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Vermont State Paper, and Lamoille and Orleans Co. Democrat from Johnson, Vermont • Page 2

Vermont State Paper, and Lamoille and Orleans Co. Democrat from Johnson, Vermont • Page 2

Johnson, Vermont
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His contempt for II. is equal to that of Web- Assistant Clerks, As I bore her from the window, I again heard elected. How long will the people permit 'selves allow this opportunity to pass without the gay luughler of the king and his companion, i themselves thus by mere technicalities to be i the memory 0f some 0f our sood friends Vie in Vennsylvuma i Who are appointed by the principal clerk jiiumc. ru nc iiuura nut, CUUtU IIUI, ur.ucruilll rn lttended the convention at Hydepark on a xjuujt iicauui iw iicuiu il, upcitu iici eyes, auu iuc i cuciai vi uicu uuio closed them again with a shudder. She reviv-'j Washington Metropolis.

nossible circumstance, do nnu nrt that lrntild. tph- the 8th ult. der him guilty of electinj Harrison, a man who U- B- French, $1500 Samuel Barch, $1806 It will be recollected that we. as chairman was the nitu of his friends, nml ihr srnrn nnd ed a little, soon after, and made me swear to rear the child as my own and unless it was 'A great lie, says Crabbe, is like a big fish absolutely necessary to her happiness, never to 011 dry laId. It may fret and fling and make al inform her of her parentage.

swore solemnly Sreat but it can't bite you. have; she should never claim her birth-right That n' to let it lie still, and it will die quietly of, night, it has been since known, lidward was itself." John Frost, 1500) Brooke Berry, 1500 R. N. Johnson, 1500 Eleazer Early, 1500, Daniel Gold, 1500 Werd, 1500 of the com. on Resolutions, introduced on J' derision of his foes, to the which was in substance, that the clause of the "e'gOFF Independent Treasury bill, authorizing the Sec-jj xhe plira2raph i italics, it will be seen, is'j retaryofthe Treasury to receive the substance the same as the "opinion" of Gen.

ment dues in treas. notes, should be Harrison by Mr Webster republished in this STATE PAPEE. privately married to the Lady luizabelh 1 know not how he received the news of Lady, Eleanor's death, but his child he supposed dead il out, as it has been by the Senate, The resolu-jjpape afcw anJ which has mMe, Johsssii, 1'eb. 4, 1810. II Crabb, 1500-John Ball, 150ft i'un was opposed on the ground that it was not so much stir among the federalists, aud which the Burlinqton Free Press has had the insolence -AGAINST A FOR A CONSTITUTIONAL TREASURY-NATIONAL.

BANK. Clerks Messengers. During Alice's narrative, the king had been traversing the apartment with a troubled brow, bu his mother-in-law had regained her tranquility. Materials for a new web of intrigue had becu presented, and she was busily weaving them in her mind. Blara was in truth the Win Stewart, $2 50.

to accuse us of manufacturing The letter, pre- Wallace, $2 53 ceding, bears a date earlier than that of the Brwn, 250 POLICY to pass it that the democratic party in the Union would not sanction it that they had never heard of such a proposition, We informed those sreullemen that the democratic press in the whole Union were advocating the Cf, tf 2 0 Sergeant At-Arms. DANIEL WEBSTER'S OPINION OF heir to the throne. Wedded to Dorset, his Roderick Dorsey, Democrat, $15S claims would supercede Henry's. 'I am con-j WILLIAM ah liAititiaurs. Mr tv State Paper in which the opinion was first in- serted.

ji After this, we submit to the. public, the Free Press has sustained its charge ajrainst tented that they should be li' ion- iii ujiiiaaiuiiui lilts AJOuauiv iiuic tiauac ana a Webster, when asked, in 1S3j, if he would be return 10 me constitutional currency oi me J. placed on the same ticket with Gen. Harrison He has no appointments. Recapitulation.

Democrats, SEVEN Federalists, FORTY TWO and ot scorn uirncu to secure me proois oi countrv Thf linlnt-ni was Eleanor's marria-e, but Alice had repossessed replied, "I cannot be guilty of any act that jCountI lhe Kesolut.o.i uas lost. now those gentlemen find themselves just where herself of them. Thedowagcr noticed it, and shall, in the remotest degree, tend to the eleva-l us, of having manufactured the But, even, although it has not it, in the minds of candid men, yet the charge is not withdrawn, i reacned forth her hand, uemanuea tnem. ue- lion ofa man to th(J presijency who is iustiy iielow iollows a list ot the office holders of lVo Sonofa .1 1 Oh uuuj lujujjuj.u ui a large majority scorn andridicGlc or his foes. what would have been his ruin, appears weekly! Oh federalism! nossession of ot democrats fairness Federalists 20 A.

Dickens, sue. 3000 i Democrats 4. Win Pntton, el'k, J. L. Clubb, mess.

Fr. Huniia, Alice had torn the documents into a and the pity itlltl COJlteinpt Of Iligj pieces, and cast the fragments out of the cage-jl fj-jjii ment. Henry's eyes sparkled with delight, but i the baffled dowapr was mad with rage Kesom; ThaTthe reform in ThTnkli Ahce, unm.nd ul of either approached Clara, democratic party in this! on, pfimmnndpil hpr tn kneel, and swear the i I 1500 840 810 Robert JJcule, L. H. Mucken.clfc.

1980 W. Hickey 1650 W.J. McDonald," 1500 J. C. Fitzputrick 1500 S.

Haighi, S. A. 1450 J. Tims, P. M'r.

1200 1500 state years of abuse cross which had been her mother's never to at opposition, is only the beginning of the reformation which the people demand, and that, as it tempt to claim her birth-right. Clara pressed we told them they would, behind the times are they satisfied If they are let them never again, in a democratic convention, oppose the passage of a resolution out of mere policy nor attempt to make the democratic party of the co. accountable for their ignorance, or neglect to inform themselves of thopositions occupied by the party in the Union. One word here, Dana says that if a poet find he have not an all powerful love, a perfect reverence and devotion for his art, let him abandon it at once, the true fire is not in him. So we say ofa politician.

If he think that chicane, trick and management, a system of artful juggling aud dexterous slight o'haud, political science if he shiver and shirk when anything new is advanced, or when any responsibility is to be incurred, and above all, FEDERAL OFFICERS UNDER A DEMOCRATIC ADMINISTRATION. We have uniformly spoken publicly and privately against the suicidal polby of democrats keeping federalists in office. The federalists are continually crying out against Government office holding influence We have said that a majority of the the Capitol were filled by the federalists an I of course have been laid in lie for the state i i i i l. Uie cunousiy wrougui guiuuu uu io iK it lu andtook the oath. her future hus- 47 $2 50 per day, band, knelt by he.

side, and joined dlare for" and ull th he S. Bassctt, I. Bassett, W. Johnson, It. Twedoy, J.

Jamison, K. Young. H. P. Anderson, Gee.

1'liillips, ami an additional eoin-ljensation per in it Officers of the House of Representatives ment. ed, A RAPICAL AXJ) COMPLETE REFORM IN THE FINANCIAL DEPARTMENT OF THE STATE, and thatj as last year we rallied under the Hag of BANK I REFORM, so this year, with equal zeal and1 determination, we will rally under the lla" of STATE REFORM Resolution passed at: the convention of the Dem. Young Men of La- I moille co. on the Sth of January. The Philadelphia Spirit of the Times, helps 'In return for this said Henry, 'Clara may claim of me the title of countess, and the estates which re her 'And think said the dowager, 'that I will permit this The betrothed of my son is a king's daughter, and such I will proclaim And who will believe it said Henry, 'the proofs are answered she furiously, 'I withdraw $1500 I uuiuieti in last statement: lj Richd.

Fletcher, clerk C. Kingman, us to facts that make our assertion good. A cor- 1500 J. Wheat, messenger, $2 50 per day respondent of that excellent paper shows how the matter stands Commencing at the Capitol, the first class of officers with whom we come in contact t. Cults, and $250 per C.

Kreps, Session. if he find himself shrinking from the oh how beautiful, face of TRUTH, and caressing that political Cyprian POLICY, let him abandon politics on the instant the true spirit Independent Treasury Bill The Constitutional Treasury Bill the second declaration of What will the federalists to tin; ami my consent to the i 1. a il i. Ha, say you cried Henry, and bending Independence finally passed the Senate on cutiiu -Lit; la tuai ul kiic iwiitji- un wit ucuiuiyl uia UL ILJU OHCV 01 to her ear, he whispered a tew wore s. the 23d ult, by a vote of 24 to IS men, vi he are appointed by Commissioner of keeping opponents in office i is not in him.

ile is only a clogg upon the 'great wheel of reform, a spot on the disk of the Public Buildings 7 shall mil 'while. Ihnrelho Lnnnr in sun of truth the people do not want him let Willifim Tl.jn Adrian O'er the Government, brinq a man into ami office a i 1 I I irmrt I ae of papers, and held them before her. Clara I es Messrs. Allen, Benton, Brown, Bu-; knew them to be the dispatches she had given IjChanan, Calhoun, Cky of Alabama, him at tbe camp. ji f.ult"" (JrnnJy K'S; Linn, Lump- 'Have we your consent to the immediate un-! Mout" Moryell, Pierce, Roane, Kevier, ion of these said Henry, sternly Connecticut, Strange, Tappan, Walk-; n.r.

with his finr. li er ilhams, and Wright 24. I him begone! We look with more sympuuiy. TilIs officcr is app0inted by the President of! "UJ, i iuai. upuu uu muua iu.u the Unitetl and understand projessesl General Government is pursuinq for this, in his wire-working anu juggling ne uiinus uie t0 a tiemocrat.

As, however "Actions speak opinion, would be a sort of political suicide. The ito the true light. He leads iouder thar. words," and seldom lie, let the fol- To the surprise ol every one present except. I i eves ot the people I lam.

niiVri. i il davtOll. I Bll. vis. I livoii.

1 lotirlorann LrEOUGE Washington. highway of truth into the i.t viwJl emcit, them from the And what of the following He retards their progress tor beth Grey, Edward paid couit Yo Lady Eleanor Talbot, Kou'Mon, Ruggles, Smith of Indiana, White, by-paths of error. lowing appointments of his bear testimony to the character of his democracy. I Watchinen. "Thev that are in rnwnr.

shrml.t oi-( ('aiiffhter oi tbe Earl ol'Slirewsburv. and beinc renuUed. an" iOUnjir 16 He is a political leper room for centuries. hv iIik virtue of that ladv. he was oblisred.

e'er he could Thrpp I )pmiprntin SunalnvB A'loem IViohn nut nnlv InfhrM-rt j. I I- obtain her, to consent to" a private marriage, without any laSi Robinson, and under instructions him Democrats, OJ 7 non those who are tnllinn: tortr.inta nn.l voted against the bill. I We shall give our readers the Independent witnesses, by Slillington, Bishop aiici wards divulged th secret Thomas c. 'mnnti; it ic thm.

1nt.i A 1 I.til Federalists. Charles Wilson, James Wilson, John L. Wirt, OOA 'I uu. uiui nn hps fll 1 In the course of the debate, Mr Clay pro- Treasury bill, and the discussion upon its pas-nounced the bill, with the Treasury note sage as soon as possible. -iiicui, iS One Hundred Houses Swept off.

The Rev. TUr flnnn of lhp. Sandwich Islands, in a letter NONE men-uuiy is uisu ineir pleasure, io commi to his brother, published in the Evanglist, de- i t0 1)6 "a Treasury Bank," upon which Mr 9S2 jtlie execution ofa purpose to one who disap i1 i i nrnvps of thfi of it. ia in nmnlnv J. D.

Waller, Thos. II Wates, scribes a scene of terror witnessed one even-j Benton moved to strike out that clause, which 980 1 I wufc lIIC RiVJ of ilia THE FREE PRESS FRANKLIN MESSENGER AND THE The 'State of last week, published at Johnson, presented the most degraded and ing at Hilo during the progress of a protracted. motion prevaileJ. The bill in itSpreSentfori meeting, held there in November, as iollows: 1 1 opened the meeting with a sermon from the benate b' a majority, so decided, iorm! anened the meeting with a sermon from the; l'asbt-u lue oemie a so ueciueu, hands." Lacon. as.

text, 'Prepare ye the way of the God to leave little doubt but that it will pass the! humiliating picture we have seen toralong time A fact for the fourth District. Jchn Smith In reply to an article published in our last, M. C. from the fourth district, has written I LA A I 1- -II Continuing our walk into the Capitol, the next officer we meet is the II. Key.

Joseph Follansbee, $1,500 This officer was elected by the democratic members. He professed to be a democrat. It was soon discovered that his democracy was slightly tinctured with federal-ism, abolition ieuer io uie young iocos 01 L.amouie countv, I' ll li" I touching the authorship ot what is termed 'Mr. Webster's opinion of Gen. the editor savs the 'opinion' originated from Mr.

John wrought tor us. wunureus gave eviaence oi HouS(J without any material alteration, On the second day at 4 4 God came in terror! The sea rose suddenly to! VV sincerely rejoice at the passage of thel the perpendicular height of 15 or 20 feet, and ''Bjll without the clause authorizing the Secre-I fell in one mountain wave on the shore, swee-itary 0fthe Treasury to receive the revenue by! pins away nearly 100 houses, their tenants and effects. All was sudden as peal of thunder, lj instalments of one fourtn or one sixth only in. No premonitions were given. None had time specie the first year the specie payment to be; Smith, of Arknsas, and thinks that because whole with the locofocos or for what he call democracy.

His district, at the very last elec tion, gave nearly 200 whig majority. He dis regards tbis expression of the will of the peo it, una misrenrpsfintK inpm 11-1 nnirrocs Nun to ilee. There was no earthquake, and no'j increasedone installment yearly, until the whole visible cause of the phenomenon. The scene be receivable in ecie. We have al-i is his democracy.

Vt. Watchman. it appeared hrst in a New ork paper, it lwas sufficient evidence that hejound it somewhere'' He then says, refering to its authorship, 'ice do uot care much about it.7 No! whether true or not, it is immeterial with us is the literal meaning of the language of the editor, who still keeps the 'opinion' at the head of its columns in conspicuous letters. We know not when we Tn ii rwl t'iiici vnrt 1 1 The Watchman is very hard to please. Whe ism, mongrel-ism and every other kind of ism except republicanism.

He has the appointment of the lollowing MESSENGERS, whose salary is $2,50 per day, and an additional compensation of $350 per session. Democrats, Federalists, John Queen, Charles Stewart, Mr Smith was running for congress, the by-lhe-way, meddling that which was none lUiave seen a more shameful and utter disregard i x. tj" i Was ilWlUI. ill lliuniciii. a.

,1,1.1 i gulphed! The roar of the raging sea was was regarded that clause as an objectionable deafening, and the loud piercing cries of feature in the Bill. We believe that no paper were heart-rending! Only 11 were 0f any nothing'but the constitutional cur- but 5 have died since bv injuries recived in the uutJMi5V9J rency should ever be received or disbursed by water. Had the catastrophe been at midnight, or had the people been less amphibious, hun-, the officers of the government. Clearly, Con- i i i l.i -o" was "an eely politician" that no confidenc 1 .1 i 1 i .1.1 RobtMcPeak, William I 111 II .11 1 A 1 of truth than is here exhibited. Franklin Messenger.

We "ive below the article, of which the Messenger complains We extracted the said "opinion" from a letter of John Smith jr. of Arkansas; the Washington correspondent of the N. Y. Evening Post. Where the said John Smith found the said opiuion, we have not taken the trouble to en-ouire: We took it for granted that the appear IV 1 I 1l, I 1.

Barney Parsons, William McGill, A Lindsley, Elias Gromore, John Lee, just where he always has been, with the uredsmust nave perisneu. io urowu unauve -gress nave no rigni io permu any oi me puonc of these islands is almost like drowning a whale, to be received in anything but the cur-! so much are they at home in the water." I The Providence Courier publishes the rency of the constitution, and if the dues of the ino-nuzzle: Government are to be collected in jmper, we "A widow, two children, a man and his wifesee little preference which one kind can claim I and their two children, four cousins, an uncle, oyer that of anolher. The reCeption of any kind 1 and aunt and two grand children, slept jn two I beds-Query? How many persons were there, a palpable violation of the constitution, and and in what relation were they to each other:" the Senate so understanding the matter, have mocracy, the Watchman is exceedingly trou 11 l.i 1 I ft I III Nllini 1VI nl II 1 I II WHS PIHCIHI1 31 Hi and if the infamous slanders which The doorkeeper has also the appointment of ance of the said "opinion," in the columns of 1 i i i twelve boys to act as Pages of the House, one the said N. Y.

Evening rost was sumcient evidence that he found it somewhere. So much 'prohibited it. The passage of the bill without of whom is his own son, the others all sons of, he now "wheel about" and go for tl .1 i i i i.i il the Treasury Note clause, scatters to the winds Ioryie, "JU I We do not care much about we are a little the great objection of the Federal party, that it Lt a ioss to acCount for, tne extreme discourtesy was intended to establish a "Treasury with which the Free Press occasionally treats Burlington Free Press denies the authenticity of the paragraph, which is going the lounds of the democratic papers, purporting to be ail opinion of Daniel Webster relating to rharires the fabrication upon the commouaiing anu wicKeu. inus oy nis open a honorable course, to refute the falsehoods his enemies. leaves the bill, just what itshouldbe, a meas-jus.

State 41. is FEDERALISTS. Assistant Doorkeeper- John Hunter, $1,400 A little right of the Doorkeeper we met the Postmaster II. Representatives', William McCormick, $2Q00 He was elected by the House several years Stele Paper. Ti.e denial of the I.

Pres Jress The plea -of the Fiee Press was that we had uie to render the receipts and disbursements cf I We opine that Mr Smith will prove a tro 1.4 I till ft manufactured the When we proved the public money safe as such, no one can ok evidently mere guess work, me paragrapn orginated in the N. York Eve. Post, edited hv Wm. a. linmnta.

naner of about as much ject to it. But as a measure leading to the ab-jj that wc had extracted it from another paper, of they can fix him." -n a I 1 I 1 1 t-. W-uCC! I I nn i. una. 'ago, and is an open and avowed federalist, and The Caledonian calls the New Yorker mi .1 a ueigiitoj cnaracier, us mo rux olition of a paper currency, and introducing course uie count oi x'icc nuw uui DUO- as well for men to talk of matters they know VI something about.

Instead of making a criminal thai will be safe and un.form, for the people, tamed. cCeUinstthe State Paper, theFrce Press those, Vfco are now, and hereafter may be, in- will be seen that the remark, 'we dont wm.fd have exhibited more manliness and can-. iUa rpsnits of nn(i 'care much about refers to the treatment we iiaii rn nnnpr. i nT. nonsense uues iiul itu ve livutiwi well in this quarter.

The New Yorker prcten i never has pretended to anything else. His appointments will show the consistency of his profession. He has Four Messengers. received from the Free Press, and not to the loroy cau.n5 w. pi- -rp auadruDle the essential val- lous federal papers io the Union.

We sa i'ainoi. i uc of their property, to extricate tnemseives niin-n ii r.ii il in iiil uul but a i a congressional election in this district. Its utt Federalists, Joseph Beck, Joseph Beck Jr. William Sweeny, Democrats, NONE. authorship of the 'opinion "We know not when we have seen a more shameful and utter disregard of truth than is here exhibited." The last Free Press, as we expected does not give our defence to the charge of having manu Alvord's District.

Mr Laker appeared on (anj carry out their shaving schemes, whether Tuseday, nd being sworn, took TOlftyled democrats or it is to be representative from the State ot Massachusetts, u'ninpthat ATr. Aloord. deceased. Mr. expected will object to the bill.

opine that Uicguiu 1UI AA HftW .1. lt ltnlzprin a Fedpral. and come in like Messrs. I if this class would betake themselves to honest ha iictripr a nanRr LiiiiL win uieie factured the Below we give more to lake neutral ground, the better to clecei the unsuspecting, and make its insolent a Aycrigg Co. not duly elected, though he has jj.

anj Bome means to extricate the "broad sealed" create to ck his Prei themsclve3 from thcir embarrassments, instead It appears, in consaquence ot the, irreat snow storm, the returns from two towns of brawling day and night, senseless stufl about John Moorej Their salary is $2 50 per day, and an additional compensation of $250 per annum. Proceeding to the interior of the House, the next officers who present themselves, are the Principal Clerk. Hugh A Garland, Democrat, and the abusive attacks upon tne Aaminisirauon pass authority for the We copy the following from the Boston Post Correspondence of the Boston Morning Vost. Washington, Sunday, Dec. 8, 1 o'clock P.

M. Clay detests Harrison, and the nomination inrlannnilKtil RfricLnrps. is nnwnrt CU11U1U UUU giving Democratic majorities, djd not reach the' Lg Sub-Treasury bill, they could get iich fas-j Governor ti 1 1 a short time after the day prescribed hvlaw, and the Governor refused to count them; had they been counted Baker would not he By-thc-wny, we cannot, in justice to our-i of the countenance of the community..

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