The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1931 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 18, 1931
Page 3
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AY, APRIL IS, 1931 KLYTIIKVH.I.K. (AKTO COUIMKTl NfiWR Lifters Ill i!ie following examples hnnc'.s Nos; 3 anil 4 show the t'.vo lyp2> ''• niiiiiiiuirii two no trump cii^'.nsl bids. HanJs U and E show the two mlnlinuui types of hands I'M! should jump pailner's two no trim;) to three no trump. The small fi5- urcs in parenthesis .represent In:; Iota] count of each suit— (h? ftjuve fil the bottom is the total omit f=.' tlie hand. NO.iTH (PARTNER) . PAGE THtt£h jLjfib TN FRONT OF THE COURT IfOUSK DOOR (D) 47-3-2 va-5-4 i'.'. 1- l-r-3 +'9-4 (5) *Q-7-3 (2) VJ-9-8-5 '(1) »J-9-7 (D + Q-9-4 (2) j SOUTH (DEALER) . '] NO. 3 NO. 4 '4;A-J-5 (5) 4K.-J-5 ( V.A-Q-J (7) VA- *j8-6-5-2 (0) 10-2 (4%) ; Ing point. .'II'I! THREE MORTGAGE ETC .. Nctic:s of Mortgage i r .rjc!o3U~: £ahs arc 1 cruwriim \vliat eju'.t! in', fail to b? inor? cheerful nmic::ncc- nv:nts out ol a lot of Southern weekly newspapers this spring. Couched in dry, Irra] phiascoh;y, they tell nothlirj cf the l;:ir(!sli'p.> tr-iu hci'C leset the imfortmiiUps who, "in front of the cunt hull*;? rlcor'', lay down their c:ush:in burden of debt, and, iviihoir. citlr.T resources cr ambition -Ml. finJ themselves rl-Jii lack at llir stait- ^A-K-10 (7) 4K-8-6-5 (3) ; *A-J;. ic- (5« • ta '.7 • Hand No. 3 Tliis hand lias a. total O'.mt o 10 i-illi only lliree suits slopped, bir Enterprises other than forming t liave nlso been B0:ni lo the wall | of late, brt R.. T. IJoug:.i!:. cf ; Gadilo parish, Louisiana, snys h.e has observed, during his farming 'experience ol nearly 40 y"ara, that incst farm failures have b'en caus- cci 1> V buyin-' too mativ t!i'n->s thai as ihe diamond suit 1ms (cur small cards and Hie hand lias n total count of 19, it is strong enough to justify an original two no trump bid. Hand No. 4 Hand No. 4 lias a count of only 17, but has all four suits supprl. therefore this hand should also b? opened with two no trump. Hand D Here we find a hand that is practically a. bust outside of a five-sard suit licadej by an ace. Hemcmb?: that in the supporting hand, when holding a five-cnnl suit mill it is headed with any of the three lor honors, an extra point is counte-; 'for each honor. Therefore in ban:: D we count four for the ace of diamonds, and as we have n'five-card diamond suit heaJed with one o. 1 the--top honors, this gives us nn extra count of one—tlie total count of that hand, therefore, is five. In cur previous article, we leained however, that a. two no trump bi should be supported with a conn' of six or with any five-card suli headed by an ace, therefore ban" D. should jump partner's two nt - trump to three nn trump. THE TWO SUIT NO TRUMP HANDS Perhaps the liicsl difficult typo o' bidding Is what is known as t'.vo- rr-uld b? ri!?rd on the farm. His ob'ect in farming is not to make- iiicnev, but to really Uve. a:iJ he has found that by producing at linine for. family nerds even-thin" 'hat tho soil land cllrnito will lei him produce, he is afjle :o realise a profit from his major crop-, no matter what prices they triv:. T. TI. Peters, of Ok'ibb'im ccmi- y, Mississippi. repo.'ls (hat cnc- :rop farmers in his part of the •rii'ntvv are being forced out of :usiirss end the o:i!y hud-owners hr> knows who ar? can-vine; 0:1 aro he ones w!'o dlversifv their open- ions. Defore he plants a si:i?!e row of cotton. Mr. Peters niak-s certain Hint liis schedule sinkcs mpie [Hovision for a i;ucd Burden and orchard; a hcrj of well select - A I'i'iM .11 (I!- fill ION C'ctU'-'i, I (lull rve i:iy .-.iK'plicr.l ml 'I am in «t'ut: 'ilKU hurt rausrd liir [n fre.1 n u dry pastille: thuus li.i-t ili'- tr'ycd r- v credit: tlii-n l-.-.i 'iil in" into the i^i'.l's of n'jv- rtv. li r.':. l:li(suits all'l l!v;:r 'I hr.u Tiust dt-.xtroyeii my sold ,Uiil rny lianiilnrsi: Thn:i hast causttl me to ''> n br.iiHiT \\~il\i IMY tint mulcr •iiy rri'i and mortice tin 1 'llinu liust cpi!s:d me l« 1'v ';' .i' rcntcj hou*:i- in full vi<M uf the munn, while stars com IwlnkliliT (liriiiinh Hie rrucks: Tliou r""J".rtsl a naked Ixic 1 :^i:l nil cmp'.y stDina'jIi Tor in n Die j-rrseii-c uf mv frlrnib: Thcu anoink'Sl 1115 'lic;ul villi id rnrriil itccminls—liow I fruil the:? ..I'liuii ha'st Vtcnt my rhildrrn I; c'.'t uf school, clirtch and so-'< ;-- t ii-rreli/ vclii^'iiir tln-iti oi lliaV ir'nFi-h Is rnid aiitl irjblc, ilevatiti 1 : anj rpfmtitfl I'liou hast caused RTO to j^o tn Hip barn r.ud trin.^ out the old ferlj'l'^t r rao!.s jtnil ys\ my uitt 1 til p'.ikr nm :> shirt; Xn-.v. lirliold .TS I stand amidst *i\v frit'iid? ; n r-iy IKW s'lirt with 't'csr: insfrijjtiens in fidl vjr-.i: "K'chU'en r'~r rent nvi'i pl'n'i- nhate" rn th'j Ijrcast aiij "12'-:" 0:1 (he (ail. "1 riairv cow?; silage sufficient for |'— -- tlie dairy herd; ample hay fcr homo use and some to sell; enough corn fcr all stock; hojs a:i.l sheep for home and market, ami a gcod si?~d flock of poultry with piitl- :.••'•? 15.0:?.OCO b^les fi>r 00 vh":< w Fi-uvl to KK C-W.S'iO.- 103 frr 11W,0.0"1 ta!<-sV Think how -,n:ch bfler off we will I)-' If, 1:'.- ti'.'.(! cf urrhw these liv. 1 in:l:lon ;.>.!-;; cri nn unwilling niarkt 1 !, we 1 * ::?e 'hi 1 lime and clfnrt llml:{ woiiM l-c rfc|ii:v:il lo piwiiice th'in f'.-r pvcrtiirlivj the food an.l fool i j! that wo'.ild'.c Ir.v? So b'' !.>r,;i:hl In Iri'in other s-ctioa 1 !. Foiuhr r':i f-'rinrrs wliti. tl'.i Spring, nrr- inre with wli'.it I many of Diem Is (hi- very dilil-;, tuli 'prill-inn of Betllii'; ford an 1 j •£ feid vlih wh:cli to make another: « crop, may .voider liow it happens: ff hat A. V. B-ll-.i'ii, of Uillui conn-:.'?: y. Po'.uli Cnrcllivi. ca;i be olfcri'.ig for sale corn, purebred co'.ton sr-ed, hay. oats, nvjlstrrs-d I'olsnd China F. ixjlaloes. coilar;!s. etiss. biuirr. lard, mc.i! and ntlrr farm | prn.tticls. l>nt Mr. licthea hasn't | 'one nnythlit! any other S T M- \ thcr:i farmer can't do: by inislngj •vc'e linn cnouih food and fe^.! for horn? n;c he has smnclhiM^ to *ell c\ery (lav in the year. On h'r 370-arre farm nnrf with n •ctnl investment of S10.5CG. \V. W.I' "':Uo:i. [J Wi'.Hii. Id connly, Georgia, earned 44 (:er cent interest !ast year, aficr dttluctiri^ all operating eyp'nrr 1 . He follows n •scientific l^ii(l-b«i:dlii'j program; L'rnws pi! his fef-:! 'nnd nearly all fco 1 ! ff::- hem? use: works 12 mon- ili" in til? v<"!i'. His dalrv cows 1 chickens, sprint; lamli.i. wool ntul field crops keep the cash coining :i tlie y'nr aroim;K "Grow Iho kind of crops you :ii:i hou^e in your own barn, meat louses, panlry. cellar and slore- dairy farmer in the couiuv is listed amon^ thcs? asking fnr help; Ihey cither have the cash or Kood security for such leans -is they may hnve to make. ilcr attention to turkeys. | A quertlomiaire w.-s ivcnitly sent Aecordino to County Ascnt 2! Irsitlim cotto-i bitylm firms ' who between them handle approxi- mr.tcly lialf of nil t!ic c?lton grown in this country, asking their opin- whr.t it covt to produce it. As a re- i ion as lo \vlni price cottjn crop- \V.. Sargent, tho cotton raised in Pulftski county. Arkansas, last year iroiu'lit. $900.000--iiist abQtit lialf house". Is the advice that A. Bui-, 'ar:l. Dunlin county. North Cavo- j Ur.?.. oilers farmers who have; [ound that when they farm to '• make incncy roinebocly els? homes! "he croos. The man who follows Mr. Bullard's nrtvice is assured thatj '.v!;r:i he c,c?* lo town to buy soms-' thing he can't produce on his farm [ he- will have something to iake;{ alona to pay for it. Mr. Billiard! ( he utecl to pin all iiis hop?s •••iill. one-fourth or more of Ilisj raneiii? Irani t:n lo nii'fii million s»5's "e " trf 13 P"i al h.s hop?s 'armrrs : n th? county r-qvirs bsles would bring if prrduced ilik °" tobacco, but he finally gal SICK c'routh relief and arc receiving ni:l! year. The nvera'-c of the 21 re- "''^ llrc(i of b 1:1 '.. l .° l1 - b . y !l price-lie got for ell his toil an:I : either for food. feed, seed or fer-: pliss dealt a hand that a stronr count, but with only two suit stopped, e. g,' : Spades— 7-U-2 ............. ,(0) Hearts-D-8-5-4 ........... 10) Diamond;;— A -K-J ......... <«» Clubs— A-K-10 ............ (7) 15 The total count of this hand i 15. .Willie the spades and ha-ir FUjtc are practically wide open, the hand is top strong to mss and it has no good biddable four- card suit, therefore when holding a hand with a count of at least 1 and; Only two suits stopped, th original bid should be one no trunin With hands counting less than 1? and .only two suits stopped, gvca .care should be exercised in openln* them with a no trump. But whe 1 the count Is 15. ninny games a 11 partial scores are apt to be passsl .out -if they are not opened wit': one no trump. in the neighborliDo:! of SL'.OW.OOfl. famifrs and Mr. Sarjent cays that not a C03.CCO fLv.rr bales of couon. \Vhyl the Atlantic. Mo.. Us tardiest point from WARNING ORDFR CHANCERY COURT, CHTC'^A SAWBA DISTRICT. MISSTSSIP PI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. R. S. Harris. Plaintiff. Nn. 493' vs. Sylvia Harris. Dslcnnant. Tlie defendant Sylvia Hur-K ' warned to nppnar within thirr davs in the court named in tv caption hereof nnd nns'ver th complaint cf the ptoint'ff R. r Harris. Dated 4-11-3! R. I,. OAINES, Clerk. Bj- Elizabeth nivthc. D. C Sam Manatt. Atty Ad Litem. WAKNIN'fl OPOF.R IN THE CHANCERY COURT FOP THE CHICKASAWRA P1STRIC OP MISSISSIPPI COUNTY. AR KANSAS. Pansy Beard. Plaintiff. No. 4335 vs. Carl Beard. Detend3nt. The defendant, Carl ivmd. i- wsrncd to appear in llic Chan::n Courl for tr.e Chickasawba Distrlc' ol Mississippi County. Arkansu within thirty (30) ciavs and answer the complaint of the plain tiff. Pansy Beard. Witness my hand as Clerk of si" Court, and the seal thereof this lit; day of April. 1931. R. 1,. GA1NF.S. Clerk. By Elizitoth Blythe. D. C Marcus Evrard. Ally. Ad Litsm. WARNING ORDF.t CHANCKRY COURT. C-1T- SAWBA DISriUCT MISSIS3IP PI COUNTY. ARKANSAS. Corrine Collie. PlalntilT. N> 4933 vs. Jessie Lee Collie, Detcn dant. The defendant Jessie Lee Colli is warned to appear williln thirl, days In the court mined In th caption hereof and answer the CDITI- nlalnl of tlie plaintiff Corrine Col li e Dated 4-11-31 R. U GAINES. Clerk. '.* • By Eliz.iboUi Blvtlie. D. C. Sam Manatt, Atty Ad Lltcm. When Beryl BorJen sang love songs before the m!"opKone, thousands listened. "TTie girl with the velvet voice" they called her. AnJ no one dreamed or nie tragic ( love tangle ir. which -the singer was cn- mcihsd. "Melcdy Girl," Ruth Dewey 6foveV new serial, is en •Hsarlyna i^manco wiLli an unusual, mcdetu tackc.'ouad. Watch Jor il April 29 in COURIER NEWS The following A. I', dispatch L'rom Mo ;eo\v contains a warninp; to every fannoi- and business mun which cannot jvo uniu'odod: fTmffy^f^Tgj^rpJr^T^y^yp ^ ''fi* Russia's Cotton Increase To Be Blow To South MOSCOW. April 10 ()fy A. I'.)—I'luns of (lie Soviet governr.icnt to iiHit'iisu liu-sin's ciiltuti over SI) IJIT ct'iil in \y.\\ will ik'al wniii'Uitnu i.f ;i l.ltnv tn (lie country's imports from Atiu'ru-ji if (Ito nliin is t\';i!)7i'il. 1 Ni-nr'y (;,(1IIU,(H](> iiores will In- |il.wtoil tn cnlliin in Uussiii in !!):!!, iirrriilinj; lo pfOS'C'iit |i!!in:). 'i'liis is ;t 5(1 pur cent ini'rviiKu in iirrvii^u over 1!i;i(] :intt \\:v ndvt'nimi'iit luipw, liy tlu- u-'i> til' fcrlili/.i'rs mill u(|iii|>moi\l In iiu'ri'iiso the i-rop Sll por ci-nl—l'\lnii-l. C12ZHC Prior to the World \Vai', Russia's average annual import of cotton \vas 847,000 L'alcs. Dui'ing the year 1929, U. S. cxpo.-ts to Russia totaled only 302,806 bales. During 1930 U. S. exports to Russia shrunk to only 79,935 bales Russia Is- Now the World's Fourth Cotton Raising Country And is rapidly increasing her acreage and production each year. Next Month Will Be- Too Late To begin wondering how Russia's cotton production increase is affecting the. Southern farmer. It has eliminated one of our big cotton customers. We cannot expect to soil cotton to Russia when she will soon be a big exporter hersert'. With a nine million bale carry-over; a normal annual consumption ot ! only about 13,500,000 of American cotton; one of our largest customers lost; don't it look like committing economic suicide to produce another big cotton crop this year? At planting time every cotton grower should give serious consideration to this situation. Where Will You Sell a Big Crop? Will You Get More Than Cost For It? We should know the answer to those two questions before we decide to plant :f big cotton acreage this year. Will we again do like we did back in 1926 when we raised 18,000,000 bales and sold them tor §GflO,000,000 less than we got' for our 1923 crop of only 10,000,000 bales? A 12,000,000 hale crop means probably Sc this fall. • • . . ,..,.... h ...... iij!iw Will We Raise Food For Our Families? We Raise Feed For Our Livestock? Oi 1 will we go blindly along, putting all our acreage in cotton, and hoping that we get enough out of it to supply the necessities o( life; checking up at the end of the year and finding ourselves deeper in debt and worse off than when we started the crop? Answer These Questions at Planting Time! Plant Fond Crni>=; to Raise Fooil for Your Family. ' Have a year arounii garden. I'ul up every bit of fon:l possible. Gel ready to cat (bis winter no mailer what flic price of Col (nn. You can't • caf Collon! Raise Feed! Plant More Acres of Corn ;inil [nil Soy He;ms in every ncre of it. Plant more H;iy— "^'011 ran ill ways sell (he surplus. Don't let the price of Cotton this fnl! keep your stock from living. Chickens Will furnish you with something to Kat and a Little Money every day in the year. Raise More! FROM THt ^^i 1923 CROP OF 10 MILLION BALES . FROM THE 1924- fe 2 BALES BROUGHT $300 I ' CROP OF jl MILLION DALES j~T 2/2 BALES BROUGHT #300 1926 " CROP OF 18 MILLION BAI ES JTrti' N 1931 vHr-S^••r-;-.^L 5 =r^a-!".| .t^T^v'rl BROUGHT WILL BRING #300 You Can't Break a Farmer Who Grows Food and Feed! Why Not Be One of That Kind This Year? Plant Less Coffon and Have a Better Living! With all the KKKS in one liasket. you're a hlowcd-up sucker when the drop comes. Take out some Prosperity Insurance in the form of Food—Feed—Chickens—Hogi and 11 Cow. Grow Soi; Beans For Land's Sake!. The lilythcville Cotton Oil .Mill will buy alt you can raise and pay Cash Aloney for them this fall. Joe Isaacs / Courier News J. C, Penney Go. Farm Equipment Co. This Ad Paid for By— Arls-Mo Po\ver Co. First National Bank Blytheville Cotton Oil Co. E. C. Robinson Lbr. Co. Three States Lumber Co. Hubbard Hardware Co. Chicago Mill & Lbr. Corp. For Agricultural Committee, HlylhovNlc Chamber of Commerce

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