Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on February 19, 1895 · Page 1
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 1

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 19, 1895
Page 1
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j>'"(? v Yfeas£^;sirA^ •:,-- •."•.';-•• ..'^• ; -.••-'.-•"•-:-,-' -.-'>• TRANSPORT. INDIANATTCESDAY MORNING, FEBRUARY 19, 1S95. FEOM HOOSIERDOAL WOMEN MEET. WEOUGHT UP. 0BE IN TIME! BE IN TIME! BE IN TIME! ENGAGE YOUE TIME AT .. YOUR DRESSMAKER And come to The Busy Bee Hive and view the mcny handsome effects they are showing for Spring In Silks! In Wash Goods! ID White Goods! In Embroideries! In Novelty Dress Goods! We promise to show you the largest and most select line of goods ever brought to Lc- gansport. The new prices we name on all dry goods will surprise you. They are very low Novelty Dress Silks for 37c; French Ginghams for lie; Heavy Sheetings for 4 l-2c; Best Calicos for 5c; 34 inch Henriettas for I5c. Prices Considering Quality-~Tlie Lowest Your Money Back If You Want It, Every Article Guaranteed. Busy Bee Hive, 306 Fourth St. Senators Still at Swords' Points on the Financial Question. 409-411 Broadway, Call and See! Play Thou»and» ol Tunes by means ollndottructible Metallic Oijks Purity 4 Volume ol Tone Une D. A HAUK, The wonderful Kegina Music Box. Will play any tune. I aia agent for Logansport of the genuine, also the new things in'.Q-old Belts, Collarettes, Buckles, Czarina Pins, Butterfly Hat Pins, Side Couibs, Hair Pins, Watoli Pockets, "Ladies 1 Guard Chains, \ Gold Bricabrac, Spectacles of all kinds fitted to the eyes. 30 years' experience in Engraving and all kinds of work done to order at me Jeweler and Optician. 410 Broadway. Ground Hog Boots! Too late foo Felt; buy Leather. It's a a Ground Hog case now, and it will pay you to help you clean out our Winter Boots. WALKER 6c RfUJGH. 420 Broadway. "See'the Specialists For Cnfonic and Private Diseases and Deformities. ^ Diseases of Women treated by the new electrical method that has ^SSkTtaSSthS'ffiir vapor treatment for ainChronic Lang Troubles geta the remedies to the diseased spots^and «•"•«•• everything else (ails. Call ard inveaticate anyway. It costs yon nothing for consultation. Drs. Christopner & Longenecker, AtlTHe Medical and Surfllcalllnstltute. 417 Market Si, - - Logansport. Ind, Stewart Continues the Attack, While. Gray Defends the'Administra- tion—In the House. ., Fcl). IS.—The senate was a center of interest Monday, as a- result of the warm discussion oC the financial question and the personal criticismsof tho president on Saturday. Slewiirt Co.iL!iiu«'U tlio Ci'ItlciMii. Senator Stewart (pop., Xu-v.) was the first, to continue the criticisms of the bond contract. ]Iis resolution was called up deoUiriag that the g.>vern- mcnt hud uo legal authority to _buy gold coin in preference to silver coin for any cause whatever. Mr. Stewart spoke of the humiliating position of the United Slates in being hold by the throat by a gold commission which had the power to "coerce and squeeze" the country up to _next October, when the contract expired. <;ni>- In L>utViisB cf AUnilnlstriitl'in. Senator Gray (dem., Del.), who is reeo"-ni/.ed as close to the ollioals o£ the administration, then took the- floor, 'lie expressed surprise that the senators from Massachusetts (Lodge) .and Colorado (Wolcott) had so fur gone out of their way to indulge in a violent assault upon the executive. The president had performed a ihity in.jvnnbent on him by law. lhat law was such that any evasion of it, would have been a plain dereliction of duty. Congress had made this law. It made it necessary to maintain the parity between the •netals by redeeming in cither. JNo sooner had congress assembled than the president applied to con- cress concerning the financial conditions. A bill was framed on the lines suggested in that message, (ir.d the house saw fit to reject it. A'-nin the president applied to con-i press Senator Gray read from the I present's message urging patriotic r., m al,,K and unpartisian action to meet tho emergency. Stowiirt An!iS ll Oucstlon. •••noes the senator Lliinli." intorjccwO Senator St(!w:u-l. "tUttl tho i.resi.lunl, luis r.;.estub- lisliuil conliueiiqo In uCulrs by hiring tin; :issist- unc.: of ;i I'oruik'nsyiKliciite-."- , . . ,. Senator Cru-v said lie would fully consider that point Inter. I'rooeeding n-itli the prebident's message the sena- ator read tho specific statement that the -law did uot provide for bonds payable in gold. At that time Senator Lodge bad not complained of the conditions clearly set forth by the proideut, but had waited until now to present a scathing denunciation. I'i-<<Hlil<!iit Loft Alone. "H-ivir," thus applied to congress," continued Mr G-niv, "having thus proseiilod thu situation to liotli liranchos of ODiigi-csh-ln appuals almo-t piithutlc In tUoir oarnostncss - the prcslJunt was lufc alono to btrugsls with tha condition, uad to meet It." The senator told of the tremendous drains of gold from the treasury, running up to S7,000,000 in one week shortly before this contract was made. From December last'up to the time of the contract S17,- 000 000 was withdrawn, and of. this only one-half was exported, showing that the other half was hoarded at home. Several Senators Take a Jl»nd. "IHs tho senator lost slRht .of the fact." nsUcd Senator Woloott, "that the secretary of tho treasury has reported to us that he had vised J105.0CO.OOO of that gold lor current ex- P °Thib did not divert Mr. Gray froro his line of argument as to the gold withdrawals for export and for hoarding at home. "Rlxh* hero T. wnnt to nsl;," said Se-jator Pefrer "is thorc any law which compels tho secretary of tKo treasury to pay rtoaaand notes In cold Instead of In silver?" ••1 have not said there was any such law, replied Senator Gray. "I know of no such law But tho ODlleatlon to maintain tho parity between tho metals makes It absolutely Incumbent to treat these metals equally. Senator Hill rose at this .point to say that the question of Senator Wolcott should not go unanswered. The secretary of the treasury had not reported to the senate, said Senator Hill, that he had used 5103,000,000 of the gold for current expenses. Senator Teller wanted to read the secretary'sreport, but Senator Gray would not yield. b'harnian Calls It » "Fmlty B»rB»In." Senator Sherman (rep., O.) made a Strong argument to prove that all bonds payable iu coin must be paid in the coin of the highest value. No sec- re.tary of the treasury would dare, in the face of public opinion, to undertake to pay bonds—for which the government had required gold coin ^ anything less valuable than that coin. The right of the bondholders :\nd the equity of. the bondholders to demand the same kind of money as that which they paid was as clear and plain as the light of day. As to finding fault with the president for this late contract, Senator Sherma-n said that the president had nothing whatever to- do with the finances of the government That subject had not been intrusted to his keeping but to that of the secretary of the treasury. The president had no more right in the matter than h« had to occupy the seat of a senator in. the senate chamber. It seemed to him (Mr. .Shermanl that it was an improvi- dent act to sell thirty-year' Oonrts at KM):' when like bonds having only ten ' years to run were selling: at 111." He believed that these thirty- rear 4 per cent, bonds would be selling- la London within sixty days at 120. It was a faulty Tjargara. blltl tht: P'-fP 10 would have" to submit and boar it as ^AtsV m. the resolution went over Noted Personages Present—Societies without action and the senate pro- Reoresented—Great Variety of ceecletl to the consideration o£ the agricultural appropriation bill. .Sundry Civil Approprlnilon Bill. Th! sundry civil appropriation bill as renesaed to the senate -Monday aftcr- Representative Gathering to Hold a Two Weeks' Session. Represented— Great Variety Topics to Be Discussed. Telegraphic News of Interest ludianians. to •u-rtfiit expenses of the treasury; and provides for the erection of a temporary building at Chicago and the rent of other quarter; S-'OO.OOO is appropriated to be immediately available, and 5-100,000 is appropriated toward the new building'. The full senate committee on appropriations decided to report an amendment to thii sundry civil appropriation bill for the sum of SlOO.OOO.OOU of certificates of indebtedness of the denomination of §20, to run for two years and draw 3 per cent, interest, and to_be good only for the purpose of supplying the treasury deficiency. Muclclnuo Isliiml for a. I'ubllc J'urlc. T3ie senate committee on public lands Monday favorably reported a bill to turn over to the state ol Michigan the military reservation on .Mack- mac island, together with the buildings thereon, for use as a public par];. UOUML'. W-vsiiixSTO-v, Feb. IS.—This was suspension day in the house. Cutler the j rule, if a second was offered, any bill , could be placed upon its passage after . thirtv minutes' debate. A bil. was ; passed granting to the state of Alabama j ?or public uses the Mount ) or I lion hiirraeks military roseivat.on. [ The speaker then re'cognixed Mr. Mai- j lory (tlem., Fin.) to move tho passage of , the bill to promote the efficiency oi ihe ; revenue cutler service under suspension : of the rules. j \V.\sin.vGTOx-. Keb. is.— The scoond triennial of the National Council of AVomou ol the L'nited Stales, to ffive is safe to say that never before was there such an enthusiastic assemblage, of women as that at. MetfcrolT Music hull at JO o'clock, wlien the formal opening occurred. 'When Mrs. May \Yrighb Heu-cll, of Indianapolis the president of the niilion- al council, rapped for order from the stage at one end of the hall, she looked down upon a representative gathorin;.' of women from every section of ihe country and a few from oilier countries. NoU'd TorsoiiS rrortiMH. Conspicuous in the gathering by reason of their prominence in woman s work were Iho countess of Aberdeen, Lady Somerset, Miss Frances \V. NVil- ia rd". of Illinois; Mrs. •!- Hllen Foster, of Washington, U. C.: Mrs. Annie Jenness Miller, and Mrs. Mary French Sheldon. Tin* Session. The opening session was merely formal. It began with prayers and this was followed by the introduction of presidents and delegates of organizations forming the national council- The presentations of greetings from tho National Council of Women of Canada and the greetings by fraternal delegates from organizations not in the cCuneil came next on tho programme and the se.--.sion concluded with the tri- l?ro«-n Oi-cs « l.lfp Sci««M»<?e. Fn.\_Nr.iN-, Iml.. Fob. IS.—The case of Cyrus Brown was given, to the jury, who brought, i" a verdict of Ruilty, .NOuU-nciujr'him for life. The crime ol which Ill-own was tried was tho killing of his wife near Columbus in April, ]#0-l. At the !lrr,t trial he was sentenced to bans, but was ^iv-,-.• 1 n new trial and change of venue i» v.us county, ro- a.> above. •ess bv 1'resident May HONORED SY MEXICO, Kouto for Iii:liim»._ MKXICO. Fob. IS.—1'ivsident ( Diax and his cabinet, two sections of military under command of Ocn. library and two other generals, all and I The National Council of Women oi • the United States, of which the mem- 1 ners are selected with ihe greatest care I and with rcsneet to their ability, status and learning", is a federation of eighteen vast organism lions, nearly all of which enjoy world-wide name and fame. many j These organizations are as follows: ties accompanied Minister Oi.iys ic mains to the M.exicn.n Central railroad they were deposited in fu! convcnUon in Aili'inui. Ga Centenary association of ; the Worn- : tho Univcr- ' CtMHcnury ;i^^».'t " A ^"". vl w " w it ciiiiroli, llie National Woman's qhrtsllun , . -iir n n 1 71 • thf XlLtilOlllll FrOO * yon ,_ s x] , s(ona . ry socu . ty . tho j,^,^ imUl st,r!H! school for drls national c ^ r ^ r , UIL- Nuilonul Woman's Koliof society. wimoU.iui.'hsls. Soro.-is. tho YOUI.B J,.ui!os - vement nssoclu- of cannon at 0 o'clock Saturday ^ inland started to the United States. Flairs on all government buildings and i^tn Wations are at half mast. •roreig-a leffauons JTH ui, _ , . Ministcr U ray's death is universally ; Nauonal i-eA'retted in the foreign ofuoe. SAI'OLIS, lad., Feb. IS.— bov. , , Mayer «. ; vith ex-Sen- ^. .1- Shocknev and Col. William Ila.us, | A ^ oc|nUoil 0 , lho Loyil representing' the citizens of Union , LlboWi tl]0 women's Foreign Missionary Citv were iu conference Sunday wita ] U: ,| on of Friends, tbe Woman's Hollo. Corp ' Glioul!> Hol> a Ui-bww Ccnii-tory. TxniAS.vroi.iSs Ind,, Fob. IS.—Soxtoa Kelly, of the llobrew ceme.tevy. discovered' tliat ghouls had invaded his charge and "a hasty examination revealed t-he fact that several graves had been opened and tho bodies carried away, "Friends of the deceased wero muiiied. and a further examination showed that three bodies had been taken. KtwoiKl Will tit-1. Aimt hor Thi'iiror. Ki.woon. Ind., Feb. .IS.—The Elwood opera house v.-as sold at commissioner's wile on a suit ID partition brought by T. P. O'Hrien against his jiartucr, Gus- lave Ivramer. and the block was bid in bv Kramer's repro.sentalivos. O'Brien. will erect a theater in opposition to the old one, Koohle-MImUMl Oilldron 1-xpoSiM. Four WAVXK, Ind., Feb. IS.—Dr. Prayer, city bacteriologist, discovered two'ca-ses of diphtheria at the state home for feeble-minded children. There are about -UK) inmates, and a large nura- lier of them have been exposed to the disease. ICxtra precautions are being j taken to prevent its ;spread. I Honors for u u'i)l«r«J Slmli'iir- I lii.oo.Mixorox, hiil., Feb. IS.—Of four . 1 competitors in the oratorical contest, _. j I'lvston K. Kagleson, one- of two col- ' orod students in the eollega., took tho I lirst honors. His subject was: "Abraham Lincoln." He will represent Kloomingtou at tho state oratorical contest at Imli.inapolis. An Inrciuliary riirilmied. iMHAXAi'OZ.is, Ind. Feb. !S,--]3:isil l.edgevu-ood, one of the men convicted of complicity iu the burning of the Davicss county courthouse, has been pan'.oncd by the governor. lie \vaa siinU-need to the penitentiary ,\n 1802 for seventeen years on confession of guilt. J?oy IliiKy Aliiiinloneil <>" n Train.- Snaxciinw.u, O., Feb. IS.—Frankio I Dean, aged 3. was found on an Ohio Southern, train, where he had been abandoned. His clothing shows that he came from Kendallvillc, Ind. A • note, consigning the child to the care of the public was found. Promotion of School Purity, tlia Universal p c u ,, lon . mo Juicrnutional Pierre Gray relative to the funeral of his father, Isaac Puscy Uray. Ihe train bearing the remains should arrive in St. Louis some time Wednesday night and in Indianapolis Thursday afternoon. It was arranged that; with the consent of airs. Gray the body should lie in state at the state house until the next morning. Friday the renuih'is will be taken to Union City, where the funeral will be held in the opera house. PLEADS NOT GUILTY. Trial ol Prenldont Norton for YloUcion of Ten-Hour Law Berlin. liROOKiTS, Fob. IS.—President Korton and Superintendent Quinn, of the Atlantic Avenue Railroad company,, pleaded not guilty Monday morning in the court of general sessions to the charge of violating the ten-hour law. Counsel for the company asked permission to inspect the minutes of the grand jury in order to ascertain upon what evidence the indictments were found. The court reserved decision on this point. ^ WroclTc«u»ed by Gulf Strnitm. PHILADELPHIA, Feb. IS.—Particulars which have reached this city regarding the wreck of the Philadelphia barken- tine, Sadie A. Thompson, on Memory roeks, Little Bahama banks, on February 8 show that it was due to n most peculiar cause, nothing less, indeed, than the deflection of the Gulf stream from its usual course by heavy northwest storms. The wreck of the vessel is complete and involves a loss to the underwriters of §150,000- Will Se»reJi tor the Chlcora. SOUTH HATES-, Mich., Feb. IS.-Capt. F E. Napier, who tried to buy a half interest in the lost steamer Chicora from the Graham & Morton Transportation company, has secured the contract for findiny the Chicora for 55,000. He tvill commence operations as soon » 3 the ice breaks np. It is expected that* while dragjfinjsr for the boat some of the bodies of the victims of the disaster vrlll be recovered. Jiow Twelve DnT» Ov«rdne. XE-VV YOEK, Feb. IS.—Nothing has yet been heard of the steamer St. Augustine since she was sighted on February 5. She is now twelve daysoverdne. uoxllhiry to On-. Grand Army t!ie Xiitionul Association of ihu X;iUonal Council an s jvoiJt.-; v-ui i'^. y of llic Republic; f Womi-n Siunos- of Jewish, BUhop Oberlioltzer Dead. .:• AiiEXTOTnf, Pa., Feb. IS.-Bishop John H. Oberholtzer, of the Mennomte church at Centre Valley, is dead, 87^-ears. riiphers, Women. The officers of the national council are: May Wright Sewall. president; Francis K. liagley. vice president; Lillian M. N. Stevens, treasurer; Kachel Foster Avery, corresponding secretary, and Isabella Charles Da.vis, recordi ng seereta ry. The object of the organization is extremely comprehensive and includes the discussion of almost every subject which bears upon daily life. In this meeting it will discuss the following among many other tonics: Subject* for l)!»cui,»ioii, The practical aspects or religion, its rola- ifons 10 flally life, and to tho uonchurch-colng element of the community: the reunion o* religion to politics imd puDlic office; tho aK.- tudo of different denominations toward women and tho attitude which women should assume toward denominations; woman's pluce in the pulpit and ihc mission Hold- social purity, how best, to promote it; the double and the sickle standard of morality check." asalnst improper literature: true dress reform: equal pay Jor equal work by men and women-, divorce reform and Improvements in the laws respecting wives and mothers; patriotism and its cultivation; neacaand tho discouragement of the militant tendency; the extension of object lesson. and the kindergarten system; reforina In educational methods: foreign missions and their effect in civllizinE, independent of Christianizing: industrial pursuits for women and Industrial education for girls: first aid to the injured; Hie best courses of study for married women at home, for post graduates, for working women: tho extension of the fields of industry for women; tho acceleration and cheapening of the administration ol justice so as to give the poor woman an equal chance asainmt a rich man. ^____^____^_ In Xcert of rood. COLUMBUS, 0., Feb. 18.— Gov. McKinley is in receipt of another appeal for aid for the destitute miners of the Hocking and Sunday Creek valleys, Chairman Coultrap asserting that there is immediate need of provisions and clothing at all the points of distribution. Went Down irith Bt* SKIP- BF.KLIX. Feb. IS.— The Bremerhaven pilot writes to the Weser Zeitung that Capt. von Goessel of the Xorth German Lloyd steamer Elbe declined Pilot Aardes offer to get him a lifebelt. He remained alone at his post and sank with the ship- __ Ice Ooree Ninety SIUn tone. PITTSBURGH, Pa., Feb. 18.— The ice gorge in the Allegheny river extend inp- from the government dam at Lo- ransport to Parker, a distance of .90 miles, is the biggest that has been in the stream for sixty-three years. Sliort SOS.OOO. ,..._... MO-OIK, Hid,, Feb. 13.-E. C. Caloycr- Klndor- j ton. former receiver of the YUiito Kiver publlcun i ],.,,„ ^ c^eel works, filed his final re- A^m-Hc"^ I P° rt - Saturday morning. The court AnK.nc.rn , ^^ ^ satisfied, investigated his. books and found a shortage of §02,000. .M.-UCCK a Serious Chiirce. UA^VD-I-K, Ind., ]''ob. IS.—John Sexr- son. of this place, who was sentenced ;o twenty-one vears' imprisonment for the murder of liiram McDonald, has nade a statement that the murderous blow was struck by Charles Patterson. AI<1 for NoUnmlca Ui-stitutc. CltAWKOISDSVll.I.H, Ind-- Ft". IS.—A car for the Nebraska sufl.'erers was shipped from this city rind Arborvillc. it contained wlieat, corn, flour, meat, clothing, butter, etc. The freight was, paid through to its destitution. (g Killed llimxclf. Jici-KKltsoNVii-i,!!, Ind., Feb. IS.—Eobert Kerns, 10 years of age, deliberately shot himself because, his .sweetheart- refused to walk home from church with. him. lie was a well-to-do young man of good family. Ind.. Feb. IS.—James Vealy, who resides 15 miles east of this city, took 3a grippe soro'e time ago, and so intense has been hi.s suffcrinf? that he lost one eye, which inflamed -until it burst. Found 1IU \Vlfe Dcatl- AXDKP.SOX. Ind.. Feb. IS.—Mrs. Amo» Hawkins, aged 4C, was found dead when her husband came in from wori. The cause was heart diseaie. A Xew Paper. HOPE. Ind., Feb. 18.—A new paper, Hail Endeavorers. lias appeared here. It is to be devoted to the interests of, the Moravian churches. Superintendent Iluehen Dead. NEW YORK, Feb. Is.—Charles M.' Hughes,'superintendent of the American Xews company, died suddenly at his office, 41 Chambers street, at 9 am. Monday. He was 50 ycars.old and. lived in Jersey City. , Suffocated by «»»- DEXVEB, Col.. Feb. 18.-John W. Hall, of St. Louis, was found dead Monday rcorninj in his room on Wei- ton street. The room was filled with escaped gas. He was supposed to have committed stiicide. Anntrlarl Arehdak* Dead. VIEXSA. Feb. 18.— Archduke Albert,, field marshal and inspector general of the annr of Anstria, died at Arco., at 1:15 o'clock Monday morning from congestion of the lungs. Ue was in hw 78th year.

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