Las Vegas Optic from Las Vegas, New Mexico on July 3, 1968 · Page 5
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Las Vegas Optic from Las Vegas, New Mexico · Page 5

Las Vegas, New Mexico
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1968
Page 5
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i ! 1 DIRECTORY NOTICE . . . NEW DEADLINE . . CLASSIFIED ADS ads now accepted until 2 p.m. of day bftfor* publication oYf.fl.'; CALL FOR BIDS Bids will be accep;e« until 2 noon, Monday, July 15, 1968, it the office of the Suporinteml- nl, Las Vegas City Schools lot Lunch Program. 917 Dougas Ave., Las Vegas, New Mex- co, 87701. Pertinent informn- ion may be obtained from the Hot Lunch Supervisors office. Same address) FOR: Milk to be used by the THERE AN- OUTLAW IN YOUR FAMILY? . . i i r fi ! e $ of thou- anjfls of .Outlaws and 'TQawmen. ' ' ' * names. -W.',". .per\ name Researched. Motiey' "reftuiaed''if' : no name ' VrOtytlAWS ,f-£. ," £,0,, Box 785 I ^.'-Ate£-a?.]yNew Mexico 87701 f ''A-'£? ; ; ; i , :,'· " - , " " * ' ' ; ' ? " ' · ' / ! · ' p'"^-~Jw NE.W.JN THIS AREA, Char- TriVfiilP ". PVik'rniif-ine ' - ' **W"«t-iii»fil Natural j; . the 1 finest ingre- . . dient^,, used? v Keep ' y o u r skin lc|)kihVJ;yoiin'gV : Wonderful, for prm"a£;pi$? ! c.r Dry' Skin." Good i;.. Teens' 'toij! Show in' your S ' : 8 Wanted -- Male or Female BOOKKEEPER, experienced, to take charge of accounts receiv- 36 Business Opportunities CANflY SUPPLY ROUTE Man. or woman, to, restock new able section, prepare financial type coin dispensers with high statements, handle correspon- 'quality package candy products dence regarding accounts, associated duties with telephone and radio; typing required. This is an Equal Opportunity Employment position. Salary commensurate with experience. Mora T San Miguel Electric Coopera, tive, Inc., Box 248, Mora, N.M; 87732; Phone 505-387-2205. 7-l-5t without-giving up present position. No, selling. Dependable person can net VERY HIGH EARNINGS. Requires S900 to S3590 cash for immediate start Write for personal interview giving phqne number to Interstate Dist. Co., 181J. West Katella, Suite 221, Anaheim, California 92804. 6-27-5t 11 For Rent--Furnished Houses TWO BEDROOMS, living room, dining room,: kitchen and bath. , Nprm"a£;pi$? ! c.r Dry' Skin." Good i Near Hu - -campus. Furnished ' ' ' and ali utilities paid. No chil- Plione 425.-9608: Consultation, dren. or pets, couples only. S85 a month. Contact Southern '7-3-2t CLEANING: TO WAUi BT »«r adTane* .Carpetraa nnchine. Satisfaction guaranteed. Call 425-7544. SWANSON'S LAUNDRY '·$ 6-1-M f''. .'\jj INSTANT CASH from Southern Mortgage Finance Cojp. -"- ~-- t " 805 7th Street 6-1-M .WASHING MACHINE *o- a »" ""REPAIR - · · US TODAY ·-..?0 :V ; .;·"". -lV ,' :. 7-l-3t Mortgage and Finance Corp., 805 Seventh Street. 6-25-tf NEWLY REMODELED HOUSE for rent. Very clean. Phone 425-7169. 7-l-5t 12 For Rent--Unfurnished House {Three bedroom home on Hot 'Springs Blvd. S85.00 per month. Call .425-7978 after 6:00 p.m. VALUABLE DEALERSHIP Learn how a V E N D A - P A K dealership -- with initial casl investment of less. than.$4,000-can, provide lifetime securit and financial independence Write for full details by person al interview, giving phone num her to P. O. Box 5151, Oakland Calif. 94605. 7-1-3 LEGAL NOTICE LEGAL NOflCl Wednesday, July 3, 19fl8 having claims against the above estate must present the same in accordance w i t h law within six 16) months from the date of the first p u b l i c a t i o n of this notice or else the same will be barred. Ramona V. Vigil A d m i n i s t r a t r i x Exhibit to open Thursday at HU CEP jobs A specinl showing of cunt cm- · available Las Vegas DAILY OPTIC 5 special showing of contem- p.orary Czechoslovakia!) open art will be on exhibit in the Highlands University Art Gallery beginning .July 5. ac-eord- Callinas art show Pub. June 26, July 3, 10, 17, 1908 ing to K l m o r STAT.E OF NEW MEXICO various schools in the, Las V.e- | COUNTY OF SAN M I G U E L . |as City Schools system for the school year of 1968-1969, No. bids will be. considered which, are received after the above time, and place. . Pub. .July 3, 19G8. 7-3-51 13 For Bent -- Furnished Apt. CASTANEDA ARTS. Downtown Steam heated and furnished. Adults Only. Phone 8985, or 7961 6-4-1M SPARE TIME INCOME Refilling and collecting money from NEW TYPE high quality coin operated dispensers in this area. No selling. To qualify you must have car, references, $600 to $2,900 cash. Seven to twelve hours weekly^ can net excellent monthly income. More full time. For personal interview write PENTEX DISTRIBUTING COMPANY, 3131 STEMMONS FREE- CALL FOR BIDS Sealed bids will be received in the Office of the Superintend ent of the Pecos Independent' School District, Pecos, New Mexico until 2:00 p.m. Friday, July 12, 1968 for the following: Provide insurance on all buildings or structures and contents belonging to the Pecos Independent School District. Specifications, ' list of buildings, amount of coverage desired and. other pertinent i formation may be obtained in the Superintendent's Office at Pecos, New Mexico. The Board reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Canuto Melendez, Supt. Pecos Independent Schools Pecos, New Mexico Fub. July 3, 1968: WAY, DALLAS, TEXAS 75247. Include phone number. CALL FOR BIDS Bids will be accepted until 12 noon Monday. July 15, 1968 at the office of the Superintendent, Las. Vegas City. Schools Hot Lunch Program, 917 Doug la s Aye., Las Vegas, Ne\\ Mexico, 87701. CANDY SUPPLY ROUTE Part or Full Time Man or Woman To Refill And Collect Money From New Furnished Apartment for rent, 'hone 425-7325 or 425-8351. 7-3-3t i ; £ · y - - : SHARPENING SERVICE ^£^x\yn ;Mpwqrs: (aU types) Hand Saws ; Circular Saws 116 GRAND AVE. PLANNING ID CONVERT TO NATURAL GAS? Now is- the time to start! SHitLlNGlAWS' ji ;«. j/.--iVMJ" '·' t V. j_ J -'V» i:' 7-l-5t are - a ' girl's best .fri'fjH(}(i;-fH2 until., she -finds Blue LufcWe.i- for '· - cleaning; Carpets. -Retat -i»lectrid!--SJiJunppoer. 51. GAMBLES. '··"£ :'At GAMBLES EXPERT-SERVICE 0 'All tyakeai and ijpdejs ItftoV,^ 425-7518 s .GfiUegos.. 7r3-2t _lnr it- re*srirr following merchandise: experienced , re»airmea ,v«pair the i.-·--·v ..' · ·'· 1 '» BiacH,:«i Wltfte, television T)iji; ' 7 ' " '.. · · -- . . * - . · ' . and; Dry era 1 , · Sewing Machines, ,, . , Chain Saws, -;i i' -TJllers. 1 arid' Gas Engines · (,-.·.;·'· ' ··'. ' ' · - · .'i' ' Etifrance at Wards 0 616 Dbuglas Ave. :, Phone 425-6721 11 Fdr ; Rent-:-*- Unfurnished House gerator. Inquire S t r c t or call 425-8155. HUT.A 4 For Rent--Unfurnished Apt. APARTMENT with kitchen, iath, fireplace, parking and itilities. Suitable for adults. hone 425-8174. :· · ' 7-2-3t :0 For Rent -- Miscellaneous THE' · proven carpet · · -cleaner Blue Lustre is easy on.the budget. Restores forgotten colors, shampooer SI. Unique Coin Operated Dispen- (Candy and National Information concerning the following may be obtained from the Hot, Lunch Supervis 7-l-3t ors office. (Same Address) FOR: Meat -to be used, by the various cafeterias in the Las. Vegas City School system during the coming year. These prices are to extend for a 6 sers. Brand Snacks). Excellent In- N THE DISTRICT COURT No. 729 n the Matter of the Estate of Adolfo Casados, deceased NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT. OF ADMINISTRATRIX Notce is hereby given t h a t the W01 . ks "; all t h e w o r k s in t n e undersigned has been duly ap- c x h i h u a r e fo| . salo Buks i. )aum Minted Administratrix of the nolc(1 t | l;U t h e paintings reflect above named Estate and has the Czeehoslovakiaii culture ns qualified as such. All persons well as t h e creative s t a t e m e n t s having claims against the above of the two a r t i s t s , estate must present the same Kadlec, whose: works h a v e The Gallinas Art Guild opened its .second annual exhibition Tuesday with more than 100 { | c . Tony Encinias, chairman of paintings, sculptures and items partment head " 10 loc:al Community Action of unique stoneware at 714 Na- The exhibit will f e a t u r e (lie P''«f!''am hoard, has announced lional. works of Kustaeh Kadlec and several positions t h a i are open The- group of Las Vegas art- Otakar Stryhal. contemporary for l l l c three-month p l a n n i n g j s t s hit-hides the prominent artists whose works have boon Kn\m of '"i" Concentrated Km- c r a f t s m a n , Aile Lee, with un- shown throughout Europe 1 . ployment Program. usual stoneware, and artists According (o Ronald \V. E n c i n i a s was recently elected Eloise Lindoborg, Louis Yaffo, H u k s b a u m , director of the La- vice c h a i r m a n of the newly- Sahula-Dycke and John i'ayette Art Center, which is formed North C e n t r a l New ahan. v-'» h a n d l i n g a national lour of the Mexico CK1'. The l a t t e r four are painters Available' positions include a showing a variety of techniques d i r e c t o r of Hie employment pro- and approaches in their work, gram at SI.050 per month, total- Y a f f e will also display a miming S3.ISO for the t h r e e months; ber of wood sculptures, a deputy dim-tor at S800 per Last year, the show attract- m o n l h . S2-100 for the three O d visitors from almost every months: a fiscal manager at stale and elicited much favor- ... , . . in .accordance with law within been shown m Prague. 1'ilsen. six (6) months from the date of Brno and oi'her European art the first publication of this centers, was born i n . 1920. A secretary at S400 a m o n t h . $1200 S240() »"' " ll »' lh - S7 * 0 ""» 1: a notice or else the same will be former student at the Academy barred. Juanita T. Casados A d m i n i s t r a t r i x Pub. June 12, 19, 2, J u l y 1868. t o t a l : a job developer at S800 a . ^our · wk ' ' e S ' . . , . .. throu-lT will be open to the pub. to 8 p.m. each d a y , lime clerks at S2.2. r per hour, i n c l u d i n g Sundays and the 4th 240 hours. S270 t o t a l each. "f -'uly. REQUEST-FOR BIOS. of Art in Prague, he is. also a . m o n t h , S2400 t o t a l , an two part- [j c member of the State Association of Artists. Stryhal. the other artist represented, lias works -on .exhibit ' E n e m a s said the staff is rc- publicly as well as in several commended by Ihe United p r i v a t e - collections. A former States Department of Labor, New Mexico Highlands Uni- commercial artist, he shitted w h j c h ._- ex . Hlc(ed ,,, fim( , ,, :e ven-sity is. requesting bids for a hls emphasis .to painting d u r i n g . photographer to take student tlle ' World W n r "'-Vars. He was Vio^am i n . J u l . NO REFORM JERUSALEM (UPI)--Tho Is- ' racli Knesset ( P a r l i a m e n t ) re- c-ommciulcd Tuesday that male and female worshippers at the portraits for the 1969 -innu-il soon '^cognized as a great t a l - '''I"? staff will he required to Jerusalem's "Wailing Wall" , ' ent, a n d - his- works -appeared work out of Santa Ke and continue to pray separately. e x h i b i t i o n s thosc hired for the three-month lu! ;" illK dow " " , reciucsl °!\ throuahout thn PontiiuMii relonn Jews t h a t men a nd TIII utnoui l i e C o n t i n e n t phmniug period, may be con- ,,.,,,,.,,,, K/ , ,,,,,.,,:.«ori «,, m-.,v. ! The exhibit will be on display w o m e n be pel milted to pi ay. from July 5 to July 26. ' sidoi-cd for the permanent pro- ,,,,,,.,,,,,,._ .gram, a f t e r Uie grant. with the bid opening be on July 2, 1968, at 3 p.m. in the J'^ularly Office of the Comptroller. Information concerning specifications m a y . be obtained upon request from the Director HEYSEN DIES' of Publications. Publications ADELAIDE. Australia U P n Hans Heysen, German- Thosc interested in applying for any of the positions., should Building, 204. The University Sir reserves the right to reject any born landscape painter, died contact the ' local Employment or all bids. Tuesday at a hospital at the age Security Commission or the San June 26, July 3. 1968 of 90. M i g l l o l C AP office. Shop Las Vegas and Save 0) come For Few Hrs Weekly Work (Day or Eves). No Selling. S875 to S3400 Cash Required. For Personal Interview, Send Name, Address and Phone Number to: TRANS-WESTERN DISTRIBUTING CO. 590 N. Azusa Ave. Covina, Calif., 91722 7-2-41 day period. Contracts will be bid at 60 day intervals during £ the 1968^1969 school year. " No bids will be considered which are not received by the above mentioned time and 3lace. Pub. July 3, 1968. 37 For Sale -- Houses ?ent electric W ACKER'S. 7-1-61 HERMIT'S PEAK VILLAGE Across from Storric Lake TRAILER SPACE FOR RENT Large Lot Phone 425-9754 30 For Sale -- Pets TINY POODLE PUPS. Grooming, boarding, private runs and cages. Dogs and cats. Town and Country Kennels. 425-5724. 6-13-1M 34 For Sale -- Miscellaneous HAILEE'S HANDCRAFTED C A N D L E S Candles to Order For Special Occasions 1017 Eleventh St. Phone 425-7864 6-25-31 Complete set golf clubs, bag and cart. Like new. 13-foot Serro Scotty trailer. Contained. Used very little. Phone 425-7157. 7-2-3t TWO CHAIR Barber Shop in prime downtown location in Raton. Established business year around. Reasonable rent and selling price. Call Raton 445-8117. 7-1-31 BARGAIN: 50 gallon white oak whiskey barrel. S25.00 value for only S12.50. Ideal for making HOUSE FOR SALE By owner, 3 bedrooms, stucco, with furniture, appliances, corner lot. Wall front and back. Landscaped, garage, central heat, heatalator fireplace, wall to wall carpeting, tiled floor kitchen and bath. See at 828 Fourth St. 7-l-3t Completely furnished 1 bedroom home in Albuquerque. May trade. 614 Jackson. City. 7-3-5t FURNISHED HOUSE for sale at 531 New Mexico Avenue. Phone 425-6209. 7-3-51 39 For Sale--Business Property SERVICE STATION FOR LEASE Good location : in Las Vegas For Information Call Las Vegas -- 425-7961 Raton -- 445-3209 Standard Oil Co. of Texas 6-27-St 40 For Sale -- Real Estate SENATOR.. ARE '.YOUA- BELIEVER |M ECONOMY IN _ GOVERNMENT E CERTAINLY AM U FOR^l EXAMPLE, TO CUT \ DOVVM. OM PEFS60NAL expE^4SEs, r WAVE · · R RED MY ENTIRE .,, / PERSONAL STAFF.'/' FOR SALE OR TRADE, approx 7 acre tract, located south of Penasco, and 5 mi. up the Trampas River above the village of El Valle, at poster marked "River Ranch" on your right. Consider home, cabin, land in Las Vegas to Tres Ritos areas. T. E. A v a r i t t , Box 865, Tucumcari, N. Mex. 7-3-51 4.1 For Sale -- Automobiles STATE OF NEW MEXICO COUNTY OF MORA IN THE DISTRICT COURT FOURTH JUDICIAL DISTRICT In the matter of the Last Will and. Testament of Andres. L ; v .Sandoval, deceased No. 168- NOTICE THE STATE OF NEW MEXICO TO: Victor C. Sandoval, Rose Ulibarri, Allen, O. Hayward and Virginia O. Hayward, and all persons claiming any interest, right- or, title in and to or any lien upon the Estate of Andre s L - Sandoval, deceased and all unknown heirs of said Andres L. Sandoval; deceased. NOTICE is hereby given that the final report and accounting of the Executor, Victor C. .Sandoval, of the Estate of Andres L. Sandoval, deceased has. been filed in the.above entitled cause and court and that the 23rd day of August, 1968 at 10:00 o'clock A.M. of said day at the Court House in the Town of Las Vegas, San Miguel County, New Mexico, has been fixed as the time and place for hearing objections and exceptions to .said final report and accounting and the settlement thereof; that on said day the said court will proceed to determine the heir- ship of Andres L. Sandoval, deceased, the ownership of his estate and the interest of such respective claimants therein and thereto and the persons entitled to the distribution thcre- .of. The attorney for the Executor is II. E. Blattman, whose office and Post Office address i s Las Vegas, New Mexico. WITNESS my hand and ficial seal of this court this 1st day of J u l y , 1%8. Dolores G. Marline/. Clerk of the District Court Pub. July 3, 10, 17, 24, 19f8. 1959 FORD, 2-dr. hardtop. Very Call 425-9106. 7-2-51 home furniture, home bars, or! goO( ] condition, one owner car. raising strawberries, water supply storage or what have you. Phone 425-8141. USED IN EXCELLENT condition':' Volkswagen 1364. automatic dryer, portable TV, sofa, 9 x 12 rug. chest, drawers and miscellaneous. Call 425-7034. 7-3-51 17 For Sale -- Boats 12 ft. a l u m i n u m boat. With factory built trailer. And electric trolling motor. License for 19R8. S235.00. Phone 425-8172. 7-2-21 Call 425-6796 For Further Information VEGAS DAIIY OPTIC REQUEST FOR BIDS New Mexico Highlands University is requesting bids for a printer for the 19G9. university a n n u a l , with the bid opening ! date to br on July 10, 1968, at 3 p.m. in the Office of the Comptroller. I n f o r m a t i o n concerning specifications may be obtained upon request from the Director of Publications, Publications Building. 204. The University reserves the right to reject any or all bids. Pub. J u n e 26, July 3, 1968 STATIC OK NEW M E X I C O COUNTY OF SAN M I G U E L IN THE DISTRICT COURT No. 742 In the M a t t e r of the Estate of Hcfugio Vigil, deceased NOTICE OF APPOINTMENT OF ADMINISTRATRIX Notice is hereby given that, the undersigned has been d u l y appointed A d m i n i s t r a t r i x of the above named Estate and lifts ! qualified as such. All persons ..THAT \e, ( EVERYONE EXCEPT \ MY IMMEDIATE FAMILY... VE OUGHT TO.SPEWD LEETLETIME TATER . OUGHT TO, BE ASHAMED OF VORESELF, ' OFF; AN - CARD'S 'EVER' VvBLESSET NIGHT ' ; THERE FORE, WE CANNOT fM U1VE THEM ALREAP/ DO OUR WORK UNKNOWINGLY/ IN A FEW MOllTHS SO _ SHALL THE/Alt' ~ EARTH LINGS' ' WE TIME OUR DEPARTURES CAPEFULL-/, TO AVOID THE TOURI3TS WHO VISIT VESUVIUS/ WE CONTACT THOSE EARTHUNGS ARE USING, THEM RETURN. HERE PROMPTLY/ COULDNT STAND TO SO INTO OUTER SPACE/ I'M AFRAID OP THE DARK/ GOOD HEAVENS, WHYNOT? I'M BUT I CAN'T BE AN ASTRONAUT. 1 V^Ir^L FIVE THOUSAND, JULIE. 1 .' THAT'S FOK LEA3IUG TMF. AMD THERE'S MOPE I M I ONb H A I P OF CUE THE NET PROFITS' L SEE THEY PUT IN THE BINGO CIAUSF REMEMBER, MONTANA, ) PON'T LECTURE YOU'RE TAYLOR PAVEY'S SHCRETAKY ANP I'M THE OLP Ff?AUP'S ASSISTANT ME LIKE I WAS A SCHOOL DROPOUT

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