The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 7, 1955 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 7, 1955
Page 2
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PAQB TWO (ARK.)' COimtKR VtWt WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1955 Ancfcnf ToblcH Rcveol; Drug Addiction Plagued Mankind Centuries Ago Personal Tax Cuts Should Come First, Committee Says By ROGER D. GREENE us 1 of .166 residents was an addict ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ Around the turn of the century. * r £ Ie Dn whalev er they're looking tided "The Truth About Drug Ad- Americfin mothers bought 730.000 , as . though they were in a diction." adds this warning: ?~»i« nf nnium-soilte soothing ..' _ "The idea that an addict takes ^ dream. "When they're on a jag they don't care about eating. When they do they just eat sweets. They're never clean, always shabbily dressed. I've never seen a clean one yet. And—Lord knows why, but they always have a lot of old papers stuck in their pockets. "My agents can spot 'em a mile How long does it take to get "hooked" by the narcotics habit? Three days to two weeks, according to experts. The Federal Nar- General Motors to Extend Contracts with Dealers botties of opium-spike soothin. syrup a year to quiet their babies One of every 400 Americans was an addict — lour times as many women as men. Narcotics were sold over the counter as freely as lemon drops or epsom salts. Except lor local ordinances, the use of drugs was entirely legal in this country throughout the 19th century. It was not until 1909 that Con- grss finally took alarm at the ugly growth • ' drug addiction and passed a law banning the importation of morphine or coca leaves- the raw material for cocaine—except for medical purposes. When the more stringent Harrison Narcotics Act was passed in 1914, there were 200,000 addicts in the United States. How Many NowT How many are there now? No one knows, for sure. Federal and state authorities are far apart, with estimates ranging all the way from less than 100,000 to more than a million. Now men addicts outnumber women nearly «-i. Roughly 25,000 persons are arrested every year for -• violation. Commissioner Harry J. Ansling- «• o? the federal Narcotics Bureau says report* gatherd by his agency 'in a continuing study put the nationwide total at about 60,000 addicts. But In 1961, the Mayor's Committee on Narcotics said there were 90,000 addicts :n New York City alone. Ohio's attorney general, •William O'Neill, says his state has ISiOOO. California's attorney general Edmund C. Brown, puts the total there at 20.000. By contrast, the Federal Narcotics Bureau •hows 2.350 addict* in California as of last April 30. Yet Los Angeles alone reported 13.461 narcotics at- resta in 1953-54. U "Worat Cltiea" Th« government figures for earrs tbta year list the 30 "worst cities" tor addiction as New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Detroit. Cleveland, Washington, D. C., San Fran Cisco Cincinnati. St. Louis and San Antonio, Tex. The "worst States" are New York, Illinois, California, Michigan, .District ol Columbia, Ohio. Texas, Missouri, New Jersey ind Pennsylvania. There te also conflict between tbe federal bureau and the states on Juvenile addiction. Anslinger Myi It hit its peak In 1951 and has been declining, but "the fact that any at all exist* is shocking." New York's attorney general, Jacob K. Javits, countered in testimony before a Senate Narcotics subcommittee: "Narcotics addiction among teen-age boys and girls is at an all-time high . . . Prom 1M1 to 1054 arrests of persons under 31 Jumped SO per cent in New York City." He added that addiction throughout the United States has "spurted above the .so-called epidemic year of 1»S1 and appears to be on a steady rise." Anslinger says narcotics bureau figures put known addicts under 21 years old at 13.1 per cent of the national total. "Some youngsters try drugs for a thrill," Anslinger says. "Despite all warnings, thy believe they can take dope and then give it up when they please—only to discover too late that their curiosity • has led them to utter ruin." Anslinger has a stall of 53 flelc agents across the country—"about the size of the police force in Ak ron, Ohio.' He calls it a "thin lire of defense." but says that with; twice that many 'we could 60 a bang-up job." j N'arcotlcs Squads , Most big cities now have police narcotics squads, usually working; closely with the federals. New York has 200 in it dope division Chicago 94. Los Angeles 77. Authorities know well that drug addiction and crime go hand in^ hand, as addicts steal to get money to buy drugs, or stage other crimes while hopped-up with false course. Anslinger pointed to an upsurge in addiction in Richmond. Va., which coincided with a «00 per cent increase in crime. j "After we cleaned out the drug; peddlers, crime went down to nor j mal," he said. | How can you spot a drug addict? "For one thing," says AnsHnger, "they have a peculiar shuffle when they walk. And their eyes have a frozen stare with a pinpoint . "The idea that an addict takes dope just to feel good is a mistake. He takes it to head off, for a little while the horrible effects which he feels when he doesn't have the drug." Similarly, the U.S. Army "Handbook on Narcotics," declares: "There is no known cure for drug addiction. Death is the only sure release from the living hell into which an individual commits himself when, for a momentary thrill, he takes 'just one shot.' " By WILLIAM F. ARBOGAST WASHINGTON « -- The Committee for Economic Development said yesterday individual income tax rates should get "first priority" in any tax reduction permit- te by a balanced federal budget. While all income tax rates should be cut next year, the CED said in a tax policy report, "a relatively greater percentage reduction . . . should be made in the i middle and upper brackets where 1 extremely high rates are seriously interfering with the incentive to take risks and with the supply and mobility of investment funds." The CED is a nonprofit economic re-search and education organization with headquarters in New York. If the federal budget situation permits, the CED said, there should be some reduction also in corporate income and excise or sales tax rates. Predicating its tax suggestions on a balanced federal budget, the CED assumed that taxes can safely be cut by three to four billion dollars next year, "although the actual figure may turn out to be more or less than this." The Budget Bureau estimated last Augsllt there would be $1.700.000.000 deficit in the cur- rentfiscal year which ends next June 30. But lats month Budgei Director Rowland Hughes said il looks now as though the budgel can be balanced both in this and the next fiscal year. However, he declined to predict whether balancing the budget would mean a tax cut. Even if a "relatively greater percentage reduction" in income tax is made in the middle and upper brackets, the CE Dsaid, "in absolute amounts the savings will go largely to taxpayers in the lower brackets because of the larger number of people affected." Memphis Censor Board Review Eyed by Orgill MEMPHIS un— Mayor-elect Ed' nuind Orgill said he plans » com plete review of the controversial City Censor Bourd before taking office Jan. 2. Chief Censor Lloyd Binford has said he will retire the first of the year after heading the board 27 years. Orgill, must name a new chief and either reappoint or replace the remainder of the 5-member board. The mayor-elect has asked movie distributors and exhibitors in Memphis to meet arid present their side of the censorship question. In the past, the board has banned pictures because, among other reasons, it felt them too sexy, too gory, or because Binford objected to the private lives of certain stars. WASHINGTON W — President Harlow H. Curtice announced yesterday that General Motors is immediately extending its sales agreements with its retail dealers from one year to five. The president of the nation's largest manufacturing corporation announced this major policy change as a Senate Judiciary Antitrust and Monopoly subcommittee resumed public hearings on GM operations. The committee is making what it calls a case study of the huge industrial firm. Curtice said the 17.000 GM retail dealers throughout the nation were receiving telegrams announc- ing the policy change. The one-year dealership agree-; ments previously had been sharply criticized as one-sided by former and present GM dealers in testimony at the hearings. Curtice said "The public has been grossly misinformed by widespread publicity given to the misleading statements made by witnesses, including the few complaining dealers who have appeared before this committee." The GM pre.iident said the longer sales agreements were decided upon because of this misunderstanding "and the possible damage to General Motors' good will." RE A to Oppose AP&L Hikes LITTLE ROCK UK — The Arkansas State Electric Co-operative will present "expert witnesses" in opposition to Arkansas Power 4 Light Co.'s latest bid lor a rate in- IRS Planning No Tax Shakeup WASHINGTON Ifl—The nation's new chief tax collector has told Internal Revenue Service employes that he plans no new shakeup in the tax service. In a memo to the 51,500 workers, Commissioner Russell Chase Harrington said that, alter a series ol reorganizations during the past four years, the revenue service needs a settled period in which changes "can be consolidated." Harrington, a 65-year-old accountant from Providence, R. I. was sworn in yesterday as'succcs sor to T. Coleman Andrews ol Richmond, Va. crease, said Sid McMath, attorney for the. co-op. McMath, a former governor, told a meeting of the co-op's directors and officers here yesterday that the cc-op planned to place witnesses before the state Public Service Commission at the hearing which is scheduled to open Dec. 16. Harry L. Oswald, executive manager»said the witnesses would be selected later by the Executive Committee. The group named L. R. Cochran of Salem president. Cochran selected four members of the Executive Committee. They are Leon Evans of Hamburg. T. E. Bostick ol Forrest City, Sam C. Chapin of Jonesboro and J. O. Bickham of Star City. 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