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Bristol Heraldi
Bristol, Vermont
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ARE MICROBES your SCALP? OBIS The Story of the Cherry Tree Death of Benjamin, Sheldon. Benjamin Sheldon, one of Bristol'8 highly esteemod citizens, passed away Monday evening at the home of his daughter, Mrs. C. C. Currier, on Spring street, after an illness of several weeks.

Mr. Sheldon had lived in Bristol many years and was a man of integrity, and his word was as good as a bond. He hwd a wide acquaintance and his friends are numbered by the hundred. He was married to Sarah E. Myers in 1865 and five children were born to TOR THE- WISE- BUYER MILL ENDS.

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South Side 23E22 It takes two things to Intake a bar gain, good quality You will find both gree with us this month. The best place goods 25 years ago was at this store and it is the best place yet at MORE USING electric lights This week THAN A WEEK AGO. ARE YOU ONE of the additional users? If not, WHY NOT? LAKE DUNMORE POWER AND TRACTION CO Bristol, i It has been proved that mi crobs cause baldness Professor Unna of Hamburg, Genua ny. and Dr Sabourand. the leading French dermatologist, discovered that a microbe'eauses baldness.

Their theory has time and again been amply verified through research experiments carried on under the observation of eminent scientists. This microbe lodges in the Sebum, which is the natural hair oil and when permitted to flourish it de stroys the hair follicles and in time the pores entirely close, and the scalp grad ually takes on a shiny appearance, When this happens there is no hope of tne growtn ot nair being revived. We have a remedy which which will, we honestly believe, remove dandruff, exterminate the microbe, promote good circulation in the scalp and around the hair roots, and oyercome baldness, so long as there is any life left in the hair roots. We back up this statement with our own personal guarantee that this reme dy called Rexall "93" Hair Tonic will be supplied free of all cost to the user if it fails to do as we state. It will frequently help to restore gray and faded hair to its original color, pro viding loss of color has been caused by disease; yet it is is in no sense a dye Rexall "93" Hair Tonic accomplishes these results bv aiding in making every hair root, follicle, and pigment gland strong and active, and by stimulating a natural, flow, of coloring pigment throughout the hair cells.

We exact no obligation or promises we simply ask you to give Rexall "93" Hair Tonic a thorough trial and if not satis tied tell us and we will refund the money you paid us for it. Two sizes, prices oU cents ana $1.00. Remember, you can obtain it in Bristol only at our store The Rexall Store. WW Wilson. NEWS OF THE CHURCHES.

St. Ambrose Church. Mass next Sunday at 10:30 a m. Advent Church. Services Sunday.

Jan. 7: Preaching at 10:45 a and 7 by the pastor. Rev Shaw. Sunday school at 12 o'clock, Loyal Workers' meeting at 10:45 a Prayer meeting at 7:30 Wednesday evening. Baptist Church.

Services Sunday, Jan. At 10:45 a Rev. Emest M. Holman will speai upon the theme, "Saul at the Damas cus Gate." Sunday school at 12 m. This is the first Bible lesson for the new year.

'Let every one endeavor to be present and measure up to the standard of efficiency. Christian Endeavor at 6 to. Subject, "The Christian Virtues." Leader, Peckham. The vesper service will be omitted this week, and the Baptist society will attend the union service at the Ad rent church to welcome Mr, Shaw, the new pastor. Junior Endeavor meeting at 3:45 eyery Thursday.

Mrs. Mary Rider, superintendent. Prayer meeting this (Thursday) evening at 7:30 o'clock. This is the covenant and business meeting and all are urged to be present. Special topic, "What Next?" Methodist Church Class meeting Sunday morning at 9:30, led bV Milo Abernethy.

Preaching at 10:45 a and 7 by the pastor, Rev Stone. Bible study at the close of the morning service. Men specially invited to attend the men's Bible class, where men of all classes meet on a common level, and the spirit of real brotherhood is very manifest, League devotional seryice at 6 m. This service is taking on new life and we are going to make this the best year in its A cordial welcome to all. Prayer meeting on Thursday evening at 7:30 o'clock.

The month will be given over to a study of the Apostle Paul. Don't miss these meetings. Take pains to find out all you can about the great apostle and come to the meetings with a determination make them in- terestnig. On Thursday afternoon at the close of school there will be a meeting of the children conducted bv the pastor. Pa rents, remind your children of this and encourage them to come.

Congregational Church. Services Sunday, Jan. 7, will be as follows: Morning service at 10:45. Ser mon by the pastor, Rev. E.

J. Ranslow. Subject, "Our High Priest." Sacrament of the Lord's supper in connection with the service. Bible school at the close of the morning service. Evening Union srvico at the Advent church.

Christian Endeavor meeting Monday eyening at 7 o'clock. Consecration meeting. Topic, "Christian Virtures. I. Courage." Leader Rev E.

Ranslow. The Sunday school has adopted the Cross and Crown system for regular and faithful attendance and Bible study. It is important that every member should be present Sunday. Praver meeting and preparation lecture this (Thursday) evening. Outlook Club.

Jan. 5. Pleasure resorts of America. Mrs Dickerman, hostess. "Go winter! Go thy ways! We want again The twitter of the bluebird and the wren; Leaves ever greener growing, and the shine.

Of a summer's sun not thine." Cuba and Jamaica, Mrs. Patterson. California. Mrs. Hanks, Piano duet, rs.

Norton and Mrs, Donio. Yellowstone Park, Mrs. tHckerraan, Parliamentary law. I is a them, four of whom survive him Mrs. Anna Sturtevant of Freeport.

and Mrs. Lena Currier of this village, Warner Sheldon of Meredith, N. and Walter Sheldon of this village; he is also snrvived by two brothers in Massachusetts and a sister in Connecticut. The funeral was held Wednesday afternoon at 2 o'clock from the house. Revv.

E. R. Stone officiated, assisted by Rev. E. J.

Ranslow. The bearers were E. H. Eastman, H. N.

Tatro, C. N. McGee and Dr. G. F.

Edmunds. The burial was in Greenwood cemetery by the side of his wife. Mr. Sheldon served in Co. First Vermont cavalry during the rebellion.

He was a member of W. C. Dunton post, G. A. the Eastern Star and Libanus lodge of Masons.

The floral offerings were in profusion, including pieces from the Masons, Eastern Star, Bristol railroad arid others. A Sound and Growing Savings Bank. That every Savings Bank in Vermont is a sound one there can be no question of a doubt. The 'confidence placed in our home institutions is evidenced by the recently published report of Bank Commissioner; F. C.

Williams, which shows a gain is deposits for the past year by nearly every Savings institution; and, if a bank's increase in deposits is emblamatic of its soundness and strength, then the old Marble Savings Bank of Rutland occupies a leading position. Its 58th semi-annual statement at the close of business December 30th, 1911, has just been issued and is printed in full on the financial page of this paper. The institution shows a splendid gain in deposits for the year ended and is in a prosperous condition. Within the past four years this savings bank has gained in net deposits, which means, taking out the interest added to the accounts, upwards of half a million dollars. During this time it has gone from the ninth position in size, among the twenty one Savings Banks of the state, to the sixth, certainly a snowing gratifying to Officers, Trustees, and Patrons alike.

Nearly ail the money invested by The Marble Savings Bank is placed in first mortgages on farms or real estate. It is the safest security. on earth, and in the more than a quarter of a century' of existence of this Savings Bank not a dollar has ever been lost on a farm loan. Besides this careful management of its affairs, governed by "directors who direct. The Marble Savings Bank carries a large Reserve, or Surplus, Fund, which, together with interest on investments, amounts to over 8 per cent of its total deposit, being in excess of the amount necessary by law in paying 4 ner cent interest on deposits.

As evidencing the safety of making deposits by mail, it may be stated that in the years of business of The Marble Savings Bank, not a dollar in transit has ever been lost bv either bank or depositor. It is perfectly safe to- make deposits by personal check, bank draft, postorhce money order, or express money-order, without registering the letter. The Bank's statement may be had by forwarding a postal card of request. If further information is desired, a letter addressed to John N. Woodfin, President, or to Ivor S.

MacFarlahe, Treasurer, Rutland, Vermont, will receive a prompt and courteous reply, Rutland Herald. Saves two Lives. "Neither my sister nor myself might be living to-day, if it had not been for Dr King's New Discovery" writes A McDonald of Fayette-ville, C. RFD No 8, "for we both had frightful coughs that no other remedy could help. We were told my sister had consumption.

She was very weak and had night sweats but your wonderful medicine completely cured us both It's the best I ever used or heard of." For sore lungs, coughs, colds, hemorrhage, lagrippe, asthma, hay fever, croup, whooping bronchial troubles, its Bupreme. Trial bottle free. 50c and $1. Guaranteed by Bristol Drug Co. Now Is The Time To get your engine put in good condition for the fall and winter work.

Don't wait. All kinds of machine repair work' Prices right. Give us a call. Batteries, Oils, Gasoline Supplies. and P.

R. HILL Haymarket Square Bristol, Vermont East Starksboro. Mrs Joseph Brown, Sr. who has been sick a long time, is some better. Ransom Purinton, of the Moodv in stitute of Chicago, is visiting his par ents, John Purinton and wife.

Charles Alger and family of More- town spent new year with his parents. James Alger and wife. Joshua Brown of Huntington Center is visiting bis parents, Joseph Brown. Miss Clara Wright who has been visiting relatives in the wfist, returned home Friday. She spent Christmas with her great uncle Ransom Pierce, wno win be well remembered here.

hand than we want The wise will buy these now. covers, bed blankets and little prices. to an unusual de to buy dependable Vermont Takes this And the Bristol Herald ONE YEAR. All old subscribers who pay up to date and $1.20 will receive one of these kitchen sets. 1, PHOTOGRAPHS Blodgett's Studio is.

doing business these DAYS and NIGHTS, too. Plenty of light, and if you're an eleventh hour believer come any time before the 23d and work done forXmas, ELECTRIC STUDIO. BRISTOL RAILROAD. Taking effect Oct. 1, 1910.

G.inq Wbst 8.00 8.14 8.20 A .20 8.40 A 11.10 11.24 11.30 11.50 11.56 12.10 Bristol, Lv. 8.05 8.19 8.25 PM 4.40 4.46 5.00 New Haven, N. H. Junction, Ar. Going East.

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W. Y. Wilsom. the Rev. Ill Hicks 1912 Almanac.

Before the great Drouth of 1901, the Hicks Almanac gave timely warning, For over two years prior to 1911, the Hicks Almanac again sounded a warning of drouth danger, And so for forty years this same friend of all the people has steadfastly; refused the offers of speculators and continue to warn the public of the corning dangers of storm and weather. As they sin mid have done, the people have nobly stood by Professor Hicks, their faithful public sarvant, who has grown old in their service. Send only one dollar to Word and Works Publishing Company. 3401 Franklic Av euue, St. Louis.

Missouri, and get his Maga.ine and Almanac both for one year. The Almanac alone, a fine book of pages, is only 35c. by mail, Let everybody respond and receive the warnings of our National Seer for the coming year. THE DANfaFH OF I a nirDi; is its ratal tenaency to pneumonia. ro cur your la grippe coughs take Foley's Honey anc far Compound.

Fisher, Washington, Ka! says: "I was troubled with a severe attack ol Is its fatal tendency to pneumonia. To cure and Kas lagripp that threatened pneumonia.A friend advised Foley's Honev and Tar nmnn.m.i and I got relief after taking the first few doses I took three bottles and my lagrippe was cured." (it the genuine in the yellow package. Sold by Bristol Drug Co. FOLEY'S HOMEY AND TAR COMPOUND is a reliable family medicine. Give it to your children, and take it yourself when you feel a cold coming on.

It checks and cures coughs and colds and croup and prevents bronchitis and pneumonia. MONKTON. Miss Calla Miles has resumed her duties as teacher in St George after spending the holidays with her parents Regular services at Friends church Sunday morning at 11, Bible school following morning service. Sunday eyening at 7.80. Thursday evening prayer meeting nt 7.30.

Daisy and Lue Russell are visiting in Starkshoro, I I BRISTOL HERALD pvpVished weekly by WILSON BROTHERS. TERMi-. SI a Year in the United States. a Year if sent to Entered at the post office at Bristol as second class matter. The increase of $0,000,000 in the ings banks of Vermont means, bow much of a decrease in the grand list in each town in the state next April? Users of kerosene oil were made happy New Year's day when they had to pay 12c a gallon, instead of 10c as heretofore.

Another argument in favor of electric lights. The ownership of the Montpelier Journal is a subject that seems worry a portion of the state press Its attitude toward Candidate DeBoer is another "thorn in the flesh." The ownership of that paper is none of our concern, but we admire the stand the Journal takes on peculiar antics in his attempt to induce the people to present him with the republican nomination for governor. Resolutions passed bv the RFD carriers of Addison county: Whereas. It has pleased Almighty God to remove from our midst brother Williams; therefore, Vie it Resolved. That we, the rural letter carriers of Addison county, in convention assembled at Vergermes, Vt, -Tan 1, 1012, do hereby extend svmpithy to our brother's widow and son for the loss of their loving husband and father.

Resolved, That these resolutions be spread upon the records, copic. forwarded to the RFD News and county papers and one to Mrs, Williams. ti. VV bl'OONEU, Committee. FOLEY KIDNEY Pll L5 always give satisfaction because thev always do the work.

'THhelnut, Bremen, Ida, says: "I have used IToley Kidney Fills with great satisfaction and found more relief from their use than from any other kidney medicine, and I've tried almost all kinds. I can cheerfilly recommend them to all sufferers for kidney and bladdar trouble." Hold by Bristol Drug Co Foley's Honey and Tar Compound "Cures In Commissioners' Notice. ESTATE OF D. B. HEADER.

The undersigned, having been appointed by the Hon. Probate Court for the District of New Haven, commissioners, to receive, examine, and adjust all claims and demands of all persons against the estate of D. K. Meatier, late of Bristol, in said District, deceased, and all claims exhibited in offset thereto, hereby give notice that we will meet for the purposes aforesaid, at the Probate Office in the town of Bristol in said district, on the 18th day of Jan. next, from 1 o'clock p.

ni. until 4 o'clock p. m. on each of said day. and that six months from the 4th day of Nov.

A. U. 1911, is the time limited by said Con rt for said creditors to present their claims to us for examination and allowance. Dated at Bristol, this 26th day of Dec. A.

D. 1911. i X'W." PoYlaed, Send in your subscriptions now and get the Herald until Jan. 1913, for the same price. Address WILSON Bristol.

Vermont. STARKSBORO. Mrs Brown is visitina hr parents. Hoel Sayles and wife. ERWyman and wife entertained a partv of twenty at whist New Year's night.

John Dike is improving. His many friends are pleased that he is to retain the sight of his eye. School begins in the village Jan 8. Mrs Knox of Hineslmrg has leen visiting her grandfather, Stephen Hanson. Mr Skiff of Greenfield, Conn, is visit- ing at Ellison's James Tobin ot hpriiitnrtKl, is visiting his aunt, Mrs Mary Conway.

South Starksboro. Glynn Parker and Henrietta May Nioolls of Middletown, Conn, were married Dec by Rev Mr Hyde of the First Baptist church at Middletown. They came to Starksboro to his uncle's, Daniel Sargent's on their wedding trip, Elsie Hallock, who has been quite sick and under the doctor's care, is improving in health. Etta Hallockof Bristol is visiting her sisters in this place. George and Edwin Hallock are getting out white birch for the Frary Co.

of Bristol. Miss Caroline Underbill of Brooklyn standing the holidays with her niece Ethfd Cbapin, at Mr Birdsall's. Ralph Elliot of Shelbum is home for visit. I.

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