The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1948 · Page 12
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 12

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1948
Page 12
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7ACM TWKLVB BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NKW» FRIDAY, JUNE 4, Lack of Yoke' Supervision Hit N« Guarantee Hotly CriticizW Program May Not Occur Again WA0HOWTON, June 4. (UP)—A 8UU Depwtmcnt official told Sen•U fc»w«ti«»tor« tod*? h« wu un- ttal* 16 {U*rant«e tgtlrut *. repetition of "unfonmate" »nd Congres- itonally-crttictied "Vole* of. Amerle«" broadcast*. Willuyn T. Stone,'director of tin dentrtotent'i Office of International Information, »»ld there Isn't •nouch perwnnel to check in v*nw »U "Voice" program*. Bui h» told • Joint Foreign Relation* and Expenditure* Subcommittee that by th« end of.the month h« hopad for adequate safeguards ajainst repetition of the type ol broadcast* which drew Congressional ch»rf«« of "dander" and "false hood*." At the MOM'Urn* a key figure ii the Con«res»Sonal inquiry cabled I ••oat* President Arthur H. V»n- \ deaberg from Cuba asking an op- j portum'ty to answer "unjust' charges., The request was made by Albert dandero, former head of the National Broadcasting Comimny'* Spanish Laniuagi Section, who has not yet testified. Ganilrra fllmmtd Gandcro, according to NBC official*, was directly responsible for &c "Know North America" Series, which arouied Congressional ire bMUU it allegedly depicted lit* in A«D«Tic» unfavorably. KBC prepared and beamed the program* to South America last Fall and Winter under contract from lh« SUte Department. Barlier, Charles Thayer. acting ohief of lh» Slate Department'! In- tMTiational Broadcasting Division, told th« commute* that, he wan fully rwpomible for the »hortcom- ings of the programs. There were. mounting indications that Congressional critics of tlie "Volca" may press for curtailment at the averse** broadcasts. Chairman J. Edgar CheuoweUi it:, Colo., whoK Housi lubcommlt- it* U Investigating "the Volce'i a!- legadly slanderous descriptions of American lift 1 and history, said "we art trying to produce too much Ir the shortwave.field." Th« hearing* revealed strong sentiment in th« »ubcommitte« fo • elimination of tht Voice's "enter ttloment" feature*. These Include lUro* like thai rmich-crltlcizei "Know Hbrth America" travelogues which brought about, the presen thv«4tigation s . Nears Ninety King Gusfav V of Sweden, th« world's oldest monarch, will celebrate his 90th birthday on Junt 16. lie become king in 1907. This is a new portrait of tin Scandinavian ruler. K«*l Plum Ftcker Jack Homer" wa* a rea boy. At the onset at a' campaign > agalnat* monasteries, tht Abbot of Qlaatonbury Abbey'aeul' to Henry VIII tl» titl< deed! of neighboring manor*. On the wiy, Horner, the itaawnger, "stuck in his thun^b and pUHed out a plum" in the ahap* of a title deed' to the Manor of Mills, which h« kept. Church Women Get Report on health Project More than 58 children have bee nrolled In the Well Child Confer nee since January, Mrs. Annabe Pill, Mississippi County Healt Nurse, reported at a committ meeting of the Blytheville Counc 5f Church Women held In the horn •>! Mr.i. Monroe Grain Tuesday ernoon. Mrs. nil, and the Ml.ssis.stp County Health Unit have, bee working with members ot the •lous churches In conducting U Well Child Clinics. Only lour of the 58 children were found to Imve no delects, Mrs. Fill coiitimied and more than 9o defects were found in the remaining M children. Mrs. Fill cited malnutrition as the ma|or detect. Dr. Joe Bensley. clinician, has sViggested thnt the- clinic* be limited to children under one yetvr, Mrs. Fill stitd In her report to the committee. She give the fact that most of the children having been treated by, the clinic, ranging In ages from one to seven, would soon puss the observation period as cause for his suggestion. By choosing the younger group the clinics could be directed toward prevention rather Uiwu cure ot delects, Mis. Fill satd. Marshall Against : oreign Aid Cuts Secretary of State Sayf ERP Would B« Reduced to Relief WASHINGTON, June 4. <UP) — ecietary of Stale George C. Marhall asserted today that any r«- uctlon In European Recovery Pro- ram fund* would alter the pro- raiu "from one of reconstruction o one Of mere relief." Democrats In the House backed p MnriliaJl's efforts to restore the cuts made In the program by House Appropriation* Comrnit- ee, But there seemvd llltle chance lat th« Republican - controlled hatnber would grant the full mounts asked by the 'admlnistra- ion when It considers Ihe $5.960,10.228 bill Inter today. The Appropriations Committee ul out 1553,000,000 of actual money appropriations for all foreign aid proRianis. The reduction actually xcecds a hillton dollars, however, because" the committee specified hat the money be spread over a S-momli period Instead of 12 nonttis. Marshall Just a year ago tomorrow suggested that the inulU-bil lion European Recovery Program Hi* statement today, which he per milted to be quoted, started an ad ministration campaign to save I Trorn reductloh. His brief statemet) said: 'The position or the Departmen of State and mine personally in th matter (of foreign spending) ha been staled a number of times an I don't think It regulre* clarlfica afety Slogans Bring Awards c or Students in Grade Schools Neva Sue Ledbetter, 120 South 8th, student from Lange school, flr»t prlw winner wllh the Safety slogan contest sponsored y th« Alpha Alpha chapter of ;ta Sigma rht and the National fety Council last week in ob- *rvance of National Safety Week, wax announced today. The winning slogan was a two ne Jingle, "Wutch the signals as ou come and go," "Six feet of dirt i deep you know." Neva Sue was resented a certificate and seal and 13 cash prize lor first prize, {miner* up were Sherry Kay park* of 1400 Chlckasawba and ohn lx)gan, 1134 West Ash. Slwrry Kay, second prize of »2, ron on her equation for safely, 'Care-^fety-Cirele.sanes-i—a pro- nfse for tomorrow. The third best slogan a $1 winner read, "Stopl k! L,lv»!" and he followed his ead by a series of jingles: "Don't point a gun, even In fun. Don't rock the boat, you might not loat. Gasoline and matches, will blow you to Natchez. A live wire langlng down, will cook you quite brown." Honorable mention for Hie slogan contest went to Earnest Lucn.s, Jack Lackman, Frank Sparks David Warren, Richnrd Dean Dougherty, Saran Aljo Trumblc and Nancy Clair Estes. Judges ol the contest were Rny nond Boniar, of the police force, iorace Walpole of tile Jlre depart- nent, Miss Alice Sallbn and Miss Dorothy Jean Higelnson of the Alpha Chapter of Beta Sigma Phi, and Miss 1/ols Doyle, 'field representative of the National Safely Council from Clinton, Mo. More than 50 grade school students from Sudbury, Lange, and enbral school In Ulytheville « tered the slogan contest. ANNEXATION (Contlnueil from Paje 1.) cernlng the need for annexing adjacent areas to the city. city clerk, who told of passage by the city Council on March 2 of an ordinance setting up the boundaries for the city under a plan which would virtually double the land area. Ilia present boundaries take In nearly three sections and a map showing the present boundaries and the land to be added would bring the tcJal to more than 3.0W acres, Including the Pride Addition, which has been densely populated for many years. The addition was platted nearly a century ago. Mr. Malin explained that the annexation proposal was submitted to Blytheville voters Ui the general city election April 8 and approved by an overwhelming vote. Following the election the city filed petition with the Mississippi County Court in compliance with state statutes and asked for a court order formally approving the annexation. Mayor E. K. Jackson was the to testify was W. I. Malin,' second witness. He told the court The Ewe tribe of western Africa holds the lenpord jacred and a man may be put to death for kill- Ing ona. tlon. Cull Wnnlct Be -t-rioun "The reduction proposed would, consider, alter the European n covery program from one of recon *truction to one of mere relief.' Asked whather the cuts made b the House Appropriation* Commit tee would have any effect on Ii attempts to reach a settlement 1 Europe, Marshall reiterated Ilia the culs would be very seriou* as thfcy pertain to Europe. Democratic l*ader Sam Raytaurn ed the floor fight in the House to increase the funds. Rayburn also told reporters that every effort will be made to put tlie program back on a 12-months basis when the »a,»80,'; 10.228 foreign aid hits the House floor thU afternoon. Chairman John Taber, R., N. Y., estimated that liis House Appropriation* Committee saved $1,0*4.- COO.OCO by spreading the aid program over 15 month* and ths' actual lunds requested by $553,- oca.coo. The bill include* M.000,000,000 for Ihe European aid program: | *400,000,000 for economic and mill- i tary aid l.o China; 11,250,000,000 for government and relief .in occupied Germany, Austria, Japan and Korea: 1200.000,000 tor Greece and Turkey; »10,710,2M for th« Inter^ national Refugee Organization; and 180,000,000 foi the children's fund. .President Truman hud asked ag,- Boy Scouts in Missco Given Advancements Advancements were made in tw Iroops during the recent Mississippi I County Boy Spout Cnmporee held at Teaford's Island. Vernon .lames, assistant Scout executive ot Mississippi County, announced today. Edward Stanford'of Luxora received several merit badges (or thnt troop's' advancement; mid- Grant Collar, Jr., Brlce Richards, and Paul Childers made advancements for Ihe Joiner troop. More than 50 Scouls. Scoutmasters, and sponsors attended the fifth annual camporee which closed yesterday with (i flshfry at the E. A. Tea ford home. Blytheville Troop 38 had more Scouts present thnn any other troop, with 1U attending. Dell had 10 Scouts present for the Cumporee and Luxora 14. Rupert Crnftqn of Blylheville \vas Caniporee Chief. 533,710,228 over a 12-montli3 period to carry out the programs. The cotnmittee completely eliminated *15Q,000,000 for Japanese reconstruction. SEAGRAM'S 7CROWN. BUNDED WHISKEY. 86.8 Pioof. 65% Grain Neutral Spiiits. Seteram-DistilFets Corporation, Chrysler Building, New York of the need for expanding the city limits and was questioned In detail about tl|e areas. where property ' to being primarily owner* are objecting brought into the. city, because of the present use of the land for other than resident!*! or industrial purpose*. Members of the council who testified were Raleigh Sylvester, Jno. C. McHaney and Farmer England, who served on a special committee to study UK annexation proposal and prepare the ordinance calling for the annexation. Mr. Sylvester said that the committee made a careful study of the areas to be annexed and based the proposed new boundaries on lines which seemed most practical. Kxpanidon Area* Needed Russell Phillips, operator of a farm implement business on South Highway «1, said that the property In that area, flow outside of the city limits was valuable, not because of Its desirability for agricultural purpose* but because of Its Industrial, biulnea* and redden* tial possibilities Before Ine Hearing of witrvtw** was started yesterday afternoon. judge Green allowed remonstrance* lo be filed by 19 property owner* In O'Brien addition, and by four other* in Wilson Addition. City Attorney Percy A. Wright and J. T. Crowder, special counwt for the city In the tnnexation proposal, objected to the filing of th» remonstrances contending the law state* that such protests mu*t be filed with the county court within 30 days on the filing ot the annexation petition. Three demonstranoes were filed within the 30-day period. These were by C. H. Whistle, who operates a. stock, farm Just • west of Twenty-first Street and North of Pride Addition on Highway 18, the St. Louis-Sac Francisco Railway Company and Swift 4c Co. The Swift & Co. protest was wlthdrawt((r. before the hearing on the annexation petition opened. St '<i' I FULL VALUE m your Savings! mflximum POWCR mSURGD SflFGTY UUITHDRflUJflL PRIVILGG6S .afforded long-term savings in accordance with established policies. SflVGHeRGforthesP CURRENT RATE OF DIVIDENDS BLYTHEVILLE FEDERAL artingA. A J J24W. ASH ST. PHONE 3545 eye new Ready-Pasted Wallpaper You really must see llicse gorgeoa* ( Trinw. Ready-Paslcd Wallpaper patterns. They're slyled righl up lo ihe minut* and include calling new effects in wallpaper design. / riiocovtred Tot myjelf how e»sjr it » lo liang Trinu—all you do is dip it j n v«ter •nd apply it. lt'« a real money savor loo, as it's guaranteed wash»M« unA fadeproof. 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