The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 6, 1955 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 6, 1955
Page 9
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TUESDAY, DECEMBER 6, 1955 WLYTHEVILLE (ARK 1 COURIER NEWS PAGE NINE Labor Party in the Making? AFL-CIO Pooh-Poohs Idea By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst WASHINGTON (AP) — Leaders of the newly merged CIO-AFL pooh-pooh the idea they will try to form a labor party or capture one of the existing political parties. Nevertheless, that time may come. Whether it happens — since the AFL and CIO, although now combined into the biggest labor organization in history, are just starting h'fe under one tent — depends on future factors now unpredictable. Among the factors are: (l)i with one voice, whether they can stick together; Some Republican politicians — i2i what changing times bring; I particularly Sen. Goldwater of (3i how influential they are In the'Arldona—seem to have misgivings political field as It now stands; i4i how well they increase their membership and can influence its political thinking; and (5) the pos- Sunday sible personal ambitions of some •••"••>" of the leaders who now may have about labor's support next year. The AFL and CIO backed AoUai Stevenson in 1952. Goldwater said the AFL-CO "had no none. Starting right away the combined AFL-CIO, claiming; 15 to 16 million members, will be a far more powerful force in American politics than either separately. Test In Elections Their new strength will get its first big test in the 1956 elections when and ii they back one of the two candidates for president. But they will work in state and local politics too, and speak to Congrss BIRTHDAY STAMP on sale in Washington, D.C., Dec. 20 is this stamp marking the centennial of the birth ol Andrew W. Mellon. He served 'as secretary of the treasury from 1921 to 1932 under Presidents Harding, Coolidge and Hoover. Likeness of Mellon is reproduced from s portrait by. Oswald Birley. right" to candidate endorse 1956. a presidential Can't Control Votes President Eisenhower, who beat Stevenson in 1952, said in saluting the AFL-CO yesterday that labor organizations have a legitimate interest in politics. But he cautioned they should be sure they "ac- Marine 'Whatsit' Puzzles Experts VENICE, Calif, (fi — A marine "whatsit" washed ashore yesterday. It is 16 feet long, has a head resembling a snake's, a fin tell, and, when it was alive, perhaps a week ago. must have weighed about 800 pounds. Old-time mariners and lifeguards say they think it is a sea serpent. "I've lived around the ocean for 18 years," said Norman Bishop, former lifeguard, "and I've never seen anything like this thing, whatever it Is." urately reflected" the thinking of minorities holding differing seal, economic and political evs." The weakest spot in labor's polit- :al front—from the standpoint ts ability to use it utmost strength — Is that the union leaders cannot :der their members how to vote. But the AFL-CIO Isn't going to pend all its energies directly in olitics in the years immediately head. It will try to organize millions f workers not now in unions. The igger the APL-CIO. the more otent Its political weight. Until they get a lot bigger tha: hey are now—and test their powe •ith the two present political owers—the leaders of the AFL- :IO are not likely to try for a abor party. Over 3 Million Now in Tokyo TOKYO Ifi — Tokyo's population has soared over the eight million mark, an official of the government statistics bureau said today. He also sal-' "le nations' population reached f '69.278—fifth highest in the wu- j. Only China, India, Russia and the United States have more. The figures are based on the census taken last October. Tokyo's population was 8,033.539, trailing only London and New York City, the official said. Now—delightfully milder^ and lighter] OLD 1AYLOR 86 OLD TAYLOR 86 bringi you—for the 6ri»t time — A superb 86 proof Kentucky airtight bourbon wbii* key, M light and mild is good honest bourbon eon be* but mellow and satisfying in true bourbon flavor. Here is t worthy companion to famout OLD TAYLOR 100 proof bottled in bond Kentucky straight bourbon—prized by generations for its rich taste add bouquet. KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY- lighter, milder, lower in price. OLD TAYLOR BOTTLED IN BOND KENTUCKY STRAIGHT BOURBON WHISKEY, 100 PROOF THE OLD TAYLOR DISTILIERY.COMPANY FRANKFORT 8 LOUISVILLE, KENTUCKY HAMBURGERS For your protection, our Hamburger Patties ar« prepared and delivered frozen by a nationally known government inspected meat packing plant. A warm well-seasoned bun enhances the who!*some delitiousness of this pure hamburger KREAM KASTLE Walnut & DJTislon Phone 3-8051 DRIVE-IN REMINGTON RAND Typewriters — Adding Machine* — Calciilotort .Portable - Standard - Electric Business Systems Authoritfd Salts and Swr/ct/ WHITLEY OFFICE SUPPLY 106 So. Fifth Phont S-8802 Boy's Apology Is Accepted KALAMAZOO, Mich. M) — The Kalamazoo City Commission voted ast night to "notify this cltlien hat his debt Is paid In full," "This citizen," Is 9-year-old Pat- rtclc McKerring, »nd the action fol- owed reading of his letter to the commission. It said: I broke a window in the Potter Street voting place with a snowball. I am sorry. I was aiming at the sign. I will gladly pay for it If you will tell me how much I owe or call my mother." Below the letter, Patrick had scrawled a layout showing the sign, the window, his position, how he aimed and how he missed. "NO IT'S NOT THE PRESIDENT!"-WHh all due respect, 'Marine T/Sgt. Albert J. Eisenhower sometimes wishes he had another name. He and his family live at Boiling Field in Washington D C and their number is in the phone book—which is where all the trouble starts. They get so many calls from "crackpots, drunks »nd just kids" who want to talk to the President they're thinking of jetting a private listing. The sergeant is shown at home with his children Robert Charles, 5, and Frances Margaret, 20 months. In picture behind children, President Eisenhower seems to be enjoying the "joke" on his namesake. Reds'Bombed' With Leaflets TAIPEI, Formosa W — n» H»- tlonalist Chinese air (ore* itid iU planes flew over heavily armed Red air bases on the mainland Sunday night and dropped millions of aritl-Communtst leaflet*. An official announcement aald the pilot* were "unconcerned about either antiaircraft fire or Jet Interceptors," but didn't say specifically whether either was encountered. It said nil Nationalist planes returned. The Nationalists also dropped sale conduct passes for Communist air force pilots wishing to defect. Two for One Judge Offered His Best Wishes OKLAHOMA CITY tfl — Qoldie Shuldt of Oklahoma City asked Common Pleas Judge Carl Traub last week if his sentence for liquor possession could be deferred a week. "I'm about to become a fa-i ther," he told the judge. Judge Traub agreed a man should stick close to home during a blessed event. Shuldt reported to the court yesterday with cigars for all. Everything's fine," he told the judge. "It's a girl." "Congratulations," said the judge. "Thirty days and $200." CRYSTAL RIVER, Pla. Rollins killed two wild turkey gob- blert with one shot while hunting on his ranch near here. "I drew the bead on one gobbler and the other evidently was dead in line. Both went down together," HolUns said. The blue bird of paradise performs his famous courtship dance upside down. Dfrorc* LOB ANOELU UK - Ifn. Tlr- I inlt f: Loofdra hu (U*d tern racing trilnor Vuet J. Loofdn (or dlvorc*. Kw attwti oratttj. Loncdn ii tht ton of (imoui jockey Johnny Lonfdto. WABNINO OKDEB IN THE C1KCUIT COVET, CHIOUSAWBA DISTMCT, MISSISSIPPI COUNTY, AKANBAB J. C. Biiohintn d/b/* BuchtMB Chevrolet Company, Pltf. v«. N*. 4,HI Rube Cirson, Dft. Th* deftndint. Rub* Canon, 1« hereby wtnud to appear wlttila thirty days In the court tumid In the caption hereof and anawer an amended complaint ol Vat plalntlll, J. C. Buchanan d/b/a Buchanan Chevrolet Company. Dated this 38th day of Novtmber, 1955. SEAL OERALDINE LlSTON, Clerk. Bruce Ivy, Atty. Osceola, Ark. 11/M-13/HH9 The Sues canal is approxlmatelr 100 miles lona; and 500 feet wide: For aches, pains, Tula, hralaee, tw«, calds, headmehei, Mtw and stlncs, try Bob's Gypiy Rub Linimint Available at jwr favorite dint eouaUr C. G. SMITH PRODUCTS CO. l&s, you actually get jnderbird ¥8 engine in the '56 Ford And this Thunderblrd Y-8 is the standard eight In all Ford Falrlan* and Station Wagon models, at no extra costl Now you can have the power you've always dreamed about . . . and in a family-size Ford! When you order an eight-cylinder Ford Fairlane or Station Wagon model you get the Thunderbird Y-8-the very same engine that made Ford's Thunderbird famous. Thunderbird Y-8 power makes uphill feel like downhill . . . distances disappear. You can pass in instants when instants count. And when you want swift, sure, take-off power you get it... and nowl You get a 4-barrel carburetor and dual exhausts. As in all Ford engines, you get a 12-volt ignition system for fast all-weather starts . . . low-friction, high- qompression design for more miles from less gas. And, above all, the new Thunderbird eight is a Y-8 engine with deep-block build for quieter, smoother performance ... and longer engine life. In addition to Thunderbird Kg/i<nfng, Ford for '58 offers you the Thunderbird look! In every long, low line-every graceful contour-you can see it's a blood brother of the fabulous Thunderbird, America's most exciting carl What's more, you get Ford's exclusive Lifeguard Design for added protection against injury in case of an accident. Come in and Test Drive th« fne car at half the fine-car price. Try the Thunderbird Y-8 in the fme car at half the fine-car price! PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. Broadway & CWekasowba Phone 3-4453 •GREAT TV, FORD THEATRE, WMCT, 8:30 THURSDAYS-

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