Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas on May 12, 1970 · 1
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Austin American-Statesman from Austin, Texas · 1

Austin, Texas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 12, 1970
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tree STORY IX COLUMN 2 Evening Edition V The Oldest Afternoon Newspaper in Texas -Since 1871 Austin, Texas, Tuesday, May 12, 1970 Vol. 99 -No. 201 10 Cents 36 Pages .milk WeddeU's Cv onUer ;. i.r or i ' i ! ; ! r;.;rr.r: vvoi.i i e M';svir:. !: :'. ;-x .1 H.-i .', Lido" '':,: i.-, t,W 'The faibcvirtp wti :sut.d h" Ktnwrur lL;ie S -i -: t il) A;! men .r.d h" at!e ' Hiry a ;.-. -r t" ( to Ari'Si- AHaLa cJ) Kve.-y married tna't v t!I : u :: ' . cu,.k find wa.-h for r- ,. CI) Kv. : .im.arried man will brinf anv arana ; a--' s ri he s ar, land Cj ( hok br.'l vva n .'. r hur.. i4i Women vsaih tabic-. the blind, and 1 at-r ; I ii! Ar--!'r:1- ;. puaai ,P. home alter The drug problem 5; rows like this In 1 ." onlv IT felony drug and narcotics cases were filed in this count,. Last year the total jumped to 39 j. I hiring the first four months of this ear 21 S were tiled. At that rate the ear's total vxill soar aboxe - JC. tor i M'S : . bp- a .Vied bv r,, . : " ' :h A n ir.'ran ; ..ght 1 nf?nn wjlh "'"1" a- !;'nv .rr,:?v the Cip.'-d .,'epar,ii Vea'paeP, whn h a. di a- t vc::aa r;a'i,-.or, (""api".; : do I . , v; per,. H .k v. a p;r, :' ; format; an center a ..a . . frr.:r- ,sn, ra, ' : a K ippics in Ilia r I i' are a V 1 'TV- 'f ' . ' '. a r. a rfia ',:" ., j. , :.x trier a t.r .and hf a -a. ( a S Lamar When iu. -lair and l'nirrsii polite figure up what it i o-t in o 1-r time to keep ,ni f on sinking tnd marhin; vtiidt nls, the total is j;oini; to m.ikf firiarn ial ( onsi r ;iti rs si r ram . , . l,vi f.T.r f ;o.t v;saV At I T these uhfn ou a- a (loud of dust "u don't ktiou xhrthfr it's from a onstrui tioo prajet t rir a (lertionsiratian , 'V . : i "a. if ; a'a d- ' J a: a 1 f .: : ,j a A' . id TV .'..-a-r- i- a Dur.-t '.vd! a:.. i i ' afa 't 11 U" '. a nr'A-- Ha; Rr,,-, a .a :...! . r. -sstf r KTAP and . a a s i a . . , VKAA ir :... ;) ' a t: a?!: rc-pfir' a' au nu-.h in :; ..: :V( ' ;,la faH) GRAFFITI by Leary WENT BUT arrHiNK a- rr. v M!'s! H NTS .... r (( s i M .. . !ti:i!j;f ( ; r'd CI SSM M a i . 'a .ss-a. d'h r! 'i IK i;IA P! i lis . i i;.'o!::!.s Mi l.oiSf .'!: m: !ixo Ji Mi'.l.i-: y,')n a a" I'l HI.H' !!! f '"HDS .... 1J KUMOTY 7 MttRTS 19-22 TV -C'. '! T l( KTHi.i: II WOMI.N S NKW.S .... 8 U 0CE A Bl UMSC Between Tat- First Nattortul Bank ar.j i Cm.- Co iaaldina :ti Luhbin :-: ..i-! ahido d'ac-dav :r.ot rara; a''a r '! I a i cl a; :.ia ,i. aa;)a;v . a' a . - a a Lubbock s Tornado H eCf ll-S" bodio,, wtale newspaper feelfe; VlM rl -ve,s reach,! a to I-'i-TVaiY-7 f'A'iJiT'. Ai 20 T.xas Safe:;, . miii TM;!2k iiL staff writ,'r Dn-'U'WIJIA "'rVTLi T.- Suie Democrat, c: tXrr;i.C t'i-fV .Arl-CComm1,toefoundonly Hated I f V T t - if.Vw '4 CTj' surprise m; IM;ola xf A.?' . lf-?v' Vdl . -mmlfTi canva.smg its May 2 primary the liiimiMiiiiiiin, WXni n n Wttwj;,!,,, iM'mlmifm. JmwT. 'ttjtWWAji1. -l,'v-' , , .Nixon Eves I Show i By TOM DKOl.A Anthonta-s said 300 or more.duanl called out 300 men includ H Bf'fK'K Tex P) A offered injuries in the Monday mg a medical unit. The state ' " v' ' " , ' niK'nt disaster. Property damaw safety department sent 45 units, to.nado so iwrful u npped was u,off,,iaHy caIculaled in The Red Cross dispatched six .''fa H,utucs of coiicreie from;the m;i,onv Jdt.saster teams with 10 mobile " biiii.i.'l 's strut-K this City Of -There is no doubt in anv- vans. i i a; "JU w.lm viru'ii l '.iiiiti iA ivj- ijvviv .3 finite u.js ....... vdt lav tirtin.i.ui "iwuit dav ranging from 20 to 21. a veteran newspaperman, tnat wo or three feet of the pave- ited js one of the bluest and most mcnt. a Greyhound bus was and! prolonged tornadoes ever to Cammed broadside into a build - total of: strike Texas." ms. The ground floor of the Lub- , Department! All persons except rescue hock Avalanche-Journal was may; workers were blocked out of thciawasn fr0rn a cloudburst which downtown area. The National came wsth the twister. The width of the destruction 111 LllbuOck was the greatest tornado ob servers could remember. aspaper executive touring downtown area shook his ' head and called it a "night mare." ! Others looked at the severe damage and muttered, "incredible." The storm left a path of jf struetion eight miles long. ; The blitz winds drilled to ear?" s (EDITOR'S NOTE: Asso- near the campus of Texas Tec. 'ress writer Tom Inological College then spraivi was in Lubhuck when along a two-mile route to th. tornado struck. Here is heart of the citv where it vir- elc ton results here Tuesday. his nersonal account of the tuallv demolished scores of Us Davis of Texarkana tornado's impact on the city). (See LUBBOCK, Page 6) wl out Hawthorne Phillip of By TOM DECOLA -tn for second, place m the Ll BBCiCK. Tex. ( AP) I was i' ' " ni v four race, won snuug m my motel room in am,' a ntnoff b Jude downtown Lubbock when the rai - Demon of Amanda wimj kicked up. the rain started I v official results showed eoniing and sonic hail started !lil(io. ' Then The Roar Hits For Youlh Pa H VI T) H MI l'.s M fIN, i Pi Pre-lea' v.a is . ..nidcncj On Coastline lockacl n Camboclic it wo in,. '(a b it Bl M.ETIN s;il W SHIN,T(IN t U'i - sec- n, i ' rciarv of h. f. ns- in it. ' :' " Lain) said Tiifsd "si-et;l "" "i! tilli'JSiinil" I S. t:,,ils h;ilc O! '!.!! alreiid been iiithdrau n from v-' a. a a ( amtmdia. rtrf would conic - on! by tin- i nd of tbe Hi''k K i s and majr i.-pt'raiinos auain-t . w.r, . iimmiinist sanctuarn's would lie cwiplt-h'd b June tn.,1 a ; Stln-A' , !a . . -r;i.: , .... a-! inaaa President Supported Bv Bush t,I.DK(.l Kl I MPI.I, ( apilol staff a a' Spt.,, P.'ls Cair'ba.!.., ("t'C .433 Dayis 290.421, comin? down, s 2S7.533. That gave . a;ou; 8.4 the television set a majOIaV of t ..,c ,.,i,.hinir -ill of mv liohts ; "7;MoU'" and all of the Iilits I coold see 1'nofftcial faad iabalabons m dowiitown Lubbock went out. ha;l shown the race to lie nuKh and the wind be;an to roar, t loser wsth i'i.alips m second Tm started flyms by the win- i-iaco P ft 1 1 1 1 ; a for m e r (jw . 1 pnoss they were awn- executive a-sistant to Ally. Gen. and I heard j;ias shat- Crawford Martin, already had tenn;. 1 jumped up, opened a .iT:rtounee-:i that he would window and hit the floor. w.Mwraw from a-'; nmoi!. "he SI)i:C only 25 nan- subsided. I stuck my head out at- to . amass the votes from of the door and saw nibble '" primary ana t.-sapposnt- where a neatly-laid swimming a. a a:ai!l !:it ::(;! of ortie ! 6 n,v,l -.n.-j Had I tried to get a telephone line me ssm v ts.e 0(J, jMI, at was impossible. I Partial List Of Dead LUBBOCK, Tex (AP) -A partial dst compiled by hie Texas Department of Public Safety of the dead in Lubbock Monday night: 1 Dora B. Graves, 45. 2 Thomas Andrew Cook, r.o a;:e II. Mrs. Henry Short, no ace. 4. Frank Moreno Canales After about four minutes it- jr n0 ace. 1' was ine fa -tern tee i-s'daiivhea to the loLt.a. tnrouL'h la 5. .lose Apuiiar, no age. 6. Salvador Lopez, no age. 7. Jack Lopez, no age. 8. Kenneth Melhn. no age. 9. .Mary Jean Medhn, no ae be Man Hay Medhn, no ne s.ate ramdrops and that's when 1 re- ane 1! Dusts Medhn. no aite. '' '' :' ' '; (,:iC alaaal what had really happened. ' !";-'" The motel was a shambles, and t "..! ' t.'ie -eesaw niata quests were wandermi; a e D.vsrut ! scat on around in the iohhv ' Ba.ta! ': I due. laon. Some had sought s!:elter m a s.aa tt : iter--. Austin basement room and others ap-''. aC'-i I! Km 'i. ,,,Mrf.a a.,7,,a w ICesa d'- eiuicce;.: 1 .tine up alia" a i-tii-na;.' area:) ..f the ceaed oauaa to p.Cru! tip; 1 da a! tae aia'a Husi Merpiav a-- t;,irouh..n . o;.v! !.., eat off ;Pe from south 11Pam1 !..;r .the fowrnofs of 41 shiics d, mo'.vn-:: of war -inches ; der to s;hai;...ukv;',ir -s : asscd wah N:or. the problems the enemv, the V . 1 .mmai! He s.ud t'r.. hlc-kaae ; nas-iac :..a- of d;sC!;t and camtiacaeatiO': apnoupiapi iwia':. spa'cU ufter ' an acreen:t-p' he- succes- i m caiihdt across the r'-rcratiori $;a;. The command said m a s'aie- tween the Lon N I .Wfriinieiit i;-ris- s aahP; ia fi a .'new w.,s said oy a wn men, "rime is no interdaci to and ours" l.on Nil crate- gwerper. Kenneth Curtis ,n!(,rfer(, W).h tiunl cou:itrv or of (dimbciia. of Maine to have remarked that Cam'vli..n traffic or fishing m The Viet Co: ,: the r..s, ais and the radicals " ,h,.se waters. This is not amy ranis on Ice s. a- ' s,; Ad of the windows I could see ace. 12 Mr Rut n Kmcht, no I" Fstefana Paz, 6.5. 14 1 heSa Cor.iiaies. 44. t "1 s C.lenn, 510 age. :" .John Siephen Cox, no ,1 sc: .itoria! runoffs, including two th" irp 'a;n ia-i ' - and Ifi st a! e t..i- represeiitjtae runoffs, includm. enaer fit e t delawi! ;i ion time.' two p-'-icpheri's Paish sold n:"mtei s of la- sjil-.C ttard House UP.umhcnt .!. a ;i; w ho cathel'e 1 here t; cam. ass ' , 1 . rr 1 ew niaa of Cuei O ware out, exeprt the one tn r.v-laiattee !' ta d a-,.- room, wiach was on a corner. !, mal runoff; four state lookexl out beyond the motel and1 (See ROAR, Page 6) 17. Mr - r.ults. tiO age. IS Dale MeCuniock, 37 mast !ic , aa.a-u oil campuses 1, m k(if. (-.ta,0dian go f the .s,v Mu, Page e raiiie-. is 10 re-CMaii- ,.r;.n:.;. h'-en mfurmed " Vic'nan Forecast Three Die In Ceil lex Air Crash : NKAV DIMK BOX - Three persons died in a fiery piano I crash Monthly right in 1 'Count The Departmert ,f Pubhc nuses h ae I S av sai l ai .mother lie disclostv 'h,a de elopment tbjt llw 7th Kieet natnese ain iaii w has i.ieefed ai .ts carrier strike mg CanilKMhan 'a. fun a in the t ', u f of 'lotikin off the Mefionc la '-Pie coast of North Vietnam bv He said i .men. i'a'ooiiing a third aircraft car- troops, with 'he : tier thcie h,r the first time iSee VVAii, i 1 ips. r'e; ;i ra -"south tanner, a af a- 2 wi'nca'w tram --.s n rma p ceoad a; t'pei- la.,-; s 'mi resea'ata c r,e e '1 !:.-.: pa s pa' se.p to 1 p p wili face Houston .-.r lionh-i of (huhad who h.i i a ! :.;!.,'! 1 r pa !a p;i ,Pi .a ,,jlCist Ul (iiimhiiiig Raids dijfiMksL in llislorv Her V. s. I'l-'TP.OIT 1 M'i - n a five- hv federal ...a-pts ,p the nation's ;' '' ' '''r !:,i1' ' '--a'- -"ecu mete : a, IgUl I id 'hshirv ,.' ' " .. ents crried ot.t wnat A-ePts raided 3s locations in s .,- .. 1 i,.,vl tn-nu,-.- At". (opt .! see DKM11S, Pace fi) idled the baaiest carnbh N Mitchell '(':r0,! l!s suburbs and in ..Hint Aiomlay ata. arrested .)S raid persons. Nine others were being Iacii ilh I'oji's Cash Siijijiinl. 7 icv ( tin Quality Food Staiims for College Students? iveintiiea! P'lttlv pppv Tae -aa', jpi Y-,V 1:1c dav aftcr-tUicp I t' t aaiP :no'-,!l 1 bent', a. aai Tt'CstlaV nicjit anil V.V i .s.i.i, iiupfaip wi'h a slh-h! 1 dance o! late afierrioon 1 h.iticl'siic par- t.i'a a.. Cor.tifo 1 .1 war in aiai c.iimiil Sotithci Wi:. It) ti 2" calc pe: iaar hn.'i: 1: Wetirif" -(i-ay !'('ll daa at a ! c ritipi.a V.'i'd i 10 i a . , I'PV 7(1 s to Ujipei' Hi!;,, Tin -(ia 74 ',11 blfdl lit lippCt HOs Chance t tacn .hi pt-r cent Tuesday afterrii'oM ntal niidit tlaoui. ti Wednesday (Details on i'a. 0 11 ) By DON KENDALL e d a atioi W AMIIN'C'I ON (AP) - A The feder.i: Safety in Bran s,d tip. ,,110 cnr?(, Wllh a M(np tll)! n,,.id i(, .,; : a engine Ioore Mark .tea! a provaMe !oerty le'-cl a. local welfare ahead. pa ame m.c !' rli:iiw for t ; MMhhs ai e ch-.i.1. loud !a!!i;is ..t p ,i '- , r Vihiif lio te-e -eems Pi ,. expense, no matter how nun h how widespre.i.l tool . , hi- patepts shea out for his luce ln-nn op , .ap t. 'i-e Coahs aid stpaal hfe fedetai aid state o'1 reHir!ed the crash after heuniip to, he ma it a a tin - in,: 1 ,1 11 : i- n il . in a liotisehOKl paaa ,pa aa :epie.c:.P and share food .stamps to fend cia Nnirtl .eieetitaia" 0! off the rising cost of higher national prevrain whuh . 21). crashed about S 4,7 p m a mile east of state IPhwa'. 21 near New i );me lies A iesideet it; the are.. an explosion and seeing l J ,-flames, a LPS Sjntke-man said No identifa at lulls ,a ticei! made on the three Ixxhes. $i!l tPPaap Ihl- list al Ca ' It.,! '' e adnp' tood span; p 1 ,a ! tie. orue mich mor I eti's e i-.i rea-ed P-, ,,;., !'-e- MP a 'al 1 'a re a , a V.i stildi exapipies ,.; ana! ofical- "'l!' l' 1 , :CA !Tle e-. 'ffil of lepioilt 1 , aPia.e -Palo- ! pai'ti' Ip.o in Pie stamp Between -toil involving married couples sough,;. Federal officials said '!:' 'aid broke up a niitHhen-, ring which had been grossing .$250,000 daily. All those arrested were released on ? 1,000 bond on charges of conspiracy to violate provi-Uions of the interstate transportation in aid of racketeering law. I icier "-e government's The charge carries a maxi- M Bride who heads the new food .pimp schedule a mum sentence of five years in s'atna piociam for Conk fa-iaa of four ion pet f.flj prison and a $10,000 fine. '.!!. said about '.Mi student wur'h 01 coupnrs msiea 1 of An FBI spokesman -ml that ume p; Hi., program most of icdei- the old s stem .ctd m addition to makv ar" i era n, .cried p r a d u 11 I e he ne more than was spent rests, agents seizeW'Ssh, nttin- ceihei hers slips, tally sheets, files, lascs we: The coiiece student issue is adding machines and firearms. Sac Vrtopio expo tea1 to hod over aiac 1 Lew details of the raid were bin. 01 1 oliepe m Texas. Po'h hen Conpress act s finally on immediately released. U.S. Mod stamps fa,- pext fis it At'- James KrickJcy urushea v.. t Dupe"- i " Los Angeles 0" the 5 1 ibi ,. ; a in (' h ! c .1 g O. 1A ,1 1 ie s and aim aie getting t' ope liushand attending cla.-scs ear aside newsmen's ftiestions, saying no information would fie (See RAIDS, Page 6) STOKY PAGi: 2 STORY PAGE 2

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