 3:45 MOVIE view Playboy :30 'Harlem Blowe...' " Paid Program 'Ghost ' USA Workout the World 'How to Get S VISN C AM All News A.M. Classic Nights' GomerPyle Lou Grant " MOVIE v The Fugitive College College Umbrella Tree Ahead' S3S3QVC in i" j ii i TTmi :3 . " Cartoons " Lines Cop Anglers 'Falcon' Hockey Tennis Dumbo Circus Influences HSN ABC adds I, Two new sitcoms join ABC's 'TGIF" lineup tonight one is the pits and the other has potential. ' Getting By (at 8 p.m. on KVUE, Channel 24 Cable 3), starring sitcom vets Cindy Williams and Telma Hopkins, is derivative, formulaic and sticky sweet. It comes from the prolific team of Tom Miller and Bob Boyett, who worked with Williams on Laverne & Shirley and Hopkins on Bosom Buddies and Family Matters. Williams and Hopkins play single working moms Cathy Hale and Dolores Dixon, respectively. The women work together as social workers and also share a house to save money. Does this sound like Kate & AUie 1 Absolutely, but minus the hard-edged sarcasm of the original. Cathy, who has two revoltingly cute daughters, recently was dumped by her husband and hasn't come to grips with single life. Doh res, who has two ultra-hip sons, has been a widow for years. Cast exactly as you would expect, Cathy is the sweet, naive one; Dolores is the cynical, common-sense one. "I've always played the sweet one, the lead's best friend," Williams said in Los Angeles recently. "And that was etched in on La-verne & Shirley. In my real life I do always try to be polite." Both Williams and Hopkins said they were eager to work with the Miller-Boyett team again. "They always have a little moral, some good thing you can hang your hat on," said Williams, who has been raising her children with Prime time 7:00 (EQ3)(H) The Golden Palace The Chicken and the Egg. Blanche considers marriage, but he (Dick Gautier) wants kids. (CC) SifJ Family Matter Pulling Teeth. Waldo dates Laura's friend; Richie tries to get rid of a baby tooth. (CC) S$0 Secret Service Blood Money-Murder, He Broke. Agent pursues counterfeiter using bogus money to finance murders; a family's murder. (R) (CC) O America' Most Wanted Explosives expert is suspected of wife's attempted murder; police seek convicted child molester. (CC) G) LA. Law New Kidney on the Block. For a dying friend designated to receive it, Van Owen fights the overseas shipping of a donated kidney to a rich patient. 63 Murder, She Wrote Simon Says, Color Me Dead. A famous artist's murder coincides with the theft of what he considered his masterpiece. (CC) EB Crook and Chase Reba McEntire. S3 Time Machine Kwai: The True Story. Survivors tell of their experiences building the Thai-Burma railway in World War II. GD Beakman'a World Plumbing, Beak-Mania & Roller Coasters. Commode conundrum; roller coasters. (CC) 730 (3D Q (I) 59 Major Dad Spell of the Greasepaint. Polly's role opposite Holowachuk in a play makes the major jealous. (CC) O Step by Step It's a Dog's Life. Vacationing neighbors leave a drooling, destructive St. Bernard with the clan. (R) (CC) CB An Everyman's Guide to the Planets The Gas Giants: Stars That Failed. Moons of Jupiter; ice and rock of Saturn. 8:00 (DOCE Designing Women Sex, Lies and Bad Hair Days. Julia seeks a date for depressed B.J. (CC) O Getting By Moving In. (Premiere) Single mothers (Cindy Williams, Telma Hopkins) and their broods- share a residence. (CC) O Sightings Haunted Kentucky bar is built on land with a violent past; astrologer Richard Nolle. (CC) IB O Tina Turner Foreign Affair Live Turner sings In Barcelona, Spain, at the conclusion of her 1990 tour. CB Nashville Now Great Plains; Shotgun Red. Investigative Reports Undercover. The secret world of undercover agents a maybe J - 13 ! I ;;r i iff. ABC's two new sitcoms on its Friday night schedule are and Getting By, right, starring sitcom vets Telma Hop-Where I Live, left, with bright young star Doug E. Doug, kins and Cindy Williams. Diane Holloway husband Bill Hudson since La-verne & Shirley ended. Hopkins, it should be pointed out, is still on Family Matters and will pull double duty until ABC decides whether Getting By will be on the fall schedule. If it is, Hopkins will leave Family Matters. But she's smart to keep her toe in the door at Family Matters, be hairiirtimmwimiMaMI battling crime. CB An Everyman's Guide to the Planets The Inner Planets: Heaven or Hell? Mercury and Venus. 830 (DOS) IS Bob The Phantom of Am-CanTranConCommCo. Betrayed Trisha (Cynthia Stevenson) falls for Terhorst (Michael Cumptsy). (CC) 85 O Where I Live (Premiere) A Harlem teen (Doug E. Doug) moves between two worlds: his family and his friends. (CC) BO Sightings Officials of paranormal events and clerics examine an English werewolf; alleged UFO contacts have photos. (R) (CC) CB An Everyman's Guide to the Planet Earth to Mars: The Next Frontier. Man's impact on Earth; canals of Mars. ' M0 (SO (DO Picket Fences Frank the Potato Man. A man sneaks Into residents' homes and bathes; a farmer claims a neighbor's still intoxicates his cows. (R) (CC) O Star Trek: The Next Generation Ensign Ro. A new officer accompanies Pi-card on an important mission. (CC) 09 Bonanza The Spitfire. A Kentucky mountain clan swears revenge on Little Joe after he shoots a family member for arson. (R) Caroline's Comedy Hour Steve McGrew; Rick Overton; Corky & the Juice Pigs; Rick Corso; Matt Weinhold. 930 CD Alfred Hitchcock One More Mile to Go. A man tries to dispose of his wife's body. KMX) Q M.A.S.H Crisis. Shortages abound when the camp's supply line is cut. OS O BJ3. King and Friends The musician appears with Phil Collins, Dr. John, Etta James, Alberta King, Gladys Knight, Billy Ocean and Paul Butterfield in a salute to blues. CO thirtysomething Prelude to a Bris. Michael and Hope debate over a bris for Leo. Guests: Barbara Barrie, Alan King. (CC) 3 Scarecrow and Mrs. King Need to Know. A crazed publisher tries to sabotage the Strategic Defense Initiative. CB An Evening at the Improv Host: Frankie Valli. Hiram Kaslem; Tim O'Rourke; Kris Strobek; Allan Murray; ' Bob Golub. and a miss to Friday night schedule X M 'Hi 1 I cause even audiences that love the soft-hearted sitcom style of Miller-Boyett may find Getting By too sweet to swallow. And the kids are such awful little stereotypes the black boys spouting "dyn-o-mite" dialogue and the white girls acting like miniature Barbie dolls. In tonight's opener, Dolores' oldest son Marcus (Merlin San-tana) is about to flunk ninth grade. His strong-armed mom can't get through to him, but Cathy's soft touch works wonders. Natch. Williams and Hopkins have good chemistry together, but bad scripts and an insipid kid cast are insurmountable obstacles. Movies 6:00 CB AMC AI That Heaven Allows (1955) Jane Wyman, Rock Hudson. Friends and family want a rich widow to end her romance with a tree surgeon about 15 years her junior. (1:29) 7:00 03 KVC Honky Tonk (Color) (1941) Clark Gable, Lana Turner. An Old West con man takes over a Nevada town and marries the corrupt judge's daughter. (1:44) 7:00 O MAX Antonia & Jane (1991) Saskia Reeves, Imelda Stauton. Two Englishwomen friends tell their therapist all about themselves and the men in their lives. "R" 7S0CSWGN Oh God! You Devil (1984) George Burns, Ted Wass. Prankish Harry, the devil, puts a musician's mind in the body of a rock star, and vice versa. 'PG' ISO CB BRAVO Another Man's Poison (1951) Bette Davis, Gary Merrill. An English mystery writer kills her husband, then tries to kill a man posing as her husband. (1:35) 7:00 6D FAM Angel in My Pocket (1969) Andy Griffith, Lee Meriwether. A country parson and his wife are sent to a Kansas town rife with political feuding. 'G' (1:45) 7:00 CB DISN Dark Horse (1992) Ed Begley Jr., Mimi Rogers. An architect reaches out to his wild teen-age daughter, put to work at a ranch for disabled children. 'PG' (CC) 7:00 Q HBO The Empire Strikes Back (1980) Mark Hamill, Harrison Ford. Han Solo woos Princess Leia, Darth Vader returns, and Yoda teaches Luke Skywalker in this sequel to the 1977 Star Wars. 'PG' 70S O TBS The War Wagon (1967) John Wayne, Kirk Douglas. An ex-convict and his partner eye an armored stagecoach fitted with a Gatling gun and full of gold. 8:00 O SHOW Lake Consequence (1993) Joan Severance, Billy Zane. Stress and a nervous breakdown result from a housewife's affair with a gardener and his girlfriend. 'R' 8:00 CD LIFE Snake Treaty (1988) Genevieve Bu-jold, Timothy Daly. An ex-Midwestemer comes home and finds his separated parents in a farm crisis with Indians over land. (1:40) It if I A 1 A Where I Live (at 8:30 on Channel 24) also has some obstacles but a lot more going for it. The premise is a bit unusual, the look is unique and the cast is very appealing, especially the bright young star Doug E. Doug, who was the inspiration for the show. "I wanted to do a project with Doug because he's brilliantly funny," executive producer Michael Jacobs (Dinosaurs) said in Los Angeles recently. Loosely based on Doug's experiences growing up in Brooklyn, Where I Live focuses on the two worlds of Harlem teen Doug St. Martin the brownstone stoop where he hangs out with his 8.-00 CD USA A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 Freddy's Revenge (1985) Mark Patton, Kim Myers. A haunted teen's body is inhabited by Freddy Krueger, the bogyman with the razor claw. 'R' &00 CB AMC The Little Foxes,(1941) Bette Davis, Herbert Marshall. Greedy Regina blackmails her brothers and lets her husband die in the Deep South. From the Lillian Hellman play. (1:56) 830 (D MAX Major League (1989) Tom Berenger, Charlie Sheen. Lackluster baseball players hear their Cleveland team's new owner is counting on them to lose. 'R' (CC) M0 CB DISN Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (1961) Walter Pidgeon, Joan Fontaine. The admiral of an atomic submarine tries to stop the Van Allen radiation belt from cooking Earth. (1:45) (CC) ft05 6) TBS CahilL U.S. Marshal (1973) John Wayne, George Kennedy. A U.S. marshal neglects his two sons and finds them mixed up with an outlaw in a bank robbery. 'PG' Adult situations, violence. &05E3 HBO Beastmaster 2: Through the Portal of Time (1991) Marc Singer, Kari Wuhrer. Prehistoric Dar goes by time warp to Los Angeles to smite his laser-equipped long-lost brother. '13' Language, violence. (CC) 935 O SHOW The Taking of Beverly Hills (1992) Ken Wahl, Matt Frewer. A football star and a policeman foil a mad billionaire's plot to loot the city during a toxic-spill scare. 'R' Language, violence. (1:36) 930 CB TNT Soytent Green (1973) Charlton Heston, Edward G. Robinson. Future New Yorkers live on a company's false food, which two detectives find has a secret ingredient. 'PG' (1:37) 100 CD USA Cannibal Women in the Avocado Jungle of Death (1989) Shannon Tweed, Adrienne Barbeau. A feminist professor and her team seek a missing Dr. Kurtz and find a lost tribe of piranha women. '13' Language, nudity. (1:29) 1030 ED BRAVO Hanna K. (1983) Jill Clayburgh, Jean Yanne. An American lawyer in Jerusalem defends a Palestinian prosecuted by her lover. Directed by Costa-Gavras. 'Fr friends and the upstairs apartment where he lives with his discipline-minded parents Marie (Lorraine Toussaint) and James (Sullivan Walker). "We wanted to do an African-American version of (Thornton Wilder's play) Our Town set in Harlem instead of Grover's Corners," said co-executive producer Erich Van Lowe, who grew up in Harlem and has written for The Cosby Show and Roc. "We wanted a young black man to take us through Harlem, so we structured it like a play. We wanted to show this community from the inside. The media does a good job telling about the drugs and crime there, but they don't do a good job of showing the close-knit nature of the community." Walker, who was born in Trinidad, lived in Harlem when he first came to the United States. "I felt a sense of belonging and family that I did not expect to find when I came to America," he said. The show does a good job of conveying that sense of community, but the characters are much more middle class than Doug's own family was in Brooklyn. "My family was so poor they'd go to Kentucky Fried Chicken and lick other people's fingers," the dreadlocked comic said with a grin. Doug, 24, briefly studied journalism at St. John's University before starting his career in stand-up comedy. He opened for jazz great Miles Davis and worked comedy clubs in New York. Filmmaker Spike Lee gave him a bit part in Mo' Better Blues, and then Doug PBS t V Tina Turner tears up the stage in "Live From Barcelona." Then, B.B. King, the king of the blues, bears his soul in a special encore of an Austin City Limits classic at 10:05 p.m. on channel 18, cable 9 in Austin. Tina Turner Tonight at Th Austin A landed roles in Hangin' With the Home Boys and Class Act. His next movie, now filming in Canada with John Candy, is about the Jamaican bobsled team at the 1988 Olympics. . As a sitcom star, Doug has a ways to go. He seems comfortable joking and rapping with his friends on the stoop, but when the scene changes to his family life, he seems a bit over his head. In tonight's pilot, Doug feels insecure and inferior when his best friend Reggie (Flex) wins a college basketball scholarship. To cover up his feelings, he boasts that he doesn't need college; hell just get a job. But when his father and mother stress the importance of education and reinforce their love for him, Doug the actor (and consequently Doug the character) have trouble expressing the right emotions. Nevertheless, Where I Live is an improvement over many sitcoms featuring black youths. At least this one attempts to portray real people in real situations. After the San Antonio Spurs basketball game tonight, KXAN Channel 36 will present a half-hour special (at 9:30 p.m. on Cable 4) on golf champ Tom Kite of Austin, who won the Los Angeles Open last weekend. Sportscaster Michael Coleman takes a look back at Kite's remarkably consistent career, from his 1973 rookie-of-the-year debut on the pro tour to his current status as golfs all-time biggest money winner. 8 p.m. Amr1cn-Slatesman proudly Kjooortt KLRU TV-1 S.

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