The Brandon Union from Brandon, Vermont on March 4, 1910 · 5
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The Brandon Union from Brandon, Vermont · 5

Brandon, Vermont
Issue Date:
Friday, March 4, 1910
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I THE BRAHDON UNION, FRIDAY MARCH 4, 1910 There will be a regular convocation of Farmer's CoxncJ lit). 9, R. and S. if. at Uasciuo Kail. Wednesday. March 9ta at 7-30 o'clock. There will be work on the degrees. BRANDON Him Nellie Bngg ha (one to Boston. Miss May Oram hat returned to Barrc, Vt. W. G. Scott, of Barre, YL, waa in to wa this week. Miss Mary Tarbk baa returned from Pittalord. Mrs. Addic Feed baa returned from Rochester, Xt. Edward Prrocb has returned from Horseshoe, X. Y. Mis Carrie Ormnbee has returned from Burlington. Mrs. E. O. Gates, of Weston, is a guest of Mr. I. N. Chase. Mrs. flattie Belknap, of K-ist Middle-burr, is at A. A. Pond'. Miss Sum Smith, of Sjilikbury, is spending a frw days in town. B. D. Thomas is in serving as petit juror nt count v couit. Mrs. C. K. Mai lev, v( Montreal, is visiting at . S. Vanby's. Mis Harriet l.oviioy, of Mi IdlcburV, ia visiting liunls in town. Prank Pcttcc, ol llnrs.-slior, N. Y., has returned to Ins home in town. Mik Louim- Xt-iron, il S.i lif.1 Miry , sjicnt Sunday with Vis Alice iltivK- A iluuKhtri sn In it ii Tuesday, Mar. 1st to Mr. and Mt. II. A. Carr. SI a n let Cli'M', ol Hull.ilii, Vmitrd nt Mis. A I it II. S. input's this ul. Miax II rii'i-i- 1'iatt has taken a posi-tun atlcik in t'ir Huii h rn store. II. K C. V it-i.i iin.1 V. G. McClintock are nt the lirnmlnn Inn lor a lew days. . A daiikh'.c I in, Mar. 1st to Mr. ank Mrs James Mclonald. Frederick ('.. I lei twooil, c.f Ycimont, ; iaid Brandon u social tall Inst Friday. Miss Helen Kipler and Mrs. 12. S. Marsh has returned tiuiii Washington, D.C. Mrs. Will Lmlam, who lins lieen visiting friends in Kretie, .. H., has returned home. Mrs. K. I". vvrv.of I'.rmivilte. N. Y., ia visiting Mr. tud Vlrs C. E. Severy at the I Miss llnitie Tslaliiook lias returned jroin Kutlaiitl. where she has been lor several weeks MissSumm Talbot, who linn lieen in Buitiigton mill vicinity lor a few weeks, has rriurnci'. C. M. Wnii-luw, who wns recently opt rati 1 Uxm at Mary Fktchcr bospi-tal is miprovii.g. Mrs. . . 1.' iftus. Miss A. U. bptagur and M a K in Sprnxue have returned from New Yoik. Mr. .in I Mr. A. O. Ourgy are in Ne Yoik in the interest ol Mrs. Hurgv's millmrt) business. Mrs. Arthar Terry goes todav to Ans- ablc Forks, N. V., called there bv the ill- mm ol her mother, W. T. Smith, the Carv.-r street livery man, has added a line passenger Catalac car to bis equipment. J. 11. lobiaon has accepted the position of organist in the Congregational church at Manchester, Yt. Albert IHirgy hat moved from the Knapp tenement on Carver street to his father bona on Kossiter street M iss Phoebe Soonest rahl, w ho has been the goes! of Mrs. YY. A. 0 rover lor several weeks, has returned to her borne in New York. Misses Mary aad Nellie Evana, who were called to Brandon on account of the illness ol their mother, have returned to New York. IH. aad Mm 0. C. Baker have aa aoaaced the engagement of their daughter Kva Frances, to loaepb Perktas Shepbard of Fair Havea, Yt. Mrs. . K. Ilattoa aad two sons have returned to their home in Swampacott Mass., alter apeading three weeks with Mr. and Mrs. B, W. Brtgg. Mrs. Wllhan H. Seaver baa returned to her home ia Tarts College. Mass after sprudiag arveral weeks with bet aastcr. Mrs. C. V. Need ham. K. II Everest who lor 13 years has been employed ia the Barabam store as head clerk, baa resigned his powtioa aad aspects to go iato the stattoactv aad aewspaprt baatacsa. The hiseral of Mr. Jarvia Pbctpa was held trow the home of bcrdaaghter, Mrs. bash oa Monday. Feb. 2Sth Mr. Indus was ill oalv a kt davs. She wss J years of age. Mrs C. M. Caacy. asothar of Mrs. taU'U lUt of that town, (bed at her hoase ia biting Wedaeaday atoning aged vtsrs. The raacval will be held roan the Baptist charvh m that place jststti at 1 r. M. Maa Xettw Johaaoa. Maw Matilda FWassa sad Mrs. Jaactt RoMr attead ed tat rnarral of Frank Fsrv sa East MsidfcWy a Wedaeaday. Mr. Fare waa a coma at" A. & Fan at that ua. la spec of aamvaeabht weather con-sMsaa aboat afty ai aaam aad tfcew haa ki rstWrrd at the bans af M. W. Ayar Wednesday niaaaa,. Mar. i. aad twaaiil aa of tat jsjanBSsM aanala 4 y raraivad taw the ban at The U. A. K. will entertain tbeirgeatk mea frirada at Mrs, George Yoang ' next Wedaeaday evening. The Royal Workers will bold a food ale oa Saturdav Mar. 5th commencing at 10 A. M. at E. N. Lewis store. Pies, doughanta, cookies and cake will be on sale. Arthar H. Pond has taken a position with the New England Dressed Meat and Wool Co., and will bay veal and all kinds of dressed meats. The meeting of the Women's Christian Temperance I'nion held at the Methodist Parsonage oa Taesday evening was wel- attended and much enjoyed. The leader asing the thought "The flatioo of the cbarcb and minsitry. A number of young men met at the home ol Charles Nccdham Tuesday night and organised a local Y. M. C. A. Coun ty Secretary Moras was present to di rect tbe organization. Tbrv will meet neit Tuesday at tbe same place to per lect their plans. Because of the Congregational Men's club selecting March 4th lor tbeir ban quel the kebekab's will postpone tbeir range sociul, which was scheduled lor that date, until Wednesday evening, March 'Jlh. Tbe social will be held in Odd Fellow's hull from 3:3 to 7:.'H). A ood hot supier will be scrted lor 13. t. Orudis will be louud growing on sprue-tices.aod every orange will lie worth opening. Everybody will be cordially wt Iconic. 11. C. Carenter went yesterday to I'lotiila uud will return aUmt April lt. Mr. 1'nrpvntcr owns a small laiui in Mil rni m County llH) miles south til j Jacksonville and this larni is JIms drsti-iiiition. Mr. CarH-ntiT fully riKcts to remove to Florida the coming fall and will make the ncceary arrangements this trip. Mr. CarKiiter states that Ins farm is located on bich land where malaria aud lever is unknown and where the dcatn rate is much lower than iu Vermont. He says the temperature never goes above SK) nor below 57. He says he is lunuliar with the whole south, but tor climate kaiid agricultural couditious there is no spot like Marrion Couutv. Koy llresce has purchased the Kclncy place at .Lake liunmore. The Krlsrv (arm lies on tbe oit nhurr ol Lake luii- nunc in Salisbury, and rxtcuds from the wntrr front bat k into the foothills of old Mootalauioo. The liuni contains 155 ucics, more or Ks, divided between wood land and tilliable li.nd. However il is not its number oi acres that makes this larm, in the opinion of experts, the must valuable paicle ol proH-rty ou this beautiful lake, but the ideal location it Us ncies The Kilsey place ha a broad frontage on tin lake, mid it ironts the lake at its a-iilert point. Its tine snniiv beach, exteuumg out into the lake several hundred leet, hits no rival in this vicinity as n hnthing resort. Th house, facing the west, is located 10J nls Irom the lake the land sloping beauti fully to the waters edge. To the north old Moosalamoo risrs a thousand leet. almost in a perpendicular line and to the east, live minutes walk, are the beautilul a sea drs. For a diversity of beautilul scenery tbe Kelsry place is without a peer in this vicinity and for the past 50 yeais has been a popular resort lor pleasure seekers and sportsmen. What Mr. Breare's intentions are in regard to this Iplace we have not beard, but his disposition is to improve everything. and the Kelsry place will not suffer nn der his management. CARVER W. SMALLEY Carver W. Smallcy died at his home in Forestdsle, Tuesday, March 1, aged 70 years. The deceased wss bant in Brandon aad the last 30 years ol his hie wen spent oa the Smaller fvrm ia this town In his younger davs Mr. Smalley travel ed somewhat ex tensive! v through the south sad west as a salesman aad he ar Q aired a geographical know led re ot his coaatry which be used as capital in many interesting stories and anecdote. Intellectually he was above the averse aad be possessed both a reten ive memory and a vivid imagination. He w as a tamer, a surveyor, atwavs inter ested in local politics, aad was a jostice of tbe peace for many years. He waa veteraa of tbe civil war. compaay C. 13th Yt. Volaateers. lit is survived bv a so a who is ia the west. CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH thviae worship Saaday atoraiag. Mar n at 10 30 Sermon by the pastor. Rev W. V. Berg, rabjet - Sen ti meat". Saaday School at 11 SO. with Bible Class toe adalta. Vesper service at 4 30, -Panty--arth ia tbe series. "The Letters of levaa." Tbe choir wiO be sap rJemeated by the rararace ol Maw Baker aad tbe Boy's Orchestra, aader the dsr- evttoa ol Mr. Hendry. Christiaa Kadeavoe at The Charvh Prayw Meet tag oa Tkars- day eveaasg at -V. The Mea sc'sh a4ds its aasasl Ladies Xht aad rUae,stascvg.tFndat March i) at the FVaadoa Is a. Laxoaxhea iirvWstra wa hegia the program at T li Raaowrt hegms at 7 Mkawwai whsrh. Prvsadawt J. H. Thosaaa. fX t af MsMlrhary CoOrgv wvR make the ad An as. Ra swhsect arss he "The mi issuing tht New EagWad CsaVgia." METHODIST CHURCH. Choir rehearsal Satarday evening 7.30 Sabbath services. 10.30 a. sa. Worship 12.00 am. Saaday school aad Class meeting 3.SO (aaior Lea roe 6.00 Epwortb League JSpecial Service 7.00 Bible Service Monday evening Knights of St. Paul Wednesday evening Standard Bearers meeting. Thursday evening Regular Service and Teacher's Training Class. BAPTIST CHURCH NOTES Morning service at the aanal boar. Sanday school at 12 m. Young Peoples' meeting at 8 p. m. Mid-week prayer meeting Thursday at 7-3o p. m. Tbe Women's Missionary society will meet Wednesday, March 9 at 3 o'clock with Elsie Hatch. Tbe subject of tbe meeting "The People ol J spaa. A !apa near Tea will be served. Tbe mite-bos opening occurs at this meeting and all money for Mis Converse should be hrouuht in at this time. All tbe ladies ol the church and congregation are most cordially invited. TOWN MEETING- Sii-hundred mate cUzens ol Brandon congregated in Town'hull lat Tuesday, elected officers, made rules and regula tions and appropriations under which the business i l the town ol Brandon shall lie conduct d lor the ensuing ye.u. The men there gathered, nlchouuh neighbors, i were coniHM-d of different actions were divided in their opinions uiHin the questions at inue. strenuously opMsed to one allot hrr uponome ol the pritu'iplc which the ballot decided should prevail for another year xet through the whole meeting ran an uiuier currant ot regard lor a neighbor's opinion, and all differ ences were adjusted with a smile rather than a frown. In the six hours tiiat the titers were crowding and pushing and iinnntig their way to the ballot box. sometimes flaunting their ballot in the ice of the man they were crowding, not one particle of had temper was exhibited. There were nearly 6tH) voters, solver. orderly and gentlemanly and they conducted as orderly a town meeting as ever was held in nnv town. At 10 o lock the polls were declared oien and the first buines was the electing ot P. II. Fairington lor modrtator. Mr. F'arrington gtaiird the gavel mid from that moment the business of the day moved continuously. S. W. Jones was elected town clerk and F. E. Chand ler selectman for three venrs. both by acclamation and W. I'. Scott was quick lv rleeted town treasurer in tbe same manner. The office of overseer ol poor was next in order to fill' and the plums that are here growing from the low limbs tempted two candidates to enter the field. This was the first ballot lor town officers and the result was L. P. Nichols 137 L. A. Scvety 123 W. C. Fletcher was then elected first constable and iCharlea Iiegarmo by ac clamation. For lister lor three years J. T. Harris contested the re- election of Frsnk P. Cooke and the ballot wis again resorted to. The result wss F. P. Cooke 354 J. T. Harris t8 H. A. Stager, R. C. Flood and l; W. F. Briggs were chosen auditors. W Scott, trustee ol public money and Frank W. Williams town grnd juror by ac clamation when the ticket was com plete down to toad commissioner. To elect a road commissioner required a ballot, the result of which was 'as fol lows: E.R. Kiing317 W. F. Walsh 174 li. E Richardson 34 Alter tbe election of road commissioner was disposed of the box was turned for town school director and while tbe count was in progress F. H. Fair 'a gt on elected town agent. The count for town school director showed a tie vote lor Burt Cook and Elmer Hack, each having 4 votes to their credit. On tbe next ballot Mr. Cook was elected. The seventh article in tbe warning to if the town wontd authorise tbe selectaiea to take over tbe property of tbe Brandon Sewer Association waa aow called ta tbe attention ot the meeting aad it was at once evident that the residents of the towa school districts woald fight tbe proposition, tbragh wbv they shoald was aot quite so evi dent. Her as a sewer, built aad owned bv a private eorporatioa traveraiag three of tbe principle streets aad ia good repair. The asancvatioa oflcra to give it to tbe towa and the towa bv a vote of 139 to 104 uti id to accept it. There ss baH-a-doara families ae so along these streets that are aot connected wilk the arwev, aad caaaot he compelled ta coav acrt white the sewer is owned by a private corpoeatioa. Bat these half-a-doara faanhes menace the hraKb of I hear arigh- bors aad they will be obbged to coaaeet aad the towa wiB be ahtivvd to rarrwa theas a arwev to coaaeet with. Thw ariX coat the town perhaps 110,000 sat the boys wha voted agamat tins fwopeastioa anH hetp pay the bdL At three o'clock the ,e aad ao" boa was taraad The coast showvag tht vote ta he aa ft kw No S34 Tea 23S Scwtwimg 4 The vasra weed a M cewt t 0 ceat rax W tht towa schawl daw net D 0 0 0 D 0 D D 0 0 a o eio in Sp ring a a a IDith JOow Prices as a feature of Special Snterest This rtorc taken not a little pritle in aniioiiiieinj' it lirnt showing t)f Women's aiul Mi-se?' smart tailor i;::ule suits for Srinj Not the complete stock hut a munlier quite licient to "five its ciistomei-s a hroal Mea of the vai!ii'"r Ktvles ftr the coming season. I lUmj fvittuvv of the hie is distinvthj ,,, maw rials of both smooth ami roiih surface have hetu employed all the new shades which fashion favors are represented. To prompt carlv lnivin we hae marked these suits at prices of extreme moderation. Included a facial showing if new models at ?1..HI. These suits are made "ny one of New York's In'st makers, from all nnl plain and fancy weave mtcs newest style skirts, Coats Y1 to III inches I.hi collar lappells and cuffs trimmed with moire silk and well lined with satin. Colors arc the best selling shades of blue, grey, green, tan, brown, a well as black. We ask you to compare these suits with what you sec elsewhere anywhere for?17.tKto.flS.r)0. I 3 s Department Store, III! One hundred dollnrs -vss voted for the observance of Memorial dav, $200 for the Brandon Free Library and $3O0 for pmnanent roads. The nse of 'be Town tin I wa. voied to the Brandon band (or I us coming cntertaii mem. F0RESTDALE Mrs. Recca Tyler whom we reported as very ill last week died at the home ol her son Frank Tyler last Thursday the 34th. Tbe funeral wss held st tbe W. M. church in charge of A. S. Ketcham. Rev. W. A. Wilson omcisled and inter-meat was made in the Forestdsle ceme tery. Tbe bearers were W. B. Avery Oman Partlow, L. M. Baker and Frank Shoro Sr. Mrs. Tyler is survived by two sons and one daughter. Mr. aad Mrs. Frsnk Bnmp visited a few davs receaily with Mrs. Bump's aister. Mrs. Lvdia Rkkcrt at Ticoo- dcroga, N. Y. C. F. Sew toa was ia Rutland one day4 taut week oa business. Miss Leah Blair, wl-o has been visiting hrr sister, Mrs. Albert Larock. returned to her borne in Hancock last Thursday Mrs. Faonie Rtrkcrt widow of the late Henry Rarkert died at the home ol B. F. Wheeler last Saturday where she has made her home for tbe past tew years. She has beea sick a king time and has a a areat safierer. Mrs. Ra-kert is sarvived by four sons who bred their boyhood ia thw place. The taarrsl was held at Grace chnrvh Tuesday arte oa. Rev. C. B. Carpenter ofbciatiag. Interment at Forest dast Cemetery. Mrs. Sick Taylor, of Sew York City. passed a frw days here thsj week the guest ot Mrs. W. H. C. Whitromb aad L,iC. aad G. B. Bnmp. Mrs. Taylor was formerly Ms) Uot Soyse of Rsf land. Mrs. George H. Sicalaw ia very ssrk at thai wntsBg with pkrara paeansooia. ty. Peck af Braadoa a atteadtag her. Tat Ladm' Aaxiaary will meet or it Wcdacssav at the borne ot Mr Mitrbel Larock. Oeorge Faegnrte't tsro children are sark with whoopmg eongh. Also Usury Yaaaar's children Tht cottage hxtare at L W. Horn's last Thwraday neamg waa wvfl atrad-ed. The aest Irctarv snl he at the home af Joorna Ladam arst Thavsdsy evess WC Rsthert, of Lacowa, X. B. Lews, chert af Barrt. Tl, aad Prad Robert 3FL odels Suits Ml I'll IT Our Price is $15:00. iiiiiaiaBBirai funeral of their mother. Mrs. Fannv Rickert. Miss Grace Chaffee, ol Westminster, made a visit recently at the borne ol Frank Anoe. A horse belonging to E. E. Wright was foand 'dead in its stable last Mondny morning. The animal was found in such a position as to give evidence of being bung or strangled to death. This is the second horse Mr. Wright has hsd die since away from home. Enid Waters, tbe 11 yesr old daughter ol Mr. and Mrs. Henry Wsters of Basin farm who was takes suddenly ill with appendicitis is still very bad and was taken to Mary Fletcher hospital at Burlington last Thursday. C. W. Smalley whom we have reported at very ill for several weeks, pasard away last Tuesday sroming. At thia writing arrangements lor the funeral are not completed oa accoaat of the arrival ot Mr. Smallei's son, who is on bis wsy here from Chicago, being uncertain. Mr. Smalley was one ol our must popular and influential citizens and will lie greatly missed bv a large circle ol neighbor, snd friends. Walter Larock visited with frsrads ia Orwell over Saaday. Mrs. 'Lillian Francr has moved hrr household good, here trom Caatlrtoo aad will make her rat art home with hrr brother. Oilier La trance. Mrs. Charles Mhctmore. of Pittsfield. Yt.. ;is vwitiag at the home of W. B. Averv tbw wvek. tfOaTsrsTfV. Towa Mecbag resulted s. folia sr. Mocerator. a. A. C a proa. Towa Clerk aad Treasurer B. W. Persoa. Sehetasra tbe -dd board re-elected. Fraek tobaaoi Thomas Wtlaoa, Lavmeue Hathawav, S.hool Itrrrtur. Harry B. Hastier Road Com. Moses Fersoa. Latter. C. U Barker. George White aad George Johnson. Overawe roor, Strphra aparks ,As- ditors. Si. A. Capraa. Carl Wiasams, Frssk White. Vcted ao bcessr Mr. aad Mrs. Cart Wilhaaw attevde the hvarval of a relative, Mrs. Iora Faster a, Cambridge X. V. Frh 21st. There are masy iS m Iowa an sat iS with the Urtpp aad The ksasdy af Mxhael Cedeeaa are Fever aad ft Cawgh. Mrs. Matvta Arm at. Mass Sara S' a Mil r '' ' Brandon. Vermont. . Smith is raring for her. There is to lie an all day meeting at the Old Brick Church nrt Sundsv Msr. Clh, morning service 10.4.1. Rev. W. R. Sieas.t the State Missionary will prrach in the Congregational church Leicester Corners srit Suodav afternoon, Mar., Services st half past two Ths Impoaslbla. It is impossible tor any drag to digest food .without the aid ol the stomach. Maa cannot do Nature's work, be ran only assist her. Any concern claiming that they have a remedy that will digest ood withoat the aid of the stomach, thereby allowing the stomach to lav idle and rest, are claiming the impossible. All remedies for stomach troa-blrs should be given with the sole pur pose ol siding nature and enabling tbe stomach to do its owa work. Rydalc's Stomach Tablets, the prescript ion ol one I tbe best Stomach Specialists in tbe U. S. essble the stomach ta do its owa work. I wo sites, 25c aad 60. Trv them. Fred Fred C. Spoooer, Brasdoa, Vt.. E J. Wbitaev. Salisbury. Vl. Theft ef Cottages. A curious st'i-v Kisnes from pot. &r' of th thft of a ho tiV nf smsli coitase ahlih had r- a.'."- ranu The V" ""e by r- a" ' floors and o;her aondaor fol i-d rifsaHy tS walla wsrs rrd rd nn'b'r.g roar rrTatti. hut thr fu'.rda-liens - Horn Ovt Eatet Oplalo". rtg'lh Jtf pf'l "'S fifco?j!d a nn marri h; :.t-Tbe sntssr o (Mi so.-'.d !o drci4 oa l?i tl-ire- 'if An Qiirrv Udr M-e-tl hM the ma Is n arrt-st 1i"i and ma?rir.fiy evt'-l ".Ma oh"f stkta - t'M Vn Trts-aRS Ol'MitJ Msev lr"Sj su!frf w tba '."- rhs St ar ika Bis'?s :.r . r PS t:J'V.n'i!l Bf'"',a snd (Vjrir Trastissa. ToJks dsl tra la kra ' ' -t f'rhf " satd I'arW tVa 's 1a-"t sr' f r.ts by aot ba' ah s . wtsr lf a say fa Ms Caswat4. If rnasV fcalh tt-srat to anratha ISa saga hr (. t f try rWas cm k ail ish Anr-v C Missed Pr The I feast ne was trsaa wrt ao ttsl sa anay erssssi It wa Aw lesj ta the wa six

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