The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 2, 1956 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 2, 1956
Page 5
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PAGE EIGHT BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, APRIL 2, 195« ouner NewsMagazine BONITA GRANVILLE, who was once under a long-term contract with Warner Bros., has returned to the film company again. Her Hollywood professional activities were curtailed when she married Jack D. Wrather, Texas and Los Angeles industrialist. Epic Records Calls Him The Sensation of 1956 By NBA SERVICE Enter Jimmy Gavin. He wears a rumpled gray suit, his tie is askew, his hair is long and unruly. He looks like a kid you'd find hanging around any street corner, or maybe like a dreamy college sophomore. But he doesn't look at all like what he really is — a singer with a quality so strange that Epic Records thinks he'll be one of the sen- tttions ot '56. He's Johnnie Kay, Harry Bela- tontt and Elvis Presley all rolled Into one. He has Ray's excitement, Belafonte's style and Presley's folksinew. And he haa a story to rival .any fiction. Gavin was born in New York 21 years ago. But he's lived ,as he says, "all over." His father and, later, his step-father were merchant seamen. He went to 13 public schools. He had no roots. "My only roots were my guitar and my music," he says His mother was a food friend of many folk ain^ers, like Burl Ives and Lead Belly. Jimmy grew up hearing folk sonjs and, wherever he went, he'd hear the same songs and they were the only permnaent things In his restless lite. He learned to pick out the tunes on n guitar. Nowadays his guitar case is so battered that It's held together with tape—but the tape is attached In such a handsome design that his manager won't let him buy a new case. Jimmy began writing his own songs. He'd sing at parties and email-scale social events. But he came to New York to study commercial art. He got interested in the theater and got a few small parts Jimmy Gavin Shura thought* of the sea. He'll devote himself to singing, writing songs and maybe do some acting, too. He picked up a copy of his record. "Let me look at that label again," he snid. Another newcomer on records is a handsome young pianist who culls himself, simply, Sliura. His first, on King, is an intriguing Item culled "One Finger Melody," on which he's backed by his own trio. This is a single from an nil)um due in a week or so. Shura is a classical pianist who switched to pops for two very good reasons—he likes musical freedom and he likes fishing. Literary Guidepost Pearl Buck's Finest Novel Since 'Earth' IMPERIAL WOMAN, by Pearl S Buck (John Day) Pew write with the authority Pearl Duck on her favorite subjec of China and her histrolcal novel Imperial Woman," is probably .he best and certainly her most detail ed and complete work in this fiel< since "The Good Earth." The novel revolves around the las Empress of China, Tzu Hsi, wh was known to most westerners o the time as "Old Buddha." Whil Tzu Hsi remains the central char acter throughout the book, Mis Buck brings in so many lesser char acters that at times it becomes con fusing. This was probably neces sary, however, to give the intimati ;idc portrayal of the last grea court of the Manchus and how i governed by a mixture of wisdom ruthlessness and intrique. The fas clnating picture of the workings o the Chinese court is so detailed thai the action seems to move slowly at times. The story of the rise of Tzu Hs to the throne and then her continual battle to retain her power ai he cost of her womanhood is a fascinating one. its historical accuracy would have to be vouched for by better Chinese authorities than his reviewer but it is interesting reading. Miss Buck's grip of the scores of characters she introduces always authoritative and believable, although it would seem thai n the educated Chinese aristocracy of the period, with their many cuL- ural qualities, there would be more statesmen of influence concerned with the good of their country than Miss Buck portrays. Most of her •haracters are constantly engagec n intrigues to further their own lersonal ends, with the Inevitable esult that they pull their own mpire to pieces. The publisher describes the Im- erinl Woman ns Pearl Buck's long- st novel and this certainly seems o at times but those who like hls- orlcal novels with an inside look t an imperial court's intrigues and ersonnl life will find It well worth eading. Tops in Pops In off-Broadway shows. "I wanted to study acting," he says, "but I had to work. I found I couldn't do both, so I decided to go to sea for a few years and save up enough money lo study. While I was Waiting for my papers. Mike Elliott heard me. He's a manager. He asked me to stick around a week more; I'd been here three months so I figured I might as well make it. j CARLSBAD. Cullf. J/TI—Another another week." | use for a helicopter: After a rain, In that extra week. Klliott ar-j Gene Masterson, commercial flow- ranged for Jimmy to sing for Epic's ] C r (jrcws?r, had one hover over a head man, Marv HiiUzman. And j field of 24,000 blooms ready to be "I have much more freedom playing pops," he says. "And. besides, I have more, lime to myself—lime I can use going fishing." 'Copter Aids i Flower Farmers Marv signed him on the spot. Mis record, ;in original Gavin sonp culled "Johnny Knllin* Stone," is just out. "It's sort of my theme song," says Jimmy. "I'm pretty much a rollin' stone myself. I wanted to call u 'Jimmy Rollin' Stone,' but Johnny sounded more euphonious—is that the word I mean?" Jimmy, who paints and writes picked for market. The vibration shook the rain ! drops ofi the delicate petals, which | Masterson said would have ratted il'j packed wet. He figured It would have taken several men a full day to shake the rain off the flowers. The helicopter did it In two hours. The nutria ten is the only tree.„, — , „..„ climbing" bird that climbs down poetry on the side, has given upj the trunks of trees head first. WE RENT • HOSPITAL BEDS . . . BABY BEDS • ROLLAWAY BEDS • USED REFRIGERATORS • USED WASHERS WADE FURNITURE CO. 112 W. Main Phone 3-3122 The Most Complete Selection of GARDEN & LAWN TOOLS Blythevrlle's Most Complete Hardware Store! General Hardware & Appliance Co, Phone 3-4585 Listed below were the best selling ecords and radio requests as of Friday of last week. LOCAL I—Long Tall Sally—Little Rich- id 2—Blue Suede Shoes—Carl Perins 3—1 Was The One—Elvis Presley 4—That's Your Mistake — Otis Villiams 5—Who Du Fools Fall In Love— Diamonds. B—Lily Maybeile—Valentines 7—Hey, Doll Baby—The Clovers 8—Cry Baby—Billy Williams 9—Juke Box Baby—Perry Como 10—Dancing The Bop—Jodimars NATIONAL 1—Poor People of Paris — Les Baxter 2—Lisbon Antigua—Nelson Riddle 3—Rock and Roll Waltz — Kay Starr 4—No Not Much—Four Lads 5—Great Pretender—Platters 6—Why Do Fools Fall in Love- Diamonds 7—Moritnt--Dick Hyman Trio 8—Juke Box Baby—Perry Como 9— Innamorata—Demi Martin 10—Memories Are Made of This —Dean Martin RADIO 1—Blue Suede Shoes—Carl Perkins ?.—\ Was The One—Elvis Presley 3—Long Tall Sally—Little Rich-i a fd ! 4—Who Do Fools Fall In Love- Teenagers 5—Bo Weevil—Teresa Brewer 6—That's Your Mistake — OUs Williams Doll Baby—The Clovers People of Paris — Les Buttons May Return to TV In Mr' Wizard's Bag Of Tricks You'll Find Rhubarb, Mustard By DICK KLEINER NEW YORK — (NBA) — This is directed to the thousands (maybe millions) who've been worrying about Red Buttons. Red is fine, happy, healthy, contented and he has no very serious regrets. Actually, he's worked only four and one-half weeks in the last 10 months. But put down that crying towel — for those four and one-half weeks of work, he'earned $67,500. This was night-club stuff — Las Vegas and Miami Beach — and the pay scale there is almost as good as for quiz show contestants. Red Buttons — or as John, the captain in Sardi's, calls him, "Monsieur Button Rouge" - had a pretty rough year last year. His TV show collapsed under him and he got a lot of dirty digs from some columnists. But Red's a guy with a Pat Carroll mind that operates and he con- vi,nced himself it was all for the best and got himself around to an optimistic outlook. R«d Buttons Now, without the weight of that weekly rat-race on his head, he's the picture .of health. No bags under his eyes. No ulcer. No harried look. No nothing but a peaceful mien. On a comedian, that's a shock. But despite all the pain of last eason's debacle he'd do it again— f. And there are some big Ifs. I've been reading formats," he says. "Maybe 50 of them. But I'm not looking for a format, I'm looking for a man. He has to be a giant. He's got to be able to produce and direct and write and kno.w everything. That takes a giant. Mighty few giants around loose these days." Red would have to have a handpicked team of workers around him — "down to the last script girl" — DON (MR. WIZARD) HERBERT shows Pamela Pitzmaurice principle of center of gravity with cork, forks, needle and pencil. people with, drive and fire and loyalty. He'd have to have everything just so, scripts written weeks In advance, others planned longer ahead, all details and all personnel to his taste. He learned his lesson last year. Now he's ready for post-graduate work — if. The real reason behind Nanette Fabray's quitting Sid Caesar's show Is that old debbil, money. She wanted more than the $3,700 per week she's supposed to be getting. He couldn't see a raise on top of that. They both have great respect for each other. The parting is amicable, no hard ratings. Sid already has two possible replacements under contract — Shirl Conway and Pat Carroll — but he may come up with a surprise candidate. In an old loft in Manhattan's manufacturing district, there's a handsome set of offices and a big, barnlike workshop. The workshop is fringed with shelves containing such items as balloons, electric irons, jars,of mustard. This is Mr. Wizard's workshop. Mr. Wizard, alias Don Herbert, has the prize-winning science show for kids of 8-12 over NBC-TV. And, in this loft building, he and his assistants work out the experiments which Mr. Wizard and his young assistants perform on the program each week. They were working on a show about acids. The experiments are designed to be easily duplicated by children at home, hence the object* on the shelves which »r» items most homes contain. For aclcU, for Instance, things like rhubarb and mustard are used. "You can build a working electric battery out of a Jar of mustard," Mr. Wizard said. "Mustard is full of good acid." Herbert is a LaCrosse, Wis., boy, trained as a science teacher and actor who combined the two when +-jlevision came along. One of the features on the show are the average children who serve as his on- the-air assistants. The show is rehearsed only briefly, so the kids sometimes ad lib some beauties. On one program, dealing with chlorophyll, the staff had produced a flowering plum tree as a backdrop. This tree has red leaves, but on the black and white screen, they looked green as anything. Throughout the program, Mr. Wizard kept gesturing to the tree and talking about the green leaves. With a minute or so to go, the child on that day said, "But, Mr. Wizard, the leaves are red." Herbert had to do some fancy explaining fast. Now that "Mr. Wizard" is a happy success and has been for five years, Don Herbert is thinking about broadening his scope. He has an idea that a science show for adults could be successful; he figures on something about half-way between Mr. Wizard and the late John Hopkins Science Review. * * • Buck Prince, an executive on NBC-Radio's Monitor, went to e party for the Duke and Duchess of Windsor. As cocktail parties do, this one swirled around and, at one point, Prince found himself face to face with the Duke, whom he'd never met. Boldly, he stuck out his hand. "I'm Prince of Monitor," he said. The Duke\ smiled. 'Tm Duke of Windsor," he answered. Charms Soothe a Savage Lady NEW YORK — (NBA) — On any nice, normal day at the store on Fifth Avenue, they sell a few lampposts, birdcages, airplanes, roulette wheels, fire engines, love letters and a : lock of mustard seeds. This Is because the establishment the world's largest purveyor of he current hottest Item in jewelry -charms. Charms are nothing lew; once known as amulets, they lave been worn in one form or an- 'ther by virtually every civilization he world has known. Ours is no xception and today the business of esigning, making and selling tiny epllcas of all kinds of things is a Ig industry. It is also a fascinating industry, lecause, besides stocking 2,500 dlf- erent charms, this store (Marchal) also make up to order virtually nything any normal mind can con- eive. One lady walked in and asked for charm showing a map of the leutian Islands with a salvage ship t work and a half-submerged dlv- r heading down under the waves, hey asked no questions; they Just lade the charm. SHIRLEY BOOTH'S CHARMED CAREER: Awards on the wrist. I .Lloyd Nolan had a charm made I to simulate the first-night ticket snotner customer was a . ra ums| tte from his smash 'appearance bstetrlcian. Hanging from the vrimit.v Cniivt, Mar- atch chain across his chest was a remendous assortment of charms, 11 dealing with babies. He carried n oddly-shaped package. Unwrap- ed, 11 turned out to be his trusty orceps. He wanted a new charm lade, exactly duplicating this in- trument. It was done forthwith. The collection of charms Is pres- in "The Caine Munlty Court Martial." Jazz pianist Hazel Scott has a charm designed for every record she makes—and also does the same thing for her friends. Charms can be pretty expensive. They look less costly than they are, but good ones are made of solid gold with painstaking craftsman- charms—like the ntly not confined to girls and ob- [ 5h , Some 'etricians. Kids love them. So do, bes t_ S elling mustard seed, a symbol Id people. The hobby knows ncome brackets, either. One of the ore's steadiest customers is a New ork hackle who parks his cab 11- •gnlly outside, runs In. buys a larm while keeping one eye pe'el- d for. the police. Some of the big names in show usiness are violent charm-collec- ors. Shirley Booth had an expen- bracelet-full made to order. of faith—come as low as $6. But one Park Avenue matron, for her daughter's wedding present, commissioned a replica of the church as a diamond-sprinkled charm. The bill was $1.800, which is a lot for something to dangle on the wrist. Among other odds and ends eated for special orders have been an elaborately engraved tombstone ach one a miniature duplicate of an elaborately engraved tombsone ev many show business awards, a ball of yarn, the rear view of a ke the Oscar. Olene ballon, the | lady and horse leaping a fence Fairy Princess" on Howdy-Doody. | and a miniature replica a fashion keeps adding special charms .that, show. - . signalize her advancing career. The and a model dressed latest, of course, is a charming Howdy-Doody. . gown. All these are first modelled clay by the firm's artists, then turned into a rubber cast. The final gold charm Is made from this rubber cast. . » • * Most collectors buy their charms one at a time, but some come in and get a wrist's worth in one sitting. Many prefer "biographical" assortments — each charm means something in the person's Hfe. But there are some who lean to accumulations on one particular subject. Mrs. Del Webb, wife of the co- owner of the New York Yankees, collects baseball charms. One little old lady buys everything she can get with a gambling motif. Newest wrinkle in charms is photosensitive glass, a type of crystal which changes in molecular structure to represent a picture. The picture is therefore a permanent, unchangeable thing. Charms seem to have a strong fascination for many people, especially Women. Just as the amulets of olden times were often supposed to ward off evil, the charms of today can frequently soften up an irate lady. Which only proves that charms hath beauty to soothe the savage wife. WISH YOU WERE HERE — This postcard is already on sale for tourists visiting Monte Carlo. The building In photo is the royal palace of Grace Kelly's prince, Prince Rainier. The prince has 27 titles. The actress will share in them all when they wed. F«T mch«s. pains, cuts, bruises, tranu, c*lds, headache*, bites and stings, try Bob's Gypsy Rub Liniment Available at vovr favorite drug counter C. Q. SMITH PRODUCTS CO. 1—Hey, 8—Poor Baxter 8—Our Charles 10—Eleventh Horn- Melody — Al Hibler M.A.M. Love Affair — Tommy Read Courier News Classified Ads. METAL BASE CABINETS Formica Tops 20" _ 34" _ 30" value' 5 Price Slightly nimased HUBBARD & SON Furniture Paint Closeout M»ny Typci An* C*lon | Price Hubbard Hardware Lost Dream Man OKLAHOMA CITY Wl — Oklahoma City police just missed chasing a "nightmare" prowler. A frantic woman called police to report a man was breaking into her! home. But before officers could j reach the house, she called back to • report it was all part of a dream. ] Taxi Control MEXICO CITY I* — Taxi drivers are under orders to post their working hours on cab windows. The order followed protests that drivers were brushing off short- haul customers with the excuse their working day was over. CHATTER-BOX "A Better Place to Go. 441 So. 21st St. MICHELOB DRAFT BEER Grover L. Frizicr, owner W. L. Fugh, Mtr. ROTHROCK DRUG STORE Remember us for prescriptions Hunting and Fishing License Complete Stock of Fishing Tackle GENERAL HWD & Appliance Co. Phone 3-1585. Let Us Worry About Your TERMITE TROUBLE Due to the fact that termites are becoming more prevalent in this country each year, all the new homes, as well as the old, should be under termite insurance. We find a lot of practically new homes with major damage caused by termites. Call us and one of our representatives will explain our termite insurance plan to you. All Work Guaranteed TERMITE CONTROL CO. SUPERIOR 535 N'. Bth State License Blylhevillc, Ark. phone 2-2350 DON'T BOTHER ABOUT PARKING! Have YOUR Doctor Phone Us Your Prescription - We'll Deliver Free! We Fill Prescriptions From All Doctors KIRBY DRUG STORES Prescription Experts RENT: FLASH CAMERAS MOVIE CAMERAS Complete Selection of Flash Bulbs, Polaroid Film, Color Film, Movie Film BARNEY'S DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Ph. 3-3647 Bring out the BEST in your clothes Send Them To BESTWAY CLEANERS We Specialize In Fbrmals and Evening Wear Guaranteed Summer Storage. Bonded & insured 1 Day Service 10 To Discount On On Request Cash and Carry 2012 West Main Phone 2-2-108 Centrally Located For Easy Shopping oLjortn Coty /Sei/to; el HI-WAY DRUG We Give Top Value Stamps rrentii H*l4er, Ref. Phinmclm A Mjr Charln Hrnrdnn. owner Main at Division Phone 2-2019

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