Shamokin News-Dispatch from Shamokin, Pennsylvania on December 7, 1962 · 1
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Shamokin News-Dispatch from Shamokin, Pennsylvania · 1

Shamokin, Pennsylvania
Issue Date:
Friday, December 7, 1962
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Good Evening London probably would be glad to trade 1U killer imog for U. S. snowstorm. Samokin News ISOLD'S BOOK BUTOERT.HrC. 15o"m.FOUSIH ST. a TV Weathet Windy, cold, snow flurries and squalls tonight, Saturday. Low tonight 20. VOL. XXX, NO. 68 SERVED BY UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL SHAMOKIN, PA., FRIDAY, DECEMBER 7, 1962 -12 PAGES CIRCULATION AUDITED BY ABC PRICE: SEVEN CENTS Death Toll In London Smog Rises LONDON (UPI) - Britain began to grope its way out of the worst smog in memory today but the death toll from a mixture of dirt, smoke and moisture rose men acingly Scotland Yard said that since the killer fog crept in Monday night at least 106 sudden deaths had been reported in the 700-square mile area of greater London. Another 993 persons were hospitalized. Most of the victims were el derly persons whose lungs could not take the choking smog heavily laced with sulphur dioxide. Police said the toll could be ex pected to mount because the full shock of the lethal pall would not be realized until after the fog lifted hopefully later today. Thursday night was the worst of all. London came to a halt. Its 5,000 buses were pulled off the streets as visibility went to zero. After dawn some commuters got a peek at blue sky in central London and London Airport, closed for M hours, said it hoped for two hours of flight time. Nevertheless, an Air Ministry official reported: "There still is a lot of fog and it is likely to re turn mainly in the Thames Valley tonight." Officials said the air pollution was as bad or worse than during the epic "killer fog" of 1952. But' it was believed the death toll this year would stop far short of the 4.000 lives claimed by the smog 10 years ago. End Believed Near The weather bureau said the ft.. f J, 1 1 Heavy Snow Covers Wide Part of U.S. The first huge snow storm of the season con tinued to pile heavyj snows from Indiana to: New York state today. The wide band of snow, which: stretched from the Great Lakes! 37 Goal Men J Mine jrappecl by Explosion U.S. to Question Russia on Troops to ' v- r , . ' . ! v ' ; H .deaths. I "-; lti.H,r-. ' , ' iv-S' .Vn 'Vl.v. . Olean. N.Y.. was buried under t s V rj -- s, it "Sv ';-. .V ;v. ' 14 inches of snow earlv today. 1- , . ..V-t' '.V.CvT " J, w 1 i v l V ,S ." ... ; - A;' ' ' ".' r Slw -i Flkinc WVa hart 13 inrh. on to VV' J"f'.J ' J.i3rS.,i the ground and an even foot cov-: CARMICHAELS Rescue workers battled time and cold weather today in an effort to reach 37 men trapped 680 feet underground by an ex- WINTER WHITE King Winter cameraman captured this "winter brought this scene of beauty to Shamo- white" picture while "shooting" west kin late yesterday. A News-Dispatch from the Liberty Street bridge. City,CT,Zerbe, Kulpmont, Mt. Carmel and Centralia Grouped in School Plan School districts in the area extending from Trevorton and Little Mahanoy to Centralia, inclu sive, were grouped into a unit known as District C as part Still Inside Cuba to the Appalachian Mountains, 'nlrvsinn at a IIS StppI Played a part in at least 32 WASHINGTON (UPI) - With P10S10n at 3 U-:- Ieei soviet offensive missiles ana.orp. mine wnere safety bombers apparently out of Cuba, I , , , , the United States is now expected always uau uccn enipua- question Russia on lU several' ---j thousand troops still on the island. lz-tu-Tha Pn)oA annminopH Workers pushed to within 5.500 ... . . . Ohio. day that Russian ships carrying " f in uie u.. The Saginaw-Bay City Mich ' IL28 jet bombers - the total -shaft where the men are believed iiie Mfeiwwojy viiy, nm.ii., . . ' Rnccjanc said were trapped. Progress was halted area had 10 inches of snow, as number the Russians sam were . 6 , ff h did the Tennessee mountains and n Cuba-had been sighted off f J Jen workers sead ofl a , non sections of Virginia. Cuban announce- Mntal snalt t0 Irmi1 'uruier aa- shic .UcoH ihrnnchnnt ment came on the 20th day after .vance. northeastern Ohio, and parts of Soviet Premier Mkita Knrusncnev weany w relatives ana inenas , North Carolina and Tennessee. Thirty-Two Dtatht A UPI count for the entire na- Los Angeles International Air port; the others took place in the storm belt. Michigan counted six storm promised to get the bombers out kept a vigil near the mine en within 30 days. j trance. Veteran miners many of With the removal of the mis- them friends of those trapped cile nnH hnmhprQ Russia is ex-' exDrcssed the fear there was tion listed 32 persons killed in to daim it has uVed i "li -!e chance." weather-attributed mishaps. !up to its part 0f the bargain and "Some of them could be barri-Four of the deaths occurred m to demand tte United states give'caded," said one elderly miner, a plane crasn in neay log ai ; forrnai assurances aeainst an in "Rut nsnaiiv thPv rinn't haup vasion of Cuba. much to work with." But U.S. officials maintain So- Barricades are set up in mine viet Premier Nikita S. Khrush- disasters to keep the air fresh, chev has still not carried out all j However. E. H. Gott. U.S. Steel hi!18i!SteilS,eJ;pledses of his exchanse of letters Corp. executive vice president of .n -e. AVM when their car slammed into a w;tu Prpcidpnt Knnpdv. There' ii views to the county board. Inl$."ow pIw;ce"n ,m 5- has been no agreement for United making ..good progress in going -jji.; tu- u c- !JniO, iennessee ana Illinois J Nations verification of the remnv- perintendent of schools. madel"ch, ff J a rtSfh, I'1 IP0"8 or asusuruanies i from the working face. He said it f himself available to all school ! ?,Leia Si fgamst tI?,eiJr Tentry whlch Nas important to re-establish the I Action Taken to Speed Mine Fire Work at Coal Run Steps to speed work of com batting a fire in Coa Run which tricts to tne three districts known "j .:. ,,-i,,n77 i, ho", : i, . ' . ';"r, , " wi UK'1 nej consistentlv won first Drize at i. .riiin hnc m ha np'ii. A R A c. . ThA renrni7a. ards remain unchanged, the best , Michigan, northern Indiana, Ohio! Estimates of the number of i "''L."". , Er .... . i .7. j" j . frtj nnterests of a county-wide reorganization ' boards requesting his services:"',,, V " J letters cauea ior. ventilation system destroyed by plan adopted last night by Nor-land spoke to directors of 25 NS.tand stato. Though Soviet military, person-!the blast Tnuay. thumberland County School boards on request regarding Act! s" " "J? ? "fe .re ver mcluded in Presi-i e Frost Run shaft is t Board. 561 and its effect on local dis-1 up 0 50 te..S50?1d?' Kennedy's list of "offensive Lf Ule Robena Mine , saetv nessee and Kentucky mountains, j ministration apparently 'plans to15 an oTainfin The heavy snow warning re- raise the issue with Russia oliC i8 i 1 I u 13 V I" 4 4 s i iii-i M.M,iiiiiTiiir-"ri.Vi-'i)tn-ra,il;i , an Hin iiiMiniiT The new district Is part of a tricts uirce-wsu-ici coumy pian Cnnntv Hirertnr, saM that if Arf reHnre fh "?2 innnv rhnnl rfi uutvum Miu u mi lne neavy snow warning re- raise the issue witn Kussia ot;,,, k- j 7. trktsTo the Kd?rtri?knwS ML and the Stat! CouncU stand-!mained in effect today for upperltheir continued presence there. ! "f i1va npfson; uitis iu ine inrec aisirit,s hnuwn ..j. llnLn0j ,l. KlJcf ,, . .,rA. nel consistently won first Drize at WHERE A GIRL DIED James Rooks, wearing cap and handcuffed to a detective, left, shows police where he hurled a 9-year-old girl 14 stories to her death after assaulting her. The murder was carried out on the roof of a Brooklyn apartment house. ......... nbAM J t inn nlan na, attaMaA in ntm-1 1 end may be near. Ws W'n children can best r3" " " 4 us, " u . . ty Commissioners in the office of county boards must submit a re-!" -"I" " 7 of Northumberland; and western Pennsylvania and Soviet military personnel which Tomplt'tio"s P by the this morning and clear altoeether bv afternoon. l ..'Pnhii inttnutinn h tninm 1 I trict The smog turned London into a; Roa(j j 1963. ghost tow-n last night Bus driversj Count fficia, d ided t District C as set up includes tricts to the re-constituted dis- New York state. Driving Conditions Htxardou Hazardous driving conditions u-rA rAnnrtpH in lnu-pr TVTirhicTin District A includes Warrior Run ' Ponnsvivania anH northern ojmciii, iiiaue up ui nninony Georci!i T u : : i i rt lost their way and then gave up fcr with authorilies of Fed.i Trevorton. LitUe Mahanoy, Coal j Township in Montour County; j The Atlantic Ocean storm entirely. London transport finally i , Bur,au nr Minin- ...ho w. Township, Shamokin City, East canceled all bus runs. Motorists crewJ to Run ocate Cameron Township. Shamokin abandoned their cars. Few taxis th6 blaze and ,anj f Township,-West Cameron Town-- cruised the streets and eitaens mAa!11l- -j ship, Zerbe Township, Kulpmont went home early and itayed there. The fog reduced visibility to nil and trapped the few persons remaining outdoors in a cloud that damaged lungs, coated mouths and noses and made eyes smart and sting. London hospitals reported a severe shortage of beds. The "red alert" orders to take only emergency cases to leave beds free for smog victims remained in force. Mora Deaths Ftartd Doctors , feared many more deaths even after the fog lifts. They said severe air pollution usually takes 48 hours to react Turn to Page 3 2 Suspects Sought As Mad Sf rangier BOSTON (UPD-Two key suspectsa neurotic son of a minis ter and a Negro who poses as a house painter were sought today by a special police "tactical force" as Boston's phantom strangler a psycopathic killer who may have claimed his seventh victim. Police said the chief suspect was the honey-haired Negro who used the name "Thompson" to gain entry to another apartment where Sophie Clark, 19, a Negro coea was raped and strangled. Commissioners reported that Borough. Marion Heights Mount County Engineer Robert Weary arm. Boro"h. Mount Carmel has investigated the blaze and T'P fnd f1!3,80?"- h. tmA ; The realigned district will in- hnm in Coal Run anrf anr-tr. tclude n average daily Student be spreading in the direction of other dwellings. The seriousness of the fire was membership of 7,403, as per the 1960-61 school term, and a total population of 53.903, based on the 1980 census. The new district Delaware Township and Gre22 i,K r,r,n ,ccoh haici,(llS8inS' Township m Union County; Lewis jout to brought four inches Township, Limestone Township in !6f rain TannersviHe, N. - Y, Montour County. McEwensviilejBinghamton, N.Y.; had -wind Borough, Turbotville Borough, 'gusts Up to 63 miles an hour waisoniown oorougn ana rne Milton Area system, including the districts of Milton Borough, East Chillisquaque Township, Turbot Township, West Chillisquaque hiiHn run nc hith were do fatalities m Ro- 13.000. These include missile tech- :nan thlstory until 'f' Oct. 2 p I ill nicians and lab,rers, for the Bus, hfJl ' lOTCe Ban Oil A :sians auowed me tuoans to ao:-r .'T, " none of the work on construction1 """- m:T of missile sites-not even ditch-1 chance miners had reached a; IlirnniKP I rlt IT I UI IIJJIIW IIUIIIV Adenauer to Quit Office Next Fall when the storm passed. Skies were expected to cloud ud in most of the nation today. Temperatures continued to cool BONN, Germany (LTD West off in the Great Lakes region and German Chancellor Konrad Ade- By United Press International safe area and survived the meth ane gas explosion and a fire which apparently followed. But no word had been received from the trapped men since the blast. E.H. Gott, U.S. Steel executive vice president of production, said on the Pennsylvania good progress has been made".fr-m Bedford to Irwin. High Winds, Snow Damage of $100 Reported in C.T. Three-Car Crash Damage of $700 was reported. yesterday afternoon in a chain ; in going through , a shaft about Turn to Page 2 ship in Union County. Twenty - decree temperatures :he resin from office next: Ban Ofl Parking Ruled The third district in the county, penetrated as far south as north-! a and that economics Minister . por Remova 0f Jpow from Ralph Wolfgang. Coal Run-j, AlS ,B-." Nor-jern Florida today. International Wolfgang said the fire surrounds tnat reorganizej districts musti thumberland Area School system, j Falls, Minn., was the cold spot ' IB a"u "-fAuucu umuci ,have a student membership of at the bouse. He said it is extending ;least 4 000 and a minimum popu. idru ouicr ircdiuy nuiucs aim on 0r 22 000. In adopting the reorganization has caused a crack in the founda tion of his dwelling. County officials pointed out they have signed an agreement with plan, county directors reserved the right to re-consider or submit a revised plan or another plan if state and federal mine inspectors; and when Act 561 or the state permitting tnem to locate ana seal 'council standards are cnangea, the blaze. The work of locating! modified or repealed. the fire is continuing and county I County directors pointed out officials will request that the proj-jthat every school district within ect be speeded. . the county was given pertinent The mine fire is believed to ' information regarding reorgamza- have originated in the former Gimlet Colliery workings and is following the vein to the Coal Run area. In other action yesterday, com missioners appointed Lin Davis, Milton, county Civil Defense shelter director. Davis, a member of the law firm of Davis and Davis, Turn to Poge 3 Changes Planned in Region Traffic Signal Changes in the traffic signal on Route 122 at Green Ridge will be recommended to the Mount Car- which incudes Northumberland j with a reading of 10 above. Borough and Point Township and j The mercury topped in the low Sunbury Area System, including : 80s Thursday in the California Sunbury City, Rockefeller Town- and Arizona deserts. ship, Snydertown Borough and Upper Augusta Township. Division of the county in the reorganization was approved by a 4-1 vote. Charles Moyer, Warrior Run, cast the dissenting vote. Voting yes were Abram Fair-child, Milton area: Harry Burns, Milton Borough; Claude Knoebel, Turn to Poge 7 Nine-Inch Snowfall Closes Schools, Hinders Motorists Winter staged another blustery preview yesterday and last night, dumping nine inches of snow in the Shamokin area and terminat ing a two-week period of unsea sonably warm weather. Local residents today began clean-up operations. Streets and highways were in hazardous con dition last night and this morn Posing as a house nainter. the mel Township Supervisors, R. P. light-skinned Negro made ad- Cox, Montoursville, district traf-iing, but all major routes gener- vances to the woman but fled '"C engineer, announced today, when she said her husband was. Cox, who made a survey of the asleep in another room, A composite picture of the suspect, which the woman said "looks like him." was distributed throughout the greater Boston area. The second suspect is a 22-year-old Cambridge man, the son of a minister. He has a long police record and a medical discharge from military service. signal located at the junctnn of Route 122 and the Natalie Road, indicated that a green arrow is ally were open Some damage was caused to utility lines, but interruption of service was not wide-spread. All schools in the area were required to enable motorists on closed today due to hazardous the northern lane of the highway , travel on bus routes. Closed were approaching the signal from the! Shamokin, Coal Township, Our east, to make a right turn toward Lady of Lourdes and Southern Natalie w hen the red light halts ; Area Joint schools Route 122 traffic, Cox said he will also recom mend that the signal on the side Damage to telephone lines was light and scattered, Charles Miller, district manager of the Bell Telephone Company, announced today. Miller said the damage was caused by the rain which nf ho hiwhu'ou tnarant Natalia mnrnins Tho ctnrn-i inproacoH in Dreceded the SnOWtall. Boston police commissioner Ed-' which is asinele unit be chansed ; intensity durine the evening. Street department crews of to a double unit. He estimated the j Blustery conditions followed the Shamokin and Coal Township, as project would cost the township snowfall which caused some drift- well as workers of the State De-$100. I ing. Turn to Poge 5 The snowfall began yesterday afternoon at 1:00 following .19 inches of rainfall throughout the Some interruption of power service jn the area was reported by Joseph Macalady, assistant to the district manager of the Shamokin Division, Pennsylvania Power and Light Company. Macalady said 42 customers in West Cameron Township were without power from 2:24 p. m. to 5:15 p. m. yesterday, and again from 6:00 to 7:30 last evening. Falling trees breaking lines State Eliminates Route Designation Ludwig Erhard, who is vice chancellor, probably will succeed him. The decision, which the 86-year-old Adenauer had long resisted, cleared the way for a speedy solution to West Germany's pro-1 iged government crisis. The Free Democratic party (FDP) had demanded a retire-r..ent decision from Adenauer as today, forcing a ban on all trafliO'a- 't T?n.,,!Qma T,,rnnii.-0 in the 1600 block of West Walnut , Street. Turnpike officials barred house icaled tQ jnvestigate said the trailers from the Gateway Inter-,, was caused by a maifunc. change to the Harnsburg East um jn one o (he vehides ratner Interchange and imposed 3a to SO th siippery conditions resulting mile per hour speed limits in that from yesterday.s snowfali. No one area- j w as injured, police said. Winds roared up to 60 miles an Ban.v v. Moroski. 1608 West program which will continue ' hour on the western end of the, wood Street, told police he was through tonight and tomorrow j turnpike and drifts in the sur- ;traveling west on Walnut Street To facilitate a snow removal morning, motorists of the city have been requested to refrain from parking on twx thorough-faes of the business district. City Councilman Amos Miller, rounding vicinity piled upwards of three feet. A turnpike spokesman said the Christian Democratic Union party (CDU) in a new coalition. A CDU spokesman said Ade- , . -j. nanpr rlin narrv panpre i nnrc. 4 Announcement w as maue louay i " V u ij ; by the State Department of High- " "luc "u"' ways that one of the shortest fice aer Parliament returns ; k ct, Jfrom next summers vacation. connecting link known as Route L Tl- that linair 742 in Paxinos, will be eliminated L? tlw w as far as its former designation J.etire sometime next P" a price ior weir rejoining nis have comoleted Dlowine and cin dering thoroughfares throughout is concerned. I tember. The sDokesman said Adenauer. Plans for elimination of the;wh0 will be 87 on Jan. 5, also highway route designation is in j consented to the participation of line with the department's pro- Erhard in "all phases of the gram to simplify the numbered I formation of the new cabinet." route system. j This obviously made Erhard the ThA shnrt mute which connects ! undisputed "crown prince" and Route 122 at a point in Shamokin Township with ; Route 242 in Ralpho Township, does not re quire separate identification any longer, state highway officials reported. -Elimination of the route des ignation was approved by Park H. Martin, Secretary of the State director of streets, said crews been on the job round-the-clock, Many Roads Snowcovered when the gas pedal of his car be came stuck. The sedan, police said, drifted to the side of the winds presented the greatest : street and struck a parked car problem to work crews who have owned by Joseph Bednarczyk, 1610 West Walnut Street, impact of the crash caused Bednarczyk's Main roads in Western Perm-, machine to collide with a parked the community, and that removal '. sylvania and the tri-state area auto owned by Reno Rosini, 1618 of snow from parking areas in I were snow-covered and slippery. the business district will begin at U.S. Route 22 east from Blairs 11:30 tonight. Motorists are requested to refrain from parking on both sides of Independence Street and both sides of Market Street, from In- West Walnut Street. Patrolman Jesse Weaver in- ville to Armagh and U.S. Route vestigated and reported that Mo-422 were closed. jroski's machine was extensively The AAA reported only one damaged about the front. The lane of U.S. Route 40 was open auto had to be towed from the from Uniontown, Pa. to Cumber-'scene. Bednarczyk's machine was dependence to Spruce, in order! land, Md. U.S. Route 30 and damaged about the right rear that workmen are not hindered state Koute 31 at Bedford were fender, tail light and trunK ana in the snow removal program. Crew members of the street de partment will work throughout the early morning hours in an ef- paiicol ttia niwor lntamintinn tn noiwor static or MictnTnoro I Department of Highways, on rec were without service yesterday ndation of the Bureau of afternoon from 4:40 to 5:40. Heavy, wet snow caused lines to break in that area mund L. McNamara, in personal charge of the case, announced Thursday night formation of, a roving saturation squad of 30 patrolmen and five officers to speed solution of the series of stran-glings. Traffic Score Traffic. The bureau reported its recommendation was made in view of the short length of the route. Local state police said the route is approximately one-half mile, extending from the intersection at Paxinos to what is known as the Snydertown road intersection near the former Anchor Diner. With elimination of Route 742, the new section of road will be designated as part of Route 242 for interchange purposes. ded. city police said, and col- between a double file of the SAC A. I. State Police .. .168 104 City Police 119 27 Coal Twp 34 12 Ralpho Twp. ..8 12 T Zerbe Twp 4 2 Kulpmont ..10 10 Others 2 5 Pope John Blesses Conferees i . . . . . . -. i j ... r . !..: f ,i expecrea to sveraqa n ance at a working session of the; at full speed when it convenes liturgy - but it was considered , Norman A. ziotorzynsKi, Tn tast nanus wun sao commander en.;" ZZZrr below norma council. However, he has followed again next Sept. 8. unlikely the contents of the Packer Street Zlotoynski was: Thomas S. Power and with Vice Thheftcurred while Derr wa s cM through) almost all of the 36 ceneral meet- Nearlv 600 sDeakers have been amendments would be disclosed i traveling soutn on fean btreet , rresiaeni L.ynaon b jonnson, s , r nerind with littl top choice to succeed Adenauer. 1 shopping schedule closed. had some damage to the front. The turnpike spokesman said! Information on the accident the snow problem was com-; was released by Coal Township pounded by dropping tempera-' chief of Police William Shuey. fort to expedite removal of the hires. snow for tomorrow morning's me lemperaiure aroppea irom iin;n, c.Ut Tr Turn to Page 2 President Begins Swift Tour Of Atomic and Missile Bases OMAHA, Neb. (UPD Presi- dent Kennedy flew today to Of-futt Air Force Base, headquarters of the nation's global Strategic Air Command (SAC) on the start of a swift weekend tour of atomic and missile installations. T J T .. : ,1 L Slippery driving conditions were' " "?t H..l hmaA fr an niHont irhinh : u"vc u,c "Uiuy 01 MS vu.ll Snow Blamed for Local Aufo Crash 4 Juveniles Face Additional Charoe Friends Flee to West BERLIN (UPI) An East Get-man army major led his family and two friends through a triple barrier of barbed wire and across a fog-shrouded river to refuge in Berlin's American sector at dawn today. The major was one of tin highest-ranking officers w-ho has escaped to the West since the Communists built their Berlin wall in August, 1961. A commander of border troops, he used his knowledge of the frontier to guide his wife, their Four juveniles who were ar- 10-year-old daughter and a friend restea last weeK tor tne tnett ot and his wife to their goal. yesterday afternoon caused slighti.1" products from a bakery Evading border guards, the damage to two vehicles which,"". ZLT" Z'T:'L itruck faced anoti:er chare of party cut its way through three collided at Sunbury and Pearl Streets. Beverly Bowers, 1105 North Vine Street, told police she was traveling west on Sunbury Street and attempted to halt her car for a traffic signal at the intersection of Pearl. The sedan skid- week will become operational The President's Air Force jet 'carrying him from Andrews Air Force Base landed at Offutt at 10:52 a.m. EST. It was a gray, murky day and a light snow was falling. The hatless President walked burglary today as a result of an lines of barbed wire to reach the investigation conducted by a local , Havel River, where the major constable, The charge stems from the theft of a rifle and three boxes of shells taken from a car owned by John C. Derr, 419 Anthony Street, Bloomsburg. Alert investigation work by Con had hidden a rubber boat. Five-Day Forecast lided with an auto driven by: elite honor guard and s h o o k stable Walter Rhoades resulted in VATICAN CITY (UPD Pope John XXIII paid a surprise visit K to St. Peter s Basilica today to I almost all of the 36 general meet- Nearly 600 speakers nave been amendments would oe disclosed m give his personal blessing on theiings on closed circuit television heard in the L&tm debates since I until the entire draft is complet- : i final workine day of the Ecu- from his private study several the first session began in medoi-ied. O . menical Council's first session. hundred yards from the council val splendor in the red-draped f Only the opening ceremonies 0' It was the first time the ailing; hall. ! council hall specially built in St.; Oct. 11 and Saturday's closing 0 81-year-old Pontiff had left his 0 Vatican apartments since he be- Totals 345 172 (Key: A Accident; I Injurtd; K-Kill.d) Since the council opened ' Oct. i Peter's Basilica. 11 the 2,200 prelates gathered Another 523 who were unable a! came ill 11 days ago with anemia here from around the world have to address the historic gathering vl i i L ! u'kAu ) ... i . : . i . ri . 1 ur .... . . .u n anu uuuuic ucucvcu w irciu no ciickm nuiiuug uiccuuga u be a bleeding ulcer. !and spoken a million words but Pope John's visit came as a have arrived at few concrete de- 7 'complete surprise. He is also cisions. ceremonies were opened to the invited public. Pope John has ordered the 10 before debate closed have sub- j council commissions and one sec-mitted their opinions on various i retariat to meet during the inter- subjects in writing. im to facilitate the work of the There have been a number of second session next year. They and had entered the intersection Iwho had flown into Offutt a few when the accident occurred. minutes earlier. Patrolman Gerard Waugh, who! Kennedy is to visit bases in investigated, reported that the, New Mexico and Nevada before left rear door and fender of Zlot- finishing up the weekend at the orzynski's machine were damag- Palm Desert, Calif., home of ed. Slight damage was reported singer Bing Crosby. wasnington sources said the Eastern Pennsylvania: Temper. atures during the five-day period, Saturday through Wednesday, are expected to average twp to eight I. Remain- throughout the en ? I . Ir.i J recovered the rifle which one ol.T per,0 w,.,n. oay TO the youths had hidden behind ehan9; fraeipilahon may total wainscoting in a room of parents home. hi . one-half inch or more occurring as snow flurries over mountain Derr reported the theft four9eneral preeipitati0fl over arM weeks ago. He said his car was parked at 222 South Seventh Street on the night of November 8. Re- hvHnlat in nrodHo at th nffi. Manv ffw1 Ihnt nrpanir:itinn ; vnt nn rfiffpront ampnrimpnt tn i aro rharfpri with rewnrkine mm- afterDOOn. Police Said driVUlS lerconiinental DalUStlC missile, broken and the rifle and three cial closing ceremony Saturday, problems now are out of the wayjthe first of five subjects whichbining and cutting the original 70iconditions at the time were slip-jwill be declared operational atjboxes of 16 gauge shotgun shells to the left fender and bumper of the Bowers auto. The accident occurred at the outset of a snowstorm yesterday a new type of instant firing in- j that the left wing window was President might announce that turning to the auto a short time the first flight of 10 Minutemen, ! after he parked it, Derr noticed It was the Pope's first attend-land the council will move ahead! came up for discussion the (drafts to 20 all-inclusive drafts. Ipery. i Turn to Poge 5 Turn to Poge 5 - towards end of period. Temperature 7:00 o.m 25 12:00 noon 29 2:00 p.m. ..............32

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