The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1955 · Page 16
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 16

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1955
Page 16
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PAGE 81JLTTEN BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6,19M Illegal Narcotic Traffic Costing U.S.$3 50 Million EDITOR'S NOTE — By the most conservative estimate, dope is costing Americans something like 350 million dollars a year. But that doesn't include the deadly tally in shattered, twisted lives, in crime Associated with the craving for drugs. Here's the story behind plans for a congressional probe of the whole problem, first in a series of three stories. By ROGER D. GREKXE WASHINGTON, Dec. 6 (AP) ~~ Federal agents were puzzled. They had reason to suspect "that Pon Wai, smiling, 64-year-old operator of the Fragrant Flower Garden Shop in San Francisco's Chinatown, was peddling the white death called heroin. But how? Day after day, U. S. Treasury agents watched Pon Wai delicately moving among his flowers. Customers were few. None were known addicts. None was of a type to arouse suspicion. Pon Wai knew he was being watched, .He nodded and smiled blandly nt the agents as they passed his shop. Occasionally, in plain view of the T-men, he wrapped an expensive orchid corsage or a dozen roses and summoned a commercial messenger boy to deliver the package. Agents stopped the messengers and searched them. Nothing. They examined the packages. Nothing Same Routine One morning, as fog swirled through Chinatown, the agents again went through the routine of intercepting 1 a messenger and examining- the box of flowers. "Roses, nothing but roses," one of the federal men growled. Then he gave a low whistle. Tiny flecks of white powder had spilled down the stem or one of the roses., Cunningly attached to the stem was a thin green capsule. The T-man wet his finger, touched it to the powder, tatsed it and grimaced. "Heroin—pure hroin. Let's go!" Thus, through long surveillance, federal operatives found the evidence needed to arrest Pon Wai and eight confederates in i. multimillion-dollar narcotics ring that had been smuggling heroin into the United States from Red China. Locked in a constant battle of wits with international dope smugglers, agents of the Federal Narcotics Bureau and the, U. S. Customs Service share the almost impossible task of trying to keep illicit drugs—opium, heroin, co- caine, morphine and marijuana— out of this country. Drug, addiction is a blight tha the government estimates cost, 350 million dollars a year, whili twisting and wrecking the lives o thousands of the victims it ha "hooked." Harry J, An.slin^er, chief of th< Federal Narcotics Bureau, caH; the habit "murder on the install ment plan." It ravages body am soul, reducing 1 its victims to zombie-like existence of living death. That's the human side. Drain On Economy Financially, it is a devastating drain on the nation's economy Hero's why: The narcotics bureau estimates that the country has 60, 000 addicts—a figure that other sources say is far too low. Even using the government's figure, this still adds up to a whopping 330 million dollars a year just to buy drugs. That's because federal authorities say it costs an addict $15 to $60 a day to satisfy his craving a minimum of around $5,500 a year. But this isn't the whole story. The average addict can't hold job, particularly one that pays that kind of money. So he steals. And since a thief seldom gets more than a quarter of the value of stolen goods when he sells it, it means that the theft bill tops l'/i billion dollars every year. Profits of such immensity have a terrific attraction for mob overlords like Charles (Lucky) Luciano, who was deported several years ago, or the late Waxey Gordon, who exploit dope to build up criminal empires. For dope is cheap—to start with. U. S. Customs Commissioner Ralph Kelly says an ounce of 100 per cent pure heroin, the most habit-forming of all drugs, can be purchased in Hong Kong for S60. One ounce contains -I37|o grains. But by the time it reaches the addict, it may have been cut Jo 5 per cent purity, or one twentieth its original strength. For one grain of this diluted heroin, the addict pays SI in Washington, D.C. As Kelly says: 58,750 An Ounce "That means the original ounce of heroin, co.stin«; $60 in Hong Kong, will be sold to addicts in Washington for $8,750—a tidy profit' of 14,GOO per cent." US Can Still Win Egypt's Friendship, Paper Claims CAIRO (ff) — The newspaper Ai ly implying that the initiative still Ahram said yesterday the Untied j lies in the United States' hands, de- States still has 'A good chance to (.spite what it. lost by refusing to sell ivg.iiu Egyptian friendship — ami • arms to Egypt except on its own can prove its intentions by granting t .standard terms." a loan for construction of Egypt's j massive dam at Aswan. Eaypt has long sought to harness the waters of the River Nile and Russia already has offered to aid thi- Cairo government in the nearly 600-mi 11 ion-dollar dam project. For two years Egypt has been seeking a loan of nearly 200 million from th;? World Bank. Al Ahum said the United States ciirreuily is considering requests from Middle Eastern states for arms by Israel and for a loan for tht Egyptian dam. "In weighing the requests of the 1 two sides, the^ United States still has a good chance to regain Arao confidence an cooperation,' the newspaper said in an editorial, "The United 'States is ware that a Russian offer to finance the high Overturn Auto j Is Delivery Room I INDIANAPOLIS (ff>) — When a i five-car smashup checked her hus- buncfs clash to a hospital, Mrs. Thel- imi Kremple gave birth to her fifth ; child in an overturned auto Sunday. 1 Both mother an dson are reported ; in "satisfactory* condition. ! Seven persons, including Mrs. . Kremple, suffered minor injuries in La Prensa's Presses Rolling BUENOS AIRES (/f>— The Monday morning edition of La Prensa came out yesterday still under government management. The government on Saturday ordered the newspaper closed until Dr. Alberto Gainza Paz could take over again as editor and publisher. A few hours later, however, the order was changed and permission was given to publish Sunday's edt- j tion. I Later both the editorial and mechanical staffs were working on to- days edition and it was announced | that it would appear as muaj. TURKEY DINNER CATHOLIC SCHOOL 11A.M. - 2P.M. Wednesday, December 7, 1955 Price--- $1.25 the crash, which occurred on her St 36th birthday. Anthony Kremple, 34, the father, was his first accident In USEFUL GIFTS A BOY LIKES Circus to TV The vastly inflated price of dope { is a tribute to the job the nar-| SARASOTA, Fla. <#V-The circus colics bureau, and police in big: season has ended for the big top but cities, are doing to hold down) performers and animals start right smuggling and peddling. But noi in today rehearsing for a big televi- authority has any illusions about j sion show. Ringling Brothers am: enforcing an air-tight defense. years of driving. He accompanied his wife and newly born son to St. . Francis Hospital, where he was • treated for a bump on his head. ! An unidentified physician crawled J MHO the tipped-over Kremple car to ' r.ssist Mrs. Kremple. Police had to lift the car partly off the ground so a door would open. Officials say they sometimes lie awake nights thinking what might happen if international traffickers could find a major breach and exploit it long enough to flood the country with dope from Red China. In pre-Communist days, China executed 1,000 dope peddlers a year in efforts to stamp out opium addiction. But only recently, Com- II 500 tons — a million pounds — of heroin on the open market. Anslinger says he is convinced the Reds are trying to unload vast quantities of the poison, in this country in return for American dollars needed to strengthen the wobbly Peiping 1 regime. A Big Task Anslinger's agents concentrate on breaking up dope rings inside his country. The Customs Service las the responsibility of stopping smuggling, and it's an enormous isks. Federal agents not long ago' Barnum & Bailey arrived winter quarters Sunday. Many fea-' tured performers began preparing ! for the Dec. 16 nationwide CBS tele- i Few Major Labor Changes Seen broke up an international cace which induced innocent Amer-; J, icans to go abroad on expense-paid trips complete with automobiles provided by the mob. While the happy travelers roamed Europe, members of the gang slipped narcotics into secret panels in the automobiles, and others surrepti ! LITTLE ROCK tf) — State Labor leaders believe that there will be j no major changes and very little synm-; r - r j c tj on when the process of merg- state units of the CIO and APL get under way. , .Many details of the merger are expected to be worked out at the first combined national convention of the AFL-CIO in New York City. The convention got underway Sun- tiously recovered the contraband when the travelers returned to this country. day and will run for five days. Arkansas, representatives of the ,CIO and API said.that a single Alarmed by the threat and scope J stace convention may be held next of the illicit drug traffic, Congress I vear will take a close loofc at the prob-j " l believe that state labor groups - • •- won't be affected too much because lem when legislators return to the 1 capital in January. There is unanimous agreement that something must be done to stop the cancer from spreading, particularly among juveniles. (Next: The Human Toll) Why settle for lees when Mountain-Grown Folgerit gives you they have alreads' been working together," Bitsy Simmons, CIO organizer, said. Odell Smith, president of the state federation of labor, said: 'T don't believe there will be many locals merging. I think each organization will maintain its identity." PER CUP FoJgor's skfNful blending and reacting of nature's most flavorful coffees makes the difference! Knife Intended For His Wife DALLAS (ff)— A 45-year-old man seized Gertrude Sercy, 47, as she walked along a street Sunday night; and knifed her in the back and leg. She was described as In fair condition. "I thought she was my wife," her assailant told officers. Gloves For Dress or Play The dress gloves shown on the left are pigskin, lined with flannel. We also have cowboy gloves and knit wool with leather palms for long wear. All sizes. < 198 to Give a Jacket Made of the material you prefer—we have them in Nylon, Gabardine, Leather, Suede, Cloth and Wool. A complete selection of styles and colors. They're just right for Christmas! Sizes 1 to 20 T 8 t o 19 98 a Fellow Can Always Use a Belt ... A Western belt in just the width and design preferred with or without a buckle. In dress belts we have a complete selection of colors and styles. $•100 MARTIN Poor's, yo« see, starts with only tlie choicest coffees . . . Mountain-Grown coffees that ar« na4*»ally richer, heartier, more flavorful. They blend and prepare these finer coffees in a« unique way, with tlicir century-old Folger "touch" that produces not only a richer flavor, but a truly distinctive llavor no other coffee can match. And because Foiger's blends to a flavor, not to 3 formula, you can be sure of die same rewarding goodness cup after cup, day after day. Why not serve your family the me coffee that over the years has been specially made to give you more flavor, more coffee satisfaction in every. cup. Serve them Mountain-Crown Foiger's. We think that once you've tried Foiger's, you'll never be satisfied with anything less. 50 MUCH MCHOt IN FIAVO« YOU AKE U«G» TO USt % UK THAN Wlffl l«SH« FIAVOMO BKANOi i'^'iEtxvicvicwv^wcicmicvifiewitvvniciiidcwwKwcviocwKWftifiticiiiticititiecicidvcKitKicivcv K .r'.ir^m ~ II HE'S DREAMING OF A "NIGHT fUDICTMAC vlllVlJII IHJ i i land when Christmas is over, he will be spending one-third of his life snoozing in bed. So please him with robes and pajamas. 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