Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on July 5, 1896 · Page 10
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 10

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Sunday, July 5, 1896
Page 10
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psode In the Career of a Boy Who Wanted to Bo a Reporter. Bow » Deadlock WM Brok«n-"Comln« Event* C»«t Tliclr Snmlotr. Before" —N«w« »i"» K»ci Crow the Lln« • Neck »nd Neck. [COPYRIGHT. 1RMJ.J Everyone in the office, from the po- liticnl photographer down to Jimwi e; the under-study. knew that.the city editor was in a «tate of tension near the bursting point. The whole local force .eemed to be in a condition of mecta! »d physical paralysis, the mercury was hugging the boiling point with remarkable affection, and the state con- Tention of the dominant, party had per- •teted in remaining steadfastly deadlocked in an effort to nominate a cftndi- possesfed of the idea th'^t the :young i had mistaken bi».calllt>R-. nnd .Tim's career in the counting-room earao to.n sudden,close, ,' ... •••• ' ••••;•••••••After another business venture, equai« iy short mid unsatisfactory 'to Jimmie, there uiinie to him.one day a most dar- inff-resolve.," He -ha.! often read of ambitious journalists who by. a. sudden, and unexpected attack had,established themselves upon the staffs of papers; he determined .to risk everything »nd make '..lie venture. ' , ' . . , So he wandered intc th«. great hall of the News building on.a-bright spring morning, walked awkwardly .into the local room, <md asked in. a very sub- : dued voice: _ "Is Mr. Editor in ?" whereupon he received such a yarigated reply.from the niim at the middle desk ; that he concluded that the entire force was composed oi editors. But he fina at the city editor's desk. •' " WHAT HE HEARD SET d,te for the high office ol governor. In fact, its persistence in remaining in that condition had alarmed even, the most hardened politicians. It naturally followed that matters had •become decidedly complicated in the cditoriul-rooms. Assignments were flashed here and ^™™£%£££ discrimination, and ot a, rate tbat nepi the reporters jumping. There was a •udden spasm of energy <xt the row of Iritiog machines, and the irregular 'clack, clack was in some degree soothing .to the nerves of the aforesaid city editor !0ut ol the chaos came the assignment of 'Colcman lor the convention, and with 'him went Jimmie. , This was a turn of fortune entirely m- . diflcrent to Jimmie, for he well knew that hh part In the handling of the great 'gathering would consist in the rather itogiorious taskof carrying'Vopy from ;the scene of hostilities to the edltorial- *°Jimmie had drifted into the newspaper whirl in a manner thoroughly ' rinal. From the Tory first time that chubby fingers had wandered up HIM HIM Tin«*tii««- Vvhat can 1 -lo for you, youngmanT asked that official. ' ' , -I want to be a reporter," answered the lime man with determination, and he looked up with his great-brown ey«* "Well " responded the editor, "there are plenty of boys .who.want to be reporters. I need, only experienced men. But there was something in the| earnestness and the sincerity of the little face before him that prompted the edi Wli.en he arrived thevflspeinbly liad al- : ; ^eady been .called- to order. As he;,too^ 'liis seat at the side of Colemnn on the l«e stnge/lieJIopkrd.riroiiTid.'ivith ie' wonder, 'He had never'been in ; -a gathering before.;' At hli'sjifc' arid all around the table were numerous correspondents, whose busy, fln- cers were .transferring ,to paper,the happenings or what was likely to hap- Pe lim6st as far as be could see stretched the field of faces. From the backwoods, the villages-and-cities, from the mountains and .the valleys, the cohorts of the great., party , were-.gathered. Their battle cries rang Jrom one enc of the hall to the bth«,,and then spread out into the street. "From the ceiling were suspended- -streamers of the gayest bunting and here and there draped in the national colors were ..the. portraits .of famous party lenders; To these the orators pointed, from time to time, calling forth thunders of applause.; The chairman had 'quite worn out his gavel and hirosett in a vain attempt to restore order. ' The 1 convention seemed hopelessly deadlo'cked,' and the key wa« nowhere to be found. .For three .days the shrill voice.of tbe-clerk.had echoed through the auditorium, <ind the call of counties had reve8.1«d the same number of votes for 'WilHam Henry Eadford and for James Halleh Hindman. .,;', ' . There was'a split in the party that had not • yet become an incura.ble breach, but each side; was grimly determined. No sign, of relenting w<w anywhere displayed,.and the delegates settled themselves down to a season ol monotonous bollotiTig. So matters stood when Jimmie sat at ColemanV side, and wished his^u- .perior indite the proceedmgs, B< t there was little to inscribe, and Jnnmie wandered restlessly about the stage. "Let the clerk call.the.roll of the counties," said the chairman for the 40th time; and once more the shrill voice resounded through the.hall,and ; agam 'the result was announced. . Jimmie. thoroughly ,ured of it all scrambled around the gree* rooms, but found nothing to interest him.. Then h? prowled up a staircase, «nd found himself up in the 'wings near a room marked "private." Jimmie thought that all private matters needed investigation, especially if he wanted to be 8 reporter; so he put his ey.e to the key-, hole an* was surprised to note several m en-in conference; They were talWng i* subdued tone* and try as he might, the conversation -was unmtelligible. Jimmle looked around. AtthcFideof the loft and running up to the rooi-, w ^ another ladder. This he m 9 .unted and found himself directly', over..the room where, the men were meeting, ..:•„•..,;_ In a minute he was lying on .bis sme with his «vr to'a ventilator. ; WB ^asethimtin^ngWl^ 1 If you?want a 3 min ute CREAM FREEZER, ABICYCLE; A REFRIGERATOR, A Screen Door, A Window Screen ^ • Or anything in the Hardware line at CUT PRICES, th* week call on JA eompromlse; the it has gone far 310 Market Street, there's lote of hard work in the newspaper businessi,,and you won't be able, to-make anything until vou are a man." . • Jimmiegazed ffioughUullyatamuch disfigured newspaper on the floor. Suddenly his faee brightened, and he said "I will just take a chance at it anyhow;» and that night^the very Etert, line information was^dtepensed at the supper table that. Jlmmie's career in •journalism had begun, .; • ' The next morning Jimmie presented himself at the office' and, hie .career of as Jimmie.had pic- ' ' -aiui-j-ra must have with the .nomination." --out in the c6nyentipii-almost_ ; __,- . .. tad" the voices below became .clearly. ^^ggest • that we nominee; Johk Gordon Harris.: It.is the only way out of the aiffl'culty,.-As thft.represcntB.tlve . .. . T%_ j^i'-j -T arr^ooin the compro- .«« While • -.;• crowd. took". «»• ; There is a fiera-ol:sacra;cattta in the entral ark i -^T?«r York. They aro the • Central park i ^commonly c Hindoos wors In i Be .» Thei there was a "on that Jimmy failed to cateh ,£reB- -'. n : ."TheIHnd- ently man meii, the motion the recess," . '.. ,. ^v There followed a jumble Jimmy had heard enough. -.-,. -7- Bufflcienfr presence-b'f mind 'to take down ihe :name of the'compTonjise 1 The zebiis hav6...a la-rgc, - c - - • rtdl with.a-:light;iron railing in front Their^buarters :are not far from the : ^'ji .-_'j M'+^MV rmnosHe the big ar«eniil..and directly -c r , •tank where : Mi33^>tima, llppopotainuB,'holds foEtt. * Thlrc are three bull* and one cow ; m tha herd. -There was trouble in tha,Un- theotherday. It Is not definitely known what caused itall, butKeeper Snyder>ho knows' a. lot about animals, sacred 'cows .among others, .says «nat bue'of the bulls, " utes to one; in ,20 would be.closed, and. the n too late. Jimmy ^ qmek He spied the sh'lnfag handle bars of o ' , and In aminute n to g over.the asphalta With head, bent doWB.«id ; flamin he whirle 1 ' 2—Wonder what te MKRCI AL 10-centclgar Is like Everyone praises it. • -,^^««B«^ •"• -~- 3-Wtat «wrjw» Wi wag • berlsnt r 11 try It, aarw»J. =7^4-1 had. made. the"ia» can iur ^j,••---.- •ftjl ; d«sty ( , perspiring, fonn stumbled Into that yourfg ;' splu -nian-ind in; . . e managed to tell of the secret c ind the .intended '*?****™* There'wasa clatter of keys ond sudden ^^ e.composing.room. f ve.n Jimmy's scoop -was bein upon a BATTLING. FOR HfiR FAVOR. . iu s .qfbne'of his cdmpiinions, 1 known «w "S end Dick have bighorns. ^Thftlr third brother,: who has • never been 'o.hristianed, hosno horns atoll. .,•• ' Miss Mary, .the, cow who was .the ie of '-the: feud,:-:fo said to.be of very le .disposition.' Bill and Dick ap- 'nufl'ts and about «ix:o'clock the climax:. ^*&$&JR w»<??f_w d A^|^Ste «liec.t5. - • i ' • '" ij ' Meanwhile, In the convention, emld a breathless siTon^.-a^eleg^ra^e^d proposedtbe-nameofJotaGorfonHar ris.: All was ripc.fora compromise. In stantly there was.a. stampede, «"^he mus ic of.deafeningcheers the ne^nom- was . mode the standaxd^earer of . '-Xt the-same moment the burst :into •. the, in "I'VE GOT «nd down a column of print he had en-; pertained » ceaseless longing to be one Of ihe toller* of thc : press, j -._ But Jimmle's father ,was a man.o* jnoderute .mean* and practical; ylevft " T looked upon'the; ambition of mi • 1 with utter "dlidnihj and whcil , oov arrived at thoirinture age oMft , WM tranrferved,to. the .ocrantiBg- , jn-eatly ogainilWs will, vIn,lact; ie •peni »o mucW;', of W» time, ponrlng «rer the .cblTimnm of the newBpapert.Md jBrjMrtni-ntlng'an the memorandum pad* •with very yMA : deiicrtpti6ri* ,of ho.- -•fftaary dog tigbU yand t scintHl«tta{r j«torteli.: J th«t: biiJ'ewolOTer ^P* 06 ?,* cuioation wa» to Wonipany an experi: oSmanand'run errands. i.It-w-» happy day 'fljat^ he \vas sent out to get '' .A-. l o»t«-ir.»'..,:.. E/Hudson tills,Gamela.nfabout;ft « of.j<., .;j it.wa».on., -.-. convention that tnttn : to,the/ ''gites'were tion: The , nn' enormous outeWrti'' cup T^nke, Ontaric" ; aroon'g> ( * r.l°* "•$%• W w ~ hatched: turtle:'i.'.Thta.turtle'xwaaJu . ^...V.•*; *.h«i,«>ber way tp;go. vBotb, BID raised' his 1 toil, snorted, lowered , e nd and'made adosh for Dick, pick • him coming: and jumped to the nnd before- Bill kfiew what baa mptjened,: UIcl< had given him a. Tp- n : 11ie ribs arid made him grunt. hey"circled round and rouhd.bKlli ini3 glaring/at each other,.' - >, ;. . • Difriig..all .thiB .trouble Miss, Mary stood '.quietly; in the 'doorway of .her K felf"where : .she : :.co«ld watch.-the. two •-••'••- - • •' ' • . ' Jglcyclists AttentionJ After taking k long ride remember PORTER has the coolest and BEST SODA; IN tHE CITY. ., sporty Intore, '.for ''when, butoo :a maker,; tho; onlookers, ?»« : t;evp^.time::im [; Wi 'ea'ohlbther.the horole*« . '''1 and Steam Heattng HYDRANTS; HtvH^E GOODS, ^ <n>Aatf< WOUfllvjDO w*&^&- "• •* ~ : ^" - "«v

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