Bennington Banner from Bennington, Vermont on May 10, 1842 · 1
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Bennington Banner from Bennington, Vermont · 1

Bennington, Vermont
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 10, 1842
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. ST.ES BA1T1TE3. is PuBLISilB,-AT BgNNINUTON, EaisT . VII,; - Iage, (V't.,) every Tuesday Moanirt a, ' .-; - by . i r . '. E. DAVIS & J. I. C. COOK? v Ofice Opposite the Franklin-Mouse. ' TEPIS. Two Dollars per ' annum, payable within the first three months. When delivered at the office, or otherwise' than bv a Carrier, One Dollar and J Fifty Cents in Advance.' Advertisements inserted on the usual terms. ." v From the Norlh Star. '-' f Song oroiilen Times. There was a time in the Old World's prime, Wfhen Loy6 was fiesli nnd pure) . ' And eyes shone bright wnb Love's own light, That would for aye endure; - The hue of the cheek did eloquently speak But what Love's promptings were; tfnd lips did unclose like the bud of the rose - But to show Love's sweetness there. pwStie glad earth round were the traces fqund . . liere tils J)iigrit loot had trodv - . And flowrets sweat beneath liis feet, . - Spiangup to bl93 the sod. The Angola tod came down to view i The beauties of primal birth, QualPd Love's bright wine with lips divine, Then barter'd Heaven for Earth. Alas! the days are gone when with dance nnd song Love 'rul'd o'er land-and sea ; Now Gold dolii reign and so wido its domain . Few faiflilul vassals hath Is . ' i-V. From the English Jliiigizine for Jlarch. ";''Thc iflystcricus Wsicst, . v A; ABSORBING STORY. Upon an eminence between a wood, a morass, and a river, at some distance from the highroad, stands a wooden country house, with a green and antiquated roof.-Here usually throughout the summer, and sometimes too in autumn, resides Gaurilla Michailowitsch P ,a retired captain, and at present district justice, a very worthy man. w are all distrie-justices -in the V a department. . , i Early one Sunday morning, in the month of August, 1830, his worship Gaurillq Mic-hailowilish, with his honored lady Pras-kowja Jegorow-na, sat off for the city in o britchka, ta transact sundry urgent matters of buisness, viz. to go to church, ,to drink with his reverence, the protopope. lo eat and be convivial with ilje disirict attorney, dant's Jadv, to read the St. Petersburg pa pers at the district treasure's, and to play i . . '. t 1.. t..'.l the master and mistress driven from their door, when all the servants '.followed then example, nnd quitted the house. The but ler went to see his cousin in the village ,; the cook betook himself to the public house to drink brandy ; thecook-maid to the river, to catch crav-fish ; Piochor and Daria went nutting in the wood , Waska aud Natascha strayed to the heath to gather cranberries, &c: Duna alone remained in the house : Duna, the pearl of the whole W a de partment, fair as a lily, Iresli as a rose, eraeeful as a cedar, a spigh'l, virtuous jdamsel, by her calling a housemaid, by her natural good qualities the lavorite ol her mistress, the grand object of the fre-. ouent visits of the roaster of the house t? the women's apartments, the victim of mi inordinate propensity of the district clerks for kissing, the goaaess ior w:iose sane the arovernor's valet, who like herself had been brought up in the great world, in the Newska Perspective.neglectea the polisti- ing of Ins master s boots, to tne great scandal and indignation of the whole provincial administration ; none but he could nnoreciate her feelings, none but she could duly estimate the grace of his deportment. They mutually aaorea earn omer as oniy hearts can adore that have taken tire by the Kasan Bridge m St. Petersburg-, and they were ns.happy as none can be but in the coutry. tiirls shut up in tne nouse oy inemseives are always afraid of thieves Duna, there- lore," euicfnllji nie"d tllO" -OUlei-uui, and to avoid thinking of theives, she went to bok at herself in the glass while she waited for the valet, wnom sne naa given to understand that her inas'cr and miss- tress were to spenu tne wnoie ui.v m 1 . I ...nlnal riAOC sioic moon, Duna arranged her curls, set ner necaer- chief in order, ugiiteneu uer igii"., ..-u hummed a tune, when suddenly mere was 1 ti a rlnnr. That is he ! nna tine an arrow bue new and opened it to let hnn in. , 'Ati : 11 is not he, , , 'I am your man, repueu nUnj voice, is there cautiously entered through the oppn door a big built tello.v in a tat-tared frieze cloak and faded cap, with a .....ikn fnce much in want 01 me um- ber's olhce, terriuie ioxv B,UJ,1'"""": . a uusKy tc iv... . .-. , and tloou-inirsty eyes ; mo ype Ol me cuaiiuiu" u. . vi.; or one of those diabolical figures that are only to be seen in Salvator Rosa's paint-ing. The astonished Duna recoiled some ..n.i,nd repeated with a sigh from the f . I I .1 r, f n Mill, bottom of her heart, 'It is no he ! Meanwhile the stranger had stepped in. find Wiih I he utmost coolness closed .the door again, locked it, and put the key m his pocket. 'What do you wont? Who nre you ? cried Duna. 'Why do you put the key in your pocket V ' j 'Don't be alarmed, my Hula dear, TFTF! 1R A WATT!? TO .-! IN THOSE THINGS -VOIi, 2i said, smiling, 'I am come lo pay vou a visit. J he time must have humr heavv on your hands all alone here.' 'jNot at all. But what do mean .bv pocketing the key ?' ' Instead ot answennsr, he went her, and patted her ore the cheek up to . She sprang tofc it Irom him. VV hi -do vou lock the donr t live me the kevof I will Crv out.' 'ThStV'iTl do vou no eood. " I know verv well there fs no one in the house.'." 'A-prettv thinff, indeed ! ' Come in without 'with your leave or by your leave,' and loeii.Uie uoor as it you worn in your own '-' . 'J always lork the door when i Wve the tick,, to be alone with so pretty a girl as you, my angel !' -and once more he. patted her with his coarse, dirty , hand. The an gry Duna retreated into a corner. 'But who are you ? It is very unhand some, so it is, to nvike lun of a girl, and. tease her so without any acquaintance.' . 1 never visit acquaintances, he replied, with an altered look, and a tone that froze the poor girl'sblood. in everr antechamber and chancery ot- U'.'e, JJuna bore the reputation ot affirl or spirit. .She was no easy conquest. Many a presumptuous clerk had felt the print of her nails in his face to that degree that he was not ''likely to forget it, though ha should live to be a master in Chancery. Duna, in fact, did honor to the virtue, of Si P,,-,.l Rni , n..r.,1 , I' chancery clerk, with his inky Enters, is a trifle to a girl who has been brought UP . . IiU K ' fZ i in the best milliner's shop in the Newska Persoective ; an unshaved, broadshonl- dered," ugly vagabond, in a frieze cloak, with red rntistachios and violent nose. is quite a different sort of thing, and e- nough to frighten any body. Duna began to cry. , . ; - , - ' Dim t cry, my little duck ; I won t do you anv harm, he sau:, in a softer tone, as he drew near her. Now, this softer tone ilarmed her even more and Mie involunta rily stretched out her arms to keep him off. ' 'Who are you, I say V sle, ci it d, in despair, but wiili an assumption of couraae, ,viih a fire, that was rrrudually extinguish ed by . her gushing tears. ! Yoii shall tell ne on the spot who vou are ' firv.T fv-i r . rr-r.-r-rr ::t ' Yi.' who nrfi vo:i ? Your i-aflina Your name ?' ' " ' ? ' ; ' .'I am a thief.' 'A ;hiff!' she echoed fallering'y, turn in? its whi'e as 'snow. , '1 am a thief by iiame nnd a robber by station,' he said, with a smile, and look- ing tenderly into her blue e,esj but the smile on his face resembled the ghastly glimmering of the moon upon the foul waters of the morass. Duna was terrified a cold tremourran through her frame ; but seeing that her visitor was making sport of her uneasi ness, she rallied herself a' little, and cried hurriedly, but with a tremulous voire robber ?. Pooh ! what a horrid life.' Every man to his callin?. I had fin-' other once ; but now, I say. my pretty las, ciiia m rt snmotlinrr t rt Hit T hntfa nnt hilt .. . c..,..... . ''I .:il t,,,. La,r.,, ,r,H ;i,n,dy sh'.p were his .acquaintances, his be wtih. fi,t0r, r.Jtm I., mw i,:. i arm round her neck to kis3 her. The fight of his-bristly chin and formidable ' mustachios charging so fiercly upon her, the sight of his ugly red nose that nearly touched her cheek, put her in a down- right passion ; and with the strength that makes heroes of us in moments of extreme peril, she pushed jhe audacious fellow baci. 'Hands off, if you please, -Mr.' Robber ! I'd thank you not to frighten3 me fur nothing. I know what you are come for.' 'You know, do you ? Well, what is it then V 10 'Pe1?! 'voTl's T ?eV3P"gVA?1 ,n? will have you up for it. Give -me back thu key this moment, and be off' 'Some breakfast,' growled tho stranger. . 'I have no breakfast for you j there is nothing to eat in the whole house. Go breakfast in the piblic- House, if you have a mind. By the same token you smell of brandy enough to knock one backwards; dare say you have made a verv good breakfast already.' 'What ! nothing to eat ?' he muttered, knitting his brow, nnd bending a piercing glance on the gill as he put his right hand down towards his boot. 'Vo you see this V said hp, showing her a broad bladed knife with small black speckles.tra ces of recently tlied blood he had some j where hastily wiped oil on the grass. I have no time to hike with vou ' Poor Duna stnrted with open eyes, and seemed petrified by his basilisk glances. Ureakinst v no snouted. , "Immediately !' 'Be quick ; I have no time to lose.' Take whatever vu pleise ; there some roast meat of yesterday in the cup hoard, nnd some brandy 'Show me into the parlor.put everything you hve got 011 the luble, and stir yourself.' Pale and bewildered, she tottered to the cupbonrd in the antechamber. He stuck the knife iu his boot, nnd followed her step by step. Bread, brandy, salt, butter, cheese, and cold roast veal, were he WHICH ARE ESSENTIAL LET THERE BE UNITY BEmGTOHf;- TOMAY; lO, I 42. !laeed on the same table where the' proprietors of the house had recently breakfasted, before setting off for the town. He seated himself, seized Duna's arm, and forced her down beside him, ' , 'Well, I say, said he, bolting the fnt veal with ravenous voracity, and squint-'" nig siuewiiys at ii is companion, I av vou a jolly start, didn't I V l oeneve you ciiq ; 1 wonuer who would not be frightened so ?' " ; A 'You did wrong -to slarid bnt' against me. If you had done what I wanted' 'at ones you health. JJriuk. a JittleJff m'e; butlell me, what death will drop to keen me comnanv.' ' ' h,V . . . -a, v . "-I neijtlntik bra V r ,'ZJ , CTtiar'i-'a piiy) it's crffir brandv. - VV hat s your Pime-?' " t),., . . ' l hat s a:ijc, ,.bg, ntd, wth hjs -nioutfi I taken whatever you pleased ; I did not fulP and scowling on her... H -know yojruhinder you. " ' i: nartio n Anaotja Jeremeewra.' . t 'That's very true; iut do you see, I can't 'Then why do vou nsk, JJi' Jcnow ?':( Abide leaving eye witnesses behind me: 'To try your candor. OapHa'l I wash my hands of them bv all means. to ul sure ; is mere any mors ot it . lheie is another boltla in the cun board.' ',- i'; . : 'Have the goa'dness to bring it here. There it is.' . 'Thank vou. you a kiss for it By your leave I'll give Duna no longer dared to resist ; shj? submitted with the best grace she coul' to the' rude kiss, contenting herself wftH vv.pmgtne piai-e wnere nis snarp beard nnd eprn hflil hor c-ai q!-:- until tt m.q.t- bled. .. - vn uli-iii.4 in. I .v U ill 11 Ulltu it lit III 'To show you that I am up to a thing' cm two,' he went on, after he had gulphed hirf. third glass of brandy, 'X will tell vou tliatwdotja Jemejewna, answer quickly a cierK orougnt your master J.ouu rou bles yesterday from Ivanowitsch F -. whose case was brought last week fore the district ourt. Is not that the case s . 'May be so. 'Well, where dqesyour master keep bis money ?' " Stv' : 'Iteally I do not know.1 . 'But I do ; we shall soon find it. . Aw-dotja Jercmejewna, mv pet, my dail-i ;ing . ' ;-:....'... 'What is your pleasure V ' -I 'I wish my love, you would be sosia' . .'.'"-' .... - - - - - Vnar IJuna ivns FnrrprTlrvmalrA ' happiest humor he lau'uha-! and ' jokl j f with her : Duna Erradunlly forgot her te rors, grew bolder, defended herself becotriy inriy : nav. launeu aioua, ana enuenvor ed to disauise her intense anxiety uriderl "" ' 1 eue". in sacre? that the red nosed truest might soon drink his fill, and take his leave, and the- ineompnnbl Iwan might soon arrive to indemnify !(r sensitive heart to this fearful torment. Alas ! Iwan, who had got leave of the Governor, left the '.own, nnd sped rt-ith'ioot and was about to plunge it into her u... ..i.. .,. ...:.u i t,:. r., it ,.' tenderness and hope, to meet her. lie walked not he. flew. Cupid had fastened his own wing to bis boot'. He flew like an arrow". Baton his way lay a brand v" shop ; there is no road without them. He a !, a t... it ; but in the bran- lo ved Iriends He made a halt with themtn: fin nt nnrP? I have lost a deal of for a moment only a moment-and uP?eJ W.,1Q ,.V,ein- 11 nappenea quite , gainst nis win ; lie was even in uvpair y- Dl)na; y0 shal dje in the pleas-it. Altogether it was one of the most mr-(ast nln,,pr. it ;s nn i,lv death .that of morable victories ever nchicVedFrienj jnifti jf f might choose myself, I ship over Love. . -.. '. ' J .' . 'fixtoui raiher be knouted, when my time Meanwhile the ugly vagabond had emls-iomcai ve will looii about for a cord,'-lied his sixth glass of-'brandy. At tUpj The wretched girl, powerless in mi"d seventh he grew pensive, pursed his brows and nit nis lips as it a pang shot 'through his vitals ; a dark shadow passed Jike.n cloud over his countenance; suddenly k sprang from his seat, and without intendtrig it, pushed so strongly against his-comtn- ion, that she almost fell between his fePt.- " , " ; ? - i- .1. lif.nlp the hrpnti. ondin neice ol UEui. from the table, put them into ihe'-fafbom- less pockets of his Cloak, and 3aid: 1 hank you for bread and salt toFour hospitality. Uaurilly Micliailowiiscn-Keeps his money in thesecretary, eh? Whr'dont you npeali? You see I am not so bad is vou hought at first, my pretty chicit. f love von 1 ovp vou so mucn: iusi tei me what s'ort ofjeath von would like best b'die? Shall I cut off your head, t-h? Urjiould vou raiher I should hang you from thai beam, for instance? Don't "be afraid only say what vou would like best, ciiam ng Duna.' J -i. 'What pleasure can vou take in phie ing me so cruelly?' said Duna, not je . 0 .. .... J . :.u . I .1 ing mat tne ugiy jester whii mo ipse was in earnest. . , . xjt un 'Whv rlnn't von answer ?' he said ining the secretary and the x j 'I should be glad to know wh ?thor Jdi -would rather be hanged, ; or 'Y Gai.rilla Michailowitsch keeps his rhdiey under two locks, does he? Stay a bW-n is not the first we have coaxed open-So saying, he took sn iron instrtneni out of hi? pocket, and immediate!' jegnn 01 use it to open the lock. Duna stoodas 1. spell bound in tne roiuuie ui ticmbling in nil her frame. .Well i-c it then? Sne ioom, out Avvdotja Jeremejewna. Can't youjnake tin vour mind? Curse the lock. , Jvdot- ja Jeremejewno, I wait your anSN-, my precious. This is tne stronger u . M NONESSENTIALS, LIBEETY J AND IN seen this many a day, Will you speak or notf ':. . ;The secretary burst open with a crash. ,- .'VVhoo! what" a list of fine things! Bank no'esand ducats, and, watches ! They don't :go : spoiled most-likelj. . A ring! I don't want it. Oh. I'll lake these diamonds. kp these all'crumbs of office?' Cbaltinrr in i his fashion with himsplf j.lnd .with Duna, he jammed his pockeis itith money, watches and then turned ab- fvptlv to the half dead girl, J 'Well, my love your. choice? Waste no yon elrf'lNnfsWl. Ar'n't you ashamed, rT Ifls a, Very-'vglv-ioke this,', .iX'.:. U I nra nV joking at all, my sweet: one. 'What have I iflne t vnn - Vnn havo witti other3i don t. stand on ceremony as you, my love, are such a nice, good-: Jnatured, amiable little' dear, I will srive ' ivou vour choice of death. . I, love nolite- pol Jness. I too, have been brought up in St Petersburg. Still she would not Uelieve that he was in earnest. , ;., . ' . 'Now then, let's have it at once. Let's putrompiiments asides I'm extremejy so'rry, but vou must die by my hand. ' I 4m not going to be such a fuol as to let you live, to tell what sort of moustachios, eyes, nose, clothes, &c.; I have pot what J'jdid here, and .which 'way I went, Now - j t.very word ot her colu-blooded tortu- yr was a dngger-stroke lo her; her wh'de be-zHJood, all the warm current of her life. cr(j ,'d b-i k upon her heart; her limb grew icv cold and floods of tears poured (Sown her inanimate face. ; She tottered, Jhd fell to the floor. In her fall she caught flic robber's foot, and kissed it. V 'Have mercy on ineHshe shrieked: Oh, spar my life I implore you! I swear to yfb sfcy ; , uriiiie me nuiy v irsjin, i win nut i,.. r .i.-.tti. ir.' '. . -ii a syllable toanv one. ".May I never fee heaven if I do! tor the sane of -"The ilessed St. Nicholas, have comnassioh, tin- ie',me,! ; I .vi'tl pray all ny life for yotts :myown fiOher. or brother ' - ; vain she raised" her itnpTorins looks ami inn towards him; in vain she fetich bis stony heart with all th tt intense 1'spair and the clinging love for a youth1 fed, joyous existence could breath 'ntd the . pwiingren fordV the vci-.e; and the tears ,of "y!, Ite'pless betni. The viilian harder ban granite, grew every moment more 'cruel and -savage'. Racing with impatience, he caught her by t,he hair, forced 'back her head, drew hi knife from his Ci. , Oh. oh,! for the love of Heaven, sob bed the unfortunate girl, beside herself n! ihe sight of the terrible kr.ife; 'hang ine! hang me! No bloody death! Mercy, .Hang me rather.' ' 'Aye, aye,' he said with a hideous grin? 'in vrtit pun snpnk nt last. Whv did no' lir4e aireadv: still I can't refine you the fa for- vou are such a nice girl! Don't be - nj 0v throucrh terror, cold as ice.tremb- ling and almost lifeless, submitted to al! his -ommands. The rope was soon tuund land the murderer returned with his vic tim to the same room where the remains of the breakfast still stood upon the table He threatened lo kill her instantly it she placed'-a chair on the ("able and "scran nimbly upon it. Having fastened the rope round the beam he drew the knife from his boot, cut off the projecting part of the rope, stuck the knife iiilo the beam, and set nbout making a double runining knot on the rope. Duna stood motionless in the middle of the room: heat nnd cold rushed alternately through her frame; sparks of fire danced before -her eyes; she saw nothing; she did nothing but pray, confess her sins, commend herself to all the saints, and mentally bid farewell to nil uhnt was dear to her,in life. ' 'Presently, presently, mv previous!' said the murderer, going on with his work; 'yon shall see how nicely I will hang you. I am not n new hand at the job. Do you see now, all is ready, only we must try whether the rope is strong enouph. I would not for the world you should fall to the ground, and break your ribs. It is for vour interest and my own that Draw the chair nway from under my feet.' - Duna unconsciously went up to the tabte, ond drew nway the chair; whilst the robber held Ihe rone fast tin both hands, having slipped h over one arm up to the CIOOW, IO CUUVIIlce miliar -.1 VI Jia nucuiu by swinging on it with ihe whole weight of his body, 'Push the table aside." Duna did so. , 'AH right '. it is a capital rope' it' would ALL ' THINGS CHARITY IVO. 11. bear more than you you and me togel h' er. .. He now let go the rope, intending to jump to the ground. Apparently, it was his purpose i o starve the poor girl by the bold and sudden leap; but the noose intended for her, gliding along his arm caugh him, fast by the writ, Duna's executioner had in. fact, hanged himself by the hand. r ; Though experiencing the most acute pain, he wished to conceal his critical position from i he girl, that she might not a- vail herself of it to escape. , He tried, to reach the imprisoned hand with bis left but the weight of his body prevented his bringing his. shoulders parallel : Suddenly he began to whirl and fling himse'-E wMly iluottgfr the air,--hoping the rope would snup'fbut in vain! if he had but the knife in his boot, he might have severed it, or al the worst, have cut off his hand, and saved himself by flight. But unluckilt for himvthe knife was sticking in the beam. How wasjhe trxet at it? s. He thought Sf one moans a desperate one the last. He eollected all his strength to shake the knife out - with a powerful spring. : The effort failed. - The weight of hi3 heavy frame dangling in tlte air by one hand only, his violent efforts, the presure of the tight-drawn knot, occasioned the viilian intense torture: the joints of his arms crackled and began to part; the blood oozed out under the rope from the lacerated skin and trickled into the sleeve of his cloak;, while that of tiie rest of his frame rushed from the exremities to his head.. Every mo ment seemed as if the. hand would be torn off. . He even wished that it might. His anxiety lest the people of the house should return ; his dread of being taken in this predicament; impatience, rage; the thought of -his. misdeeds of his punishment; all his guilty- life; all this possessed his tumultuous imagination, and brought his dark soul to despair. Cold sweat broke from his forehead, In spile of his tiger-like entWaH.-e, a cry of agony last "from his iron bosom. ' !- . Duna, petrified, and , thinking only of death, had hitherto looked" on in idiotic in-differance.. Fbr a long time she "did not understand what he was doing, and made' no attempt to understand., it.v 4 True, she was ailIia--uactgbjLJLi sAiii??, would slit my..-i y 'cry of '.liie" murderer wakecr ner,f., J hey hasieuc- uiitai v cry hnivever. from her trance, one saw nun bleeding, as if it were half a dream; she saw blooJ on floor hideous gaping mouth Iwith great misshapen teeth, red fiery eyes itartinz Itom their socke's; sue reaa his mo-uish in rhisilv distorted fia'ure?, and guessed at last what had happened. fl ipe animated lur: she began to think of deliverance, ' r- " ;' Awdotjd, push the table nearer!" said the robber, in altered, but 3t ill harsh and commanding aocentx, that terrified her- a-ain,and compelled her to blind obedience. Once tivife she lost her presence of mind, and pushed ihe conKT of the 'able ioward him The villain reached it with the toes of one fool; 'he raided himself up a few lines. It was for hiin a moment of heavenly enjoym?nt. Neverln his whole life had he known one like i. not even after the most successful murder. Uisag-.I.,,., onv le-is . intolerable ; no urew hrral i no-am: but his lelt nanu, wnic.n ne tried to use to free his right, was benum bed and powerles-j. The , knot too, had Town too tight; the reprobate felt that he could do no more vithoul aid. 'Awdotja Jeremejewna ! kind frimd..-r- rruod irirl! do me the favor ! . j"ip upon 1.-1 Vi!p: nntip mv firm Way do . I will .-it t-ill vnn. I only meant to frighten you. Oh, how my head swims! -" Ti, mUrrpnni's torture touched the l.t.l ImnrlAll ;,!!. mll. .TC fcell'lcgof ompassion not ufrqaenily extinguishes iV, 'lie 'bought of her own danger. That woman thinks with h?r heart, has been said thousands of limei since the invention of printing. In Duna's bosom compassion prevailed over fear, and stifled the voice of self-nreservation. She spang upon tlie table, and laboured long and hard at the knot. She could not undo it. 'Do me the favor, sweet, sweet Duna ! Fetch a knife cut ihe cursed rope I'm dying with pain , . The girl jumped off the table nnd ran to the pantry. Poor creature! she little knew the return the red-noted guest was prepared to make further kindlinas of heart. She found a knife she hurried back she was on th v thresbbold of the seen of torture, when the table on w hich the robber had rested his foot turned over with a loud noise. He had uf set it in endeavoring to change his feel. Once more he was swinging with all his weight in the air. A piercing yell told the sudden renewal of his former tortures. Duna stopped short at ihe door. His hideously disorted face "truck her witk involuntary horror; she thought it was Satan's own features she tbeheld. The sight riveted her to the spot where she stood, she shud- ered, and dared not to move a step tor- wards. She looked round and Rnw a window o-pen. The thought flashed upon her that she might avail herself of the circumstance, lint he suffers so dreadfully ! How frightfully he screams ! The rope L this Paper are Pff THE PUBLIC ORDERS HONS, LAWS, PUBLIC Etc. Ol THE UNITED I BY AUTHORIl All communications address! (free of postage) will be promptr! nttendnd Irt. must ne cut ! Duna ad v steps. That horrid gaping n totteied back, and mechanit scious of what she did, she rt to the window edge, and d'rop into the courtyard. 'Ha! devil's jade !' howled ' savagely ; 'you have done clj have slit your throat like a chi These words,, uttered in 4 agony aud despair, suddenly girl's energies. She ran to f. The monster's horrii jest hadT horrid punishment,. CouJd hef. possed that that awful momentj, her foot hung over the graved the moment of deli verance to ft atld of exemplary punisiirif guilty? Here was the finger dence., It is every where. . It . hood to mnintaiin that vice and . a- lone prosper in this world. She ran, and ran, till her stren .is nigh ehxausted; no one was in sight. its . ran funher; her breath failed her .' bs tottered she dared not look' toti !, ; at she should again see that fearful motii'.-lest she should again fall- into t!e Vnpds of her "persecutor. ' Nowhere .ving soul ! - ,. ' : v ..- . . She struggled up a rising ground. - 'Ah! there is our ;butler; and the".' ,i Waski aud Prochor. Ah ! he too is -v i h. them.' He, to wit,' incomparable Iwan, the , '- " ernor's valet. They were all ret urn.. .5 home together from the brandy slipn,' careless and happv, singing love songt. crik " ing jokes upon their masters, "with their caps set jauntly on ore side, and tacking-along the roadin. easy zig-zag. Dnfia' ran towards them, pale, with M-nring eves and flying hair ; her neck uncovered her whs uewtiuerea. iorne along ! qtucli .' quick ! quick ! she screamed; 'He i hanging ! hanging ! hanging ! the villain is hanging ! Faster-! faster !' 'Hey, darling little dove of tbe woods !". they all cried with a lanph ; .'vvl - : -hanging 1 Where is he hanging ? t us a kiss, DunuscJka.. 'Tis" a r -world !' - "' ." J ' 'He's hanging,I tell jou ! Don't In Bun to the house. . Tafcff forks., Lv ' '?, guns a thief a murderer, with f re't :. i :i i , . moustachios and a red nose ! He said he throat like a chic' ""a ! stMves as wen as vjey couiu, t..... . house door oen, and went into the parlor The robber had fainted blood streamed from his mouth and , nose ; the arm bf which he hung had grown nearly a :fi-t longer. They took him down atvl boumf him. After the return of the master r-i mistress of the house, he was; convey J the same evening to prison and delivered into the hands of Justice. ; nnd Jnst Ice could' not hut own, with astonishmeavhat never till then had so long an arm come before her. - - j- " From the N. Y- Coenmsrelil Tlvertiwr. BABTIST ANNIVERSARIES The .religions anniversaries of the Baptist denomination are now in progress in this city having been com neneed on Tuesday evening in the splended new church of Rev. Mr. Cone, corner of Broomo and Elizabeth sis. Yesterday morning the reports of die secretary and treasurtr of the Board of Foreign Missions v-cTe" read. It appeal from these docun.ut that th- aggregate amount of e-rridi-tttesfor the pi at fiscal year is $53,003,3. the rectipts duiing the same period ar $52, 137, 10; showing an expenditure over the receipts of 86,871,76.- Th .u;-? have a permanent fund of something over $20,000. Since 1826 there have been S73000 expended ,in establishing and sustaining schools among the various tribes of American Indians. The result of the orien tal. operations of this society are represented as of the luost encouraging character. InBurmah, wheiiT Mr. Jtidson, the Baptist pioneer in th East, basso long teen stationed, th cTTrr i which he has sown 13 springing up widely, and bearing much fruit. Among that most interesting people, the Karens, th church numbers now mor than thrsj thousand converts. - Among ihe exercises yesterdav, the most grntifying speech was made by Jjha bushyhenJ, a Cherokee convert, who is a preacher. The accounts lie gave of t'l Chcrokees in their new home, were dec ' ,-erte: ssting. Hestaicd that a religi-., 1 wakening had spung up among their bands when on llieii march from Gear-'t to the great West which has conn 1 to some extent until this day. Amor population of 15,000 souls, there are 1 1,000 exemplary meinbcrsof the Cbri--.. 1 church. They have a regular gov -ment,- representative in iis form, wk". settled magistracy ; and the people ore -gaged in building school-houses, opeui. J schools, esmblishing churches, nnd in t'.. adoption of uc.h other measures as see i to be necessary to bring order out ;f ttc't late confusion. - . . ' . "I shall be forertr indebted 10 you. if voa will make me a suit of clothes by Saturn's 7 night!" "Heaven forbid1' .t'olied lhf tailor. n I 9

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