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Advertise in me i riounm i us. ot an aged rabbi and Toshe the hool gen 'BURLESQUEI' PAKT 7 PAGE 8. 1 t. 1: Li Af 1 i J. Otf fl -1 I II' CHICAGO SUNDAY TRIBUNE; APT1TT: 23, 1933.

MOTION PICTURES B'way Openings MOTION PICTURES MISCELLANEOUS I FILM TIME TABLE MISCELLANEOUS She's Been Turning Hollywood Upside Down EW YORK, April 22. rSnecial.l Film Director Needs Leeway in His Career MhMMt gJjf WOfmm THEATERS N' I 1 .1 .1 Four new plays are for premieres next week. COTTAGE G. Barlv Mat. Early Mat.

JO Early Slat. sylvia SIDNEY CRIME of the janetGAYNOR WILL Feature pictsret are ehesaha as fallow at 11 rat ran hontei tsday: CASTLE A. M. 10:30. P.

M. 3:30, 6:68, lsiM. CHICAGO P. 13, 8:30, 8:35, 7:88, 10:38 pprnxlaiatelrL MAJtcStIC A. 11:80.

P. 3:88, 5:38, 10:30 approzlntattly 1 McVICKRH'S A. 11. p. 13:88, 3:90, 4:48, 0:48.

8:40, 10:35. ORIENTAL A. 10:40. P. 13:33, 3:38, 4:30, 8:30, 8:30, 10:28.

PA LACK A. 11. P. M.s 1:18, 0:13. 10:15 nproalaiately.

PL'NCH AND JUDY A. 11:30. P. 1, 3:40, 4:30. 6, 1:40, 0:30.

ROOSEVELT k. 9. 11:10. P. M.

lam 3:35, 3:40. 7:5.1, 10:06 fnppnixi- niatelr. UNITED ARTISTS A. M.I 0:30. GEORGE RAFT A "Bad Girl" and a "Bad Boy" in "PICKUP" Reaction to Distasteful Work Is That of Actor Given a Bad Role.

They will deal respectively with newspaper reporters, boys in a "eform school, a New York tenement the historic Lizzie Borden murder case. Here are the announcements: "Man Bitea Dor" Opens Tuesday n'Sht at the Lyceum theater. The sentlomcn of the press are here assembled for a bit of business from the typewriters of Don Dochdilcr and Arthur Barton. The tale is one of the tabloid at and Leo Donnelly has the role or managing editor therein. CENTURY STUART ERWIN WYNNE GIBSON FRANCES DEE JEAN HERSHOLT Extra mmmmwmmmmWmmWlM it 9aRLtiL ImW MSspp wKKSKIskKKBS slanBnaaaa.

WTIW i lJwmmmmmm', I Bk awwBaaai am. I '-alaaaaaaaaaaTaaaa aaaai aw Bvk a Extra SALLY EILERS LEW AYRES LOUISE DRESSER NORMAN FOSTER FRANK CRAVEN VICTOR JORY STATE FAIR 30 Minute Riot "SO THIS IS HARRIS" with PHIL HARRIS and Coaoanut Grova Orehrtra A le Latest 80-Mlnule Comedy 'SO THIS IS HARRIS" PHII. HARRIS and Cncoanut Grt 'SCREEN SOUVENIRS' orchtstra M. 1:58, 4, 6, 8, 10:05. By Rosalind Shaffer.

HOLLYWOOD, Cal. Special. Few people know even outstanding directors by name because they do not appear on the st reen except as a name. With the exception of Cecil B. De Milleand D.

IE LlTtn Early Mat. l.lB t.SO Early Matinee P. M. GIANT STAGE SHOW! GE0RGIE PRICE in Persos FIFI D0RSAY in rerson ON STAGE and ON SCREEN Little OP Boy" Opens tomorrow niffht at the Plnyhouse. This is a play about the ways of a reformatory school, it has been promised by a iwadhpr of producers, its oaatTlBj fludes Ara Gerald.

Burgess Merodlth. lohn Drew- Colt, Edwin Phillips, Leo Curley. and Tom Kadden. Hilda Cassldy Opens Wednesday night at the Martin Beck theater. This play gives history ot liTe In a Mew York tenement in three pe- MARK FISHER KYW Orchestra On the Screen New Shakespeare Star.

Charles Nero Laughton is giving up Hollywood and $5,000 a week to play Shakespeare at the Old Vic of London next season, with a salary that is Just about one fifty-second of that figure. Tyrone Guthrie is to direct the company, and another mem-ber will be Flora Robson. MOTION PICTURES SOUTH OtORQE RAFT in PERSON in Bala Mtaee ehow with DON IRWIN aAY FRANCIS mo brenIs "KEYHOLE" in Vina Delmar'-love drama. 'PICKUP' XasjLaal W. Griffith, nicturesqu personalities that took the trouble to sprinkle more than a little of the dust on ttiemsrlv a In the early day ot" film i i and 2rnst and his Conyr sa Early Matinee l.SO to 2.S0 Hotel A 'Bad Girr I "Crime of the Century" Many otliRra.

and a 'Bad Boy' Ultra: FATTY ARBICKJ BaaV tfmm WARNttt THEATRES Here's a late photo of that fascinating Katharine Hepburn who's been attracting so much attention in film. Her work in Bill of Divorcement and Christopher Strong made everybody take notice. NORTH NORTHWEST 44aeaa noas lags, iy is. and 1928. The authors are William Rapp and Henry and Sylvia Lleferant.

and (be players include. Stella Adlcr, Sylvia field, Howard Phillips, Margaret Barker, and Gregory Dearie. 9 Pine Street "Opens Thursday night a the Lonaacre theater. A drama based on the Lizzie Borden murder case. In its present version it I ijafsjirork of Colton and Carl-ton MUes, from the earlier legenl by William Miles and Donald Blac'i- rAhlfDCCC IttiamoaaagaetsaiT 1 a 12:45.

Free Park'4' a aaF naataayas ope amo Xlf ATfiM DITD AMTC "What 11 long the A i A odernifsionsrer Ape i s. with I I ALL PERFORMANCES mm HISTORIETTE Extra Special 5 ACTS Val fH -m .1 aaaaaLUaJVi I 3 1 VAUDEVILLE End of the Road. The second or Grticntro company of Of Thee I Sins will come to a permanent halt April L'9. Heading, will see the final curtain. ERNST LUMTSCH.

Ma bis fifjar Both ThealrrsGrn it 1 1 JIMMY ISCHNOZZKR DURANTE was born Feb. 10. lxna, in a lower ea.t side flat GATEWAY I4.2IHI street: 'TERMINAL i LiPWiMitlai 1 200 Briutifo) GirlsaV Packs Thrills in New Talkie MOTION PICTURES ot New York City. He was educat 3231 N. Cioero Ave.

ay Ooen (2:0. r.nme MOTION PICTURES DOWNTOWN DOWNTOWN 1.FE TRACY Blaraa aaaaart mm All ed, so to GIANT STAGE SHOW Shnws BALABAN KATZ WONDER THEATERS Stranae Beast of Trooic speaai CRYSTAL BUTMORE? ESI North nr. Cahfrrma Division nr. Damrin- Crystal onn 1:30 Biltmcrt; open I the Side- Island N. Y.

Setting waika ot New York." a niii-i zjai a k. i i iasm i rv a 1 iSiatW' Yrs. in Sinst Sing' Makes Tour Hair Kise. LHfc sahU, HUOE 8TAQE SHOW Poor. Open 11:16 A LallsasLiisX nSDZhfTa is harmony with amateur uartets i Bowery haunts for a "KING KONG." Mighty men of the sir living and loving reckleisly.

CENTRAL by KKO-atttilo picture. Di 1 and his list flgh's with his erstwhile pal, Hans lvraly. over the then Mrs. Lubitsch. ther- ia only Joe von Sternberg to keep directors before the public.

Joe, fctetuse of his battles with Paramount, over and with Marlene Dietrich, his big trump card and discovery, ha had more than a little attention. The blnek shirts and jade finger rings of his early apprenticeship on the screen also made him col-orfapiU Outstanding In totally different way is E. H. Griffith, who, starting Mm career as a Chicago newspaperman, has been directing pictures with success for many years, achieving his greatest fame with Ann Harding in Holiday and Paris Bound," He-bound with Ina Claire, and more recently. Animal Kingdom with Leslie Howard and Ann Harding.

From Director Viewpoint. Grifilth as a personality is not sensational. He is happily married and has been for years. likes to play Maris, enjoys his work seriously, and has no belief that temperament ia necea-sary to sue ess. A'Wfl2.

In discussing the recent debacle that for a while has been happening to wreck the present picture industry. Griffith has many interesting things to say. I am working for a studio at pres kW PORT art Vprn 10 SO A. I buttons was his fl step to Br ffil I ClY V. TTIaaairiil 1 If I Tl pa, -a A' ar HI Seen 1 of his past thai trrrihed her yet drew i as.

pasi JIMMY DURANTE. with RICHARD BARTHELMFSS WW wards stage i line. Sidetracked en route by the necessity for going to work, he be-rame a photo engraver for a time. kl ABTnUhJ Wrem-T)rrnn ItttV 4r4WK I TVn "SlllOxr It'll iiti-e ABtaatcr Keaitos In 'MVHAT! No r.L.KK?"" XExtrn Thrllli 'WHIiairiunn fnder the eX ik- 5AI.LT tILr.Kj rected by Krtteat B. Mrhordmrk anil Ut-tUn C.

(toofer. Vnaaatttf fjKpflw Pal ti i- thrutrr. nn Harrow I Wray IH-nham Robert Arm-iruns Urineall Bruce tabot Enlehora Frank Relcher Weston Ham II Native hief Noble Jiitinxnn Seeond Mate Jmm latin Wlteh Kins Stfr Urtnento Lumpy Woni 1 afy time Tinee. EContiiiued from page oMtt) where screamed and moiled the multi-t tales his escape had thrown into panic. Though you know prehistoric monsters are no more, and realize that Aij.i TOM BROWN I UrA BhaliyI XCENTURY afflf bim closer lo her heart jicliforcL SECRETS UntttU Artuttt Jriclura, uilU :30 BENNCTT aaataflp OUR BETTERS." CONSTANCE Hi The STREET" Stat DICK POWELL In Peraon Willi Big Sliow GOMEZ WINONA THE SAftORS, LUCILLE PAIGE highland LESLIE HOWARD 'A lovrly, wistful portrayal Trtb.

DOORS OfIN AT 12 NOON Warner Bros. Star-Studded Extravaganza The Year's Biggest Hit! Extra! I CIIERM VSKY lEFFERY i with Hia Bssataata Hi KQSuQjPJ Bx liiiiiirntnr, W.ENGL'W'd) Kina: Kong and the strange and awful ent, una i nope noi-o-iy tntnks 1 am rr.aa.. animals that rane the uncharted KIYULI I DC TILL 3 2Se AFTER BIG 2'2 HOUR SHOW Nancy Carroll "WOMAN ACCUSED" "WILD WOMEN OF BORNEO." a Special 4 Bert Attraction NEWS C( IMKDY CARTOON wvwa poui a I IU a 1 UII i This was too hard work, however, and Schnozitle went back to singing on the Bowery. With Lou Clayton and Eddie Jack-son he entered vaudeville. Later the trio was featured In Show Olrl." New Yorkers and other revues and vaudeville shows.

Durante made his bow to movie audiences In Road-house Nights." Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer soon signed him as a featured comedian and brought him to Hollywood In 19S1. He has appeared since then In various productions, including "The New Wslllngford." "The Cuban." The Phantom President and What. No Beer? Mr. Durante Is 5 feet 7' Inches tall and weighs 1 55 pounds. The little hair he has is light brown and his eyes are blue.

His hobbles are fishing, golfing and stamp collecting. He playa the piano and accompanies himself when he sings. south sea Island figuring In the fir si wood when I say that I believe that tJOOlOH w. A Tfc Ooora Open A. ml.

1 boors Open at al Jf. 1 Sf COYENT SMS N. Clarkl Liberty' Priae BtoryT Mctiricc CHEVALIER COMMODORE pkTiV LEE TRACY "PRIVATE JONES" Also Moran ft Mack Comtwly. Lyman 3nd Hi Ganir Colored Syrauhony SnJott ytng picture Chicago Hag ier I J.xaSaAl I 1AJ ICARROLL. 'WOMAN ACCUBEO" "A RSDT1MK STOr.Y" ith hcvatier't baby pal 3A8V LEROY TIFFIN 4031 W.

NORTH AVE. Smtteer Tnt'-y. 8PUV fawrle Qfaa raaana in inj Sins" rWELVITREES ni5KD ATTRACTION THREE KINGS. Redlo Star nt KYW and WJJD EJ tioos' laviNG pare blvdT 2ac tt 3 P. At.

PATIO ROOSEVELTi i SEE HM! RALPH MORGAN "HUMANITY" Chubby Chaner of "Our in Pereon and 5 Acta Dc Luxe Vaudeville 5 Mil FORD 2311 NO. CRAWFORT) 15c to 5 P. M. It SEE a nation born! JT Doors Open 10:09 A.M. Bj I 'opl' smjm I JOAN CRAWFORD eJW71Bi i GARY COOPER 1 l'kmMmm I in "T0DAV VVF live" rVBP 1 mm mnniaii aaaaaaaaaaSaaaaaaw 3104 LINCOLN AT HEI.MONT TODAY ONLY 42ND STREET JOHNNYnoiAKsROr'L 'Child of Manhattan Huge VariBly Program ot Sliorta DTUVW Division Aaliland-Ouens 12 :00 LAUVTil Zau Pitts-Thclma Todd.

"AlrD in the Feet." Br-tte navis. flnrnu Venrs in Sins Sing' At kukri 3631) CHrAGO a'vb" ALAltlU MATINEE DAILY Shtiw Slwrta fl 2 Niton MTV! I Al I DAVtfl la there are a lot of troubles in the picture business that will have to be settled from the inside. That Is. they must be settled if the present setup is ts So on and make money for tbi bankers who have invested their money with the present producing CffmacfW. a "There are a lot of mistakes made by tho old regime in pictures that have just caught up with us due to the depression.

One of these mistakes buying stories and not using them. I believe that among the assets of -Metro-Qoldwyn-Mayer ara $3,000,000 (three million dollars) worth of stories carried on the shelvsjgg "This is a fair sample of what the other studios likewise have in similar loswes or expenses however you wish to view it. This could be avoided if directors were cast for pictures as at tors are. If a director could storita in the market that he has an enthusiasm for and that be knows he is capable of directing, fewer manuscripts would lie on shelves, a total loss. jjjfcTjsV.

Freedom tSecesaary. King Vtdor is an example of what a line director can do if he is allowed to choose his PEOPLE'S MIDWEST S'th Art-hrr Laurel a Hariy, ATLANTIC 14 Stars 200 Beaut "20,000 Years in Stt Sing" I ifd Hle." PeMH Miri Ml: V(; Artnt'X!) AIM Carroll t. Carv Grant WOMAN Arrnprt" Hp 1 ears in Sing Sing Tom Mlot. mu! MH'KKV Little JACK HELLER VAcnrvn.i.E 1 mm BRY KAWR I AWR BRIGHTON LfP Trtrv 4 fUnrta Sltiart PRIVATt J0NIS' NOW JSc UNTIL 6 P. M.

fSpenriT 1 llelte Iluvi Wurrt'n firmer MONT CLARE GLORIA STUART "PRIVATE JONES" Louie and the Hungry Five on the Stage Hi" A MILWAUKRE at 8 A EB. L.UvjiAf,l BOOTS MALLORY. RALPH MORGAN "HUMANITY" tTVVMWr IRVING at CRAWFORD A. Kirkwnnd. Boots i UA1.STEP "20,000 Years in Sing Sin-" 1 uinnii unu Dooi'f mmt I upon 1 RADIO STARS zami ntaw iTtaiuia TaM naiai aWaaM 8 8 KriiKti llaittl .111.1 K'ttlin Stai Sci-ntc IN PEKMIV ON gBMRl Mi F'rt Newsreel FTTLLERTON AVE.

Out nt- 12 :30 Irene Dunne. I EMBASSY 1071 H. CLARK Fare i. Knnle WIIIO llomr KolUs- Kv Man Wllllom- SSt Kttfll Barnn W'A Al' lutia CHAHLIE MUIR. riiimpkit One Arm Pianiil Hcrerii: "tlTXtrnY LINEll." Alio Laurel at' llatOy Krre: Tout Mi Jin rualr.

A. Ham Huth ADELPH! SECRET OF MADAME BLANCHE" Cont. 1 V. hair of the picture are fakes: though you are aware that the myriad weln! and terrifying effects with which this picture teems are but the triumphant product of wizard photography. Kong almost scares the wits out of 0- iilSpI Effect I a Very Realistic.

The stark fear portrayed by Fay Wray she's increasingly in dcinsnd Cor horror films finds response in your own reactions. Say There ain't no such animal" all you will-on the Paluce screen there APPEARS to lie JUST such an animal. And the faking is so marvelous that it seems real. A swell Job of hokum! Anotht triumph for the doughties yclept Merian C. Cooper and Ernest JB.

Schocdsack, who value their Hires but lightly and have repeatedly risked tbem in photographing such pictures as "Grass." "Chang," and "Range." The fantastic story starts aboard the ship of Denham, a motion picture producer noted for his wild animal pictures and his recklessness in procuring the material he needs. He's to sail in the morning for a mysterious destination which not even his devoted crew have been informed. BUT he can't go without a girl to play heroine, and because ot his secrecy and the probable dangers to be encountered no maid is procurable from the usual sources. In desperation Denham goes ashore. In the haunts of the down and outs he discovers Ann Harrow, fal, ab as- Atlt i-iiturcs on Skull Island.

And so to Skull Island. And after Sltull island with its unbelievable and hair raising adventures New York with the ape, worshiped as a god and sacrificed to by the island people In tow, and ln-ham set to clean up plenty by exhibiting his find. King Kong is in chains. People pay i.O per head to see him on the tin stones that tear bis flesh? Side-swiping him with n-Ientlcss wings In which thrre arr no feAtbers pi-. Somebody has thought of an attack by airships.

King Kong is one of the most original, thrilling anI mammoth novel-tiea to emerge from a movie studio. A great show: But don't take nervous children to aee it. Editor's Note: ThU entire picture Is studio made. King Kong is largely impcrmonalcd by a man in clothing, ntftder by trick photography to look an tall a.t a skyscraper and fUMt about as bin around. Home of the illusion teas captarfSmgr mirrors, some by mtniatures.

Some by photographing several times on the same strip of film. iSomc queer and monstrous beasts you sec undoubtedly copies 9f museum pieces made by the aid of mirrors to look many, many times their original size and vorked by machinery. Double exposures have been used, too. Bits tboiu the Movies, HULKNE GHAinVlCK --remember how you ued to like her? Is doln a small but important part In BILL Bovirs new picture. Emergency Nancy Carroll "CHILD OF AVON KS Buck Jones 11 a tlT itl 1 MAR DONE HIM WRONG" John Bain MANHATTAN Ml.

key Slonae artotin Nrw W. ('. Field I WEST Barn tn Flrtt 1 Kldtllm. Cnme Karly. metropolitan! Je tile I lea I It Kl it lit i-Itatl rnHfl "THE VAMPIRE BAT" i with it '1 iittiWfli-lrlii" aaal InelUdlitit l.lttnrl VtMlll.

Im Hruv. 0MH mM Jack CHAMP" .1 rdi.ti uta it. ubjls aaaawi nanaaaw aaaaal BAKU RtlWfKMllf. the Wi tflrr lllrl I Tnxi tatt Itr-l KKTY RKl lf!" I kj ATC Onen 1:15. MadLua-Kcdie 3C'" I Entire New Imw Today I tiloria Sl.iart.

"I'ritale Joncn" 5 ACTS OF VAUDEVILLE Willi the Senate Theater Oclteittra k.i A AD Open 1:80. North A Central MANOR LEE TRACY GLORIA "PR1VATK Extra! On Stage at All Performance PAC ami ItOR WLS Ratiiu Start, mm Its i-K01, tstrrpi've triti FAY WRAY. BHUCE CAIOT. ROBERT ARMSTRONG. (COO Others Out-lcapinc the madd.

-ji llMtJallUa out-lhi illing the wiideit thrills! A LOVE STORY OF TODAY THAT SPANS THE AGES! DIDGF tilMIKS ltfi; I I'. M. SPENCER TRACY-BETTE DAVIS "20,000 YEARS IN SING SING" HOWARD IWVnilW FREE PAltiiINU GEORGE ARLISS "The King's Vacation" t'litrk Si MeCullinisli Comedy and Lymiui Hand raEWOOD Biq ADULTS. 25e CHILDREN Hie ALL DAY 'INFERNAL Ch. Mnrrln.

Oancr. Totiln "WILD VVOMUN OF BORNEO." a Thouuul and One Thrllla Never Before Pictured! "AS THE CHOWS FLY." Moran 4 Mack "ALIAS THE PROFES80R." Jimmy Glenaon Doors Open 1:15 MARYLAND 14 Great Stars 4 2 3 ET" IircriW tV 07,1 Sinhy inland Ave U' lIV. QkjM tc At'Culluufh Ctiuieily BESjaSSf Woman Accused Cimnnit Beaa A Wed. "Strange Interlude" gSTTi te THIS PTCTURK FOR TODAY ONLY! "PRIVATE OmsJ LRhLL MAT1NKK DAILY At Both Theaters ST A.T i- Stlt Maills own type of story. In his early days, when he inadu his fame, it al-ways was with stories he chose and IMi knew could do well.

When he has been under contract and commercial I or forced to do les in which be had no faith, n. has been 1 8 c- SII ER MiiniA P.entr Pk. StVaSe Interlude g-Jd-Marshall Blvd. BERWYN MARSHALL SO. Opens is iimiMiimitJtinimiintinmiinfiirjiiiimiiiiirjriHim'M'tjiiinii rATLP 9TATK at I VM I IbK MADISON I "PRIVATE JUNto LEE TRACY WAltttKN AV1I.I.IAM "The Malch King' STRANGE INTERLUDE LEU IjA.MITA Tomorrow ALIAS THK PROFK-MOR" Jimmy lCity of Sonjs'l RAM0VA JAD "42ND STREET DE LUXE Bar, Kancy Carrol1 PI Carv Giant 1 AIpo CLARK 1141 WILSON tin Hour 1 :30 lo P3J.

he woman Accused ''otnedy 1 Trcatitif ill Scenery Call KING KONG Is to I have a sequel. It bears the working title of Jamboree." Could Jam boree have been -ing Kong's island Wife? Anyway, there's an idea. That clever and very, very funn ALLEN JENK1.H has been signed tor a featured rule In f'areleaf," adapted from MAUltlNE WATKINS" new play. SALLY EILHJKS and I WK8TERN king virion. Km hantitifr Music Gorgeous Singing with PA NAD A MA Sheridan Road Between rAiUIAI" Pine Orovr Broadway JAMHS CAGNEY "HARD TO HANDLE" cessful.

"Clarence Brown dislikes directing 4,740 W. MADISON ST. BYRD Thclma Todd. Zaau Pitts. "Asleep in the Bette Daw.

Bmtkm 001) Years in Sing Mng" ilTFeTJrlrBjrk 121 N. CICERO AVE. WEST END s35 mak west. SHE DONE HIM WRONG 'a mrntr a ashland madison AMERICAN 0l.eua i Boyd. Dorothy Wilaon-'LUCEY DEVILS 1M10ADW AY-STRAND 15 Bettf Davia "20.000 Years in Sing Sing" CRAWFORD 16 9- Spencer Yeart in Sing Sing" i lunv a43? ogden UNUI John Boles.

Nancv OF MAN HATTAK" CINEMA Alison llM Ha ftnUoil Younir Chirniro at Michinan 13c. 1 to 1:30 Arii-r A Lady's Profession" DCDUVW QM TZi DLIatT In Noi-mH Ifmril' Clurk Gablf, STRANGE INTERLUDE fllUnVtrtl Taxi Buys' Come, Vtm Tra.v. Gloria Stuart "Private MM atlnoe Startg P.M.. Monday to ridgy MAR0UETTE Mirkey HoiMe Carloftli Naney Ctirroll Cary Aecjjac1 rtlMAaMlr 6240 "KIM BARK AVE. ft.mi-tlv 4 Cartoon llll.l.

BOYD "Ll'CKY DEVILS" pAt rtijv SftTH A KEDKIK LULU5NI Silly BymohQWl Canuou Lac Traov. Gloria ATE JONK8 JAN KIEPURA The World Crt ntest Living Tenor 4717 LINCOLN AVrL DOW Grove Ave. at C. Q. Statlnn KIJAT Doora Ooen 1 P.

iiors (Ipenl P. M. BERTHA iOBn Cantor "KID SPAIN gr'jg'000 Ycarg in sin? MUSIC BOX LEE TI! ACY 37'-'0 SOUTHPORT nmSWtkl HARVARD 1 EK TRACY- IIJJD HARVARD Moritn WkwM Comctiv PRIVATE JONES" 683B UALSTK11 Bene nvn. wnYTS "mmm asp VILLA9 Doora Open 1 M. QAUflV MM MADISON OAVUI John Bolae-.

Nancy OF MANHATTAN" 1175 Brtiadwuv-Maiinei' Atl flu tf. Pa LAKE SHORE NEW REGENT 20,000 Years inbingbiri" MAJESTIC Continutnit. 11 A. M. to 11 6 acts VAl DEVILLE -6 acts A 'l kii.woHh-"A LADY'S I'ROrESSlON" Trae.v Tean suit mpfr Soti Spencer Tracy n.

llc Itivb PALACE AUSTIN excbaMgh 7HT'H A MriL- Worn Dianiun.l Lai SH I DONE HIM WRONi; anf COURT Center nj Clark St, i ntr to a Mickey MUae CHELTEN Chm Kaatlna at Co 4037 CHICAGO AVE. ni.OHIA STUART "PHI ATE JOKES- lara 01 mJri. in rereori in "20.000 in SYMPHONY 1 I ataautaM Comedy Cartoon. aa lt Oain'ii Hcalc wsifa. UeMtle iitfaittrr.

JB Wi-lil" jttwt ArlititrraU Onlr -i JAMES DUNN, popular screen team since their appearance In Bad Girl. will be co-starred in another "ox movie called Arissor. to badway The FKED1UC MARCHES say they intend to adept throe more babies one a year until their little 1'enelope has three brothers or sisters. And Is Hollywood gasping! OAKY COOPER and LILIAN HARVEY are said to be that way. Metro has writers working hard and fast on a war aSaajry for the Hol.wood homing luro AtfO.

7rs fiarbo was rich Garbo a did flee When Ga-bo went broke rumor says she Is why bark to the STATES came she. 1. FEWER THEATERS and fewer films," says lease Lasky, are the answer to the present slump so far ah HAI.STED Wslh Jackaon Uardnci Sid l.i-I- OAK PARK MILD A GRETA NfSSEN- EANSTON UNWRI'lTEN LAW" Iltm Screen tttlalHae I'etty CiitntiMiti. ltt AVF.S'1 OF SING A FDR l)ijr Oimn 1 '10 frlCB Till 2 VA'FNCIA DUNNE-t'Hl BUOTM MA I. LORY "Ht'M ANPTY" I a a Marion at Lake St.

LAMAR GKOKGE ARLIR- THE KING'S VACA flON ACADIA RALPH MORGAN I' nces Alnays, 10c, 20c and 30c SPENCER TRACY BETTE DAVIS YEARS IN SING SING" AI1CTIM 5811' MADISON ST. PiVO 1 111 Floorwalker" into 57Ji CHICAGO ATat Mat Daily Selected Short Subjeeta MAE DOME HIM WRONG" opening night of his exhibition. Ann. whom he loves and whom he has fol lowed into captivity.

Is there on the platform with her husband to be young Driscoll, mate on the memorable voyage. Denham makes preliminary Introductions and then permits newspaper men to take the first flashlights of King Kong. The ape, believing his golden darling in danger, breaks his bonds. Pandemonium! Lumbering through the atreets in quest of his ador King KonK wreaks havoc. The roar of an elevated train annoys Mm.

He crushes It like an eggshell. Riot squads get into action. Machine guns boom. Kina Kong, who has found what he sought, climbs the Empire State building, carrying his treasure tenderly in one argantuan paw. Strange, Deadly Eagle.

He lays her on the parapet and THE 3ECRKT OF MADAME BLANCHE women in films. When lie has directed a woman slur it ha not been his bst work. He is an aviation enthusiast, and he is as happy as a kid with his new film. Niht Flight," because it deals with men almost entirely. He picked the story, M-G-M bought It, and it will be released in record time, with little overhead and probably for a big success.

Paul Sloane, another fine director, has no sincerity in directing women who are not good women on the screen. Whatever his views on life are, in his screen work he cannot believe in a bad woman enough to make her plausible. His xrief in films has been with stories that deal with such things. He is an artist who has been miscast. "Ernst Lubitsch and Joe von Stern berg have fought over their stories and have refused to direct ones that did not appeal to them.

A director Is in actually the same position as an actor He has a career that suffers from even one bad picture. A producer can gamble and if at the end the year he has made several bad pictures and a couple or good ones that balance the financial sheet. he.i all right. The actor andailirecloj nUst prove themselves anew to the public and the industry with each pic- i 1710 Sh. rman Si.

Ooen 1 no Jl'an Hetahnlt miinrt RVwin LEXINGTON Clink a If Culiuuxli I) 'Wmna it A ma -N ancv Canoll a HMH Oihaon "CRIME OF THE CENTURY" LA GRANGE UrD ikirc ooina ootm p. m. UKAnUt i Qaaraa aiiu-. Dl.h'll-'"J'I1E KING'S VACATION" ORPHEUM 11 A. 24.

to MidniKht "42NU 14 St.ii'H "00 bUHUtiei Sunday Parltinu Permitted on Loop Streeltt 1 3D A EI. LIS i'axi 3of Comely SHAKESPEARE MAVWOOD Slnir Sins;" Silencer Trucy in 51100 W. LAKE ST. MAKY BRIAN. HARD TO HANDLE" PARK JAMES CAGNEY- FROLIC ELLIS Clark A- M.

Ol0lnu-'h Cttmed LIDO 5th Ave. A WHHhiiitfton Bivd Mativrp ntirv HSDALE Ariifa. Patricia bin 'KineV Vacation" -Goo PLAISANCE 460 N0 Nancy Carroll "CHILD OF MANHATTAN" tWOiWS AKL1SS-PAT1UC1A ELLIS KING'S VACATION AMhril BU Rannolnh llear slmic rvAnUULrn cont from tPM A. 20,000 YEARS IN SING SING SPENCER TRACY-BETTE DAVIS TED loon Boyd UIMCI1AIC One May Upe I'nia A.t nilTDUAlX Am a 40c AdUItl wo-1 or-Oli'-(iaynor at ol the Slorni Country' iAIolHU Tore comedy Riot Ca "PRIVATE JONES" Kosco Ales. Bill Randolph at Dearborn HAMILTON ZriMi Pitts-Todd Comedy "A LADY'S Skmworth WOODS HIGHLAND PARK Continuous from 10 45 A movies are concerned.

Sounds bright. What, No Beer? undoubtedly was the beginning of a film beer cycle. Soon we will have 0 Cent a Glass," and they do say that studio scenarists are frantically turning out spigot copy. WILLIAM POWKLL has signed a new contract with War- NO MAN'S LAND Teltro del LagO blldren NANC CARR(LL-t-AIU OgHB THE WOMAN ACCl SED FO Rfi ST PARK FORFT Matinee Dally Matlia wmmsj i at Dcs Plainca NANCY CARROLL A. CARY GRANT WOtRBn rtC LEE TRACY "PRIVATE JONES" fkV AMIa OAK WOOD DREXEL UAIVLAHIiJ Harrv sweet Coraedi Riot PARK RIDGE DOWNERS GROVE ALCY0N "Woman Accused NANCY CARROLL GARY GRANT I LM ETT WnlWETTE ZasuPitts "'THEY JUST HAD TO GET MARRIED" 'Woman Carroll ary Orani CUflPC 75TB KINGSTON SnUftt Clarh Comedy "KIiil; 's ration" Geo Arli'y Pairinn Klii- TlOrCD RLACKSTdNE lUWtK Door.

Oon 1 DIANA WYSYARD'VJIEK MUST FIGHT" ELMHURST YORK George Arlis XHL KING'S VACATION" beats his chest lustily. AH THIS Is ner Brothers undejfche terms of which something Mke his native cliffs. he make four pictures a year. What are those? Eagles? Eagles spit- See you tomorrow! TlVfll I Geome Art lat BJHyMJ IIVULI "THE KING'S VACATION" Also Clark McCulloush Coraedi Yarietie-a Mat. Price 1 to 4 r'LaVfTlvIV CARV GRANT NANCY CARROLI "The Woman Matinee Only LAUREL HARDY Comedy.

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