The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana on March 24, 1925 · Page 6
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The Indianapolis News from Indianapolis, Indiana · Page 6

Indianapolis, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 24, 1925
Page 6
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THE INDIAKAFOIIS- EWS, TUESDAY 3LAECH 2Vy 1025. THE INDIANAPOLIS NEWS ha. fjct. -opport him. com peo- pabiished dally eteebt Boa-1 pie believed thtf boaauag ana. aa a result Ixe Angelee gained about 70,00ft': In population last year, now having morel- then I.O0O..O0, while It really b'ellevea that It ha. . . . . V Jr at Tbe Xe butldlu.. e. M .30 sj4 2 Wl Waatuaatoe ; itwi. lowrM a ecovila east- !ur at the Jcioff;ee at ldl o.u. lad," Uftder the Act t Keren- a. r. ' I,0,o or more. i: t toax ornct-no x . a. t m A. Carroll. 8prUU"e. f :::ca.o or not The Tower BoUdiag, J T jit Owf eentsuve. . -.-avtivgtOS BfaEAU Wyett Vuttdtiur. I vinciitf. Vany ay that tbe differ p, orpdAr. Corr pottdea. ' ae between Indiana and California Indianapolis ha a tea much sense ef humor to become a boaster. tot ' It may enter tbe booster class wlth'an array of In teresting ft. that ahould be con- woald ba eolved, for tbera would be freedom from "shingle headache" and freedom aa to hata. It all a question of style. There la, aa far aa ta known, bo record of a case of pneumonia that d'sboneaty. The "wnbeatable Finn, It ought to ba noted, eeeme to ba also an Incorruptible ram. TBE JUNIOR LEGISLATURE There had been a feeling that the "' " 1 1- .v., i. r1ifvmla ther boost and i .... j vjfBff ad. oortflf the vacation ja Indiana they knock. The picture . mr i paper lo-low at rat j. ROk altogether true. A little . ,,.,! h.lo-1. AHreee .IU b. ehd knocking ow and then la good for t i..'sfi dird by th berlbr. ,r ..,.'. ' . , . . i crrtmanlty Itaerrea to aaep a . cr. c by pbor or Vtur ar town kp lo-lta idala., but peralat- j rcii!r -t or earrW. ant knoekar la ft bane- Tba beat tUscEii-rioa RATZf. thlnr XndiAnapolia can 4 to at- Tirat roe- tract Wttentloa to net ataadard Ttra jTaaa. aw-i v ig 12 7 V ' I i: - ' ...... niwrvw 1 ' .1 li nd aorrowr can not ba 7 M 0 M I obliterated In an . Inatant when I . r.u in other oneanpoa apa"- i jo,. eaUrolty, aach aa a tornado. RCHafc EMTICX. H M A TZA. aatanalra areaa, Tba could ba traced to a combination of s "jaBior lea:1eUtnrN"' which haa - - - i V . Cuta. an cuorle of atateamanahip. Old! "4 '".... ' '.. ni'jr. I ft . , 1 IT. on 04 . allppera and alnah. That ia a remarkable fact if it la a fact for nothiac ia mora aartlT of pneo-! monla than the reaction between! alaahjr aidewalka and pnmp-clad feet. There ia a certain arrlmneae about the combination that la mot enpleaaantly Impreaalr The feet and anklea of the yonuc women moat ba leaa aenafUre than their eeka.for If it were not ao. pneumonia and -hina;le headache" would ba run nine a cloae race. Tha first caaa of fafng! headache- In thla country ahoald ba promptly reported In order to afford ample op portunity for proapectlTe rlctlma to anoiP thetnaelraa with rbata that fit cloaely and law at tha back." A rrara raaponalblllty drrolrea on ear doctor. OLD LITHOGRAPHS ait,t tr trr'.rr. .T-a 7 I deaolatlon wrouhtla.t Awk by M at attalaawa waaaa i wiaa if ry wu In a byalcAl' aenaa, for. Mverai ...nimt iMi.lmoBtb at MMl. T.eA.rUied frw. la e!.-"i ea- preaa f tba atorw U till nora nStowii rtratoivauon all . new. u.tln TaCaueb la tha capacity t. n.tAhe- erMiwd ta it. a not athew fif .dror maaterlcx bla aurround- ina. ihat he ataeli fcJ heart. afranatheaa hl wIlL and proeeeda heroically With tha Vork of. reha- iblUUtldn. With tha paaaina; of the flrit abock cauaed bjr deatha. In Ijurlea ind Unanalal loaa, dlapatchea I are beannlna; to re-real that brarery . a rr-.::ted la tMa p-tr. and aiaa ta w , il i. t Mil Hi m Mil -----aaBaaMeaaaaaaM-MMBMW ! F.r.cvmri COMPACTS Ibirdonment for l pretent t lt of ! Oenera protocol for aa-rltr and d taar ma ment. objected : to by oraat I:rltaln aa ;oo hroaa V wnIchlg 99 much' part of dHy fa r-jrntl of all tba astatine Jt J fUB OTtrtooked. Tha oanrUe la Europe an4 aa pot- brotgl th4t rtTealj ltaelf In crtaea line too much reeponalblllty o tha BOW b.on,in; tha berolem of tba rrltlah empire ror eommoenplaca. t e been followed by dlplomaua Tb oalhnl prt of tbla aUta. Ita r ,'nreraatlona about what can ba f,,nU bldlnf aa beat thay may ione. Ilea-lona! com pact a are bain n mttn4ant on tha paaaina; rnr,.14red. and there la rnwia of acanaintancet. frlenda aad raia r.rtjlatlon aa to .whether Franca, 1 i tho rolnf about tho In- r,rt Urltaln and Germany may blTjtabie taak of raeonatructlnr hat- brr.oht toeiher, but .pendlna; a Ur4 'urea and ahatterad bulldlnca. m.t!o- of the leerne of natlona xba prlTllega ;of other and mora ...,t.i la' Heotember thara ! fortunate localltlea la to aaalat- 4 aj hi if anrihln can ' bo , d lirron Burilran. ao lately aaddenad Tf at that tlme-Oermany!appllea for by a 'coal mine dieaater, haa coma a admlaaion to tha Ieaua without I remittance to tha Ilea croea. n r. 'reaervatlona and la voted In. tha minder that buman aympathy a! rre.ent tlew la that aolntlon of tha way apeaka aarneatly I KXITTIZO Tha war aeema eery f away, and noma of tha thinre a did while It waa raajlnr, it they are remembered at all, preeent tbemaeWaa to our eonaclouaneaa aa harlna; been per formed In another Incarnation. via. fnr Instance, when done NIV.IBl v - ' conrened for boost, would high-minded timer who have been throug-h factional and partiaa.n battle in the general aeeembly were riTen to understand that youth could and probably would point the way to higher and better thing; a.' The Jan J ore bran with a dlaplay of lntenee nartlaanahlp, dlfidiag alonr Re-publican aad Democratto Unea. with the P.epubllcana In con trol of both house and senate. If any third party members are alt-tJnc their Volcea hare not yet- bn. heard. Different blocs dereloped and tbera were etrugglea for all of tha mora Important posltiona. Party poiit)c waa played when the Republicans Toted down a resolution to Inrlte Senator Ralston to make an addreaa. The Democraticrounn;-ater retaliated by latroduclaa; a resolution aaklna both Ralston and Watson to appear. It waa also defeated. Apparently the elx-day aeasion la to 'follow the old theory of like- father-like-aon and the newer na of llke-mother-llke-daug-hter. Tha hir men. br men who are now tabor w w , I . a ftt a Inr over cross-word putalea. Many j youngajera prooao w. of our flrehoueea. If memory la not treacheroua, bad their aniuera. m some horaea tha beada of amlllea ao-ealled wielded the. needlee, or needle, with a rude akllt, and for tha moat part It waa Tory rude. Not eaay la it for tha hand to become "aubdaed to worka In,? If either tha work or tha material ia at ran re. Knlttln at Ita beat, and la tha handa of aa expert, la dona au tomatically - at leaat it seems to tha uninitiated watching tha opera tion. Tbera waa many a man who learned, to bla' eurprlae, that the word waa "purl" and not -pearL' txr. t. vt to see "uurl In a croae-word puiale. It 1 hereby cora- mAn4it ta tha architects of thla braln-teaslng derlce. It lm. not a for elgn word, or an abbraTlatlon. or notlbn of Ctrl! government, state In stltutions and parliamentary pro-cedurejA-lso they will get Out of school a week. It might have been better had they convened with a determination to show their eldera that many of tha ordinary legislative practice a are foolish. It tha Junior , legislature had cast fac tionalism aside, forgotten party Unea and given a demoaatration In civil a-overnment that might have been taken to heart by thl regular Ieglalatora. tha time would ba spent to better advantage- It aeema un fortunate that the yonng men are hot giving more attention to leg la latloa an lesa to practical poli tics. An article on "Tba Junk Snupper. In the Saturday Evening Post for March 14 In discussing the Old Currier and Ivea llthographa aaya that a recent aartlon aale offered a collection of Jo of these printa and drew an audience of 40 people. and at this aale a winter scene. -Thanksgiving Day only fru-hea brouarht !. It waa the sort of thing that waa' probably put out originally to aell at S3 or $4.- Of these pictures there were several distinct groups, both aa to slse and subject, the moet popular slse. probably because of U cheapnesa. being xl inches. The suDjecie wr often natriotlc ecenee from American history, such as the -Surrender of Comwallls - or they were domestic, aucb aa farm ecenee, and where, eentlment waa attempted It waa mora than likely to be aentl-mcntality. The drwWlng and coloring were usually cfud, but they hit tba mark with thoae for whom they were published. In the garrets of the U ,?- school district of Franklin township, thla county, there should still be lingering In oblivion aorae of theae now prised llthographa. Fifty yeara or more ago No- t achool-houso (now serving lnglorloualy aa a etable a mile aoutheaat of Beech Grovel waa once a year coitverted Into an art gallery, the glories of which muat atlll haunt a few beads long since gray. Two of Its teachers. John T. Leachman ana r Marlon Ferguson, ruled not by the rod but by moral suasion. Aa to rut and dried ouallf icatlr-na It may whether either couia tendency, raege widely and the gutters are not cut In tha bllL It la a splendid example of the tendency to follow a leader. The one wbo follows must take what Is left by tha leader. He Injures the country and be denies himself. Tha leader la so me t i tries turned back but he la always first. The Independent thinker may not always meet with success but he Ira. distinct ad van- a ''tage to the coonlrj. Step out fro the herd. Make your own pinions and then ex?res tbem. VOICE OF THE PEOPLE ELUSIVE CHANGE The Oew -Wfa rklh era aad pVsUahod erea. Ofc2eua ax caa farmers Cpea b aakad ea-crse tea Tba Oew tu hjr-g ta tha aua. Aa atd wer raraa, I wt I - For. rercked la teach erafest fha fca YL feaiherv tern wita in m4 ab. It woeful casta at ArQ thraura. Tb yvrs new grasa. aad. r!derd. The dallies sparkla uaVi Aad etMBteevtrwa mm wttkr Have BBiaa evry rmMj be'Jk. CommumeatioM ArmomA for publ-eauoaj should tw Aift el ta the editor. Tfeey aut be orompentec by ia Mae sad ad-frt mt the wr.vrr so that kienUncvtioa prnem to pubncatlea vtn ba QTUckly tHMble It dressed da- alrabla. The aasae et the writer vUl aot be used U aaoormlty t AD ahoald be as brie sa to esreed 300 worda. It aa snannarrtpt la ta be. retarued. a stamped aad nHniwd euTatops saast be tocloeed. tpalara "One Sunday motorist, caught by the police on a crowded boulevard. waa charred with drunkenness, va obsolete. Why, thla perfectly good crancy assault ana battery, unlaw In th W(rd, and one with such aacred as- J f uj possession of firearms, operating . . i . .lit... i.h v M nun Tii I . .. a... iji r fi n iiomooi i wnni uauer lot rniiy . . ,, Mev.nA n&H. irDinmuiiiifi w m.v... t uvihlidu,. nuutu . . . , proniem ni i-- , ,a - .v.lel .." . a .. . rr. f llnnnr ehIM nerlet. falllnr m . -....,1 4tuasslnn of lied py calamity n pj Dy the pue-uuuars i riun'rr'ri.. pizzz ----'r;ri :s;rs::c;;: , of record in Placa. long -ntoucha d ,n..eo think of men knitting with g 6 a . ...... ttk by general grief, not that It la h d t hamt and fingara to thoroUKh u,t of an he atatea A reurn to VhJVm. needed, but aa aa llluatraUon that u mn,t hiv been a alow Uw, for th. protectionof man and s.Vhm. Uborlou.-lf not painful-- motor. the clrllls.d world, and tha Inter- may give of tbelr meana to help pro;fc put when patrlotlam calla. . h ,obbyUl, who est of the United Btatea In a return prMnt benefactora. who are not ,acr!flc ,houid follow aa a necea- J?' " Jlan !f .11 v..";:ir:uar.,;,.firr..:."u,,.,i :r..,r. ....... w ,. sss, xrz .. ..i onBosltlon In tlon. a Instance. The he-knlttera of the ,th c.nd and cbwlna aum. i..i,m mm it AA In flreat Drttatn i "Wliero flood "or lira Or oerlod have, bad acant Juetlce r.her than claara but you neva be Tba MsslHsal Os To the Xxfiior of Th 9ews: Sir The question haa been naked. "What Is the mater w'th In- dlaaapollsT It baa been answered by an attempt to attack our form of government, when, in fact, the real trouble with Indianapolis la a state of mind. A composite men tal condition, many yeara In the making, that has brought our cltl senshlp to a point where political chicanery la accepted aa a matter of course. And now the city man ager plan Is. offered as a panacea for all our municipal Ilia. Does any one seriously belleva that we would To the list of thlnga wattlag for somebody to Invent them shoal i ba added an artlc'e that, for lack of a better name, might aa well ba called a "change picker up." That It la eeded all who pay gas, water, tight and telephone bills, theater, railroad and other ticket, and a good many other things, will agree. Geae rally epeaklne; th tl-ket aellera and cash iers are aereae and cool behind a slab l y Aoubtral G3 f frost ed new. nf wnarMa thil haa ben Dollshed UU- Th ah alon taaS stark mmA vJm til It give forth a dull reflectloa of JJ r th. victim. He pay. hi. bill, and - 'XL'l lee he haa the exact change which statisticians aay. does aot happen once la 1.J14.14 tiraea it la necesaary to pick up tha chaagu. What to do with tha change Is another matter entirely. At moat of tha caahlera wlndowa are little re ceptacles Into which .money may ba dropped with the aesurunce that It will ba used for worthy purpoeee. But flrat pick up tha money! A-man with a btll amounting to tie! doea not have tha exact change ready aad tendera a IS bill. Wlth speed ao o.ulck tha eye hardly fal- lows. th cashier daducta tha ca- SCRAPS i An Oklahoma well produces pure asphalt. The annual monsoon of India de-pre business African elephaata ara aald to carry aleeplnc slckaeaa. All member, of tha cat farallv tn th New Tork too get their meat red and raw. . . , K I Pae a teacner I ba governed either more wisely or prvsvm . mora economically by a manager left on their pupua was mployd by a few mn who must lsa puaaant ana a.w.. . 1 b lnlected Into their own P- rerlme under theae two teacnere i . . miimm? Tmhm, rmm one . . . M I ik, time I ' waa mucn nns. hlcheat officer, by whatever name of tlmea waa the mat oay oi cal, h aU .pon.ibmty to This event In all tha old country th pp,. airct, ftni ntskt him achoola mant not only relea from ..pon.ibla only to a half don th routln of atudy. but a gaia oay i men wno may, h,M aBd f r mt w1l whn there waa speaking ox piece. and hay on, almnltfled. In Ia alnalna aad what not, with a room dt eerTetuatton of the full of proud parenta ana olnr I mnnlclpal condltlona which w ara vialtora to applaud It all. xneae BOW decrying. Wa do not need two tutora alwaya added to the o! change In uf form of government, caaton a dlaplay of art .that Quite I properly administered, it la the beat eclipsed any exhibits to be founa I form of cJty government yet de in the homes of tnat scmi-primi-1 rta, nut what w do need Is a tlve neighborhood. Thla waa la the change in our kind of mayore. The shape of Currier and Ivea lltho- writer haa long lived In the hope grapha decorating all the vacant tnat are might yet have na. mora paces of th schoolroom wall. John Caven serving na It is com Each of these bore the written i tnonly answsred that w can not name of a pupil, and wa a present! n0w get that kind of men to run from the teacher, ostensibly aa a for mayor. If ao, then why not? Isn't "reward of merit." but aa a matter n because the cltlsehs of our city of fact the donor never had the let partisan polltlca think for us. heart to discriminate between the and Incompetent officers grab off sheep and the goats, and the woretjour responsible placee with the aid ouoll as well as the most exemplary of political machines? got his picture, and to all It wasj There Is one men in Indianapolis . nn.p of aneclal prlda t point possibly . many more- whom the Thomas Jefferson died )at rfty Tear after ha mtm-mA Ik, IWUmiiu count, learn that tb net amount I ef independence. due Is HIT. and fllnga forth twa i I Tnltd Statea la Weml.e a bllla. two dima and three oeata. Tha j onrr f aupply for tha world mar- patron may make a fine showing j kf t for turqnolse. of Independence ana wai awa, Mr. Edith Wharton, novelist. Is without attempting o pick up la 1th first woman - to racatv th cent a. but that la aaldom dene. Wr I gold medal r the Natlanal Xnrtl- th moat part ba trtea to pry them ' aaa ettera loo-from the marble aUb of puhe J When a dog barks at night tn tbem over the adge. holding one ' " ""l3r . . ,v- m-Arm la the shape I "tence-d ta work for a fixed time hand under the edge In tne snap i B, Bb -who. .lumbar. of a i scoop. Tba money Irnay have beoa dlsturhad. misses the band and rattles ta the brt k-. x. floor. Other customer, walling la 1 K ,u mnd Mclndoea. YX. has ben Una merely add to the confasloa. I mad a free bridge, leaving only two Putting glue on tba flagera la aa aid J of tba thirty-two tell bridge, that la aucb a attuatloal but It la likely j spanned tha Coaneetcut river, to bring about compllcatlona. Mag-1 U taka a block of wood two nets will not pica up m " ai.u an. whisk brooma gtv very Utile aatla- I four lachea loag to aapply the pulp faction. A gaaaU. J 7:;; tb daya cieaner ia seoui va ww . Iforme I.I0 persona ct It could ba attached to a atoraga bat- I new. tery carried ta tha pocket, held eloao Brw1. . to the money ana ta cnanga i vvilliara Keo.rh. of Arl!rtn Vt would be drawn Into a puree, a each I aneesed. and la tha act lot his falsa or wherever It is to g. n ov tain i im nttitr, lnventa oaa af these thlaga will be I Aa all night search for tha lost a true friend af humanity. article waa fruttleaa aad tha farmer na imcsm mt xonciasion tnat on Af lllllMel Vha b& aw, a 9 TAXPAYER DOESNT FORGET Aa up-to-date way of taformtar Lafarett Joantal aad Ceorlerl th f acher f aa enforced abaaace Whether It la Justified of aot. from a claaa session at White rials. thr prl.ta la the mind of Jhe ,T ''.T1. ........ .v. ,v., Wllllm Meyer. II radioed that he average taxpayar the Uat , WM ,B when the aenate went out of Ita way hom o neighbor aad used fet to ,upst th Pre.ldnta cablnt .ndlag atatloa. 2-riQn. to tell tb plans It waa. for on thing, attempt- bead ef tha science department tret tng to display Ita menacing power ha could net attend srhaoL The tn reprlaal for tha Preldnfa action meeaage waa received on the school In beading off lest year certain i measures which called for a matter I Although dlllgeat eearch wa mad of l.0.00.00 more than the budcet. aad which constituted a bold and sinister congressional raid on the people'a treasury. So Imnilnent waa this proposed at- In aad about the Masonic TOmpla at Canandalgua, N. oa th evening In January Mrs. Jacon Hart loat the diamond from her engagement ring and oa many time, afterward, tha atona waa aot found. Some elaat r,,t th fmmlnlone. and there would ,oJ there, too. go r inch la tha th. Tf few of them died can telL ;e-ana4goua rrltlciam ot apy ai mott(L ot th lied Croeat tha great- l for th wer motly past ag mac bine a. Wa uaed young ara atlll "tending to their knlttlng- ', though they bave ceased to knit. t,nsllve ao narrow as to wm . i ... .anlaatloaa. Thai .. .. ...e a. i tute no mora than an armed am-1- y " 01 in,n" -"l,I,cv" I a nee. net ween tha two pole. lle manner In Whicn 11 naa I a solution. If Kuropsan atateaman-0f tha work of tba moment la testl- snip ran discover It, It should ba tna JmonJ .nough aav'to tha right to . nd duty of Am.rlc.n h Worda. IV ba. ao mean.; a-aiesmananip to "' ' . . . . ,v. 1, ery a point cf dep.rtura for Tro- but for the support of tha peoplolt potftl of wider acopa and mora would be helpless. Tha gratifying untrsrtsl prolnlaa. . ". reaponae thua fr; to Ita appeal Tf rrltlciam of tha protocol at ahould bo continued aa long aa drawn by the league' aeeembly 1a neceaaary, In a eentenco William warranted.! and tha need of elarlfl- Forttina. prealdent of the Indiana-ration on certain polnta bai been poll. Rod Croea. : aummad op the gdmltted by eom. of the author.. It .Huailon. The meaaur. of gener-... 'not necea.arlly follow that "Ify," b. .aid. wlll ba-eagionat bnd.r.tandlng. ar. tho oom.Hh. . m.a.ur. of .what, can ba ... a ee)jaftahT. only way out. They might m "- af value Indeed, they were .ug-g-stet by Foreign Mlntater Rene, rf Cierho-glovakla, a leader la framing the protocol but If they aro pt connected with aoma larger arrangement tha danger I. obtlou,. The triple entente, Including Oreat Prtiatn, Franc and Russia, and tha triple alliance. In whtdh Germany waa a leader, trere, .broadly speaking, security compacts. ;XtJthe t slanre of power theory which they promoted brought on tha world war. The Tlmea comment I. to tha point. Regional onderstandlnga. If they ar not to Inrlt new dangera, must be Considerably mora than armed alllancea of the Id variety. Tha tntereet and responsibility ef the United atatea la clear and were summarised well by President roolldge when he waa Inaugurated. On what ta dona In tho Immediate future aa to security, with attention telng given the smaller a. well aa A telephonV wire la peculiar fiAm.lIm,. vftii f a n .nil & 1 nhAtn- ... - w l..lltln. I - wnetner mere i ...v srranh over 11 and sometimes you done today by either aex,. except on can-t yen hear oter It. is somewhat doubtful. Tha dlacovery on the part 01 one, iuu vjivMi.R . . . ... . rA" tn a rim I r-I rank and file nf both nartles ballav out tneir " " .... . ..... I ...w it, Irttmrt that th PTS- I V . mtl.r ,V1 h.lnlnr aerva a inr friends Little did teacner or in, ana Dig Business couia reiy upon I -" I - - - - ; - ing rrienas. . . .. ... . I a it ,r,uttf ta take I .uerwr. Mra. Hart barneaed to aee a that a hair-century to oe rair to au concernea. nf ,i IT.Vi.etaw anA .11 eblecl on the r later print collector, would .be ."go ' ;p- - - a tab,. U.' Ing craty ana payins; J r - . .v. Hi,.,. II Up aao.upon esaminma t rr tha humble crlara whlcn men i am or our city, ana men vet oe-1 - V . .. : .V." to bo per oiamona. - mx . would not have cost mbre than quarter apiece. THE SUCKERS STILL BITE Coolidge has a sense of humor mere- In fM uncle Evenlnr Press 1 spits of warnings Issued by needle., and purling, on Pullmans Jy verlfl wh4t ln4 rett of the practically all newspapers and many and at 'the theater. Lady caller. J country suspected for some others, some thousanda of persons brought their knitting with them. time. In the United Statea who were ouu- there. were few handbags that , K Ing the wneat marae, .u.-...... i Anwe whw a m.i tj .m. 1 nave lost a great many iiumv.i . nado relief fund should have made j QOHar. These millions have come largely from the common, ordinary. hind him and nominate and elect htmT IIARRT E. NEOLET. and pointing out the bllle which mashed the gigant.o aaaau.t o. the A ..1 treasury. lar erattv Rartha TUler. elabteea. ot It waa only through aucb berola fx- Angelea, wa tha evidence that action that an orgy ot waata and caused th conviction of a- enatcu tnoreaaed taies was prevented, thief. Tha prisoner waa charged Rome of the men who wero to ahara with Uklng Miss Rllsy-e pure. Tba In the fruit, of tb proposed raid puree waa mi uuii Hill, aa tbelr eon- w." ' D " "r. ... . . " Za . . wmA n A ik. Intrtat af tha nty experlepc with th law I dtcatee. However, the taipayer la I y0una lady. Upa Another lnsprtat nmea through contact with Its ex- i strong for Coolidge and Just as v1g-ltnm takea showed similarity and ecutlve officers? Why. for example. orously against treasury raids aad 1 strengthened tha chalna of evl- .a a- hould an. ordinary routine I raiders. laence. nottc Ignore th usual amenities and assume a tone bristling with bluster and menace? Would It ever occur to any one but an "official" to send to a harmless, well-meaning taxpayer In this particular case, a woman a notice from the! F. D- Franklin Under the Moor board of health which says: "No head bus bill, passed by the 1ISI second notice will be given. Prose- I legislature, bow much Insurance to cutlon will follow failure to ob-1 the paasenger la , required? The serve this order. I respectfully I amount la aot aet out In tha law. subnlt that a little ls threaten-1 Dat 1rt to tba discretion ef tha Inge and slaughter and a little I nubile eervlee comralaeloa. (J) bat more horse sense on the part of our I wt) B franchise eost bu. line, that public "servant." might help eome. I ar already In operation? There la NUISANCE. 1 .M f.,hti for bat Unea. old or Off trial Brwaaj.ew To the Editor ot Th Jwr 8lr Ther la widespread concern over , the seeming lack of regard for the law. "Hut Is there not are perhape resentful. aoma defense for the cltlsen whoslauct from tlm to tlm clearly la o ind did not carry a knltter"a equipment. But -other tlmea. omer manner.. noUBh by thig time to make a ssc- aa a wise man aald. Moat people i ond contribution Another thing the Junior legla- JURI8DICTJ0XAL TROUBLES 1 A building contractor tn New Tork wa. ! recently obliged to auapend work; on a U.000,000 building be- cauaa two labor unlona could not ettlf a dlaputo .. to which should do tho .tuoco. work. Tho con tractor reported that bo waa having . I latum mlrhi do fa oaaa a iolnt reso- Aa far aa .n n Wm providing for the burial of It Is not proDauie mat in. w.v language-. tha world la aerloualy aiminianea . a. .Saa thatr ceaaina to oa amuer. cant-tell-hlm-a-thlng variety or speculator the clerk In the store. the lawyer, the small-town mer chant, the school teacher, all who were attracted to the gambling tick- . . . Ta era by the audden rise in wneat The man o won a bet by drink- prices and the atorles of fortunss v, ...... - . whikv mnO. than being maae over mini. Certainly tha economic lose, n any. - ' . Xnd by tfte Bam token. Juat aa haa been the case hundreds of times before and will be, true hundrede et General Perahlng seems likely to I tlmea In the future1, the shrewd trad- I difficulty waa between brlcklgyera and blaaterera. and tha open breach nther palnfui nor .hocking brought to light aot oniy a contro era y between thee two crafta. but I yxjRMI THE UXBEATEy 1 vlno a n ' t ah V Ft nan not be great. rrnpi I .: . w oia nappy. tala a moral oears, ana ri . nut it may be b?ttr to re- e,- .tf.mnttnr to draw it. be the odd Joba man for the federal crs. the men whose business It is o " " I , I . . - .K and ba content almply to revive 0ldlrovernment.; y unoerstana rena,. Mall travela faster by tornado J cierk'B business to know how to sell dnthlna- and the school teachers If not specially Inspiring, , la a body carea to get a letter that way. Ltnen to know how to turh. hart . l srarnered the profits of the slump Tne nurgiars anu diuci a uo h u v - j . a . r . . . . I Tba federal advernment. rendered ...m. . n . A.nnrKT in k in inn I - "' " r I ... ..4 . v i.ii..,.ii. m 1 msnij ' movrmrui i.v - I . . 1 In piClOUS VI i v v. , . wheat prlcea in two weeks, and, bw- tha aama trouble on Joba In Chicago I,ia. and to recall and Philadelphia. The fTort at Uaat one phase of tha war that, thanyby airplane, but hardly anyl better town. between unlona, both ot which make j 8vraj months back Faavo Nurml aoma claim to tha allegiance of thai ,v. Rt.f.iL His plasterer. In New York. 1 e.Vordiln tha If 24 Olympic game. Member, of the Junior legislature lievlng th. grain futures law had p r . . . lrecord in tna iz wiympio .,, f.nn. k..n violated bv Interested persons. of two year. tn. ' t Par a caused him to DO nanea oy - e,.,K. iv.u ha- beerun an lnve.tteatlon of con- beenimaklng un.uccea.ful effort, to conaervatlve critlea as on. ot I 7". v- v... . hut who lmaalnea that any reach an agreement in New, Tork, i arraat long dlatance runnera of I ' of the "sucksrs- sucked Into th The Jurisdictional 'fight haa heenl- . had mm,de Finland, hla The New Tork man who loat a bet aown-whlrllng maelatrom. win ge waged with great vigor and dster- I tr wldelv known that ha oould drink a pint of whisky l ,nlr monsy back? . t. i. . .. t"mK'w " . . live to tell It Dut too much faith I tv. i nna wav to "beat th market," and that la to keep out e It. If It were not for the grea American sucker public, there would motion. Ia a way it la a fat of JJ htt'0 telloNto U t tell It put too much faith Thr. th larger European, countries, mayjothfJ unlona. Ia none of the caaea depend the trend of development j ftTOiTad 1. the employer aecuaed of i or otraoea. t or on. toing uis- noncprapllance with working agree- .rmament on an affective acale. ment 1 or unfalrnea. to the. men. especially with' reepect to land rjnion leadere, of eourfa. realise tb fore.. 1. practically out et the situation and seek a remedy not yet tuestton until acceptable assurancea available. - ' aa to security ar found. I The Public which pay. the btll In V -. k .... In. itrmrm la Antttlftit to bet. . u, w.-w.. . . - - ' ' MnCTfvn - lr treatment, aa laboVo real chiefs the leadership of tho union officiate. Amrlc4, h xplalned..waa to con- ln aD"- The aama feeling na. .prung up n farther attention on hi. native junior Legislator. v Emulate land tn a manner that would command admiration and respect. The visit be regarded aa a patriotic duty, net to be marred by any per sonal act that might eauae adveree comment. There were aome smiles at thla The Flnlander would succumb to the temptation to capitalise hla name and bla fame, it waa thought. American promoters real- a- a.. man it WtOl 1 1 a. O A 1 I Tfi aa . VJI V wr u Wav-- I . . a a ay. -I - 11 .el...!.. aa-A And the next generation will reap not arui.y -f.a I of grains ana siocas aaa vn QUESTIONS AND ANSWERS. new. the only coot .being the fees charged by the pnbllo service com mission for bearing. Incident to a petition fer an rdr of convenience and necessity. Pupils of School 5o. 17. City session to provide relief for the What Is the leugtn oi a storm suffrrs. I would like to . session of the ladlata legl.IatureT If tbl. session Is called, every mem- filxty-one daya (!) What eandl- he of hot hAiit.i aerva witont I datas are to be aelected at the com compensation. CHA8. M. CLAUK. Ing municipal primary? Thoae for Extra Seaalaw Te the Editor ot The Tffewa: Sir I read Qat Reprentatlv Cooper, of Poey county, called upon tha Oovernor seeking a special FOR THE BIRDS Rochester Hew.SenUnell When Pretoria erected a statue to the memoryaof John Paul Kruger. the widow instated that the crown the electlv city Ollicvs 7. rt.rk. tudu and council ma. - (I) Who la 8pakr of '.the national houae of repreeentatlvea? Representative Nicholas Longwortk. ot Ohio, haa been agreed on by the Republicans, who control. (I) Upon what basis Is representation la eoa- of Wall and many other streets W M. Jardlne. secretary of agri- would be leu to pry upvu m.ra culture, aaya that what the farmer j selves. needs Is a chance. Moat farmere know what It means to take a chance. of shls hat oe urt open to collect fixed? Each etate baa two rain water for the bird. Artists I" .- tha renreaentatlve. are ... . . i Hnaivi " " -: FOLLOWING THE CROWD - ROO&TiXO Xadlanaroll. aeema, to be In earne.t f u ' receiving. Thel f Nurml d,d BeU th pained no one. about Joining the boosting clae... A union wmcn otsiwi prupry wr Uomm-rclal value of bl. achlevO fw ef the eltlxsna have been booat-1 eauaaa a eontractor anu owu.r w American motorlata paid 180.000.- 000 ln gaaollne tax laat year, and It menta. For once the Ing for some time, vputtlng taet.h.e money through building' opera about the city oii their atatlonery ttondeUya. merely as a result P'l., wrong. Nurml and .ending statistics to pUces union. pontics, i. . guuty ooiar ut amateur, i Maajba all of the reports about child marrlagea In this country got materialists have I started about the time all women is still an t began to look the aama age. or think 1 . that they did. notwiinsiauuins; y. where they would do the most good, breaking the .law and of underraln-1 a prlTate enterprise offered vic-Prealdent Diwii haa 4.ut a concerted movement haa beenUr 1 Pro.Perlfy of the unloua lacking. Now the radio listener. 1 themaelyea. f bear ihat "thla I. Indianapolis, the! convention city of America." . I I BOBBED-HAIR PERIL 'Ccnventtona are not the only goal I Moat tntereatlng is the report from ef the bodstera They have started j Lond out to attract more industries, and bla an blm S3 000 a week for twenty-two lnounced that he will apend the aum waka to compete dally against mer at home, so the aenators can selected Indian professional rua- .. . . . i- ners. x. motion piciur. re"r nnderatood to have offered him I a comoariaon of the different spend their vacation. In Europe without fear of Interruption. ton that bobbed-hair ta responsl- J sso.QOO to appear ln one film. Thefe I stories tb members of congress are for1 a "new malady known aa.l . croooaal that be write 'a telling about how and why thlneja to be f aaslstance to lnduatrlea al-l-.hinla headache." which 1. aatd to I,.. .,ii.a n mnnina. Eaah happened during the aeasion might ktrt Th rnamK.e r t.i t.. 1. 1 - -i..i... -1 b even mora tntereatlng than the . . . . v.. ,1.. ,. I.. ..... . a .. , w . i 4 .. . a . I accoui Mr,v wrniw wm in. r.o Pv.i,w I but Nurml aviaentiy p" 1 Uehed ln tho Congressional Record. t t tne mncneon ciuos. tne neigaoor- mala peek 1. very aenaiuva to cam kt. hi. amateur standing, tie aia brwd association, and all other, wbo and cold and the rest f ollowa .! TCx-1 not fblnk be bad hlatrionic ability Auto law vlolatora may loae their are willing to boost. Indianapolis I parts are thus quoted; "Thla t. Both- I and he also waa under no illusion licenses, but almost any one of them Is to be adrerOsid far and near a. hug but a form of neuralgia, medical ., to bi, capacity for writing. U willing to drive without a license . . . . : I . . . .1 . . I till aome one catches him. a contented city; a thriving, bust ling.' patriotic, hospitable, neighborly,' artistic, eta etc.. community to which any person, firm or corpora tlon should be glad to move. There Is a thla line between boasting and boasting. California 'erd Florida ar. engaged In a boast-Jr c duel, with ji'lortda . aeemlngly fttlng the better of the argument J tst now -in thla part ot the country, tra Anceles and other southern C'illfurnta clUss have boasted - so !'9g that It has becom second na- tire with them. They refuse to be- Kr anything bad about their ell fi:te. their citizens.' their soil or tt."lr moral. Kvery day they boast title hsr-ler, while the country I'Vs on and .mile.-for a boaater ! always amusing, even when he men ear. caused by- .udden removal c.-, other nronoaals to make of from the tender nape ot the I money out of hla name bad much neck, which thus t. exposed to the J to commend them, as witness blustery wind, of March." "Happily I tDf following a preventive baa already been die covered la the ahape of "hata which 1 1. write testimonials that certain fit cloaely and low at the back." kinds ot liniments kept his runninjr which -are aald to ban effective gear in ahap: that eertala medl-WB r , . Z , 1 Iclnes have kept him fit; that this .-.- , land that-IOOU nas uaue nim iiruug But the danger la tnat tne iasn-iand that certain etyies oi wearing Ion in hata may change while the J apparel have helped him become bobbed-hair' fashion survives Thla. world;, greatest runner. we think, t. .likely to happen. No J In all. Nurml 1. aald to have re-devotee of the mode would. even to I f used a total of 15.000. The ef- avold rahlngle headache. wear an I forts to buy hla ability aa an ath- antt. neuralgia hat unless It were lete can be exctfsed. perhaps even the etyle. The idea of being bound defended. If the purpose for which Irrevocably to a special pattern of be came to th Cnited Statea is hat ' i almost revolting. On the overlooked. But the attempt to other : hand, , If women ahould quit buy the misuse ot his name for ad-bobbtng their hair the problem I vertlalng le on a par with i-itrtght An old law is going to be ln voked to stop Sunday fishing ln northern ladiana lakes. so tb courts may yet have to decide He baa been offered large sums ( whether a fisherman la a fisherman if he catches nothing. There might be a good deal better chance for a career for many bright youag man tf he would take more Interest In politics and les interest in getting a political job. which Is so often a temporary occupation. Nor did an open muffler ever add to anybody's popularity. That In an Impact the llgnter vehicle penerally suffers far 3iore than the heavier one is a good thing to remember aa a railroad, traction or even a street car crossing Is approached. (Anderson Herald 1 l Is a simple matter to follow the crowd and alwaya accept the crowd'a Idea. It la easy to accept your opin ions already made and to aay yea to every question which aeems to ex- ?ect that anewer. And when the rowd has won a victory, It la easy to atand back and sa&: "See what we did." The trouble wltb this sort of life. however. Is that when the crowd has on. the Individual Is forgotten. There can be no outstanding men or women In the community that al waya stay In a crowd. Ther can not tven be any great progreee. It requlrea some one with a vision that goes ahead of the crowd to make progress. It requires soms ot the bplrlt of the pioneer to step out of the herd and expreas contrary opin ions. When one sheep Jumps a fence, the whole herd follows. That one abeep was a leader Down on the bills of Kentucky, where som. of the tarmera keep sheep, there ar deep paths worn around th hillsides because of tbe following tendencies ot the sheep. These paths are started merely aa a little track around the MIL Soon another sheep g-oes along and naturally follows the line which haa bea made. In a short time a little groove Is worn In the hillside.. little later th rain falls and It flnda th gutter and before the thing ba. ended, the farmer ha. a deep-cut ravine where the one leader walked. In the meantime all of th sheep have been, eating over the same ground day after day. Sometimes a leader will leave the path and find new pasture and then that ia shown by a nrancn pain irom ine pain, it Is a disadvantage to the .sheep and a disadvantage to the landowner. Other cattle, without this following profsssed themselves contemptuous of' this , sentimentality, but the widow's might prevailed, and tha btrfs flutter about th grim old figure and splash themselves happily on his' head. Many Rochester gardens have some sort of drinking bowl to encourage birds, and thousands there are who look each spring for regular occupants of tbe little bird-houses provided. Still others are assigned to atatea on. a bal. oi population, the present apportloa-balna one representative to very 111.I7T people. Thla waa done fifteen year. .go. however, and . . . . m, ...i. - IV..H Vlxa DT aome oi in. uj w - the statea are now much more pep-........ ti rv the federal govera- ment own the Federal "$f'Z Tea () What la meant by the ln-... ..:.? It la a Cbrtattaa church aeaeon commemorating the and not to bar grandchildren. If tha daughter bellevea such a will existed, or If aha can establish claim to tbe property, about all she can do lo to employ aa attorney te examine tbe condition ef tho eetate ' and report tbe attuetlon. City What city autherit'lee can ad vis. about wbea X am ex pected to establish sewer eonnee-tlone at a given, piece of property? Board ef health. City Hall. (S) What are the requirement, for entrance to Weet Polat? CandHet. for admlesloa are appointed from the army, from certain rated echota. . nd from civilian life, aad required to- paae a rigid phyaical examination, and nore la accepted wbo has any defect or Infirmity which readers blm unfit for military service. Ia addition, each candidate mast' pass aa examination ia algebra, geometry, X-ngllsh, grammar, eom-' poaltloa. and literature aad la history. Oradoats. of high schools of good .tending and student, at unl-ver.ltle. and college, may submit educational eertlfleatee which ere considered by examining board, wltb a view to acceptance la lien ef mea-tal examination. . - . Montetuma Pleas etate what la. meaat by a symphony orchestra ? Aa orchestra trained gad equippea to play a. symphony, aa elaborate musical composition requiring a fall orchestra. C. M. W City I bave loot my army discharge papera. aad while X reeall pertleulera of my military eervleo. do" not remember what com- I a-aaa v a W B B. BV S3 W SV W aaaa B SB aXm A DtllJaTU a EM U XS B fortunate enough to have trees feat of "J"- " f.daV.1 ho.. fa. tf haw where nesting takes place fecb .ea- oa. at Easter, tha great aon. Few but like the presence of f-Bll day. t) piri for ItT-Teu are ontitl.d birds In their garden and many are ... u citr How old ta Jackie I t . ,.aral the device to antic them to build Coogan? Ta yeara. dove not la rue da plicate die within sight of th. home. w T. IC City Twenty-eight hlrge papers, bat will upon request , The blrda do not aak very much; hB,ban4 deserted me m statement of your eervlee. chiefly they wish to be made wel- J daughter, then one year old. U you will procure aa laauraac eome. It la uaually tbe male who mm in the world. I .pplietle bleak tb. marlae corpe hop iowara in, no-a j brought tb daughter up en- office ta the Federal bulldlag la a considered etares and. cocking his trly by roy own effort, aa a eewfag good place to geaVBae. aad have your head to one aide, scrutinises tbe Tbe only thing ber father eager printa takea atjbe eeme time v abode and Its Inhabitants If they are fef Bp waa give ber tLU fill Jt out to the beet .f your visible. Birds hav. a necessary In- doctofe MIL. I divorced eblllty. yoe win probably get year stinct for th disposition of humans. br faln.r after aome yeara and re- inaorerie certificate. There will be and no careful father la going to . . ,u aia0 remarried. Tbe m. delay Incident to checking I a ax TT jeopardise bla neatllnga by lack of T wlth m She bow mf record la the war department ordinary caution. Given a welcome! ...0 ,tB which to etert a fjie. If the adlutant-ceaeral re- end th blrda ask little more. They bu.lB for herself, and since hraalrM meT ridnce ef your eerr-like accessible water and apprcitl fcr B mts of meana. can je.. he will write to tea about tt. force him t. provld. n.r wun iiead.rA man ba. much money?-She can not de It by jjf .j.. any method provided by law. Tho bBfl. question. of support wae ",!d clsry. Can be have the beaeflciery h. time of the divorce, end the J relative. food, whlcn. nowever. will find anyway. But the prettiest sight of all la the water bowl where all sorts and conditions of tbem con-gregate together, from the Intrtpld sparrow to the cocksure robin. Verbal Pulrhrltad (LAiayetU Journal and CourW Ther Is prooaoiy . . , . .... .... ra nn n mw daughter naa mm "" -- "- ". I without notifying her? It I. calaw- father, property - .v- alive. (S) daughter-a grand- fol for blm to do ao? He cea have tbe beneficiary chaaged at will tf la nrobablv no or alt lac I K.nA--always sai word than -amaryllls.- unless It le daughter to he a piece of property utteredflapJacksandtreemolaasea and oftn toi my daughter that he would leave the propertyte her. Cewld It D. E.f.reedr (akxandii TVmee-Tribune J On aet of streets for walker, and another for riders may yet be the rule. They Live Forever (VTtbash Ttawe-SUr peau beat ere aot dead that's the. trouble. without notifying br or violating aay law. Dut the policy may per mit blm to change tbe beaefletary . t .,w W a K.a.flrl.n'a miM). She baa been dead more than a MftBd f fc dld without tbe aeee- flclaryB consent, tbe change would, be of ao force, even though tre ta- mistake and her father baa never aald . WOrd about It. Caa my daughter . . . . .VI. I LfM 4 IVIV., mwm " - - collect end kep tho ro nt from tbl. eorBr..y. through Iroperi-Th. dau,M.r b dId r u change. . ritrht to In rviarn inw w- ' ' . a lw unless It t her., ana ie boi mmrm unless -It wee lert to ner y ib P. CL'Clty It yon caa give eom facta about when and where tre el - wa. commutes. grandmotbar-. wllL If th. gra.d- Used r" wa mother left ao will, the property will try "nd what went to ber husband and chiiarea. i wa - . dlaaltlaa V

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