The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 4, 1948 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 4, 1948
Page 11
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FRIDAY, JUNE 4,1948 OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople BT,YTHEVTT,LF; (AKK.y COURIKR NEWS PACT! 6WV KlOVJ.AWldi,' DC*4T GET ICE CUBes IM SfcXJR SHOES,' •^ MERE, M3O HOLD IT'LL OMLV K\* A HURRY OP, X'D EAT HER 8EOOT AT TM6 ZOO PA.TTING TH6 TIGER OMTWE PULLIKJG TUIS II =• VKJI tXJ I \ HAVE TO KAK1& 1 STUFF ON TH' ) BAR to KEEP IT \ FROM CHATTER1N 1 \ AN 1 BORIN' OVAL J FINE,' SOME MEM WOULDN'T KNOW WHAT TO DO FOR THAT--VJICE VM3RK. AMBROSE/ THAT'S A WAV TO HINT FOR AN OVERHAUL, IN' OR. A MAKIN' IT WORK SOMBHOW.' 86 . LET -*XJ COWTIKJOE 1 ENCOURAGE MEKiT a moment. Then »h« said, "J By Margaretta Brucker MASTERPIECE ABODT TO „ _ LJWOERGO ^^§3 Two Whit* Men Held For Theft of Automobile LITTLE ROCK", Alk.. June 4.— (UP)— Two whit* men were held in XJttl* Rock Uxity. «fwr state police recovered a cir stolen l«rt night from a parking lot in Hope. Th« men were apprehended one mil* east of Haien on the Little Rock-Memphis Highway. JYiund In the ear were a quantity ot cigarettes, cigars, chewinK gum, and »30 in »m»ll change believed to have been taken earlier this week in the robbery of a Texarlcana drive-in cafe. You Art Cordially Invited to Visit The Accessory Shop j Feminine Apparel 1 Mab«] Hogan Jessie Srlte ! Hotel Nobl« HHg. BIytheTille, Ark, Blytheville Glass Co. JM Atkins Bldg. HWT. «1 So. Auto Glass Installed While You Wail Safety Glass Window Glass Structurat Glass Store Front Metal Plate Glass Mirrors A Complete ' Glass Service AIM Claw" Blocks Furniture and Desk Top* We Abo Do Caulkinjf.! Phone 3142 F. A. Stanley, Owner TUB STOHYt Jr»lra dnnre« with the • IriiiiKer frita* thr nlr- yart. Ill" i,ante Ik DBi'ld UreKury. JrMMleM ;» MttrMtlrd [• hJM. feel* Kulltv Mboal it. He drive* her hum*-, •••MI* I* «ee her • *••!•. She refute*. He phoMr* her «ev- eral HmrK. Je«<,l<-« alivav* *My* • he 1 * bM»r. nut *hl« brief |rU»tt»»e of • dlrTrreKI world hnM mnfte her W4>re re>ltr«k «Bd Mnhxprij In her »reae»l FBVlrAMnielit Ih^n ever. XIII JESSICA talked to Doris. Jt was a relief to pour out her bewilderment to the other girl who listened gravely and then tossed .side her eigaret and said, "You've ftad a tough break but there's no solution that 1 see but to put it squarely tip to Torn. Either that or leave Akron and go back to Kentucky," "That would be running away, wouldn't it?" "That's up to you," said Doris. "My lather won't take me back.' "Do you want to go?" **I haven't the chance," said Jea- iica evasively. Doris said, "Maybe you want to run away from something more than a mother-in-law." H e r shrewd haze] eyes fastened upoi Jessica's downcast face. "What do you mean?" M I saw you come home a week or two ago in that swanky road' Bter with David Gregory." "You know him?" Doris shrugged. "Would he know me? He's a new man at th plant and comes through the fac lory occasionally. He was an ac pilot in the first years of the war He's an authority on synthetic now and Hugh Linton's righl-han man. Gels a huge salary and live at a downtown club. Any thin else?" "I'm not interested in him." "Then you're the exception, fo plenty of girls are. M Jessica explained, "I've met hi: twice. He talked to me at the air port and 1 met him again at th Mayflower one afternoon and h insisted upon bringing me home. Doris sat staring thoughtfully cross the street. "The Blakes now about him? M "There's nothing to know. Lucy as properly shocked, but every- hing shock* Lucy. She never ooks at a man except her em- loyer." • • • » ~\ORIS mad« no comment and shortly afterward Jessica left, she found Lucy just returning ram the office looking drawn and Laggard. She Defused the supper essica offered to prepare for her. She said, 'Where's Mother?" "Gone to a church meeting. Bety's in bed and asleep and 1 went across and talked to Doris for & ew momenfs." I can't understand your inheres' n that girl." Lucy took off her itain felt hat and ran her fingers hrough her blond hatr and loosened it. Jessica stood watching her. How ovely Lucy could b« if she'd only .ry. Something of this colored hei lone as she said, "You can't under stand anything but working like a slave for a man who probably doesn't appreciate what you do. 1 Lucy whirled. "But he does Hugh Linton took me in to worl for him when I was inexperience and he held just a minor positio at the factory. That was fou years ago. He says that he owi much of his present success to m efficiency, and I owe him every thing. .., ." Her voice broke ^e sarfK into a chair and leane her head against the back an closed her eyes. Then she sat u and said apologetically, *'I didn mean to seem abrupt, but my jo means everything to me. Mr. Lin ton has been liberal, as you mu know, for my salary helps to kec this home. Mother had only tiny income from an insurant policy my father left her. N "What was he like?" asked Je ska curiously. "My father?" Lucy atare thoughtfully at her clasped hanc 'ii't think he WUE any success. ; was lazy. He worked at dl(rent jobs, as 1 remember, and en became a city fireman." Sin miled faintly. "As far back aj can remember, Mother always itcucd for the fre siren, and •en ytl she has a passion for at- nding fires. It seems silly, doesn't , when she's so strong-minded t\d emotionlessT « • • ArTY father was killed In a flr« downtown. 1 was only 12 ears old and Tom was 14. Tom worked after school at odd Jobs ntil he was old enough to go nto the factories. Mother went to •oik by the dny and 1 look care f children nights. You wouldn't ndcrsland a life like tliat, would on?" Jessica shook lior head. Lucy went on, "Mother and Tom Tovided the money for my busi- icss course because they didn't want me to go into the rubber aclorics. When Mr. Linlon gave me a position as Ilia secretary 1 was proud." Work and save. That had been Jcy's life. Jessica rose impulsively and kissed tier. She said >riskly, "Nevertheless, there are imits to what any girl should do [or her family, Lucy." ^ She went downtown the next ilny, leaving Betsy with Doris, and :old the jeweler with whom she had led her ring that she had decided to sell it. He smiled, well pleased. He said, "Mr. Linton will be delighted. He is quite determined to have the ring." "Mr. Linton?" she asked. "Hugh Linlon. He's an executive in one of the rubber plants and a very good customer." Jessica didn't want that ttiin- lipped arrogant man with the cold light eyes to possess her mother's ring. She concealed her astonishment that he and Lucy's employer were the same. Stic debated whether to tell Lucy thnt she had seen Hugh Linton. But then if she discussed Hugh Linton with Lucy, she would have to divulge the possession of the money brought from the ring's sale; and for the present she determined to kcey thai money a secret. (To Be Continued) "The little boy« Muriel pliya with arc so rough—1 wish there were nice littl* girls in our neighborhood for h«r !• ix with!" 'KrX'KLKS * HIS FRIENDg By MERRILL The OU Day* . ME! i HAVenT ALWAYS BEEN A RICH CUD V I CRANK/ LM MV TIME L WAS QUITE A GAL/ >/ IT I'RISCILLA'S I'OP The Oliver Foot By AL. VERMEER Young lady! Doirt agt fresh! By MICHAEL O'MALLEY and RALPH LANK NOU'Rf UP TO SOME Y H 010 IT . 1 TRICK 10 SHAKE ME V5PENMB.' 1 DOWN FOR MY STAMP. rtlGUlTHEPOUCE-- D*0f THAI PHOMC f Warld'i oldest known cookboo] was the "Deipnojophists," wrltte: more than n centuries ago, «c- j cording to Encyclopedia Brltan- nlca. I NOW! >k 28 fjcoiM Unmiured ;n f"* j j- in emergency Landing Bb MORRO. N. M. June 4. (UP) —A Viking Airline pilot belly-landed a crippled pl«ne on a sagebrush desert near here yesterday and the 28- passengers aboard escaped without » scratch. • The DC-3 ripped olf a wlrig and skidded sideways to a stop one mile West of the El Morro Airport. Ciipt. R»y Chesley of Burbank, Candle Clock A cunrtle clock, consisting o: candles marked off in inch scr tions. wa.s devised by Alfred thi Great, of England. Each caticll< burned four hours. Oil., pilot of the plane, said cylih der trouble in the left engine fore ed him to ' make an emergenc landing. He had taken off froi Prexcott, Ariz., shortly before, t rout* to Ajnarlllo. Tex. Political Announcements The Courier- News has been authorized to announce the following candidates, subject In the DtmocrMic priumies. July n and August 10 COUNT* TREASURER Prank Whltworth COUNTT COURT CLKKK Elizabeth Blythe FOR CORONER E. M. HOLT FOR COUNTY ASSESSOR Herbert T. Shipper) fcTATE REPRESENTATIVE Jimmie Edwards L H Aulrj _. H. K "Bud" Fisher (?J Leslie N. "Dulcle" Speck For Count? Ju<i|r« "olnnd Green Fielder Peery For Circuit raurl Clerk Harvey Morris CONSTABIE (Chhkasawab* Towiuhlp) J. Robert Crowkna •at FOUNTAINS; Everywhere! Radio Service j i at its Best! ! All New FM \ Test Equipment J All Service Guaranteed J Blytheville Sales Co. i Felix Carney ! 138 E. Main Phone 3hlfi; K. M. LARKIN AUTO PARTS Main * Lake St. Phone 523 We Install Window Glass Kor Any Make Automobile While You NYaiU Window Channels Regulators PITTSBURGH PAINTS a Compfef* Line of Auto Parts Don't Be a Spendthrift! Save Thdt Hard-Earned Cash! You can save up to 50% on all your auto body and fender repair at HOT'S BODY SHOP. PAINT JOBS—$35 & up. Complete upholstery service . . . Headlinings . . . Door Panels . . . Floor Mats . . . Complete Body Trim. Take advantage of our low overhead expense and have that old car repaired now. Any model from 1919 to 1949. HOT'S BODY SHOP 110 So. Lilly Phone 3456 UPHOLSTERING -PHONE 4297 AUTO AND FURNITURE ^ Seat Covers - Seat Covers $20 Front and rear seats tailored to fit. Covers made from ploastnf, durable straws and fabrics and Installed al no extra cost. Our Seat Covers will never rip. When in need of aeat covers, come in and assure yourself of thflee super values. Our convertible tops are unexcelled and our head linings will bt your delight. We are most pleased to onYr you a furniture, upholstering nervic* thai will bring a lasting pride to your home. Come. In and ice our wide selection of txautiful, modutly priced materials. Luger Cars Slightly Higher THOMAS J. LILLY & SON 112 S. Lilly St. l>hon« 4297 WASH TilKUS Idol nf the People- Br LESLIE TURNEB BETTER LUCK WITH CR.OOME TOMOKROW.EASf! HOTF SOU WOWC WHEN fit GtT. FROM OINC. LOCATION WSHlHMrX X' WW I > 1KEKTMENT WITH \ HMm SOUtr. AUTOGKWK. <JM>OtT BEFORE / MB.MMtOKf TKSINC TO M&TCH " ~" «. rHWN>I...THEV \*ntMLHrWe 10 MAKE IIP RftMLM aOTMEK. TW \ KfvKC 1IMPN» IKE MOTH. peont vwo ARE ttMtw TOMORROW, romp MAS KfAlLV IMNUAMT. / HUtlMiOS CM* EKTRA9 WtEP WHEN fM MM* UP RED RYDER l)cei»«Ht Sympathy By FRED HARMAIt HERE'S SHOOTirA' UTSIDE, JKS' M0 3 THEY MW HWE THE MOMEYTrtEV SWINDLED FSOM, "WOSE KISSERS WO THEY YvOU'.DS'l LEAVE WiTHOOTIT/ .OU.V/ I SURE. NML6O TfliS •I*RO oo«n TIGHT WHEN i JBSS AO WkOE St SfflBSTZtf*^™*' IDEA WHERE TrlEV ARE ALLEY OOP No Mure Mighty One By V. T. HAMLIN I TKfcaC ITS ABOUT TIMS I ILL OUST MAKI A LITTLi TO PUT *N END TO / ADJUSTMENT IN THE TIME THIS MONKSY -/ SETTINS AND fff XMAT HAPPEN*' IM KILUCTANT TO WAKt THS MUHTY | HIM, BUT.. ewe...we HE fOt ((50. W JUST BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES No. Thanks! By EDGAR MARTIN

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