The Courier News from ,  on May 13, 1953 · Page 10
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The Courier News from , · Page 10

Issue Date:
Wednesday, May 13, 1953
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLTTHEVT.LB (ARK*.) COURIER WEDNESDAY, MAY 13, 1981 Truman Asks Nation to Back Eisenhowers Foreign Policy JEFFERSON CITY, Mo. (AP) — Democrat Harry S. Tinman lias asked the nation to back the fordgi; policy of his Republican successor, President Dwlght D. Eisenhower. In his first public address since leaving the White House, Truman told a Joint session of the Missouri State Legislature yesterday: < "I sincerely hope and pray that rific political battles of any man* all of us will set behind the President of the United States and bock him up in the foreign policy of the United States so that we mas- keep the peace in the world, for its welfare and for the welfare of future generations." The 69 - year - old former President, who Eisenhower by did not mention name, said the foreign policy is not a partisan job. In addition to the legislators, an estimated 1,500 to 2,000 persons jammed the House of Representatives chambers in the State Capitol to hear Truman's 20-mimite talk. In R reminiscent mood, he also dwelled on the responsibilities of president. "Now there's a Jot of conversation about the powers of the President of the United States," he said. "Do you know what the powers of the President are? "Greatest Public Relations Man" "He's the greatest public relations man in the United States, and he spends 75 per cent of his time persuading people, not ordering them, persuading people to do what they ought to do without being persuaded. That's the job of the President of the United States, and it's an all-time job. I put in 17 hours a day and then I couldn't get it all done." Truman flew here in a Missouri National Guard plane and returned to his home town of Independence Immediately after his speech. In his talk the ex-President promised to continue working for the Democratic party. "I've had some of the most ter- alive. And I'm not through yet, he said. "From precinct to President : the United States of America .is long road and a rocky one, but want to tell you that I've enjoye it. . . "I've never borne a grudge an I've never forgotten a favor. Bea that in mind, you Democrats never bear a grudge, always b nice to your Republican friend because you may get them to vot the Democratic ticket some day.' Williamsburg To Make Last Presidential Trip WASHINGTON —The USS Wil llnmsburg will sail tomorrow for tlv last time as a presidential yucht. The gleaming white craft wil carry President Eisenhower and Mrs Eisenhower on a four-clay cruise that will take them (o Williamsburi Va., and Annapolis, Md. At the end of May the Williamsburg is being transferred back to the Navy, which plans to put it in mothballs a month later. Eisenhower has announced he is giving up the Williamsburg, which former President Truman used frequently, because, he regards It as symbol of needless luxury." Eisenhower has used the yacht only once —for a brief conference with French government leaders In March. A LOT OF PUPPY CLOCK—Babe Osa (top) and her 11 boxer pups make a timely picture with the clock's hands appropriately showing 11 o'clock. The doggy dozen belong to William Slege- man, of Melross Park, 111. you'll arrive at' tke world's neweiI, fined but terminal In the heart of the "LOOKl^ -= __ Now more than ever you'll enjoy making [rips to or through Chicago by Greyhound! In the magnificent new $10,000,000 Greyhound Terminal you'll admire the smartly styled, attractively finished waiting room, the huge underground bus concourse, the unusual lighting, tie moving stairways. You'll we/com the complete iravel service provided by the gravel Bureau, Information Counter and Ticket Office Ihc seven restaurants, loungej •nd fountains ... the many ilKciilty .hops U d services <h« make th« new Tcrmin.l 1 "ty-within-l-city! GREYHOUND BUS TERMINAL HI If. riflh K,. ^ DAILY TRIPS tO CHICAGO Only $9.50 an . way round trip Only 17.10 *AVI OH IVERY TRIP! Wo, .S I.!)0 . 5.85 . 14.10 11.35 38.90 44.00 New Orleitx ... 7.50 Wanhlnglon, D.C. Z0.40 New lork 2 3.95 Mfemplils , St. l.ouU Detroit . Benton Harbor lot Angelei . Seattle. . trip ? 3.45 10.55 25.40 20.45 66.15 72.00 14.1.1 36.7S 4S.1S (U. J. lo, ,,|ro) Demolition Charge Kills 8-Year-OldBoy CHICAGO (/P)—An 8-year-old boy was killed last night by an explosion-hurled steel Irafiment and the FBI Joined the search for a soldier three teen-nge boys said supplied them with the explosive. The victim, Edward J. Voytas, Was struck by a piece of .steel fence post while walking with his father, Joseph, 34, past Parker High School on the South Side. The father was stunned, but not otherwise injured. Police Lt. Chris Nielsen .said William Bnrnabee, 17, admitted detonating the rlernolilion charge of pliable, waxy substance on a steel post in the school yard. Nielsen quoted Barmtbee, Andy Kohler, 16, and John Spanos, IS, •hat they obtained the substance 'roin Mifflln Schaff, a soldier they, aid is now en route back to Ft. j Belvolr, Va. Barnabee, Kohler and Spnnos ainj wo other boys police said were near he scene but apaprently were not mplicated are being held for an in- uest today. UNTRESSING TIME-Mrs. Loretta Ebnar, of Chioa'go, ill., takes a last look at the long tresses of her daughters, Juliet, 10, left, and Jane, 9. The girls were making their first trip to the barber because they wanted to learn to swim, and found they couldn't get their hair into a bathing cap. Mrs. Ebnar. who hasn't had her hair cut in more than 30 years, just went along to watch. Tavern Installs Market 1 Tickers PHILADELPHIA fP) — For the onvenience of i(,s patrons in the nancial world, the Pub. a mid- own tavern and restaurant, has nstalled n market quotation ma- line. "Many of our patrons are In the larket and are on edge while gulp- ig down their food and drinks." iplalned the owners, "so in order i make them feel more at home nd to ease the pressure on their Ickers,' we had the ticker ln- fcnlled." State Department 'Hamstrung' TV Propaganda, Probers Told NEW YORK, May 13 Ml — A voice of America executive Bays the State Department has been hamstringing television as a propaganda weapon against communism. An independent radio engineer adds that unless the U. S. government moves quickly to expand its lead in video it will find Itself behind' Communist countries in the use of TV in the cold war. Department has rceen paying lip service to the idea of international television while doing virtually nothing about it." He said this means "we have been missing opportunities in a number of countries," and added: "Our television activities have been confined to the most limited things, given a vary low priority and blocked at every turn. Virtually all the worthwhile tilings have been done despite opposition, with- The subject of television nnd propaganda came up yesterday I out clear-cut authority and cer- during the second of three days of tainly without encouragement." public hearings here by a U. S. Senate foreign relations subcommittee, which has been investi- ;atlng the State Department information program. Richard W. Hubbell, TV director of the Voice, told the senators that "to put It very bluntly, the State The Voice is part of the State Department. Hubbell suggested a 5350,000 a year budget for Voice TV, saying this amount Would enable It to service, the world. Sen. (R-Ia), Bourke B. Hickenlooper subcommittee chairman, told the witness: "I wonder If catlon.'i engineering firm, also tcstl- you're not a bit optimistic about a world-wide service on a $325,000 budget," • William S. Halstead, president of Unltal Inc., a private telecommunl- fled. Both Halsteiid and Hubbell said the U. S. was losing ground In the international TV field. pubbell saltl Soviet Russia Is building a TV transmitter In East Germany to blanket *lmo*t »B ; Germany and parts of five »<!)»•/ cent nations. Halstead sild RuMli and her satellites are rushing torn- pletlon of microwave truumlttor* • linking Europe and Asia. it../*,, If you were born between April 20th and May 21st, You can be —you were bora under the sign of Taurus. You Taurians are very sensible people. (Nothing more sensible than ordering 7 Crown.) You appreciate the finest in food and drinks. (That's what made you choose 7 Crown in the first place!) \ w ;,„•;?.,, , „ „ |H Seagram's 7 Crown. Blended Whiskey. 86.8 Proof. 65% Grain Neutral Spirits. Seagram-D stillers Corp., N. T. Take the wheel Wife wheat coverj, os illustrated, oval/oofe at txlra cojf. T wo things stand out above all others in this Golden AnniversaryRoADMASTER. It is the most beautiful Buick Riviera ever built. It is the most brilliant Buick performer in fifty great years. The first of these is an obvious truth that you learn at initial sight of this automobile's sweeping lines, its gracious styling, its stunning interior fashioning. The second is one you discover when motion begins and the wonderful new experience unfolds. You soar from standstill to legal speed as you never have before-for Twin-Turbine Dynaflow gives you getaway with a combined swiftness, silence and smoothness no other car in the world can equal. 'You command the highest, the silkiest, the most instantly responsive power in all Buick history — from the world's newest and most advanced V8 engine —the first Fireball V8. "You ride with the gentle, constantly level cushioning of coil springing at all four wheels. You guide your two-ton automobile with the exquisite ease of Power Steering, 'ion slow or halt with the velvety control of still finer braking—plus the extra comfort of Power Brakes* if you wish. Ourely, this rich new world of motoring magnificence is one you should explore — if only to know that it's real, and more easily reachable than you may think. We'll be happy to seat you at the wheel of this superb new ROADMASTER—and let your emotions and good sense judge its greatness. Won't you visit us this week? * 'Optionalat extra cost. ROADMASTER Custom built by Buick World's only ear with all these featuref: VS VERT/CAL-VAIVE FIREBALL ENGINE • POWER STEERING TW.'N-TL/SBINE OYNAfLOW • DYNAMIC FLOW MUFfLCS POWER BRAKES* • COMPLETELY NEW SWEEPSPEAR STYLING BALANCED MILLION DOLLAR SIDE • CUSTOM-RICH INTERIORS TILT-AWAY SLIDE-AWAY FRONT SEATS 12-door models) fANOSAMIC ONE-PIECE WINDOWS FRONT AND SEAS DOUBLE-RAIL FRONT BUMfER • AIRCONDITIONEH Television frooMAe BUICK CIRCUS HOUf-evcry hmlh Tuesdop -WHEN BETTER AUTOMOBILES ARE BUILT BUICK Will IUUD THEM- LAOTON-McWATERS BOICK CO., Walnut & Broadway, Phone 4555

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