The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on May 13, 1953 · Page 13
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 13

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1953
Page 13
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WEDNESDAY, MAT IS, 1988 (AMCJ, COmtlHt PA'SE OUR BOARDING HOUSE — with Major Hoopla BEFORE VD6 THROW A BODY BLOCK AT THW 6IM6 CHARACTER, WE'D TT&K so HOMS- AUD CHALK- TALK A PEW PLAYS.' DO YOU -, SUPPOSE THE MISSUS HAS, STOPPED 5P00TIKi6 MOLTEN! UAVA AlJ COOLED OFF? , KMOW HOW IS—A RASIW6 PA^-J . -TUSK OME MINUTE, i AWD KlTTefilSHTUe ' NEXT/—DM/A htoSS-1 i SAY0FP05I6SUSUAU.YI MEUTS HER-WA*-. KAFF/.? DID YOU , gRIMS ALOMS i ' ,AMY j CHAMSE?. ~~ BETTER PRACTICE "THE I gtS M.Y-PAL I ? &Z&Z,*. » HEU.O. TOO ^ J OUT OUR WAY ments, the telescopic sight'ls waterproof and works fis well in cold, rainy weather as on sunny days. GOOD USED FURNITURE We are now using the second floor of our store exclusively for, used furniture. We feel by doiny this we can serve our customers belter in three ways, 1. We can give you more for your used furniture on new. 2. If you want to buy good used furniture we will have it. 3. If you want to sell used furniture we will buy it. In any of the three cases we would Hkc the opportunity of figuring with you. Alvin Hardy FURNITURE CO. 113 E. Main Ph. 2302 It Is estimated that five trillion tons of salt lie beneath the surface of the state of Kansas. This is enough to cover the entire state with a blanket of salt 37 feet deep. Painting may cost you less If you talk it over with us. Phone 4551. E. C. Robinson LUMBER CO. FOR SALE Corrugated Metal Culvert Pipe Automatic Flood Gates, Concrete Culvert Tile Septic Tanks WEBB CULVERT TILE CO. Ark-Mo St. Line Ph. 8414 • Puppies • • Parakeets • • Kittens • 1 Canaries • • Tropical _ _ _ Fish • — All Pet Supplies — The PET SHOP Mrs. N. G. Jerome 133 S. Division Ph. 8075 MOVIE CAMERAS and PROJECTORS Offered in a Large Selection BARNEYS DRUG STORE 2006 W. Main Phone 3647 TV Service-Center NEIL ROSS Trained Technician for radio and television repair, industrial electronics, and basiu radio engineering. For Service Dial 3816 SYLVANIA Radio-TV Sales & Service CBS-COLUMBIA Electronic Lab 110 W. Walnut Ph. 2441 — Nite 6076 Television— Tonite, Tomorrow WMCT. Memphis. Channel 5 WEDNESDAY NIGHT, MAY IS 6:00 I Married Joan 6:30 Range Rider ' 7:00 TV Theatre 8:00 Boxing 8:45 News Weekly 9:00 Showcase 9:30 News Reporter 9:45 Tonight in Sports 9:55 Weather 10:00 Science Today 10:30 Rocky King 11:00 News 11:05 I've Got A Secret 11:35 Industry on Parade 11:50 News 12:00 Sign Off Rugged Lark CRAIGMYLE, Alta. OF)— A meadow lark that refused to follow its feathered friends south last autumn has fared well since. The bird has become pretty tame on the farm of George Ralsebecks. BOOKS FOR THE by Anthony Morton 13 A K. O IN . THE STORYi Invr.llKnllni: 'M *«dciilh of Hie !n(e Lord I.itlinm, John Aljiniirrlnw, known nn The llnruii. on the Nfdp of Itiiv null or(Iff, rru.SNtM n tmtwrfiil criiitfnnl. I MiinncriiiL I* kidnaped. Imf e»i enn» tlit trltiilnnl sang wilh » | iihoIoKC^Pl 1 of (lie lender. %T|IO Is I Idi-nlilied by SupcHiitenden ( Hrl«(- r New Seolland Vnrd nn WI tow or ew Seolland frfd l-'ennrr. n itrnler i MuuiirriitK next I> I nn nnliime old liodks. 'll Is Cnlileeoll nnd III* nnnicil Jlnrr Scot to <lu!unN, •lik-h he fin* Inn ill-Hi* In nt^i'tt by fll r. nllint, n girl TT was arranged that Mary should •*- travel by cai to Lithom's. next day, with Longley. Mannering promised that the sargeant would call for hci at about half-past nine. Mary went to the front door with Mannering. quiet and thoughtful, but she said nothing else. Mannering shook hands; and felt a spasm of uneasiness, almost of. guilt. "I'U be all right," said Mary. Mannering laughed; but still felt uneasy. \Vhen she had gone and the door was closed, Mannering stood by the door, looking each way, wary now. No one was in sight but after a few moments he saw a man's hat poking from a doorway .farther along the street. It was brown felt, and belonged to a plain-clothes officer whom Bristow • had detailed to fellow him. He took a ttxi to Chelsea. As he walked upstairs to his flat he felt his heart beating last with the «>\ exhilarating cxcitemcn, that always came when, after an ordeal, he met Lorna. The door opened before he reached the landing. Tumult reigned. At last Mannering told Lorna his story and his plans. She said: "I've packed for » week at Lithom Hall. Will that be enough?" "We'll come back and replenish, if it isn't," said Mannering. "What about the shop?" "Bristow is going to keep an eye I on it, and I'll warn Morns to be ..on the aJcrt in case Uicj try re- prisals. But I don't think they will." The telephone rang. Lorna answered. "Hello," said Lorna. "Oh, yes, Bill." Bristow! Mannering jumped up. "Wonderful!" cried Lorna. and her eyes danced. "Yes, I'll tell him." "Oi!" cried Mannering, "I want to speak lo—" But the receiver was down. "Let me have some fun," pleaded Lorna. "Wonderful news, darling." "Have they caught Fenner?" "Oh, no. The car's been found!" * * * T ADY BREAM'S greatest anxiety was that Gloria might try to kill herself. She hadn't tried, yet, but the old lady had seen an expression in the girl's eyes during the day, which worried her deeply. She thought of Mannering, who had telephoned that he and Lorna hoped to arrive before half-past 10. It was not yet 10 o'clock. She heard a movement behind her. She turned. . "There is a Dr. Halsled to sec you, my lady," said Wirral, in his tired, placid way. "Doctor," echoed lady Bream, who always repe ited something that had been, said when she was trying to think. "He says, my lady, that he is a colleague of Dr. Chatterton." Dr. Halstcd was dressed in light gray with a well-fitting morning coat, narrow trousers and a black bow tie. His hair. was dark but streaked with gray, long at the back and sides and sweeping back from his forehead. More actor than dottor U> look »t, but certainly distinguished. "How good of you to see me, Lady Bream." "Colleague of Dr. Chatterton'o," she said, almost accusingly. "Is he ill? Can't he come tomorrow?", "Most unfortunately, no," said Dr Halstcd. smiling gravely "He wu greatly upset that the sudden illness of a close relative called him away." Lady Bream lowered herself into the rocking chair. Dr. Halsted sat opposite her. "I thought it wise to advise you that I should be coming tomorrow, instead of Dr. Chatterlon," said Halsted. "1 am staying with friends close by, it was no trouble to drive over, and so much better than telephoning. Dr. Chatterton has so impressed me with the importance of this case, we both agreed that it might be wiser if Lady Gloria were prepared, beforehand." "I'm glad you realiz* that," said Lady Bream. "1 do indeed," said Halsted. How has your niece been during the past few days?" "She hasn't been at all good," said Lady Bream. "She dreams, has nightmares' Last night she thought that she saw a man lying in the study with his throat cut! This sleepwalking, if we could only cure her of that—•" 'I think 1 may say that Dr. Chatterton was hopefu! of doing that," said Halsted "He has told me everything. We have discussed every feature of the case, the advisability of trying new method! —science is continually advancing." r\R. HALSTED discussed Glorii •^ for a few minutes with Lady Bream, then rose, bowed and wished her good night. Lady Bream watched him leave the terrace and get Into his car. The car moved ofl, towards the North drive. At the same lime, headlights sprang out of the gloom and cast a brilliant light over the trees, lighting up the drive and the grass and shrubs on either side. The cars passed. The approaching car appeared to be traveling fast, but Lady Bream was smiling. Because she was sure that this was Mannering. She ran her fingers over the smooth steel of the crochet needle —then suddenly -toppod and stiffened: for a flush of light green 'appeared. It was Gloria, Gloria throwing herself m Iron) ofithe carl (To Be tcntinued) - THESE WINDOW SCREENS ARE MM)E TO UST LIFETIME/ • Mad* from Aluminum . BO^ UghUr In W.I 9 ht • Riot-Proof . . . Wirp-Proof • N*ver N«*d Pulntlng • AlwayB nt. ..Snugly • Ut* Yvar After Y»r without work or worry H«re «!• window icr»*n fr«ta«> to •*»• you wort, (4V* yo« money . . . tnd «dd i«*l boauiy to your homo. Alun>«-F.b fr*mai it* TO id. horn Aluminum. Sliy bright .nd a.w . .. lor * lif*tlm». And 10 light Ifl w.f.jht, 10 «a.r to handt* *T«B * youngsUr can put tb»m up Tvlth ••••, G»t Alums-Fab . . . «»y goodbye to wi*- cow «cr««n work and worry. Amaiingty Low Price! If i tnia! A!uma-F»b coal* aim opt •« Ilttl* •a old-Mi hi on ed wood fran«a. But y o « «»tcu*tom-m«d(»,cu,[om-fm»df r ,tn.iol ALUMINUM, phcm. or -HI. i Qt riuu dtmonf I ration. KNOP SCREEN & AWNING co. Building Specialties 630 S. E. Parkway Dr. Ph. 4233 DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 4507 {lours: 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with Delkver; to 7 p.m. WOODS DRUG STORE 23! West Main St WIRING ••^•^•••^••••••i FIXTURES APPLIANCES WALPOLE ELECTRIC IIS S. 2nd Ph. 3.171 EmeriretMT Ph. Mil or MZ7 —Cloned Sal. Afternoon*— "Boy, plenty h»t happened «lnw th« lart tim« I taw you—I got a ntw turtlt and a raw baby »i»t«r!" FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS HOT LICKS LARRYM D66-. MEET" MISS SPRINGTIME, YEP, sowe op Mr BEST PALS ARE- IT snouit> BE A SIMPLE- MATTERToeer ON!: OF THEM AMD HIS BAND TO WALK A PEW SHORT BLOCKS TO THE SENIOR. PROM/ FAMOUS BANPLEADERS ! THEY'D GOTO HE END I NOT ONLY COME FROM CENTERVILIE, BUT TH6LMA MEEKER'S »N OLD FRIEND OF MINE/ IT'S A SAUU. WORLD..CORNY BUT TRUE/ WELL, IS I LIVE 4NO BREATHE! r BELIEVE TUiT'S DR. ROGERS' FKCM CENTERV1U.E GOIN3 INTO BUSINESS IN CENTEKVILLE, DR. ROSBRS... 4N OLO COLLEGE FRIEND, TUELMA MEEKER, ANP I ARE PARTNERS. 1-AE'S SEEN ME PITCH FIVE OR SIX GAMES NOW BOY, CARLYLE THE COACH PAID ME A NICE COMPLIMENT TODAY! MISS KNUPSON? THIS IS A'FRIBNP"CALUN6. HOW A&OUT TELLIN6 N\E WHERE IC/VN 6ET IN TOUCH WITH MrVEff? PAfTEK? WHAT'S ON -VOUR NllNP? WELL, AH, r MEARPHEWASIN TOWN ANP THOUGHT WAYBE I COULP MAKE A. PEAL WITH HIM. -y^S* TALK TO THE JOKER THEN. YE5, WiY HEAPACHES GONE. PIT, THE (MkN VOU WM.KEP WITH TO THE QATE...FRC1NI f>, PITTANCE HE KEJWNPEP tAE OP A CERTWN MAERicdw PAT; WHWTPSHMY, HAVE YOU REMIV tas AiRE TOD SWING!/ YOUR MIMP? HWIEYOU AtREPipy &UT OF COURSE FORSOTTEM HOW FURIOUS WS YOU'RE JOKIN6! \ LETTER NAPE YOU? HOW YOU WU KNOW rVEVsWOKE MEVgRTO 56E HW LOOKEP EACH PAV^^^o^ AQAIM?!! FOE A KEPLY BUT EASYS 3OOO WJLES FROWv HERE, AMP TOO BUSY TO EVEN ANSWER KKY ,1 SENT THE BUSHIER. ALAS, POOR I'-' <-VOUR OV5TUE IS COUNTRY.'IT/ WHAT'S \ SURPRISED; / MERCIFUL CANNOT BE I THE NEWEST] YOUR WIPE / HEAVEN .YES...AND THESE MUST BE THIS \ MALCOVM AND MACPUFS .scene 15 XTHE MEN OOP SEEKS/ THEN THE IN ENGLAND... 1 TO LEAD A FORCE / CHAP WITH THE KING'S | ASAIN6T THE A OOP MUST PALACE? /ILLEEN- SCOTTBH )\ BE ROSS. KING. MY EVER SENTLE COUSIN, WELCOME HITHER ...STANDS eCOTLM-ID WHERE / OXLL'D OUR V SRIEFf IT DIP? ./ MOTHER, BUT v OURSKAVE... A BIT OF SUSTENANCE » NE6PEP TO FORTIFY ^fSELF FOR THE . TASK* AHEAP/ NiSO RWU=,\ViG TO RtGUVNft V\OORS , 50 VOO NiO CV\0\Ot 1 VP.CX VOOR SCWOOV WORK 1 "WfSVS K>0 6000, SON!

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