Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on January 3, 1970 · 15
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 15

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 3, 1970
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Austin. Texas Fagt ISl Saturday. Jan. 3, 1970 Austin Amrrtran-IatPHtnan Photographers Honored By Publication Burton Wilson, a nationally noted potter who has now become an equally prominent photographer, has been selected for inclusion in the ADULTS TOO. CHILDREN SOc JAMES DEBBIE GARNER REYNOLDS MAURICE RONET "G AT 4 00 and I 00 PLUS 'TMI STALKING MOON" Itarrina, Graqoty Pack, Ev Man Saint J 00 4 4 J9 RRH.filankat Binaa troiigHt! Jackpot I H IS North Taka Rowm Rack, fxit TRANS TEXAS 1.13MBS: h. ut,,i oia. i-.i-i . l.wisril .it.. A ' penormances seen in a long time !'- Plus! aW Jack Lemmon and Catherine Deneuve are "The April Fools" ra Technicolotf A Cinema Center Films Presentation. aHt A National General Pictures Release. TRANS TEXAS MM f o4: C fcumel Sua C5 " U i ar WaMlijWin.xi, . ' JF. JAMES GARNER JOAN HACKtll WALitK dkiNNAN ;SUPF0RT YOUR LOCAL SHERIFF' Iwm t iihu iaMui COLOR b Ci PLUS George (suris'ftf tkfe mum " - vy. . Magnificent nd GRAND WHK LEE MARVIN CUNT EASTWOOD .It: AN BtKi7 WHTVDIRWAGOH r3- :lstont HVhM PRLssm i.ninlLtAt WDRIPREMN jOT FIATORfS TODAY AT 1 i I M A MSIRVIO SIAT iNGAGf MINT -RASS LIST SUSRINDCD- TRAN5TEXAS 'irr ana TRANS TFXAS IHiiVlilihl 11 11 1 n m "Dammitall. Why U everything wTe pood t lUegair ami ia) .aaji o L - R0EERX REDF0RD KATTViRIiNE ROSS 'BimHCWAlN0THSU(WKro A Ajv,-a e MJt fM iau trtr c -- STKOTME RMABTlN.JEfr CO Y. ME NflY JONE S fj7"w - tij .'" af . .j 1.. o. 4Jtu.Jt i!. 4.( .in e ,i"-V .in. v TP f f -1 TRANS --TFXAJ (TllfH LLi forthcoming edition of '"Personalities in the South." The 1W8-69 edition, which includes Wilson's entry, contains brief biographical sketches of some 4.ftoQ personalities of the Southern United Stales, selected on the basis of personal achievement in the arts, sciences and professions. Wilson, a native nf Vermont Air Cefiditianca' ADULTS ONLY Op.n Waekdav. 11 10 Sua. I JO GR 2-0444 "The Wild Females" an4 'Sensation Generation" Atitt $1 JO Ttaa Due. $1 00 Child (1 aa Urid.r WP) tnm a Otf.t. lb Saack lar Oata 00 "Patty Duke gives one of the most brilliantly thought out fjwtt n. r ra S5,Ta Adult St SO Ttta Dtu. $1 00 lat Otfna 1 Snatk Rat Oaa 4 00 Ckild 11 I Uaaar WP) Fraa Ma ( United Artttti Kennedy 5 .' 9 ' CaM tent Seven u . . m s feSS w CMItDRfN $10 ANY TIMl ' TIC"IT VAItAlll OM 1ft A M. nv TrfH.Tk;. Thtr, HLT.D OVER! ATUKI T1MIJ 3-4-4-1-10 iA ' ' ,-fa TOOAYI OPEN 1:45 riAUiRit I4 i t mil -fc . ,r w ST OOD. iv coieo U-.-.- ,S.J and a graduate of the Khode Inland School of Desicn, originally came to Austin in the early 19r0s to launch a pottery studio with his wife, Kathenne, also a product of the Rhode Island institution. They turned out a handcrafted line of pottery that won a "Good Design" Award from the Museum of M'idern Art in New York as well as numerous other national and regional honors. Ratrd "A"' .Vo On Undrr 18 Admitted HAPPf NEW YEAR FROM THE STUDIO CORP. 94aiar il Ji-Jla.; i.a:i.Wii;I -ifft ; tJ:l ALIMONY a- RIUS IN f LAMING COLOR Sack By Poeulot Demond "THAR SHE BLOWS' WUTD1S )1SKV"S vvU fa i M.00 I , .? f -s- , TtCHWC01D' ... t"T. SHOWS AT 12.30 ? 30 4 X ( rHeM Over! lAxMl Jam oe PnnH C07" is back! Tr mniiiiiT"-"""" INTERSTATE Held Over! 2nd WEEK n II I I l I I I I ! . . k ai 1 47 .SHl meat clia kazan's aduglas-duhaway kirk ilTMM.lAlkl 1 HE'O um 2 mi-in-- tillTf-1-'111" INTERSTATE DOORS ORtN IIS INTERSTATE FfYVreyYlVl M " "" '''"S'SI"1" l'LI,'''1 OUTJTAMWXS... S-Cf Av rui ffAAi .-l COVHAGr AK Deciding to witrh into a different art, Wilson returned to the 'University of Texas to study photography with Russell Lee, one of the top names on any list of major US photographers. Since 1964. he has worked as a "human-interest" photographer. turning out photo essays and pictures for national magazines. book-publishers and record companies. a -v iVir,S3 HURRY' tAST S 0T5 O'tR I? IOON N i' 'Til IN i A4W S CMffai taaaaattiaal 30 I 30 AS LATE AS 3 f l FtATUOlS 11 10 1 OS 4 40 7. IS- SO & - hlw .a panavision M TECHNIC0L0H" -TT' Unttnd Artists - - THEATRE l rtATURtS a 113S2 4SS10 1 J 7 10 M " Danavison technico'or ion warner trz 'Mil 11 1" - - : " ' THEATRE MATURt 2 1 0 4 00- 50 I 7.--10 H!G WEEK! ' THEATRE SAFARI' 1 VO 44 ( 0 KING KONG'' 11) 4 )) ( SI WW "nt a av i (H4tau i e fg t - 1 t BURTON WII.SON ... a new honor . - American' contributed more than $.17.7 million to the Heart Fund in 13 The fresnest film of theycarl -McCAifS X Alice A rnNKOVlCH PRODUCTION FOR COLUMBIA RELEASE IS'A.C'IO Undar II MUST ba wttti ean at Gu'dio OfEN TODAY 3 58 MATURE 4 OP- 10-0 iO-10 H (47iaMAl StWoK KSeORATMai rOXThcstro V3 tSPVi tTU 454-2TTJI PIUS CO-FtA "SUBURBAN (R) ROULETTE IN BLAZING COLOR I JpLCT' To a Gypsy Moth... way to liYe...but rrrn b - i. k I ,1 ,S .. 1 plus co 'nt (R) V4'jH "THE DIRTY DOZEN" j Tii'a j III MARVIN Firms Elect Ex-Banker President SAN' ANTONIO Bruce B i JBuis has been elected president; of Computers National, Inc.. I Tioneer Casualty Company and Pioneer General Acency, Inc. J accordinz to an announcement; hy the Board of Direr-ton of thne corporations. In addition,! he was elected Chairman of the; Board of Union Loan Company, j Ruls. of San Antonio. a; formerly President of Mainland Bank in Texas City. In March he became affiliated ith Pioneer Casualty Company, and pioneer General Agency,! Inc., as vice president and in' February. 1W9. was elected1 executive vice president of both; fjrTr(S i CnmplJ,p National. Inc., is1 the parpnt company of Pioneer Casualty Company and a!o provides data processing for' Pioneer Casualty Company.; Union Loan Company. Pioneer; General Ascncy and additional independent organizations.! Headquarters are in San Antonio. j Puis is also vice president and : a member of the board of; Diamond Acceptance Company' n Houston Ail four companies; are members of Shepherd Enterprises whirh is headed byj W. D '-Don'' Shepherd rU Houston. j ! FIESTA I DRIVI-IN THEATRR f Atantoaotti A Rivamda V X S2 00 eiR CARLOAD . ; Rkaaa JIS-I9SJ 0(M 5 JO 44S-1TJ9 ' JUltO AltMAIti 173; II K7 .J PLUS! AT I 10 . "Patrulla de Valienies" Albarta Vaiquat Rot Maria Va.qual V A COLORfS1 .:, , RLIjS IN COLOR AT 10 OD (Inl III?" Taraac Stoma a BLUt Ritertla otantaihaa lox-orrici orins -is SHOW STARTS 4 4S EAST SCREEN TTE" l . -13 olor nary' "R" -NORTH SCREEN-iiqx O'HCf OPJNS 4 11 SHOW STARTS 10 R jumping isn't only a a way to die, too! a--. n&Knr!!Ti !.'mt 'BOB & CAROL & TF.D & A LICK A Frankovich-C olsrnhij picture in Technicolor; produced by LaTy- Tucker; d: reeled by Paul Mazursky; screen play by Paul Mazursky and Larry Tucker. Running time: hour. 42 minutes. Rating: R (Restricted), at the Fox. Bob Robert Culp Carol Natalis Wood Ted Elliott Gould Alice Dyan Cannon Hnrst Horst Ebersberg This controversial new film is a slickly made, superbly acted, deftly satirical but vaguely sick comedy exploring two couples who get comically caught up in the modern sexual revolution. Boo and Carol, Ted and Alice an odd quartet, i! ever there was one are youngish Southern Caltfornlan's. members of that affluent society whose denizens are variously known as ' Beautiful people," "Young Marneds" or just plain "Swingers." Like many of their breed, thoiich, their sophisticated facades cover a mire of neuroses, insecurities, boredom and a fear that this year's swinger may well be next year's square, and out of t-'ieir dread of not being With It, they constantly seek to recharge their batteries with a variety of kinky contemporary kicks in ordr to keep their imaz lighted up and the vacuous lives justified in their own minds. It's somewhat in this spirit that Rob (Robert Culp). a documentary filmmaker who affects beads and modified hippie trappings, and wife Carol (Natalie Wood) journey to one of those quasi mystical j Southern California group-1 therapy "institutes" designed to improve personal relationships by shared experiences and a devotion to tniti at all costs. Raskins la'er In this sublime revelation and "freed" of old restrictions, Rob announces to Carol that he had a sexual liaison with a 20-year old blonde the night before jiM a purely physical thing, mind you And Carol, similarly free, revels in the announcement, forgiving him immediately, praising him for his candor, in fact, and een pressing for all the details of the affair. She thinks it's so groovy that -he tells Ted (F.Sliott Gould) and Alice fpyan Cannon). "It's such a beautiful thing," she bubbles, that I want to share it with ou"' Later Carol takes a I0X OF'lCI OPIN 4 ic 3 BIG 'il rniiia)tiliiaia FOLLOW THE SPEED LOVERS AT THE NATION'S TOP STOCK CAR TRACKS AttOOATfS t trUMAC HISINT S raf i 3rsA mmwm ii LORENZEN . ""jlVl ma Aaaa - DILL TiKWAn rT cakh Jtrth rs 4 . . . - r ' ... a t-rV 1 RvWa" ems tiaturi no 1 aA Lj 4Aiiviir u.s - Pttll l 4 John Batin tf. ROBERT CULP AND NATALIE WOOI ... as Bob and Carol in new .comedy tennis pro to her bed, after which Bob invites t h e bewildered boyfriend downstairs for a dnnk swi a discussion of their broadminded mo d t r n attitudes. All of this has rather turned off Ted and Alice, to a point of hampering their own rather conventional marriage. Rut Pisa Tower Work Still ! No! Started I PI, Italy (AP) It will hei ! at least another year before ;work is begun to prevent the' world-famous leaning tower of Pisa from leaning any further, i Federico Tornar, president of ; a government-appointed save-t he-lower organization, said Fri-: day the project will get under' way sometime in 1971. j What the project will be, spe-i cifically, has still not bepn de-; dded. The Italian government is conducting a competition for th best idea on how to stop the white bell tower from leaning. So far more than 3.000 proposed plans have arrived in Rom for scrutiny by a government committee of experts. Fifty-one million dollars has been set aside for the work. j The's include one to !free7e the ground around the i tower and another to erect 'hu;e statue next to it to biid it I up. j There is L'ttSe chance of the tower coHapsmc before the government makes up its mmd which of the 3,!KW) plans to adopt. The tower, now 17 feet off center, is not expected to increase its lean by more than a j millimeter during 1979. A N D nililliiiaT 1 1 IS SHOW STARTS 4 4S FEATURES! "M" STARRING FRED k ii SI T S'ark Cat Imrrt Rill ll.llll .. . - . V K ctritoi tunoi l - n ttATURI rl :S ' -T- -,- . v- .vTn ses,, 7 rUl il )' I 41 'II a. 9 1 II - 1 i 1 - ? W .' i 1. k 1 . 4EJ 4 J " 1 X. I wien Ted, urged by Rob to experience "each beautiful moment" of life, falls into infidelity himself and 1hn confesses it during " the couples' weekend fling in Las Vecas. Alice proposes a mate, swapping session that completes the experiment m mania! freedom by putting ail four people in one king-sized bed for the maximum In togetherness. Some of this may be a little too much for some viewers, and a numher of n'Hfr viewers are likely to find H ra'her embarrassing at the least, 3 bit like peeking through a keyhole on someone's most private personal life. This quality H certainly enhanced by te extremely naturalistic principals all very competent, but Gould (the ex-Mr. Rarhra Streisand i and Miss Cannon (the ex-Mrs. Cary GrSdU standing out in particular. Rut a great deal of the film is hitingly funny satirt slly, if not very subtly peeJs ' the glos'sy cover off of I modern-day "swingers" and j reveals something rather sad ! and empty beneath the i surface. Somehow, one goe away ; from the film feeling glad to be too square to identify very deeply with these I km! oddballs. Apollo 12 Crew Visits In Seattle, SF.ATTLK (.P) The three : Apollo 12 astronauts who went to the moon last year arrived in Seattle Fnday for a 24-hour stay; and for one of them, Richard F. Gordon -Ir , it. ias a hometown visit. Gordon was born her", as-graduated from Nor'h K't"--ip High School in ne.irhv Pou'-bo and attended the Ur,i ersity pf Washington here. H;s mer still resides in Seat tie. Hp and the other Navy .spacemen. Charts P. Conrad Jr...o4 Alan L. Bean, accompanied toy their wives and the Gordons' six children, tmik a quick iwr of a Poking 747 super jet. IN PERSON PACKER JACK t Pu fl!d KCl4 IITTLEBIT SATURDAY FOXThcalrc IT7 IIRPCRT m 434-2711 1 ' ,-l 1 1 OPEN 11:45 A.M. "AND NOW MIGUEL" - Cit AavMtua $tay l yAvf bay m4 l twalt. Skati ttt 17 1 PUIS , . . "PiNOCCmO IH OUTfi SAC Calt Catatt tmttfwm OUT This WSR M M. jk tts MtltC O O. O f I. UattT.C Atayntaj I wmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . - .. . niiiik.. . flu- i - r -

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