Times Herald from Olean, New York on January 31, 1924 · Page 22
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Times Herald from Olean, New York · Page 22

Olean, New York
Issue Date:
Thursday, January 31, 1924
Page 22
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Amaze Hockey Crowd at Chamonix v . F"»s-,-e. Jas. si--(|. the Ao-.erican learn. ._ · - a - ' · * - American hoekev Jfcas rule heavy favorites. "SS nu!!!!lJJ.(!!lllltl THE OMAN EVENING TIMES. THURSDAY, JANUARY 31. 192A |Boxing f ACT SBYPt * !io!ivar, Jan. 31--The Home!!' All-Stars played chief Winer's i;.v DAVIS J. i. x. s. f 'earn, ihfch -aj 5 v.-e Noii-Partisan Ray Not Boy of Knotty Problems of Basketball Jo:in lsUellKiH ,M »ith ike tlu'vf CViuiuitlw. ' !U- I ... :t Ellis i!:,. .:-:,,,, lu 1 j ai:s»vr alt iiiwslior.1 rt^r-lius jhter- ' ; I-rvlatiOS o! !!:, 1,'ay;^ irj! rs . |:«,,i_ i 1 »:-· S.V-ri:-.* i:if..r!i..»li».i. .-, us.y t-rol- i !'t:'s u!iK-h i-'jjy luw nri*v:i Uurilx a i i ;Mn:* *-an ru»v«? thvir q'jMit-;: asiswc-- : '.J officially i,y a-l-iiv^.n,; iii- Joint IVrtw.ta;! Rate* -o.-!!n:i«,v. .-a.-^ of ' i :»n« jm|«,r. i:r.t-!^sx. . starKlH'J t:ivt.l , tbirdlHue. : tieinj run oa- third. Ik*. ' (.-aid as much attention : ; catch that runner as i · tlo to a man OD first. _ i time again the pitcher . throw \vilii to third iu an effMt'te' ! catcii the ruuser napping. M. __ ; lioui is such a E/iay attempted fetM i*^^yiO i days. Jack \Varhop, «hsu pltthte* ±S ^f for ihe New York club. «· · - wonder at makins talc plajv 'It was not unusual for aim to CM^rli runner a game u!l third.' I* making this play he rec«i*«d »;uch assistance from Cooroy. Swing the ruKiiyr with a big tad, to mroy t* in the iop. s rn :i they had littie'to cheer about. The British seldom -..threatened the American seal. ^ ir «», The Y = nks sot away running in i '1* ',,,',' the opening period, ? oorin B s« i rf"/. ° times. The inevitable let doir.-i fol- i,,.'!! I ' lor.'ed in the second period. o n l v i " TM «'*o K oa! 3 be!.,- «,,,,,,;. ,.,,, Ih - ! c TM Americans came ^»ek with three; °' more in the third. The individual i toils mere furnished .s follows: i Drury one: Hice .'our; Small! two; Abel two; Syr.oii two The victory qualified the American team to meet Cnaaiia in na:n.y inrnuKli his Callasban . .. .r.f Powell: '-opt th« post with ilne a l r n r i i y . work t h a t tn« South 'Bennett, Koss. Itockman. I. f. : However, it was privately ailmit- e sprmiK a bit of sur- u Rezor. newsier · I(1 'l ly '"c*e in posi-ion to know whipping Michigan. jpi x | ey c \Vilber| I h : " '«» developments outlined .. r. ·?.. McKinlcy. I.e. i indeed, w.ll tear watch- ! Post l.a Valley w t t e r i the final round on Sundav in I .PH. of the impressive showing or STKf'HEK AFTKK LKWIS. | I Joe Steelier is se.--ki:ij: anftiher j I niati'h iviili Sirrinnli-r ].ei\-; fur :hc | jheav.v.veixSt eh.impiimship. Siprlicr j says be no iona-r fe.irs the fam-1 the American I.easue. Hay~ Schlirk the above were inevitable. . . .. Mtildoon. it was puinteil out. is .............. l.g.. Aberj 3 ". '"dependent i,, poliiios. or- Referee-- Swarthout. JSinally appointed to offi.-e by ... -.. -- - ...11- iu l u v .' I........ .-...i. in-, i t . - u f i i i u v i i . i i i | tfUH" history of track spurts has Hay j after puttiiiK it in play from out of '· tninin ,,.,,, been known to finish worse t h a u i I'ouiuls. until it has IMVII touched' a distinct « lliird ill a local r :uc. by another player. This was quick ' is ulnavs st t.'he-siy Joe easily made good iliinkinc on the pan of your op-1 ran i:;ii'w fuB.i.- M i i L r-inu.- his preiiictions in winnine the poiifiit. an.1 wil iinibabiy toa. h ' !*,,·,,» w «|, |i,i"iailVi- Till" Is your player to ki-op an eye on the: .onirai.v t.. MHiriiH. 'nli.i 'l. H -s 1a - ,' niii.it ut the tiiinkiiiK fur lik I'liii.. Qne;.--Please settle this aritu- men i. A claims ihat in ilirowln.;! Kid Elberfeld. who for years mile aim a half, only Hay Hukc!-. former liat.'s «tar, and ' n. K llrowu. late iniercolleKiati! champion, reinaiiiius on the track at t l VKTKII.VVS .IKK SMIM'IMi , * '' y I' SeNewESSEX A SIX Built by Hudson * It Gives Ideal Transportation York Americans and then ilrifted to the minors, had a peculiar hubby as a bi K leagno leader. Ellier- feld was strung for system, lie wanted a sisnal fu r any iniiisiial move ihat was to be made by his : fact so you never can 1 advantages. That means--in this low. ~y°"$ et ^ ver y features that made Hudson famous e, rehabihty and fine performance. We can describe it in -perience^fSo^-sS" 0311 JUd8e '* * "* «*»*«** Differs in All These Things . But thousands, riding daily, experience a new degree of performance smoothness. Credit that to the patented Super-Six principle. They tell us it holds the road better at all speeds. Steers easily as a ': -i;; ;;r 1 - eyc1 .?- ;V on t«'s .are easy and natural. Easy to '- - * -park. -Starts aV.the touch of your tot. '·It rarely calls for attention. Lubrication for the m«t part is done with an oil can. yon I the nineties. " "" j That M::ldooii will be returned to his fr.,-n;er high estate, instead of merely accepting n position as commissioner, was also predicted freely, lie is the only practical boxing man now connected w i t h the commission in any wav. George W. Brower, the hold-over, being a lawyer. McCormack. j n fact, was the only man in a u t h o r i t y to dispute Mnldoon's reign in the old f.-,,,,.:. ·"·· * "·· ··: -:" f 1 ". 1 - T !"' rlsl of 'I"' lk ' 111 '«·! Hie li-il i n t o tin- conn from out of j starred at shortstop in t he majors" i er I ! -'rein^em^tNathan Mil- |red in S|M|. of the fact t h a t ; bonnil,. he can throw it against took a whirl at managing the New ! ler. iii.~ reinstatement by a IJeuio-: lta s time, b : 4 S - l - j . did not dis- the ha-. 1 - of a pl-iver MI bounds The two veteran ^tur , -it, 'ier« nf : ' ''"""·' sovcrnor leaves him free t o ; i u r b the record. ; , h , n r u n iu and recover th.- ball e \a er?TM I ra-uc ,," .'sT,?L I P ', S " P a " y , c ?" rSl ' lle ma t f]M - ,. lt:1 - v "PParcnil.v finished without i himself. I! claims i h a t ibis ' i I I . ··.«. . f j , , , d S . e « 0 ' X e n a^(. no n ,Mnn?n- " !" ! "- PCre ' '' I'"","TM' a f f i l i a - 1 .listre.s. yet was neve,- in the legal because the rules states that won m . « t ! a b i ^ If heir work of l"s 'umn er --f' "' : ' S dx ' lare1 - i r u n n i n g m tho three- a uarters tho ball must be touched bv the ir work ot List sumiLcr, ihe uppoinuneui of James A . . race. The raco was won ensily player in hinimls. \ns -- \ is ' MenJ°'r' n ^,"I,?^ :U ' f'.I', 1 ! 0 ''"'I' 1 ''" : b ;' ""'"'I 'i"''!" 1 t . lie ' lcw Bostoii i rigiitrlsht. The pharsJs · : toncli«l i player.-; The members of the ^" '(·"',,, i " 9 f , U " ll; "" v "- ?lilr ' *''"' ^-»ck 01 I'enn Slaie. | by a player" and "toui-liiiiK a play- I New York Americans .luring Kl- lormack. personal friend of t h e second, and Hay Watson of Chi- er" ·»« i... ,,.,,,,., .1 .:,.. i.__^..i.i... ·..._ .. h governor, as chairman of the li-|cago, third, cejise committee, is said to have indicated f u r t h e r the formation of j a non-partisan body. Jloxlng and i politics are t o go their separate ways. It is contended, for the firs: | tinio since the dark days back be-1 this team protested on the grounds i t h a t it was not necessary to report : a t t h e beginning of Ihe second half. i and t h a t at must, only one foul I could be called liee.n«i onlv j offense was committed. , Ans.--The referee was right. I The same offense was committed j by each of three players, therefore I three fouls, j Quos.--When a violation is com- --·-= - «.,. 'Finland makes clean sweep I n ' milled it it necessary for Ihe (lays and it is believed to be mi-{ In: events · Well, that's one referee to get Ihe ball and give it irlic itber of play That havi-; *' as cuo1 al!d lue aililetei pertpir- ippi-al. Juliu !i(;:-;r.v I ej llul little. One day laf* li ;rou({ fur tin- lili-aiul.l Jlll!o " * as v «. v warm and ttc ; players perspired freely. Ij|« U the saise. with a runner on third, Conroy felt the desire in reinov* (!, n pivfF'rxilnn from hi., hroir. lie had no intention uf raakint 'ft play at third. Warhop, cettloi the sign, cut the ball loose with gr.-at S]:ei?d. It struck Conrof back of the ear. The ball «eit into left field, the winning riu crossed ihe plate and Conroy took the count. -The nest day Conray insisted on a new warm weather signal. ·r" moan the same t h i n g in this 'onnection. Ques.- In « game last night. j three substitutes came i n t o the same at the beginning of the second half w i t h o u t re|HrtinK to. · t h e scorers or referee. The l a t t e r j chew of tobacco or a drink 'called three fouls. The coaci of i water. Of course that was b u n k . berfeld's regime used to do a lot i 'V"' 1 '"*'" W tOLtMBU.'.] of kid K as a result of their i V:l1 ","; ^"I'l"' 1 ' 1 '- *-»'""»«l»« manager's hobby for signals. Thev i sl " r ;"""·'·. "a* J»st In-en tltvtt* iituioiA.i it - '.. ... ... " · capiain of the football elevefe foe 1 ' ^ I l i e third straight season. Tin h:iHor is indeed unique in colte-' ·-·:a!e aihlcii'r circles. Xow and t l l e i i l i w i the sania chaii will lead his 1 si-honl hvo \vars iu succession/ hot to In- so hnmircd three tinws rhi- insisted it was necessary to . . the "Kid." the proper signal, even i! f t Ihey merely wanted to take a; of Coach " antl o!1 "»ti arc so low in this car you on count them real savings. And provisions made to take up or replace .wear at such low costs will astonish you. Take a ride. You too will understand why thoujandj arc Mying the New Essei provides ideal transportation. A 30 Minute Ride Will Win You Touring Model-$850 , f,lr. likely t.'iat llw new license com- j country wlu-ii: llu; vacuum liasn t | to a playe rout of boir ds at the mittee chairman will be given the. n-plncixl (lie hnwm. i proper point? A n s -- X o it is not official backing with which Me-1 . . . necessary, for the referee to handle Lo.mack was favored. 1 JAPAN is Koiug to build a sta- the ball, and often he can get the JIuldon-i s return. ot course, diiim seating 75,000 lly way ! game going morn quickly bv not calls the pack off Kickard's trail, of showing the rapid advance, j doing so. He should be" careful. higher education has made ovt:r j however, to see t h a t the ball is there. . p u t In play i-roperly at "the right * * * i point. They've made Yost a professor j Ques.--A player had been Under the Duke's former regime. Rickard seemingly was granted Hie boon of every indulgence ..ml waxed exceedingly fat around t h e , wallet pocket, li may have been i at Jlichigau a.nd the boys' oil noted that Tex has promoted ci :n- j campus are now singing, pnrattrely few boats of national : other good guy gone wrong, importance within recent months. Rosing men now expect him to resume,.as was, w i t h o u t u n d u e delay. As for boxing itself, it is taken for granted that the governor would hardly take the trouble-to make a p p o i n t m e n t s to the commission if iim game wns not to live. His action is recognized here as tacit admission that the sport will bo permitted to proceed for another year at least. . w e« n. |.o w« Wf««. Ah* witk tk» low., pncc TO. ( et. more .HractiTM Co.cb bodr .ml. .Dd.r motor kiill - tW fri^ift. «rf »« f_ u . HudJo S. Joe Jackson Takes Stand Against Sox Milwaukee. Wis., Jan. 31 (T. S.)--Joe Jacksrn ';i take the land again today in his suit against the Chicago w h i t . Sox. In which he is trying to regain ?1S- 500 which he claims is d-ie him on a three year contract signed in 1320. Jackson already has testified ihat Miller Hn;rgins, manager of the -New York club of tho American League, told him that 1 tho ·Au- Itoslon calls our ntlcntiiin to policeman who makes embroider- «l napkins A greater iion-Hy n-uulil IK: a Knston policeman \vlio makes arrests. V -. * PRAYING COLONELS ASK A -MAX NAMED BIBLE TO COACH THEM YOU'D THINK THEY'D KNOW THAT G U V LIKE A BOOK. ALREADY. Will Oimi.y playcl Iliinl li:is- for KllH-rfi-M.- He tells an iuli-r- csiin^ story o? hoiv a niK'njt in signals almost re.sultcil seriously. Conroy Is now assistant In A r t h u r Fletcher iu UN; li.ii H llln K f .the l'llilnilvl|lliia .Nationals · * * Duck IS years ago a favorite play that many pitchers tried make was catching a ru n n e r to ning is suaicihing else again. Kup- pisch is also captain ot this m son's Irack tram. WIIJ, PLAY TIIIRI BASE. McJlillan, who played seeowl Ihinl and short for Boston but season, will l« used ciclnslveljf' at third by the lied Sox. The position is his if he can dcllrer. His ·" .ins iiaLiing is t; o t [ i n r o of his play. is the doubtful to- Mr. .Fall certainly was jruitty of social error in taking suit, case full of money |l,,l then mnv- bc all Ills trunks wore being, uswl at ihe: lime. Nothing so great about Califor- n i a - U n i v e r s i t y training cheer leaders .... Folks have been training squirrels for years. MOST DIFFICULT T H I N (i i ABOUT SKI JUMPING IS KRKI'-I I NO OX YOUR FEKT, EXPERT ' W R I T E S -- MUST UK SOMETHING L1KR PRIZEFIGHTING JN ENGLAND. certain game twice and had been t a k e n out. He reported to the scorers and to the referee to lake , part in ihe game a third time. I whereupon the referee called a I f o u l on him because a player m a y ! re-enter the game only once. The. | player claimed that a foul could I not be called because he had not i yet played for the third time. Was- the player right? Ans.--Xo. A * substitute bucoiucs a player when he has reported to and been recog- nised by the referee. It is not necessary for play to be actually resumed. manager of , . - i ""'" " " s " Dan O'l,c«!-y is uctfin;; ready to st:irl on another Km-milr iv.ilk Soiwoni- ought tu si-ll t h a t car or something. 9 Millard F. Riley, Jr. PHONE 1698. 302 NORTH UNION ST. the St. Louis club had made him i ^ collcs(! - , . . an offer ' j FIVE deer stampeded a t h e ' ir-ile nlaviT lonfc 1 F f tl* revelation t h a t the VfllV wSrld's ! exclaimed, ''Win- don't't'hev kV-V.p ; . - - series w i t h . Cincinnati was fram- i them dern stymies oft flic finks'" i P'ons. ou can't stoop much 1 c1 - '' . . . i lower than that. Meet Kurt! king-bee middle-! G E R M A N Y ' S RING, . ·Frisco ' CHAM!'--Yep, the war ruin-! Si . . . A a J c t l C !'"ff 1 n / v v t t U J i l l l llle\ ^.AXST:^ lir^'srcrEKTMBOLTM 11 - **·'?* el ' ki ozenian. only Spaniard PIC DISTANCE RUNS IT'S v -' c! Snl Of Gen (lOOXf. ] Ernie Goo ' in the professional prize ring, continues to m.ike a noise like a real star. Goozemon all but knocked out .Toe FJurman some! · weeks ago. and more recently he! ; ; gave George Butch of St. Louis J T i r I a n artistic trimming. | W j, TOO HAD WE CAN'T START OUR HUM HUN.NERS. rsi-; COLLINS. fIf-or^' 1 ·many, recently j arrived for fights in this.' country. It is said that Mr.; j Pi-enzel is one of the most! of the ^rateful looking fighters y o u j KIJ-S cn'trhcr IMI r-,,iii, 1K | ever saw. lying full length on| used niori! (.ftTM this j-enr. I 'lie Canvas. : Now you can get i( MORE OVERCOAT for Your Money With prices lowered so much now, you can can get a very fine one. A choice of rich soft finish and piaid back fabrics in heavy warm ulsters or box models. You arc getting so much value it will pay you to buy for next year. The same applies to Boys' Coals, too! Derby · McCarthy Co. OI.K.l.VS «RE.1TEST CI.OTHIKHS. This Makes Barney Feel Badly Cut up Barney Google j and Spark Plug -By Billy De Beck CcmrisM, ISM. By King Fcamrc S)T«lic«c EXTRA! FftMOOS STRICKEN ALL RI6WT- flu RIGHT, SUPPOS1N- HE IS LAID UP = SPASK U)lh AMO THE 5O3 SPARK p(.UJ'S HABCE To AMD ARE -ON SASSf SUS To 10 .X GETT6R CALL IN NCT^ET.ED- HCiLD CUT FOR ODDS- UP "WE,'A!" IS A JIClCTOR FUT2 IN CONSTANT ATTefiOftNCE SPARK USIE RAC6 Tb SAM FftftfAC\se 0 WIU TAKE AS SCHSDVJlED IN spire OF x) ioT His BUNDLE Ota Susie. IP 6W2M6Y DOSSfts-r Putt- THROUGH BE CAR6FO ooos OH NOW FAVOR SUSIE. 8 To 10 1-9 ?. '· ' r*'U \ \ s A S - S O - L O T S ^7 V ·'? ^M AM Wj|!i1i-4M SPEI-5T RESTLESS DOS To ^.CM DlSTuRSANCE, ·= HIS FtE, LAST AT *!:»$·· iJETTINC. coos OM SflS5t ·SUSIE ALSa rtOVANCS. 9-~ ' ~

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