The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 31, 1956 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, March 31, 1956
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, MARCH 31,1956' Despite Farmers' Wrath, Mid-West Shrouded in Political Uncertainties (Second of Two Dispatches) By BRUCE BIOSSAT NBA Staff Correspondent DBS MOINES, Iowa — (NBA) — Neither cagey politicians nor farm experts have the nerve right now to predict how much of the Midwest farmers' admitted wrath may be brought down on President Eisenhower's head in the November elections. . , . Too many uncertainties fog the crystal ball. The level of hog prices this season/the amount of rainfall in drouth-strick- en areas, the kind and volume of relief! he farmer gets from a new farm bill, the identity of the 1956 Democratic presidential nominee, and his program. Some Democrats believe the farmers' resolve against the GOP already is so set that no improve- These variables breed comment ranging all the way from bland Democratic assurances they will sweep the farm belt to Republican confidence that the President's "charmed life" in politics will see him through. In the lattejM'ein, an Jllinois politician spoke: "I'm not too worried so long as farmers are driving to these pro- ment in conditions between now and election will matter. Most politicians don't go that far. They think events still unmade will tell the tale. 'Ike's hold on ordinary Ameri- test meetings" to ~0°ldsrnobiles 'and cans is powerfully evident in sur- Buicks." ve S' s of farmer attitude. A Wiscon• * » sin paper's big farm issue docu- Put a stiff mood of protest mented the current unrest, then against one of history's most popu- went on to speculate that the Preslar Presidents and' what do you ident probably could win many g ,f> farmers' approval no matter what. If the mood is maintained or How can this be? built higher in the months to come. por one thing, Mr. Eisenhower it icould mean serious trouble for manages still to avoid being brand- Mr. Eisenhower in several farm e( j W ith blame for the farmers' states. ! plight, though his lieutenants do Yet no knowledgeable observers not. Should Secretary of Agricul- in this region are really sure Mr. j ture Benson's immeasurable un- Eisenhower's popularity will not popularity ever become trajisfer- protect him even in the worst of able to the White House, the Re- circumstances. Even many Demo- publican presidential ticket would crate have private misgivings, j be in straits. There is more feeling that GOP I Secondly, many a farmer credits and the President with bringing and ; keeping peace. Some frankly say Should the mood be altered, most. they'd rather take peace than choices for Senate, House statehouse may suffer. led people interviewed in this i f u ]j pocketl itudy think Mr. Eisenhower's ! tjeir econ< informed NBA si peril would diminish sharply. These things they feel could weaken the protests: itbook. War only disrupts .omy more, and drafts the farmers' sons who are needed i the field. Numerous observers feel that i countless farmers act on not only 1. Rain in Iowa and other drouth > convictions about peace but other spots. In 1956, rain is Eepublican, j matters of general concern beyond drouth Democratic. 2. Rising hor prices, aided by expected declines in hog output. Hogs the farm. Like millions of workers, they vote as whole Americans, not simply farmers. Fourthly, the farmer is steadily ttow are roughly $4 a hundredweight above last fall's low. and climbing. If this trend continues becoming a smaller numerical fac- and no drop sets in before election, tor in 0. S. elections. From being tempers may ease. : one in six voters a decade or two 3. A good farm bill with ample back, he is down to one in seven or Immediate aid to distressed farm- eight. The ratio naturally is higher ers. Money in the farmers' pocket in Iowa, but even there it is falling in the April-November period is an important determinant. 4. A Democratic nominee and program sot to farmers' liking, which would cause them to recon- By 1960, Iowa's population for {he first time is expected to be classed as more than 50 per cent urban Even in rural zones, city folk are drifting in as commuters, and and drive 40 to 80 miles each day to a factory job. Finally, some of the most vocal objections come from farmers .who dp not bulk too large In numbers. For instance, the young GIs who bought in high and are squeezed in a low market, and the Johnny- come-lately stock producers who moved in on the crest of record hog prices a few years ago. An Iowa man said: "These fellows, not the established livestock producers, are making the most noise. They're in-and-outers, and they'll be first to drop out. They saw an easy way to make money, moved in, and contributed heavily to the surpluses that depressed the market." • • * Some feel the Farm Bureau Federation's conservative views. though often contested now, might prevail in many cases when the lest is at .hand. Logically, a break in the farm vote should show first and heaviest in the groups worst hit: livestock men, younger farmers, marginal producers, drouth sufferers. But the impact of other issues could produce an erratic pattern here. The better-off farmers, especially grain men drawing good federal checks, are most counted on by Republicans to stand with "Ike." But here again, they could surprise, for thpy too are among the complainants. But again and again practiced politicians said they saw no signs of general revolt. The farm protest is real. But it is still a long way from being translated into a November debacle for President El senhower and his party. Deeply Religious Penitentes Observe Christ's Last Days »ider switching off the Republicans. I workers often live on a small farm SANTA PE. N.M. (IP) - Deeply religious Spanish-American men. in remote northern New Mexico mountain villages are commemorating the last days of Jesus Christ again this Holy Week. They are the Penitentes, members of the once fanatical group known as the Brothers of the Blood of Christ. The climax of their Holy Week observances began Wednesday with recitation of prayers based on Gospel accounts of the arrest of Jesus. With processions, prayers and hymns, those taking part on Holy Thursday recalled the taking of Christ before Pontius Pilate. Today, Good Friday, the passion and death of Christ upon the cross will be commemorated by praying, singing men making the Via Cruces, the Way of The Cross. The Penitente rites of these days reportedly bear little resemblance to those of years ago, when members lashed their bleeding backs with thorny yucca whips in a belief that blood letting helped them atone for their sins. It was such excesses which for many years deprived the group ot the "catholic Church's recognition But nine years ago the Penitentes Cold Reception For Johnny Ray TOKYO (/PI—American sob singer Johnny Ray played to a half- cold audience in an all-cold hail today. Ray, whose weeping style has made him a bobby-soxer favorite PRICE OF Chicago stocky; HOGS, like the ones this Illinois farmer is selling* irds,- can be big- corn belt election factor. t'ere made an official society of the church. Their leaders say the Penitentes rites no longer include fanatical procedures or excesses. The order was founded by the Franciscans at Santa Cruz, north of Santa Fe, in 1835. Gabor Sisters All to Marry, Mother Says NEW YORK (/!>)—Mrs. Jolie "Mama" Gabor says all three of her glamorous daughters will marry within the next three weeks. Zsa Zsa Gabor declined to confirm the announcement she will marry Hal B. Hayes, wealthy Los Angeles contractor, but the mother paid no attention. "On the next three Sundays," she said, "I will gain three new sons- in-law. Then all my girls will have husbands." The schedule, as announced by Mrs. Gabor: ; Magdtt Gabor will marry Tony Galluci, wealthy New York City! businessman, in Franklin, N. J., this Sunday. ; Eva*Gabor will marry Dr. John' Williams, Beverly Hills, Cniif., surgeon, at Mama Gabor's country home in Westport, Conn., Sunday, April 8. Zsa Zsa will marry Hayes in Hollywood, Sunday, April 15. The marriages will be the third each for Magda and Eva and the fourth for Zsa Zsa. in the United States, seemed to puz- j Kids Find zle the Japanese in the audience of some 4,000 listeners in the barn- like Memorial Hall. . Originally built to stage wrestling matches, it was unheated. One Japanese girl said her teeth chattered so much she was unable to clap. But Ray drew resounding cheers from the foreign members of the audience—mostly AmericfJi servicemen and women' civilian em- ployes of the U.S. military forces, j Ray is virtually unknown in Japan. Record shops say his platters are slow sellers. ed 8'i gallons of moonshine whiskey under the school steps. Soldiers' Handicap BERKELEY, Calif. «Pi — Army psychologists say "bossy" mothers' produce poor soldiers. Soldiers from homes run by mothers are least I likely to stand up in emergencies, the Western Psychological Assn. was told by Jerald N. Walker and Tor Meeland of the Human Resorces Research office at Ft. Ord. 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Point Cioseout Man; Tjpei And C«]ors i Price » Hubbard Hardware METAL BASE CABINETS HUBBARD & SON Furniture PIONEER SEED CORN Guaranteed Stand Jack Robinson Imp'emerl Co. Former School Teacher Signs As Clown with Ringling Brothers NBW YORK UP)— A M-year-oid former high school teacher with two college degrees has signed a contract for a season as a professional clown with the Ringling Brothers <t Barnum & Bailey circus. Bachelor William Britten signed up In routine fashion Thursday at Madison Souare Garden. There was press agent fanfare—with & red rose stem for a pen and the screaming of six chimpanzees for musical accompaniment. Britten, who expects to get $7.500 for the season, entered an audition the circus held last month and was accepted. Hailing from Philadelphia ,he started in the amateur clown field in 1950 while teaching English at Ballard High School in Seattle. He wore a tramp costume to help an oil company entertain children at the opening of a new gasoline station. • ATLANTA Iff)—Pupils at a schoo 1 Easter egg hunt made quite a find —but it wasn't eggs. They uncover- Brltten w»i graduated from Temple University, Philadelphia, with a bachelor of arts degree, «nd got a master of arU degree from the University of Washington. Portugal Prince Shoots Himself ESTOEIL. Portugal (IP)— Fifteen- year-old Prince Alfonso of Bourbon, younger son of the pretender to the Spanish throne, was killed Thursday night when a pistol he was cleaning discharged accident^ ally. An announcement from the royal house of Bourbon said the bullet struck the young prince in the forehead and he died within minutei. Funeral service* will be held S«t- Get your FREE farm survey i»«w, for CHOCTAW IRRIGATION Without obligation, you can q*t «xp«r+ count*! on your irrigation needs plus t system layout designed to meet your present and future requirements. 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